#familia madrigal
I like how the families were color coded:
Tumblr media
Pepa's = yellows and reds
Tumblr media
Julieta's = purples and blues
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Abuela, a blend of her children* = dark pink
Tumblr media
*the exception, a outlier: Bruno = green
Tumblr media
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abrianadesaphi · a day ago
blind | isabela madrigal x fem!reader
in which isabela has never seen something quite like you. inspired by role model’s song, blind.
author's notes:
isabela madrigal x fem!bisexual!reader
friends to lovers
no smut
warnings: profanities, use of the k-word (jokingly)
she got the gold hoops, prada fit | i’m in love with all of it
she saw you for the first time a year after casita was rebuilt. you were dressed in clothes that obviously weren’t made in a small village like encanto. you also wore gold accessories to match with your luxurious set of clothes as you shared your table with señor valencia, the middle-aged man who was known as the town’s blacksmith.
your presence was radiating confidence, your poise obvious by how you sat and how you ate your food gracefully. for some reason, she could not look away. it seemed as if isabela found herself more and more mesmerised the longer she stared at you.
isabela was seated in a booth that was right across from your table, next to her papa agustin as they waited for their dinner in a warm little restaurant in the center of encanto.
her papa must’ve caught her staring at you, and so he whispered to his oldest daughter’s ear, “that’s señorita (y/n), señor valencia’s niece. she’s from abroad but she’s staying here for the summer due to her parents’ request. the gossiping ladies on the streets claim she’s a bit of a primadonna, but i think she’s quite nice!”
when dinner ended, agustin went over to your table and invited your uncle for a couple glasses of wine back in the casita and of course, you came along. it was your first time to see the wonderful madrigal home, and you were in awe of it and its magic.
agustin placed a hand on her daughter’s shoulder as he said, “señorita (y/n), would you appreciate a tour of la casa madrigal by isabela?”
isabela looked at her father, confused. agustin just smiled at his daughter and gave her a wink.
“i would, actually! this place is amazing,” you said with a smile.
isabela, with an encouraging push on the back from her father, walked towards you.
“this way, señorita! i’ll show you to the kitchen.”
once you’ve familiarised yourself with casita (and casita has familiarised itself with you), you and isabela found yourself back in the living room. your uncle, along with agustin and felix, were laughing obnoxiously as they sipped on their wine.
“(y/n), isabela, join us!” your uncle offered you both a seat on the couch next to him as he noticed your presence.
“thank you, señor. but i’ll pass,” isabela spoke, “i kinda wanna stay up in my room for a while.”
“can you show me your room?” you spoke, looking at her with hopeful eyes.
“of course, she can!” agustin exclaimed, “how about a bottle of wine to drink while you talk up in there?”
“papa, i’ll just show her my room. we won’t be long-”
“we’d love a bottle of wine, señor!” you said with a smile.
ex-boy didn’t get the picture, cut him out of it
three hours later, you were a drunken mess in isabela’s flowery bedroom floor. you drank the entire bottle of wine while isabela just looked after you, making sure you wouldn’t hurt yourself.
it was funny how she cared for you, a foreign girl she doesn’t even know.
“isabela, isabela,” you called her name twice, trying to get her attention in your drunken state.
“yeah?” she responded.
“sit down, come here,” you patted the space next to where you were sitting, “do you think i’m pretty?”
isabela looked at you, your face a little bit too close to not have her heart racing, “i mean, yeah, you’re pretty. prettier than everyone i’ve ever seen, actually.”
“thanks, ‘bela,” you said with wide smile, “you’re pretty, too. but like, you’re the kind of pretty that isn’t just pretty. you’re the kind of pretty that makes me go wow she’s pretty everytime i look at your face.”
she blushed as flowers sprouted in her hair.
“oh my god, that’s adorable,” you commented as you reached out to take one of the flowers from her hair, “he hated flowers, you know?”
“who does?” she asked.
“hugo, my ex-boyfriend,” you said, and a part of her feels jealous at the mere fact of somebody else being lucky enough to have you.
