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#family matters

80s pals, 90s Peeps and Kids who watched too much cable, reblog if you thought you would ever have to deal with the following:

-Bermuda Triangle makes your plane crash

-Hiding on the ledge of a building because your date’s significant other just came home

-Snowstorm cuts you off from the entire world and you’re stuck in a cabin

-Your partner gets amnesia

-You come home and literally everything has been stolen from your house

-A stranger leaves you with a baby

-You’re on a train and someone gets murdered

-Throwing a huge party to make money because you accidentally sold something to the pawn shop

-You’re a hostage in a bank robbery

-Your favorite performer comes to town, you go on one date and break things off amicably

-You go to the hospital and due to a miscommunication are put in the psych ward

-You witness a crime and are put into the witness protection program

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This episode is tough for visiting. Foxglove Farm is private property and not really even visible from the road. The farm used for the Campbell Compound has been heavily renovated and looks almost nothing like it did on screen. Which only leaves the road leading down to Foxglove where Sam and Dean pull over to argue, which isn’t a particularly interesting spot.

Click on the individual location pins for screenshots from the episode of each location and notes. Click the frame icon in the upper right hand corner to view a larger map and my map key. And be sure to zoom in as some of the locations are so close together the pins are on top of each other.

Don’t see the location for a scene on the map? Check this post on unidentified locations from the episode. If you still don’t see what you are looking for, it was probably shot on set or a private interior. Feel free to drop a line in the ask box with questions!

Then and Now location photos from this episode.

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Ik my friends won’t know what I said and I’m ok with that but God damn I’m am so thankful for my friends. As friends I love them dearly. Like dealing with my Bs is something else and damn I’m just so lucky to have friends like them. Idk how to repay them but I’ll find out a way. I’m also thankful for my fam bringing me into this life and protecting from the evil nature of this world. Happy Thanksgiving have a wonderful day.

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whoops sorry anon, this got buried a bit. No worries! My reading comprehension is just, uh, questionable, sometimes, and these days I have been doing my tumblr-ing at increasingly odd hours, which does not help with that. 😅

Anyway, I agree, I think I’m sticking with family matters for now. Another decent one would have been “tol and smol” which I use for Yasha/Veth, but I’m too lazy to change them. :D

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yo i had a fuckin BREAKTHRU today

so. while watchin family matters, eddy started droppin truth bombs about college nd what not

he said some shit that made a lightbulb go off!

all this time i thought i was lackin motivation..

bt really, im lackin DIRECTION.


that shit hit harder than a muhfucka

now i just gotta figure out what to do with this new info

but for now, ima celebrate this win 😁

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You are correct!!! On multiple fronts. I think “family matters” is a fairly common.. phrase? double entendre? Also was a tv show i think? But that family matters/family shatters situation was definitely golden :D

on that note though, I haven’t fully solidified if that is my tag for them (hence why its only tagged for like, two eps), so it might be subject to change. :D

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We’ve been back now for about 2 months, so I’d like to write a “Mum appreciation” post.

When I was living in Europe all those years, the closest person to mewas actually my Mum, Sue.

When I first moved, we really only kept it touch from time to time, to let her know I was OK, and she kept me up to date with how life was back home…but over the course of many many years, while we didn’t necessarily call more often, we did get much much closer. In fact, I’d probably now say we’re the best of friends.

Somehow the physical distance brought us closer.

Mum has been over to Europe and each time it’s been an awesome experience. During her first trip in the mid 2000’s, while I was living in England, I cashed in my return ticket to take her to Paris so Mum could see Jim Morrison’s grave, and maybe check out a little painting of a woman named Mona. Or was it Lisa??? Anyway…

That was the start of our travels in Europe…

When I moved to Dresden Mum came to visit and quickly became comfortable in town. She got friendly with the folks at her favorite place to breakfast “Cafe Europa”, she knew where the shops and museums she wanted to go to were, and while I was at work, she explored the city. Awesome…

That trip was huge, because she started to get to know my friends, where I lived and how I lived… she was a bit worried about me when I first told her I was going to live in Germany, but now she could see for herself I was happy, safe and had a pretty damn good life there. It meant our calls in the future were more connected. That visit joined the 2 worlds we lived…

She’s even been on tour with my band, The 2930s, slipping right into the position of “Queen Of The Boss Chicks” as I invited her up on stage each night to boogie with the band.

On her last trip out, we spent 4 weeks driving all over Europe; Dresden down to Austria, Italy, across to Spain, through France, Switzerland and eventually a quick visit to Amsterdam. About 7,000 kilometers together on the road.

Now obviously, I have been home for quite a few holidays over the years, spending most of my time with Mum at her place.

And in all those visits back and forward, not one argument was had.

In fact, the one time I do remember in the past 25 years being so angry with my Mum, that I raised my voice in frustration, she has forgotten about! I had to remind her recently…

We trust each other… She’s always got my back, and I always have hers.

There may have been some heated discussions, but we just can’t remember… And really who cares…?

While I loved my experiences, my life in Europe, even with all the highs and lows that came with my choices, the biggest gain has been the reignited love and admiration I have for my Mum and the trust she puts in me.

You know what, I really love being her son.

Now I know plenty of children will say their love for their mum is the biggest, the deepest and the best… I know plenty can say their relationship is perfect…. I agree with those sentiments, I’d say our relationship is pretty close to perfect, but I’m not trying to say any of that…

What I am trying to say is, it changed and it got good! Really good! In fact, it got better… It keeps getting better… We found a great balance… We are each other'sfavorite…

I don’t know that many relationships in my life that developed this way.

I think we both grew together… Mum was pretty young when she had my sister and I, and she struggled a lot when we were younger… I surely wasn’t the easiest child, and as a teenager I gave her grief all the time… it wasn’t until our trust grew enough that she could share some of those experiences of being a mum with 2 young kids, that I learnedhow much effort she put into putting a roof over our heads. I’m sure she could see I grew up too, while continuing to let me make mistakes and not rub it in when things went wrong…

We’ve been through a lot together, even though we’ve spent the better part of the last 20 years quite far apart. Now, instead of being 16,000 kilometers away from each other, we sleep about 16 meters away from each other…

Living with Mum is so darn easy… it’s all good… even with Alex, it’s been a real comfortable slip into family life together. I’m thoughtful that this is Mum’s house, and Mum is thoughtful that we are trying to find our way. It’s that simple understanding that goes a long long way for a healthy relationship.

Mum totally gets my sense of humor and because of that, I get to tease her all the time, but what most people don’t realize is, the more I tease her, the more it shows my love for her. But Mum knows that already…

Mum knows when she needs it, I am there.

She’s a strong independent woman, and I am here to help her the best I can with her ailing eyesight. We’ve got a lot of adventures to have in the coming future. I can’t wait…

Anyhow, I just wanted to remind everyone how cool our mums are… (yes, Dads are cool too, but I’ll save that for another post!). They have always done the best they could given the circumstances… As we, as children, have done…

Give ‘em a call, buy them flowers, talk to 'em, ask questions, hug them again… take them out for dinner…. give 'em another hug… write a blog!

Don’t wait another moment to let them know you care about them…

I love you Mum…

Thanks for reading,


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