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#fan fic
The Illusion of Victory-Part 2
Thank you everyone so much for being patient! I'm feeling a lot better now, so I hope you enjoy the next part
I would also like to dedicate this part to @handmaiden-of-mischief Kiki reaching 2K followers! She was a massive inspiration to me and one of the reasons I starting doing writing myself! Please go and show her all the love 🖤💚🖤
My master post is here with the previous series and other parts
Pairing: Loki x Female reader
Summary: You are Y/N the Goddess of Victory, after killing Thanos on Knowhere, the Time Variants Authority abduct you and Loki the God of Mischief.
Word count: 2K
Warnings: SMUT (18+ Don’t make me ban you horny teens), strong language, unprotected sex (wrap it up guys), Fluff, references to miscarriage.
Any Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! Thank you for all the love so far. You guys are amazing! 🖤💚🖤
Let me know if you want me to keep writing more! And if you want added to the tag list!
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Tumblr media
“What kind of a sick joke is this?!” You yelled at Mobius, staring unbelieving at your own smug face looking back at you from across the table. “Well, variant. If you would let us, explain without yelling like an angry child, I’m certain we could tell you.” The other you across the table smirked and tilted her head slightly. “Fuck you where irritating.” You thought to yourself. You knew you acted like this when you wanted to get a reaction out of someone, so you supressed the urge to retaliate, not wanting to give her the satisfaction. “Proceed then, fake me” you said, mustering as much venom in your voice as you could. “Okay, moving on then.” The other you chirped far to happily, “As you know I’m Y/N Discordia, the Goddess of Strife, but for the sake of keeping communication simple between us you can call me Cordi.” She paused, looking at you for some sort of reaction, but you shrugged and continued to look around the room, searching for any kind of exit or escape route. Cordi narrowed her eyes at you and continued, despite your obvious disinterest, “I’m employed here at the TVA as an Analyst”, “Junior analyst, at least until I review your performance on this case” Mobius interrupted, never looking away from the computer he was still trying to get to work. “Right, Junior Analyst, for now.” Cordi sighed rolling her eyes. “We’ve brought you here because we need your experience, we’re dealing with a variant who has been ambushing and killing our minute men, all we know so far is from DNA samples we’ve collected from the scenes is the variant carries the DNA of one Loki Laufeyson, God of Mischief and one Y/N Potts, Goddess of Victory.” Your eyes blinked back to look at Cordi as the weight of her words set in. “Wait. So, you’re telling me a child I haven’t even had yet is killing people??” you asked, completely shell shocked by the information being thrown at you. “Well sort of, this child would have come from a variant of you and Loki. But regardless, we need you both to cooperate with us and help us catch them. As variants of their parents, we hope you’ll be able to anticipate their next moves and perhaps even be able to reason with them.” Mobius explained as an image of you and Loki holding a toddler in your arms appeared on screen. They had your Y/H/C hair, and bright green mischievous eyes that reminded you of Loki’s and was wearing a pair of tiny horns that mimicked Loki’s golden helmet. You couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl but the sight of you and Loki, with this tiny life, so happy brought tears to your eyes, as you got off your seat and approached the image, as if trying to touch it. “Y/N, will you help us?” Mobius asked, gently bringing you back to your new reality. You quickly wiped away your tears on the sleeve of your beige jump suit and turned to face them. “Where is Loki? I need to talk to him before I agree to anything.” You said, your voice full of determination, despite your eyes still brimming with tears. “We’ll go get him. Mobius? A word in private please.” Cordi said, getting up from the table and talking to the door with mobius following her. You walked back to the table where the computer was as you pressed it you heard Loki’s voice ring out in the room around you. “You can do it! walk to daddy!” you heard as you watched the screen as the tiny toddler began shakily walking towards where Loki was standing, while you held the toddler’s hands as you guided them over to your lover. You let out a breathy laugh crying at how happy you and Loki where, and what could have been, as your hands travelled down to wrap around your abdomen, where the life inside you should have been. The images filtered onwards, until you seen what looked to be you and Loki in a beautiful painted room. You were wearing a beautiful white gown, with a crown of emerald-green roses with gold thorns and a long veil as Loki wore his beautiful green and gold armour. “I do, now and forever” he smiled at you on the screen. “Oh, my Gods, are we getting married?” you thought, as the scene played out in front of you, warming your
heart and making you smile. Next the screen flashed forward, and your blood ran cold, as you recognised the face on the screen. Thanos. You thought as you looked on in horror, watching your lover point a dagger at the mad titian, only to be frozen in mid-air, “Undying?” Thanos’s voice reverberated through the empty room and rattled you to your very core. “You should choose your words more carefully” Thanos continued as he wrapped his hand around Loki’s neck, raising him off the ground and beginning to choke him. In the background of the image, you could see you and Thor, bound and gagged, screaming in abject horror and the scene unfolding in front of you. You got up from your seat and walked to wards the screen, horrified at the images, and sounds of Loki fighting for his life. “Y/N, brother…. I love you” Loki gasped in-between breaths looking over Thanos’s shoulder to you and Thor as you both screamed, muffled by the gag. Until you heard a deafening SNAP of Loki’s neck breaking. You fell to the orange tiled floor, head in your hands sobbing uncontrollably. “No, Loki. No” you kept repeating over and over as you rocked back and forth trying to comfort your-self. You haven’t even heard the door to the room open when you heard Loki cry out your name. He sprinted over towards you and took you into his arms shushing you, stroking your hair and asking if you were alright. “What the hell have you done to her?!” he yelled at Mobius and Cordi. “We didn’t do anything; she must have watched further on the tape” Mobius said looking at you both sympathetically. “Please don’t ever leave me again Loki” you sobbed into his jumpsuit as you turned into his embrace, gripping on for dear life. “I’ll never leave you again as long as I live darling” he gently reassured you, placing a kiss on your forehead. “That’s what I’m afraid of” you mumbled, glancing back at Loki’s corpse on the screen, with your body draped over his sobbing uncontrollably as Thor tried to comfort you as best he could. “I think we had better let them rest a bit, and process everything we’ve told them” Cordi said, looking over at you and Loki, her arms folded across her chest. Loki helped you to your feet and kept a protective hand on your waist as you followed your variant out of the door, and back into the maze of nauseatingly bright, orange corridors. Loki’s eyes, full of concern never left you the whole way down to the rooms. Cordi had called them guest rooms, but by the look of them it was a fancy way of saying prison cell. Each room contained two single beds bolted to the walls at opposite sides and the same horrible brown and orange décor that seemed to haunt this ghastly place. She left two piles of clothes and shoes on each bed, one for Loki and one for you. “Get some rest. We’ll come and get you both once we have a more solid action plan” Cordi smirked, her eyes lingering on Loki for longer than you would have liked. “Thank you variant” you interrupted her gaze by stepping in front of Loki, making Cordi sigh and roll her eyes before walking away, leaving you both sealed in this tiny jail cell.
