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echo-bleu · 2 days ago
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I think the triplets’ 50th birthday was a particularly hard one… Bruno watches his sisters blow their candles from his peephole in the walls, and his only companion on his birthday is a rat 😭
[ID: Two digital paintings of Encanto characters. In the first, the whole family except Bruno is gathered around a table, watching Pepa and Julieta blow candles that say “50″ on a birthday cake. Mirabel is a little to the side, with her arms crossed, looking unhappy. We can see that this is viewed through the planks in the wall. In the second drawing, Bruno is sitting at his little table just on the other side of the wall, holding a candle, looking down, and a rat is sitting on the table.]
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ameamaranth · 2 days ago
Abuelo Pedro in heaven: oh boy. Let's see how my family back on earth is doing
Pepa: [hurricane] we're all gonna die!
Dolores: stop please! You're all too loud
Luisa: I'M LOSING MY GIFT!! [cries]
Antonio: oh great lazy one, speak to me
Julieta: no amount of food can heal this damage
Isabela: What else can I doooooooo?
Bruno: let it gooooooo
Abuelo Pedro in heaven:
Abuelo Pedro in heaven: yeah, they'll be fine
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lupivulpes · 6 hours ago
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Sisters Madrigal
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dos-oroguitas · 9 hours ago
shoot your shot
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Carlos Madrigal had never seen his twin, Camilo look so pathetic until he saw it for himself. Alternate title: Carlos Madrigal sees Camilo simp for you and decides to mess with him just because.
masterlist !! requested by @umbrellazontik
It was another perfect day in the little valley of Encanto. The sun was shining brightly over the tall mountains that the little town had been nestled in, the morning mist made delicate dew drops on every surface it could perch on, all was well. It was a good morning for everyone. Until the Madrigal twins’ bickering had echoed from the town square.
Most residents had sighed heavily at this, knowing the commotion all too well.
Camilo Madrigal had grumbled up at the figure beside him as they walked, a boy who looked very much like him and in to the untrained eye, one might think Camilo had made a clone of himself but that wasn’t the case. Beside him was the one and only Carlos, his twin brother.
It was safe to say that the early years of their childhood was filled with Pepa’s thunderous clouds. The boys had trouble written all over them.
Even more so when the two had gotten their gifts. Camilo had the gift to shape shift as did Carlos but rather than using it to help the village like his older brother, Carlos Madrigal was dead set on doing the opposite.
It wasn’t that hard to decipher who was who between them though despite being twins. Camilo, for example had dark green eyes and his hair was curly and untamed, his ruana a mix of light and dark yellows with the chameleon patterns pointing down. Carlos had chocolate brown eyes, his hair a bit more shorter and wavier rather than curly, and his eyes were half-lidded unlike his brother’s. While Camilo donned a yellow ruana, Carlos’ had a deep maroon ruana adorned with light brown stripes and the chameleon pattern it had pointed upwards.
As his older brother rambled on about something, Carlos had rolled his eyes, smoothening out his ruana. He really could care less about what he was rambling about, Camilo’s words going to one ear and then out the other.
It was something, something.. creating trouble by using his voice.. yada yada chaos..
Then all too suddenly his rambling stopped. “Finally.” He breathed out with a roll of his eyes. Though that was a first. Camilo’s ramblings lasted a few blocks into town but this time it was cut short. His brows furrowed. Carlos craned his head to look at Camilo but found that his side was empty.
It was like clockwork. During this time, on the same path, on the same direction, he would be left alone and his brother would be nowhere to be found. It was honestly comical how suddenly Camilo was there and then the next, he wasn't.
He blinked, head whipping left and right. Did he just disappear on him again? He then looked back, only to see Camilo leaning against a wall, smiling at an unfamiliar girl. Well all of Encanto was unfamiliar to him. He didn’t really waste his time in getting to know everyone when he could just be tricking them.
He quirked a brow as he approached them, only now noticing the lovesick expression on his brother’s face. His signature smirk appearing on his features as he found Camilo stumbling over his words a little, a red flush on his cheeks.
Interesting reaction.
Only then could he recognize the person his brother was talking to. He didn’t know your name but he had recognized you as the stern woodcarver’s daughter. His lips curled into a devious grin.
It didn’t take a genius to put two and two together when Camilo had fumbled when you laughed. He snickered as Camilo’s knees almost buckled underneath him. Oh his brother was a simp. A huge simp. He hadn’t seen him this.. pathetic looking. If he could have hearts in his eyes the fool would’ve probably had it. So this was where he was disappearing to?
