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(Jinx is my sole character)

Danse: I’m not working with that thing *points at Nick*

Jinx: *sighs heavily before taking out a box of fancy lad snacks from her backpack. “ would you do it for a fancy lad snack?” *gentle shacks box*

Danse: you can’t tempt me J-

Jinx: *takes out 2 more boxes*

Danse: *glares at Jinx but snatch the boxes from her and turn to Nick* Let get started, Sythe. We have work to finish.

Nick: *laughs* Hey Danse, I buy you five more boxes to say you’re friends with Hancock?

Danse: *glares at Nick but seem to be in thought for a moment*

Nick: *shock* Holy shit. You’re actually thinking about doing it.

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If you park your camp next to Charleston Station, it is perfectly legal and understandable for me to to snag your crops, water, and scrap. If you have the audacity to block the most consistent spawn point for a random merchant that is the only one who sells super specific, arguably some of the most coveted clothing items, you need to pay the price.

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With everything that’s been going on in the world, this past week I’ve been immersing myself in Fallout 3 because it just seems … so appropriate. While I do love Fallout 4 and New Vegas – 4 is what got me into the franchise, after all, and New Vegas is a super fun and crazy romp in the desert – whenever I want an immersive Fallout experience, I go with 3. I can’t even always articulate why 3 is my favourite and why I tend to subtly favour it over the others I’ve played. I think it’s just the combination of the story, the characters, the companions (Charon, mainly 💖), the missions, the music, and just the overall aesthetic of the game. All of those things combined impart an experience that has me loving it just a little bit more every time I play it. It doesn’t hold your hand every step of the way like some modern rpg’s, but it doesn’t completely throw you to the wolves like some older rpg’s. It has a nice balance for me with direction but freedom, the ability to make mistakes and try again, try differently. And as someone who has taken on a super mutant behemoth with only a laser pistol and some frag grenades – and won – sometimes it’s just strategy, persistence, and a little bit of luck that determines success in the wasteland.


What about y’all? Any other fallout gamers out there scouring the wasteland? Or do you prefer another aesthetic? Whatever you play, however you play it, I hope you’re staying safe and well. 💖

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Some synth ideas that have been rattling in my brain

Synths, Gen 1: almost entirely steel and wiring, only slightly more complex than a protection but with slight Institute improvements (better machine learning, reaction times, etc.), but ultimately still just a fancy robot

Synths, Gen 2: Built on the same frames as Gen 1’s, skin is more of a composite plastic/durable fibre to better protect the delicate innards, programming is a surprising leap up, using advanced algorithms to learn at close to a human pace in order to better adapt in combat/work situations as issues arise. Essentially a direct upgrade from Gen 1’s in every way.

Synths, Gen 3: The pride of Father and the Institute, nearly everything from the last two gens is scrapped. Entirely indistinguishable from a human on the outside, the Gen 3’s still have the automaton ties to their predecessors. Many vital organs are, simply put, not there. After all, why would a machine need a liver or kidneys? However, they do have a heart and brain that are nearly entirely biological. The ‘heart’ is indentical to most human in shape and size, but each has a ‘pump’ in it that ensures blood is ALWAYS flowing, assuring the synth can’t die from something like heart failure, while also being able to regulate blood flow and pulse on the fly in case combat arises. The brain is a perfect replica of Father’s because he’s a fucking egomaniac which, alongside the components the brain is formed around, helps them learn just as well, if not better, than most humans. Again, a complete upgrade from the last two gens.

Coursers: (disclaimer: Todd Howard is a bitch and Bethesda are cowards for making coursers just edgy Gen 3’s) The courser is an amalgamation of the best parts of each generation of synth, culminating in what some could describe as the perfect killing machine.

  • Built upon a highly modified mix of Gen 1 and Gen 3 frames, all steel and bone has been scrapped in favor of a highly durable Institute Tungsten-Titanium alloy, plated with ceramic, basically a suit of plate mail armor under the skin. However, this makes them extremely heavy, as a trade off for being extremely durable.
  • The coursers take a page from the Gen 2’s book by using an artificial skin: a Polythene and PBI weave that offers extreme protection from gunfire and fire fire, that covers the entire body. This also leaves them with a more unsettling look than the Gen 2’s, with graphite dark ‘skin’ and the same glowing yellow eyes.
  • In the Gen 3 category, they skip nearly all biological aspects, only taking the extreme learning capabilities shown by their predecessor, allowing them to adapt to nearly every possible situation.
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Father: You’re gonna do the speech, right? Do you need me to proof read it or- we just really need this to go well and make sure the people know not to be afraid of us.

Sole: yeah yeah I got it under control, don’t worry.

Sole, pressing speaker button: People of the Commonwealth! It is my great privilege and honor to be the humble messenger of your new ruler. She has some words for her peasants and servants, you guys, as she is the Supreme Queen of the Synths whom you will all how to. Introducing…

Sole: *pops in holotape and holds pipboy up to the microphone*

Hatsune Miku’s “World is Mine,” starts playing grainily over the speaker that is being broadcasted to the entire Commonwealth.


Railroad, BOS, Minutemen:

Every fucking soul in Boston:

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about to beat fallout 4 and havent seen hancocks ghussy yet. im waiting

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X6-88 for your ask thing. Give us the low-down on what you think of our resident murder-bot.

i already did that [here]

but I am also never done talking about X6 so here we go again!

How I feel about this character

u know how people say X6’s cheekbones are a melee weapon, well yes they are, please strike me down with them

All the people I ship romantically with this character

that information is very much disclosed, but let me just say I’ve heard it from some Railroad agent that X is ticklish on his neck if you softly breath on it while snuggled up on him and isn’t that just precious

My non-romantic OTP for this character

X6 is so good with everyone, you can’t tell me Curie and X don’t have some begrudging respect for each other even the courser is basically the only one who manages to get into real arguments with Curie.

My unpopular opinion about this character

if he eats only one more fancy lads snack cake i will explode from the cuteness of it

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon

him not wanting to murder me and everyone I care about, for a start !

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