“Well, this is fucking spectacular isn’t it!” you sighed laughing and leaning back on your bed, only to smack your head off the concrete wall. “fuck oww” you said scrunching up your face and rubbing the back of your head. “Did they tell you about our mass-murdering-would-be-child?” you asked looking at Loki who as just sitting down on the bed next to you gesturing for you to come lie between his legs so he could cradle you in his arms. “They did, and whatever atrocities they’ve committed isn’t on us darling. If we had a child…” He kissed the top of your head and wrapped his hands around your abdomen. “They would know nothing but the love and adoration of their wonderful parents.” He was silent for a moment, prompting you to look up to face him, you could see the internal struggle that was going on in his mind, it was written all over his face. “You would be a wonderful father Loki” you gently smiled, cupping his cheek, and stroking it as he leaned into your touch, placing his hand over yours. “Have I told you how much I love you?” He smiled at you, his eyes shining with adoration. “Not lately… or however long it’s been, I don’t actually know” you laughed straddling his waist and leaning in to kiss him gently. Loki deepened the kiss passionately massaging his tongue against yours making you moan into his kiss. He gripped your butt cheeks as he picked you up and placed you on the floor against the room wall. He began to unbutton your jump suit, button by button until your entire chest was exposed to the chilled room air. He let out a low growl and got to his knees in front of you, taking your hard nipple into his mouth and began biting and sucking, running circles around it with his tongue while pinching the other in his hand, making you arch your back off the cold concrete wall and letting out a moan as you ran your hands through his hair. He worked his way back up your body, tenderly biting and kissing your neck before capturing your lips with his once again. You began to shrug off the sleeves of your jumpsuit letting it pool at your waist, before Loki yanked it to the ground, leaving you naked and hungry with desire. Kneeling in front of you again Loki propped your leg up on the bed and quickly dove his mouth between your legs, eagerly lapping up your dripping pussy. You cried out his name as your hips bucked towards his mouth, making him grin and laugh, sending vibrations through your heated core. You firmly gripped onto his hair as his tongue toyed with your clit, making your legs nearly buckle as you moaned out in pleasure. Loki picked up the pace, feeling your pussy twitch under his mouth as you reached your high, pushing his head closer as your rode out your orgasm on his face. Loki came back to capture your lips once again, making you burn with desire once again as you tasted yourself on his tongue. You unbuttoned his jumpsuit and pulled it down from his waist as his thick length slapped off his abdomen, his eyes practically black with desire, as his eyes roamed your naked body. He propped your foot back onto the bed and guided his throbbing shaft into your needy pussy, making you both moan out loud in unison. He began to thrust into you wiggling his hips as your hand gripped against his perfect arse, the other hand he pinned above you on the wall as he thrusted into you, hitting your sweet spot over and over again, making you moan into his mouth, “I’m close baby,”, “Come for me darling,” he breathily moaned into your kiss as his own movements became ragged as he unloaded inside you, your velvet walls clenching against him. Breathless and exhausted both physically and emotionally you curled up naked on the one bed, finally feeling safe and at ease in Loki’s arms once again, as the calming blackness of sleep took over you both.
Tumblr media
Any Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! Thank you for all the love so far. You guys are amazing! 🖤💚🖤
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kmsdraws · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Creators of Supercorp art, fics and content, here are your prompts for Supercorptober 2021. Create as little or as much as you want using the daily prompts and don't forget to use the hashtag. Have fun!
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Bat Boys Photography
Tumblr media
Nessian Week Prompt: Free Day
Cassian gets called to do a photoshoot for a new kitten. Not something he ever expected to do, but he's willing to give it a try. More than willing once he meets the kitten's mother.
Warnings: Innuendo 👀 | Word Count: 3,932| Read on AO3
a/n: Not edited. Don't come at me. 🙈
Honestly, I feel like I could've done this better - though it probably would've ended up longer too - but I was so much more inspired at the beginning than for the rest of the piece.
There are picture links scattered through - they're all my own cat, and I'm not sorry. He's gorgeous and he was a precious kitten. And a great inspiration for little Sellyn.
I also make no apologies for my head canon about Az. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tumblr media
"Bat Boys Photography, this is Cassian."
"Hi!" an excited voice all but squealed on the other end of the line. "I have to say, that's such an interesting name choice, and I've been thinking a lot about it. Like, did you all get your start photographing bats? Or, are they just a mutual favorite animal?" Her voice lowered to a whisper as she spoke her next sentence. "Or, is it like, a weird kink or something? I mean, I read about things people do with, like, octopi…"
Cassian was frozen in his seat, on the verge of both horror and laughter.
The girl stopped and coughed softly, as if she realized what she was saying. "Sorry, anyway. I would like to book a photoshoot."
"Sure, no problem," Cassian sighed, grabbing out the appointment book. "What's the subject? And when would you like it done?"
"Okay, so, that's the thing - I'd like to do a photoshoot for this new kitten my housemate just got. He is literally the most precious thing and absolutely gorgeous! Only, well…kittens grow fast. Is there any way to do this within the week? I know it's short notice, but I didn't think about booking it until we actually got the baby!"
At this point Cassian was definitely holding in a chuckle. He'd heard people would do stuff like this for their pets - though more often it was for dogs - but he never expected to be hired for this. A cat photoshoot. He could understand a breeder wanting professional photos taken, or maybe for show animals - though he didn't love the concept of doing that to animals - but, just a house pet?
Well, it would be a new experience. And Cassian did like animals. Plus, he was a professional. He could give these girls the best photoshoot ever. He just might need to do some research.
"Actually, you're in luck," he said kindly, looking over the diary. "We had a cancellation for tomorrow afternoon. Would that work for you two?"
He heard a distant, delighted shriek at the other end of the line, as if she'd purposefully pulled the phone away from her head before making the noise. He appreciated the kindness.
"That would be wonderful!" she exclaimed. "I'm off tomorrow and Nesta, my housemate, managed to convince her firm to extend summer Fridays to be all year. Would three be okay? Or is that too late?"
"Three is fine. What's your name?" he asked, having already jotted down the name Nesta.
"Oh, right! Sorry! It's Gwyn," she answered, her voice clearly still giddy. "And the address is 55 Wind Way."
"That's in The House district, right?" Cassian had a pretty solid understanding of the layout of Velaris, but it was a big city, very spread out, a bit like London or Sydney. And, instead of zones, they had districts, often named based on the general lifestyle or living arrangements in the area. He and his brothers lived in The Steppes, as their district was called, because it bordered the Steppes mountain range to the east of the city. The House was just south of there, its name given to it because it was full of actual, detached houses, instead of apartment buildings and town homes. The houses were also often fairly spread out, some bordering the woods at the south of Velaris. Most were fairly quaint and sat on about an acre of land, which was what differentiated The House from the other districts with detached houses, which all tended to offer much less space around the house.
"Yes! It, like, kinda borders The Steppes district. We're at the very end of our street, and there's a backdrop of woods and mountains behind our yard."
"Thanks." He wrote down the address and then went into his spiel about payments. Pricing, acceptable methods, and so on, then hung up the phone just as Az walked into their shared office, which was also the third bedroom in the house they shared. Az had been adamant about not wasting money on an office, even once they really started to make enough from photography to do so and fund their livelihoods.
"You'll never guess what I just booked," Cassian chuckled, turning to face his brother.
"Dog shoot?" Az asked, taking a seat at his computer to start working on photo edits.
"Almost…how do you do that?" Cassian knew he sounded exasperated, but Az always seemed to figure it out, even with no context clues.
"They're becoming more popular, and I know you think they're a lame reason to do a professional photoshoot," he explained easily.
"Well, it's not a dog shoot, so ha ha."
"Cat shoot, then?"
"Yes," Cassian grumbled. One day he'd find a way to surprise Az. One day. "Kitten shoot, technically. Tomorrow afternoon at three. Bit of a later appointment, but at least now we've got something coming in from tomorrow afternoon."
"Kitten shoot? That does sound adorable," Az breathed with a small laugh, turning to face Cassian. "I'll take it, if you want. My afternoon is free as well, and I am better with cats."
Cassian's face fell. "No you're not!" he argued. He loved animals, and he refused to agree with that statement, no matter how factually true it might seem.
Azriel's only response was a raised eyebrow.
"You can come with me," he offered. "And I can prove you wrong."
