millionaireangel · 18 hours ago
spoiled princess affirmations.
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❥ i get spoiled like a real princess
❥ people love to spoil me
❥ i get treated like a princess
❥ i am a royalty
❥ i look like a real princess
❥ i receive expensive gifts on a daily basis
❥ people love giving me expensive presents
❥ i receive tons of compliments everyday
❥ my beauty is mesmerizing
❥ i look so expensive
❥ i always look clean
❥ i feel like a princess
❥ i am on the pedestal
❥ everything works in my favor
❥ people are always trying to please me
❥ i can afford anything i want but others buy things for me all the time
❥ i take people's breath away with my beauty
❥ i look ethereal
❥ i am naturally pretty
❥ i have angelic features
❥ it's crazy how i always attract huge amounts of money in my life
❥ people want to worship me
❥ everyone adores me.
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hotcelebsworld · 2 days ago
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fascinic · 2 days ago
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𝓕𝓪𝓼𝓬𝓲𝓷𝓲𝓬 ✨
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pharmaswift · 6 months ago
get in loser, we’re driving a new maserati down a dead end street
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catchymemes · a year ago
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macrolit · 7 months ago
Who is the most famous person you ever met?
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iplier-memes · 14 days ago
This is a (maybe not so) friendly reminder that famous people also have lives. I bet our timelines (markiplier and crankgameplays) are the same about the whole thing that happend at Ethans show with Mark (I haven’t even seen the video).
If you don’t know what this is about basically Mark visited Ethans show yesterday and fans turned all their attention to Mark and started shouting his name and wanting to take pictures of him. He declined or didn’t answer and people started calling him rude and such.
Some of you should really be ashamed of bothering Mark at Ethans show… ONE it’s HIS show and he deserves all the credit and attention for it. TWO Mark is just visiting the show to show support and not be bother by his fans. THREE (and maybe the most important one) I feel like a lot of people forget that populair/famous people have a life too and down owe you anything no matter how much you love them. I feel so bad for those people because they can’t even go anywhere without being jumped on by fans. And some even have the guts to call Mark rude like c’mon now… I know you all love Mark and stuff but he is a normal human too just like Ethan, respect their lives and support them. How would you feel if a random person asked you for photos or shouts your name while doing basic stuff like visiting a friends show… Think about that please…
All of the above goes for EVERYONE, not just Mark or Ethan… Famous people deal with this daily and it’s disgusting how far some people will go to meet their idol… Like imagine a random person showing up at your house… You don’t know their intentions… it’s creepy and gross! Stop it.
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milosvenus · 3 months ago
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Hannah Owo
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factsrological · 2 months ago
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1st house
this house rules over self and identity so when placed in certain planets it can draw attraction towards you especially in venus (the planet of attraction) and pluto (the planet of magnetism and obsession)
3rd house
this house is more for social media type fame because the 3rd house represents social media but, it can also possibly be for acting/singing with 3rd house ruling over the voice. usually in social media influencers charts you’ll see a 3rd house stellium or a 3rd house sun/venus
5th house
this house rules over attention and artistic talent
6th house
this one isn’t often talked about but the 6th house represents our daily life so when the sun, venus, or pluto are placed in the 6th house it can indicate fame because the sun represents attention, venus represents attraction, and pluto represents obsession meaning those things are apart of your daily life if you have those placements which can indicate fame
9th house
the 9th house rules over media/television so having placements in the 9th house can indicate you being a famous actor or film producer
10th house
an obvious one. this house legit rules over fame itself and also our public image
11th house
this house represents technology so, similar to what i wrote about the 3rd house, 11th house placements are usually found in the charts of social media influencers but this can also be found in actors charts as well because this house can represent film!
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© factsrological 2022 all rights reserved
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viejospellejos · 2 months ago
Antes VS ahora:
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hotcelebsworld · 19 hours ago
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milosvenustattooed · a month ago
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pharmaswift · 6 months ago
it’s so poetic that blake lively directed and co-wrote the i bet you think about me music video, which is a song that is very country and features a harmonica and sounds an awful lot like a song called BETTY
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filezitos · 3 months ago
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🚬 smoke
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herewegobebe · 4 months ago
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TAEMIN ✧ Famous Live Performance
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Dan Levy in Dior
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msterpicasso · 3 months ago
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Bella Thorne
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punkpandapatrixk · 5 months ago
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Scale and variety of fame are unique to each individual~
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Pile 1 - Industriousness
Priestesses of Fertility & Innocence
2 of Cups & Gold Astrologer (Simon Forman)
Tumblr media
If you're gonna get famous for anything, it will be your assiduousness. This is a quality that makes a person very careful and attentive towards their Art. Whether you end up doing business or pursuing an artistic passion, Creativity reigns at the core of your activity. Your Art will be recognised as having a pure, innocent, childlike quality, but at the same time, respectfully high-quality. You will surprise the world with your level of professionalism that doesn't give way to the sacrifice of your innocence!
