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Witchcraft by Guang Yang
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Roberta and Gotz from the Key Animation Note volume 5
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adoriels-tears-if · 16 hours ago
How would Ashlyn and Sirius react to meeting a child mc, and mc being afraid of them and timid? ie trying to hide behind Elianna or Tobias, and not interact with him directly.
"Mommy, who is that man?"
With such innocent eyes and question, who would think that this child is evil, wonders Ash as he lays tender eyes on his flesh and blood. 
This is the second time he has visited the farm outside Northview.
"They've grown up," Sirius remarks under his skull.
"Indeed," Ashlyen replies with a sad smile on his lips.
Elianna meets his gaze with her beautiful brown eyes and Ash has all the difficulties in the world not to take her in his arms. The young mother lowers her eyes towards the child who clings desperately to the bottom of her dress.
"He has a big cat!" the half-blood comments in a bemused whisper.
Ashlyen holds back a laugh that he turns into a cough as his familiar lets out an outraged growl.
"I'm not a cat, I'm a Lynx, child!"
The little being startled by the familiar's deep voice shivers with all their limbs and quickly disappears behind the red fabric of their mother's dress.
With a wave of his hand, the elf indicates to his companion to withdraw and crouches down at the child's level. Once again, he meets the eyes of his love who smiles gently despite the tension in her shoulders.
"Hello, I'm a friend of your mom," Ashlyen begins softly. The lie costs him, but the truth would hurt the child more. After all, if he were to say that he was their father, how would they react when he left. Ashlyen has always been bad with tears, he prefers smiles. "You look a lot like her. Except for the eyes. They're the same color as mine."
He coughs, bothered by a sudden lump in his throat that melts slightly from the wave of soothing Sirius sends him through their bond.
"${name}?" questions Elianna. "What do we say?"
Slowly the child emerges from their hiding place and plunges their eyes into his before reaching out with their tiny hand. "Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you, mister."
"It's me who's pleased to meet you." he replies eyes glistening with Tear.
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Jinana’s goofy goober of a familiar of a sand lynx Anjali being, well, Anjali. 
She stare, she screm, she make stank face, she ek-ek-ek-ek-ek.
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I’d keep an eye on this one...
(Robert W. Kelley. 1953)
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krossan · 4 months ago
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i will take with me the concept of them glowing their mouths whenever they are about to do the Ghostly Wail.
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Black Barn Owl (melanistic)
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mothea · a month ago
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Correspondence: Birth Trees
Dec 23 to Jan 01: Apple Tree
Jan 02 to Jan 11: Fir Tree
Jan 12 to Jan 24: Elm Tree
Jan 25 to Feb 03: Cypress Tree
Feb 04 to Feb 08: Poplar Tree
Feb 09 to Feb 18: Cedar Tree
Feb 19 to Feb 28: Pine Tree
Feb 29: Poplar Tree
Mar 01 to Mar 10: Weeping Willow Tree
Mar 11 to Mar 20: Lime Tree
Mar 21: Oak Tree
Mar 22 to Mar 31: Hazelnut Tree
Apr 01 to Apr 10: Rowan Tree
Apr 11 to Apr 20: Maple Tree
Apr 21 to Apr 30: Walnut Tree
May 01 to May 14:Poplar Tree
May 15 to May 24: Chestnut Tree
May 25 to Jun 03: Ash Tree
Jun 04 to Jun 13: Hornbeam Tree
Jun 14 to Jun 23: Fig Tree
Jun 24: Birch Tree
Jun 25 to Jul 04: Apple Tree
Jul 05 to Jul 14: Fir Tree
Jul 15 to Jul 25: Elm Tree
Jul 26 to Aug 04: Cypress Tree
Aug 05 to Aug 13: Poplar Tree
Aug 14 to Aug 23: Cedar Tree
Aug 24 to Sep 02: Pine Tree
Sep 03 to Sep 12: Weeping Willow Tree
Sep 13 to Sep 22: Lime Tree
Sep 23: Olive Tree
Sep 24 to Oct 03: Hazelnut Tree
Oct 04 to Oct 13: Rowan Tree
Oct 14 to Oct 23: Maple Tree
Oct 24 to Nov 11: Walnut Tree
Nov 12 to Nov 21: Chestnut Tree
Nov 22 to Dec 01: Ash Tree
Dec 02 to Dec 11: Hornbeam Tree
Dec 12 to Dec 21: Fig Tree
Dec 22: Beech Tree
Apple Tree Love Of slight build, lots of charm, appeal, attraction, pleasant aura, flirtatious, adventurous, sensitive, always in love, wants to love and be loved, faithful and tender partner, very generous, scientific talents, lives for today, a carefree philosopher with imagination.
