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#fan fiction
ficsnships · 9 minutes ago
So... remember that Cooliver College AU I kinda suggested (where the Ottos never moved to Westport and Oliver met Cooper in college) I may or may not be working on it... 👀👀👀
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hft-ao3 · 23 minutes ago
CW: Menstruation/Mild Blood
Tumblr media
I Hope You Feed Me by high_functioning_timelord
Trans!Will Graham hates getting his period, but Hannibal loves taking care of him while he’s bleeding. Especially when Will needs an endorphin boost…
Rating: Explicit
Words: 3050
Tags: Trans!Will Graham, Period Sex, Mild Blood, obviously, Cunnilingus, Not super Graphic, Affectionate Hannibal Lecter, Bathing/Washing, Porn with Feelings, Fluff and Smut, written by a trans man
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hoe-for-ares · 39 minutes ago
Updated OG Brownie + new chapters to add on context, depth and generally helping me have some fun. Chapter 2!
If you guys could check it out, it would mean the world to me!
+ BONUS: WIP -> Fitchner in hot pink because this is my favorite concept from now on.
Tumblr media
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Chapter 9: Roman Profile
Daniel Ricciardo x Reader
Chapter One + Chapter Two + Chapter Three + Chapter Four + Chapter Five + Chapter Six + Chapter Seven + Chapter Eight 
Chapters: 9/?
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 10,755 Words
As always, thanks to @lightsovermonaco for being my beautiful beta and the best friend a girl could dream of!
Tumblr media
Much like the night before, Daniel struggles to get to sleep, only managing a few moments before he’s roused from his sleep suddenly. At first, he’s quite unsure as to what woke him, but it only takes a matter of seconds for him to realize the extra weight and warmth settled on his chest has nothing to do with down comforter and significantly more to do with the fact that you and him were tangled together in a mess of limbs, your head resting comfortably in the crook of his neck.
Daniel wasn’t sure what he wanted to do more, to move and put some considerable distance between your two bodies, or, preferably, stay exactly where he was for the foreseeable future. Neither option seemed like a good idea, both proffered considerable benefits and downfalls to where this already precarious situation could lead depending on which of the two he opted for. 
Try as he might, he wasn’t entirely sure where your body ended and his body began, the press of your warm skin against his was more than enough to scramble his brain, let alone the mere effect of you this close to him, peacefully asleep, completely relaxed against him. Daniel knew it probably didn’t mean as much for you as it did for him, but the fact that even in your sleep you seemed to gravitate towards him, that you sought him out unconsciously, the entirety of it steeped in implicit trust, made hope blossom in his chest, a wave of heat rolling through him before it settled hot and heavy between his legs. 
He could feel his heart rate growing increasingly quick, the pace of it ramping up the longer he was awake and thinking about the fact that you were pressed tightly into his side, curled up in his arms, which had found their way around your upper body before he’d awoken and were now tightly wound around you like even in his sleep, he feared you’d somehow slip away from him again, while you wore nothing at all but his shirt. 
And he meant that, he wasn't simply being dramatic, wasn’t just letting his somewhat overactive imagination get away with him. No, because if Daniel was certain of anything at the moment, a certainty that was echoed back from every square inch of skin from the waist down, it was that you hadn’t had anything at all on under your dress earlier and you certainly didn’t have anything on at present.  
It didn’t help anything at all, and it especially did not help the barely there grasp he still had on himself and on fantasies currently fighting the damper he had on them, that one of your legs was currently thrown over his hips, bent at the knee, your ankle and foot resting comfortably between his thighs. Daniel could feel the heat radiating from your entire body, which when combined with the weight of your relaxed limbs on him, were in and of themselves completely welcome and surprisingly calming, but they were not the problem. 
No, this problem was in a league all its own, and it was most certainly not something Daniel had even the slightest idea of how to handle. It didn’t help matters that in all actuality, he was doing everything within his power not to think about it, carefully steering clear of letting his attention linger on the way he could feel the slightly more intense heat radiating from the apex of your legs against the exposed skin of his hip, the joggers he’d worn to bed having slipped down while he’d been asleep, and now sat slung dangerously low across his hips. 
As if Daniel didn’t already feel guilty enough being this close to you in the first place, to be savoring and reveling in your nearness, in the way that even in your sleep you gravitated towards him, seeking him out with a determination that was made abundantly clear by the fact that by the light of the moon streaming in through the balcony doors, he could see that your side of the bed was mostly untouched, suggesting that you’d moved over here not long after he’d fallen asleep. 
It felt impossibly wrong for him to be enjoying this at all, and as much as he tried to pick one of the two opposing sides in his head that were currently entrenched in a battle of morality versus opportunity, the latter arguing that he should capitalize on this chance to have you wrapped around him under covers, that he should take only what you gave and let himself relish in this tender, intimate moment while it lasted.
But Daniel couldn’t bring himself to do it, he simply didn’t have it in him to find the good in this when it felt implicitly wrong when he had no idea if you even wanted this, or, hell, if you’d ever want this at all, ever. 
He couldn’t say for certain one way or another whether or not you’d reached out for him because, like Daniel irrevocably hoped, you too wanted to spend your nights seeking him out, tucking yourself into his side under the sheets of a bed that wasn’t just shared because you’d been drunk and hurt, a little chipped at the edges after what he’d put you through today, but was shared because the bed was yours and his. 
Daniel didn’t want to admit how easily he was imagining that right here, where he was currently lying with you comfortably settled in his arms, your body slotted so perfectly against his it didn’t seem entirely possible the two of you hadn’t been built for this, that there was any plane of existence in which he hadn’t been designed to fit against you like this, wasn’t just some random hotel room with alarmingly thin walls but was actually somewhere you lived together. 
But before he could let himself lean into it and really lose touch with reality, you stirred slightly on his chest, your hand only shifting a little at first, fingertips just barely dragging against his chest, the brush of them so light it would have been hardly noticeable if it weren’t for the fact that no matter of how slight it was, your touch always had an effect on him, which this time he noted with some interest, felt rather akin to static electricity as it crackling through him.
Not for the first time that night, Daniel racked his brain for the reason why he’d ever thought it would be a good idea to forgo a shirt, and just like he had all those other times, he came up empty, the rationale lost somewhere in the haze of tequila and the weight of everything he hadn’t said earlier when you’d been trying your hardest to divulge all your thoughts and emotions about whatever it actually was that going on between the two of you, when he’d stopped you and told you that this wasn’t the time. 
While it had certainly seemed a better plan of operation at the time than it did now, Daniel couldn’t bring himself to ignore the way the entirety of his body was completely invested in wringing every drop of enjoyment it could out of your touch as you shifted in his arms again and the hand that had previously been stirring against his chest now moved location entirely, fingers finding the chain he’d forgotten to take off before getting in bed, just like he’d forgotten to take it off and subsequently worn under his tux all night. 
He watched with no small amount of interest as your fingers brushed against the gold, warm from his body heat, and moved past it absentmindedly, only to make a sudden reversal and instead find it again, almost like you’d made some kind of mistake. Quickly like you were afraid if you let go of it, something more than a necklace would slip out of your grasp again. 
With surprising gentleness, your fingers curl around it, letting the thin metal lie lightly in your closed fist, which you then settled back onto his sternum, returning to where it had been before like it was simplest thing in the world for you to find where you fit against him again, even as you remained resolutely asleep. 
As bad as Daniel felt to disturb you, to risk jostling you awake when you were getting what he was willing to bet was the best night of sleep you’d had in sometime, though that may have just been him hedging a bet on the quality of the few stolen hours of rest he’d had tonight, he also knew he couldn’t keep lying here any longer. It was killing him, all of the uncertainty and possibilities, all threatening to overwhelm him, to push him over the edge, if he stayed in this bed with you for another moment. It didn’t feel right and he couldn't let himself enjoy this any longer. 
Slowly, torturously and impossibly slowly, Daniel disentangled your body from his, the entire process painfully drawn out by the fact that he had no idea where to even begin to unravel the tangle of limbs as he tried his very best to avoid looking too long at the considerable amount of your bare skin on display against him, the smooth expanse of which was ridiculously entrancing, framed as it was by moonlight and crisp white sheets. 
It certainly didn’t help that what was covered, what was safe for him to let his hands and eyes linger on as he carefully shifted you off of him, was draped in the shirt of his you’d taken from his suitcase earlier, not even bothering to ask a question you’d already known the answer to. Daniel wasn’t sure how to handle the distinctly possessive thing that stirred to life in him at the sight of you like this, as he quickly learned that he enjoyed this vastly more than he probably should and that there was something rather intoxicating about you in his clothes, wearing only his clothes. 
The effect it had snuck up on him, without a single warning, so that where one second he was entirely unawares and focused completely on getting his chain free of your grasp, the next it hit him with such a ferocity he wouldn’t have been surprised if his legs, which he’d only just managed to get up on to, had given out at the knees and sent him crashing to the floor. 
The heat that went roiling through him at all the lush curves he hadn’t had the chance to learn yet, that he’d give an arm and a leg to explore even just for a night, in addition to what he already knew to be impossibly smooth, delicate skin, spread out beneath him, covered only in his t-shirt went straight to his cock. 
The impact of his arousal, of his need to return to his place in the bed beside you, to wake you up and finish what he’d started in that hallway, only increased ten fold as he panicked, abandoning what now felt like a fruitless endeavor to slowly, gently working the last physical anchor you still had, as he instead pulled the thin gold chain out of your fist in one swift motion.
Though he’d been careful not to put too much force into it, not wanting to accidentally hurt you somehow, the movement hadn’t exactly been conducive to disturbing your sleep as little as possible since as much as Daniel may have wanted to wake you, he found quite quickly that when the possibility of you actually waking was before him, he didn’t think he was quite capable of handling it at the moment. 
Not when he knew with absolute certainty that if you were to open your eyes right now, it wouldn’t matter how blurred by the combined forces of sleep and whatever alcohol remained in your system, you wouldn’t be able to not take one look at him and not know exactly what absolutely fucking filthy things were currently cavorting around inside his head. 
So, feeling like a coward and entirely unwilling to risk that happening, which was something Daniel imagined would be rather akin to being caught red handed with his pants down, he decided the safest thing to do would be to leave. Removing himself from the situation seemed the infinitely better thing to do, since it would prevent him from ever even having the chance to find out what could happen if he’d disturbed you enough to wake you from the dead sleep you’d been in since the moment your head had touched the pillow. 
But as you shifted on the bed, eyelids fluttering but not actually managing to properly open, Daniel found that his legs apparently had no intention of listening to the commands his brain was currently shouting at them, his feet remaining exactly where they were, leaving him feeling like he was rooted to the wooden floors. 
He watched, now frozen in place like it would somehow help him if he remained perfectly still, his body overriding his senses which unlike his limbs, were entirely aware of the fact that it wouldn’t do him any good at all if you were to wake up and the first thing you were to see was him looking at you, wide eyed and unmoving, like some deranged, flesh and blood version of a wax figure. Though you didn’t sit up fully, you sat up just enough to stretch a hand out, the palm of it gliding over white fitted linen sheet like it had a mind of its own. 
At first, Daniel was a little bit unsure of what exactly it was you were doing, to the point he even wondered if whatever you were dreaming about had carried over into reality enough that you were mirroring what was happening there, but then finally it clicked. The second he realized you were searching for him, that your body had registered the loss of his against you, that it mourned that loss enough that you were seeking him out again, he felt like the world's biggest asshole for abandoning you when he’d promised you he’d stay, all because he wasn’t capable of handling lying beside you in bed any longer, if it meant nothing to you at all. 
Not when it meant enough to him, not when the situation was born of enough of his own personal desires that he couldn’t stomach it any longer. So, feeling like more of a fool than he had before, which after the day he’d had and the mistakes he’d made was definitely saying something, Daniel at last forced his legs to listen to him and found himself grateful at long last as his feet carried him on silent steps away from the bed and towards the French doors that led out onto the balcony. 
