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bringeroffics · 2 days ago
Do you guys have Henry Cavill fan fic recommendations for ya girl?
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clairefrasersfic · a day ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 27 ‘Ultimatum’
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all-the-love-harold · a day ago
Tourgram #2
*credit to the owners of the images* 
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Tumblr media
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poppystyles: Are you really pregnant if you don’t wear overalls? 31 Weeks and waiting patiently for our baby girl. 
fan1: Will the houston dates be reschduled? 
annetwist: Looking Beautiful Poppy! Missing you xx 
fan2: I thought you had a surrgoate?
radio1_ella: Looking good baby mumma! We miss you xx 
Tumblr media
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poppystyles: Fabulous is simply a state of mind. St. Loius. 15/09/2021
fan1: That’s my boa and I’m going to frame it 
addie.thomas: When did you marry elton john?
fan3: This man owns my heart 
Tumblr media
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loveontourupdates: Harry spotted leaving his hotel in Philly this morning 
fan1: Ok Harry’s cute but I don’t think those cars could get any closer 
fan2: This is so chaotic. It’s like he saw the cars hit each other and just peace signed out of there
fan3: how does he look like that in the morning?!
Tumblr media
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poppystyles: Tonight, we embodied the Fine Line album cover.  Philadelphia 17/09/2021. 
fan1: The fine line album cover, or excitement for you babies that are on the way?
poppy_updates: Were you there last night Poppy? No one spotted you 
Tumblr media
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poppystyles: Ready for you Washington! 
gemmastyles: I miss him! And you xx 
fan1: Is Harry teaching him to pose for the camera?
Tumblr media
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poppystyles: The most powerful moment of last night’s show happened after Harry left the stage. Black Lives Matter. Washington 18/09/2021. 
fan1: I wish you had Oli with you so he could see this 
fan2: Harries for president 
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eddiesbuckaroo · a day ago
Stupid For You - A Buddie College AU (chapter one sneak peak)
Written by @eddiesbuckaroo and @vampirebuck
“Uh, Evan, what do you think?”
At his name, Evan perked his head up and looked toward the front for the teacher. But his attention wasn’t focused on Evan at all. His gaze was directed toward his computer. Evan closed his eyes for a moment and tried to recall the question, but nothing was coming up. 
Another sigh. 
“Sorry, sir,” he began. “Could you repeat that?”
“Not you, Evan. I’m talking to Evan,” the teacher replied with a point to the new Evan, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. 
“Well that’s definitely not going to be confusing,” Evan said sarcastically as he looked over to the new Evan, a look of equal confusion plastered over his face. 
“And what do you suggest we do about it, Mr Buckley?” The teacher said, his tone full of something like impatience and frustration at the fact that Evan had even said anything. Like Evan wasn’t a 21-year-old grown adult who couldn’t speak for himself. 
“What if we call him,” Eddie Diaz spoke up, pointing to Evan, “Buck? Like Buckley? And we can just call new Evan, Evan?” 
“Yes, fine, whatever,” the teacher said shortly. “I guess I’m happy with that.”
Evan wasn’t happy at all. Buck? What kind of a name was Buck? It made him sound like he was about to go out to feed the pigs and shovel some hay right before jumping in his tractor and driving it to the supermarket. It definitely didn’t sound like the name of a business major. 
Evan was more than not happy at all. He was furious. All he was to these people was a joke. The guy who always sat at the back of the class, who requested to do group projects alone and never had any friends to eat lunch with and got his mummy and daddy to pay extra for a room all to himself, if only to isolate him further. 
By the end of class, Evan was fuming. He couldn’t even look at Eddie Diaz without wanting to throw his textbook at his head. He couldn’t focus on getting any work done, and so his document sat with jumbled words and letters left hanging in the air as they waited to be completed. And as soon as it hit 9:30 and the teacher had dismissed them, Evan stood up abruptly from his chair. He shoved his laptop and his textbook into his backpack and stormed out of the classroom. He heard people in the classroom laughing as he left, and though he knew the laughs probably weren’t directed at him, he simply let them and their joy fuel his anger.
tags: @phantomqueenmorrigan @aehmttw @howlinbuckleydiaz @bitchdiaz 
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lifeanddebt · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Check out art.y.cami here on Instagram If you ever want to request something from her. I 100/10 recommend! Based on the fic, Life and Debt!
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obeythedemons · a day ago
Morosexual [Obey Me!: Mammon/MC]
Repost from old blog
Obey Me! Masterlist
“Why did I have to fall in love with an idiot?”
“Huh?” The said idiot looked over at you with an upset look. “Who’s the idiot? Who did ya fall in love with, huh?” He crossed his arms with a scowl. “Is it Levi?”
“Hey! I’m not an idiot. You’re the idiot, stupid Mammon!”
“I’m not stupid!” Mammon walked over and gripped your shoulders. “Tell me who it is!”
You looked up at him with a slight blush on your cheeks. “Levi just said who it was.”
Mammon frowned. “He didn’t say anyone!”
You looked at him with your lips pressed into a thin line as you tried to not die from embarrassment – both from having Levi spill your secret and at the fact that Mammon was being dense.
“Think about it, Mammon,” Satan sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Who did Levi say was the idiot?”
“He said I was the idiot,” Mammon repeated while looking at Satan. Then, he froze. Slowly, he looked back down at you. His mouth hung open and his cheeks were slowly darkening as blood rushed to them. He took a single hand off of your shoulder and used it to try and hide his face. “Wa-wait, I’m the one ya fell in l-love with?”
“Mmhmm,” you hummed to him, not trusting yourself to form any words.
Mammon looked away from you, unable to say anything. Quickly, he snatched your wrist and dragged you away from the prying eyes and ears of his brothers. Once a good distance away, he let go of your wrist but kept his back to you.
“Mammon?” you questioned quietly; afraid you’d spook him. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” You felt tears building up in your eyes, but you fought to keep them down. You didn’t want to burden him if he didn’t feel the same way.
“N-no, say it. Say it for real.”
You sniffled and rubbed at one of your eyes. “Wh-what?”
“Say that ya love me.”
Blinking, you took a deep breath. “I love you, Mamm—”
He turned around and quickly brought you into a tight embrace. He held your head so it was resting against his chest. You could hear his heart hammering away quickly. Slowly, you brought your arms up to wrap around his waist and return the embrace.
“I-I don’t like that ya think I’m an idiot, bu-but I’ll be your idiot, ‘kay?”
You laughed lightly. “Okay.”
“A-and another thing,” Mammon paused and pulled away so he could look down into your eyes. “I love you, too.” Mammon smiled, but then glanced off to the side. “Mmm, one more thing. C-can we kiss?”
You leaned up and gave a small peck to his lips. “Happy?”
Mammon groaned, “I want more!”