Ash Tree Ambition Uncommonly attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with fate, can be egotistic, very reliable and trustworthy, faithful and prudent lover, sometimes brains rule over the heart, but takes partnership very seriously.
Beech Tree Creative Has good taste, concerned about its looks, materialistic, good organization of life and career, economical, good leader, takes no unnecessary risks, reasonable, splendid lifetime companion, keen on keeping fit (diets, sports, etc.)
Birch Tree Inspiration Vivacious, attractive, elegant, friendly, unpretentious, modest, does not like anything in excess, abhors the vulgar, loves life in nature and in calm, not very passionate, full of imagination, little ambition, creates a calm and content atmosphere.
Cedar Tree Confidence Of rare beauty, knows how to adapt, likes luxury, of good health, not in the least shy, tends to look down on others, self-confident, determined, impatient, likes to impress others, many talents, industrious, healthy optimism, waiting for the one true love, able to make quick decisions.
Chestnut Tree Honesty Of unusual beauty, does not want to impress, well-developed sense of justice, vivacious, interested, a born diplomat, but irritates easily and sensitive in company, often due to a lack of self confidence, acts sometimes superior, feels not understood loves only once, has difficulties in finding a partner.
Cypress Tree Faithfulness Strong, muscular, adaptable, takes what life has to give, content, optimistic, craves money and acknowledgment, hates loneliness, passionate lover which cannot be satisfied, faithful, quick-tempered, unruly, pedantic, and careless.
Elm Tree Noble-mindedness Pleasant shape, tasteful clothes, modest demands, tends not to forgive mistakes, cheerful, likes to lead but not to obey, honest and faithful partner, likes making decisions for others, noble-minded, generous, good sense of humor, practical.
Fig Tree Sensibility Very strong, a bit self-willed, independent, does not allow contradiction or arguments, loves life, its family, children and animals, a bit of a social butterfly, good sense of humor, likes idleness and laziness, of practical talent and intelligence.
Fir Tree Mysterious Extraordinary taste, dignity, sophisticated, loves anything beautiful, moody, stubborn, tends to egoism but cares for those close to them, rather modest, very ambitious, talented, industrious, discontented lover, many friends, many foes, very reliable.
Hazelnut Tree Extraordinary Charming, undemanding, very understanding, knows how to make an impression, active fighter for social cause, popular, moody, and capricious lover, honest, and tolerant partner, precise sense of judgment.
Hornbeam Tree Good Taste Of cool beauty, cares for its looks and condition, good taste, is not egoistic, makes life as comfortable as possible, leads a reasonable and disciplined life, looks for kindness and acknowledgement in an emotional partner, dreams of unusual lovers, is seldom happy with its feelings, mistrusts most people, is never sure of its decisions, very conscientious.
Lime Tree Doubt Accepts what life dishes out in a composed way, hates fighting, stress, and labor, dislikes laziness and idleness, soft and relenting, makes sacrifices for friends, many talents but not tenacious enough to make them blossom, often wailing and complaining, very jealous but loyal.
Maple Tree Independence of Mind No ordinary person, full of imagination and originality, shy and reserved, ambitious, proud, self-confident, hungers for new experiences, sometimes nervous, has many complexities, good memory, learns easily, complicated love life, wants to impress.
Oak Tree Brave Robust nature, courageous, strong, unrelenting, independent, sensible, does not like change, keeps its feet on the ground, person of action.
Olive Tree Wisdom Loves sun, warmth and kind feelings, reasonable, balanced, avoids aggression and violence, tolerant, cheerful, calm, well-developed sense of justice, sensitive, empathetic, free of jealousy, loves to read and the company of sophisticated people.
Pine Tree Particular Loves agreeable company, very robust, knows how to make life comfortable, very active, natural, good companion, but seldom friendly, falls easily in love but its passion burns out quickly, gives up easily, everything disappointments until it finds its ideal, trustworthy, practical.
Poplar Tree Uncertainty Looks very decorative, not very self-confident, only courageous if necessary, needs goodwill and pleasant surroundings, very choosy, often lonely, great animosity, artistic nature, good organizer, tends to lean toward philosophy, reliable in any situation, takes partnership seriously.
Rowan Tree Sensitivity Full of charm, cheerful, gifted without egoism, likes to draw attention, loves life, motion, unrest, and even complications, is both dependent and independent, good taste, artistic, passionate, emotional, good company, does not forgive.
