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#fan fiction

Summary: When a group of teachers decides to go line dancing at a local country western bar, Lainey declares herself CB’s wing woman. She soon discovers that finding a potential mate for her best friend isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 (update)

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Sam Wilson x Reader

This was requested by an Anon: Could I request domestic or date night fluff with Sam? 

So, Nonny, I went with the date, hope you like it.

Warnings: none


Originally posted by marveladdicts

It had been a long week. You were exhausted and wanted to just relax at home, but your boyfriend, Sam, had different plans.

“C’mon, lazy, I got something special for us to do.”

“Noooo, Sammy, I’m tired,” you whined. “Can’t we just sit at home, watch some Netflix?”

He sighed. “Y/N, we do that every weekend.”

“Nuh-uh, what about the time we went to that place for that thing?”

He looked at you, thinking for a moment about what you could possibly mean. Then it clicked. “You mean that charity event Steve threw?”

“Yeah that thing.”

“Baby, that was three months ago.”

You paused, thinking that it couldn’t have been that long ago, could it? You couldn’t remember, you had been so busy at work with the new project that you had lost track of time with everything. You had ended up spending hours overtime at work trying to meet the deadline. And Sam had been so patient and understanding about all of it. He knew you were exhausted but he also wanted to spend time with you.

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Okays. Here’s what I have so far on my crossover fan fic and yes I copied and pasted what I had before besides the newer stuff:

A Bizarre PokeHoliday (WIP)

By: FictionalCrushesBlog

(Note to readers: Read Golden Eyes 1 & 2 before this to know how this couple met.)

    Toffee and Tsuki were planning to go to a different dimension for they’re honeymoon. “So my dear,”  Toffee purred, “Know where you want to goto yet? Or would you like some random dimension?” The hybrid said random as her reply. Tsuki never forgot the day that she was changed forever by the Septarian man she so deeply loved. How he risked everything to bring her back to life after she was zapped by Star Butterfly’s magic. 

    Tsuki wrapped her arm around Toffee’s as he opened a portal with his dimensional scissors. A green and teal portal opened up before them as they walked through. The couple had entered a bright field full of flowers. They awe’d at the sight, till a man came up to them. “Alright!” he shouted, “I never found an Inteleon like this before. I need to add him to my collection.”

    Toffee blinked with confusion till he caught a look at his hands. “Will you excuse me a minute, Tsuki?” he pushed his hand through the hybrid’s purse and took out a compact. He looked at the mirror and did an annoyed sigh. He facepalmed and shook his head. “You can talk too?” the man asked, “Now I know I have to catch you!”

    Tsuki knew what kind of dimension they were in and called Toffee over to talk to him in private. The married couple whispered to each other and then made they’re way back. “I’m sorry,” Tsuki began, “This Inteleon already belongs to me. He was given to me by my grandfather.” Toffee was upset about the whole situation. Having to do something like this felt very degrading for him.

“So yeah,” Tsuki said, “You might want to find another Inteleo somewhere else, man.” The pair watched as the man gave a sad sigh and walked off. The couple sighed happily and continued to explore they’re surroundings as they did they’re best to avoid trainers. “I wonder…” he said. Tsuki looked back at him. “What’s up honey?” she asked. “You know how you are half Septarian?” he asked, “I wonder if the fritz also affected you.” 

Tsuki in a puff of smoke tried to change into her Septarian form. “Heh, just as I thought,” Toffee said. The hybrid had turned into an Inteleon too instead of her other identity. Toffee chuckled finding it a cross between ironic and amusing.”Verrrry funny…” she said back to him.  Toffee continued to chuckle as they walked down the dirt path to a nearby town. The couple hid behind some trees and started to make a plan to blend it.

Tsuki went back to her human form. “I’ll pretend that I was a given to you as a gift recently by your mother,” Toffee began. “Tell anyone that comes up to you that you lost your pokeball and chose to keep me out of it after that.” Tsuki nodded back at him. “So much for having a romantic getaway.” The married couple also had to look for supplies and metal substitutes to repair they’re dimensional scissors. The only problem was Where.

