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#fan art

This should be a fanfic where Wakko and Pinky celebrate the finale of being in Animaniacs by playing the knife game, but Wakko stupidly uses his katana and accidentally sliced Pinky’s wrist by mistake and has been taken to the hospital. Then the cast of Animaniacs try to find more of his heritage plasma for Pinky before he dies of blood loss. 

If anyone can make this one, please let me know!

I would want @pluto-art​ to make this fanfic of my idea. It’ll be jokes!

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Our fave Mexican cowboy! Someday I’ll stop drawing doodles with Javier and begun make more professional works but right now I’m too busy with commissions ✊🏻

Also I have a… “spicy” art with him but I’m literally afraid to post it ._.

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