Walnut Tree Passion Unrelenting, strange and full of contrasts, often egotistic, aggressive, noble, broad horizon, unexpected reactions, spontaneous, unlimited ambition, no flexibility, difficult and uncommon partner, not always liked but often admired, ingenious strategist, very jealous and passionate, no compromise.
Weeping Willow Melancholy Beautiful but full of melancholy, attractive, very empathetic, loves anything beautiful and tasteful, loves to travel, dreamer, restless, capricious, honest, can be influenced but is not easy to live with, demanding, good intuition, suffers in love but finds sometimes an anchoring partner.
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| ʙᴇꜱᴇʀᴋ ᴠɪᴀ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ
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Paintings by J Edward Neill
This artist on Instagram
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cashmerecrow · 4 months ago
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she's lost in the sauce again...
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adoriels-tears-if · 13 hours ago
Sirius being called a big cat😂😂😂
What about three-year old MC calling Sachta a big bird👀? What is the familiar's reaction? What about Elianna's?
Saschta's eyes open in amazement. "A big bird! Oh you flatter me, little one."
With a flick of her wing, the familiar leaves the beam where she was perched and settles as gently as possible on your shoulder under Elianna's watchful eye.
"Soft," the child exclaims in a chirp.
"I'm not one of the bigger birds," Saschta continued, rubbing his head against the little half-blood's neck. "But I am one of the fastest, so I'll be near you in no time if the need arise. I promise."
And as Elianna's mind was overwhelmed by a wave of affection from her familiar, she smiled.
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fancy-feathercroak · 4 months ago
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Been thinking about what the newly discovered dinosaurs mean to the dragons.
I bet is a bit conflictive.
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from this:
Tumblr media
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Part 2 of “Various cats around the world” Part 1 <<
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Discussion between Witches
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liminalspacesandplaces · 28 days ago
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Familiars in Witchcraft
In the past familiars were seen as animals that had demonic ties and served witches in their malevolent deeds. Animals like cats, crows, snakes, and toads are often used in this context even today.
However, as times have changed so has the meaning of the word Familiar.
Tumblr media
What is a familiar?
While the definition of familiar will vary culture to culture, practice to practice, and person to person. The relevant Merriam-Webster definition (as there are obviously other very different meanings e.g. being familiar with someone) is:
a spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person
This could be a physical animal, even a pet, but it doesn’t have to be.
Technically the Familiar doesn’t even need to be a real animal, it can be a mythical creature or even a plant or mineral!
Modern day Familiars
Today familiars are essentially beings that help with or are connected to the witch* through their magic. They have been likened to metaphysical guardians, guides, or companions.
Pets can certainly be familiars but not every pet that a witch has qualifies as a familiar. Pets do not have to be your familiar to assist you in magic, you may have simply gotten lucky and received a pet that you are very attuned to. This is still a very wonderful relationship to have, though it is not the relationship between a familiar and a witch.
Witches can have multiple familiars as well.
Not every witch has a familiar and it is not necessary to have one, though many witches feel comfortable and even more connected through their magic with the help of their familiars.
Familiars are not always constant, aside from the perishing of the physical form that may happen to a living creature, spiritual familiars come and go as they see fit. Sometimes it means they’ve helped you or taught you all that they can and it is time for you to move onto something more, other times it may be that you have chosen to leave the witch life behind you.
There is no shame in the loss of a familiar, just like any other relationship; some may last for life times, others may be gone in the blink of an eye.
Familiars in Practice
Familiars help to strengthen the power of the witch's magic. If not overall, they can strengthen magic that the familiar is tied to.
They also may serve as guides to teach and protect the witch.
Sometimes a witch may meet and take on a familiar based on what that being stands for. (Ex: If you need more strength, perhaps you would be sent the spirit of a lion or strong mineral…)
To attract a familiar, or to divine if a pre-existing relationship with a being is a familiar-witch relationship, you can use visualization and meditation. There are some guided meditations on YouTube, but you can do your own if you’d like.
Using other methods of divination is a good way to tell if the being in question is your familiar. Familiars may also come to you in a dream.
Things to remember:
You can’t force a relationship with a familiar.
Familiars are not servants, they are companions and guides.
Respect your familiar as you would any other spirit, showing them love and kindness as the relationships need to be balanced, give and take.
As a witch, your relationship with a familiar is only yours to decide, others cannot decide it for you. Looking to other witches for guidance is advised, of course, but the decision and connection is between you and the familiar.
* Witch is used as a gender neutral and all-inclusive term here, though you do not have to identify with the label of witch to practice magic or to have a familiar.
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