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#fan animation

So Ace. IS. SO. COOOOOOOL. And alive. And cool.

It was a bit difficult but really funnny. I like this Ace, ALIVE and happy. And who find Sabo, the Forget One - and punch him in his face cause that stupid blond face forget Luffy and him. He, now, live an happy life, with Marco and the other Whitebeard.

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SULLI 설리 ‘고블린 (Goblin)’ [Animation]

It’s been more than a year, and there are so many things I wish I said to her so this is my goodbye letter, wishing her happiness and peace wherever she is.

 Rest in beautiful peace Sulli.

 I think of her as I lay down on bed, As I look at the sky, 
As the breeze caresses me by,
I looked at her at the worst of times,
Never thought to thank her for being herself,
for that bright smile and those kind eyes. 

 I think of about her death as I fear my mine, Hoping for her eternal rest,
for some kind of confort giving to her. 

 As I remember those that I’ve lost,
I can see feet on grass, hair in the sun,
Happiness of some sort. 

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Yun - The Waterbender of Fire

Her name is Yun, a waterbender who’s been involved in a lot of trouble. Though, for the time that she exists, there are many like her.

However, her unusual appearance that reflects the opposing element makes her stand out from the rest… among other things.

Done in Clip Studio Paint, about one to two weeks. 144 frames, 24 fps, 44 layers.

Voice recorded in Reaper. It’s fun to do voiceover again.

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Been looking forward to sharing what I’ve been working on for a while now. An animation of Black Gryph0ns Alastor cover, “I don’t want to set the world on fire”.

Featuring Al’s Mom (unofficial of course)

This is a sneak peak of the roughs. I’m currently halfway done with them, so that’s some progress! Eitherway thanks for watching, stay tuned for the rest of the animation in the following weeks.

Support my Patreon for more sneak peaks!
: []
Twitter: [@LunaArt_Gallery]
Instagram: [@lunaartgallerys]

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