Nudging the left one open, Daniel doesn’t permit himself to look back, absolutely refusing to let himself risk all the progress he’s made by climbing back into the bed, returning himself to a situation he knows he’s not capable of handling. That sentiment alone is only proven to him further, when he's forced to pause in the doorframe to readjust himself in the confines of his joggers. 
A breath hisses out from between his teeth at the jolt of pleasure the slight movement sends jolting through him, effectively driving the point home that he’s in no shape to act like he’s any better than a teenage boy around his first crush when it comes to you. 
As quietly as he possibly can, Daniel tries to slip out onto the balcony, wincing a little at the way the door hinges protest loudly at the disturbance, the pitch of it like nails on a chalkboard and painful enough that he wonders how the hell he hadn’t noticed that the door did that until now, when it was pertinent that nothing disturb you. 
Though he sucks in a deep breath at the sound of the ancient metal squeaking open enough that he can squeeze out of the room, he pauses in the doorway, grimacing, as for a few beats he waits to see if you’ll wake. But when you don’t show any signs of waking up and instead just wrapping your arms around his pillow, the indent from his head still visible, and pull it to you, burying your face in it with a small sigh, only then does Daniel let himself slowly exhale, his shoulders falling back into a relaxed position and, at long last, steps out onto the balcony.
“Couldn’t sleep?” Your voice comes from behind him without any warning at all, the words jarring in the still night air. Daniel may have been so lost in his own thoughts to have not heard the door creak the rest of the way open, since he’d been careful to leave it slightly ajar in case you did wake and call for him, so he wasn’t startled or taken by surprise because, fuck, it seemed inevitable to him that this would end out here on the balcony, the second part of the two scene play you’d started last night. 
“I slept,” Daniel tightens his grip on the wrought iron railing until his knuckles are white from force, the pain of the decorative spiral of the metal digging into his fingers stinging at his skin somehow managing to keep him grounded. 
“Clearly,” you reply dryly, showing no sign of moving and instead lingering in the doorway. Daniel imagines you’re watching him closely, inquisitively scanning his body for any sign of what’s going on inside his head. Something warm and pleasant pools in his stomach at the thought, then twists into something that feels dangerous. 
“I slept a bit,” he amends and you only hum in response. No one speaks for a moment, the lull in the stunted silence isn’t uncomfortable or rife with fury like it had been in the elevator, but it’s not particularly pleasant either, like it had been on the private jet yesterday.
No, this silence is another beast entirely, it’s one that feels personable but vast, like the quiet and the night air and the muffled sounds of the city that still float up the balcony have somehow put miles between you and him. 
Daniel had been fine with the silence earlier and he remained fine with it now, so he felt no rush or obligation to be the one to break it. 
“Let’s stay,” you finally say, the tone of your voice sounding just uncertain enough to tell him that while you mean it, you’re opting to play it safe, keeping the words distinctly light, like you’d said them in a way that you could play it off as a noncommittal suggestion if he said no. 
But Daniel didn’t want to say no, in fact, he was done saying no. He was done with playing around, he was done with hiding from it, he was done pretending like he didn’t want this, want you. That didn’t mean he was willing to throw his cards down on the table just yet either. 
“Stay where?” He asks softly, instinctually knowing that you’re standing behind him rolling your eyes, not needing to look to know the exact expression painted across your face right now. 
“You know where.”
“I don’t.”
“Yes, you do.”
“I don’t.”
“Dan,” you whisper, saying his name in a way that makes it sound like you’re savoring the way it tastes on your tongue, “you know what I mean.”
“I really don’t. So, use your words. I know you can because you’ve more than proved it tonight.”
“You’re making this seem like a bigger deal than it is. So quit being difficult and just say yes already.”
Just say yes. And as tempting as it sounds, Daniel doesn’t, at least not quite yet. 
“If it’s that trivial, if it really is nothing, then just come right out and say it.”
“Let’s stay. Let’s not go home tomorrow. Just,” you hesitate, and he can hear the way your voice quavers, the way it tremors a little, like it’s taking all your strength to ask him for something so simple. It’s like you're afraid to ask him for something you want, like you have no idea at all that Daniel would give you anything you ask of him without a second thought. You clear your throat and start again. 
“Let’s stay in Monaco, let’s stay here for a few more days. I’ll call into work and tell them I’m sick or I have a family emergency or whatever and then we’ll stay.”
“Is that really what you want?” 
Instead of responding, Daniel hears you take one step forward and then another. He braces himself, preparing for whatever comes next. And though he’s expecting it, ready for it, he can’t help the way he jumps at your touch. Daniel sucks in a breath, waiting for you to pull away, to turn around and go back in the room but you don’t. 
Rather than giving in to whatever the voice in your head has been telling you up until this point, you don’t stop, you don’t give up. Daniel reacts before he’s even had a chance to think it through, hand coming up to hold in place the corner of the blanket, which you'd apparently been wrapped in this whole time, when you toss it over his left shoulder. 
Carefully, gingerly like he’s a horse you’re afraid of spooking, you pull the length of the blanket up over his back, then tuck it under his right arm as you slip beneath it, sliding carefully into the bracket of space between his body and the railing. 
Daniel doesn’t even bother to let you get settled against him before his right hand is plucking the corner of the blanket you still have in one hand, away from you and out of your grasp so he could rearrange where the knitted fabric falls, shifting slightly against you until it’s wrapped  around the two of you snuggly, a little cocoon of warmth that involves vastly more contact between your back and his bare chest than it had just a moment ago. 
Not that you’re complaining because you most certainly are not, and you’re definitely not above admitting just how much you’re enjoying this right now, having his solid upper body pressed so tightly against your back that you’re certain that, even through the thin weave of Daniel’s t-shirt that you vaguely remember putting on earlier, you can feel every single inch of toned skin and taut muscle he has to offer. 
Your one query is as to why Daniel’s body is so cold against yours, though you’re not really in any rush to point it out because you have exactly no interest in doing anything at all to ruin this moment, especially not when you’d decided upon waking up in Daniel’s bed alone and practically naked, lying curled up on his side of the bed, that you were done with playing these ridiculous games now that, after everything that had happened since Friday afternoon when you’d gotten on that plane, you knew what wanted and you dead set on having it. 
After mulling it over for a few moments, you decide not to ask him why he’d been outside on the balcony wearing nothing but joggers at 4 in the morning, because if you knew Daniel like you think you do, it's pretty safe to assume that if he wants to explain his weird behavior he will on his own time and of his own volition. 
You see no point in trying to needle an answer out of him because it wouldn’t get you anywhere anyway, not when he’s been keeping everything so damn close to his chest of lately and all you stand to gain from pushing him like you usually would is another round of getting your feelings hurt and bruising Daniel’s ego.
Normally, you wouldn’t really care at all but at the moment, you’re no longer in the mood for pushing him away or, for that matter, letting him push you away anymore. There had already been enough of that this weekend to last you both a lifetime and honestly, if Daniel’s current silence and continued unwavering presence behind you, his arms still tightly around your shoulders keeping you in place against him and within the warm confines of the blanket, said anything, it was that he was in agreement with you about that. 
The thing is, you have no idea just how right you are about this because if you were to ask Daniel why the hell he was stood outside freezing his ass off for long enough that even between the combined warmth of the blanket and you, he was still cold enough to make you shiver against him and then lean further back into him in some hope of helping him, he still wouldn’t even consider confessing to the reason why. 
As far Daniel is concerned you don’t ever really need to know that he’d been standing out on the balcony for the better part of an hour, shirtless and barefoot in some misguided and poorly judged attempt to take the edge off, since taking a cold shower wasn’t exactly a viable option at present. It only occurred to him later, much, much later, that he could have just used your bathroom but the fact in and of itself that this didn’t even cross his mind at the time is more than enough to prove to him that it had been a good call to just try and freeze it out of himself. 
But the perceived effectiveness of his ill planned cool down is that while he had accounted for you inevitably waking up and joining him outside, he hadn’t expected for things to be like this, for you to wander out here and wrap a blanket around the two of you, or for you to waste no time at all in finding a way back into his arms. 
Not that in any world or in any situation was he complaining about that, it's just more that he’s kicking himself for his overconfidence in his ability to not lean into his desires and wants that the chill air hadn’t actually banished at all, and had instead only pushed just below the surface, until they sunk just deep enough down that he couldn’t see them anymore. 
Daniel just figures he’ll deal with the repercussions of all of that when push comes to shove, if it ever comes to that, and instead decides that he’s going to let himself enjoy this. How can he deprive himself of enjoying this when you’re exactly where you’d been when he’d awoken, only now it's sweetened by the fact he knows you want this too. 
“Stop thinking so loudly, I’m trying to enjoy the view,” you say, then hum appreciatively when Daniel’s surprised laugh at your words rolls through your body, the rumble of it echoing from his chest into yours, which sends a pleasant wave of shivers rippling down your spine. 
He doesn’t reply right away, though you can still feel the remnants of his laughter melting down into a soft chuckle as he instead leans forward slightly, shifting the blanket in his hands just enough that both ends are now held in his left fist, freeing up his right arm to snake its way around your waist and tuck you even closer against him. 
Finally, Daniel must find a response he’s happy with because even before he opens his mouth to speak, you can feel the heavy inhale he takes then lets out on a shaky exhale, something which he does nothing at all to hide since clearly, he’s fully aware that your close proximity to him has already clued you in on his nerves. You’re not surprised when he speaks and his words have nothing at all to do with your previous comment as he insteads opts to bring the conversation back to where it had earlier before it had dropped off entirely.
“Is that really what you want?”
“Is what?” it only seems fair to give him as hard a time about this as he’d put you through earlier, but you soften the push back of your words by letting your head fall back and rest on his shoulder, eyes trailing skyward. It’s not a particularly comfortable position since with the way you’re both currently standing, you can’t quite reach his shoulder and instead, your head and neck are at an awkward angle against his collarbone. 
Daniel must pick up on this quickly enough, since you can see out of the corner of your eye that his chin is tilted slightly towards you, allowing his gaze to rest comfortably on your face, although you’re suddenly feeling a little too shy to meet it. Instead you just continue to look up at the hazy sky, focusing on trying to imagine what stars hidden behind the clouds choking out the view would look like on a clear night. 
Then, as cool and casual as can be, Daniel leans forward a little more, his shoulders slumping forward and down just enough that without even moving a muscle, your head is now settled comfortably in the crook of his neck.
“You’re welcome,” he grumbles softly, though there's no actual annoyance or malice in his voice, just a light, lilting taunt.
“Thank you,” you say just as quietly in response, knowing there’s no need to speak at anything above a whisper when you’re this close to one another. So, for no reason other than that the opportunity presents itself, you turn your head to the side just a fraction and bury your face in his neck, hoping somehow that Daniel picks up on how this is as much a thank you as your verbal one had been.
Though you can’t see the way a unrestrained grin spreads across his lips, the smile so wide it nearly cracks his face in two the very second your nose grazes the column of his throat, your cheek pressed flush against the delicate skin where his neck meets his shoulder, you can certainly feel the way the expression tightens his muscles and the pulls at the skin where your face now rests. 
There’s also absolutely no missing the way the arm slung around your middle manages to somehow pull you even closer to him as his hand on your hip stretches out, abandoning the careful, restrained fist it has been balled in previously, as if he’d been afraid his palm laid flush against your hip would be too much, for which one of you, you’re not entirely certain. 
Daniel’s fingers splay wide for a second and though you can’t see it, you recognize the gesture all the same, suddenly certain that it’s the same thing he’d done at the gala under the table after you’d pulled his hand off your thigh and dropped it back is in his lap. You don’t even realize you’d been holding your breath, waiting on edge to see what he intended to do next until his palm presses against your side tightly, fingers digging in just enough that you know it’s purposeful and you huff out the half breath of air that you’d been holding hostage in your lungs. 
When he doesn’t show any sign of explaining himself any further without prompting, you lean into the hand on your hip just a little, enough to let him know that not only do you not mind at all having him touch you like this, you actually welcome it. You don’t let yourself overthink it and just focus on making sure that’s cleared up, just in case that's what's keeping him quiet right now, knowing that with how Daniel’s been of late, it’s entirely possible that there’s some meltdown going on inside his head about whether or not he’s crossed some line he shouldn’t have. 