“Camilo!” He calls out, as if he hadn’t just been observing them from afar. His older brother stiffened at the name, almost going pale as he approached. You had turned to the sound of his voice with a curious tilt of your head and as you did so, Camilo was shaking his head at him and mouthing the words ‘Don’t you dare’ with a narrowed gaze.
This was going to be fun.
“There you are! Oh.. and I see you’re with a friend!” His devilish grin had quickly turned into an angelic smile as he wrapped an arm around his older brother who muttered a quiet ‘Miercoles’ under his breath.
“Well, hermano, aren’t you going to introduce me?”
Camilo grumbled.
“This is my brother—“ He starts begrudgingly before he was quickly interrupted by said brother introducing himself instead.
“Carlos Madrigal, muñeca. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He took your hand in his, winking up at you. “But you’ve probably seen the murals, huh?”
He leant down to press a chaste kiss on your knuckles. “And you are?” Upon hearing your name, the mischievous boy smiled once more. He tested your name, liking the way it rolled off his tongue.
“Beautiful, muñeca, just like you.” He finally says, returning to his deep suave voice.
You arch your brow at the boy’s flirtatious nature, having been quite used to being chatted up by boys and girls alike.
Carlos tried to fight back a smirk as he saw Camilo go wide-eyed and slack jawed. You, however, didn’t have anymore time to dwell on having both devilishly handsome twins' attentions upon hearing your father’s gruff voice call for you to come home.
You smile sheepishly, and bid them a temporary farewell. Camilo had maintained his composure up until you finally disappeared around the corner elbowing Carlos harshly.
“What was that for!?” He hissed, rubbing his sore side.
“What do you mean ‘what was that for’..” Camilo mocked the mimic with a roll of his eyes. “You know what that was for!”
“What? I’m shooting my shot if you aren’t going to. She’s pretty.” Carlos rolled his eyes at Camilo’s antics.
"Well, I was going to before you rudely interrupted, pendejo!" That was a lie. Although he wanted to, he was far too caught up in la la land for him to actually confess.
Carlos smirked. He had lived to rile people up and it seemed Camilo thought he was serious about pursuing you with the way his older brother furrowed his brows at him.
A part of him wanted to reassure his brother that he didn’t need to worry about him getting in the way of his little love story but he wasn’t known as mischief incarnate for nothing. Besides, if he kept on taunting Camilo, he may have the guts to ask you out for real in the future.
He hummed a little tune, smiling smugly as he nodded. He's a good brother, looking out for his older brother's welfare and happiness.. in a way.
"Better hurry, hermano. Or I'll be snatching her for myself." Carlos says, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.
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what’s better than one madrigal boy? two madrigal boys ✨ sorry if it’s short ! im juggling school + being sick 🥺✨😭 i hope you like it ? im going to explore and like establish carlos’ character further if i have the chance
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m0chaminx · a day ago
Camilo Madrigal | Perfect
Part one : Part two
Tumblr media
Request : No
Prompt : None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Let me know if you want a part 4
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x GN!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo takes you on a proper date, and it goes perfectly
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo jumped over the rock, landing on the crisp green grass. "This is the last stretch," Camilo promised, putting his hands on your waist, and yours rested on his shoulders as you jumped off the rock. You landed next to Camilo who brushed your hair back.
"This better be worth it Cami," You joked, taking the bag off Camilo and setting it on your shoulder.
"I promise it's worth it," Camilo smiled grabbing your hand leading the way as you weaved through bushes and trees until you reached a wall of bright green vines, covered in small flower buds. "They're moonflowers." Camilo pointed out as you ran your ringers across the unbloomed flower. "They only come out at night. If we stay out long enough well see them, and if we don't, I can use it as an excuse to bring you back here."
You chuckled pressing a kiss to his cheek before he pulled you through the vines, smiling as you looked around in awe at the pink and white blossom trees. "How the hell did you find this place?" You questioned glancing between Camilo and the sun rays that peeked through the trees.
"I was upset one day, ran around for ages and found here," Camilo explained simply pulling you along to sit under one of the sunlight spots. "I come here all the time now." Camilo took the satchel from you, pulling out a varied selection of treats and pastries. "My Tia makes the best food, well, only rivalled by your churros." You smiled trying to hide your face in your hands, but Camilo pulled them away. "No! Your too cute!"
You laughed with Camilo this time shoving your face in his shoulder. "How come you're always flirting with me? I never even get time to even compliment you," You complained sitting up straight in front of Camilo.