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The Illusion of Victory-Part 1
My master post is here with the previous series
Massive thank you to the lovely @queen-of-mischief for coming up with the title 🖤💚🖤
Pairing: Loki x Female reader
Summary: You are Y/N the Goddess of Victory, after killing Thanos on Knowhere, the Time Variants Authority abduct you and Loki the God of Mischief.
Word count:2.2K
Warnings: NO SMUT YET , alot of story and angst, spoilers for the Loki TV series if you haven't seen it yet!
Any Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! Thank you for all the love in the last series. You guys are seriously amazing! 🖤💚🖤
Let me know if you want me to keep writing more! And if you want added to the tag list!
@word-addict-lisette @with-inked-solace @queen-of-mischief @faraum @xaquarianqueenx @donttouchmylaevateinn
Tumblr media
As you emerged through the portal, you found yourself surrounded by 70’s style décor all a nauseating shade of orange and brown. “Get your hands off me or I swear you’ll be sorry!” You yelled at the two guards forcing you further into the room, behind you Loki had just arrived shouting similar threats to the commander who was manhandling him. As you stopped in front of an elevator, the guards let go of you. You turned on your heels immediately to try and reunite with Loki, only to end up facing the elevator again. “How?” you shook your head in disbelief, before frantically trying again to reach Loki, again ending up back facing the elevator. The guards looking amused and holding some sort of gold device in their hands. The elevator doors opened with a cheerful “Ding” “Gods I hate this place” you thought as you where swiftly thrown into the elevator and turned to see the guards mockingly wave you off as the doors slowly closed, you banged your fists against the metal doors. It was very dark and as you began to look around you felt something touch your shoulder “Oi! Hands off!” you yelled, turning around to be confronted by a vintage looking robot with a far too cheerful face. The lights in the elevator turned on and the robot once again tried to grab at the zip of your catsuit armour. “Back the fuck off now R2D2, before I turn you into scrap metal” You yelled, pointing a finger aggressively at the bleeping machine. You noticed your hand wasn’t glowing its usual shade of purple. You tried again. Nothing. “What the hell is going on here?!” you thought out loud as you tried and tried again to no avail. “Hold very still” a robot voice said, making you look back up at the machine as you saw what looked like a laser appear and disintegrate your entire outfit, leaving you completely nude. “Rude! At least buy me dinner first” you quipped, folding your arms over your breasts and looking around to make sure no one else was present. Before you could react further, you fell through the floor, being placed in an ugly beige jumpsuit and landing in another lift compartment with a miserable looking bastard behind a desk, and a very cute cat looking as shocked to see you as you where to see it. “Please sign to verify this is everything you’ve ever said” he said monotoned and flatly. “Excuse me?” you said, watching as the man sighed and another piece of paper was printed off from an 80’s style printer and placed before you. Your last sentence displayed upon it. “So, whatever I say is going to keep coming out of that printer?” you asked, half astonished, half just wanting to noise this guy up. He sighed again, taking another sheet from the printer saying “Yes, now sign” and pushing the pile before you. You begrudgingly took the pen from the stack of paper and wrote “Fuck you” clicking the pen off and holding up the paper message, passive aggressively smiling at the miserable man. “Now can I leave??” you asked him, placing your hands on your hips. Before falling through the floor again, “Oh for fuck sake! WILL YOU STOP BLOODY DROPPING ME!” You yelled staring up at the trap door ceiling shaking your fist like an old man wanting kids to get off his lawn. When you looked back ahead there was a large red gateway, splattered with what looked like blood and entrails. You backed off slightly, not wanting to mess with whatever the hell that was, when you noticed the man in a suit standing next to the machine. “Please confirm to your knowledge that you are not a fully robotic being, were born an organic creature, and do in fact possess what many cultures would call a soul.”, You stared at him in horror, blinking. “How is that even a question?! Do people not know if they’re a robot?” You said confused placing your hands back on your hips. “Thank you for your confirmation, please move through” the man replied, still looking at the clipboard he’s holding. “Shit. What if I am a robot and I don’t know it?” You asked the man backing away once again from the big red machine. “The machine would melt you from the inside out, please move along, Miss” he said,
sounding annoyed at all the questions. “Actually, its Goddess” you retorted annoyed, sticking your tongue out to the man as you stood in the imposing gateway, scrunching your face, and preparing for the worst. The machine hummed to life and a bright flash of light blinded you momentarily. “Did you just take my picture?” you asked, growing more and more annoyed with this entire façade the longer time went on. “No Miss, it’s your temporal aura.”, “My temporal what?!” you yelled as he pushed you through the doors of the elevator that had opened in front of you to reveal a claustrophobic room, filled with dated brown wood and very low ceilings covered in bright nauseating lights. In front of you was a guard, similar to the ones that had abducted you in the first place. He looked ahead, not at you and simply said, “Take a ticket”, “There’s literally no one else in here apart from you, me, that other guard and the clown behind the desk.” You sighed, looking at the guard. “Take a ticket” he said again his teeth gritted and looking at you now. “Fuck sake, FINE” you threw your hands up in the air in mock defeat. Taking a tiny orange ticket from the machine in front of you. You rolled your eyes and stared daggers through the guard as you struggled to get through the metal turnstile. Pointing two fingers at your eyes then back at the guard, further mocking him. You continued through the winding tension barriers; an utterly pointless feat given it was just you here. “Where the hell is Loki!?” You yelled, your voice echoing through the room as cheerful elevator music played through the PA system. This was a nightmare. A single tear dropped from your Y/E/C eyes. “Have I lost him forever?” you thought, “No, get a grip of yourself Y/N. You can’t afford to breakdown here. Just keep going until you can find a way out of here” You mentally scolded yourself. “This is no time for tears”. “Ticket Miss” another guard asked you as you approached the kiosk at the end of the room, “It’s Goddess and here” you said annoyed, frisby-ing the ticket at the guard’s helmet. He sighed at you and gestured you to approach the Kiosk. “Name” the man in the booth deadpanned, not even bothering to look up at you. “Y/N Potts Goddess of Victory.” You sighed, folding your arms over your chest. “Very well, follow the guards through the door on your right Miss Potts”, “GODDESS” you yelled back at the man while being carted off through the door into a looming room that resembled a chapel. Full of artistic impressions of three men and the weaving branches of what looked like a tree. You looked around in awe, “You know, this would be beautiful if I wasn’t abducted to be brought here!” you yelled, struggling against the guard once again as he led you to a glass podium to stand in. “Potts. Variant L1131, AKA Goddess of Victory, is charged with sequence violation 7-20-90.” You looked up to see where the voice was coming from, it was a dark-haired woman, atop a massive black marble dock wearing an orange sash. “How do you plead?” she sighed looking at you. You presumed she was some sort of Judge. “Your honour,” you said, putting on your best charming face, “A Goddess doesn’t plead. This is all ridiculous and obviously a massive misunderstanding. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll take back Loki and we’ll forget this entire thing happened.” You smiled intimidatingly tilting your head to the side. “Are you guilty or not guilty, Miss?”, “Goddess.” You corrected, loosing the smile. “And I’m guilty of avenging my mother and of taking back my birth right: the power stone. But not of any of these nonsensical crimes against sacred timelines malarky.” You said shaking your head and letting out a laugh. “Right thank you for Confirming your guilt, Miss Potts. You killing Thanos and obtaining the power stone was never meant to happen.”, “Wait, not meant to happen? What the hell do you mean by that?” You asked, raising your voice. “The time-keepers dictate the scared flow of time. You deviated from that.” She said, looking at you like you where an idiot. “Riiiiiiight.” You sung, “The
