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I’m in quarantine and I’m bored, so why not open myself up to a lot of bullshit by expressing my opinions on omegaverse?

Lot of cis women who tell me (an afab enby) that I shouldn’t like omegaverse. As if it doesnt help me reconcile my own dysphoria, explore my kinks that are deeply interconnected with said, dysphoria, and explore different ways of being. Yeah, alot of it enforces gender roles (example: omegas are feminine and alphas are masculine, even though a man can be an omega and a woman can be an alpha) and they do tend to ignore, in their own stories, cis female omegas and cis female alphas. That doesnt mean the stories are bad, it means they need improvement. But I’ve seen alot of improvement to the stories and honestly, as more queer folx write a/b/o stories, they have become much more nuanced and less gendered. I would love to see more diversity, for instance, non binary omegas, ace alphas, alpha/alpha pairings, omega/omega pairings, explorations of what it means to be an alpha woman or an omega man. The logistics of living in a world with heats and ruts and soulmates. Navigating consent. Exploring what it’s like for trans people in an a/b/o world. Differences in cultures regarding different dynamics and secondary genders.

There is alot of exploration to be had. But exploration is not a bad thing. Exploring gender through reading or writing is not a bad thing. Enjoying it for the sake of enjoying it is not a bad thing. Deciding you don’t care for the genre is not a bad thing.

Harassing writers, artists and fans of the genre fucking is. Calling a non binary person transphobic for liking the genre, is. (Also alot of criticism I’ve seen of a/b/o stuff has terf-y undertones i.e. “only women can get pregnant”.)

At its core, a/b/o explores what the world would be like is human sexuality and gender were different (in some ways) than now. It explores different types of families, friendships, and romantic relationships and explores, whether a hit or miss, aspects of contest, relationship dynamics, and sexism.

It’s a genre that’s enjoyed by people of every gender and sexuality and it’s a world that is infinitely changing.

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Side note: I’m thinking either like a writer, reader, or someone that just works and doesn’t stop… like ever


·      He doesn’t like that you aren’t getting enough sleep

·      It didn’t bother him as much until you two moved in together or you were just sleeping at each other’s places more

·      Then he was concerned at the extent of your “sleeping” habits

·      You would be up until the sun if you had something that you wanted to do

·      Work was a big thing if it wasn’t anything else

·      There would be no business calls cause it’s 3am but for some reason you decided that you had to get all of your week’s work out of the way

·      That was the first time that he flat out demanded you to sleep

·      You said no

·      That resulted in him giving you decafe coffee instead of caffeinated

·      You have compared him to your mother before much to his dislike

·      “I am not your mother, I am your concerned boyfriend but, I’m sure that if she saw this, she would be equally concerned.”

·      You rolled your eyes and continued with whatever you were doing

·      He has hidden your things before

·      That did not end well

·      *Que running around the manor trying to find your things and chasing your now terrified boyfriend*


·      Was kind of like Dick in the sense that he was more of a mother hen when it came to sleeping

·      He sees what happens to Tim and hates making the connection

·      Now, Jason understands not being able to put something like a good book down but, “For God’s sake Y/N it’s 5 in the morning!”

·      “Yeah and I almost have 3 chapters left so leave me alone Jay.”

·      He knows that there is no stopping you

·      However, there is a way to prevent you from doing anything at night other than sleeping form the get go

·      You cannot resist cuddling

·      He will not let you go during this time and you can’t help but fall asleep

·      He will also give you the wrong kind of coffee or just small things to make you sleep

·      If it’s work that is keeping you awake at night, he assures you that it will be there in the morning and that you’re bound to succeed with whatever that work is


·      Hypocrite

·      This boy stays up for daaayyyssss on end with no sleep with no care about it and what does he do when he sees you not sleeping

·      The small boi loses his shit

·      He will not let you turn into him

·      And you use this against him sometimes

·      “Y/N you have to get sleep, you can’t function without it.”