This is definitely a side of Daniel you had never known until this weekend, and you think that’s probably less about you being oblivious in the past and instead it has more to do with the fact that you’d never really had a reason to come into contact with this version of him until now, since the two of you had never come anywhere close to the line before, let alone cross it with the frequency you have this trip. 
He just seemed so certain that you didn’t want this to happen, that you didn’t want him, that it made you start to wonder if he’d somehow missed the memo about himself, or perhaps he’d somehow managed to have never looked at himself in a mirror before. 
The moment that that thought runs through your head, you scrunch up your face for the space of just a handful of seconds, making a quick mental note to explain yourself fully to him later. There’s absolutely no future in which you’d ever want Daniel to not understand that you’d been his friend first and that the feelings had come around second, because it was of the utmost importance for him to know that it was him you’d found yourself drawn to again and again, not what he looked like and not what his career was. 
But that’s not to say his appearance was hurting anything or bringing him any ill favor, it was  that it just added to the whole dynamic but as more of an afterthought, a mere throwaway addition you’d only noticed later on, rather than it being some motivating factor. 
Though you expect to be pulled out of your increasingly intense analysis of his behavior this weekend at any given time by some random attempt of his to draw you into a conversation, that doesn’t stop you from continuing to slowly try and process your sudden realization that Daniel’s hot and cold treatment of you this weekend was more down to the fact that he didn’t really know where you stood emotionally. 
You’re not all that let down when it’s not out of the blue commentary or another attempt to get further information out of you that you don’t feel entirely ready to share with him yet, since you’re only just now figuring it out for yourself that gets your attention, and is instead the fact that Daniel’s started tracing patterns on your skin with the thumb of the hand still settled low and comfortably on your hip. 
It definitely tickles enough that you squirm a little under his touch but it's not enough that you have to pull entirely away. Instead you try to ignore the urge to wiggle around and do your best to just enjoy Daniel’s touch, to really let yourself soak in how natural this all feels and how easily it seems to come to both of you to be in such close proximity to one another, and to remain there. You don’t let yourself put too much thought into the fact that the next natural progression of this line of thought is that you’d like to remain here, like this with Daniel, indefinitely. 
An idea had dawned on you not longer after he’d first stretched his fingers out of the tightly balled fist they'd been in and as he’d replaced it with his open palm. Yet, you didn’t actually do anything about it for some time, opting instead to give Daniel the moments he clearly needed to accept that he could touch you like this, that you want him to touch you like this, and that you didn’t have any plans of changing your mind about any of it either. 
It’s only once Daniel transitions from drawing random swirling patterns on your hip to tracing something that feels remarkably like the letters of his name that you finally decide it’s now an acceptable time to interrupt him. 
“Dan, are you gonna elaborate further or are you just going to keep being handsy?” you’re prepared for his reaction, your hand poised to strike before you even open your mouth to speak. Subsequently, Daniel doesn’t even manage to get his palm entirely clear of your side before you’ve caught him by the wrist and are pressing his hand back into the curve of your hip where it had been previously. 
You wait, not saying anything else or moving your hand away from his, you just give him time to realize you’d only been teasing, entirely understanding of the fact that Daniel’s so tightly wound right now that he’d completely missed the teasing lilt to your voice, even though it’s the voice that he is vastly more familiar with than your normal every day one.
Its only once you feel the tension go out of Daniel’s shoulders and he trades in his current stiff, ramrod straight back for the slumped forward angles of his earlier stance, slowly permitting himself to slowly melt back into you, since you’d been extremely careful to remain in the exact position you’d been in when he’d pulled away. 
You know for sure that Daniel isn’t upset with you about the comment and that he hadn’t taken the taunting too seriously when he crouches forward even further than he had been before, and though it couldn’t possibly be good for his back, you quickly brush that thought away when he rests his chin over your left shoulder, the spot carefully chosen so that your head can remain comfortably nestled in the crook of his right shoulder. 
His mouth is tantalizing close to your throat now, the column of which is completely exposed to him since your face is still craned up towards the sky. You can’t help but to wonder if Daniel can feel what you currently can, if he too can sense the way the tension seems to only increase with every second you wait to see if his thoughts are trained on the bare expanse of your neck the way yours are on his lips. 
You assume they must be because you can hardly even think around the crowd of thoughts about his mouth filling your head and that’s even when you can’t actually see his lips. At the very least you hope that your throat bared before him and thoughts of all the possibilities and opportunities that vulnerability encompasses are what his mind is currently focused on, since it’s abundantly clear that Daniel isn’t thinking about what he was going to say back to you. 
“Hey,” you breathe out and instead of actually responding, Daniel just makes a lazy grunting sound in the back of his throat in acknowledgement, a noise which quickly morphs into a soft laugh, which you can feel the reverberations of against your lips, when you scoff at the half-assed excuse for a reply.
“Danie-” you don’t even get his name all the way out before he manages to derail every word you’d been about to say with what should have been embarrassingly easily done for you, but it’s not like you have it in you to muster up even a sliver of shame when Daniel’s just dragged his teeth down the column of your throat, lightly enough that you’d wonder if you’d only imagined it if weren’t for the slight sting he’d left behind when he’d reached the hollow between your collarbones and nipped at the skin there not hard enough to break the skin. 
Instead, he does it with just the right amount of force, and it’s so carefully done that you know without having to ask him about it personally, to be entirely certain he’d done it with the intention of leaving a mark behind, one you’d have no choice but to wear front of center until it at last faded from the delicate skin at the base of your throat. 
“That’s not fair, Daniel,” you reply lamely, and though you keep waiting for some witty thing to come to mind to say next, your mind stays blank, and it just seems like that’s all you’re going to manage to get out at the moment.  
“I’m not trying to play fair. I didn’t come here to play fair,” he says, and the timbre of his voice nearly does you in then and there, the pitch of dropping, making the words come out rough and gravely. Daniel still sounds enough like himself, since his normal voice is more than enough to make you a little weak at the knees on a regular day, this new variation is an entirely new breed of beast.
It’s a force you’re not entirely sure you know if you can trust yourself around at all, uncertain of whether or not you can keep yourself from turning into an absolute mess every time he opens his mouth and the voice that comes out is this one.
Evidently, this weekend has just been a showcase of all the sides of him you hadn’t come across until now, as if Daniel had suddenly found himself needing to remind you there was still so much about him that you had left to learn. Apparently, he’d decided that tonight, that right now, would be the perfect time to let you in on that particular secret. 
It’s such a strange dynamic that you find yourself at a bit of a loss, unsure of what exactly to do with these newly revealed frontiers or even how to approach them since they somehow manage to simultaneously expose a vulnerability of Daniel’s, letting you know with absolute certain that he trusted you entirely, and  while also making it abundantly clear that he could take the upper hand at any time, when and if he wanted to. 
You could have started shouting, letting out celebratory whoops right then and there out on the balcony and do so without any concern at all for the fact that the noise wouldn’t be appreciated by your neighbors in the slightest, since it’s only a few hours until dawn.
None of that seems of any particular importance, not when finally, at long fucking last, Daniel’s finally beginning to understand what you’d been trying to explain to him in every way you could, short of taking his face in your hands and telling him in the most explicit terms possible that you, unconditionally and irrevocably wanted him.
“Come on, focus. I know that you can do it,” you say, a small smile playing on your lips as you adjust the hold you still have on Daniel’s wrist until the back of his hand is pressed tightly to the palm of yours and your fingers rest lightly on top of his. 
“It’s really less of a matter of if I can, than of if I want to.”
“Humor me, then,” you reply, picking your head up just enough that you make sure he knows you’d rolled your eyes at his response. But you don’t even have a chance to get another word in edgewise, let alone to process what his next action beyond what your expression is capable of conveying about your complete and utter surprise.
Daniel doesn’t shy away from letting you know that you hadn’t put your head back into the crook of his neck quickly enough for his liking, not hesitating as he lets the blanket fall to the balcony floor, clearly unaffected by the brisk rush of ice-cold air that hits your exposed legs and his bare chest, as he wraps his now free hand around your throat. He’s firm in his movement but there’s a tenderness to it you hadn’t known such a forceful motion was even capable of having, pushes you back by your neck until the back of your head rests against his shoulder once again.  
“Go on,” Daniel prompts, though he gives no sign at all that he intends to take his hand off your throat any time soon, and while the hold he has on you is gentle, he gives you no room to budge, preventing you from lifting your head and meeting his eyes so you can see if he was being serious or not.
“Come on, you had lots to say earlier,” he continues, “don’t go quiet on me now.”
Somehow, that was supposed to be helpful, or at least you assumed as much but honestly, the complete reversal Daniel had made in the last hour alone had you absolutely at a complete loss for what the hell to say next. Yet, you are also dying to find out what more would possibly entail if this had only been the start of it.  
But what’s fair is fair, you figure, and if this little performance has told you anything, it's that the last thing Daniel expected of you, that he wanted from you was for you to just roll over, not that you’d even consider doing so if that was what he wanted. No, this was new and entirely uncharted territory which you had just as much right to stake your claim on as he did.
So, you just decide to pick back up where you’d left off, now determined to act like nothing at all had changed, and simply continue with what you’d been planning on doing previously, back before Daniel had made things… considerably more interesting by raising the stakes. 
“I think where I was going back before you got greedy was,” you start, not bothering to try and hide the small beginnings of a smile from Daniel’s watchful gaze, entirely more interested in testing the waters than anything else. 
The grin tugging at the corners of your mouth only grows, becoming exponentially more dangerous when, still wrapped around your throat, Daniel’s fingers give an almost imperceptible squeeze, though it’s still not quite enough to give you any idea of whether it’s in warning or it’s in encouragement to keep going, so you decide to continue with the latter anyway.  
“That I was about to get you to explain exactly what you meant when you asked if this was really what I wanted.” 
“Oh?” is all Daniel gives by way of a reply, not that you mind much, since that works just as well as a real answer theoretically could have.
“Oh,” you confirm, nodding your head emphatically, the movement of your neck within his grasp apparently more than enough to warrant his hand sliding further up your throat until his fingers find your jaw and they quickly stop the exaggerated motion dead in its tracks. 
“Mhm, it’s pretty simple,” you continue when Daniel doesn’t elect to say anything in response, though this time you shrug your shoulders a little, moving just enough that your shoulder nudges him gently in the center of his chest. 
Simultaneously, you tighten the grasp you still have on his left hand, which remains exactly where Daniel had placed it, the entirety of it pressed flush to your side. You hadn’t even realized you’d been absently sweeping a fingertip back and forth across expanse of skin from his thumb to his wrist where the black rose tattoo is inked until you’ve increased your hold on his hand. 
So, before Daniel has a chance to suddenly find his voice and ask you just what exactly your fascination is with this particular tattoo, you test your hold on his hand one last time and upon finding it to sufficiently secure beneath yours, you begin to drag his hand over the swell of your hip and down the outside of your thigh at a carefully set, almost painfully slow pace. 
Once you get started you don’t stop, keeping his hand moving lower and lower, growing increasingly closer to the hemline of his t-shirt which falls to the mid thigh on your frame, and though you can’t see it, unable to lift your head and catch a glimpse of Daniel’s expression for yourself because his hand has remained where he left it, wrapped around your jaw, you can tell he’s getting frustrated from the way his fingertips twitch under yours, almost as if they’re itching to pick up the pace.
But much to your surprise, Daniel doesn’t rush you at all, then he nearly renders you speechless when the next time you try and get him to explain himself, he finally plays along. You’re not sure if he did it on purpose or if it was just some kind of knee jerk reaction to what immediately precedes him finally opening his mouth. 
When your stacked hands finally reach the hemline of the shirt you don’t hesitate as you make the transition from fabric to exposed thigh, continuing to move lower until the entirety of his fingers and open palm rest against your bare skin. Then, and only then, do you halt the downward progression of your hands for just a fraction of a second. Unsurprisingly, only then, in that space of time, does Daniel start talking again.
