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Every time someone tells me that they cried reading my fic it actually makes me happy. Am I bad person? Probably, but let me explain myself anyway. Someone commented “Thanks for making me cry” on my fic a while back (one I’m just now checking on due to having covid, oops) and I smiled at that. Not because I collect tears of the innocent or like watching people sob in emotional turmoil, but because I know that I was able to put enough emotion into my story for someone to feel what I wanted to convey. This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a comment like this, but every time I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I mean, even if they didn’t actually cry, they still mean that they got emotional. I was able to take some words and put them on a screen and somehow tell a story that had some amount of life in it. I had only posted one chapter before unpublishing it when I got covid (so I could actually plot some stuff before rewriting it, and also because I felt like I was legitimately dying). I just checked my email and found the comment way too late and now I’m just like, extra excited to get the story back out there with actual effort and plot instead of winging it like the deep fried mess I am. I know this was weird and random and I’m basically telling the internet that I like making people cry, but yeah- I’m just happy. 🙃

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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I can’t believe fanfic has become so riddled with ads including in text ads. I usually just read stuff on fanfic through email subscription links. But clicking from Google on IOS with the free version of AdGuard and all their ads are shown. There’s a pop up add I have to click through to get to the authors page, a banner ad that follows me down the page, and in in text ads every few pparagraphs. I took a screenshot shot here.

if people have a better Adblock suggestion let me know. I’m curios why email links don’t seem to have this problem?

Anyway makes me grateful to A03 they are explicitly anti ad, all the ads make the story literally unreadable.

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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I started a story last month, that absolutely blew up on me.

Back story: I’ve been an on and off writer for about ten years over multiple profiles. I’ve done decently in terms of views/hits over the past few years across one-shots and my one ongoing long fic. Not mind-blowingly good, but more than enough to keep me happy.

I started a new fic last month and it has just blown up way more massive than I was expecting. I hit 1000 views for the month with 2 chapters. The highest I’ve ever hit was maybe 2-300. It’s such a rush to see the views bar just skyrocket in ways I’ve never seen before!

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Getting a 400 error.

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Part 2


Story time before the story! This chapter has been practically done since before Halloween, I just couldn’t figure out how to finish the damn thing. Anyway, for anyone who reads this, I am so sorry about the delay. I really don’t think I’m gonna go past Chapter/Part 4. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this Chapter!

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Mentions of Rape, Mentions of Murder, Abuse, Arguing, Smoking, dialogue heavy….I think that’s it? Please tell me if I missed anything!

Word Count:  2819

I do not condone or support any behavior or relationship like this. I do not consent to have my works/stories posted anywhere else. This is purely for entertainment only. 


“Fuck Robert! Just like that!” Victoria yelled, as he continued to slam into her pussy from behind.

“Fuck, I love the sound this pretty little pussy makes for me! I want you to cum hard on this cock!”

“Fuck, fuck I’m so close!” she moaned, gripping the freezer tighter before exploding all over his cock.

“Such a good girl for me,” he grunted, chasing his own release “fuck!” he screamed, shooting his load in her.

This had become routine for them. After the first hookup, they both decided once wasn’t enough. So, they started fucking each other as much possible. She’d sneak him into the office after everyone had gone home for the day, he’d rent them a hotel room, and they took turns in each others cars. Hell, instead of selling ice cream during the lunch hour, he’d drive off somewhere and fuck her senseless. They couldn’t get enough of each other.

They had both stop sleeping with other people, because there was no point. No one else could compare and it always felt like a big disappointment in the end. Even when Victoria decided to indulge her husband, she couldn’t get off without thinking about Robert. On the days when they couldn’t see each other, they were both useless. Robert had an attitude problem and Victoria would draw more horrifyingly gruesome drawing than usual. Their animalistic sex was what kept both of their tempers at bay.  

“That bruise on your arm isn’t from me” Robert commented, tucking himself back into his pants.

“Good observation.”

“The fuckin’ mouth on you, I swear.”

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“When in the past we have lived or died by the support of the people, then it is the support of the people we must have.”


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I mean, it’s not a big deal or anything, but I enjoyed knowing that I’ve managed to put out something of good enough quality for some people to go, “I really liked that one. I wonder if there’s any more?” and proceeded to just check out the ones that interested them.