·      “Says Mr. I don’t sleep for 2 weeks on end.”

·      It makes him feel guilty so it doesn’t get tossed around a lot

·      He will hack into your computer and set a turn off time

·      Everything just shuts down until a certain time in the morning and it drives you insane

·      Now you print everything off before the computer goes out

·      Hehehe

·      One time he had to bribe you into sleep

·      If you go to sleep now, I’ll go to sleep with you at a decent time for the week

·      It was a deal

·      He does admit however, that it is nice you have you next to him or in the room when he’s working either just for company or moral support


·      Found out when he went by your window at 4am one night

·      It wasn’t uncommon for him to come and just stay the night at your place

·      “Beloved what on earth are you doing at this time?” He’d ask coming inside

·      You pop your earbuds out and smile awkwardly

·      “Nothin”

·      He goes over to see what you’re doing and sees that it’s a pile of school work for that week or more

·      “Beloved those aren’t due for the next 2 weeks.”

·      You knew, you just wanted to get it all done

·      There are also the nights where you stay up all night studying

·      There is lots of reassurance from his side that you’ll do fine but have to sleep to do well

·      He really is concerned when he sees you with bright purple under eyes, almost falling asleep everywhere

·      He makes you sleep over at the manor some nights to make sure that you sleep

·      Sporadic visits during patrol

·      On the plus side, he does sleep with you more now

·      He wants so desperately to see you succeed but not at the cost of your own health


Originally posted by jupiter2

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Lena goes to the gym sometime during let’s say season 3 or 4. Trust me this isn’t about canon and discovers all sorts of things about Kara Danvers. Yeah, this is Lena being a thirsty girl and was inspired by this edited pictured ( Credit to account: @Zor-ELuthor) 


Lena stepped into her local gym late in the evening with her black hair tied up, wearing her black leggings and purple baggy top and with matching leg warmers on. Not that she came to this gym often, but her day had been extremely frustrating, and she’d felt like working out some aggression on the heavy bag here and this gym was small and often empty.

But what greeted her in the empty gym shocked and pleasantly surprised her in equal measure. It was Kara Danvers in a white sports bra, low-riding grey sweatpants shorts that showed of her hipbones and a pair of well-worn high-tops bench-pressing what looked to be every weight plate in the gym. 

Ducking out of sight, but she was unable to rein her curiosity and kept watching the blonde beefcake of a reporter in the floor to ceiling mirrors as Kara grunted each time she pushed the slightly bending pole up and down.   

The blonde’s washboard abs were sucked in and her strong back was arched off the bench. Each upward push caused the pole to bend slightly and the sight of the beads of sweat running was down Kara’s glistening forearms, biceps and triceps at each full-extension made her gasp. The blonde’s grip on the pole was tight and her knuckles were white with the occasional vein popping out on the back of her hand. She shouldn’t be spying on Kara like this, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the woman.

After ten repetitions the blonde dropped the pole down with a loud clang and sat up breathing heavily and Lena felt herself rubbing her thighs together. With Kara stretching with her arms above her head she could see swollen biceps, cut triceps and perfectly defined deltoids flexing and relaxing and then the blonde ran her hands through her messy and sweaty hair. A movement that pushed out her chest and she had to look away for a moment to catch her breath.

Why was Kara here by herself? Did she come here often? How was the girl so strong? How long had Kara been a gym goddess? All those thoughts ran through her mind, but she was quickly distracted by that heavenly body again. Until now she’d never seen Kara exposed like this and she was pretty sure she was drooling.

Grabbing a white towel Kara wiped the glistening sheen of sweat from her face and then greedily chugged from her water bottle with her long elegant neck extended and moving with each gulp. The sight gave her all sorts of ideas. Lena Luthor, you’re perving on your best friend! The voice of her conscience shouted at her but was quickly silenced by her innate curiosity. 

Unable to look away she watched as Kara fixed her crooked glasses and started pulling the weight plates of the pole with a frustrated grunt. Then the muscular blonde started loading up another pole on the floor for what she guessed would be deadlifts.   