time-keepers” you put in air quotes, “Well they must have got it wrong, I make my own decisions. I’m in control of my own destiny”, you said folding your arms in annoyance. “Miss Pott’s, the court finds you guilty and I sentence you to be reset.” She says cheerfully. Bashing her gavel against the desk. “Next case please!” she yells to the back of the court room. “Reset?? What the hell does that mean? Is it bad? Loki? Where are you?” you begin to cry out, fear spiralling out of control as you are mercilessly dragged away by more armoured guards. “Please I just want to see Loki and go home!” you cry out, with no avail until a man in a brown suit approaches the stand whispering something to the judge. The guards stop dragging you away, and you straighten your hair and try to compose yourself again, wiping away your fallen tears. The guards leave you in the company of the man in the brown suit, as he leads you out of the room and along a balcony like passageway. You stay silent, you didn’t like feeling this vulnerable, Your fate in other hands, people you barely knew. You stopped in your tracks as you gazed out at the vast spires and towers that surrounded the balcony, the vastness of it all was colossal. Beautiful even. Bigger than anything you had ever seen before. “What is this place?” You finally said to the man, your voice barely above a whisper. “Home sweet home” the man said, amused at how astounded you were. “I thought there was no magic here?” you asked, your brows furrowed in confusion. “There isn’t” he smiled, kindly letting out a small laugh while looking back out at the view. “This can’t be real. I must have hit my head back on Knowhere, or maybe I’m still in a coma from the train station attack” You said shaking your head and pinching yourself, “oww” you grimaced, rubbing your arm. “It’s real, I’m real, and unfortunately so it all the paperwork. Come on” The man joked, gently nudging your arm with his elbow as he guided you toward yet another lift. “No, no, no.” You said, shaking your head. “I’m not falling through the floor again” you said to the man, placing your hands on your hips in defiance. “It’s not that kind of elevator Y/N. It’s easier on my old knees this one” he joked ushering you inside. “I’m agent Mobius, by the way.” The man smiled, holding out his hand for you to shake. You simply looked at him and said, “Where is Loki.”. “I can’t tell you that for now Y/N. But if you cooperate with me and play nice, then I’m sure we could work something out.” He said gently. You nodded. What other choice did you have? “Next question. Are you taking me somewhere to kill me Mobius?” you asked, “No Y/N. That’s where I rescued you from, but I am taking you somewhere to talk. There’s something I need your help with, and someone I would like you to meet.” He smiled, ushering you through the elevator doors that had pinged open, “Ladies first” he said gently, allowing you to step out first, into yet another winding corridor. “You seriously need to sack your interior decorator. This place is hideous” you quipped, gazing around. “I’ll put it at the top of my list” mobius laughed, guiding you into another equally depressing looking room entitled “Time theatre”. “After you” Mobius extended his hand, gesturing for you to take a seat in front of what looked like a very dated computer. “What? Checking your email?” You said, mockingly tilting your head to the side. “Not quite.” He smiled pressing an intercom button on the table. “Send her in B-15” he said, and you looked around to see a woman dressed in a black suit walking in and take a seat next to Mobius. “Hi I’m Y/N. Pleasure to meet you” She held out her hand smiling at you. You just stared, unbelieving at your own face. “I’m sorry. What?!”
Any Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! Thank you for reading! If you want a part 2 let me know! 🖤💚🖤
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deanwithscissors · 14 hours ago
Daddy Ackles To The Rescue
Title: Home Sweet Home
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1358
Warnings: Fluff, daddy ackles, mentions of anxiety and panic attacks
Summary: [Y/N]s having a difficult time handling a morning in the Ackles household, but Jensen’s always there to help
A/N: just wrote this because feeling sensitive and needed some fluff and daddy ackles is my fave <3 ALSO by writing/posting this i’m gonna be so sharp for work, oops lol, another claim i need to put in against jensen😂
Tumblr media
Mornings were always hectic in the Ackles household, two parents who hated mornings trying to feed and dress themselves, twin two year old rockets and a firecracker five year old, hectic didn’t even begin to cover it. With three young children the residence was rarely calm or quiet, and near impossible for the adults to have uninterrupted time together, let alone a short conversation, may that be ten at night or two in the morning.
A burning sensation ripped through [Y/N]s muscles flaring up newly discovered aches while her neck and shoulders took the full brunt of the brutal attack. The night had been rough and the parents sleep had been repeatedly disrupted as the twins had a restless night. Jelly legs barely supported [Y/N] as she stood at the kitchen counter surrounded by an array of food and kids as a vicious black cloud descended on her. A basic headache threatened to spill over into a migraine.
“But I don’t want that,” Jade stomped her feet on the tiled kitchen floor, her face twisted in an unhappy frown and arms folded across her chest. 
“You’re not getting three packets of Cheetos for your lunch,” [Y/N] fought to keep her tone soft when inside she was cussing to the heavens. Today was just one of those days where everything was overwhelming, Jade who’s typically great, was being bratty and grating at her moms already frayed nerves. 
“Mommy,” Finlay tugged at Jensens shirt that [Y/N] borrowed off the floor that morning, she was rushed back to memories of a few hours prior, in bed with Jensen, naked, his lips tickled her neck while his hand danced down her body, then the kids barged in. “Mommmmmy!” Finlay said louder yanking her away from the blissful moment and launching her back to reality. 
God give me strength she prayed silently. “Baby shark gimmie a minute buddy, I’m making Jades lunch.”
“But mommy,” Finlay whined at a frequency that pierced through her skull.
“I’m not taking lunch,” Jade huffed and puffed like the wolf from Three Little Pigs. 
“Fine then don’t,” [Y/N] sighed heavily as her tired watery eyes searched for her husband. “Jensen!” She called desperate for a quiet moment to escape the rising panic bubbling in her chest.
“Finlay what is it?” It took all her might to not shriek at him, however her tone was too sharp as anxiety and resentment spread like wildfire through her veins. “Jensen!” She shouted again as Jade continued to ramble on.
“Up,” Finlay said raising his arms.
“I can’t right now, we need to get Jade to school baby.” As if she had taken his favourite toy away Finlay burst into tears and wailed at ear piercing levels that penetrated her eardrums. “JENSEN!” [Y/N] cried over her toddler and five year old daughter.