"I don't know, guess I'm just better," Camilo teased taking a bite of one of the many arepa con queso's.
"All right then, I get to compliment you, and you can't deny or interrupt me until I'm done, okay?" You said sternly. Camilo raised his hands in defense while leaning back on his elbows while his legs stayed cross. "Okay, your freckles are adorable, like little angel kisses, which I might be slightly jealous of. Your hair is really soft and super cute. Oh! You have this little habit of tapping your fingers when you are nervous, and it makes me wanna hold your hand. Your smile is probably the most beautiful thing I've-" Camilo stopped your shower of compliments with a quick, soft, peck to your lips. You stopped, your entire face heating up and your eyes went wide, you could feel your heartbeat against your chest and you stared into Camilo's eyes.
"Sorry, you were just too cute when you were talking, and I got all mushy," Camilo said nervously, brushing his hair behind his ear.
"Can I-" You stopped taking a breath still in slight shock. "Can I kiss you? Properly?" Camilo nodded, resting his hands on your bent knees, pressing his lips against yours. You moved your hands to press against his cheeks as you both just basked in the moment.
Camilo pulled back pressing his forehead against yours, pressing chaste kisses to your cheeks and nose, "Your perfect."
You giggled knocking your nose against his, "Look who's talking."
Camilo went back to Casita that night, coming face to face with his family. "Ahh! Mi Vida, I was so worried," Pepa cried running up and hugging her son. "Where were you?"
"On a date~" Isabella teased in a sing-song voice.
"Actually yes, we wanted to the moonflowers," Camilo said softly, that same dumb love-struck smile on his face. "I was just walking 'em home." Pepa smiled, a rainbow growing above her head. "Oh Isa, can I have some flowers please, sunflowers and bluebells." Isabella nodded, still in shock that Camilo had actually gone on a date.
"Go get some sleep, Camilo," Felix encouraged. Camilo nodded, bidding a good night to everyone.
"Oh Tia, they really liked your arepa's" Camilo smiled one last time before ducking inside his room. Julietta smiled to herself, making a mental note to make more food for you.
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biromanticbeast · 2 days ago
Guys you know Dolores' rap during "We Don't Talk About Bruno"?
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I made an Encanto character quiz that includes all the Madrigals!
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delicatemystic · a day ago
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Pepa Madrigal icons
✧ Encanto
If using, like or reblog. Hope you like It!
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odd-demigod · 2 days ago
Bruno, through the crack in the family portrait: Dolores
Dolores, leaning closer: yea Tio Bruno?
Bruno: can you hand me an arepa?
Dolores: yeah just give me a second
Dolores, one second later handing an arepa through the crack: here you go  Tio
Bruno, taking the arepa: you always were my favorite
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dramalamanerd · 2 days ago
I found out about the martial art called "Colombian grima" which was developed by afro-colombians during the colonial era. Here they use a machete in comabt.
Now we all know Félix Madrigal is an afro-colombian. So I got this headcanon that his family has a little school that teaches colombian grima in the Encnato. Félix also learned this martial art and taught it to his children and nieces. After they got their gifts the children started to make their own style (which is called juegos as far I understood) in which they also use their gift.
Dolores and Isabela enjoy it the most and will often train in their rooms by themself to get better. It also happens often that they will train together because they're on the same level and both take it kinda seriously. Dolores often closes her eyes or blindfold them to rely on her gift to predict what her counterpart will do next so she can block or dodge in time and then attack. Because of that Dolores is also a master in fighting in the dark and kinda the only one who can really fight when it's dark. Isabela uses her gift to swing around or to block, distract or to trick the other one etc. Dolores is more defensive while Isabela is more offensive in their style. When both of them train together you better are not geting between them because it can get really wild and sometimes they're so into it that they forget everything and everyone around them. It's like they're in another world. Even they're both kinda on the same level Dolores is a little better then Isabela because she can train more and dosen't have to fit the role of the golden child. But this could change now that Isabela dosen't has to live up to that role anymore and can be more herself.
Luisa also enjoys it but not as much as Dolores and Isabela. She dosen't train that much like those two, because she already has to train so much so she don't want to use the little freetime she has to train more. Also she dosen't really like to train alone, but if someone ask her to train with them she's always happy to help and to train together. Luisa is also more defensive and even the most defensive of all of the kids. She's not a big fan of fighting and she's always worried she could hurt someone not just because of her gift but because she's a nice person who cares for the others and don't want to hurt anyone. So most of the time she will just dodge and block the attacks. She also dosen't have anyone with whom she prefers to train, but it's mostly Antonio who ask her to train with him.