So I’ve got a kudos summary email with 11 different works on them with one or two new kudos each and it’s not, as I said, a big deal objectively, but it’s a pretty damn big deal to me! I want to frame it on my wall.

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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I’m fairly sure they meant it as a compliment since the rest of the comment was nice (they basically said they liked the series I was working on and to “keep it up”), but then at the end they hit me with the “Your writing is quite competent.” which kinda?? i dunno? i guess to me competent means like meeting the bare minimum standard. So ostensibly a nice thing to say but sort of not?

I was also nervous to post this one because it’s way out of my comfort zone (just a lot of fluff, I don’t love that stuff IRL so it’s kinda hard for me to write bc I never know if I’m quite hitting the mark). So now I’m just kind of second guessing it even though I’m pretty sure it’s good.

I’m not trying to complain, it was nice of them to leave a comment and I’m pretty sure they meant it to be nice, it just left me feeling a little weird I guess. idk I’m probably just overthinking it (hence the venting tag lol)

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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I am feeling really sad right know… My Computer crashed recently and I had a few screenshots fan fiction saved there, that I reallg loved and enjoyed to reread. I couldn’t save them. Today I wanted to search them again and safe them again… Only to see that they got deleted, which basically means that I won’t ever read them again. Sadly the fandom is pretty small and I don’t think anyone has a copy of them. :(

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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I wrote my first multi-chapter fic and it is almost done. From the beginning I knew what story I wanted to tell, what plot points there would be and what the final twist would be. And I’m so close to the end, but suddenly I’m questioning my end completely and wondering whether it’s not too cliche. It’s not like I can really change it because everything in previous chapters was written towards this ending. While my words used to flow I’m now stuck. I feel like the characters aren’t themselves and I don’t know how to write what I envisioned. How do I get out of this?

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Today, I got a hate comment saying that I made the characters stupid and that my writing was awful. I ended up deleting it, regardless of me wanting to defend the reason I wrote them like that. In these situations, should I delete their comments or actually reply to defend myself and my characters?


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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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okay, let’s talk this out. Character A and Character B are close friends who go way back. Character A is a responsible Lawful Good. Character B is a hot tempered Chaotic Good.

Character A is constantly exasperated by Character B’s rash decisions and sometimes accuses B of acting out of selfish impulse and not goodness. Character A must often clean up the messes left by Character B’s chaos.

A and B are now at outs with each other. They both clearly care a great deal for one another, but they are also frustrated, especially Character A who feels used and under-appreciated.

Trouble arises [insert reason here] and Character A is in danger (i.e. a gun pointed at them, etc). Character B promptly throws themselves in front of the gun (or whatever) and takes the bullet for A. This releases A’s adrenalin and in pure fury they take down the attacker before turning to hold B in their arms and put pressure on the wound. 

B (weakly): “You should get out of here, there might be more of them.”

A: “I’m not going anywhere, dumbass. This is by far the stupidest choice you’ve ever made.”

B (mumbles before passing out): “There wasn’t a choice to make.”

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Originally posted by inkedczech

Choices: Bloodbound

Pairing: Adrian Raines x MC (Agnes Woods)

Rating: PG-13 | Blood/Violence

Word count: 1705

Summary: Agnes has chosen to join Adrian’s clan and receives his brand. 

Authors Note: So, I wrote what was supposed to be Chapter 4 but then it ended up being 4000 words, so I decided to break it up into two chapters which really just means this fic is getting longer and longer with each chapter. I had a lot of fun writing this and I am really proud of this piece. Chapter 5 will be posted later this week! Thank you for your patience :)

Taglist: @bloodboundismylife @lauren-raines-x@khoicesbyk @adriansbiss @shanzay44@purvishraick@bonaofsavoy @ifshebreathes-shesathot @txemrn@a-raines@mahima210404 @former-westchester-resident

**Characters, plot, & dialogue are property of Pixelberry. I’m just having some fun.**

Chapter 4

Adrian could hardly stop himself from beaming at Agnes’ decision to join his clan. He had hoped that she would but would never dare presume anything. But hearing her announce that she would bind herself to him in blood forever send a thrill of exhilaration down his spine.

“I’m happy to welcome you to Clan Raines, Agnes.”

She returned his smile, bright and loving.

“I’m happy to be here.”