“Is staying here in Monaco with me for a few more days really what you want?” Daniel asks, and while his voice has lost some of the rougher edges it had had to it earlier, it’s still pitched quite low, and there's just something about it that feels hungry, almost nearing predatory in nature. 
“Yes, it is,” you confirm, and though a lecture that starts with ‘of course it is, why else would I suggest it? I’m not you, I’m not begging you to skip the gala so we can stay in, only to change my mind when you’ve finally agreed to my impulsive schedule rearrangement...’ sits heavy in the forefront of your mind, the words weighty and unwieldy, nearly desperate with the need to be said, you don’t give in to the temptation. 
You don’t have to say them to Daniel, not when he already knows that you want to, and though you know that you wouldn’t be remiss to say them, to tell him that you weren’t enough of a fool to make the same mistake he had and certainly not cruel enough to put him through it just to get even, you also know that he wouldn’t begrudge you any opportunity to air your grievances. 
And still, you don’t say them, opting instead to keep them trapped where they are because you know and he knows that the words themselves don't really need to be voiced to be heard, to have an impact. So instead, you capitalize on the chance to ask him the same question.
“Is that what you want? To stay here, right here,” you punctuate the last two words by pushing down on Daniel’s fingertips, pressing them into your upper thigh hard enough that he reacts instinctually, continuing to keep his hold on you even when your fingers above his relax entirely, and now just rest lightly there, their presence only marked by the featherlight brush of your fingertips against the back of his hand. 
“Isn’t it obvious?” Daniel says by way of an answer, and though you know he’s just pushing back to see what you’ll do next, you don’t let that stop you from pushing him to continue playing along by the rules of the game that you had set, rather the ones he’d dictated. 
“No, it’s not. Not at all,’ you reply blithely, squeezing his hand twice until he lets go of your thigh, though judging by the way his hand seem to tremor with the effort it takes to release his hold on you, he’s entirely reluctant to give it up because it means relinquishing the possessive way he’d been clinging to your leg. Daniel makes sure that it is abundantly clear to the both of you that he doesn’t want to let go, but he has and he will, solely because you’ve asked it of him. 
“Say it. Tell me what you want,” as the words roll off your tongue delicately, they still manage to carry a weight behind them that’s entirely intended, since they are as much of an attempt to get him to confess to more than just where he wants to be the next few days as it is an instruction for what you want to hear come out of his mouth next. 
You don’t shy away from really driving home the point that your words are more than a prompt, that they are a reminder of the seemingly endless sea of wants and needs that at present, stretches between you and Daniel. It’s made devastatingly easy by just the press of your hand against the back of his again, as you shift his palm tantalizingly slowly across your leg until you come to a stop on the inside of your thigh. 
Then, and only then do you somehow managed to set a new pace, this one impossibly slower than the former, and direct the progress of his hand back up the expanse of skin it has just made its way down.  
Neither of you remark on it but you both hear the groan that starts somewhere deep in Daniel’s chest, one that he only just manages to catch in time, though the last second save means that he effectively chokes on it somewhere in the back of his throat. 
Even though he stops it before it can properly escape his mouth, it’s still enough for you to know it for what it is, a proverbial waving of the white flag that tells you’ve got him exactly where you wanted him. It’s confirmation that you have in fact managed to back Daniel into a corner, to have gotten the upper hand, armed with nothing but a few words and a guided tour that’s not even halfway done yet. 
But it hardly seems to matter at all since his hand is still wrapped around your throat, the gesture not aggressive or painful. Infuriatingly, you savor the firm grasp his fingers have around your neck, the possessive, claiming nature of having a far greater effect on you than you really cared to have to admit to Daniel at all. 
That’s the infuriating thing about it, about the current positioning of his hand, you don’t have to tell him you’re enjoy it, that you’re not really looking forward to him letting go just yet because he can feel the way your heart is racing through the places where his palm of his hand has a snug hold along your pulse points. 
Though Daniel continues to let you direct the path up your thigh, you can tell he’s helping you move your hands since the progress feels a little different this time, now without the aid the smooth, thin weave of his shirt had provided previously. Now, his palm coasts along, exploring what all exactly it was that lies beneath the fabric, the hemline of which is being pushed up, out of the way as his touch climbs higher and higher.  
“Dan?” His name is a barely audible whisper as you say it, but it’s still more than enough to get his attention and return it to what you’d been saying to him before, the one word somehow managing to be enough to get him out of head and back down to earth.
“Yes?” Evidently, while Daniel’s attention may be trained on you again, it’s apparently no threat at all to the haze eddying around him, the one that becomes increasingly difficult to see through as it thickens, banking around him the higher up the inside of your thigh his hand goes. 
At some point, about halfway up, he starts to move his fingertips beneath yours, the calloused pads of Daniel’s fingers exploring the new expanse of bare leg as they come across it, tracing patterns somehow manage to travel directly to your core, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. 
The rough scrape of Daniel’s fingertips against the delicate skin of your upper thigh make promise after promise at every place they touch, whispering about all of the things that they know how to do, of all the things they’re skilled in and in all the ways in which they are capable of making your body tremble beneath their touch, if only, instead of just exploring the bare expanse of leg they’re on now, they were given free range to venture where they pleased, to climb higher and higher until they can finally settle exactly where you wanted them to. 
So, you don’t make any attempt to stop his finger’s newly found autonomy, permitting it only because he doesn’t make any attempt to change the speed of the progress up, quite clearly not willing to derail things just because he got ahead of himself. 
“Where should I be the next few days?” you finally work up the nerve to ask, an endeavor that took far more time than it probably should have, since it’s the next step in the conversation that’s already being had. Strangely though, once they’re out, the words sound far less intimidating than they had inside your head, as this penultimate question had echoed around again and again. 
“Here,” Daniel says like it's the most obvious thing in the world, pulling his hand out from under yours in the same heartbeat his fingers release their hold on your jaw, calmly maintaining the flow of words falling from his lips without so much as a moment’s hesitation as he turns you around to face him. 
“Here, with me, exactly where you should be,” he continues, the look on his face so self-assured and certain, entirely unaffected by the fact that you’re just staring up at him, eyes wide and lips slightly parted in surprise. “Now, come here.”
Though Daniel had clearly planned to say the words and let you follow up with the actions, his impatience must get the better of him because while he’s still in the process of getting them out, he’s already picking you up, hands hauling you up into the air as soon as they find the curve where the back of your thighs meet your ass, the momentum of it somehow enough that you react instinctually, legs wrapping tightly around his waist as your arms do the same around his neck. 
It nearly knocks the wind out of you when you finally make yourself let go and stop fighting for some semblance of restraint for even one second longer, and you find that once you do, something changes in the way Daniel kisses you, like he’s picked up on your decision to give in to this entirely and he’s more than willing to match that. 
His hands are still cupping the back of your thighs, keeping you supported in the air against him, his arms doing vastly more work to keep you there than yours around his neck and your legs around his waist are currently doing. When you deepen the kiss, tipping your head back just the slightest bit until you’re able to get some degree of separation between your face and his, you give in to temptation and catch his bottom lip between your teeth, nipping at the plush, already slightly kiss swollen skin like you’d been wanting to do all night. 
Daniel’s response is instantaneous and unlike before, he doesn’t even try hide the groan that rumbles out of him this time, like he’s entirely unapologetic about it now and he figures that there’s no longer any point in try to pretend like he hadn’t snapped, hadn’t abandoned every ounce of control he left minutes ago. 
You try your best to convey how much you appreciate the sounds you’re currently pulling out of him, alternating between increasingly harder nips at his lips with soothing the pain away with a drag of your mouth against his, not relenting in the slightest and instead only grinning into the bruising kiss he gives you when he’s at his wits end.
“Don’t tease,” Daniel mumbles against your lips, the words rumbling out of his mouth and into yours.
“Don’t make it so easy,” you reply, letting out a small yelp of surprise when he leans back just a little, balancing more of your weight around his waist so he can drag the bruising grip he has on  thighs up higher, not bothering at all to be gentle as he palms at your ass. 
Daniel’s entirely unrepentant about the fact that the t-shirt you have on is now bunched up above your hips, more focused on the fact he now has both hands entirely full like he’d wanted as he kneads at the plush skin. 
He figures that if you want to tease him, that’s well within your rights but that decision only entitles him to think less and touch more, since you’re apparently so confident in your ability to keep up with him. Daniel already knows he’s far less quick to get embarrassed than you are and his threshold for shamelessness is almost concerningly high. 
When you let go of his neck with one hand and try your best to yank the hem of your shirt back down over your thighs, Daniel just readjusts his hold on you, shifting you up higher in his arms until there’s no longer any point in bothering with the bottom of the shirt anymore since its now slightly twisted around your middle. 
He knows he’s being a pain but honestly, it’s more than worth it when it earns him a sharp yank from your hand still buried in the sleep mussed mess of curls at the nape of his neck.
“Daniel!” you snap at him, and he knows he’s down bad when instead of feeling like the warning it usually does when you grind out his name like that, he’s too focused on figuring out what he can do next to get you to say it like that again to care.
“If that’s supposed to be getting me to behave you need to find a better tactic,” he says smugly, the corners of his mouth curling up slightly, the expression only morphing into a proper smirk when he can feel the way your fingers tighten their hold on the curls threaded through them in response. “Come on, do it again.”
“No,” you reply with a shake of your head, then listen anyway, this time pulling at his hair hard enough that his head snaps back a little and he knows the twinkle in your eyes, the challenge in them he can see when he arches a brow at you in response that you’re enjoying this as much as he is. 
“No,” you say quickly, and when he starts to open his mouth to protest, you’re quick to beat him to it. “You do realize we’re still standing outside, right? That anyone who just glances out of their window right now is getting a full show.”
“Lucky them,” Daniel says with a shrug, knowing he should probably care more than he currently does, which is the only reason why he relaxes his grip on your rear, slowly starting to put you back down onto your feet while he waits for you to catch on. When he’s lowered you down enough that your feet finally touch the floor of the balcony, Daniel can’t help but to snort when you try to stand on your own and your legs shake under you like a baby deer. 
He’s not at all surprised that you swat away the hand he extends to steady you and he doesn’t let the rejection keep him from repaying the favor in kind when you breeze past him, the smack of the palm of his hand against your left cheek landing perfectly, the sound of it alone more than telling him that he’s left a bright red handprint. 
And then, as he follows you across the balcony as you head for the door back into his bedroom you had left slightly ajar earlier, since apparently, he just can’t help himself tonight, Daniel opens his mouth and says, “you know I always thought you wouldn’t mind a bit of an audience.”
“Never said that I did,” you toss out, looking back at him over one shoulder for the briefest moment as you say it, like you didn’t want to miss catching a quick glimpse of his face as your words register for him. But it’s not like you wait for his brain to catch back up with his mouth before you slip back inside, leaving Daniel behind without so much as another backwards glance.
To be notified when a new chapter is posted, just respond to this post and I’ll tag you when the next chapter is up!
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fanfictionlive · an hour ago
At Long Last
I finally posted my first ever work. The first chapter ended with 1,412 words. Not bad, but could be a lot better. I'm so nervous, but happy I was able to finally sit down and write it.
submitted by /u/Heatblast41 [link] [comments] from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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whatpistachio · an hour ago
✨ One Of Our Nights ✨
A collection of one shots where the Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit will face some adventures together!
Summary: When the darkness envelops us and all around us is despair and suffering, at the hour, tell me, who will bring us light? Who will be our beacon in the darkest night?
Two spirits or, as some claim, just two wanderers, they will be the hope and freedom. The two lovers of justice will shine in the darkness like the silver moon in the sky and lighten the deep darkness like the first morning sun.
Post-War; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Zuko and Katara share a secret; Zuko and Katara are together; I made up the name of the vandal gang; Action/Adventure; Adventure & Romance; Hurt/Comfort; Slice of Life; they live in peace but the painted lady and the blue spirit still have work to do
Ao3 link:
italian link:
Tumblr media
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the7thcrow · an hour ago
indulgence | part two
pairing: felix x vampire!reader
summary: an indulgence grows to become dangerous, as the society of hampden college takes note of y/n’s new blood bag.