Camilo dosen't take it that serious like Dolores and Isabela and often jokes around while training. Like he would always shapeshift and try to distract the others etc. He soon realizes that he could use his gift for his own juego. So he's also kinda the one who came up with the idea to use the gift to make his own juego. The others liked this idea and tried to come up with something on their own. He prefers to train with Mirabel. He always jokingly claims to be the best of them all but he knows that Dolores and Isabela are the best and really respects them for that. Also he is always defending them when someones says girls couldn't fight and tells them that Dolores and Isabela are actually the best of them all. His style is both offensive and defensive it really depends on his mood.
Mirabel struggled at first a little bit to find her own juego because she dosen't have a gift to include but at the then she also found her own way to fight. She and Camilo have a draw so everytime one of them wins the last fight of the day they always tease eachother for fun like "easy don't forget I'm better then you! I won 5 times while you just won 4 times". Mirabel also has the little problem that she's clumsy. But it's exactly that what she uses now for her own juego. For example she will pretend that she sliped or anything to trick the other one and then attack or she will do it like she missed a hit just to attack with another one etc. Just like Camilo her style depends on her mood if she's offensive or defensive but most of the time she's more offensive.
Antonio on the other hand is just five years old so of course he dosen't have that much of an experience because he started his training not that long ago. He also hasn't found his own juego yet or if his style is more offensive or defensive. But at the moment he prefers to take the defensive path. He also prefers to train with Mirabel and they will often train in the nursery together. After Mirabel he prefers to train with Luisa because she also tends to use the defensive style and she's always really nice, supportive and careful while training just like a gentle giant. He also don't really ask Dolores and Isabel because they're far to good in this. Also he's a little scared that both of them could forget that they're fighting with him and would knock him out. They would never do that but since he once saw them train together, he just never asked them to train with him and instad always went to Mirabel and Luisa.
Félix is really proud of all of them. He loves to teach the kids, to watch them get better and most of all how everyone finds their own way to fight. Sometimes you can even see little tears in his eyes out of joy. He's such a proud and supportive papá/tío. He also tries to teach Pepa, Julieta, Augustín and Bruno which always get really chaotic because Augustín and Bruno are really clumsy and Pepa tends to rain and thunder. It always ends with Julieta need to heal someone because they hurt themselfs. Most of the time it's Augustín and you can just hear Julieat mumble "Ay Augustín" while going to the kitchen to get some arepas. but Félix always thinks "Anyway it still was a joyful day and you did great". He will also give so many thumbs up and words of encouragement all the time.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Isabela: Who's having another baby?
Luisa: Mom?!
Julieta: *nods*
Isabela: uh-uh. You said you were done.
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insomniaruler · a day ago
What I think the Madrigals rooms look like
(going by age )
Alma - It’s extremely similar to the room she shared with Pedro in their old house but with a small memorial to Pedro. Casita can work in there
Julieta - It’s a relatively normal room but it has a very warm and welcoming aura. in her youth it was packed with soft comfy blankets and things for when her siblings slept in her room those left as she matured. but they returned as she had children.
Pepa - it’s a field with ever changing weather tied to her moods (Like her gift). Her bed and dresser are in a flowering meadow. she has a room with in her room where her emotions don’t affect the out side world. That just let’s her let it all out.
Bruno - When he first received his gift it was desert yes but the stairs were shorter and he actually had a small living space. But as he grew older And the towns folk grew more hostile and his mamá grew distant. the stairs grew taller and his living space shrunk. When he returned he had a theatre for his rats and a actual bed (he got to keep his chair, it to survived).
(ps. All the triplets have little hints of their siblings in their rooms)
Isabela - (we know what her room looks like) when she returns it has spots for her succulents and the flowers change into more native Colombian flowers. It also appears less castle like.
Dolores - Her room when she was small was completely soundproof but as she grew to control her gift the room changed to let her hear her family while inside. Visually it’s comparable to a zen garden with a river running through it. She also has a multitude of instruments most notably a tiple (12-string Colombian Guitar).
Luisa - it’s a beach with workout equipment, her bed is soft with a unicorn plush. She actually really enjoyed swimming before the responsibilities started to pile up.
Camilo - he has countless pictures of many people for ideas for shifting. his room all in all is like a theatre he practices his shifting on stage. When he was younger he put on shows for baby Antonio. His bed and things are back stage. He has chameleon stuffy from Mirabel.
