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#fan art

Well, I’ve been getting back into Persona 5 (especially after Royal) and am now officially dying because I fell so hard for these two… (/w\)

I’ve been posting these pictures on my Instagram for a while now, thought might as well post them here too. ,xD

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Happy b day to one of my fave boiz from south park - Craigslist 😌

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Ah yes inside joke time

Mutuals come get y'alls Baragon Burger

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This is my first ever Amphibia (or Disney Amphibia) fan art. Polly drawing on top is Polly’s default design throughout the show, Polly drawing on lower left side is also Polly’s default design throughout the show but with the addition of her bucket, while Polly’s design on the lower right side is from Season 2 Episode 3 “Truck Stop Polly”.

I hope you like it.

CHARACTER: Polly Plantar from Amphibia (or Disney Amphibia).

MADE WITH: Pencil, eraser, and A4 sketchbook. Scanned using configuration: RGB and 300dpi.

Polly Plantar and Amphibia created by Matt Braly.
This fanart created by FahrezaArubusman45.

You can also see it on my DeviantArt page here:

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Not me shamelessly making fan art of my own fic

1- Yashiro Nene - The first
2- Shibou Nami - The living ghost
3- Yamane Nana - The teacher
4- Yamashiro Airi - The paranormal investigator
5- Yasujiro Hachi - The one who got away
6- Minamoto Nanami - The exorcist
7- Yasuhiro Orihime - Lucky number 7

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I was gonna post this last night but I passed out which is ironic I think

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You can’t escape forever

Mistaking smoke for heaven’s light

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