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#fallout 4

Headcanons part 4

English is not my first language

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“Get your ass away from there! You can’t fly!”


“Ha..enjoy it while it lasts. I’m afraid to admit once the drug wares off you’ll be in some pain.”


“Come on, Soldier. I’ll make sure you’re safe and can properly recover, but for now you need to rest and get the drugs out of your system.”


“Hm? Oh yeah, I see the ghoulified super mutant too!”


“Get yourself together damnit. Do you know how easy it would be for an uprising to happen right now? You can’t even stop drooling..for fuck’s sake..”


“Mind if I take a hit of whatcha got? I’ll get some teeth pulled if that’s what it takes. Looks like you’re having one helluva trip.”


“Dang it, please don’t tell me that I’ve become your babysitter too..I can’t-.”


“Knight, I think it’s best that youre absolved from your duties until further notice. Please..please stop touching my’re making a fool of us both.”


“I know my eyes look funny, stop pointing it out..step away from the light switch, we all know that they’s not that entertaining.”

Old Longfellow:

“I don’t see why you couldn’t just leave them in..”


“General, I seriously think you should just take an off day. You don’t seem to be yourself, eh..that and you’re going to end up busting a stitch.”


“ uh, don’t look too good. Why don’t we go bring you back home?”


“Look, you start climbing walls again..don’t come crying to me when it crumbles down. I ain’t finished with the repairs on that side just yet..”


“Calm down, you’ll be alright. I suggest that you retire to your quarters though, be a shame if you made a fool of yourself..”

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[MacCready is riding back to Goodneighbor in a cab; “Photograph” by Nickelback is playing on the radio]

MacCready: Jesus, man, can you change the channel?

Cab Driver: Fuck you, man! If you don’t like my fucking music, get your own fucking cab!

MacCready: I had a really rough…

Cab Driver: I’ll pull to the side and kick your ass out.

MacCready: Man, come on, I had a rough night, and I hate Nickelback.

Cab Driver: [pulls over and kicks MacCready out of his cab] Out of my fucking cab! Out!

MacCready: Wait, hey!

[the cab driver speeds off]

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I’ve had fun with New Vegas but New Vegas fans, on reddit especially, are a nightmare. The fo4 subreddit is so much more chill. Mention fo4 in regards to nv and people rip you to shreds. I don’t get why people are so hostile when it come to their love of new vegas and hatred of 4. It’s really tiring.

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Hey just wanna take a second to thank the Fallout 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 fandom and specifically anyone who follows me in these fandoms. I’ve had nothing but laughs and good times with members of these fandoms and have received welcomings from each and I really adore that.

I’ve been in a lot of fandoms growing up and even the silliest of ones like How to Train Your Dragon or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can have people filled with so much hate and be so opinionated that they end up alienating other members. I’ve experienced it from the Marvel and Arrowverse fandoms as well as recently the Supernatural fandoms and don’t get me wrong I’ve made good friends from each but overall they’ve just been so negative.

I think it’s why Fallout 4 and RDR2 are my comfort games, not just because of the beautiful imagery and emotional plot lines, but because of the communities of people who also enjoy these things. Everyone has just been so fantastic and I really wanted to thank y’all for that because it’s always good to see… well… good out there and always amazing to be reminded that people do actually care about other people.

So yeah… thank y’all again 💕

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Lenore’s perks:

Weak Yet Wicked: Watching Lenore use his fragile appearance and percieved compassion to effortlessly manipulate his friends and neighbors for so long has given you a chance to pick up a few tricks of your own. Speech checks against members of rival facations will be easier so long as the Sosu has less than 5 in Strength, Intelligence, Perception, or Endurance. This stat boost increases for Sosu’s with two or more low stats in these areas. (Permanent perk, given as a reward for the quest “We’ll Serve Anyone!”)

Capable but Cruel: Your time in the Commonwealth has changed you, and…probably not for the better. If the Sosu has a strength, intelligence, perception, or endurance of 7 or more, this perk will unlock unique dialogue options that would serve as Fallout 4’s version of Terrifying Presence. (Permanent perk, given as a reward for “We’ll Serve anyone!”)

