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A recent discussion here made me think back on some of the negative reviews I’ve received over the years. On one of my fics I’m most proud of, the first review I received was extremely negative. The reviewer actually referred to the story as “gross” and said they wished they hadn’t read it because they were so unhappy with how I wrote a certain character. Surprisingly, it didn’t bother me because I was pretty happy with how the story turned out and all the reviews that followed were complimentary. I didn’t alter a thing and posted the story I wanted to tell. Reading back on the comment now actually makes me laugh.

But on some of my earlier work when I was still finding my place as a writer, a negative review would sometimes send me into a tailspin and cause me to change my plan for the story. If a commenter complained about two characters not being together or mentioned they didn’t like something, I would change the pairing or the plot.

So I was wondering do negative reviews ever make you reconsider or alter your plan for your fic? If so, do you regret doing so, or are you happy to tailor your fic to your readers’ preferences?

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Im not really that big a fan of faelwyn but i think that their relationship could help heal each other. Like there's no way they're actually gonna stay together in the long run, because thats how high school relationships work, but eh

I do think that they could help each other a lot! It’s hard to relate to someone who doesn’t at least begin to get the type of stuff you’ve gone through. They’ve both Gone Through It and leaning on someone who knows what it’s like is often very healing. 

Not to mention that they both have more than each other for support and probably won’t last that long like you said unless they really just want to make it work which I’m not sure they would. 

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Hey crybaby, where are u from?

this fan calls me a crybaby but still wants to know shit abt me LMAOO PUSSY

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some more about the chicken au djsjdj

  • yennefer after learning abt the chickens does not know what to do so she keeps it to herself,,
  • but she starts to stress about it when shes trying to whoo renfri and be a doctor at the rescue. so its finally when they kiss and admit feelings is when yennefer gets sick and is forced to go the docters. she was overworking herself as the stress of renfri and the chickens that led her to being sick.
  • when renfri finds out she howls with laughter and kisses yennefer’s face countless times.
  • its awkward after she gets out of the hospital but jaskier doesnt take any of it and forced them to talk. they talk and become gfs and make out after jaskier locks them in a closet.
  • a month into dating renfri is like “okay,, u can meet my chickens but if u make fun of them or me we’re breaking up” and yennefer is like “shut up and show me the birds damn it”
  • its a big bonding experience for them both and yennefer starts to hang out more at renfri’s place
  • yen moves in after a two years of dating (mostly due to work and struggling with commication. it was once they finally cleared things and established stuff that they started to talk about it) and becomes a chicken lover but also brings a goat into their family
  • they just become gay mini farmers doing their own thing basically and later get married and adopt their son dara
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a hand touches his forearm. it’s hesistant and scared, shaking with nerves.

“do you still love me?” rasps a shredded silk voice.

geralt watches the trembling hand latch onto him, and he moves his eyes down to the owner. honey brown looks away from his molten orbs.

he turns his head to the side and with a fragile look, he asks, “why do you ask?”

mousesack tightens his grip and pushes his head against the witcher’s naked thigh. “i see how you look, the distractions.” he sniffs and geralt lookts away from the pained face. “i see how you stay young and how i grow old and dead with age. you wil leave me in due time, darling.”

the mage moves up, pressing his side against geralt’s, and whispers in the man’s ear, “so, do you still love me?”

geralt pushed his head near mousesack’s and hums. he does not say anything. his lips hover over the hairs and skin of his lover’s mouth. mousesack catches geralt’s nervous tongue, and they gently kiss.

lovers seperate and brown eyes stare into him, waiting. “i have always love you and will never forget you, mousesack,” croaks geralt.

the druid nods with relief and nuzzles close against geralt’s naked body. “thank you.”

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yennefer smiles and her heart blooms with a flower of love, of adoration, of ‘this is the woman i want to marry’. yennefer smiles and renfri grins. the bandit walks up to the woman and kisses her. lips press sweet and soft against one another and tongues dance, chasing pleased noises. renfri pulls away with a pant, and yennefer frowns. green eyes crinkle as she laughs at the sight of the sorceress’s dissapointed face.

“ass,” mumbles yennefer, but she does not mind the rising bubbles of laughter in the air.

renfri snorts and opens her eyes. her cheeks hurt from the grin and she hums at the sight of yennefer instead of laughing again. the witch no longer frowns but tilts her head up with an infuated look and fondness in her violet eyes.

nails with blood under them tickled against contrasting flesh. fingers wrap around yennefer’s wrist and tugs the hand close. the body attached to it takes a few steps forward and renfri whines, “come here.” the sorceress huffs and leans her body against renfri’s. their clothes and warmth skin touch another.

“better?” teases yen.

renfri nods. they push their heads together, fore head against forehead, and hold their hands together. lips kiss again, and renfri purrs. the kiss stops and forest eyes look into purple orbs. “better,” whispers renfri with a smile.

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…and remembering that it was only 4 before you remembered that the fandom’s an old favorite of yours and added it to your go-to fandoms to consider when you’re writing prompt/challenge fic or trying to improvise something by other means to get your writing wheels spinning for the day.

That number going from under 5 to over 5 feels huge, and, well… I guess it is when you’re dealing with single-digits; makes it easy to feel all pleased with myself/like I’m making some kind of a dent in getting an old and fondly-remembered fandom “repped” out there a little more. 8,)b

And ha, I also do have other stuff in mind I’d like to write for it, so ‘ey - hopefully, we’ll see where in the double digits that fic total sits in a month or two.

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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You ain’t that cute. You’re alright. Don’t let ur head get as big as those gigantic hands of yours. You still my biggest FAN #YoureADiehardFan

but youre in my dms i dont even know who u are 😕 im too cute for this

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