"One day, you're going to learn to stop trying."
Tumblr media
"Whoa!" the redhead sighed, opening the door to see Cassian and Azriel on her front porch. She was looking up at them in shock. "You're so tall!"
"Are you Gwyn?" Cassian guessed. She sounded a bit like the one who had called, but people generally sounded a bit different on the phone.
"Yes, sorry, hi!" she exclaimed, giving them a wide smile that spread to her teal eyes.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Cassian," he said, introducing himself first. "This is my brother, Azriel. He'll be my assistant for the day." He gave his brother a shit-eating grin, earning a large eye roll in return as Gwyn looked Az over, something like interest or delight in her eyes.
"Great to meet you both as well! Come on in!"
Gwyn stepped aside, welcoming them both into the house.
It wasn't exactly small, but with him and Az standing in the foyer, it definitely felt rather cramped, but still cute. To their left was an archway that led into a comfortable yet stylish living room decorated in hues of gold, crimson, and orange. There were stairs to their right, Cassian assumed the upstairs was their bedrooms, and down the hallway he could see a smaller archway that led to a kitchen that seemed to have a very light vibe with white counters and cabinets.
"I'll go get-" Gwyn started, but before she could finish another voice rang through the house, sounding like it was coming from the kitchen.
"When do they get here, again?" the cold yet beautiful voice called, and Cassian could hear light footsteps from another room. "I still can't believe we're doing this. I mean, I know Sellyn is pretty enough, but it feels a bit sil-"
The voice halted abruptly as a woman with golden brown hair eyes appeared in the threshold of the kitchen, stopping in her tracks as she took in Cassian and Azriel.
Cassian's own eyes widened as he took her in. The sharp yet fluid lines of her face, her lean and curved body, the way she stood with her head held high. She had a slightly pointed nose and cheeks flushed with just the barest natural pink, and her hair was currently falling in loose curls, parted to the side and framing her face. But, what really grabbed Cassian's attention was the blue grey eyes that were focused on him. They were like little storm clouds, thundering in the distance, always ready to strike.
She was the most beautiful woman Cassian had ever seen.
He barely had a chance to catch his breath before she started speaking again.
"Oh, hi. I didn't realize you were already here. And sorry, I don't mean to be rude about your profession, of course," she started, eyes darting between him and Azriel awkwardly. "It's nothing personal, it's just, Sellyn's a cat, what's he going to do? Post these photos on his instagram? I mean, okay, yes, I probably will post some of them, and I'm sure they'll get some lovely responses, but he's been picking up a lot of followers with just my iPhone…It's not like these are going to be officially published for anything else, I don't think. Then again, you never know what Gwyn might set her mind on, but I don't want him to be a show cat, and I don't think he wants it either. He just wants to have fun and be loved, you know?"
Cassian stared in wonder at the woman, standing like an ice queen, babbling with a blush spreading across her face. It was a glorious contradiction that she pulled of perfectly.
"Don't worry, Cassian feels the same way about pet photoshoots," Az chuckled, slapping Cassian on the back and pulling him from his frozen stare.
"That's not true," Cassian lied, an apologetic look on his face. "We just haven't done one of these before, but it will be great. We'll make sure your kitten is having fun." He offered the woman a kind, hopefully encouraging smile. "And, as my brother pointed out, I'm Cassian. And he's Azriel, but you can ignore him if you'd prefer."
She nodded politely. "Nesta."
"That's a beautiful name, Nesta." A name that felt so perfect on his lips Cassian had to make sure he schooled his features so as not to give his thoughts away. But he knew he'd be using it as often as he could.
Looking down for a second, Cassian noticed a white head with light, orange color points poking out from Nesta's leg, bright blue eyes staring at him.
"This must be the kitten," he said softly, a gentle smile on his face as he looked at the fluffy, adorable little body. The cat couldn't be more than five pounds.
"Yes, that's Sellyn," Gwyn responded, Nesta's eyes watching Cassian closely as he knelt down and put his hand out to see if the kitten would come.
Based on that look, he definitely wanted to make sure he didn't do anything wrong. Nesta looked like she might eat him alive if he so much as made the wrong sound.
"That's quite an interesting name," he offered, his stare still on the small kitten, who was looking at him and his hand with wide eyes.
"He's named after a romance author we both adore," Nesta explained, still watching Cassian despite the fact that Sellyn wasn't moving one inch closer to him.
"Sellyn Drake?" Azriel guessed, the other three all snapping to look at him.
"You know him?" Cassian asked in shock, giving up and standing just as Nesta bent down to pick up the kitten.
He went limp like a ragdoll when she first picked him up before he curled into her chest, looking impossibly smaller in her arms and so comfortable. Her face soften as she looked down at Sellyn, one arm holding him, the other now moving as she gently pet his head. The purrs sounded through the foyer, louder than any he'd ever heard before, and the two looked so happy and content Cassian wished he already had his camera ready.
"Unlike you, I do visit book stores," Azriel shot at him, a knowing smirk on his face that Cassian caught when he finally looked away from Nesta and Sellyn.
"The romance section?" Cassian argued. It was his turn to raise an eyebrow, and now small amount of satisfaction spread through him as he watched Az's cheeks flush a bright red.
"You read romance novels?" Gwyn gasped, her face opening into a look of sheer excitement.
Nesta 'hmm'd' from where she stood before saying flatly, "That's hot."
"What?" Cassian and Az said it at the same time, both looking at her in confusion.
"There's a reason romance is so popular," Nesta explained. "It's what we all actually want - the more everyone reads it, the more we'll be able to give to our partners."
Azriel seemed to be pleased with that statement, nodding lightly, but the blush was still there. Cassian was starting to wonder if maybe he should try picking up a romance novel or two.
"I'll keep that in mind," he muttered, his eyes back on Nesta. They kept finding their way back to her, as if they were trying to spend as much time as possible looking at her before being forced away at the end of the appointment. He agreed with his eyes - photographs wouldn't be the same.
Her stare found his, a small smirk on her lips at the comment he'd made. "Do let me know if you ever read one." There was amusement in her tone, and something else that had Cassian's heart racing.
Now he was definitely going to be picking one up. Or stealing a novel from Az, since apparently he had a few hidden away somewhere in their house.
"So, should we get started?" Gwyn suggested, walking toward Nesta and petting Sellyn behind the ear.
Cassian and Az both nodded, Az starting to unpack some of the equipment. It was a light load - just a few cameras, really - since it was a relatively small shoot.
"We can begin with Nesta and Sellyn, if that works for you all? Since he's already so happily situated in her arms," Cassian offered, his eyes back on Sellyn for a moment. The kitten looked like he was in paradise in his mother's arms.
They all agreed and Cassian got started, suggesting different poses, places for Nesta to sit, ways to hold Sellyn, who Nesta needed to keep one hand on at all times to keep in place. He took pictures of the two on the couch, the autumnal aesthetic working perfectly with the backdrop of the woods in the window, the trees in all different shades of red, yellow, and orange.
He had Nesta keep Sellyn on her lap, one hand petting him as she looked out the window, read a book, looked into the camera. There were some with her standing and holding him close, a couple with her and Sellyn on the floor, playing with a dangling toy. His favorites were the ones where she was completely focused on Sellyn. Her face changed and her eyes brightened as she smiled down at the kitten, as if unable to do anything but whenever she looked at him.
After playing for a bit, Sellyn was too riled up to do pictures with Gwyn, so they let him roam around, Cassian and Az doing their best to snap photographs of him and his little actions while Gwyn and Nesta egged him on.
Cassian's favorite was a two piece set he caught of Sellyn hunting a pillow. First he eyed the pillow like a predator, a look Cassian was certain he learned from his mother. And then he found success as he nibbled on the corner.