Jensen dashed into the room almost immediately with Roe facing the floor in his arms pretending she was a plane, her light brown pigtails bounced and a giggle burst from her mouth as she clutched her dads arm.
“What’s going on?” His deeper daddy tone grabbed everyones attention, even Roes. 
A moment of silence surrounded [Y/N], she inhaled deeply and took a second to catch the sobs in her throat before saying “Please just-” her brows knotted creating deep grooves in her skin. She looked at her husband pathetically, “help.”
“Jade go get your shoes-” Jensen organised. 
“But da-”
“I’ll take you to school in Baby if you hurry.”
Jades eyes widened, she glared at Jensen then to [Y/N] to find out if that could happen, [Y/N] nodded gently and Jade bolted to find her shoes. Jensen crossed the room in a totally normal way that had his agitated wife crunching her own lip and clenching her thighs together. His broad rounded shoulders and firm biceps advanced closer and her breath hitched when he stood mere inches from her, Roe reaching out to clip her moms nose between soft baby fingers. Finlay insisted on grabbing at the shirt and moaning but [Y/N] was encapsulated by Jensens sprinkling of freckles and glowing green eyes, his presence alone calmed her nerves, each step closer his warmth cradled her. Dipping down he bumped his forehead against hers.
“You okay?” He asked with soft eyes.
“No,” she replied sharply. “Jade is being a brat, Fin won’t leave me alone and he needs changed again, I haven’t showered yet and I’ve gotta do laundry, clean the car, I need to go shopping and, and-” her teeth rutted together, “I’m fucking frustrated!” She clearly was on edge as she usually avoided swearing in front of the kids.
“Well, I’ve already dealt with Jade.” He smirked proudly. “I’ll change Fin, then I’ll take the twins to drop Jade off at school so you can catch a breather, and once I’m home I’ll help fix your frustration issue.”
“Jensen don’t tease like that.”
“I’m not teasing,” he made a clicking sound with his mouth and winked in a way that tickled her core.
“Fuck, I love you,” she said adoringly while lifting on her tip toes and pressing her lips to his, she slightly opened her mouth and snagged his bottom lip between hers. The devastating storm brewing above her was slightly alleviated by his proposal and the clouds parted enough creating faint gaps for the light and love to pierce through and tickle her skin. Overcome with need and the comfort of his heat and embrace, her hands grabbed his face as she pushed her lower half against his flaccid dick while moaning into his mouth, her hands trailed down the sides of his long length heading for his crotch.
Gently clutching her wrist he reluctantly broke their kiss. “Easy tiger,” Jensen gingerly smirked.
Without knowing it [Y/N] stomped her feet mimicking Jade. “It’s not fair,” she complained.
“Wow who knew I had four kids,” his tender smirk turned sly. Swatting his bicep [Y/N] lowered her heels and dropped a few inches with a delicate smile and only devotion displayed in her eyes.
Jade barrelled into the kitchen with pink sneakers in her hands. “I wear these ones,” she announced proudly.
“Good choice,” Jensen said. “Mommy will help you. Right Fin c’mon little man lets get you changed.” Jensen confidently held Roe in one arm as he gently wrapped his gigantic hand around his sons forearm.
“Nooooo,” Finlay wailed and clutched his free arm around [Y/N]s leg as Jensen attempted to guide him away. The toddlers shrieks engulfed the room, sure to shatter glass if not tamed. “Mommy, mommy.”
“Shut up Finlay, you’re such a baby!” Jade shouted. 
“Oi,” [Y/N] directed, harsher than she meant at Jade. A lump formed in her throat and her eyes watered, the racket wrapped around her head in a distressing vice as the walls of their family kitchen creeped closer in a mission to trap her. An invisible elephant sat on her chest restricting her breathing as her bones rattled.
Aware of the signs of his wife being in the mids of an anxiety attack that was verging on turning into an overwhelming panic attack, Jensen urgently scooped up a screaming Finlay who wriggled in his arms viciously. “Jade grab your shoes. Babe take a minute, lie down, have a shower-”
“But Jades lunch and Fin-”
“I’ll deal with it.” Jensen told her before leaning down to sooth her trembling lip with his own stable embrace. “I’ve got this okay? Daddy Ackles to the rescue.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too,” Jensen pecked the top of her head. “Now scoot, I’ll see you when we get back.”
“Don’t be too long,” [Y/N] pleaded as she reluctantly left her family in the kitchen. 
“I won’t be,” Jensen reassured her before the soft grey wall broke their line of sight.
Anguish sedated [Y/N]s head and heart, she cursed herself for not being able to cope this morning, leaving Jensen to deal with everything, but as she closed the door to their bedroom and shut out all nose from the world, small tears trickled down her face. A breather with a burning hot shower is exactly what she needed and knowing she can sit under the water for as long as she wanted and not have to worry about or listen out for kids shrunk the elephant to a mouse and she swallowed air hungrily. 
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Burn too bright
5SOS Calum Hood fan fic
turns out all i can write these days is calum fics smh...anyways, this fic was kinda based on the lyric from better man (find me at a quarter to three, cigarette in my hand) and is pretty much just way of appreciating how calum makes smoking such an art form (i don't support smoking btw, this was just a bit of fun to write.) enjoy reading!!
Background: just another summer night watching the stars and city lights
Warnings: depictions of smoking, fluff
Word Count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
If there was one thing you loved about summers in LA, it was the nights. Being able to sit out in the warm air, letting the breeze run its hands through your hair while you watch the stars competing with the glow of the city was true contentment. Something you and Cal did often.
So it was no surprise when you woke up to an empty bed in the middle of the night, the sheets tossed off to the side and an empty indentation where Calum had been lying. You looked over to the bedside table and read the clock’s lit-up display, showing the numbers 2:43 am.
You rolled onto your back with a little groan, rubbing at your eyes to wake yourself up more. The door to the balcony was wide open, letting the warm summer air flow around the room, the sheer floor length curtains rippling in the movement. You could vaguely make out the figure lounging in one of the chairs on the balcony; Calum’s silhouette relaxed against the back of the chair, head tilted back as his hand came up to his mouth to take a long drag of a cigarette. You watched as he slowly blew the smoke out, a long stream of it hanging in the air, slowly fading, until it floated away on the wind completely.
You lay in the sheets for a moment longer to watch Cal draw in another long breath, letting the smoke drift out his open mouth once more, head resting against the back of the chair. The city lights created a backdrop of glittering sparks behind him, lighting up the contours of his face and the shadow along his jawline.
You smiled to yourself as you pushed the sheets off and sat up on the edge of the bed. The cool wood floor greeted your warm feet as you stood and made your way over to the balcony, the balmy air washing over your bare skin, which was mostly exposed by the short nightgown you were wearing. It was summer after all.
Calum turned at the sound of your voice, a hint of a smile dancing over his lips when he saw you.