Tumblr media
word count: 5.8 k
genre: forbidden love. angst, extreme fluff, suggestive.
warnings: blood, suggestive content (sex is discussed but not described), strong language, and vampires ofc.
a/n: hi everyone! thank you to anyone who read part one, and liked it enough to continue with part two hehe. the plot really picks up here, and i’m quite excited about it. once again, i love hearing feedback, so don’t be shy in leaving me an ask or message :)
previous chapter.
You were careful. In the beginning, at least. For the first few weeks of carrying your secret, you only met Felix after hours, and only at your home. You’d leave at different times, and you both never spoke a word of what you were doing to anyone.
It was a safe play. A smart one. But as time went on you became sloppy. It started on the day Felix’s roommates would be gone for the entire weekend.
You were both lying in your bed, the rainy Sunday morning having trickled by in a lazy, melancholic fashion. These were your favourite days, the ones in which he’d arrive just before dawn and leave near dusk. 
You’d gotten used to his presence around your apartment, his absence painfully noticeable during the days you found yourself cooped up there alone. You liked when he was there, even when you weren’t talking, lounging on the couch in silence with your feet intertwined as you caught up on your required reading. Or when sometimes he’d cook for you, baking you sweets as you were stressed out over a paper that’s due date was much closer than you’d realized. Him simply being around granted you comfort, a sense of companionship, something you hadn’t felt for a long time.
You couldn’t deny that Felix Lee had nestled himself into your life, and you’d be a liar to say you weren’t enjoying it. Being with him made you love the creature you were, seeing the way your feeding affected him, the way it set the two of you on fire. Forgetting for a moment how restrictive your life truly was, how exhausting and lonely it often happened to be. 
Looking back, perhaps that was the entire problem itself. That wasn’t something you should so easily forget, no matter how tempting it may be.
“Come on,” Felix whined, tracing shapes along the bare of your back with his finger. “They won’t be there all weekend, it won’t be any different then when we’re here.”
He was trying to convince you to come spend the following weekend at his apartment, as his roommates were leaving on a ski trip and wouldn’t be back until Monday morning.
“Well, if it won’t be any different then why should we bother risking it?” You returned. In truth, you really did want to go spend time at his place. It felt like the next step in your relationship, however strange and complicated it may be. You weren’t sure if “relationship” was even the right term for whatever you two were, but you didn’t want to overthink things too much. For now, all you wanted was to enjoy this while it lasted, as deep down you knew it couldn’t be forever. 
“Because,” he mumbled, rolling you over to face him. This wasn’t going to help your willpower, you’d come to find you just couldn’t say no to those dark, curious eyes. “I feel like I’ve really gotten to know you these last few weeks. I mean, I’ve seen your life. Your room, your book and record collections, what you keep stocked in your refrigerator. I guess I just want to share my space with you too.”
You groaned, shifting downwards to bury your face in his chest. “Well that’s not fair. How am I supposed to say no to that?”
“Exactly, you can’t,” he laughed.
“You’re the worst.”
“I know. Sorry.”
You sighed. “Fine. I’ll head over Friday night then.”
“See, I knew you’d come around,” he smiled, his voice light with enthusiasm. However, you couldn’t ignore the weight of anxiousness bubbling in your chest. You looked up at Felix, and you knew that he could see it written on your face.
“Don’t worry,” he said softly, methodically running his fingers through your hair, something he’d learned would help calm you down whenever you were stressed. “I’ll make it worth your time.”
Felix did, in fact, make it worth your time. When you arrived at his doorstep the following weekend, you were surprised to find the door unlocked. Carefully, you twisted the knob, peeking inside.
It was safe to say you were surprised.
The apartment was entirely candlelit, the smell of rose scented candles mixing with that of whatever Felix was presently cooking in the kitchen. The table was done up in a way that reminded you of a cheesy Italian restaurant, with a checkered red tablecloth, two glasses for wine, and a rose stationed in the middle.
Felix emerged from the kitchen, a wide, toothy grin on his face. He was wearing an apron, patterned with an alarming amount of cartoon kittens, over what appeared to be a rather expensive suit.
“I feel like I’m underdressed,” you stated, unable to mask the pure awe in your voice. Nobody, not even Chan, had done anything like this for you. Not to mention the fact that you and Felix weren’t even dating… 
Were you? This seemed like an awful lot of effort to put in for someone you were only hooking up with.
“Nah, you look great. Don’t worry about it,” Felix said. “Now if you don’t mind, I’ll take your jacket Mademoiselle.”
You laughed, taking off your overcoat and handing it to him. “That’s French. I thought you were going for Italian,” you joked, attempting to hide the warmth flooding to your cheeks.
“Shhh,” he said, setting your jacket down on the couch before putting his hands on your shoulders. “Just let me have this one. Okay?”
“Okay,” you said quietly, giving him a kiss on the cheek. You felt oddly shy, surrounded by such a scene. 
“Well if you’ll take a seat, I can show you what I’ve been making in the kitchen,” he said, moving towards the table and pulling out the chair. You complied, sitting down and shifting your focus to the wonderful smell wafting in from the kitchen. 
Felix disappeared before appearing with two plates, setting one down in front of you. “Shrimp Scampi,” he clarified. You glanced up at him and you could tell he was slightly nervous. Knowing Felix, he was probably worried you wouldn’t like it.
How someone could possibly not appreciate all of this, was entirely beyond you.
You decided to reassure him. “It looks amazing, Felix. All of this,” you said, gesturing to the room around you. “This is incredible. I can’t believe you did this, it's so… unbelievably sweet.”
“Well,” he said shyly, removing the apron and setting it down on the kitchen counter. “I knew you were worried about coming over here. So, I guess I just wanted to make it the best I could. Less terrifying and more something you’d really enjoy. You know?”
If your cheeks weren’t red before, they certainly were now. It took everything in you not to lean over the table and kiss him right then and there.
He grabbed a bottle of wine from the liquor cabinet behind him, pouring the liquid into your glass. “White wine?” You questioned with a smirk. “I thought you would have gone with red.”
He chuckled, beginning to fill his own. “I thought about it, but it felt a little too cliche. Besides,” he said, corking the bottle and setting it back down on the table. “White goes better with seafood.”
You picked up your glass, taking a small sip. “Pinot grigio?”
He raised his eyebrows, smirking. “A bit of a wine connoisseur, are we?” 
You laughed. “Something like that.” 
Truth be told, you weren’t. Frankly, you’d always much preferred scotch. However, Chan was big on wine. From the two years you’d spent together, you’d managed to pick up a thing or two.
The rest of the dinner passed smoothly. The food was delicious, the wine smooth, the conversation breezy. You’d calmed down from the initial shock of it all, and had settled back into the comfortable atmosphere you and Felix had developed over the past few weeks.
After you’d both finished your meals, he rose to his feet, setting your plates down on the kitchen counter before disappearing around the corner, into the living room. You were wondering if you should follow him, when suddenly classical music started to fill your ears.
You rose to your feet, peering around the corner to see Felix stationed beside a record player. He smiled, before extending a hand out towards you. “Come on, dance with me.”
“You sure are cheesy today, huh?” You laughed, taking his hand anyway. You laid your head against his chest, the two of you swaying gently, a sorry attempt at a Waltz. 
The music from the record filled the room, the notes dancing along with the two of you, a symphony of affection. You quickly recognized the piece as The Four Seasons.
“Vivaldi is my favourite composer,” you mumbled into his chest.
“I know, you told me a while ago,” he spoke quietly.
“Ah,” you said, smiling to yourself over the fact he remembered. “I’m surprised you have a record of him, I know you aren’t the classical type.”
“You’re right, I’m not,” he laughed. “It’s actually one of my roommates.” 
“I see. What are they like?” Even with all the time you’d spent together, you and Felix had never talked about the people in your personal lives. 
“Hmm,” Felix hummed. Although he didn’t say anything, you could tell he was happy that you asked. That you were slowly breaking the barrier you’d put around yourself. 
“Well, Han- that’s whose record this is- he’s... well he’s loud, but I think you’d really like him. He’s studying music theory, wants to be something of a composer himself. He’s a bit messy, but if you harp on him enough he’ll keep his shit clean.” 
“He sounds nice,” you offered kindly. “What about your other one?”
“Ah, yeah. Changbin. His name is Changbin,” Felix said, but you could tell there was something off about his tone.
“What about him?”
“He’s… he’s going through a lot right now. But normally he’s the coolest. He’s also in music theory, so he and Han help eachother out a lot. He’s the type to bring you food when you’ve been working on a paper all day, because he knows you’ve forgotten to eat. Always there for you, you know?”
“Yeah, I get it,” you said. Talking about Changbin seemed to make Felix nervous, based on the way he wouldn’t meet your eye and the apprehension in his voice. You could bet it had to do with whatever Changbin was going through at the moment, but despite your curiousness you decided to drop it. It wasn’t any of your business.
The two of you swayed in silence for a few moments. There was nothing left to say on the matter.
“You know,” you said suddenly. “You said you wanted to show me your space, but I still haven’t seen your bedroom.”
Felix smirked. “Ah, I guess you haven’t. Why, you impatient for something?”
You laughed, looking up at him. “Get your head out of the gutter, Lix. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 
“Mhm. Yeah, sure you don’t,” he returned, taking your hand and leading you down the hallway to your left. He stopped, turning to open a door that was currently covered in a rather elaborate arrangement of animal stickers. You raised your eyebrows at him.
“Oh right, the stickers,” Felix said, smacking his forehead with his palm. “Han thought it would be funny, but now I can’t get them off.” 
You smiled. Felix was right, you and Han would probably get along. 
The inside of Felix's room was oddly exactly how you had imagined it. Books were stacked neatly on the desk in the corner, ranging from academic texts to various manga. Posters hung on the walls, representing different music artists, some you recognized and others you did not. He had a nintendo switch tossed on his night stand, and plants hanging in the window. The room, while packed, was clean and well in order. An organized sort of chaos.
You laid down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. You felt the mattress sink slightly as he laid beside you.
“Do you like it?” He whispered.
“I do. It’s very you.”
He hummed in acknowledgment, rolling onto his side to face you. His fingers wandered in the air for a moment, before finding themselves placed against your cheek. Gently he stroked his thumb back and forth along your jawbone. 
You smiled, leaning into his touch, placing your own hand in his hair. “I feel like dessert,” you stated.
Felix’s cheeks warmed. “I made brownies,” he mumbled, his gaze deepening. “But something tells me that’s not what you have in mind.”
It was not what you had in mind, and you’d gone far beyond merely explaining that to Felix. The two of you were tangled together beneath his sheets, his head resting on your chest. The room was dark, preventing you from seeing the details of his face, only the shadows and the curve of his jaw visible in the moonlight. 
“Felix?” You whispered, wondering if he was awake.
“Mmm?” He mumbled, clearly only half-conscious. 
“You know I can’t give you more than this, right? We’ll always have to sneak around, keep us a secret. It’ll never be easy.”
“I know.”
“And you’re really okay with that?”
He reached for your hand, allowing your fingers to intertwine. “If it means I have you, I’ll manage.” 
A moment of silence passed by, as you were unsure of what to say, but something inside of you stirred. Something deep and warm, coming back to life.
“Y/N?” He asked suddenly, breaking the quiet. 
“Do I have you?”
“Of course, Lix,” you smiled, finally allowing your eyes to close, putting your mind to rest. “I’m all yours.”
The following morning you awoke to the sound of rain pattering against the window, Felix still sleeping soundly against your chest. Carefully, you moved his head to the pillow, sliding out from under him and emerging into the hallway.
The apartment felt eerily quiet. You never found yourself in an unfamiliar place in the mornings, and the urge to evacuate and run back to your apartment was more tempting than you would’ve liked to admit. You wouldn’t, of course. Felix had put in the effort to make you feel comfortable, to feel at home. You would honour that, no matter how slightly terrifying it might be.
