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samfoley · 9 minutes ago
Sam: “Well, since we’re done here, got any laundry you’d like me to do?”
Gage: “Heh, like I even bother changing clothes.”
Tumblr media
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samfoley · 20 minutes ago
Sam Foley Basic Info
Age: 25
Birthday: October 5th, 2052
Hair Color: ginger
Eye color: light grey
Weight: 130
Blood Type: AB+
Bra Size: let’s just say she could get away with wearing just a shirt.
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samfoley · 37 minutes ago
What I think the heights of the raiders of Nuka World are:
Sam: 5’ 5 3/4”
Gage: 6’ 5 1/2”
Mason: 6’ 10”
Nisha: 5’ 9 1/2”
Savoy: 6’ 4 2/3”
Dixie: 5’ 6”
Mags: 5’ 8 1/2”
William: 6’ 2”
Lizzie: 5’ 7”
Shank: 6’ 3 1/3”
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just-another-ghoul-lover · 39 minutes ago
Fallout headcanon.
Nick Valentine will keep a few small treats and some purified water on him while he’s out on cases incase he runs into someone who needs it or someone needs cheering up
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nukaworld-nora · an hour ago
Oooh, what’s RedEye’s backstory? 👀
So I was in the middle of typing this up when I got very distracted by the lovely artist who drew him and then forgot to finish. So keep in mind that I'm in no way saying this is canon, because Red Eye has no canon. Even if he said it in game, he's an unreliable narrator. Headcanons and grains of salt and all that. Without further ado, my thoughts on
Red Eye's Backstory
Red Eye was born Russell Gavin Garvey. Yes, that Garvey family. He and Preston are cousins and were once quite close. Preston was a sickly child (not canon but supported by game evidence) and I loved the idea of Russ making up little songs to help his younger cousin cheer up and feel better faster. They even shared a hobby of trying any weird Nuka flavors they find (and he had a pack of ones from the west coast or from Nuka world, squirreled away in case he ever sees Preston again.)
But Russell want the kind of person who put down roots. He joined a caravan going west, kissed his mother good bye, and made for the west coast. He stayed there for a little while, making caps by busking in New Reno and New Vegas for a while. Russ, though, was still pretty young and got in over his head pretty fast. By the time he realized the group he'd fallen into were raiders, it was way too late, so he did what he always did when backed into a corner, he relied on his guitar and his wit. That was when he found the court jester may not be liked, but he wasn't shot, so he didn't mind being that jester.
All the while, Russ sends letter back home to his family, and occasionally he gets them back. He's scared and proud for Preston, who ran off to join the Minutemen when the family decided he was still too sickly to join, and he decided to leave the NCR where he was traveling around and head back east. He thought he could leave the raider life behind, except perhaps a hit of jet here and there, but just go back to his family's settlement outside of the Commonwealth. That changed when he made contact with Colter and his gang, just before they were set to sack Nuka World. He got roped into drinking with them, and stayed alive the same way he always did, by making people laugh. Colter did laugh at him, but also laughed at conscripting him to join in the siege. He managed to stay alive in the fight and personally saved Gage from a bullet to the chest. After that? He's stuck. Colter wants him running the radio and will definitely come after him if he leaves for good, and not a lot of the raiders in the park really like him. But as it turned out, not a lot of people really liked Gage either, and with the time Russ saved him, the two legitimately became close friends.
Russ takes weekend trips to visit his extended family farm and when Preston tries to out Russ as being a raider, they don't believe it because "Russell is a good boy, who visits. Why don't you visit more often?"
Everything else after this point is just story and not backstory, but Red Eye is in a polyship with my Overboss, Sierra and Gage (and maybe my friend's ex courser but that's less set in stone), where their son (bio, Gage's but raised by all of them) is named Gavin, after Red Eye. When Sierra isn't Overboss, she's Pack and Mason's adopted sister. She finds a number of excuses to visit Raider Radio until he catches on.
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apricots-from-nara · an hour ago
seeing your Graham posts and i cant stop saying "go grandpa!"
I headcanon Joshua Graham is twice as old as my courier (25 years age difference), and as such, he's just constantly saying "god please give me strength so i may keep up with this woman's antics."
So please, keep cheering him on, he needs it.