Mirabel - she actually got a room after Casita’s fall it had a high quality seamstress’s table with all her craft things. She also has a new big bed instead of the single she had before. Casita can interact in her room.
Antonio - (we know what it looks like) it has a ton of animal beds and brushes and things. His tree has tiny hidy holes, in one he keeps the vision that Bruno threw away. He found it cool.
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ameamaranth · 2 days ago
The Madrigals with puppets pt.5
Pepita: Camilo Madrigal, where were you at 3:45 pm? Hm?
Camilo: I was in my room
Pepita: well, explain to me why, when I knocked at your door at 3:45 pm, you didn't answer?
Camilo: uh... I was- uh... I was sleeping
Pepita: well, mr. Madrigal, explain to me why, when I entered your room, you're not in your bed
Camilo: well I-
Pepita: and why are you stumbling with your words? It can only mean one thing. YOU ATE THE AREPA!
Antonio and Luisa: [gasp]
Dolores and Isabela and Mirabel: [whispers]
Bruno: [writing down every word]
Julieña: silence in my court [hits the hammer] silence! Mr. Madrigal, your alibi?
Camilo: ... Fine! Fine I did it. I stole the last arepa!
[collective gasp]
Camilo: but I was hungry! And no one was eating it!
Julieña: well then. I here by rule mr. Camilo Madrigal, as guilty. I sentence you, to 4 hours in your room. Be gone
Antonio: is this how a court room works?
Dolores: yeah. I'm surprised mama didn't blow Camilo up.
Julieña: silence!
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cassiebones · 18 hours ago
Let's Get One Thing Straight:
Agustin Madrigal does not give a single FUCK about the family miracle. The only miracles he cares about are his three little girls.
This man is one of the best (if not THE BEST) Disney dad. He supports all three of his daughters in different ways.
At the beginning of the movie, we seem him offer Mirabel support on what he believes will be a really hard, emotional day (and he's not wrong), despite the fact that he is absolutely COVERED in bee stings. His entire face and hands are swollen and his wife is just like "not again, Agustin!" and goes off to make him food, but does this man care? Not one ounce. His focus is Mirabel and making sure that she feels okay and that she's not alone (he even mentions, hey Felix and I don't have Gifts and we're fine).
Throughout the movie, he stands up for his daughters and tries to comfort them.
After the failed proposal, when Mirabel is being blamed and Isabela is angry, he runs after Luisa, who is openly crying and calling herself a loser. All three of his daughters are upset, but Isabela and Mirabel can take care of themselves for the moment, he believes, because his middle daughter, who rarely shows any emotion (from what I've gathered, anyway) is crying and being down on herself.
And you just know Agustin sat with her for as long as it took to make her genuinely laugh or smile, telling her all the best things that he loves about her, holding her hand, or just hugging her (I have no doubt this man gives the best dad hugs in the world). Hell, I bet Luisa is a daddy's girl, because that piano scene at Antonio's party was fricking adorable, okay?
Hell, he probably had plans to go talk to Isabela and Mirabel after talking with Luisa and making sure his middle daughter was okay. He probably talked to her about her power and all the stress she's under from Abuela and the village.
My headcanon is that Agustin is from out of town, so he didn't grow up with this miracle like everybody else in the village did. He just happened to fall in love with a magical girl and had some magical children with her. No big deal. First and foremost, he wants his children to know that they are loved and perfect just the way they are, powers or no powers.
So he tells Luisa that he'll love her no matter what, that her mother and her sisters will love her no matter what, that their family will love her no matter what. It takes a lot of convincing for Luisa to actually believe his words, but when she finally does, she gives him a bone-crushing hug (probably literally) and he kisses her forehead and calls her mijita (even though she is now so much bigger than the first time he held her in his arms, she's his baby) and tells her that he's always around if she just needs to talk.
Luisa will eventually take him up on that and they turn it into a Thing, where they'll sit for hours and talk or have a Papa/Hija Day at least twice a month so that she gets some time to chill away from all the people who want her to do stuff for them. Luisa will try to just do this one thing to help out, but Agustin stops her and tells whomever to just buzz off because he's spending time with Luisa on her Day Off.
Now, somebody had this headcanon that Agustin was some kind of gardener or something in the past and I love it, because it may have influenced his eldest's Gift. I can imagine little infant Isa strapped to Agustin's back as he works in the Casita garden, growing herbs for Julieta's recipes and flowers to spruce up the house. He talks to baby Isa about each flower and what they do or symbolize and makes flower chains to put in her hair. She continues to help him as a toddler, watering the plants and learning how to make her own flower chains.