Professional hunter right there.
In that time, Cassian and Az each took a break, both trying to get a chance to play with the kitten for a bit, Cassian still determined to prove Az wrong. And he was failing miserably.
Sellyn, it seemed, loved to play with Az, and Cassian had to listen to both girls coo over how adorable the two were together as Sellyn would swat at the toy in Az's hand, or how he walked on top of Az's chest when Az was laying down.
Cassian, on the other hand, Sellyn seemed disinterested in.
He didn't actually hate Cassian. He just chose not to engage or interact with him in any way. It was rather depressing, as was the grin plastered on Az's face each time Sellyn ignored Cassian.
It, somehow, made it worse that this was Nesta's cat. That her pet, one she would likely use to help judge other people - considering so many other people did - didn't seem to have any interest in him.
Not that it should matter, of course. Nesta and Gwyn were clients he'd never see again. Or, at least, he didn't have to see them again, but damn him if he didn't want to. Especially after hearing Nesta laugh as Sellyn nibbled on her ear. It was soft, a meldoy that spread through his entire being.
He managed to grab a picture of that, and then another one of a big yawn.
"Oh, looks like he's getting sleepy," Nesta sighed. "Are you doing any pictures of just Gwyn and Sellyn."
"Um, yes!" Gwyn answered before either boy could even breathe. "I'm his other mother, I'm not some silly aunt."
Nesta chuckled and rolled her eyes. "Then I'd suggest doing those now."
"I can do those," Az offered, making Cassian's head snap up to his brother, a curious smirk growing on his face.
"All right," he agreed, setting down his own camera in his bag and walking toward where Nesta was now leaning against the archway. "These pictures are going to come out great," he said by way of greeting.
"Yeah?" she breathed, turning her head to look up at him.
"Even if you find these photoshoots pointless?" she challenged.
Cassian huffed out a laugh. "I think you all proved me wrong."
"You mean Gwyn proved you wrong."
"No," he responded, his gaze growing intense as he stared into her stormy eyes. "It would have been pointless without you."
He saw Nesta gulp, her breath hitching as crimson flooded her cheeks. She looked down at her feet, not responding, and Cassian wanted to lift her face back up to look back into those eyes of steel. But he didn't. He turned to watch Azriel work and waited for Nesta to say something again.
He didn't miss the way his brother was smiling idiotically as he photographed Gwyn with Sellyn. Likely a mirror image to what Cassian had looked like earlier.
Nesta stiffened slightly beside him once she finally lifted her head, almost as if bracing herself for something, but she kept her gaze on her kitten as her voice filled the air again.
"Gwyn and I order take out every Friday. If you'd like, you and your brother would be welcome to join us," she said, her voice tentative and shaky. As if she was worried she was embarrassing herself.
She wasn't looking to see Cassian's face completely brighten at the offer, to notice the absurdly large smile he was now wearing. "We'd like that," he answered, his own voice cracking as he attempted to not sound too eager. He was sure he failed, seeing as what he wanted to do was jump up and down and shout a resounding 'yes'. He doubted Nesta would react favorably to that, so he decided to try something else. "But, only if you let us pay."
He watched as the corner of Nesta's lip twitched upward. "If we weren't already paying you I might argue, but since we are, happy to accept that offer," she replied as she tucked a strand of that golden brown hair behind her ear. Gods above. He wanted nothing more in that moment than to lift his own hand and brush it through her hair, then keep trailing it down to wrap it around her waist and hold her close, inhale her scent deeply.
Instead, they just stood there, a thick tension forming between them with each breath they took. He could see her chest rise and fall in his peripheral, the movements becoming bigger as if she were taking deeper breaths to calm something within her. He knew he was. The pounding heart, the jittery sensations spreading through his limbs, the constant swarm in his stomach that made him wonder if he'd actually be able to eat any of that dinner he'd now offered to pay for.
It wasn't much longer before Az and Gwyn were done and he was helping pack up their remaining equipment. They'd both agreed easily about the boys joining the girls for dinner, and soon enough all four were sitting on the large, crimson sectional as they waited for their food, Cassian and Nesta on one part of the 'L', Gwyn and Az on the other. The couch was comfortable, but Cassian felt it was a bit too big, allowing for far too much space between him and Nesta.
Sellyn jumped up and sat between Az and Gwyn for a moment, scanning the couch as if looking for the best spot, and Az shot him another smirk.
"Told you so," he said as he gave Sellyn a small scratch beneath the chin.
"Yeah, yeah, you win, cats love you more," Cassian grumbled, leaning back in his seat.
Nesta tilted her head at him. "Have you two been competing for my cat's affection?"
Cassian grinned at her playfully. "Not exactly the way I would define it, but the results are essentially the same."
"He didn't believe me when I told him yesterday I was better with cats," Az explained as Sellyn stepped on and then off of Gwyn's lap, slowly making his way around the sofa.
"At least he doesn't actively hate me," Cassian sighed. Sellyn gave a tiny 'mrah', as if to say he agreed, and then hopped over Nesta's lap, now circling the spot between her and Cassian.
"I'm sure he likes you just fine," Nesta offered kindly. "He's generally more shy around new people - I mean, he hid under the couch when our friend Emerie first came to meet him. Took him an hour to come out."
"And he never came out when Nesta's sisters stopped by," Gwyn added.
"That does make me feel a bit better," Cassian chuckled, slowly offering his hand for Sellyn to sniff.
For the first time, the cat allowed him to pet him, leaning into the hand that was almost as long as his whole body.
Then, to Cassian's complete surprise, Sellyn walked over and climbed into his lap, kneading his legs a bit before curling up into a little circle and shutting his eyes, his breathing evening out almost instantly. Cassian, on the other hand, almost stopped breathing entirely at the feel of this tiny little thing curling up on him, choosing his lap to sleep in. He now understood why Nesta was always watching the cat, her eyes glazed with a protectiveness akin to what one might see in a lioness' as she watched her cub.
In one move Sellyn had managed to wrap Cassian completely around his paw. And Cassian doubted it would take much longer for Nesta to do the same.
Nesta let out a breathed 'aww' at that and shift closer, softly stroking his head as he slept. "See?" she said softly. "He just thought you'd be a better cuddler than playmate."
Her scent hit him as she leaned over, crisp and warm and entrancing, and it struck him stupid. He felt his heart skip a beat as she continued to lean close, her shoulder brushing hers as she softly pet the kitten.
"I can assure you, Nesta," he whispered, low and guttural. Her eyes met his, and he was certain she could see the mischievous twinkle in his, a sparkle in her own a response to the unspoken words that accompanied his next comment. "I am more than adept at both playing and cuddling."
Tumblr media
@live-the-fangirl-life @generalnesta @secretlovelybeauty @nehemikkele @nestaisgod @julemmaes @live-the-fangirl-life @boredserpent @autumnbabylon @bo0kmaster69 @angelic-voice-1997 @moodymelanist @sv0430 @nessianweek
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stateofloveandnegan · a day ago
Dinner - Negan Smith
My new and very lovely friend @txmlinsonw gave me some prompts to write and here’s the first one! I hope you enjoy this very soft thing i wrote.
short summary:
You hate making dinner, but Negan makes you do it tonight, so with some sighing, you give in. Almost all is going well, until it’s cooking and you and Negan are enjoying a good make-out session. That’s where you still manage to mess up.
fire. food burning. soft negan.
word count: 1.6k
Tumblr media
It had been a good while since you and Negan were able to move into a proper house in Alexandria.
After having managed to build the community up again, as much as possible, it was time to put people into the new homes.