“Hi, darling,” he replied, already holding out his arm to make room for you on his lap. You smiled at him sleepily as you crawled into his arms, legs curling up on the chair either side of him, face snuggling into the crook of his neck. His bare chest was deliciously warm against you, and one of his hands came to rest on your back as the other lifted the cigarette to his lips again.
“I thought you were trying to quit,” you murmured when you felt the puff of smoke drift over your head.
“Yeah, I know,” he said quietly as he flicked the ash off the end of the cigarette for the wind to take away. “Just needed it tonight. I can stop now if you want though.”
“No, it's fine, Cal. I kinda like it when you smoke,” you said through a smile. He didn't miss the teasing tone in your voice.
“Mm hm. You make it look incredibly hot.”
He chuckled, the sound of it vibrating through his chest to your ear, making you smile even more.
A comfortable silence settled over the two of you now, just the quiet noises of the city floating around you as Calum occasionally dragged in a long puff, then slowly let the smoke escape out his lips again. You turned a little to look at him, eyes tracing the outline of his face as he gently blew a stream of smoke out into the air.
This night wasn’t the first time you had woken to Calum sitting out here, more often than not with a cigarette in hand. You knew it was a hard habit to give up, especially when it seemed to calm him so easily, so that didn’t particularly bother you. It was more the fact that he had felt the need to smoke, that was the worrying thing.
You shifted in his arms, moving over to his side more and turning so you could see him better in the dim light. You noted the tense set of his jaw, and how his brows were drawn together in a slight frown as he looked over the sea of golden lights spread out in front of you.
“You okay, Cal?”
“Hmm?” He raised his eyebrows a little when he turned to look at you, then faint smile flickered on his lips for a moment as he leant in to press a gentle kiss to your head. “I’m fine, love. Don’t need to worry about me.”
“I know, Cal, but I have to. It’s my job,” you said softly, eyes tracking his hand as he took another drag of the almost burnt out cigarette. “You know I’m here for you, if you ever want to talk or anything.” Your hand lightly drew over the shapes of his tattoos as you spoke, the roman numerals just under his collar bone coming to life as your fingertips traced over them. He just hummed and flicked more ash off his cigarette.
“Yeah, I know, love. And I appreciate it, but really, I’m fine.” He turned to look at you again, a hint of a playful smile on his lips that didn’t quite reach his eyes. You just silently watched the way the twinkling lights of the city were reflected in those dark eyes for a moment, sparks of shining embers lighting up the endless swirling shadows.
The moment of quiet contemplation passed, ended with a simple, “Okay.” Nothing more needed to be said anyway. You could tell he didn’t want to talk right now, and that was okay. It was enough for you to just be there for him.
You kept silent as your fingertips skimmed over his chest once more, tracing the tattoo inked under his other collarbone now, almost in the shape of a feather. His eyes fluttered closed as he savoured your gentle touch, cool fingers dancing over warm skin, taking in the feeling of the heartbeat in his chest and the slow rise and fall of his breathing.
His eyes opened again when you stopped tracing patterns on him, drawing your hand back to rest on his arm instead. You could see his smile growing as he looked at you, the little creases beside his eyes beginning to show.
“You really like my tattoos, huh?”
“Oh shush,” you smiled as you gently smacked his arm, making him laugh. You gestured to his other hand that was holding the cigarette. “You going to share or what, handsome," you teased. He was grinning now, a contagious smile spreading onto your face too.
“Only for you, my love.” He held the cigarette up to your lips for you to take a long drag, making the embers at the other end glow for a second. Another spark reflected in his beautiful eyes.
You let your head fall against his shoulder as you slowly blew the smoke out, eyes closed and soaking in his radiant warmth, contently breathing him in now and listening to the sounds of the city around you. It was so peaceful.
You felt him press another kiss to the top of your head, the smile in his voice evident as he whispered quietly into your hair. “I love you, Y/n.”
You snuggled even closer into his warmth with a smile of your own tugging on your lips. “Love you more, Cal.”
Thanks for reading! Check out my [masterlist] for more fics <3
(as always, dedicated to @theduckgoesquack! thanks for your help on this one jocelyn <3)
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i'll keep you my dirty little secret
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Unbelievers by @isthatyoularry / isthatyoularry
It’s Louis’ senior year, and he’s dead set on doing it right. However, along with his pair of cleats, a healthy dose of sarcasm and his ridiculous best friend, he’s also got a complicated family, a terrifyingly uncertain future, and a mortal enemy making his life just that much worse. Mortal enemies “with benefits” was not exactly the plan.
Or: The one where Louis and Harry definitely aren’t friends, and football is everything.
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How To: Deal with Criticism & Hate
Tumblr media
Listen to the episode here.
Summary: Bee and Saira discuss how to deal with all kinds of criticism, including hate.
Speakers: Bee (@negans-lucille-tblr) and Saira (@thinkinghardhardlythinking)
Run time: 34:35
Tags/Warnings: Discussion of hateful messages. The accents make them sound lovely, though!
Tumblr media
Episodes Masterlist
A rundown of some of the points discussed is below the cut!
No matter how constructive or polite criticism is given, it will always hurt. These are some ways to deal with it.
To respond or not to respond to constructive criticism:
If unsolicited, you can ignore it if you want to. Delete the ask or whatever and move on. You are under no obligation to listen to or answer comments you have not asked for.
Determine if the criticism is constructive and well-meant or simply hateful and intended to hurt you. Take a moment, let it sink in, get past the initial hurt, and then re-evaluate the comments and the commenter before deciding whether to respond. Knee-jerk reactions are never good.
If the comments are hateful, you do not need to let them live in your head rent-free. If you decide to respond, however, try to treat them with the kindness and respect you wish they would have used with you.
To accept or reject constructive criticism given to you:
Do they have a valid point? Considering criticism, even if unsolicited, can be constructive and can help you become a better writer.
If you disagree with their criticism, make sure you have a well-considered reason why. Doing this helps you to not reject good criticism out of hand and make a mindful decision that will improve your writing.
Do you respect the person providing the criticism? Only take criticism from people you want to emulate.
Don’t lose your voice because of bending to everyone’s criticism. In the end, you are the writer and only you can bring yourself to your writing. Also, we’re doing this for free, for the joy of it, so don’t lose the joy.
Dealing with outright hate:
When you receive outright hate, just delete it. Yes, it hurts, and it will bother you, but don’t give them the attention they crave. A certain type of person sends hate, and they are not interested in making you a better writer.
Take a break, talk to your friends, touch grass, and be kind to yourself. You are the better person for walking away rather than engaging them. If you really want to respond, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. As mentioned above, if you decide to respond, treat them better than they treated you.
People who send hate are attention-seeking, so starving them of that attention is the best way to respond. The more you answer them and defend yourself, the more they will attack because they enjoy the drama they create. Protect yourself and others by just deleting it.
That’s it for this episode! Give it a listen and let us know what you think!
