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#fallout 4
ineed-to-sleep · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
📌I'm currently doing only busts
📌Prices are per character
📌I'll draw any types of characters except for mecha
Hi!! I'm Manu and I'm opening for commissions for the first time! :D
If any of these interest you, you can contact me through my email ( or through this tumblr's DMs.
I accept payment through PayPal invoices(only). Payment is after approval of the initial sketch.
The more references and descriptions you can send me, the better :^)
You can check out more examples here.
I take roughly 2-3 days to complete flats(depending on complexity) and 4-6 days to complete rendered images.
I'll open 5 slots for now, and update here as the slots get filled. (1/5)
Fell free to message me if you have any questions!
Thank you for reading! Reblogs are appreciated! ❤💕
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ghoulschooldropout · a day ago
Tumblr media
low effort deacon doodles to get back into the swing of things. i could listen to his dialogue all day
bonus doodles under the cut:
Tumblr media
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libertybri · 2 days ago
This is a Public Service Announcment...
Deacon's bald head is prime real estate for plungers.
That is all....
Tumblr media
look at this man,
he gots a plunger on his head
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trashkingnyx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Because I guess the cryptic meme side of my brain wanted to doodle something today.
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drovenna · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nate , oc of @darling-leech ♥️♥️
Thank you for commissioning me 💖♥️
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canonlgbtcharacters · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
The canon LGBT+ character of the day is
John Hancock from Fallout 4, who is bi / pansexual!
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fallout4reactsblog · 2 days ago
danse becomes a grill dad with a "milf-man i love fishing" apron and no one has any idea how this happened or how to take this
"I mean... I guess this is good? It's progress, right?"
Sole looked at their companions. "Right?"
"He looks happier," Preston supplied. "He's taken up a hobby, found an identity that's not just being a synth or an ex-Paladin. I'd say this is definitely progress."
MacCready scrunched his nose. "I agree, but don't you think the apron is a bit much?"
Piper gasped and dramatically clutched at her chest. "Mac! I can't believe you would insinuate that his apron is anything but high fashion. This is a man of taste, clearly. Cait agrees with me, right, Cait?"
Cait nodded around a mouthful of beer.
"Right," Piper said decisively, as though that was the end of it.
Curie shook her head. "I do not see why the apron is so humorous for all of you. It is an appropriate acronym."
Piper's eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas.
"No," Mac said, cutting in before she could say a thing. "No, no, no. We are not going down this road. Absolutely not. Not again."
"Aw, c'mon. She asked. It's only fair that I-"
"No." He turned to Curie. "You're right, it is an appropriate acronym. End of discussion."
"MILF stands for Mom I'd Like to Fuck," Hancock said.
Chaos. Mac and Preston immediately started shouting at Hancock, who looked as smug as could be. Piper and Cait took one look at Nick's face and collapsed against each other with laughter. Curie just nodded and started writing that down so she wouldn't forget.
"You can't just say that!" Mac screeched.
Hancock shrugged, still smiling. "She asked."
"C'mon, he's wearing it around! Curie deserves to be in on the joke, doesn't she? That's the whole point of wearing the apron."
"Anyone want a hotdog?" Danse shouted across the street, blissfully unaware of what he'd caused.
"No!" Mac yelled back.
"Yes!" Hancock said, immediately after RJ had spoken. "We all do!"
Danse, bless him, just nodded. "Hotdogs coming up."
"I'm gonna-" sole put their head in their hands, letting out a few stray giggles. "I'm gonna go help him. You guys... Do whatever it is that you do."
"I shall help!" Codsworth declared, and trailed them across the street.
For a moment, everything was quiet. They watched Danse talk to sole and Codsworth, then turn back to the grill. Inside, sole flicked on the radio, and music floated out the windows to them.
Deacon piped up, "I don't mind the apron, but could he at least wear a shirt?"
"No," Hancock said.
"Please get him one," X6 said.
