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#fallout 76

After trying for what feels like an absurd length of time, I managed to get the Charleston rare vendor to spawn.


Of course the bot didn’t have a single useful thing on it, because this is Fallout 76 and what exactly was I expecting?

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They need to give us recipes for jerky and other dehydrated foods, what is in the fucking point in me killing animals for food if the food is all going to go bad??? Jerky is a thing. Dehydrated fruits are a thing. Canned foods even are a thing, just make the recipe difficult to find and cost a few more resources to craft, but let us fucking make food that won’t go to bad otherwise what is the fucking point.

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Character Study

Tagged by @briarfox13​ thank you, such an interesting meme ♥

Tagging @starsandskies@overboss@its-sixxers@eluvisen​ and @tarberrymentats​ but no pressure as always.



Name: Emilia Cassandra Goodridge

Eye Color: Light grey

Hair Style/Color: Black, curly. They grow quickly, she usually has an undercut with curls up to her chin 

Height: 1,61m

Clothing Style: Must be practical for the Wasteland, if she’s exploring. Usually cargo pants, tops, her leather jacket. Shirts, mostly with colourful prints on it. Jeans too. Boots and Chucks. Collects merchandise clothes, especially Mothman and Nuka Cola. Always wears two different, colourful socks.

Best Physical Feature: Trained body, muscular stomach and arms. Full lips.


Fears: Wendigos, claustrophobia - esp. in mines, losing loved ones

Guilty Pleasure: Alcohol: beer, whiskey, ouzo. A cigarette every now and then.

Biggest Pet Peeve: People interrupting her when she talks, people chewing with their mouth open, selfish people… people 

Ambition for the Future: Find the source of the Scorched Plague. Make Appalachia a better place to live at. Lead a happy life.


First Thoughts Waking Up: Hungry. Breakfast and coffee.

What They Think About the Most: The future. Her family and friends. How to be happy.

What They Think About Before Bed: She usually thinks about the day, wonders if she did something productive, wonders what the future holds for her, hopes that she’ll be able to sleep, recalls things that happened in the past… she thinks a lot after laying down

What They Think Their Best Quality Is: Strong and determined, good fighter

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Talking to my partner last week and it was jokingly suggested/wondered if Mothman could exist in Fallout: Equestria. Never joke about this with me because this is the result XD 

Okay, yes. This is potential for Fallout: Equestria. Not sure on the equivalent of Appalachia for a horse pun but Mothpony is a real thing. Revered as half moth, half pony and all superntural, cultist flock to worship it and summon Mothpony for salvation. Summonings being successful are rare but these varieties are known:

Top is Wise Mothpony, dispensinsing wisdom and otherwise calm of demeanour. 

Middle is the Vengeful form (which I have fought in FO76 and they aren’t tough but they do teleport!) This form is angry and will attack those it chooses to. Why is it angry? Cultists argue it is cleansing the wrong from Appalachia. Even amongst their own. If killed, it vanishes in a puff of spores and leaves ash behind. 

Last is the glowing form. Appearing less often, it still elicits fear as its moods change. It’s usually quite sedate but don’t piss it off. 

In all forms the body and wings are dark. The tail, big and fluffy, is theorised to be an actual moth abdomen but no one has found one to confirm this. It bears 6 limbs. Two forelimbs that are fuzzy and hide proto-hooves, and rear fluffy legs. Glowing Mothpony is the exception with having glowing body highlights. 

Art is mine
Concept is inspired by the legend of Mothman and Fallout 76 appearances

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Wastelanders, I need you!


Settler or Raider?

Drop your character’s name, faction choice (optional: and current standing with your fave) and what platform you play Fallout 76 on and you might get a mention in my fic “Hangovers, Part 2”. I need to mention a few other ex-Vault Dwellers.

(Thanks @grimjojo for the photo opportunity)

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Pro tip: don’t leave your character at Helvetia during the Fasnacht event when you log off. I tried over six times to log on at the beginning of the hour and it kept freezing on the final loading screen.

I tried a low level I knew I hadn’t left there and then later my main character on a private server and it worked, but by then I’d missed the event. Idk wth Bethesda did to it this year, but it’s too similar to the Halloween event.

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