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So I ran into a Bar booth set up next to Lynn Pier Parking. 1st time I’ve ever seen Mac and his bar Source:

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the other fallouts are fun and all, but playing new vegas always feels like coming home

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Is there much foreshadowing to Blind Betrayal / Danse being a synth? I mean

  • “I don’t intend to give up and go home… or end up missing” during Call to Arms
  • The endless “Danse is the BEST and most TRUSTWORTHY soldier. We all TRUST him, he would never BETRAY the Brotherhood!” That basically every Brotherhood soldier goes on about (/hyp)
  • Probably not an actual piece of foreshadowing, more likely a coincidence, but Danse says something along the lines of “Being here sort of feels like I’m coming home. Isn’t that strange?” While in Fort Hagen, and surrounded by gen ½ synths. It’s probably because Fort Hagen was a military command facility, though. I found it interesting.
  • “Patient stated symptoms of head pain and inability to sleep” in Scribe Haylens termimal. This is also a stretch, saying it’s 100% hinting towards Danse having PTSD and not that he’s a synth, but I guess synths don’t… need sleep…?

That’s… about all I have. Please add any more foreshadowing (even if it’s a complete stretch like the last two) I love looking at this sort of thing

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random oc fact (kinda):

things that Nick and Hancock are doing for Vaughn:

- get him ready in the morning. Vaughn doesnt wake up early in the morning so they found ways how to do it, including kissing his forehead, gently run their hands over his chest or back, talks to him in a soft tone.

- while he showers, one prepares his clothes, the other prepare breakfast. when he gets out of shower, they do turns on who brushes his hair and beard

- Nick trims his beard, while Hancock trims his hair

- Nick likes to run his hand, especially the metal hand, through Vaughn’s beard. Hancock likes to play with Vaughn’s hair

- in public, Nick holds his hand and ocasionaly gives him a kiss on cheek or on lips. Hancock puts his arm around his waist and kisses him, even would make out with others around

- compliments him very often

- Nick’s favorite endearing term is ‘doll’, while for Hancock, its 'sunshine’. they also call him: handsome, beautiful, love, babe, darling, sweetheart

- they would sing to him if he cant fall asleep. Vaughn likes to lay his head onto their chest (depending who sings) and feel their vibration of their voices through their chest

- Vaughn sleeps in between them, his fave position being spooned by Nick, and being held by Hancock in his arms. other position is him laying on his back and the other two clinging to him

- when Vaughn is away for days in a mission, they will sleep leaving a space in between them, so when he returns, he can fit in, and they would feel him and wake up to greet him and kiss him. on rare ocassions, they will sleep closer with Vaughn’s pillow

- they learn his triggers (doors slams, bangs on furniture, heavy footsteps towards bedroom, hands raised suddenly to his face, raised voices) and avoid them as best as they can. if they drop something, they first look at Vaughn to see if he is ok

- as much as Vaughn feared, Nick and Hancock are never jealous on each other. they also know when one must retreat so the other spend some 'private time’ with Vaughn

- so many times, they would embrace him in same time: Nick from behind and would kiss his shoulders, while Hancock hugs up front and kisses his neck

- Vaughn loves to feel their hands onto his body. while Hancock eagerly does it, Nick was a bit more hesistant, but Vaughn reasured him he would be fine, and would actually enjoy it.

- they would also kiss his scars

- they learned how Vaughn feels depending on his tone of voice, his eyes and even his movements. they know when he is not ok and needs more help

- they love to dance with him. with Nick, its a slow dance, with Hancock its more upbeat

- forehead touch….a lot

- they stay up late at night and would talk for hours on different subjects. when Vaughn is exhausted, switches to greek, and the other two know he will fall asleep soon.