She knew that she shouldn’t be watching this, but she couldn’t look away. This was a revelation! It would seem that underneath her unassuming reporter outfits, Kara Danvers was a rippling mountain of muscles. Lena liked! Though she did admit to the muscular blonde right now being responsible for a considerable drop in her usual high IQ. 

Breathing in and out a few times, Kara shook out her arms and jumped up and down energetically to hype herself up. But nothing on the blonde bounced, it was all firm and fit. Then the blonde took a hand full of chalk and clapped her hands together. In the process creating a big white cloud of powder before squatting down with a butt that you could bounce a dime of pushed out in her direction. The strength of the fabric in those shorts was nothing short of amazing. 

She could see the muscles in Kara’s back and shoulders bunching up and then straighten. The woman’s quads and calves flexed and glistened with trails of sweat and she tried to pretend that she was simply admiring Kara’s form. Probably the biggest lie she’d ever told herself in her entire life.

Kara kept her back straight and her head facing forward throughout as she lifted the heavily loaded bar using her defined legs and driving her hips forward and shoulders backward. 

She watched in awe as the blonde lifted what had to be nearly five hundred pounds from the floor in one smooth motion. Seeing Kara standing up straight she was reminded how tall and imposing Kara Danvers really was as the muscular blonde started explosively lifting the pole again and again and she was transfixed at the sight. 

With the floor to ceiling mirrors providing her a perfect back and front view, she could see that sweat was pouring down Kara’s beautiful face. The blonde’s defined arms glistened, and those ripped abs flexed which each breath the blonde took. A stream of sweat was running down the blonde’s spine she observed and on top of that, Kara Danvers had legs like steel and an ass that wouldn’t quit, and she realized she was both flushed and heavily turned on. 

All too soon in her humble opinion, it was over. The pole hit the floor with a loud bang and again she watched Kara dutifully put the weight plates away but she was more focused on how the blonde’s white sports bra was soaked with sweat after that workout and how the now dark sweat-stained grey shorts were clued to the girl’s lower body.

Grabbing her towel and water bottle from a nearby bench Kara drained the bottle in one big gulp and swung the towel over her shoulder. Then she was finally caught gawking at this vision of perfection and she froze like a deer caught in the headlights.

But instead of becoming shy and reserved like she expected Kara to react. The blonde made a muscle with her right bicep, flexed it, winked at her and then strode toward her with a distinctly non-Kara-Danvers’ like swagger and with a smirk on her sweaty face. 

Stopping only to push her wide open mouth shut with one finger that burned against her skin. Kara winked at her again and left without a word. Leaving her behind looking stunned and feeling turn-on beyond belief. In her mind, Kara was no longer Kara Danvers CatCo. reporter and her friend. 

No, the blonde beefcake was now Daddy Damnvers! And Lena wants!

Did I write this entire ficlet to repost that picture? Maybe?

Did I write this entire ficlet to use the phrase Daddy Damnvers that someone used to comment on my story today? Oh hell yes!

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So I guess this is a thing I’m going to be writing for now lol. I started writing this ages ago but have taken this quarantine as an opportunity to complete it. Who knows maybe I’ll write some more?

Pairing: JK x Reader - Female reader

Warnings: None, its pretty wholesome

Word Count: 537

Summary: YN has moved to Korea for work and is finding it much harder to make friends that she would like. In a last ditch effort she tries looking within her own apartment complex.

Keep reading

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Summary: When a group of teachers decides to go line dancing at a local country western bar, Lainey declares herself CB’s wing woman. She soon discovers that finding a potential mate for her best friend isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 (update)

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Title: Anagnorsis & Peripeteia
Written by: TrekChik
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: James “Bucky” Barnes / Steve Rogers
Word Count: 48,735
Chapters: 42
Tags: Slow Burn, Actor!Bucky, Director!Steve, Community Theatre, Falling Back in Love, Eventual Smut, Pining, Guaranteed HEA

When Bucky Barnes decides to audition for the local community theatre production of Octopus, he never expected his ex, Steve Rogers, the man who broke his heart three years ago, would be the director. 

