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Im sorry Ben-Man, you just make it too easy
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cinebration · 2 days ago
Oblivious (August Walker x Reader) [Request]
Hey your requests are open !! That’s awesome
I wanted to know if I could request a jealous august walker and a fem!reader. Where she’s kinda oblivious to people looking at her in a inappropriate way or making passes, she’s kind of innocent. And he just get really protective
She kinda represents these emojis <💗😊🎀💐🥺✨
Thanks 🧡—Requested by anon
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
Gif Source: cinemagal
“What’s your name?”
You glanced aside at the guy leaning against the restaurant bar. He swept his gaze over you, a sloppy grin on his face.
“Do I know you?” you asked. “Is that why you’re asking?”
His lips peeled back further from his coffee-stained teeth. “I’d like to get to know you.”
You squinted. “Are you from work? You kinda look familiar.”
His mouth twitched. “Sure, whatever you want. I am game for anything.”
The man’s gaze shifted as he glanced over your head. The slick grin slid off his face.
“He bothering you, babe?”
August’s familiar grumble sent a thrill through you. Beaming, you leaned back, pressing against his chest, and tipped your head up to look at him. “Not really. I just can’t figure out where I’ve seen him.”
You glanced back at the bar, frowned when you found it empty.
“Why didn’t you sit at the table?” August asked, looking down at you.
“I dunno, you know how people think you’re sad and lonely if you sit alone. I mean, I like sitting alone, but sometimes it’s nice to not, you know?” You slid off the stool. “You still hungry? You look hangry.”
Shaking his head in disbelief, August followed you to your table. As you ordered your meals, you noticed his gaze kept darting around the room. It wasn’t his usual “assess the environment” sweep, especially since you both frequented the restaurant often.
“What is it?” you asked.
“You really don’t know, do you?”
Blinking at the gruff tone in his voice, you frowned. “Know what?”
“Do you even see them? Can’t you feel them?”
“Who?” You glanced around the room, saw nothing but patrons dining on various dishes.
“The men, babe.”
“What men?”
“All of them!”
Cocking your head, you scrutinized the expression on August’s face. It was by turns incredulous and angry, the furrow between his eyebrows more pronounced than usual.
“Are you…are you jealous?” The question slipped past your lips a fraction above a whisper.
The muscle in his jaw jumped in response.
You smothered a surprised chuckle behind your hand. “Really? You don’t have to be jealous.”
“Clearly,” he muttered, his gaze sweeping the room again. You watched his eyes harden dangerously for a long moment. Someone coughed a-ways behind you.
“We’re going to get kicked out if you keep death-staring,” you chuckled.
“You really don’t notice them?”
“No! I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”
“The guy at the bar. He was coming on to you. You’ve never seen him before.”
“I don’t think he was.”
“He was undressing you with his eyes.”
“I mean…” You considered the encounter. “I guess he was trying something, maybe.”
August passed a hand over his face. “You are incredible.”
“You make it sound like a bad thing.”
“Right now it is.”
You reached across the table and placed your hand over his. When he met your gaze, you smiled softly. “Hon, I’m not going anywhere. The fact I don’t even notice these guys means I only have eyes for you.”
His thumb brushed against yours, rubbing the soft skin there—the only acknowledgement he was capable of giving when receiving a compliment.
“Now let’s eat,” you said, glancing around for the waiter. “I’m starving. Once those guys catch me eating, they’ll lose interest. Promise.”
You made good on it, ensuring you ate as sloppy and unappealing as possible.
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roughist · a day ago
Tumblr media
Basically Benny made it policy for all staff to call everyone baby, so when him and Swank call eachother baby, it doesn’t sound gay.
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bathfinder · a day ago
*insert some sarcastic comment here*
Tumblr media
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prometheas · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Though I walk through the valley in the shadow of death, I fear no evil for I am the meanest motherfucker in the valley.
template by @jennystahl and @vitosscaletta!
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letmebegaytodd · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
WHAT in the goddamn
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w98pops · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
catshua from our aggie io session with dead-mooney
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digital-magus · a day ago
Walk into a pizza joint like "Ave, can I get some Little Kai-zars?"
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What kind of candy are the companions handing out to trick-or-treaters ?
She tells them to simply gtfo
Probably one of those people that hand make "healthy" treats to hand out.
Bitch hands out granola bars
Total asshole. Hands out candy that is secretly spicy
Don't let him hand out candy
Drugs. I mean..special candies.
He isn't handing out a damn thing. He's eating it all.
Would try to be a bit more lenient and hand out dark chocolate or something akin to it
Hard the kind that old people eat
Whatever she can find within a seconds notice
Actual, amazing, full sized candy bars
Those weird Institue Food Packages
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roughist · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You know what day it is!!
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chibikinesis · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Was going through my screenshots folder and I don’t think I ever posted this one for some ungodly reason? I really like it ._.
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fanthings · a day ago
honestly i think if the courier was doing something stupid, arcade wouldn't even be trying to stop them, he'd be taking notes
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