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I’m in a bad spot right now and I really need your help.

For those of you who might not know, I was sharing an apartment with my younger sister (in hindsight, this was the worst decision of my life). Ever since we moved out, my parents have looked for every excuse to get us to come back.

Well, Monday of this week, they drove 2 hours to see us at this apartment to tell us that they cancelled the lease and that we had to go back with them. Pack a bag, stay with them a couple of days, and then come back to the apartment to start moving things out.

Since I am a full-grown adult, I told them that I would not be joining them on that trip back “home.” And because I made that choice, my family has disowned me. There are more details to that, but I’ll spare you the reading. Essentially, my parents and my sister now think I’m scum of the earth, a terrible, horrid human being who deserves nothing, all because I made the choice to focus on my own happiness instead of theirs.

That being said, I am now homeless. I am staying at an extended-stay hotel for the next couple weeks–at least until I can figure out where to go. Money has been extremely tight; my parents took over $200 out of my account Tuesday morning (for what, I have no idea, but I’m down to my last $100 which I have to use to pay for the remaining rent on an apartment that I can’t live in, as well as other bills that I am still responsible for and food and water. In other words, I cannot afford to live these next couple of weeks).

If you would be so kind as to support me, I would be immensely grateful. I’ll even doodle up something for those of you who do send some support. I have my ko-fi account linked below as well as my CashApp and Venmo. Literally every little bit helps. And if you do support me, please let me know so I can send you some doodles in return.

  • CashApp: $ChrryBlssmBry
  • Venmo: @ ChrryBlssmBry

Reblogs are also appreciated. I need all the help I can get right now.

Thank you.

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It has come to my attention that I have quietly acquired over 300 followers!!


I can’t thank y'all enough for following me! I don’t have any special artwork this time, so here’s a picture of me? 🤷🏿‍♀️ Hopefully I don’t hurt y'all’s eyes 😂🙃😬🤪

I love y'all!

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Another new Sobbe piece for @6degreesofconnection #FanArtistExpo @dreamitcon #EIL5🌙☀️💫🌈 This will be available at the con in high quality glossy prints✨ in full size and without watermark 😅 Be tuned for merch reveal soon,as well as the remaining new art! Trying to not post all at once to not spam you all 😂💖

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