"You put a shirt on him and I start shooting," Piper said.
And that was the end of that.
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vekkuart · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Some young punks who did not get off the lawn
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thebigolbee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Little reference sheet for Nora! After going through hell and back together, Nick commissioned a new custom agency uniform for her as a gift. She also abandoned her cruel husband’s last name to seal the deal on her new life with Nick 💛
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libertybri · a day ago
Fo4 companions realizing that soles ex partner was abusive through little hints and comments
*tw: mentions of abuse!
She was livid upon finding out the truth of Sole’s dead spouse. To her, they were lucky they were dead now, otherwise they would have to deal with the fiery redhead and all of her hellbent rage set on protecting Sole. After all of her anger has passed, she is slightly upset, constantly passing around the words in her mind “how could anyone do that to Sole?” She would be set on just being close to her partner and making sure that sore subject of a spouse gets left behind in any future conversations.
He already knew, unfortunately. Because Sole’s spouse had been the original programmer to Codsworth’s functions, he could never protect them from the damage their so-called lover had done. However, once he learns that the spouse is dead, he feels every right to curse their name for Sole and swear their full protection under him. He profusely apologizes for never being able to do so before and really never forgives himself, even if it was against his odds.
She pieced it together very early into their travels based on Sole’s behavior and disdain on the topic of their spouse. As a natural comforter, she would confront the issue with Sole and allow them to confide in her with any of their past trauma. She would become a personal vent for them whenever, being the perfect listener and overall, giving them kind and reassuring gestures to their comfort the entire time. Curie wants nothing more than for them to finally feel safe and at peace.
Once he realizes where Sole’s distant and strange behavior stems from, he is mostly just disappointed. He is upset that someone that is supposed to love the amazing person before him actually hurt them so much. He’s also upset that he wasn’t around then to stop it, or at least give their spouse a piece of his mind (maybe a good beating in turn, as well). From that point forward, he would try to be more sensitive to Sole and protect them twice as much as before.
He pieced it together before meeting Sole upon watching them, their strange behavior and short responses of their spouse with a sour look always on their face. There wouldn’t be a reason for him to ever bring it up, making himself uncomfortable with just the thought of having that conversation, so unless Sole confided in him with that information he wouldn’t ever voice to them that he knew. With that being said, he would be more precautious with their well-being and even when having conversations with them, as to not be too insensitive.
He wouldn’t be able to figure it out unless Sole flat out told him so. Assuming they confide in him one day with this information, he would be absolutely enraged. If the fucker were still kicking he would have vowed to make them suffer for doing such a thing to Sole when they should have been devoting their life to them instead. He didn’t know much about love and marriage, but he knew damn well you never do that to a partner.
Once he could piece together Sole’s strange behavior and disdain feelings towards their dead spouse, he felt nothing but rage. He wasn’t angry at Sole of course, but he was livid at the person who was supposed to love and cherish them the most actually being the one to hurt them. Hancock wouldn’t let them see his smile anytime someone brought up their abusive spouse, grinning because they were dead and could no longer harm Sole.
Though Sole had never come out and told him, through every comment they made to flinching when he would lift his hand to adjust his hat, he understood what it all came back to. On one hand, it makes sense to him now why Sole wasn’t mourning their dead spouse as someone should and he was glad they weren’t just an apathetic freak. On the other, he wished he could march into that vault and spit at their ‘grave’ himself for doing such a thing to his kind Sole.
He knew from the moment they rescued him, their way of speech, their mannerisms; it was all too similar to cases he’s dealt with before and he had absolutely no tolerance for domestic abuse. He would immediately hate their spouse from before and secretly hope that the entire vault would just cave in on their resting spot. With all that said, he wouldn’t treat Sole any differently from another case, unless they told him about their spouse’s abuse, he then would take on the role of being their protective unit outside of the office.