You and Negan had been together ever since he was still held in the little prison, though it was still a secret back then.
When he became a free man, the ‘news’ got out quite quickly, considering you two were really bad at keeping your hands off each other.
Most of the people left you be, though. Only a few of them started treating you differently, but in times of feeling beaten up by that, Negan was always there to cheer you up. Always had his arms open for you if you needed to be held.
“Don’t let them get to you, sweetheart. They’re brainless fucks.” His soft voice would often soothe you, knowing just how to make you forget about the negative and focus on the positive.
It was funny, really, how perfect you and Negan were for one another. He brought out your tougher side, you brought out his softer side. You two had the most fun, never got bored together, had an insane amount of chemistry; there was literally nothing either of you missed in your relationship.
A big pro were Negan’s cooking skills. Something you definitely missed in your own set of skills. Cooking had never been your forté, so when Negan cooked for you that first night of you living in your new house, you couldn’t be happier. It tasted like fucking heaven on earth.
You tried cooking every now and then, and sometimes, a decent meal came out of it. Often when Negan tried to get you to cook, you put up your puppy eyes and convinced him to make another great meal, earning a roll of his eyes and a chuckle from your boyfriend.
Tonight, though, that tactic didn’t work. “It’s your cooking or nothing, doll.” His deep voice rumbled through the kitchen, that shit eating grin on his face. He only showed that around you these days.
The reason behind Negan wanting you to cook was the fact that you looked absolutely adorable while doing so. All focused, eyebrows knitted together in a frown, the tip of your tongue poking out. He loved seeing you like that, all in your own world.
“Baby, pleeaaaaaase.” You tried, but he didn’t budge. So, defeatedly, you moved around the kitchen to gather ingredients for the meal you were planning on eating tonight; pasta with vegetables.
Sure, it wasn’t that hard of a dish to make, but somehow, you always managed to mess, at least,  one step up.
As you were cutting the vegetables, Negan moved around to get the table set and ready for your meal. He finished long before you were ready, though, so he decided to go up and take a shower while you moved onto the next step.
A long string of profanities left your mouth as you messed up one of the steps (blame Negan and his vulgar language for that). But after taking a deep breath, you continued and managed to get through it all without any more mistakes.
Your boyfriend came down just as the sauce and the pasta were on the stove, wearing his pyjamas and his hair all messy from the shower. He looked absolutely perfect, as always. “How’s it going, sweetheart?” He asked and you smiled proudly, “It’s cooking. We just need to wait until it’s finished.”
A proud and satisfied expression entered Negan’s face and that made you feel a little something. That look on his face; it had your knees weak.
It was as if he could read your mind as a grin took over, tongue darting out to wet his bottom lip. “Something on your mind, doll?”
Oh god, that voice and the way he spoke; he knew the effect it had on you. “Negan, dinner’s almost ready.” You warned, to which he chuckled, moving over to you and pulling you into his arms. “Nothing has stopped you from having a quicky before.”
With a soft gasp, you gently smacked his chest, a blush creeping up on your cheeks. “Shut it! I’m not going for a quicky now.”
The laugh that left him and the way his arms moved to hug you against his own body told you that he was only teasing, and soon you melted completely into his embrace. Your head moved to rest in the crook of his neck while his hands gently moved up and down your back.
“I love you, you know that?” his soft voice, barely above a whisper, pulled you out of your little daydream, a warm smile entering your face while you moved back just enough to be able to look up at him. “I know, darling. I love you, too.”
You knew about his past, about the wives, about his actual wife, Lucille, but it didn’t matter to you. You knew, with the way Negan held you and looked at you, that his love for you was real. It didn’t matter how many people he’d been married to in the past. The past was in the past, that was that.
The two of you seemed to get lost in each other’s gaze before he leaned down slowly. His lips brushed over yours lightly before you connected them fully, leaning up just a little.
Soon enough, you were entirely lost in the man who held you so dearly. Your arms snaking around his neck and pulling him even closer. A hum escaping his lips is muffled by yours before he gently lifts you up in his strong arms, his hands beneath your bum to support you while he carries you over to the living room area.
The kiss wasn’t sexual or heated, at all. It was passionate, yes, but there were no intentions behind the action. You and Negan just wanted to be close to each other. To feel each other and be happy together, and kissing one another like that? That ticked all the right boxes.
“I’m so fucking glad I met you.” He mumbled against your lips, his hand now cupping the side of your face as you sat on his lap on the couch. He could feel you smiling against his lips, so he pulled away slightly to give you a confused look, “what?”
“Language.” you said in a stern tone, to which he let out a laugh. “Don’t you even start, little lady. I heard you while cutting those damn vegetables.”
You joined in with a chuckle before he kissed you again, your own hands carefully playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. “So am I.” your voice whispered, letting him know that you, too, were ‘fucking glad’ you met him. And you were. In fact, you couldn’t imagine a life in this world without him, anymore.
No other words were exchanged as you went back to kissing, getting lost in each other. All you could feel, smell, think of… was Negan, and you wanted it no other way.
Your thoughts about your very loving boyfriend were rudely interrupted when you suddenly smelled something other than his scent. Pulling back from the kiss just slightly as your brows furrowed while you tried to figure out what it was that you smelled.
“Something wrong?” Negan asked, watching your features closely with a somewhat concerned expression. You took a moment before your eyes focused on him again, “Don’t you smell that?”
He had no idea what you were talking about for a good few seconds, until he suddenly smelled it, too. A frown entering his beautiful face before his eyes widened. “Dinner! Fuck- get off, love.”
He practically pushed you off his lap (albeit gently) and onto the couch before he ran into the kitchen. You followed suit, jumping up from the couch and running after your boyfriend before you saw the horror going on in your kitchen.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck!” you cursed, frantically looking around for anything that could help. While you were looking around like a headless chicken, Negan actually took some action and managed to bring the flames down to nothing. It was a good thing the flames hadn’t gotten around the stove.
When Negan was sure the fire was gone, he stood back a little, letting out a deep breath. You just stood there and blinked, slowly looking up at the back of your boyfriend’s head. “I’m sorry,”
Your voice was smaller than ever, and Negan couldn’t remember you ever speaking like that to him. As if you’d done something very, very wrong. His tall form turned around and as soon as he saw the look on your face, a frown appeared on his own.
“Baby, it’s okay, it’s fine. This wasn’t your fault.” He quickly moved over to where you were standing and cupped your face in his rough, calloused hands. “Hey, c’mon.”
A small smile played on his lips, trying to lighten the mood. “If you really didn’t want to cook, you could’ve told me, you know?” There was the teasing that always managed to cheer you up, a chuckle falling from your lips before you let out a bit of a sigh.
“Very funny.” You rolled your eyes, but Negan knew he’d managed to do his trick well. “Now, we can either stay here and clean this mess up, or we can continue what we were doing and leave this for tomorrow?”
He didn’t have to repeat the question, your hand was already in his and dragging him back to the couch. Fortunately, you weren’t that hungry anyways. You’d had a late lunch. And Negan? He was used to not eating much, and he’d much rather enjoy a good make-out session with you, anyway.
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ilikeimpossible · 2 days ago
Lieutenant Swann
Norribeth drabble. Set during the voyage to Isla Cruces because everyone knows their ‘old friends’ vibe in dmc is everything.
The last thing – truly the last thing – Elizabeth needs right now is to be watched.
She’s waging war with a determinedly insubordinate tack line when she first feels his eyes on her, and she ignores them. If he expects to see her flustered, he will be sorely disappointed.