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People who write 25 chapters of a slow burn and give you the “ohhh” moment before the kiss and then just abandon the story entirely. They’re the devil.

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Originally written in July 2020 for a 500-word challenge, and I never posted it anywhere! Read it on AO3 here. Ben Solo reflects in the World Between Worlds.

The mists of time swirl around him.

Past, present, future, all united as one. All possibilities. 

Voices echo and whisper from behind doorways, glimpses of what might have been, or what has not yet come to pass. 

Some voices he recognizes. Others make him wish he had a library at his disposal, a real library with flimisplasts instead of holos where he could research and learn and write to his heart’s content.

Yet he never hears the voice he longs most to hear. 

Was she happy now? Was she happier without him? Where was she now?

Did she listen for his voice in her dreams?

He knew time was passing, could feel it in his bones, but there was no sun or moon by which he could mark days the way she had on Jakku. The eternal twinkling starlight provided no metric by which he could maintain some semblance of reality. 

Without a library, or datapad, or any mechanism to count the days, Ben Solo was left alone with his thoughts. 

He had a bad feeling about this. Being left alone with his thoughts had never done him any good. 

Ben had only ever seen holos of his biological grandmother’s Senate speeches. He had seen some of his adoptive grandmother’s speeches on Alderaan too, but as a child, he had been able to meet Alderaanian refugees who remembered his Grandma Breha. Her memory–her legacy–were honored and revered by those who survived, and it kept her alive to Ben in a way that Padmé Amidala was not. 

He regretted never going to Naboo. 

He regretted so many things. 

It was in the midst of another episode of self-loathing and regret that he heard his grandmother’s voice from beyond one of the doors. 

“Grandmother,” he managed to croak. His voice sounded foreign, strange to him–rusty from disuse, like a droid that hadn’t been oiled in decades. 

Padmé Amidala was kind, beautiful, and sad, his mother had told him. 

Much like herself.

Much like Rey. 

History obliterates and repeats, he remembered from his childhood lessons. He hadn’t learned that one too well. 

He reached for his grandmother, but she slipped through his fingers as easily as mist upon Naboo’s waters. Or a cloud on Alderaan’s mountains. 

Or grains of sand on Tatooine. 

He fell to his knees on the pathway, weeping. 

Rey, he called out in anguish, desperately clawing at the cobwebs in his mind and the ghostly presences he felt in the Force. 

On Tatooine, Rey sat up in bed, gasping for breath. Another nightmare? No–this pain was real. She placed her hand over her heart. 

Ben, she thought, her nightly tears having barely dried scant hours before. 

Ben, I’m coming. 

I will find you, and bring you home

She was going to save who she loved.

Her only hope was that he heard her, wherever he was. 

In the World Between Worlds, time’s wheel kept turning for Ben Solo. The stars twinkled. The voices whispered. Hope was like the sun.

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Genuinely how does everyone do it?? I usually take a line from a song, but I’m having such a hard time using that method for naming this fic I’m working on. How does everyone else do it??

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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So I’m writing a fic with 2 characters who I want to get together by the end. Think something along the lines of idiots-to-lovers, where neither of them consciously recognizes how they feel until a good way in.

Character A (main POV char) is outgoing, ambitious, driven. They’re the type to take risks without thinking it through, and they tend to bounce around wildly to whatever interests them.
Character B is more reserved and cautious, with a dry wit hiding their more dorky side. They love sitting in one spot and digging deeper into specific subjects (think something like maintaining a garden).

I’ve got their characterization basically down, and I can have them interact reliably in a variety of situations. Problem is, their interactions come off more as a pair of bros shooting the shit and bantering without any real romantic subtext lol, even when they’re being open and vulnerable around each other. I read before that the best way to make a relationship believable was to make them good friends first and lovers second, but now they seem to be stuck on the friends stage lmfao.
How on earth would I make their interactions more romantic, for lack of a better word?

stupid question, I know, but it’s big idiot hours rn lmfao

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Broke: Molly is still somewhere in Lucien, and they’re able to revive Molly, YAY Molly’s back! 

Woke: Molly is still somewhere in Lucien, slowly fighting for control and at a crucial moment thanks to help from the Nein breaking down Lucien’s defenses, Molly gains the upper hand just long enough so he can sacrifice himself to defeat Lucien. Giving them all a chance to say a true goodbye. 

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