When her Gift is making flowers, Agustin is the only one who isn't so much surprised as he is touched the he could have influenced her power like this. For a few more years afterward, he continues to teach Isabela about each new flower that she grows. He tells her all the names of the flowers that aren't exactly native to Colombia and how they might affect the environment. He marvels at the quality of the flowers his child produces and is actually the first to call them perfect. Of course, Abuela runs with this and starts putting the pressure on Isa to be perfect in all matters of life. Agustin definitely hates this immediately, because it doesn't take a long time for Isabela to start changing herself to fit the mold Abuela has made out for her and he can see the way his nine-year-old straightens her back the second her grandmother is in her line of sight. It breaks his heart, so every now and then he visits her room and they play a board game or something to take the stress off. He may even plan picnics for her and her sisters to evade chores.
When Mirabel is born, he is just officially a Girldad, and he absolutely loves it. By this time, Julieta cooks almost nonstop so he's got all his girls around him. Mirabel strapped to his back and Isa and Luisa holding his hands as they walk together through town on days where he believes the older two can skip chores (despite Abuela's obvious disapproval). They're often joined by Felix, Dolores, and baby Camilo, who is just a tiny bit older than Mira. They have picnics and play games and just allow their kids to be kids.
Both Agustin and Felix grew up without powers, with the ability to go out and play whenever they wanted, when their totally non-magic-related chores were finished. But Luisa is six and already lifting heavy objects (and donkeys) for the villagers every single day and he can see that she's stressed out. Isabela is nine and provides flowers for every special occasion the villagers can think of. Husbands, fiances, and boyfriends come to her for extravagant bouquets to bring to their significant others practically every single day. She fills the halls of the casita with flowers, as well, and Abuela is constantly quizzing her. He can tell she's exhausted by it all. Even poor Dolores has pieces of linen stuck in her ears to dim all the conversations she can hear, day in and day out.
Agustin meets Felix's eye and knows that he is just as concerned for their children as Agustin is. But what can they do? The family was given a miracle years ago and they use that to help others. Their children are helping others.
Mirabel and Camilo will one day have gifts, they think. Agustin wonders what his daughter's will be. She likes flowers, like Isabela, but he doesn't think she'll get the same power. She also likes to sit in Alma's lap sometimes while she does her embroidery. She loves to watch the patterns emerge. Her tiny toddler hands are too tiny to do any of that herself, yet, but perhaps when she's a bit older, it will tie in to her gift. Camilo just likes to bug his older sister and cousins by copying everything they do and making faces at them. Agustin ruffles his curly hair and he giggles. He doesn't like to think about the day they'll each get their Gifts and all the scrutiny they'll be under from that day forward.
When Mirabel doesn't get a gift, Agustin feels guilty that his first reaction is relief. Guilty because of the look on his daughter's face. Guilty because of the look on his mother-in-law's face. Guilty because he knows what it feels like to be an outsider in this family, in this town. He and Julieta are the first to embrace their daughter, who has tears swimming in her eyes.
"What did I do wrong?" she asks, her voice small and chin quivering. "What did I do wrong?"
"Nothing, Mariboo," he whispers in her ear as he kisses her temple. "You did absolutely nothing wrong." He looks to his mother-in-law, imploring her to say the same, but she's already walking away, making a beeline for Bruno, whose face is ashen.
Of course the only thing she cares about is the miracle, he thinks, bitterly, as he soothes his daughter. Of course.
But Bruno is gone by the next morning. His door is no longer glowing. Nobody can find him, not even Dolores with her super hearing. He must have gone too far in the night, Agustin thinks. He finds himself a bit jealous that his brother-in-law has escaped the encanto. Not that he would ever abandon his family.
No, he wants to bring them with him, to get away from here. To leave Alma alone with her encanto.
He never says this to anybody but Julieta because she is the only one he can really confide in. She gets it, but she loves her mother and this village too much to leave, no matter how much stress she's constantly under.
So they stay and Agustin checks in with his daughters regularly, trying to make sure that they're all okay. He knows that Luisa is often stressed, which is why he tells her lame dad jokes when he's around, just to make her giggle and roll her eyes. He does the same with Isabela, but also requests the odd flower (like very odd, challengingly odd) to give to her mother. He always wears a flower she gives him in his vest pocket and keeps it there until it dies, then he preserves them to keep forever. He has a collection of his daughter's preserved flowers. The flowers consistently attract bees, but he can live with a few stings just to see the way his daughter's eyes light up when she sees a flower sticking out of his pocket.