You wandered into the kitchen, noticing a container full of brownies set on the counter. You smiled, those were supposed to be eaten yesterday, before, well… 
You opened the package taking a bite of the sweet, before spitting it out in shock.
The apartment door swung open wildly, a boy with brown hair and chubby cheeks storming inside, a thick cast around his wrist. He threw his backpack onto the couch, letting the ski’s he was carrying clatter against the wall.
“Felix, you will not believe how bad the hill was. There was hardly even any snow, and the amount of rocks? It was like they wanted me to break my arm! Believe me, you made the right call opting out, it was not worth the drive-”
The boy stopped, his eyes bulging as he finally realized you were in the room. His silence made you quickly realize that you were only sporting one of Felix’s shirts, and while it covered you fine, it told an obvious tale. 
“Oh, I’m sorry. Hi!” He said, his mind finally catching up on the situation. 
Alright, this was it. Clearly you and Felix weren’t a secret anymore, at least not with his roommates. Now you had to decide how you were going to play this out. Your mind was buzzing. You knew this was a bad idea. You knew this was dangerous. You fucked up. It was over for you. You were screwed. 
Attempting to settle your racing mind, you decided to make an effort at being friendly for now. 
“Hi,” you smiled, moving behind the kitchen table to cover your legs. “I’m assuming you’re Han?” 
“Yeah, how’d you know?” He laughed.
“Felix mentioned you were a tad… charismatic.” 
Han chuckled. “Did he now? I’ll have to pay him back for that. I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch your name-”
Felix burst out of the hallway, his hair a disheveled mess and shirt only half buttoned. “Han! You’re back early!” 
He looked at you, and while you wanted to be furious at him, planned to make him regret getting you to come here, the look of guilt in his eyes stopped you before you could even begin. It were as if the words “I’m Sorry” were branded to his forehead, his features solemn with remorse.
“We have to get out of here,” you thought. “We have to talk about this, figure out what the hell to do.”
“Wait, what did you do to your arm?” Felix asked, just noticing the thick cast.
“Ah,” Han said shyly, rubbing the back of his neck with his good arm. “I wiped out. Like I said, the hill was bad. Not enough snow and too much ice. I slid into a rock and, well… Doctor said I have to keep this on for the next 5 weeks, which blows, obviously,” he motioned to the cast, shrugging his shoulder helplessly. 
Before you could get a word in, he continued. “Oh, have you guys eaten yet? Changbin’s just grabbing-”
Felix quickly cut him off. “We were actually just about to go get something to eat.”
Han raised an eyebrow, glancing from Felix, who looked like he just stumbled out of a 2 year coma, to yourself, who was certainly in no position to walk out the door.  “You were?”
“Yeah!” You exclaimed, perhaps a little too loudly. “I’m just going to, uh, get changed, and then we’ll be out of your hair,” you said, rushing past them and into Felix’s bedroom.
You shut the door behind you, leaning up against the frame before taking a deep breath. Okay, you could do this. You’d make a quick exit, then you and Felix could sort out what to do next. Maybe he could tell them you were just a hookup. But would that look too suspicious? Did they notice he’d been sneaking out almost every night? If they did that would only cause more problems. 
God, this was a fucking mess. You shouldn’t have come, you shouldn’t have come, you shouldn't have come- 
“Y/N?” Felix called, knocking on the door. “Are you almost ready?”
“Y-yeah!” You called back, cringing at the waver in your voice. You had to get yourself together. You threw on your jeans from the following day, tucking in Felix’s button up and bounded towards the door.
“Alright, I’m ready,” you said, bouncing back into the living room. However, you were surprised to be greeted by someone new. The boy was standing beside Felix and Han, whispering in a rushed, as well as undeniably angry tone. 
More surprising yet, and perhaps unsettling as well, he was glaring at you. No, glaring wasn’t the right word. His eyes screamed bloody murder, his jaw locked, entire body was rigid with a stiffness only produced by vile distaste. It was that look of hatred, that familiar spiteful glaze, which immediately made you recognize him.
“I’ve seen you at the library before,” you stated, taking note of how his eyes widened slightly at the sound of your voice.
The boy cleared his throat. “I don’t think so,” he stated, which was an obvious lie. He’d visited the library several times during the dead of the night, always with that same angry, loathsome stare. You’d always found it unsettling, and always left soon after he arrived, even if you still had work to do.
“Yes, you-” you began, but Felix quickly cut you off. 
“Sorry, Changbin. We were just leaving, I’ll catch you guys later.” He said, taking your arm and quickly ushering you out the entry. You saw Han attempt to call out in protest, but Felix quickly shut the door behind him, blocking whatever it was he had to say.
You turned to Felix. “What the hell was that?”
“What, I figured you’d want to get out of there?” He shrugged, not meeting your eye as he walked ahead of you, making his way down the complex stairs. 
You scowled, chasing after him. “Not that, why was Changbin - or whatever his name is - staring at me like that?”
“That’s just the way Changbin has been lately,” Felix said, although you couldn’t shake the feeling there was something more to it. Pulling your arm away, you pushed passed him. If Felix was going to be so frustrating, there was no way you were going to be the one trailing him like a puppy.
“Well, I know for a fact he’s seen me at the library, so why would he lie about that?” You continued, opening the main doors and storming onto the street. 
Felix jogged after you. “I don’t know?” He shot back, his voice sharp. “Maybe he just forgot?”
You scoffed, turning a corner onto the main walking path, heading off campus and towards your own apartment. You needed to sort this out, and the last thing you needed was to cause a scene in the middle of a busy street.
“Whatever,” you grumbled, still keeping yourself a few steps ahead. “We’ll figure it out when we get back to my place.”
“It’s the middle of the day, I thought that was against your precious rules,” he sniped. You knew he was just angry, blowing off steam, but the jab hurt. He was fully aware that you hated the way things were, the way things had to be. It was a low blow, and it only made your annoyance spike. 
“Fine, Lix. You don’t have to come, go back home so you don’t have to be a burden to my ‘precious rules.’”
“Shit, no. Wait, Y/N!” He babbled, running to put himself in front of you. “I’m sorry, that was uncalled for, I didn’t mean that. Please, let’s figure this out. I want to, seriously.”
You stared at him for a moment, before walking past him, a sigh trailing from your lips. “Fine, come on.”
He let out a relieved breath before catching up, placing himself at your side. 
“We need to determine what the hell we’re going to tell your roommates,” you start. “Because as of now, we’ve gotten ourselves into a load of shit-”
You didn’t see the man in front of you as you collided into his chest, falling to the ground, rubbing your nose from the immediate shock of pain. 
“Woah, I’m sorry! I didn’t see you there,” the voice said, and your entire body froze. You knew that voice. You knew that voice well. It was a voice you hadn’t heard in months, the voice of the worst possible person you could stumble into at the moment.
“Hold on, Y/N?” Chan asked. You looked up to meet his gaze, petrified by the familiar look of pain in his eyes. The same hurt from the last time you saw him, or in better terms, left him.
“Hey, Chan,” you replied, your voice coming out more shaky than you wanted it to. Chan extended a hand, lifting you to your feet. “It’s been a while.”
“Yeah,” he laughed quietly, scratching the back of his neck. “It sure has.”
Then, to your complete and utter despair, his gaze shifted to Felix. It was alarming, how quickly his gaze hardened, the way any sense of past affection drifted from his eyes. “Who’s this?” He asked, his voice cold. 
“That’s Felix. He’s uh, from class, we got assigned for a partner project. We have to explain how without divine intervention, the events in The Iliad may have transpired differently,” you said. If you were going to lie, you had to at least try to make it sound believable. 
“Ah, I see,” Chan said, an edge to his voice. “Where are you guys heading?”
“Just a cafe,” you replied, keeping your voice level.
“Off campus?” He asked, his eyes narrowing, you felt your heart leap into your throat.
“Yeah,” Felix answered without missing a beat. “Figured it would be less busy, you know?”
“Hm,” Chan said, before giving the boy a smile. To Felix, it probably seemed nice, but you knew Chan. Which meant you also knew there wasn’t an ounce of genuine kindness in that expression. 
“Alright, well I’ll let you guys get to it then,” he shook Felix’s hand, his grip slightly too firm. “It was nice meeting you.”
He took a step to make his exit, and for a moment you thought you’d gotten away with it. You thought that somehow, you’d manage to evade this inevitable disaster. Foolish.
Chan stopped beside you, putting a hand on your shoulder. Turning to Felix, he smiled, his eyes glinting. “And hey, you might want to fix your collar.”
Felix’s eyebrows furrowed, a confused expression on his face as he adjusted the collar of his button-up. That’s when you noticed it. The bite marks just peeked out, visibly fresh from the following night.
Chan leaned in, his breath warm against your neck, lips brushing your ear. Your body froze, heart stopping at his words.
“You’ve got his scent all over you.”
You and Felix spent the next few hours deciding your best course of action. In a matter of a day, your entire arrangement had been flipped on its head.
The first issue revolved around Felix’s roommates, the biggest worry being what exactly he was going to tell them. After much thought, as well as a bit of arguing, you decided to have Felix say that the two of you were casually seeing each other. This way, they shouldn’t get suspicious that there was more going on, but they also wouldn’t expect to necessarily see you around their apartment either.
There was still risk in it - of course, there always was - as there was the remaining fear that one of them might mention the two of you to the wrong person, and you’d be doomed. As much as having this as a risk pained you, there wasn’t much you could do about it, at least for the moment. For now, you had to trust that if Felix told them to keep it a secret, they would.
This was difficult, as you truthfully didn’t have faith in either of them. Han seemed nice, of course. But it was clear he liked to talk, and it wouldn’t be shocking if something managed to slip from his lips. 
Changbin... Well, he seemed to hate you, for whatever reason that might be. You tried to talk to Felix about this, but he simply brushed it off, blaming it on whatever Changbin happened to be going through at the moment. Begrudgingly, you decided to drop it, but that didn’t mean you wouldn’t store the worry in the back of your mind. Keep a watchful eye out.
The bigger problem was Chan. He knew. He knew everything. The feeding, the fucking. That Felix was something more than just an acquaintance. He could single-handedly unravel your relationship, all it would take was a quick chat with The Council, and you would be ruined. There would be nothing you could do to stop them. You didn’t know what The Council would do to you, but you knew at the very least they would force you to end your arrangement with Felix.
You wanted to believe that Chan wouldn’t do that. You really did, but you knew that might not be the case. If he saw telling The Council as a way of protecting you, to keep you away from humans that could be out to hurt you, or use you, there was no doubt in your mind that that’s exactly what he would do.
For now, all you could do was wait, and keep as low of a profile as you possibly could at the moment. It was for this purpose that you said the following words:
“I think we need to distance ourselves from each other, for at least a little while,” you said to Felix. He currently was sitting on your couch, elbows resting on his knees, head buried in his hands.
Slowly, he glanced up at you. He looked tired. “Do we have to?” He asked, his voice flooded with defeat. The last few hours hadn't been easy. There were sacrifices to make, ones that neither of you wanted to adhere to. But this was not as simple as what you did and didn’t want.
“Yeah,” you sighed, dropping down on the couch beside him, resting your head on his shoulder. “We have to. I think we could have dealt with your roommates, but Chan is a far bigger issue.”
Felix frowned, and you knew exactly how he felt.
 This sucked. 
Over the past month, you’d really come to like Felix. You genuinely enjoyed his company, his cooking, his sense of humour. The way he brightened up a room. Most of all, he made you feel less alone. Together you were a part of something. A relationship of sorts. You mattered. And while you would do what you could to make sure this farewell wasn’t forever, in the end it was still a goodbye.
And goodbye’s were always hard, no matter what lay behind them.
“Alright,” he murmured, taking your hand in his, gently brushing his thumb against your knuckles. “When should I expect to hear from you again?”
“I’ll give you a call by the end of the week. I might try talking to Chan, just to see where he’s at with all this. Try to make him understand before he decides to throw me under the bus.”
Felix hums in response, before twisting his neck so that his chin rests on top of your head. “I’m going to miss you,” he states simply. 