“he sounds like a dick,” isabela said, making you laugh out loud. you were drunk, and fairly amused at your new friend.
“what’s so funny?”
“i just didn’t expect you to say things like that. to be honest, i expect you to say something like, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, or some other corny shit. you know, i loved him so much but he wanted all these things that i just didn’t want. like, getting married and having kids and building our own perfect family,” you looked at her, tears rolling down your cheeks, “god, i’m sorry. i shouldn’t be letting this all out on you.”
“no, no, no,” isabela said, “it’s okay. i know what it’s like.”
“you do?”
“yeah,” she looked at you with sincerity in her dark eyes, “i was engaged to a man i didn’t love.”
you chuckled, “i guess i’m a little like you, huh?”
“i guess you are.”
i fall pretty hard, never really getting far | you make everyone look like they aren't anyone
a month had passed by and both of you were getting closer and closer. in fact, you spend all of your time together now and you were also invited to dinner at casita a few times, slowly becoming friends with each of the madrigals.
as soon as you entered the festive environment, you immediately found yourself dancing with dolores with a drink in your hand, laughing and talking with the newly-engaged woman.
speaking of casita and the madrigals, you were on your way there since there was a party to celebrate dolores and mariano’s engagement.
isabela sat on one of the tables and she lightly sipped on her drink, looking over at you with a little smile on her face.
god, you were so beautiful. and to god, she was grateful to be able to witness the beauty of you.
“never thought that i’d see the isabela madrigal so lovesick,” mariano’s familiar voice flooded her ears as he took a seat beside hers.
“what are you talking about, mariano?” she turned to look at the man.
“señorita (y/n), you’ve fallen for her, haven’t you?”
“i’ve known her for a month.”
“my point still stands,” mariano said, “i know a person in love when i see one, hermosa.”
“i don’t even know what in love is.”
“i mean, even i didn’t know what it meant to be truly in love. until dolores came along and all of the ideas i had of love turned out to be incorrect.”
“that’s real sweet of you to say, mariano.”
“but this isn’t about me, mi amiga. i know that you know that you are in love with (y/n), so what are you afraid of?”
“i’m not afraid,” isabela grumbled.
“why are you hiding your feelings?”
“why are we having this conversation?”
“isabela,” mariano looked at her seriously, “you do know that she’s only here for the summer, right? she’ll be leaving in less than two months. if i were you, i’d tell her how i feel. you never know, maybe you’ll give her a reason to stay.”
hours after the party has ended, isabela looked up at the ceiling as she laid on her bed. thinking about what mariano said. thinking about love. thinking about you.
gripping her blanket in harsh realization, she whispered to herself, “fuck, i’m in love with (y/n).”
i haven't felt a thing this year and i'm only tryin' to be sincere
“i heard you last night,” dolores nudged her favorite cousin with her elbow as they ate their breakfast.
“oooh, what did isabela say?” camilo teased.
“it’s a girl thing, you wouldn’t get it,” dolores dismissed her brother.
“i can be a girl,” camilo said before shapeshifting into you, causing isabela to drop her fork in shock, “so, what is it?
“can you not turn into (y/n)?” isabela said, annoyed.
“does it make you uncomfortable when i turn into your girlfriend? are you fighting the urge to make out with me right now?”
“ew!” isabela exclaimed, pushing camilo off his chair as he turned back to himself.
“what is going on over there?” abuela asked her three grandchildren at the other end of the table.
“nothing, abuela,” the three of them said in unison.
abuela alma went back to her food, and so did the rest of the family. camilo has turned the other way to bother mirabel and dolores nudged isabela with her elbow once again.
“i also heard señor valencia and (y/n) last night,” dolores said.
“(y/n)’s leaving in two days.”
isabela’s world stopped.
“no. she’s leaving in two months,” isabela said, denying whatever it was that dolores said.