- if Vaughn has a nightmare, they try to wake him up gently, so he wont hurt himself or anyone else. then they will comfort him and say its all ok, that they are with him

- playful banter and friendly roasting…often

- have their own jokes, and even can understand each other with looks or sign language

- when Vaughn isnt around, Nick and Hancock would talk about him a lot

- inside their wedding rings, it writes: trust, respect, love

- some more things but i cant think atm

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So I’m finally making time here and there, bit by bit, to watch the Fallout 4 cast reunion that went down in December. I’m really enjoying it. 👍

Did anyone else notice that Danny Shorago had several different cups that he was drinking out of? Anyway…

It tickles me to no end that Matt Mercer has awoken his wife with the Mutfruit Line, Peter Jessop teases his kids by saying Danse lines at them, and that Jon Gentry loves Preston/hearing about how much a character he’s played has meant to us.

If you haven’t checked it out already (I’m forever slow in all things) I recommend it.

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“Moments like this, I know all that karma stuff is bull. Because no one like me should be this lucky.”

Hancock, from Fallout 4. Mixed Media.

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Sosu, fresh out of Pickman’s gallery: Pickman was using their bodies as canvases. It was horrible, even if it’s just raiders, was I right to let a serial killer walk away?

Lenore Tabber, hastily shoving blood splattered raider armor into other half full cardboard boxes just out of view: Ah, see, now that’s just horrible, how could someone do that? Just…Ah, wait. Don’t you go beating yourself up over some wasted junkies. If not him, someone else would have caught up eventually. Can’t save everyone, not everyone wants to be saved, ‘n all that.

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Traded the APC for a nice new boat, perfect for Far Harbor. Unrelated question. Anyone got fuel? Source:

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I can’t really choose one for my alone Wanderer but most of them revolve around death.

Him killing Vault 101 security guards made him more open to killing. He felt like a murderer. Which lead to him being more merciless after the events of Fallout 3.

The death of his father motivated him to join the Brotherhood of Steel. He felt mortified. Which lead to his hatred of the Encalve.

The death of the Tenpenny Residents made him realize that he can’t trust everyone that’s been harmed by others. He felt betrayed. Which made him more open to hearing both sides of a conflict.

The death of the Lyons made him question who he stands with. He felt indifferent. Which lead to his hatred of the Brotherhood of Steel.

After going west to the Mojave, the death of Mr. House made him realize no matter how powerful you are you can always be beaten. He felt human. Which made him more cautious and less care free.

Him learning about the massacres that the NCR have committed caused him to leave. He felt disappointed. Which made him throw out the idea of joining any military like group every again.

The murder of the Railroad, caused by a friend of his made him question made him go MIA for awhile. He felt sad. Which caused him to try and distance himself from others.

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I’m actually writing a fic about the quest Hole in a Wall where Curie is right now! & that makes me so happy, go forth anon befriend the egg

Please tell Sammy I appreciate the love!!

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Word Count: 1,071
Prompt: Modern AU
Day: 25/28
Note: This is a non-COVID modern au cause… I think we all need that, to be honest. Feeling a little nostalgic for campus life right about now. Fo4F is almost over! Time flies.

It was late, the surrounding area covered in a thick fog that made it hard to see where any buildings were. Sole was lucky they had memorized the area. They clutched at the warm drink in their hands like it was a lifeline as they took careful steps, desperately afraid they were going to trip and fall on their ass. There were stones coming loose every other step in the path just waiting to take them down.

They nearly stepped dead in their tracks when they heard footsteps behind them. It wasn’t too uncommon, considering this wasn’t exactly their property, but God was it unnerving, considering the fact that they were practically blind in the weather. They shifted the strap of their bag higher on their shoulder and glanced around before they forced themself to walk a little faster, despite the dread. Their destination was so close, yet so far.

By the time they got to the main plaza of campus the footsteps were speeding up and finally caught up with them. In the overhead lamplight, the mist cleared and revealed a familiar face. “God, were you trying to give me a heart attack?” They yelled under their breath, sighing at the sight.

Piper smiled back at them sheepishly. “Sorry. I was trying to catch up but you walk fast.” She greeted them with an apologetic shrug.