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New Percebeth story

Read it on Ao3

Read it on ff .net


She knew it was completely illogical, she had friends who loved her very much and any of them would be here for her right now if they could be but that didn’t feel real to her. She rubbed her thumb over her wrist, it had been a while since she had felt this bad, this broken.

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A recap of the previous chapters as I’ve apparently been resurrected from the dead (ie - writer’s block and what my therapist adorably calls “depression”) and started writing and posting again:

Chapter 1: Home Has Been Found

“Is she that disposable to him that eons of devotion and adoration and exhalations mean nothing? And for what? He’s going to leave here here in this Satan forsaken realm to rot, all because of Sabrina fucking Spellman.”

Chapter 2: The Burdens of These Intentions

As long as Sabrina Spellman lives, even enslaved, she will tempt Satan, she will be a threat and a danger and she will not stand for it. No, she will kill her when the time comes.

She will kill her out of mercy.

Out of kindness.

Chapter 3: Your Beauty, When the Witnesses Have Gone

There’s a lushness to Zelda at this moment - her hair, her lips, her hips, her… Her everything was a reminder that unlike Lilith, she was earthly bound, and earthly built and she had never wanted her more than at this moment.

Chapter 4: A Small Cough

He had always known they were destined to be together, even when they were in school and she had hardly paid him any attention. Even when she had disappeared, and he was forced by his parents and propriety to marry Constance (lovely as she was). There was always something between them - destiny, divinity, desire - and now their relationship has been blessed and demanded by no less than the Dark Lord himself.

Zelda would be his, finally and rightfully, as she should’ve been all along.

Chapter 5: And Then It Gets Much Worse

“She is in me, Faustus, and I cannot bleed her out.”

Chapter 6: Whipped, Heaving

Still, as Mary rinses her hair she realises the punishment for sins of the body and sins of the soul are the same… If she’s going to have to suffer for Mary, she will earn it. Confidant now in her decision, she begins to turn in the tub, and moves towards Mary and with one wet arm, brings their heads together in a dizzying, drowning kiss.

*and the newest chapter which is a literal million pages long because I clearly don’t know how to edit…*

Chapter 7: No Devils Here

Strip the powers away from a witch and it was like severing their soul from their body, they become weak, they become dependant on others for survival and protection.

They become human.


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Ok I have to do something to keep myself sane and kill time… So I’m opening requests but to keep numbers down I’m only taking five at a time. When I reach five I’ll let y'all know. But come at me with requests or prompts.

Reminder: I do write for Steve, Sam, Bucky, Seb, and Hiddleston. So I’d like a challenge of someone other than Chris.

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Behind the Gloves is very, very long. And it’s made up of lots of component parts.

If I could have, for example, all of Dylan’s stories in one place (as chapters in their own series), this would be easier to follow than hoping that new people see “Dylan’s story, part 6″ and go back through the links to read it.

The problem is that all of these pieces are still part of Behind the Gloves - I just want people to be able to read them in a clear format, and to be able to see, oh, there’s been an update to the section I’m interested in reading.

Also, the plot lines of the characters will eventually start to overlap, but we can get to that when we get there.

If this is a good idea, what’s the best way to do this in AO3? Open “new series” and explain in the notes they’re the sub-series of Behind the Gloves? Something else? How will a returning reader find the new story if it’s not in the usual place?

I think I would end up with much of the project twice - both in the format as now, and then as a new chapter in the “Dylan’s story” story in the other format. This seems unnecessarily complicated, but I also expect even more confusion as Behind the Gloves gets longer and longer.

I wish I could just have my own website called “Behind the Gloves”, and on that site, have all the individual stories, along with the art for each one. I just don’t know this is possible because of Copyright Issues.