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corvidexoskeleton · an hour ago
Ngl it's lowkey irritating how far some people push the "gen 3 synths like snack cakes" thing. Like I get sprinkling it in as an added detail, but the way I've seen some people go about it make it seem like gen 3's are fucking obsessed with them, or just insist on inserting it into things where it's completely irrelevant
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grandmastersubzero · 2 hours ago
i.. might make this blog into a general video game blog instead of just mk bc i crave interaction JFDKSFH
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fallout-time · 2 hours ago
Fallout 4 headcanon:
The Institute had Synth!Mcdonough beat the original Mcdonough to death
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fallout4art · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
A couple free pip boy skins in Creation Club right now! Source:
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rush-me-thomas · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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Em and Mac reacting to the one house with the ghoul that tried to make a nuke in Fo4 I forgot the name but he wanted to blow up electrical lines or something
My lovely anon, you're thinking of Gorski Cabin!
The sleeping feral ghoul was a surprise, but with a shot to its head, it fell limply back down onto the mattress, kicking up a cloud of dust and dirt. Em covered her nose, knowing a sneeze was coming, but Mac nudged her elbow and stood near a hatch in the floor. He gave her a look.
"We're going in there, aren't we?" he asked, already knowing the answer. He crouched down, and lifted it open, letting Em shine her flashlight down the hole.
"Yup," she replied. "Boyfriends first!"
"Aw, what!"
"Come on, what if something jumps out at me?"
He rolled his eyes hard, but lowered himself down, not even bothering to use the ladder. He swung down, getting a look, before dropping to his feet on the dirt floor. The single oil lamp made it hard to see.
"Come on down. Nothin' here," he called.
"I'm going to use the ladder, thank you!" she replied, and the corner of Mac's mouth turned up as he shook his head. He tried to get a look around, and the area lit up suddenly from the light on her Pip-Boy, a clear, light blue light.
"Thanks. What do you think?"
She didn't respond, instead heading down a narrow walkway, forcing Mac to follow her. A dull thunk made her jump, but the muffled curse from him had her smirking.
"Did you hit your head, tall guy?" She asked.
"Shut up. No. I hit my shin."
She let out a "pfft" as she pushed open the last door, not even thinking as she pulled up her rifle and shot the last feral dead. Mac spotted a terminal and went to investigate as Em approached the bench where the person was working before they turned into the feral ghoul.
Beryllium caps, stabilizer fins, and the telltale shape of a mini nuke made her step back.
As soon as he saw what she was seeing, he reached out with both hands and pulled her gently away from the bench.
"Welp, that's the last thing I expected to find down here. Let's uh.. maybe not touch anything, hm?" he said, mostly to himself. "Check out this terminal. It's locked, so uh.. can you unlock it?"
"I can try..."
Click, click click, click, beep!
She sat there for a moment, reading the entry, then stood up quietly, grabbed his hand, and led him out of the room. She climbed the ladder, waited for him, then shut the hatch to the root cellar. They made it outside before she finally spoke.
"That guy was unhinged, to say the least. Wanted to blow up the tower there."
"Jesus. Well, uh. Does this mean it's a double whiskey night?"
She playfully pushed him and they snickered. "You know it, hotshot!"
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tangledbeast · 2 hours ago
I was so bummed that I couldn’t put my snow globes on the shelf until then I remembered I’m playing on PC and can just download a mod that fixes that
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believerindaydreams · 2 hours ago
Things that bright young Arthur Maxson has witnessed as a result of being left alone with a Lone Wanderer who has a recruit mod
- intensive training to teach him how to cook soup
- watching the Wanderer wipe out a town because they're running a goddamn HOA (the cannibalism was incidental)
- having Fawkes save his life like umpteen times
- be confused by the inhabitants of a small town talking about the dramatic superhero fight that neither he nor the Wanderer actually saw
- watch the Wanderer save Reilly's Rangers and then collect 8000 caps for a map of the Wasteland and the Mojave
What Arthur has not yet seen
- Liberty Prime in action
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ghoulja · 3 hours ago
fallout new vegas said here is a set of interesting, relatable companions with quests and unique dialogue for you to fall in love with and I saw the big square happy robot in the checkerboard’s basement and said yep that one right there
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