You smile sadly, planting a soft kiss at the nape of his neck. “I’ll miss you too,” you say, “but this will only be temporary. I’ll make sure of it.”
You didn’t get the chance to talk to Chan, as not even a full day after Felix left your apartment, a letter slid under your door. Carefully, you arose from your spot on your couch, setting your laptop down on the coffee table. You approached the envelope slowly, as if you were to move too fast, it might combust.
You picked up the letter, turning it over to reveal the seal. Your heart sunk in your chest.
There it was. The red wax seal. The letter was from The Society. 
You frantically ripped off the seal, releasing the note inside with shaky hands.
Dear Ms. L/N,
We have recently been informed that you have been participating in actions that violate the terms of our Society agreement. This information has been provided to us by a source of whom wishes to remain anonymous for the time being.
However, these claims remain a serious issue. We would like to give you the chance to explain yourself, as well as clear up what may be a possible misunderstanding or simply a false accusation. If these actions happen to be true, then we will deal with matters accordingly.
You are called to attend this meeting at 1:00pm tomorrow, at the councilroom of our head district.
We appreciate your compliance. 
Our regards,
The Council.
It’s almost funny, looking back on how hopeful you’d been. That despite everything working against you, you’d somehow thought you could best them. Somehow thought that you were more powerful than the unbeatable. More powerful than The Council.
That’s where you found yourself now, seated before the three all-powerful vampires, surrounded by endless more. You thought you’d be more terrified, more horrified of what they might choose to do to you. 
But you aren’t. You’re tired of this. Tired of it all. So let them do whatever they wanted, you would take it. You didn’t regret any of what you did.
Not a damn thing. 
“Ms. L/N,” the head councilmen repeats, voice dead of emotion. “Do you know why you’re here today?”
Of course you do. He knows damn well that you know exactly why you’re here, you can see it in the smirk playing at the corner of his lips.The question is mockery. 
So you say nothing. 
“Cooperation will make this much easier, Ms. L/N,” another member of The Council speaks from beside him. She looks far younger than he is, although they are probably around the same age. Which is to say, hundreds of years old.
As your silence continues, the head councilman sighs, rubbing the space between his eyes in frustration. “Fine. Let me explain, shall I? We have reason to suspect you’ve been… coercing with a human boy. Felix Lee.”
Your heart jumps slightly. They know his name? You weren’t expecting that, but then again this was The Council. Digging up identities was the least they were capable of.
“Is this true, Ms. L/N?”
You stare at the councilman. There’s no point in lying. He knows. This meeting was not to defend your innocence, but to determine your punishment. You can see it in his eyes. Those hollow, sunken eyes, that seem farther from humanity than you could’ve dreamed possible.
“Yes,” you state. Your eyes drift to the corner of the room, landing on Chan, who’s gaze remains firm. You want to slap him. Or yell at him. Maybe both. 
“Hm, well at least you’re honest,” the councilman murmurs, a light buzz of laughter vibrating throughout the room. This is funny to them, a joke. Irritation itches under your skin, you don’t quite see the humour here.
“Well,” the councilmen starts, a glint in his eye. “In order to reward your honesty, I suppose we won’t punish you.”
You blink. “What?” You say, your voice coming out a croak. You glance at Chan again, who looks equally confused. His eyes are wide, chest heaving as his breathing rate increases. No, he’s not confused, he’s alarmed.
Something is wrong. You glance back at the councilman, and there it is again, that glint of something awful in his eyes. Something evil.
“You heard me correctly, Ms. L/N. We will not punish you,” the last word drips from his tongue, and you come to understand the weight of his words.
“Fuck. No. No, no, no,” you can hardly hear yourself think over the ringing in your ears, your thoughts a jumbled mess of panic and pure terror.
The councilmen clears his throat, a grin spreading across his lips, fangs almost shining in the dim light of the councilroom. 
“No, Felix Lee will be the one to pay this price. Kill him, and the damage you’ve caused will be forgiven.”
to be continued soon <3
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loveofafangirl · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
[Baron Zemo Masterlist] [Marvel Masterlist]
Pairing: Baron Zemo x Reader/You (no gender, race or body type described)
Synopsis: You and Zemo go for an evening drive. *Fluff*
Word Count: ~450 (just a short, fluffy drabble because look at his smile!)
Tumblr media
The warm golden rays of the setting sun blanket you in their comfort. The scent of fresh blossoms tangles with the cool breeze of the impending dusk and waft through the opened window of his vintage car. The picturesque countryside fills your view as the two of you enjoy an evening drive. 
You relax into the soft, smooth leather of the passenger's seat, shifting your body slightly toward him. You draw in a calming breath, letting the sweet pleasure of the simple moment wash over you.
You notice it first in his eyes. The cool brown color lit up, sparkling under the amber glow of the sun. You watch as his mouth curls up, a look of delight filling every part of his face. A matching smile spreads over yours in reply, wondering what had brought on such a state. He looked at peace—content in the moment. It was a good look on him.
"I like it when you smile." You chew your cheek. You hated to interrupt his thoughts, but you were in awe of his joy and wished you got to see more of that. 
He extends his hand toward you, and you lace your fingers with his. He raises your hand to his lips, brushing feathery kisses over your knuckles. The heat of his breath lingers, sending a shiver pulsing through you at his tenderness.  
His gaze shifts from the road to your face, his smile never fading. The intensity of his gaze floods your body with new heat as waves of desire and admiration crash over you. 
"You give me a reason to smile." His voice is steady and smooth. He nods in agreement with his own words, letting himself relish in the feeling you bring to him.
You bite your lips to hold your growing happiness. 
His lips press together; his smile tempers slightly as pain flickers briefly across his expression. "I did not think it could be possible to feel like this again." He holds your open palm to his cheek, savoring your warmth and touch.
The coarse hair of his beard tickles the delicate pads of your fingers, sending a shiver down your spine. "You make me happy, too." You confess, letting your fingers stroke his cheek and jaw softly. "Happier than I thought possible."
He kisses your hand once more before lowering your joined hands between you. His thumb caresses a path on the back of your hand as you relax back into your seat, taking in the view. Your hands break apart whenever he needs to shift gears, but they always find their way back to one another. You stay like that—together—for the rest of the drive, content in the moment—just the two of you.
Tumblr media
Marvel Perma(til the end of the line): @the-soot-sprite​​​​; @fandomxreaders ;  @moonstuffsteve​​
Zemo tags: @montypythonsholysnail​​​​ ; @killsandthrills​​​​ ; @noavengers​​​​ ; ​@nalabarnes1031 ; @trelaney​​ ; @willowtheewisp​​ ; @marchingicenotes7 ; @valquiria3000​
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shinygalaxysworld · 2 hours ago
Writing prompt #1
"Hug me tightly."
He did until he killed me.
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fanfictionlive · 2 hours ago
Have you ever tried writing on paper and not on your computer?
My laptop has recently died and I have no way to type my fanfiction until my new one arrives. Has anyone tried writing fanfiction in a notebook or on pieces of paper and how was your experience with it?
submitted by /u/MaggieMDMA [link] [comments] from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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fanfictionlive · 2 hours ago
Do you ever make fun of your own typos as you write?
Like you misspell 'couch' as 'counch' or something and for some reason it tickles you just right so for the next thirty seconds you're like 'haha counch' in the dumbest possible voice?
I do it unconsciously, but today I realized that it's indirectly helped me not take my work too seriously and has curbed my perfectionism. It keeps the hobby lighthearted and helps me remember that that's what writing fanfiction is meant to be: a hobby.
submitted by /u/zuxxa [link] [comments] from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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fanfictionlive · 2 hours ago
Mommy, where do beta readers come from?
Is there a magical beta homeland where they live in eternal peace and happiness? Must they travel out on their own the day they come of age and return only after they have read 1,000 fics? Do writers find them and keep them as pets? Is there a beta stork? Is there a suspicious down-and-out deity that I must promise my first born to?
All jokes aside, I hear about them a lot, I know what they are/what they do but I do not know where they come from. Where are you guys finding them?
submitted by /u/GimmieYourUWUs [link] [comments] from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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fanfictionlive · 2 hours ago
I will read and comment on your RPF fanfic!
I normally don't start these kinds of threads because I prefer to trail into existing topics and give out reader love that way. But I decided to take the plunge to help make those who write RPF feel more welcome on this subreddit. I don't write in this genre myself, but am interested in broadening my reading experience. I also read fandom blind all the time, so that's not an issue.
Note: this is a reciprocal offer. Post your link on this thread, review a story by another poster on the thread, then reply here to let them know. When you've done so, I'll go in and review your submission. Let's spread the reader love, folks!
Subject qualifiers for me: no torture, cannibalism, bestiality, severely underage, body horror, extreme violence, or kinks. Also, no porn without plot -- for porn with plot, I'll read the non-porn parts and skim past the smut.
Stories on AO3, FFN, or SoFurry only. One shots or parts of multichapter fics are fine. Limit of 8000 words.
I don't leave concrit except for SPAG and formatting issues, as I'm all about the positives in comments.
Let's see what you have to offer -- thanks!
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fanfictionlive · 2 hours ago
I just finished my first multi-chapter fic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T-T
This is the first fic I've ever written and it spiraled into a behemoth.
Total Words: 305,683 Pages: 672 Started: 2 Dec 20 Finished: 6 May 2021
I am both relieved and overjoyed!!!! I want to cry and laugh. Ugh, so bittersweet.
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demonzdust · 2 hours ago
Fic altert!!!
Just came across this one on AO3...
fairytales i could never reach by midsummergal
Scott was pretty sure Theo didn’t have any actual money, or a job or even any legit identification, so there was no way he had gotten a place of his own. Not that it was any of his concern. Unless… wouldn’t it be useful to know who the chimera was staying with, just so that they could keep an eye on him? Also, if it wasn’t Liam, then who else in Beacon Hills would even willingly give Theo a place to stay? Scott came up blank.
6:02pm: who with??
Did you want to offer him to stay with you?, the voice in his head taunted him. No. No, that wasn’t what this was about. Of course he hadn’t wanted that. Since things had calmed down somewhat and Theo had slowly but surely shown up more often in his life again, all thanks to Liam, he couldn’t even look at Theo for too long. And why is that?, the voice in his head egged him on. It’s not hate you feel, it whispered. That’s not why you have to look away. His phone lit up again and rescued him from his own treacherous thoughts.
6:05pm: peter hale
And it's in the Sceo tag so I was immediately like 👀👀👀👀👀
I gave it a read and it's VERY promising Sceo fans should definitely go check it out!!!
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romans-sweat-pants · 2 hours ago
Trust Yourself
Female reader goes through a bit of a blunder on ‘RAW’ and Drew is there to be a comforting voice of reason..(Fluff?)
Tumblr media
I was livid. And mortified.
I started working with the WWE on the RAW brand a couple months prior but till tonight, there hadn’t been any real plans set in stone for me.  
I was to be the thorn in Charlotte’s side while she went after the RAW Women’s Championship.
Easy enough ..or so I thought.
I had a certain spot I wanted to do after I interrupted her in the ring, and I spoke with Charlotte about it too to make sure it was cool and that we were both on the same page.
But leave it to me to fuck things up and get ahead of myself.
‘‘Hey.. you okay?’‘ I heard a voice ask.
Looking up, I couldn’t help the embarrassed smile that spread across my lips as my eyes landed on Drew’s kind blue eyes peering curiously into my locker room. He was dressed in black shorts and a comfortable black hoodie that quite honestly made him look like a giant, soft teddy bear. 
Nodding, I motioned for him to enter and instinctively leaned into him as he sat down next to me.
Coming into the company, Drew and I got along instantly. We were both a weird combination of introverted yet impulsive when it came to our wrestling styles.
‘’My ego is more bruised than anything..  I’ll be fine.’‘ I replied, chuckling with him.  
We sat there chit chatting and I tried to pay attention as much as I could but he could tell my head just wasn’t in it.
‘‘You’re not listening to a word I’m sayin’, are ya?’‘ Drew asked through soft chuckles. Before I could answer he stood up, lightly tapping my thigh and he grabbed my packed duffle bag while the strap of his own rested on his shoulder.