You probably have a strong Aries energy mixed with Scorpio in your natal chart. Either those are placed in Houses relating to your creativity, public image, or... they could simply be squaring or sextile one another. It is this combination in your natal chart what will get you respect and recognition—if that is seriously what you want.
If being in a relationship happens to be your thing, you could also gain recognition from romantic escapades. Something like your romantic life being in the spotlight and, for better or worse, people are gonna be watching you—your marriage and/or family life, including your children. Your children, too, could grow up to become famous people in their own regards. It's like a legacy thingy.
I'm seeing really, really powerful people attracted to this pile. But whether or not you can harvest these high-quality apples already destined for you, it also rests on your earnest efforts from today. If there's anything you need to prepare from now... it's gonna sound weird, but... you need to make sure your spirit doesn't turn rotten on the way to the plateau of success and fame.
Small advice for a pure heart🔻❤️
Access full reading + cards on Patreon🌸
☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・.
Pile 2 - Sawayaka na Personality
Priestesses of Healing & Patience
King of Wands Rx & Green Astrologer (Robert Fludd)
Tumblr media
Okay, I couldn't find the super appropriate English word for sawayaka, so here goes. This Japanese word translates to fresh or refreshing, but what I truly mean is that you're going to be recognised for your aura and seemingly healing presence. It is because there's something exquisitely gentle about your Soul—this quality probably shines through your mannerism, too. You are a natural healer, whether you know it or not. You're gentle, but strong, and that's gonna draw people in.
In terms of career, I'm seeing you getting a lot of fans from doing something—anything—beautiful that has some healing quality to it. For example, PONY Syndrome creates makeup tutorial videos (girly beauty), and her quality and aesthetic are so top notch and watching her videos provide people with healing, inspiration and joy. -I can't be the only one feeling this, right??-🤣It's just one example, but I hope you get the picture, anyway.
Irrespective of your gender associations, this pile has a very sweet and feminine energy what will give rise to your becoming recognised and respected for your Art. Doesn't matter what variety of LGBTQ++++++++++++ you are, even if maybe you started from the bottom where everyone disrespected or underestimated or even bullied you, one day your undying, unfeigned kindness, sweetness and gentleness will show the entire world the true value of feminine power. It is not weak; it is patient and therefore it is healing. Same applies to those who don't resonate with being LGBTQ+++, by the way.
So anyway, a lot of the people attracted to this pile may be that type that finds it hard to express or channel anger in an honest and healthy way. Well, you are naturally patient and compassionate, so I'm also seeing you having empathy for even people who underestimate or treat you badly. Don't get me wrong, your empathy is your greatest asset, but you shouldn't allow that gentleness be your downfall. You can learn to not give in to other people's bullshit behaviours without losing the purity of your Soul.
Small advice for heart healing🔻🧡
Access full reading + cards on Patreon🌸
☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・.
Pile 3 - Spiritual Magnetism——Magnetic Spiritualism
Priestesses of Faith & Opulence
XIV Temperance & Silver Magus (Merlin)
Tumblr media
You may look or have a cute personality, but WOW are you Gandalf!! You have this softness about you that misleads people in perceiving your true capabilities. And with that, I'm sensing some of you—the bunch of you, actually—have felt disparagingly disrespected your entire life. Like, people haven't taken you for the serious magician that you inherently are.
When you're left to your own devices, you are more than capable of creating a magnificent Life that is just exactly what you envision for yourself. That's some crazy-ass manifesting power you have there. But the twist here is that you can't be selfish at all. Whatever variety and level of fame you're destined to achieve in this lifetime, you must get there with the sole intent (almost) of bringing some kind of healing, inspiration or motivation to other people.
I'm seeing here that your current incarnation is almost solely for the purpose of being of service to others. And the downside to this is that you may have had many experiences of people walking all over or taking advantage of you in really horrible ways. This is your Soul's challenge to strengthen your spiritual prowess, though—in this selfish world, whilst maintaining the balance of giving and receiving.
You are a giver, yes, and you're meant to continue to give and share until the day you leave this world. But at the same time, because the world is the way that it is, you also need to learn to guard yourself and not lose to parasites. Don't give or share too much with parasites who don't deserve your charity. Above all, learn to recognise causes that are worth helping~ Your energy is too precious.
No matter what line of career you choose, if you've been called by this pile, there's a certainty of your leaving a legacy for this world. You might even become something of a legend. Trust that! WOW.
Small advice for power generation🔻💗
Access full reading + cards on Patreon🌸
☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・.
Feel free to support me on Patreon if you love this kind of content🍑I create stories and tarot readings that calm the mind & heal from within🍒
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