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TWFF Challenge #31 Fics Revealed!
Our lovely MoC this round, @sternenstaub28, gave us a wonderful autumn-ish prompt:
Tumblr media
I'm sure we'll see nothing but very fluffy fics this round...
You can read all the fics here!
And guess who wrote what here! Guessing is open to anyone who wants to give it a shot!
Our authors this round are: @lohrendrell, @major-trouble, Anoke, @glittering-git, @pherryt, @kuwdora, @impsane, @lamburrito, @inexplicifics, @feedingmyinsomnia, @brighteyedjill, @lambden, @katwriteswitcherthings, kimikocha, @thirstyforred, @peaktotheocean and @witcherscrane!
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all-tings-gubler · a day ago
Tumblr media
Does this..seem right to ya'll? I mean tumblr is a reblogging based like what in the name of Merlin's leftover poptart is this ;-;
Tumblr media
I'm assuming this is from my most current fic? If that's the case I wish I could complain but since I'm not confident enough about my writing skills I can't ask people to reblog it. I'm just glad that they like it.
But that being said I do think that if you any of you like a writer (Not me specifically) and want them to keep writing then please reblog their work or at the very least leave a nice comment or send them compliments anonymously if you're shy ❤️
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vyta · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
credit: @redbeantofu on twt
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Their Favorite [Obey Me!: Barbatos/MC]
Obey Me! Masterlist
"So MC, who is your favorite?” Asmo asked while all the brothers lounged in the living room. “It’s me, right?”
“I’m not answering that question,” MC spoke. Their eyes skimmed their homework for any errors. “I care about all of you, and no matter how I’d answer it’d hurt most of you.”
“Ah, that’s no fun,” the Avatar of Lust whined with his bottom lip poking out in a pout. His orange eyes traced over MC’s body as they continued to work on their homework. “But one of us is your favorite demon, right?”
“Again, I’m not answering that.”
“Your favorite demon isn’t one of us.” Satan put a bookmark in his book and set his book down on the coffee table with a light thump.
MC huffed out of frustration and met Satan’s scrutinizing eyes. “Why would you think that?”
“It’s only us here. If you said one of us was your favorite demon, then no one’s feelings would get hurt. Because you didn’t, there is someone else that’s your favorite demon.”
“Or I could just be worried that one of you would run off and tell Barbatos and Lord Diavolo.”
“So Barbatos is your favorite.”
MC felt their face and ears burn. They buried their face back into their homework. “You’re delusional, Satan.”
“No, I don’t think I am.” Satan smirked, the thrill of solving a mystery excited him. “Most refer to those two as Lord Diavolo and Barbatos – with Lord Diavolo coming first. It’s only natural given that he’s the next crowned King of Devildom.”
“Oh! That makes so much sense!” Asmo clapped his hands together. “I did see the two of them out on a date.”
“Wait what?!” Mammon shrieked now becoming fully invested in the conversation. He leaped over the couch. His body nearly collided with MC’s. His white locks of hair flipped back and forth – his head shifting quickly from Asmo to Satan and then to MC.
“It’s true! I was out shopping and I saw them at the market.”
“We were just running an errand,” MC dismissed, though their darkening cheeks said otherwise.
“Oh?” Asmo cooed and leaned close to MC, trying to get a glimpse of their blush. His chest just leaning into MC’s arm. “Then why were you holding hands?”
“Holdin’ hands?” Mammon’s voice cracked.
“He was just making sure I didn’t get lost. There were a lot of other demons there,” MC’s voice shook as they spoke.
“And how about when you kissed at the café?”
“Kissed?” Lucifer looked up from his paperwork with a frown. He placed his pen down and sat up straight, fully facing MC.
“H-he ate the only dessert that they had and was letting me get a taste. That’s it,” MC’s voice was muffled. Their hands trembled while covering their face.
“And then why did he give your cheek a kiss when he walked you back home?” Asmo was practically draped over MC.
MC’s head shot up. “Just how long did you follow us?!”
“So it’s all true?” Lucifer sighed and shook his head.
“Yes,” MC gave in. They slowly stood up, shaking Asmo off of them. “I need to go make a call.” They quickly left away from the gazes of the brothers – some looked distraught, others disappointed, and others amused.
MC looked back to see if anyone followed them, but no one was there. Their hands shook while they reached into their pocket and took out their D.D.D. Their fingers swiped across the screen until they brought their D.D.D. to their ear. A dull ringing sounded.
“MC, what a surprise," Barbatos’s voice sounded from the other line.
“I’m sorry, am I interrupting you?”
“Not at all. Let me just step out for a moment.” Barbatos paused. “I’m going to step out for just a moment, young master,” his voice was quieter – as though he held the phone away from him. There was a moment of silence before he came back. “I apologize for the wait. How are you, MC?”
“Um, well,” MC hesitated. “Please don’t be mad at me.”
“Are you alright?” Concern laced his voice.
"I’m fine, it’s just…” MC took a deep breath to try and calm their nerves. “Asmo saw us the other day and told all of the brothers. I’m so sorry. I know we were trying to keep this quiet to make sure it’d work, but now they all know.” There was a brief lapse in conversation before MC heard Barbatos chuckle lightly. “Barbatos?”
“I’m sorry, MC. This is honestly a blessing.” MC could hear the smile in his voice. “To be honest, I wasn’t fond of us sneaking around. I hated being in the same room as you and had to keep my distance, to not hold your hand, kiss your cheek, or…No.” Barbatos paused. “I need to tell you this in person. MC, where are you?”
“At the house. Tell me what?”
"I’ll be there momentarily. Please wait for me.”
“Wait! Is it a good thing or a bad thing?” MC chewed on their lip, their anxiety bubbling up. Was he going to end things with them?
“It’s good,” Barbatos breathed out. “I promise it’s good. Please wait.”
“I promise, I’ll wait.” They hung up and looked back seeing a few of the brothers peeking around the corner at them. They sighed and hurried towards the front door to the house. Without thinking, their feet trotted back and forth. They kept tapping their phone screen to glance at the time and see how long it’s been since they spoke with Barbatos.
Then, a knock sounded past the wooden doors. MC quickly grasped the bronze handles and opened the doors. Barbatos straightened up, trying to hide how his chest heaved while trying to catch his breath. The corners of his mouth quickly turned up to a soft smile.
“Forgive me for making you wait,” he spoke. He paused for a moment to take a deep breath. He took in every detail of MC’s face and chuckled lightly. “You look nervous.”
“Well, I am,” MC huffed and crossed their arms. Their eyes looking off to the side.
“I should be the one that’s nervous,” Barbatos hummed. He took a small step forward and softly placed his hand on their shoulder. His hand traced down their arm until he gently uncrossed their arms. Soon, his hand found MC’s and he intertwined their fingers with his.
MC looked up at him, not bothering to hide their flushed face. “Why?”