‘‘Let’s ride together. We can talk in my car,’‘ he said.
‘‘You’re not riding with Sheamus tonight?’‘ I asked, raising a brow.
‘‘He’ll survive without me for a night,’‘ He winked then led the way to his car.
‘‘Don’t be so hard on yourself!’‘ Drew exclaimed after a few beats of silence as we drove.
‘‘You were due for a blunder, its happens to all of us. And it probably won’t be the last either. You get excited out there, you get ahead o’ yourself.. accidents happen. It doesn’t mean you’re a shit wrestler.’‘ He said, flashing me an encouraging grin when he came to a stoplight.
‘‘I know..’‘ I conceded, sighing and resting my head against the headrest.
‘‘Its just.. the fans-’‘ 
‘‘-will come around. Breeeathe. Alright? They’ll harp on you about it for a bit and then you’ll pull them back in. That’s how this business is, you just have to strap in and go along for the ride..’’  Drew said earnestly.
‘‘Were you always this chill about it all?’‘ I asked him, watching his profile as he shook his head and a dimple creased his cheek.
‘‘Nah, not always. I still pick things apart. Rewatching my matches is torture sometimes because there’s always something I think I could’ve done better. But eventually I let it go and just.. file it away for next time. If you start obsessing about the little things you’ll lose focus on the bigger picture and that’s no good, is it?’’ He replied. 
I hummed in agreement and nodded my head.
He was right. I knew he was. As angry as I was at myself I knew it wasn’t the end of the world. And I knew that these types of situations came with the job and I had to let it go if I wanted to move forward in my career.
‘‘So! Are we stopping to get some food?’’ Drew asked. 
I chuckled at the urgency in his voice and I waved my hands around vaguely, ushering him to keep driving.
‘‘Right, I forgot that you turn into The Hulk when you’re hungry,’‘ I replied, cackling at the chuckled ‘shut up’ he gave me in response as he pulled into a Denny’s..
anyway, I was in the mood for some soft shit lol.. thank you for reading my babbles!
@drewmcintyrekoccsrocbwdgfan @jazzy-tzw @gold--gucciempress @writinglionqueen @cesar-hoe @aura-ravenora77 @alexa-blissed @fancybarbii @moonfairy-h @thatnerdwriter @theworldofotps @nicolewoo @fullofmelaninsarcasmandepression @midnightliv @klaushargrove @shortyiceheart @reigns-5sos​ @sinculariteas @adriennegabriella @misstakenbk​ @ashkrystal @tomandbuckyfan1 @bellatrixxue @danika-redgrave124 @shyen18​ @carolamicheals @callmekda @browngirl-writes @nottheofficialanything @sadie-deegan @itsicantbelievethis666 @blacknmcintyre @maddie-wwereigns @new-zealand-chic @im-the-music-whore @lemonjvicey @riveliciousx @melblacc @angelbaby91 @bigsisbria @nightlummer @queenslayer1985 @flawlessglamazon @p---ink @melanincholysworld​ @mattieefird​ @etherealflor​ @l0stflwr​ @sassymox​ @drew-is-boo​ @waywardwrestlewritingwaif​ @bayley-no-friends​ @wickedsunfire​
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november-rage · 2 hours ago
"Dreamers change the world."
5 years later.
anne comes to avonlea after finishing college. but this time, she comes home as a teacher, confident and independent just like ms.stacey. she has grown to a beautiful lady with new looks. she carries her book and the letters from gilbert and walks through the forest once again. the trees and the leaves welcome her and she recites poetry for each one of them. she finds that nothing has changed in the 5 years and that the place where they had camped after their exams remained exactly the same with those two logs. she caresses every object and tears up.
while she runs through the forest of avonlea to rush to her school, she feels the exact crunch of leaves under her feet as she did years ago. she reaches the point from where she and diana used to part ways towards their home. she falls down on knees and hugs the soil and cries her heart out as the maelstrom of memories comes back. she again gathers some flowers for her hat and becomes excited as she sees the old trees. Just like earlier, she traverses the forest path speaking to herself and with the trees, she swings the stack of papers she has in her hand merrily as she walks.
finally she faces the door of the school. She gazes at the building for an eternity. though it is a new building, it looked exactly the same, where she had studied before, the exact place where she had first met her friends, where she had danced with gilbert, where she had written and published her articles in the daily school newspaper, where she had met Cole and where she had spent her time with her friends. she stands there still and carefully takes notice of each and every detail of the building and cherishes the moment as the children runs through the field of the school.
suddenly, a gush of wind takes her hat. when she turns around to get her hat she sees that it has landed on a man's face. she runs towards him to get her hat.
i am sorry, the wind took my hat
the man chuckles and returns it back. while he gives the hat back, their hands touch, their eyes meet and though they have not met for years and have gathered new looks, that instant when their eyes met, they knew that they had found each other.
anne raises her eyebrows and the man lowers his, they both are astonished before the man says
and anne chuckles and replies back
thanks for reading y'all. this is a short fan-fic of Anne with an E. there will be more coming up. and this is our first time. this is a collaborated work of me and my friend. his ig is scope for imagination . and please please let us know how this is.
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nhlandotherimagines · 2 hours ago
Same Mistakes- Nolan Patrick
Tumblr media
@natbarzal @anastasiyaigorevnadobrodevskaya @jonnytoews19 
Authors note: This took WAY too long my apologies, I’ve been focusing on the Family isn’t Always Blood series and this took a back seat! However it’s finally here! Part 11 of the Up All Night series!!
Word Count: ~1.2k
Warnings: ANGST!!!! Toxic relationship, swearing/strong language, Nolan Patrick (obviously but just in case you aren’t cool with that), and just straight sadness tbh. Let me know if I should add anything ❤️
Circles, we're going in circles, dizzy's all it makes us. We know where it takes us, we've been before.
“Are you kidding me right now?” You’ve been sitting on the couch for the last 3 hours waiting for Nolan to get home. You expected him home about an hour and a half after the end of the game, so when he didn’t show up, and wasn’t answering his phone you became worried. Then your worry turned into anger. Nolan was beginning to make a habit of never being around, and you’ve had enough.
“What now?” Nolan grumbles, throwing his bag to the floor, tugging at his tie.
“Oh okay. Seriously Nolan? Do you not understand that I’ve been waiting for you to come home for 3 hours? You could’ve been dead, and would I know? Nope, because you wouldn’t even answer your phone.” You’re yelling now, and Nolan is rolling his eyes at your dramatics.
“Yes, because you were so excited for me to get home so you could bitch about something else right?” He shoots back. He has made his way closer to you, his stare challenging you.
“Fuck you Nolan. Have a nice night on the couch.” You throw back at him, stomping away and slamming your bedroom door for added dramatics.
This fight was becoming common theme between you and Nolan. At least once a month, Nolan would need a break from the constant bickering, would shut off his phone and go out with the boys. You’d get upset, and storm off, but he’d always follow you. Wrap you up in his arms, and kiss you until you forgot.
Not tonight though. Tonight he stayed on the couch.
Closer, maybe looking closer there's more to discover. Find out what went wrong without blaming each other
“We really should talk this out Nols. I miss you.” He’s sitting across from you eating his breakfast while you drink your coffee. Neither of you have spoken a word to each other since your fight the night before.
“I just don’t really know what to say. I needed a break.” He mumbles back, not even lifting his eyes from his plate.
“Okay, well couldn’t you have just said that you were going out, and needed some space for the night?” You try to keep your voice light, but the annoyance you’re holding in causes your voice to shake slightly. Nolan laughs humorlessly, and rolls his eyes.
“Right, because a text saying ‘I’m going out with the boys, leave me alone’ would have gone over so well!” His voice is heavily laced in sarcasm, and it has you clenching your jaw.
“Well you don’t have to be a dick about it.” You hiss through gritted teeth. Your mind is reeling, and the tension between you both seems to grow exponentially by the second.
Think that we got more time, when we're falling behind, gotta make up our minds
“He’s being an asshole Meg.” You groan, laying back on your friend's bed. You’ve just finished explaining the whole situation to her as if she were your therapist.
She sends you a pointed look. “And you’re being a total bitch y/n.”
“What did I do!?” You throw back, offended she’s attempting to throw the blame back on you.
“You come over here once a month and all you do is complain about him. If he’s truly as horrible as you make him out to be, and you’re as innocent as you believe you are, why are you still with him?” Her question leaves you speechless. The two of you sitting in silence. You aren’t sure if it was a rhetorical question or not, but you don’t have an answer even if you were meant to give one. “Maybe it’s time to walk away?” Her voice is gentler now. Though the suggestion still hurts.
“I- I love him Meg.” Tears spring to your eyes, as you feel your heart crumbling under the weight of the situation.
“Do you love him, or the idea of him?” Her arm wraps around your shoulder, pulling you into her chest.
Once again, you don’t have an answer. Instead you cry into her chest, her hand rubbing soothing circles across your back.
Maybe she had a point. Do you love him? Was this even worth it anymore? You’re both being childish, placing blame and waiting for the other to change. Running in circles with no end in sight. What are you even holding on for?
Or else we'll play all the same old games, and we wait for the end to change, and we take it for granted that we'll be the same. But we're making all the same mistakes
“We need to talk.” Nolan is sitting on the kitchen island as you walk through the door. He looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks, as he runs a hand through his hair. His eyes don’t leave your body as you lean against the counter across from him, keeping as much distance between you both as possible.
There is an awkward silence for a moment, both of you unsure of who should break it. You have both had enough of the deafening silence, speaking overtop of one another to finally fill the air.
“I’m sorry-“
“I think we should break up.” The sentence is out of your mouth before you can even register what Nolan said.
His face falls, and you’re sure yours looks just as sad. “You’re giving up?” His voice isn’t as angry as you had anticipated, and honestly you might have preferred angry Nolan.
“We both gave up long ago Nolan, and you know it. We can’t keep on pretending to be happy and in love forever.” Your hands shake as you grasp the edge of the counter to steady yourself.
“I’m not pretending!” He’s frustrated now. “I love you.” His voice is raised, but it’s not threatening. Instead his voice is desperate, whiny almost.
“You love the thought of me Nolan. What we could have been, not what we are.” You correct him and he scoffs pushing himself off the island and moving to create more distance between you both.
“So that’s it then?” His eyes are watering, and you quickly drop your gaze from his.
You nod in response, and Nolan lets out a shaky sigh. “I’ll leave, you can keep the apartment.” With that, you walk down the hall to your shared room, tears finally falling across your cheeks.
“FUCK!” Nolan yells, slamming his fist into something. The wall maybe? The counter? You don’t dare turn to find out. Instead just begin packing your things.
Maybe this is the best option, but when you see Nolan sitting at the kitchen table, face in his hands body shaking slightly; it doesn’t feel like it. Walking away felt wrong, your whole body screaming at you to stop. Your heart pleading with your mind to just turn around and give in, but to no avail. Your feet lead you out the front door without another word, or even so much as a glance at Nolan.
Things change. People change. You both continued making the same mistakes over and over, and you changed. Ironic isn’t it? How two people can do the same wrong things over and over until they become two very different individuals. It’s unfair really, but the cycle has to stop somewhere right? That somewhere just happens to be right here, right now, and with you.
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letmeflyrightnow · 3 hours ago
So likewise I said before I’ll probably be posting a new fic for Jaron’s birthday tomorrow so here’s just a preview because why not lol
My head shot up as I heard noises I otherwise would not have heard if I was still asleep, but then, I got awoken easily. It was the middle of the night, and obviously something was going on. I walked towards the door to hear better. My back hurt a little bit, but I didn’t care. It was Cregan’s voice. He was talking in hushed tones, as if he was doing something in secret.
I didn’t want to have anything to do with him, but I continued to listen. Little did I know how important this moment was.
I would be the only witness that night.
It was early in the morning, and we were expected to wake up around this time. Conner thought he knew all about the schedules of being King.
Errol hasn’t come in yet, which was odd since he seemed like a responsible person that does what Conner asks. I was not.
(that’s it for now)
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