For a long time, he says nothing at all, and if she didn’t know better, she might think she’d imagined his presence in the first place. But she does know better, and when at last, through sheer force of will, she’s wrangled the line into submission, her supposition is confirmed by a droll and familiar voice behind her.
“Who taught you to tie a reef knot like that?”
Elizabeth grits her teeth. A pirate called Dog Ear, but she can hardly say so.
She schools her expression and turns to face the former commodore.
James is regarding her efforts skeptically, his arms crossed over his chest. Elizabeth can’t get used to seeing him like this – his once-pristine uniform filthy, his proud shoulders slouched. It’s unnerving. His wig, she sees, has finally been discarded. So many times she’s wondered what he’d look like without it, but now she’d welcome its return if it brought with it even a sliver of his former self-respect.
But for the moment, her pride demands no quarter should be given out of pity. She pictures the wig firmly back in place and fixes a demur smile to her lips.
“Something wrong?”
Elizabeth chafes at the faint smile tugging at the corner of his lips. She does not care to be spoken to like a scampish midshipman, nor for James’ apparent amusement, and is on the verge of telling him so when she thinks of a better idea. She can’t make out anyone’s rank on this ship, but if it rests on the Captain’s favor, then she is most decidedly James’ superior. She straightens up with all the stateliness of the most decorated commanding officer in royal navy and deposits the line into his hands with a flourish.
“Well then, Mr. Norrington. I shall entrust the task to your infinitely capable hands.”
James doesn't bother to suppress that intolerable smirk now. He makes a show of politely excusing himself as he steps into her place and takes over with deft fingers. Elizabeth flicks her tongue against her teeth as she watches the way he does it. It is obviously superior to her way.
James finishes the work quickly and turns back to her with a raised eyebrow. Elizabeth clamps down her pride and delivers another order:
“Show me.”
James’ smugness vanishes in an instant, replaced by a warm smile as he touches a knuckle to his forehead.
“Aye, Lieutenant.”
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obeythedemons · a day ago
Kitty Sticker [Obey Me!: Satan/MC]
Obey Me! Masterlist
“Satan!” MC's voice traveled past the door to his book-cluttered room. Their knuckles gently rasped against the wood.
He glanced up from his bed, his eyes leaving the words scrawled across a long-forgotten journal that he stumbled upon in the Royal Archives. His fingers plucked a bookmark laying next to him when he saved his place. Slowly, he shifted up from his half-sitting, half-laying position and stepped over the many books to his door. He opened the door seeing MC grinning up at him.
“Yes?” he questioned, trying to deduce exactly why the human had decided to come and drag him away from his reading – not that he mined too terribly.
“I have a present for you,” they announced. It was only then that he noticed the human’s hands were behind their back. They looked off to the side and chewed on their lip. “It’s kind of stupid though, nothing major.”
He raised an eyebrow from their sudden mood change. Their excitement soon fell into self-doubt – he almost wondered if Levi had switched bodies with them. “What is it?” he pressed.
MC took a deep breath and looked back up at him. He felt his heart squeeze in the most pleasantly painful ways when his emerald eyes made eye contact with the human. They took out a small box from behind them and held it out to him.
“Do you want a kitty sticker?”
Satan forgot how to breathe. He felt a foreign warmth invade his face, his ears, and his neck. His lips parted as he tried to inhale, but nothing was working properly. He couldn’t rip his attention from the adorable, curious look MC was giving him, the box of cartoonish cat stickers, and the fact that MC had thought of him.
“You’re going to actually kill me,” he finally managed to gasp out.
“What?” MC tilted their head ever so slightly, trying to process what he had just said – like a kitten trying to learn.
Satan covered his burning face with a hand. “It’s nothing. And yes, I would like one.”
MC shook off their confusion and grinned. They held the box up to him for him to pick. He glanced at the box. His eyes laid on a sticker of two cats loving on each other – they looked suspiciously like himself and MC as cats. The hand that wasn’t covering his face shook as he pointed to the pair of cats. MC nodded and grabbed it before holding it out to him. Satan couldn’t trust himself to move and he shook his head.
“Put it on me,” he started. “Please.”
“Oh, okay,” MC hummed and peeled the backing of the sticker off. Their hands hovered over his chest. “Right here good?”
Satan nodded and swallowed down his nerves, trying to will his heart to slow down so MC wouldn’t feel just how much they were affecting him. Their hand lightly pressed onto his sweater and rubbed the sticker to stay on him. If anything, his heart sped up.
“There we go!” MC stepped back to admire their work. “Very cute! I’ll get out of your hair now.”
As soon as they appeared, they disappeared back to their room. Satan was frozen in place, staring at where MC once stood. “Did their hand linger a bit longer on me? Or was it just to make sure the sticker wouldn’t fall off? What did they mean by cute? Was it me they were talking about or the sticker? Why did they have cat stickers? What does it mean?” He mumbled to himself, overthinking every little thing.
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deanwithscissors · a day ago
Still Love
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 45
A/N: idk where this came from, short and sweet i guess
Tumblr media
Even though his words were foul, they translated sweetly. Even with his massive hand around her throat, his touch was gentle. Even as he hammered his full length into her, his thrusts were caring.
He could do the wickedest thing and it’d still be love in her eyes.
tags: @eevvvaa @awkward-and-indecisive @all-alone-he-turns-to-stone @avanatural @deandaydreaming @dean-winchester-is-a-warrior @deanwanddamons @cockles-is-pure-love @verytoadpapersoul @lyarr24
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vyta · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
credit: @redbeantofu on twt
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maidservant-hecubus · 6 months ago
There is officially fanfic of the Ever Given/Suez Canal. I love this timeline
Tumblr media
Read it here
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theheroichydrangea · a year ago
If people could see my Ao3 history
Tumblr media
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idreamofdraco · a year ago
Tumblr media
Y’all, I just got an email alert about a new chapter on a story I follow. Here’s the author’s note for that chapter. 😂
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insanitysilver · 7 months ago
AO3 Userscripts & You
So there’s been an uptick in those stories with a thousand tags. With the right userscripts, this:
Tumblr media
Automatically displays like this instead:
Tumblr media
Here’s how. (And I promise it takes less than 5 minutes, and 0 tech knowledge).
Userscripts are open-sourced add-ons for webbrowers that change webpages as they are loaded. This solution works on desktop and with Android (via Firefox mobile browser + tampermoneky add-on). ios mobile users should look into this alt filtering solution using custom ao3 skins
Step 1.) Grab a userscript manager. This is a broswer add-on/extension that we can plug all our little scripts into that will a.) keep them organized and b.) excute them on the pages they’re designed to run on. Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey are the most popular, and I’ll be using Tampermonkey in my examples. [firefox add-on] [chrome extension] [opera add-on]
Step 2.) Find the scripts you want to install. Lots of cool options to expore! There’s a solid list here at Greasyfork, and I’ll link my favorites down below. For now, I'll demo with ao3 relationship savior bc it’s lightweight and filters out works with too many relationships. Page should look like this:
Tumblr media
Step 3.) Download the script. It should automatically open a tampermonkey page that looks like this. Pressing install from here should load it into Tampermonkey and auto close the page.
Tumblr media
(yours will just say ‘install’, obvi)
Boom! You’re done. Head over to AO3. You should see the Tampermonkey extension light up now with however many scripts are running on the page, and fics with over 2 relationships should be automatically hidden.
Tumblr media
(Opptional) Step 4.) Customizing the relationship tag limits. Almost all the ao3 scripts I’ve installed have varying degrees of customization, which is great! To change relationship savior’s threshold, we’re going to click on the tampermoneky extension > press the plus sign next to relationship savior > and click edit.