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Phantom Thief Hanako-kun AU Story: When They Truly Met


(Image from AidaIro!)

This is my concept story based off of the AU! Enjoy!

-The story started off when Yashiro asked Tsuchigomori why he retired from the police force and opened up his own private detective agency

-That didn’t mean the private detectives and police force wouldn’t work together from time to time but still

-Tsuchigomori replied that he didn’t approve of Teru’s violent methods towards criminals no matter the offense. Teru was one of the top promising policemen in the force.

Tsuchigomori had his personal reasons supposedly.

-Tsuchigomori told her to go join the police force then but Yashiro refused

-Yashiro, on the other hand, had a crush on Teru. She thought he’s only trying to protect people. He was popular in the police force and she considered him a senpai.

-Yashiro is Tsuchigomori’s apprentice and she wanted to learn from him as he’s more experienced

-She believed it was better if she impressed Teru with her detective skills once she mastered them

-Yashiro asked about the latest heist note from the phantom thief Hanako

-Both of them were doing their jobs of helping to catch the thief. It had been their mission lately.

-Tsuchigomori forbade her to go this time though

-Yashiro asked why

-Tsuchigomori: “Minamoto Teru is going tonight.”

-Yashiro gasped since Teru doesn’t often come. He’s mostly busy with other cases that were more urgent

-But was it really just Teru?

-Tsuchigomori went over Yashiro’s problems during their previous heist searches for Hanako

-Like getting lost

-He also told her Kou and Mitsuba were not going either because it’s going to get dangerous

-Yashiro questioned this because heists never brought any harm but entertainment for Hanako fans

-Tsuchigomori shooed her off though, saying she’s got a lot to learn

-During the night. It was a full red moon

-The heist was happening and Yashiro was missing out.

-Yashiro was out of her apartment at the time, grabbing groceries for her and her little hamster Black Canyon

-She also bought new kitchen appliances since her old ones were getting worn out

-When she came to her door, she heard a noise inside

-Panicking, she prepared some self defense with a frying pan and kitchen armor and blindly charged in to hit the intruder

-When she opened her eyes, she found a bleeding Hanako on the floor

-‘Oh no! I murdered him!’ She immediately thought.

-But then after calming down a bit, she realized the bleeding wasn’t from her frying pan but the chest area

-It looked like a bullet wound

-A bullet? Was there gun violence?! But who used a gun?

-She attempted to call 119

-Hanako grabbed her arm to stop her from calling the hospital, panting heavily

-A doorbell rang and pounding door knocks were heard

-Yashiro hid Hanako in a blanket without thinking

-She answered the door to find Teru

-Teru asked her if she’s seen any suspicious activity like a certain phantom thief

-He was hunting Hanako down

-That’s when it clicked to Yashiro that she’s hiding the thief since the shock blinded her from thinking of his identity

-Recalling the bullet wound, for a second she doubted Teru but she fought that doubt. Surely not Teru, right? He had a whip and a sword but a gun?

-Her morals clashed and an internal conflict started

-Wasn’t it too cruel to hand Hanako over at his most vulnerable moment?

-It was so unusual to see him in such a state, since he seemed to be having the time of his life at the heists

-Was this what Detective Tsuchigomori meant by dangerous?

-But Hanako hadn’t technically hurt anyone from any of his heists

-She didn’t even know his motive behind his stealing

-So she lied

-She said she hadn’t seen anyone

-Teru took her word for it and went to search around her apartment building

-Yashiro let go a breath she didn’t realize she was holding

-Then, she started agonizing on the fact that she lied to her crush

-She slapped her cheeks as she realized Hanako was still bleeding to death

-She went over to check with him and threw the covers off

-Hanako was unconscious now and Yashiro quickly checked his pulse

-It was faint but there

-He’s still alive thank goodness

-She realized the wound seemed to be slightly bigger for some reason and his hand was tightly clutching onto something

