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#false symmetry
introvertedppl · 4 months ago
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some mcyt gals to get shake off same face syndrome
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bumble-bee42 · a month ago
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New AU idea just dropped <3
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emjaypanziku · 5 months ago
Hermits ranked on how distraught I would be if they swore:
Would be startled but not surprised: Doc, Etho, X, Jevin
Would do a double take but accept it: Joe, Tango, Cleo, Beef, Wels, Hypno
Would choke on my drink and yell WHAT: xB, Grian, Impulse, False, Ren, Cub
Would take psychic damage: Iskall, Zed, xB, TFC, Keralis
Would take fatal amounts of psychic damage, neck would break from the whiplash: Mumbo, Scar, Stress
I would vaporize on the spot, should never be allowed to swear the amount of power it would hold could destroy planets: Bdubs
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galaxygermdraws · 5 months ago
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Me, drawing fanart for something that happened 2 years ago in season 6 because I've been binging S6 because S7 is coming to an end? Yes. Also thanks to @shadesofvioletvoid for helping come up with the idea for the G Team designs!! Matching sweaters my beloved.
(Reblogs with tags are vv appreciated)
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buttwormzz · 2 months ago
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honestly? i think there's no reason our PvP queen shouldn't be drawn buff ❤
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bdoubleowo · 3 months ago
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King, Hand, Ace, Queen.
Here’s some closeups of the cards (I felt bad leaving him out of the group so there’s a bonus Martyn):
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The gangs all here!
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Rating hermits based on how bad they'd beat me down-
this is them no hold bars and me fully expecting my defeat
grian- he'd fly past me and throw sand in my eyes then punch me. he's probably buff as hell from his grinding too and he's short- 10/10
cleo- i cannot kill a zombie, and she'd not hesitate to break my legs- 10/10 she'd make it painfully in some way and then use my skeleton in her next armor stand project
joe- joe hills 10/10
welsknight- the dude's a knight. he has armor and is probably trained in sword fighting- 8/10 he would construct a rap verse and make me cry
jevin- have you ever punched jello? 6/10 he'd probably go into my pores and kill me from the inside
mumbo- lanky tall man with anxiety, he'd punch me once and then i'd trip him 3/10
ren- werewolf sith? idk about you but he'd probably also throw me in lava- also buff wrestler ren scares me- 9/10
etho- he'd scam me and then kill me when i walk away. i would genuinely be scared of fighting him tbh 10/10
xisuma- he wouldnt want to but also he's in body armor and apparently is buff- 7/10
zed- he'd say he has a complex contraption to kill me but just stab me while im looking at it 9/10
impulse- would beat me with shovels 8/10
tango tek- redstone mad man and has tamed ravagers and other mobs for mini games 8/10 i'd be trampled to death
docm77- redstone mad man 2 electric boogaloo. he's also a cyborg creeper and german no thanks 10/10
bdubs- would run the whole time until im lulled into false sense of security and when he pulls out his bed to sleep, he smacks me with it- 6/10
false- she pvp's and she just scares me 7/10
stress- she scares me, and also potions 10/10
iskall- cyborg arm and a retired hitman, i would die but also his laugh would also be luring me into false sense of security- 9/10
scar- probably strong from terraforming but i'd make a disney reference or say i like cats and he'd forget to fight me 7/10 3rd life him would burn me
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galaxygermdraws · 9 months ago
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Just some miscellaneous Hermitcraft warm up doodles I did instead of paying attention in class.
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harley-the-pancake · 28 days ago
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Happy one year to
PeteZahHutt third win
Cubfan and Joel first wins
FalseSymmetry Back to Back
Joel v. Lizzie
Happy one year MCC10
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