Barbatos leaned forward and rested his forehead against MC’s. He closed his eyes, relishing in the warmth MC gave off. “I wanted to tell you this in person, not over the phone. It is a mystery as to when you became so important to me. Not being able to hold you, speak with you, or be blessed by your presence whenever we please has been pure torture for me. I have been yearning for the moment where we could be together, not that the others know, we can.” He opened his eyes and brought MC’s hands up to his lips and pressed a kiss to it. Barbatos then brought MC’s hand to his chest, where his heart was beating quickly just by looking at them. “I’m hopelessly in love with you, MC.”
MC’s breath hitched and their eyes widened. They threw themselves into his arms and clung onto the fabric of his jacket. “I love you, too.”
“Kiss them!” Asmo cried from a distance.
The two glanced over, seeing the swarm of demon brothers. MC felt embarrassment crawl up their neck, but a finger under their chin brought them to face Barbatos once more. His eyes glanced towards their lips.
“May I?”
MC slowly nodded and leaned up. Barbatos’s lips enraptured MC’s in a chaste kiss. They pulled apart and leaned into the other's embrace, not caring about the prying eyes and many photos Asmo was taking of Devildom’s newest couple.
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The new arrivals- Part 11 (Finale)
My master post is here with all the other parts!
Thanks for baring with me while I wasn't feeling too great! I can't believe I've written a whole series! While it may not seem like a lot to others, this really has took me out of my comfort zone in the most wonderful way. Thank you each and everyone of you for all your support in writing this! 🖤💚🖤
Any Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! Thank you for all the love . You guys are amazing! 🖤💚🖤
Let me know if you want added to the tag list! because I will be making another series to follow up with this!!
@word-addict-lisette @with-inked-solace @queen-of-mischief @faraum @xaquarianqueenx
Pairing: Loki x Female reader
Summary: You are Y/N the Goddess of Victory, niece of Tony Stark and you run the Avengers training facility based in the Highlands of Scotland. Thor, Loki and a ship full of Asgardians arrive and you need to help.
Word count:2.4K
Warnings: SMUT (18+ Don’t make me ban you horny teens) unprotected sex (wrap it up guys), graphic violence, angst etc
Tumblr media
“What the hell is this?” Quill yelled raising his arm towards the newly appeared Loki and Thor, “is there an intergalactic renaissance fair being held on my ship?! Did I miss the memo?!”, “Pipe down Quill” you sighed, your eyes never moving from Loki, “They’re friends, and they’ll just be leaving” you said storming over to grab Loki by the arm, dragging him down the corridor towards Gamora’s room. “What the hell are you doing here Loki?!” you whispered to him angrily, desperately trying not to burst into tears. “What am I doing here Y/N?? what are you doing?? You don’t have to bear this burden alone” he said, grabbing both your arms, slightly shaking you while a stray tear fell down his cheek. He reached his hand up to cup your face, “We’re doing this together my love.” He said gently, while trying to look into your glistening purple eyes. Using your powers, you sent him flying backwards into the metal wall. “You need to go home Loki.” You said, beginning to glow bright purple, “I can’t lose you too” you whispered, levitating as purple tears ran down your face. Using his magic Loki duplicated himself and pushed you towards the wall, making his copy disappear, pinning you against the wall, as you struggled to get free. He leaned in and passionately kissed you, making you drop back to the floor and grab the back of his neck, to deepen the kiss, as he lifted you up, pinning you against the wall, your legs wrapped around his waist. “Fuck, I’ve missed you” Loki moaned into your neck, between sucking and biting your most sensitive spots. “And I you” you sighed, revelling in his touch. With a wave of his hands, you where naked, the feeling of the cold metal against your body making you drip with arousal. Your slick pussy rubbing against his leather armour, your head pressing against the cold metal of his horned helmet, “Fuck me Loki. I need to feel you inside me” You moaned into his open mouth. He released his aching member, pumping it with his hand as you held onto his shoulders, he thrust into you with one swift movement, making you both cry out, as he began rhythmically fucking you up the wall, your cries echoing throughout the small metal room. He picked up the pace, taking his hand and from the wall and rubbing your swollen clit, making you writhe beneath him in pleasure, gripping onto the horns of his helmet to lift yourself up and down on his thick cock as you chased your orgasm. “Fuck, Loki!!” you screamed out as your swollen pussy pulsated around his cock, milking every drop of cum from Loki as he rested his forehead against yours. “I love you Y/N” he whispered to you; his eyes still closed. “I love you too Loki” you smiled, tears falling down your cheeks. As you cleaned you both with a wave of your hand you began to get dressed, Loki’s eyes falling to the multiple pink scars on your abdomen, he sighed out loud. “I never should have put you in danger” he said, turning to face away from you, his voice full of regret. With a wave of your hand, you dressed yourself and walked over to sit next to him, his head looking at the floor, not wanting to look you in the eyes. “You wouldn’t have been able to stop me Loki” you said while wrapping an arm around him and pulling him closer. “Just like I apparently can’t stop you from coming after me” you smiled rocking him slightly, making Loki smile despite himself. “Knock knock” Thor’s voice sang from the corridor outside the room as he appeared at the doorway, his hands covering his eyes, making him nearly walk into the wall next to the door. “Are you two finished doing the dance with no pants?” he grinned, still covering his eyes. “You’ve been hanging out with Stark too much brother” Loki laughed, walking over to Thor and swatting his hands away from his eyes. “I am Groot” Groot said from the corridor, still playing his video game. “Ah brother, Y/N. have you met my new friend tree?” Thor smiled gesturing over to Groot. “I have surprisingly, given I’ve been here for hours before you Thor” You rolled your eyes, shaking your head. “Come, he say’s we’re approaching Knowhere” Thor
said, his tone turning serious. “Oh and Y/N. Don’t ever steal my Axe again” he said, pointing Storm-Breaker at you. You raised your hands in mock defeat “Sorry about that” you said winking and giving Thor a hug, to show him there was no hard feelings. You walked past Thor and headed towards the main part of the ship, with Loki close to your back. As you looked out the main window of the bridge as you approached the dark, glowing ancient skull, that formed Knowhere. “He’s here” Gamora said, spotting the massive spaceship that loomed, larger than you could have ever imagined behind the planet. As you looked over to Loki, his face a mock façade of indifference, but when he looked you in the eyes you could tell he was terrified. You reached over to him and grabbed his hand, holding it tightly and giving it a reassuring squeeze. As your ship entered through what looked like the eye socket of the skull you arrived inside a cavern, full of towering structures, before landing on what you assumed was the designated landing zone. “This place looks deserted” Thor said, while leaning over Quill to get a better look out the window. “I’m reading movement in the third quadrant” Drax said, his eyes fixed on the computer screen in front of his chair. You held out your hand and let Mjolnir fly into your palm, saying “Let’s go.”, “Shouldn’t we make some sort of plan?” Loki questioned, grabbing your forearm to stop you walking away. “My plan is to kill Thanos and Kill Proxima, and preferably to not die in the process.” You said tilting your head to smirk sarcastically at Loki. He duplicated himself and