She had picked up on it through hints in conversation and mentally noted every single detail to come to her conclusion. She would really just be upset. This person has already gone through so much trauma, and here the world is piling on so much more. Piper doesn’t bring it up with Sole personally, but constantly wishes she could take some of that trauma away from Sole, at least to give them some peace of mind. She believed they deserved it most out of anyone she knew.
While he could pick up on some details through their conversation and behavior, Preston couldn’t bring himself to make that conclusion about Sole’s spouse on his own assumption. He wasn’t sure if it was out of respect for Sole, or just because he didn’t want to believe it to be true. If they confided in him with the information, he would feel upset, frustrated, and disappointed. Preston would do everything in his power to make sure Sole felt comforted and safe after all of that.
He knew through details Father had given him on his parents relationship. In his mind, he thought it was all in natural order for Sole to be the one to survive instead of their no-good spouse. He felt no need to ever bring it up with Sole, but always felt satisfaction in knowing that they were here and thriving while the other rotted away.
Extra NPCs-
She had no reaction on the surface, though deep down she was mad. Sole was one her most valued agents, and a valued friend to herself. She knew the kind of person they were and thought it was absolutely insane how anyone could hurt them in such a way.
Edward Deegan:
He felt the need to protect Sole. From what? He didn’t know. Just the sheer fact that someone who is supposed to love them actually hurt the amazing person he knows, hurts him. He wants to make sure that bad memory of a spouse stays in the past.
She felt rage. She wasn’t sure where to direct, whether to go down to that vault herself and take it out of their spouse’s corpse, or just punch something. But she was just angered at the thought of their spouse hurting Sole.
Jack Cabot
He felt pity for Sole. He wanted to comfort them and assure them that no more harm would come their way, as that part of their life was over with.
She immediately wanted to comfort Sole, whether it was sweet affirmations or taking them in her arms, she just wanted to make it known how much she cared for them and pitied their past.
Mags Black
She was confused on how a partner could do that. Of course raiders weren’t the most loving type, but they occasionally fulfilled relationships and most the time, even they didn’t take part in domestic abuse. That was just a foreign concept considering you don’t always get the chance to be happy with someone else.
He would care the least. Sole was a different person now. He thought they were weaker then, and he was glad they were stronger now. A part him thinks of how amusing it would be if their spouse could see them now.
He was angry, absolutely fuming. He had no tolerance for domestic abuse and the fact that Sole had endured that in their past life and there was nothing he could do about it upset him greatly.
She was shocked to say the least. On one hand, this was the Overboss- someone who is supposed to be feared, and the strongest person around- so she didn’t quite understand how they let their spouse do such a thing. On the other hand, she could realize that Sole was just in a bad situation at the time, and was an entirely different person too.
He wishes he could have been around to give their spouse a piece of his mind. It was crazy to him how someone could hurt someone as kind as Sole, especially someone that was set on showing them nothing but love. The entire concept felt gross to him.
Tinker Tom
He assures Sole that no more harm could be done to them from their partner and offers great consolation, a person to vent to, and comfort if they were open to it. He overall just wanted to be there for them whenever they needed it.
Travis Miles:
He couldn’t quite see just how it was possible, not that he doubted them. Sole was just incredible, inside and out. They were one of the nicest people he’s ever met and really strong too. It was just crazy to him, and he wanted to make sure they knew their worth all of them time with reassurance and comfort from him.
William Black
He took pity on Sole. No matter their status as the Overboss, he could understand that they had a past life and was a completely different person than they are now. He wanted to make sure that their past stayed where it was.
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radbeetle · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
made some vinyl stickers today
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khazrablood · a day ago
Tumblr media
Unsurprisingly breaking in this ipad + pencil with everyone’s favorite mentat ghoul in procreate
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lavenderbirchtrees · a day ago
Tumblr media
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trainwiz · a day ago
Fallout 4 and Fallout 4 modders rejoice! I've granted you the gift of fully animated train resources, to use and re-use how you like. We all know what sick shit you'll get up to with this, don't lie.
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