-It’s the bullet

-He took out the bullet with the new knife that was laying nearby

-She must have dropped her bags in pure panic

-Okay, this guy was crazy

-Did he want to die faster or something

-He must have fainted in the middle of applying aid to himself

-How did he not scream in the process

-Recalling that Hanako didn’t want to go to the hospital, Yashiro assumed that it was because he’s a wanted criminal

-She thought he was lucky that she learned first aid from Tsuchigomori as part of her detective work

-Also that she was living alone in her apartment

-So, she patched him up real good and left him to sleep somewhere

-During the patch up, she tried to feel for any gem he could be hiding

-But there were none on him

-Strange since he came back from a heist

-Did he fail to steal because of Teru? That’d be a first.

-Finally when her attention was off him, she realized she would have to clean the bloody mess

-And her window was broken

-The most likely case being Hanako crashed in through there

-Staring at Hanako asleep, she noticed a black cat mask on the side of him.

-Black cats were told to bring bad luck to those around them.

But that can’t be right. That’s just a superstition.

-Did Teru believe in it?

-Nonetheless, she had to pay for that window damage. Or make an unconscious thief do so when he wakes up

-By the time she woke up the next day though, Hanako was already gone with a note on the side that he would come by later tonight

-If Yashiro wasn’t mad last night, she was pissed now

-Aren’t phantom thieves supposed to be gentlemen?! He gave her nothing but trouble!

-She was really going to let him have it when he comes

-The time came and Yashiro found Hanako right at her window

-It’s not even the first floor. Of course he had to make a grand entrance

-Yashiro grabbed him and pulled him into her room with anger

-She yelled at him for leaving suddenly even with a note

-Hanako: “Ow is this how you deal with your patient? I’m sad and hurt.”

-Hanako told her that he had to go pick up the jewels he left

-Oh. So he was hiding them somewhere else

-Yashiro: “I’ll have you know I’m a detective! I could arrest you right here! Right now!”

-Hanako: “Correction. You’re a detective’s apprentice. You wouldn’t have the authority to arrest me.”

-Yashiro’s eyes widened.

-Hanako: “Hehe surprised? Your window happened to be conveniently close enough to land.”

Yashiro: “How do you know who I am?”

Hanako: “I have my sources. How did you think I was able to have a successful heist every time?”

-Hanako walked closer to Yashiro and Yashiro stepped back until she was up against the wall.

-He was really close and dominating over her, quite teasingly

-If Yashiro had a wild imagination, it was like a kabedon with both hands.

-Hanako: “Besides, even with authority, did you really think you could arrest me?”

-Yashiro flustered and quickly pushed him off, though careful not to touch his wound.

-Yashiro: 'Don’t fall for it, Yashiro Nene! He’s not even your type!’

-Yashiro: “Why do you steal?”

-Hanako only smiled at her.

-Hanako: “That’s for you to find out, my dear detective.”

-Yashiro pouted at the comeback.

-Hanako: “Let’s make a deal.”

-Yashiro: “What?”

-Hanako: “I’m indebted to you so why don’t I come over at night once in a while? We could get to know each other.”

-Yashiro: “Are you kidding? That’s breaking my moral code! You know I can’t do that!”

-Hanako: “You’re curious though, right?”

-At that moment, Yashiro couldn’t deny it. She indeed was. She couldn’t shake off the incident from last night. Maybe Hanako had a reason for being a phantom thief. And maybe there was more to him than meets the eye.

-Yashiro: “…….Fine. We have a deal. But don’t expect me to go easy on you during the heists!”

-Hanako: “Wouldn’t have it any other way~”

-Hanako closed in again to kneel down and place a kiss on her hand. He looked up and grinned at her.

-Not so soon, Yashiro just kicks him out of her apartment, already a blushing mess.

-And so their relationship began.

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The Devil’s Advocate, chapter 1




She bit her lip. Looked at the fried piece of equipment. Then looked at the marvelous man before her.

“… Ok,” she agreed, placing the headset in his hand. “You’re right. It makes the most sense.”