“her parents want her back home as soon as possible, isa.”
isabela stood up from the table and ran out of casita’s front door, ignoring sounds of confusion from her family. she ran to the direction of your house, bumping on some of the locals in the way. she knocked loudly once she finally reached your front door, impatience running through her knuckles.
you opened the front door, seeing isabela a heaving and sweaty mess, “isabela, what on earth-”
“i love you. and i’m sorry that i won’t be able to prove to you just how much i do because i was too much of a coward to admit it but i’m here now, and i can admit with my whole heart that i am so fucking in love with you and i’ve never met anybody quite like you-"
“-and i’m sure that i never will. i know you’re leaving soon but i just can’t watch you go without telling you how i feel because i might just die if i keep it to-”
“-myself. so i’m telling you again, (y/n), i am in love with you, and i’d tell you a million fucking times more if that’s what it takes for you believe-”
“i’m in love with you, too.”
“you are?”
“yes. and i’m not leaving any time soon. i don’t think i want to.”
isabela couldn’t help it. she took your face in her hands and kissed you, pouring each and every ounce of affection she had into your lips.
after a moment, she pulled away, “wait, did you say that you weren’t leaving anytime soon? i thought you were leaving in two days.”
“where’d you hear that from?” you chuckled.
isabela froze in realization, “i’m gonna kill dolores.”
you placed another kiss on her lips, causing her to blush.
“i think i might thank her, actually,” isabela said before kissing you back, wrapping her arms around your waist.
i've never seen something quite like you
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darknesswhite · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
♪"Ratas por detrás~♪ Al oír su nombre no hay marcha atrás♪"
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chaosoffspring · a day ago
i want a bit of bruno and camilo's gender please
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thehappyegg · a day ago
Semi crack idea.
Queer eye making a special episode about la Familia madrigal.
Anthony & Julieta: Yes, you heal people with food... That’s Litterally how (mom’s) food is suposed to work. Anyway, can I see the pupy faced jaguar ?
Jonathan & Camilio : So my pronouns are they/he/she. What are yours and what is your opinion on gender ?
Karamo & Abuela : ... OK, maybe one week will be a lill bit short for this one.
Tan & Isabella : The hair. The drama. The magesty.
Bobby & Mirabel : You lived in the what ?
Bobby & Bruno : You lived where ?
Bobby & Casita : that’s my girl. Can I do something to make you feel extra pretty in this beautiful day ?
Tan & Agustín : French. Tuck.
Karamo & Pepa : So what’s wrong with rain anyway ? Have you tried expressing your feelings?
Jonathan & Bruno & the rats : Bruno, NO.
Bobby & Dolores : How would you feel about noice canceling headset ?
Jonathan & Felix : that’s some killer dance move baby. You have a gift.
Anthony & Luisa : Can you carry me ? Can you carry Karamo ? Can you carry everyone ? What’s your workout routine ? Can I be your workout buddy ?
Karamo & Antonio : look, you look like a nice kid, but if your jaguar come any closer, I am gonna cry.
Tan & everyone : Why are you all color coded ? You know you can mismatch color and have fun with clothes without threatening your family legacy ?
Jonathan & Abuela : What about a relaxing spa day, just the two of us ?
Anthony & the donkeys : Awww. Puppy.
Bobby & Isabella : Wanna help with the garden ? Have you tried growing vegetable instead of flowers ?
Tan & Bruno : Bruno, NO.
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magicalgear · 2 days ago
Okay,soooo... We gonna talk about Bruno?
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if-only-i-was-fictional · 12 hours ago
brother: *plays dos oruguitas on spotify*
me: turn that off
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another-suffering-artist · 18 hours ago
Encanto Thought #4
When Camilo gets zapped and he turns into members of the family is because, just like the rest of the Madrigals, his family is always what is the first thing on his mind.
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mynameischristy · a day ago
why, why they did him like this:
Tumblr media
now he's a meme
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iparksy · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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holdnarrytight · a month ago
I just realised yet another little detail that symbolises so much in the story!