Tumblr media
(Opptional) Step 5.) Okay, don’t panic, this isn’t as overwhelming as it seems! You’ll see the lovely op who made this script (locrian) has left neat little instructions for us right at the top in gold font!
Tumblr media
In the configuration settings, and right above the instructions, you’ll see I’ve highlighted the value we need to change. Most script writers will put this near the top and leave handy instructions. Just type in whatever number you’d like (four is my preference), then go to file > save! That’s it! Reload AO3 and you’re back in business.
So that’s it! Pairing relationship savior with crossover savior will filter out all of those thousand-tag fics. If you want an even more customizable userscript solution, try fiddling with: AO3: Fic’s Style, Blacklist Bookmarks
Other fun userscripts:
ao3 blocker (blacklist tags, authors, stories, keywords)
estimated reading time
add (theoretical) page count
kudos and seen history
bookmark/kudos ratio (I’m wary of any of the supposed ‘quality indicator’ scripts, but if you must have one, this one seems to be the best)
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theanxiouscupcake · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the inexplicably bizarre science of writing fan fiction. just me, or can anyone else relate?
this is the dumbest thing i’ve drawn with my bare minimum art skills but i am so mad right now, and i just... had a moment of insanity during my fanfic spiral.
edit: “time to get to work”. there’s a typo because of course there is.
edit 2: i made a part 2, cuz im dumb :) 
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obeythedemons · a day ago
A Moment [Obey Me!: Diavolo/MC]
Warnings: Mention of death, but no one dies. Spoilers for lesson 37. Some angst, but I don’t care for writing angst so there’s fluff, too.
Obey Me! Masterlist
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” His arms wrapped around them tightly. His giant form shook with every breath that he took. “I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”
They shooshed him and tried to squeeze him back just as hard. “You have nothing to apologize for.” Their hand ran up and down the fabric of his red coat. “This is my fault, not yours.”
“No. Please, let me just have this time with you and apologize. If I was better, I could have stopped this from happening. Now I’m putting you through all of this pain and misery.”
MC pulled away from him. Their hands cupped his cheeks as they stared into his ember eyes that were glistening with unshed tears. A frown was set firmly on their face. “Diavolo, it’s just my pacts that are being severed. My bonds with them will remain the same. My bond with you will remain the same. That’s what’s more important to me – not having power over them.” MC wiped away a tear that had fallen from the prince’s eyes. “Honestly, your plan is much more merciful than what I was thinking.”
Diavolo narrowed his eyes out of confusion. “What do you mean?”
“I knew something was wrong when Solomon brought me back. Over a little bit of time, I came to realize that it was something with me. When you became secretive with Lucifer, I knew it was something major.” MC released Diavolo’s face and stepped away. They crossed their arms over their chest and looked to the side. “I was worried I’d hurt someone with whatever it was. I thought me dying might be the only solution. The thing is, I would have gladly sacrificed myself for any of you. So me living and getting to spend more time with you is merciful.”
“MC,” Diavolo said just above a whisper. His bottom lip trembled more. He reached his arms out and brought MC back into his arms. “I would never let you die, not like that. You’re not a mere sacrifice. You’re so much more.” A sob erupted from him. “You’re my MC, my exchange student, my friend, my world, my love.” His arms squeezed MC tighter, just enough to force some air out of their lungs for a moment. “I’ll do whatever I can to protect you. So please, stay with me. Even if it’s for just a moment longer. Let me have this moment.”
MC brought their arms up in an attempt to wrap all the way around him. Their hands clutched onto the fabric of his coat. “I’ll give you this moment, and so many more afterwards, I promise.”
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yan-li · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I hope Everyone have a loving treathing letter  this valentines!
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deanwithscissors · 2 days ago
Feels Like The First Time
Title: Home Sweet Home
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 2256
Warnings: Swearing, dry humping
Summary: [Y/N] enjoys an experience for the first time with Jensen
A/N: this was great to write because it was from memory, sadly not with jensen, excuse me while i go cry like a little baby because i want him so bad :)  |  gif credit
Tumblr media
His massive hands crept under her shirt consuming her waist and electrifying her skin, he pathetically whined like an injured pup when his fingers met the waistband of her jeans. It sat low and exposed the small dips either side of her spine, his fingers plunged into the little dimples driving him wild and forcing him to shove down an eager moan.
His neck gave out for a second as his crotch demanded all the blood pumping around his body, his throbbing hard on was confined painfully under the restriction of boxers and jeans. Her hands tugged at his hair and nails scraping his scalp eliciting moans between his lips as bolts of desire surged though his veins making his heart beat faster and head feel lighter. Their tongues twisted and their crotches clashed as they exchanged moans and groans into each others mouths.
A potent aroma of fresh linen commandeered his trailer, it was like being in a bubble of puffy clouds and baby powder. His back crashed against the cushion on the sofa as she sat legs split on his lap. They were both fully clothed, but this was the first time she'd felt him entirely erect, this was the most they'd had of each other, this was the closest they'd ever been. A slimy stroke of guilt slipped down Jensens throat threatening to separate them, but instinct forced him to hold her tighter as if she'd turn to sand in his arms. He wanted her. He needed her. She was the one, he was sure of it.
A sickening ache latched onto [Y/N]s chest inexplicably crushing her ribs and caging her lungs against the wall of bones. She wanted to leap off him, burst out of his trailer and never look back, but she couldn't. He was magnificent in every way, unlike any guy she'd ever met, he astounded her, rocked her world every time he was near. She wanted to stop, she wanted to abandon the freckled cutie, but he was glorious and set her alight in ways she’d never known. He drew out emotions she hadn’t felt in ages, plus a whole range of new things too, like sheer pleasure and true happiness.
His touch was astonishingly enchanting, his natural scent mixed with the particular cologne he wore always tickled her core, the vibration of his voice rippled over her skin leaving goosebumps in its wake, the bass soothed her soul, the taste of his salty skin and his pure beauty was enthralling, dragging her into a whirlwind of things she didn’t want to face, but also wanted to be smothered by. He was intoxicating and addictive and she couldn’t get enough of his blazing eyes that made her weak at the knees, captivating her in sea of jade and submersing her spirit under a green wave of submission. She would do anything he asked, of that she was sure.
Yeah a bit of grinding was normal, but they were straight up making out and fucking with their clothes on as if it was their first sexual experience. His nerves rattled like it was his first time, he wasn’t sure how far he could go, he didn’t know where they stood, what they were. His hands ached to cup and grope her chest, but he kept his palms in her hair and on her waist. He wanted to strip her naked and kiss every inch of her pale skin to appreciate every little thing about her, he wanted to sink his fingers deep into her warm core and then eventually his complete length, but he held back. Up until this moment he was the one to take the lead, even though he shouldn’t be perusing her, or anyone else, but she hypnotised him in an unquenchable hunger that he had to sedate.
She purposefully angled her hips to brush her taught clit against his stone column creating a tiny ripple of pleasure that expanded from her sweet spot that made her moan into his mouth. Jensen was rock hard and remarkably imposing, a single stroke of fear zapped through her nerves. She’d never cared for size and at five foot one she didn’t really need a significant amount, but the thought of him destroying her with his impressive length sent a bolt zigzagging between her thighs. A muted scream of arousal overpowered her brain, she’d never been this turned on with another person before. He triggered something deep inside of her, a ravenous dehydrated beast, only known to her, was reanimated with a drip of his charming Texan ass. His voice, eyes, lips and fingers brought her to life, he could probably resurrect her from the afterlife too.