appeared in front of you, blocking you from leaving again. “That’s not a plan, that’s just what you want to achieve.”, you sighed trying to shove him out the way, only for your hand to fall through the image. “Loki, if you don’t want to come, then don’t, but I’m doing this. With or without your help” you said, your tone serious as you began to walk to the exit of the ship. As the doors opened and you headed down the stairs with Thor and Loki close by and the guardians of the galaxy following after them, you headed through the cold metal corridors until up ahead you could see an opening into a large, cavernous room full of glass display cabinets, and in the centre was Thanos, his back turned to you as he interrogated a man kneeling in front of him. You crept forward, hiding behind one of the numerous looming metal containers that littered the room, trying to listen to what Thanos was saying. “I know you have the reality stone Tivan. Giving it to me will spare you a great deal of suffering.” He said calmly while kicking the man over and pressing a foot against his chest, as he cried out in pain. “I told you..” he struggled, “I sold it…. Why would I lie?” he groaned, moving his hands up to his chest. “I imagine it’s like breathing for you” Thanos quipped back, clearly enjoying the moment. “Like suicide” Tivan said to the titian looking utterly terrified as Thanos just smiled at him saying, “ah, so you do understand. Not even you would surrender something so precious”, “I didn’t know what it was” Tivan croaked out, his voice shaking as he shook his head, “Then you’re more of a fool than I took you for” Thanos said, raising his head and looking around. “Last chance charlatan” he growled, his gaze firmly back on the man beneath him as he crushed him under the weight of his boot once again. “Where’s the stone??” Thanos almost sung at him. Drax appeared by your side. “Today. He pays for the deaths of my wife and daughters”, while unsheathing his daggers ready to blow your cover and lunge for Thanos. “He’s mine, don’t even think about it” you growled at him, magically forcing him back against the metal container, your eyes shimmering purple. “I don’t want to hurt you, but If you cost me this, there’s no soul in the galaxy that will protect you from my wrath. Do you understand?!” you angrily whispered gritting your teeth. Drax simply nodded, looking slightly scared of you. Thanos stopped torturing the man and looked over in your direction. It was
now or never. You ran towards him, spinning Mjolnir and screaming as you lept towards him, tossing him backwards. The tall grey goon you had seen before, appeared, and sent you hurdling into one of the glass cabinets as you watched Loki run over towards Thanos, his dual daggers aiming for the Titan’s chest. Using the gauntlet and the power stone, Thanos stopped Loki in his tracks. And kept him frozen in mid-air, before aggressively slamming him down to the ground. “Good” Thanos taunted, “I won’t need to come find you for the Tesseract.” He smirked, grabbing Loki by the neck, as he began to choke him. “The Tesseract, or your lover’s life. Your choice” Thanos said menacingly while looking Loki in the eyes as he looked back at you. You got to your feet, glowing purple as you prepared to attack Thanos again, hitting him square in the chin with Mjolnir, sending him crashing across the room, through several cabinets, shattering them as they went and tossing Loki to the side. As you looked over you spotted Thor decapitating the grey goon who had thrown you across the room, you nodded to thank Thor. As all three of you walked towards Thanos. He used the gauntlet to bring both Thor and Loki to their knees. He tried again, looking at you with confusion. “It can’t be” Thanos said stammering, as you picked up Storm-breaker and walked towards Thanos, as he continued to try and use the Power stone on you. “My powers come from the stone. Did you really think you could control me with it? Did you think you would get away with all the lives you’ve destroyed? All the pain you’ve inflicted?” You growled at him beginning to yell as you held the axe to his neck, droplets of purple blood seeping from the titan’s neck. “The universe needs to be balanced…” Thanos began only for you to swipe the axe screaming, “That’s not your choice to make! You took everything from me!!”, “I don’t even know who you are” Thanos said looking at you, “Was that fear in his eyes?” you thought. It didn’t matter. He deserved to be afraid. You let out a scream of pure pain, thinking of all he had taken from you as you swung the axe and felt the hot gush of purple blood splatter your face, and saw the lifeless body of Thanos fall to the floor. You took the power stone from his golden gauntlet and placed it into the necklace. “Back where It belongs”, you thought. “That was for you mum” you mumbled letting a tear fall down your cheek as Loki took your hand in his, both of you looking at the crumpled body of the “great titan”. “I can’t believe you did it!” Thor grinned appearing behind you and Loki, slapping a hand on each of your backs. “I never doubted you for a minute” Loki smiled, gazing lovingly at you, as you looked into his eyes, leaning in for a kiss you focused on the Orange glowing block that had appeared behind him. “What the…” you started to say, as Loki and Thor both turned around to see what you were looking at, only to be confronted by a group of people wearing what looked like riot gear emerging from the glowing orange portal. The one in front, who appeared to be their commander looked around taking in her surroundings saying, “Appears to be a standard sequence violation.” While looking at a device she held in her hand she continued, “Branch is growing at a stable rate and slope.” She then stopped and looked at you and Loki, “Variant’s identified”, “Excuse me?” you said, placing a hand on your hip and another protectively in Loki’s hand. “On behalf of the Time Variance Authority, I hereby arrest you for crimes against the Sacred Timeline. Hands up!”, “I beg your pardon?” Loki said as confused as you by the spectacle that had appeared before you all. The group began to advance towards you brandishing riot sticks with a bright blue light on the end. “You’re coming with us” The commander stated looking directly at you and Loki. “You’d have more chance of me marrying the Hulk and touring the galaxy with an Avengers musical” you smirked at them, tilting your head and spreading your arms apart letting your hands glow purple as you lifted off the ground. She
stalked towards you and Loki, Loki pushed you out of the way as her baton made contact with his face and he moved in slow motion. Thor was also attacked by one of the other members, pinning him to the ground and leaving only you, against the 4 of them. You sent two flying backwards with a wave of your hand and went to ambush the commander attacking Loki as you were struck from behind, falling forward in slow motion. You felt something clip onto your neck as you watched the commander put what looked like a collar on Loki’s neck saying, “You are both now moving at 1/16th speed but feeling all that pain in real time.” As you and Loki both fell to the floor in front of one another you frantically tried to reach out and take his hands only to be dragged away towards the glowing orange portal. “Loki!!!” you cried out, as you struggled against the two guards manhandling you as Loki called out your name just before you disappeared into the orange doorway.
Any Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! Thank you for all the love. You guys are amazing! 🖤💚🖤
There will be a follow up series! Let me know if that is something you would Like! 🖤💚🖤
Tumblr media
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maidservant-hecubus · 5 months ago
There is officially fanfic of the Ever Given/Suez Canal. I love this timeline
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Read it here
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theheroichydrangea · a year ago
If people could see my Ao3 history
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