With Mirabel, he has a bit of a special connection. They're both Gift-less, so he checks in with her a lot more to make sure that she never feels inferior. Like Julieta, he makes sure that Mirabel knows, without a doubt, that she is just as special as anybody else in their family. His nickname for her is Miraboo, which began when he used to play peek-a-boo with her as a baby ("Mira....boo!") and it just stuck.
So, during the movie, the fact that he stands up more for his daughter, who is constantly scapegoated by others in the family, is amazing. When Alma says "Think of the family!" and he says, "I was thinking of my daughter!" I wanted to fucking CHEER for this man.
But I was in a theater full of children, so I held back.
Anyway, Agustin Madrigal (who, by the way, let me commend these men for taking their wives' names, KINGS) is very important and a very good dad and husband who loves his immediate family and will never take any bullshit from Alma Madrigal and I love him.
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astroddon · 2 days ago
Encanto, Villain Mirabel AU ¡!
🚨Warning: mentions and events related to death, resentment and revenge, although not too detailed descriptions.🚨
What if Mirabel's heart was darker than we though?
After the fight with abuela, and Casita's destruction, Mirabel stared directly into the once miracle, feeling hellish hate to the responsible of all this tragedy, Alma.
Julieta ran to her, asked if she was okay, but there was no other answer than a weak head assent.
They heard Pepa's cries for help, something had happened, something even worse, if that was possible.
Antonio wasn't responding, the back of his head was red and humid, all his nuclear family was hugging him, then he had his last breath.
"What is going to happen to Antonio?" "Why isn't he breathing?" Camilo asked in denial, while Dolores, speechless, had a dark expression, Pepa and Félix crying incosolably over their deedless kid.
"Mirabel, what have you done?" abuela asked lowly, Mirabel didn't answer, she just stared with a neutral expression over her inert cousin. "You just killed my grandson, you-" Abuela said with a rough voice.
Mirabel claimed she did nothing but try to save the candle, with dry eyes and furrowed eyebrows. "This is your fault, the magic was stronger than ever, and you just ruined everything, like you always do."
Tears danced in her cheeks, Julieta and Agustín approached to her, also crying, but Mirabel's pain transitioned to an uncontrolable fury.
Abuela came closer to Mirabel, with a menacing face, Agustín and Julieta came in between, defending their daughter, who just went through them and stood firmly infront the older woman.
"You are not longer a Madrigal, you never should have been" spat abuela.
"You are right" a sick smile painted her face, her pupils were as small as a grain of rice, "I'm even more".
omg what-💀 Part 2 is on its way 🎶
I'm in exams so this is my coping mechanism 🧃Peace ya'll
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blednokrov · an hour ago
Are both Isabela and Luisa the leading/"golden" children of the family now in your Encanto AU, since they share the color green with Pedro in terms of design? (since Isabela's colors matched Alma's in the original Encanto universe, which implies that she's chosen by Alma to be the next matriarch of the family) Also, is there a thematic reason on why both Bruno and Julietta shares magenta as their color?
So, let's talk about colors!
Tumblr media
The main three and Abuelo are just flipped on the RGB (it might be not so clear bc Pepa's blue is more "clear skies" blue and therefore not so deep and might look like cyan)
Tumblr media
Regarding Julieta's kids, they have palettes that actually make their own little color wheel (if we consider the whole family making the large hue wheel of rainbow colors)
Tumblr media
This is about how strong their sister bond is! And look - the only one who doesn't have green undertones in her palette is Mirabel - the one who is Abuelo's actual center of attention and successor (also unofficially known between younger Madrigals as "the favourite grandkid"). There is no "golden child" in this family dynamics mainly b.c. they are balanced differently - no golden child AND no scapegoat, but other "family roles" instead (you can google them if you are interested ;) )
Tumblr media
The long story short: those who have green(ish) tones in their palette want Abuelo's attention, but not necessarily have it.