During Dos Orugitas, we see a young Alma Madrigal that seemed to be cheerful, playful and even a little clumsy. The braided hair, the frilly dress and the big smiles help create an image of her as a sweet, carefree young woman who was not afraid to just be herself.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Once the tragedy with Pedro happens and the miracle is born, Alma immediately takes shelter in casita and we see her alone, silently processing the events of the evening; looking extremely weary, lonely and traumatised. She looks down at her babies. Her Julieta, her Pepa and her Brunito, and her expression changes. She knows she needs to be strong for them. She’s resolute, but there’s a sadness in her eyes that says she knows what this means for her, too. She can never go back to the woman she used to be.
Tumblr media
The next time we see Alma, she is putting on a black cloak and leaving the room. This room was the cocoon where she transformed into a new person, leaving her old self behind. She's become different. Her smile doesn't quite meet her eyes anymore. She looks tired, somber. Older, even.
Tumblr media
There's a shadow, a trauma she's carrying that soon takes form in the perfectionism and control that eventually hurt her loved ones. This event shapes the way she deals with challenges from this moment on, and she is always in fear of the family losing their home once again.
She became harsh. Strict. Everything has to be perfect in order to protect and earn the miracle the love of her life granted their family with his noble sacrifice.
Tumblr media
This is an incredibly strong woman who has been through hell and came out alive, for her family's sake. This black cloak follows her from her young years to her old age, and becomes a constant throughout the movie. It represents the weight and the burden of the grief she silently carried ever since that moment, and will continue to carry for the rest of her life. It represents the change she had to go through, putting her emotions last in order to become the strong matriarch her kids and the village needed. It represents the loss of not only her beloved Pedro, but also of her innocence, her youth, her laughter and her smile.
From the moment young Alma Madrigal and her children were gifted a miracle, she became the one responsible for the whole village. She, as the only one blessed with the magic and the one whose gift repelled the enemies, was naturally placed in a position of power and leadership in the worst moment of her life.
Tumblr media
It's likely she was the one everyone immediately looked to for directions right after the miracle happened, and that she had to leave her feelings behind to help other lost and grieving people rebuild their lives and their homes, creating what the village of Encanto eventually became. She put everyone else first. She was extremely selfless.
Alma Madrigal is such a complex character. There are so many layers to her personality. This is why you guys can't just write her off as a villain or as a horrible person/grandmother. It's not so black and white.
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princessamericachavez · a month ago
Once again thinking about Encantó and how the house was cracking because the family was cracking under pressure and how Mirabel’s part in saving Casita and the miracle wasn’t even about mending people’s struggles but simply about acknowledging them and telling them it’s ok and they don’t have to do it alone.
Thinking about how the first cracks appear when Mirabel feels ostracized from her family and is about to break under the pressure of feeling wanting and invisible and alone.
Thinking about how the thing Mirabel does for Luisa is listen to her and just say “you are carrying way too much” and then when Luisa’s powers begin to malfunction it isn’t because of her but because Luisa dared slow down a little and was IMMEDIATELY hit with crushing guilt and tried once again to overcompensate it and THAT is when her strength failed her.
Thinking about how Bruno left in an attempt to keep the family from fracturing and was literally trying to fix the cracks with his absence, but it was Mirabel SHARING a vision with him which actually helped him find a positive outcome for a vision because he wasn’t alone with that burden and his anxiety and she led him to a happier perspective.
Thinking about how the real healing moment between Isabela and Mirabel isn’t Isa’s confession really, the turning point is when Mirabel actually stops and LISTENS and simply acknowledges that her sister is struggling and goes on to loudly support and encourage her to find and be herself.
Thinking about all the other cracks we didn’t entirely see. Antonio’s pressure to not be “another disappointment” to his family but obvious guilt that Mirabel didn’t get to shine. Camilo’s consistent changes for the sake of others, but when he starts to malfunction he’s a grown man with a baby’s head, because maybe that’s how he feels, lost and not quite either. Thinking about Pepa, unable to feel any negative emotions, to the point of absolute repression because every single anger or sadness is an open nerve for the world to see and “Pepa, stop! Not again!” Thinking about Julieta’s role as a consistent care taker in a family that even with their powers gone yells for her when in panic because she Must Know how to fix it. Thinking about Dolores so overwhelmed and tense and overlooked, whose great romantic ideal is someone finally SEEING her.