Cunt throbbing and dick pulsing, their heads, lips and tongues turned, twisted, rolled, licked and lapped. Jensen firmly raised his crotch into hers, supporting her waist he helped her slide across his length. A nauseating surge of ultimate pleasure capsized [Y/N]. As if her lungs had turned to dust and her throat was stuffed with a rag she tore her lips from his, unable to catch a breath. Her pitiful whimpers consumed the trailer as she tucked her head into the crook of his neck and gasped for air. Hiding from his gaze she was dragged down by shame, a thundering roar of desire silenced her inner voice. Rocking her hips violently she moaned against his throat, her fingernails devouring his shoulders. “Oh fuck- fuck.” Astounded by how close she was to hitting an excruciating climax, after only ten minutes of dry humping, she was hauled into a tornado of questions; Was she really that close? Was this actually happening? Was she really gonna experience this blissful intimacy with him? He was the one.
Losing control of her rigid anxiety ridden self in front of someone was her worst fear, to be so vulnerable and exposed to another human being created a pit so deep in her stomach the final destination was hell, but with him, it didn’t bury down, it floated up. This road with him wouldn’t take her to hell, it’d take her to heaven. Standing up to her thoughts with strength in her heart she blew them away like dust on a shelf. “Oh god, fuck-” she gasped as he slashed at her sturdy walls, his claws sinking into her muscles and piercing her soul. “I’m gonna cum-” she said more so as a question than an announcement. Her mind screeched at her to seize the bucking of her hips, how pathetic must she seem getting off on just grinding against him, but she didn’t have the willpower, she shoved her humiliation deep down and rode him full force, surrendering fully to this moment and opening herself to him like she’d never done before.
Her raw clit crashed against his granite dick catapulting her into territory only she’d explored, up until now. Her moans and death grip shoved him closer to the edge, she was breathy and reeling, the coil wound so tight to the point of pain, any second now it would snap and seduce her off the cliff. His balls tightened and dick twitched at the thought of how wet she was, how close she was and he hadn’t even touched her.
“Fuck,” she gasped. Unrestrained by her thoughts and her only mission to reach the maximum release, [Y/N] lifted her legs slightly allowing most of her weight to be centred on her swollen bud. “Shit, that’s it, fuck, right there,” she growled at the ceiling. Her arms grasped him as if she was out in the open water and he was her only life line. This could only end in one way and a titanic wave was coming after her. “Fuckfuckfuckfuck-”
Her face was flush against his, her lips scraping across his jaw, one hand cradling the back of his neck, the other clutching his shoulder. The moment was here, the point of no return, the durable threading of her coil gave out, ripped apart, tore in two and completely disintegrated as she was shattered into a million pieces and the deepest darkest parts of her were revealed. 
She had come before, but not like this. She’d never seen a glimpse of heaven, but Jensen was giving her the most intimate tour of paradise right now. The golden light from the angles blinded her, sending her free falling from the almighty homeland. Her entire body spasmed, crotch now pressed against his stomach as she tried to keep her head above the orgasm that threatened to drown her.
The pathetic whimpers that fell from her mouth annihilated his will power as she turned into a wreak in his arms. Her post orgasm jerks and twitches triggered his spectacular ending, just before exploding, his entire body stiffened and for the blink of an eye he was frozen in time. Immediately followed by a thundering moan that shook the trailer as he came. A small amount of his load spurted onto his stomach, the red t-shirt he wore gaining a darkened patch where the material soaked up his seed.
Enjoying the tail end of an incredible climax [Y/N] rolled her delighted entrance against his stomach a few more times as her yes’ become softer. Jensens arms crushed her ribs and his hands tangled in her hair as he matched her pace with a mellow rocking of his hips as they tumbled down the divine path of gratification hand in hand. Her arms hung loose around his neck, beads of sweat dripped down her back, her chest was heaving, heart hammering and head pulverised rendering her unable to move and do nothing but pant and whine into the crook of his neck.
“Fuck I- I can’t- that just happened,” [Y/N] said breathless and docile.
“Same, I haven’t cum from grinding since I was like- twenty.”
“No I- fuck, it happened so fast.”
“I promise I can last longer than that,” he said lightheartedly.
“I need a minute,” she clutched her forehead sweeping away baby hairs that clung to the sweat around her hairline. It was clear to him she was wiped out and unable to manoeuvre so he barely picked her up, rotated around and released her onto the sofa.
“I’m gonna go and, uh, deal with this mess and change,” he mumbled shyly. She barely waved him away with her hand on her chest and lips curled into the shape of an ‘o’.
By the time Jensen had cleaned himself up, changed and returned to the sofa [Y/N] was aware and alert. “Are you ready to go home?”
“Yeah,” she smiled softly.
Tumblr media
“Y’know when you came-” Jensen said as the wheel vibrated under his palms, “why was it such a surprise?”
[Y/N]s heart stopped as her legs started franticly bouncing, induced solely by anxiety, she crushed her hands firmly between her thighs. “I- ah.”
“Have you never cum before?” He asked gingerly.
“No of course not, don’t be stupid, it was just-” she wracked her brain, but it was too scrambled by their activity to create an answer.
“Just what?”
“Nothing,” she muttered lightly shaking her head.
“Tell me.”
Silence deafened the car for a few minutes before Jensen shifted with a sigh. “Will you tell me, if I tell you something?”
“Depends what you tell me,” she said cheekily. 
“Okay, uh, uhm. How about the first time I had sex without a condom I came in like five minutes.”
“You and a million other guys before you, gotta do better than that Ackles.”
Biting his lip he mumbled, “Okay, so maybe, I’ve cried after sex.”
“Haven’t we all,” [Y/N] scoffed.
“What will satisfy you?” He asked exasperated. 
“I dunno, somethin’ you’ve never told anyone,” she shrugged. 
Jensen was engrossed by thoughts for a long moment, slight twitches in his face told her he had something, but wasn’t one hundred percent about sharing it. Until he glanced at her eyes and seen nothing but wonder making his confession flow easily and delicately between his lips. “I’ve had experiences with guys.”
“What kind of experiences?” She asked turning her full body in his direction. 
“Nothing I’m sharing until you tell me your secret.”
“For gods sake, fine” she sighed. “I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this,” she muttered to herself. “I’ve never told anyone, so don’t laugh okay and don’t tell anyone either right?” Jensen nodded silently, his pupils blown with extreme focus as he was enthralled in her divulgence. “You’re the first, to y’know, make me cum,” she said while shifting in her seat. Her confession came out as a breath of air, barely even a whisper. A pompous smirk painted Jensens face. “You said you wouldn’t laugh!” She screeched and punched his bicep.
“I’m not laughing, I’m just-”
“A smug bastard.
“What do you expect after telling a guy that?”
“I should have just kept my mouth shut,” she crossed her arms and huffed. Silence once again took over for a few minutes.
“So when you say the first, you mean-”
“The first and only person, besides myself, to make me cum, yes.” Her playful tone killed any little niggles of animosity, but a serious stroke shone through after a deep breath. “Even the best sex of my life ended without an orgasm, at least for me. I always thought there was something wrong with me, it’s not I can’t-”
“Obviously,” Jensen smirked.
She flashed him the really glare and continued. “I just haven’t with anyone, until you.”
“What’s different with me?”
“I don’t know,” she admitted. 
When they arrived at her condo block [Y/N]s anxiety kicked into high gear- what happens now? Unsure and uncomfortable she jumped out the car before it had even stopped and scattered into the building waving bye to Jensen, before he could ask her for a kiss. 
Tumblr media
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The fact that chapter titles inspired by song lyrics is an accepted and almost expected part of fanfiction writing, to the point where many writers just straight up make an in order playlist of the songs they reference to add further depth to their stories through art association across platforms and mediums, is one of my favourite things about fandom culture
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