Sole wanted to pretend to be keeping a grudge, but they simply couldn’t. Piper was too sweet to them; they were taking night classes at the local college together and with the overlaps in their schedules they seemed to be getting closer every day. Sole rolled their eyes. “Not my fault you’re short.” They teased back.

Piper let out an exaggerated, offended gasp and pressed a hand against her chest. Always the comedian. She was clutching her own thermos, Sole noticed, tea presumably. “Did you get the midterm update?” 

Sole froze with their cup in front of their mouth. Had they checked the app lately? They should’ve, somewhere between rushing their essay last minute and shoving half a stale muffin in their mouth to pass as dinner before they forced themself to face their upcoming evening class. No, they hadn’t checked. Piper guessed this by the way they were staring at her in horror. “Don’t worry, it got moved back a week. Maybe you can actually study that way.” She started walking, continuing to class.

They were quick to take a few long strides and catch up. “Yeah, sure, look who’s talking. Besides, last minute is my superpower. It gets done, doesn’t it?”

“By some miracle.” 

Sole couldn’t help but glance at Piper a little too often. She was bundled up in her burgundy coat, scarf wrapped tightly around her neck to hide her skin from the cold. Her fingerless gloves barely covered enough of her hands to keep them warm, but it seemed whatever was heating up her thermos was compensating for that. They wanted to reach out and peel her hands away to warm them up with their breath, but they weren’t sure if that was weird. Definitely not the time to overthink. Instead, they buried themself further in their own scarf and followed quietly in Piper’s footsteps.

The walk to their building was shorter than ideal and they climbed the stairs together, sharing glances to silently complain about how ridiculous the steep steps were getting. They trailed in, one after the other, to their English composition class and settled in the back, spreading out their notebooks and homework, the quiet shuffle of sheets of paper filling the silence in the room. 

Piper unravelled her scarf from around her neck with a sigh and slung it over the back of her chair before kicking her legs up onto Sole’s lap. Sole rolled their eyes but caught her legs by the ankles and propped them up properly, long used to Piper’s antics during their evening classes; she was exhausted from her internship at the local newspaper and needed what rest she could get. If that was ten minute naps when they arrived early to class, so be it. They settled into their usual rhythm, organizing their work, as time ticked by to the start of class.

The room emptied with a bustling movement, everyone shoving their work back into their bags, minds fretting over the lack of time and the new assignments. Piper pulled her legs off Sole’s lap and they nearly missed the weight until they thought about the fact that they could go home. They’d already quietly packed their stuff, not trying to draw attention to themself with the process, but bored by the last few minutes that were crawling by and made an attempt to keep busy. Therefore, they simply watched as Piper gathered her stuff and pulled her scarf and coat back on.

The walk back downstairs was oddly tense for the pair. Usually, they would chatter about the new work they had and how college may be a struggle but at least it was fun sometimes. Instead, the silence took over, louder than any of the conversations the other students were having. When they finally made it to the bottom of the staircase, Piper broke the silence. “So, um. I don’t know if I really got what he was talking about today.” She laughed, scratching the back of her neck.

Sole looked over at her in surprise. Usually, she was the one dragging them through the class by teaching them everything all over again. “Oh. Do you wanna talk about it?”

“Um, yeah!” Piper seemed to jump on that. “We should get coffee or something and study together. I think I’ll get it better if you explain it to me, y’know?”

They suppressed the flustered smile that was emerging on their face and looked down at the ground, biting their lip hard. They nodded for a moment before looking back at Piper, rocking on their heels nervously. “That sounds great. Are you free tomorrow?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect. It’s a date! Uh-” She seemed to realize what she’d said a little too late. “A study date. Or not a date. Um, if that’s weird. We’re studying.”

Sole laughed quietly and stepped forward, reaching up to adjust how Piper’s scarf sat over her shoulders. When it was shifted to their liking, contrasting nicely with the way her cheeks flushed, they met her eyes again. “It’s a date.” They replied softly.

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