He felt for the port, and hooked up the cord. “I must admit; I share your hesitations. But, this is our wisest course of action with the factors considered. Thank you for allowing me this experiment.”

Leaning in to see the screen, Mira wrinkled her nose. “Well, I share your want to know what’s on here, too. I’m a little nervous, but… this could be life-changing. Now that we’re this far? I gotta know.”

Demiurge beamed, wrapping an arm around her as the other hovered over the laptop. With a ding, it announced that it recognized a new driver to be installed. “I fear occasionally that I have indoctrinated you in the conniving path of mischief.”

“I was a trickster long before you were made, Demiurge the Arch-Devil,” she returned, eyes glued to the screen. “Now come on, if we’re gonna do this let’s do it!”

A laugh rattled his throat, and he nuzzled her head as his mouse navigated the prompts. “As you wish, My Lady Zoba.”

She rolled her eyes and reached out to cradle the arm around her, the one still holding the gear. Cuddling to it, she watched as he sorted through code and solved various roadblocks. It was impressive; while Mira knew enough to navigate more technical issues than the average person, she was by no means an expert. Demiurge had put a bit of work into understanding how the building blocks of this world operated, and a portion of that had been placed into the field of technical issues. He had now and then at the office proven that it was a rare need to call for IT when he was nearby. But, there was still that occasional need.


“What? What’s wrong?” Mira gripped her devil’s arm a little tighter.

“An error. It appears there was some sort of interference with this particular function that is proving troublesome to resolve. The interface from this method won’t allow for further utilization.”

Mira looked at the headset. She looked to Demiurge. He looked back.

“No,” he said.


C’mon Demi, just a little playing around with the dive gear? Just a teeny, tiny bit? Nothing bad will happen! Probably. I mean, what are the odds of getting sucked into another alternate dimension, really??

Y’all, I’ve gone crazy and made a branch-off au of RLotSF! It’s gonna be fuuuuuun~ Some crazy stuff is gonna happen to these two, and I’m pretty excited to write it all!

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read it on the AO3 at

by Anonymous

It didn’t feel real, but Rey knew it was.

Words: 100, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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Since I spent years not knowing how the mind-wipe machines fit into telepath history (and kicking the can down the road, assuming I would deal with this issue later in some other way), I now need to go back to my outline and figure out how to take this story in the proper direction. I don’t think anything I’ve released on AO3 needs to be changed - I just have a small pile of “wrong direction” drafts that never got released because they were wrong.

So now I just keep going through possible plots/POVs, and they all fail.

This project is like “reconstruct 150 years of history with just half a toothpick, and magic” and then it takes away the half a toothpick. I have some Thinky Thoughts about it as usual, but they’re too spiritual/woo woo for this blog.

And the only major canon trend I can point to for the big arc is this:

Johnston is one of the Big Baddies. He was a Big Baddie before he became Psi Corps director. He was a Big Baddie when he became director (and got absolute power in the Corps). (Bester had an off-screen twenty plus year revenge plot to kill Johnston!) He was the Big Baddie in 2203 and the Big Baddie in 2256, and Big Baddies don’t take a few decades off from being Big Baddies. Bester just didn’t know about this as it was happening because he was off Being A Psi Cop/chasing Black Fox/dealing with his own trauma after finding and killing Black Fox/doing more Psi Cop work after that.

And that’s in canon - the Corps leadership gave him the Black Omega Squadron to keep him off Earth and away from where all the real conspiracies were going on. Other than knowing Johnston was trying to kill him at every opportunity (and foiling each and every plot to do so), Bester didn’t really know most of what Johnston was up to. He didn’t begin to find out till the 2250s.

I need a whole new strategy for reconstructing and writing this, on a really, really high level.

(And I never even figured how to tell the larger stories of Sandoval Bey or Morgan Clark - both of which are crucial in the larger historical context - and now there’s this. Heck, I’d probably do a BETTER job with the Clark stuff at this point.)

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