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ranger-melany · a day ago
Renewed Corps parody
For once, Crowley is allowed to sing (or well, only one Ranger was against it)
Let’s go
This is our Gathering
We come together every year
It’s our holiday
The only time when we are free
This is our Corps
A special group of archers
All different and yet we form a group
The Commandant gets chosen out one of us, whoa
And now it’s my time to lead them, whoa
Last years have been a mess
So let’s go through all the events, so
 Welcome to the Ranger Corps
The Gathering grounds of the Ranger Corps (we practice all day long)
Where we drink coffee and share stories
I’m part of the Ranger Corps
 Apprentice 1   Oh no, not another song
Apprentice 2   C’mon, can’t you see he is having fun? (Halt Doesn’t mean I have to hear his whistling!)
Apprentice 3   But what all has happened, Commandant?
Easy guys, I’ll explain it all, okay?
 Apprentice 4   But so many things happened!
Apprentice 5   Yeah, the Tournament, the Battle, how can you name it all?
Apprentice 6   Just hurry up and tell us!
And that’s why apprentices shouldn’t drink too much coffee
 My mentor Pritchard
He taught me everything
But then he disappeared
And I had my own fief
Our Commandant Stilson
We don’t talk about Stilson
After searching, we found out he worked for Morgarath
Oh! The journey of reforming the Corps started, whoa
Some Rangers were banished, others were hiding, whoa
The stranger that saved my life twice was Halt
And that’s how our friendship started!
Welcome to the Ranger Corps
The Gathering grounds of the Ranger Corps
(Where are the coffee beans?)
I can’t believe we were almost gone
But we saved the Ranger Corps
 From then on more Rangers came back
And they became part of the Renewed Ranger Corps
 Then it was Leander’s turn
We found him at his cabin and convinced him to come
Berrigan joined the group too, but that’s not where it stops
(The Rangers joined one by one!)
Our Corps was formed by King Herbert
It lasted for decades, before we faced trouble
The Baron Morgarath wanted the throne and
He knew we formed a threat
Rangers were accused of crimes and
Sent away to gods know where
To fill the places, rich boys paid for our titles
But now’s the time to reclaim our Corps
Wait, how many Rangers were left?
I can’t remember their names at all
How can you remember their names and fiefs?
Easy, easy, easy, easy
So many Rangers on the Gatherings
So, let’s go past them quickly, okay?
It’s time for a Ranger name round
(Ranger name round)
 We found Egon and gave him a bath
Norris is the oldest man here
Samdash and his group found us
The next ones are Berwick and Lewin
Jurgen was next on our list
The one with the axe is our guy Farrel
And to our surprise, Pritchard did return
 It was sad to see there were only twelve
But during an attack we lost one of them
(Jurgen, the poor guy!)
We faced more difficulties along the way
But the lost of Pritchard hit us all
  That’s the Ranger Corps (whoa)
Now you know the Rangers (whoa)
We started this journey and are on the right way (whoa)
There is still much to do, but we’ll get through!
Ooh (but what happened then?)
I have to go, paperwork is waiting (whoa)
But now you know their names (whoa)
How was I supposed to know y’all ask so many questions? (whoa)
Let’s go through the names once again
Here they come
 I’m Crowley, the new Commandant
My mentor was Pritchard and he taught Halt too (but what happened then?)
Leander and Berrigan are sitting over there (but what happened then?)
Egon used to drink a lot but not anymore
Norris and Samdash are training their skills (but what happened then?)
Berwick is running away as he got Lewin’s beans
Farrel was stationed in Redmont Fief, but got injured (Crowley)
Baron Arald asked for Halt as the new Ranger (Crowley)
That grumpy man doesn’t mind as he likes Lady Pauline (Crowley)
 Look, I really have to go
The paperwork isn’t gonna do itself (Crowley)
I’ll tell the rest another time
But now I really have to hurry if I wanna be on time for dinner (Crowley)
 The Ranger Corps is like family (Crowley)
And I still can’t believe I’m part of it (Crowley)
See you later
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whywoulditho · 2 days ago
Funny Encanto fact: Doleres is the oldest gradkid after Isabela, which means she had to listen to the making process of her two brothers and two cousins
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ecmo-drawings · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
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si-snake · a day ago
Doing some Encanto drawing/writing requests!
This is very free range so pls don’t feel afraid to request anything! However there is a list of things I WON’T do:
Anything 18+/NSFW
No incest or pedophilia or anything like that (I can’t believe I have to mention that but seriously, PROSHIPPERS DNI)
OC x canon (most of the time I don’t see anything wrong with it but I just don’t like to indulge in it)
Anything generally offensive/racist/homophobic/etc
Basically I have the right to refuse any request
But yeah! Please feel free to request through dm/reblog/reply; anything! I probably won’t get to everything obviously, but I will do my best :)
Tumblr media
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