And the cracks showed up whenever the pressure was too much. Whenever Abuela was too afraid and protective and holding on to her control so tightly, marked by the trauma and fear of losing them, to the point where she couldn’t take anything or anyone being out of her control (an obvious PTSD thing).
The family was cracking because Abuela lost sight of the family as people vs the family as a well oiled machine. And while it was obviously due to generational trauma, it was also an issue that no one else in the family could see because it was the dynamic they grew up in and accepted as right and healthy. It was only Mirabel, blessed with an “outsider” perspective, who could see the way the pressure was mounting on everyone’s shoulders and who (having no expectations at all put on her by dismissal) could dare to break the cycle and speak up, not only for herself but for others.
I am once again thinking about Mirabel’s door being the front door of the house (her casita who she is clearly the closest with) and just like everyone else has their powers represented in it, Mirabel’s shows her surrounded by her family, like the anchor that helped them build a new foundation in their relationships with one another, based not on what they could “do for the family” but by love and acceptance of each other.
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krossan · 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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notalizrd · a month ago
people who demonize abuela alma don't understand or have never experienced generational trauma and if you turn her into the villain, you totally missed the point of the movie in this essay i will
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chaosoffspring · a day ago
after months of living off fan content, I finally got to watch encanto today and MAN I CRIED SO MUCH THERE WAS THIS KNOT IN MY NECK AND ALL MY.MAKE UP MOVED
listen the movie was already ruining me emotionally but dos oruguitas DESTROYED ME
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lukecaguai · a month ago
Un huracán de Jacarandas 🌺🌺
Tumblr media
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adorasgayass · 27 days ago
"Not all men" you're right, Félix and Agustín Madrigal, the ideal husbands, would never do this
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fra080389-2-me · a month ago
Friendly reminder that Pepa, Bruno and Julieta were 5 years old when they received their gift.
Can you imagine a five years old who can make to happen an hurricane when she is feeling anxious (no tantrums permitted for her) and a five years old having (especially) catastrophic visions about future?
It's not surprising Pepa is so anxious, temperamental and frantic, how she could learn to be calm and careful when every her little emotion was in display and it could cause "natural" catastrophes? And it's not surprising Bruno is so timid, awkward and guilt-ridden, how he could learn to talk normally to people and function in society when others panicked on every word he said like it was a prophecy and saw him as a jinx when he was so young?
I suppose the power grew little by little, still Julieta's power is clearly the most manageable, no question she is the good balanced sister while Pepa and Bruno are so messed up. They definitely hadn't an easy childhood.
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another-suffering-artist · 19 hours ago
Encanto Thoughts #3
I think the dead fish lady is Felix's sister, which is why she was with the rest of the family when they were dancing around Mirabel.
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tending-the-hearth · a month ago
Bruno: *has come out of Hiding and is being asked about prophecies again*
his family: "welp time for Diversions"
someone asking for an official prophecy? sorry, his tower is broken and Casita can't get into his room oh NO there's nowhere else in the house where he can have his visions hey look Felix and Agustín need him 😔
what's your life looking like in 10 years? whoops, Isabella needs Bruno to help her and Luisa clean up flower petals and they accidentally end up in a braiding circle for hours how tragic
hey you gave me a prophecy i didn't like how dare you? oh no now there's two Brunos and they're running off in different directions on an unrelated note Camilo returns looking very smug
group of people coming to see Bruno? Mirabel and Dolores conveniently ask their tío about his newest telenovela idea and now he's not talking about anything else because he has so many ideas and his nieces are so excited to hear what he's planning
questions about an event that's going to happen? Alma needs Bruno to join her and his sisters for a Family Meeting which is code for We Need To Talk About Things aka Cry and Hug time
anything else? Antonio breaks out the Eyes and now Bruno has his arms full of Adorable Nephew and isn't allowed to do anything except cuddle
just Bruno being allowed to be someone other than the guy who gives prophecies and being allowed to spend time with his family without having to worry about disappointing anyone
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