Toffee used his new skills to climb onto a nearby wall and stole a suit, tie, and shoes to replace the old torn up ones. He grabbed a bottle of hair gel and slicked his crest back into the shape of where his hair use to be. Tsuki sighed, “You had to do that didnt you?” Inteleon Toffee straightened out his shirt and tie. “Oh please my dear,” he said, “You know you love my suited attire.” He winked back at her.

As they looked at the town, some of the people smiled and waved at them. They were glad it was working so far. Toffee walked first into a hotel and ringed the bell at the desk. Tsuki was right behind him as the patron of the hotel appeared before them. “We would like to rent a room please,” the black haired woman asked.

The owner starred as us. “Why is your Inteleon in a suit?” he asked. Tsuki and Toffee ignored the question, “Hello good sir,” Tsuki began, “Do you have a room for the night?” Toffee was quickly getting annoyed as the innkeeper kept glaring at him. He knew he had keep up the charade even though he still found it degrading. “First I was a prince, then a general, and then trying to destroy magic as a laywer,” he thought to himself, “This has got to be another low blow to my person.”

“Yes, we do if you have the pokedollars for it,” the innkeeper said. That’s when they realized they didn’t have any money. The owner could tell they didn’t have any cash by they’re expressions and pointed them to the door.

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If I’m Good - Jaskier x Geralt Smut Drabble

A/N: Did someone order messy, overstim, praise-kink, first time bottom Geralt x top Jaskier? No? Oh, wait, I ordered it. Pure smut trash. Enjoy! Warnings: mxm, anal, overstim/multiple orgasms, messy, praise kink, subby ger, loving top jask.


Originally posted by tragic-cranky-porcelain-doll

“Are you sure about this, darling?” Jaskier crooned.

“Yes, I—I think.” Geralt muttered, rocking back against Jaskier’s oily finger as it ran around his hole, teasing. “It’ll… feel good?”

“Well,” The bard purred, “You like my fingers inside you, don’t you, love?”

Geralt bit his bottom lip and nodded, sucking in a breath as Jaskier began to slip his index in; slowly, testing. “Yes.”

“And you like being a good boy for me, don’t you?”

The Witcher shuddered, and felt his cock jump at the words. Jaskier grinned slowly to himself, beginning a slow pump in and out of Geralt’s tight, virginal hole. “Y-yes.” He managed, his gravelly voice breathy.

“You like being such a wonderful, sweet thing, don’t you? Like making me happy, don’t you baby?” The bard was practically cooing, and he felt his beloved grip his finger desperately, shuddering bodily.

“Jaskier, I—I can’t, not wh-when—”

“Shh,” Jaskier soothed, “Let it go, darling. If you need to come, do it for me. So strong and sexy.”

Unable to bear the praise, and without so much as touching his flexing cock, Geralt raggedly bit off a curse, spilling hot lines of come onto the floorboards, on all-fours as Jaskier worked him. He flushed a delicious pink, hypersensitive and twitching as the bard added a second finger in the slow finger-fuck.

“See?” Jaskier sighed, contentedly, “Just from my finger, my love. You’re such a good boy. I promise my cock will feel even better. So full of me – you’d like that, hm?”

Geralt swore he was going to come a second time without needing a short break, but his cock simply throbbed, pleasure blurring with pain like ink and water. “Yes!” He moaned, arching the small of his back, “Yes, fuck, Jaskier. Please.”

“You want to try now, sweetheart?” Jaskier asked, never relenting the rhythm of his slippery fingers, tickling the spot deep within Geralt that made him feel like he was a lick of lightning, intense and unpredictable. His heavy cock began to pulse again, and he rutted back against those talented fingers – but Jaskier withdrew. He whimpered, feeling strangely empty, his loved-up hole hot and slick.

“Please,” He begged again, spreading his legs a little wider. Jaskier coated his curved cock generously, and hummed at the sight before him.

“You look like such a gorgeous whore for me, darling thing.” The bard’s husky voice made Geralt buck backwards against nothing, and Jaskier could see how close he was in the tremors of his dick, flushed angrily red. “I’m going to fuck you, and before I’m even fully inside you, you’re going to come.”

Geralt moaned mindlessly at the instruction, feeling the blunt head of Jaskier’s length at his ass; with care, the bard pushed forward, stroking soft fingers along the Witcher’s spine, coaxing him to breathe and relax. Both men groaned when the head of Jaskier’s dick popped through the tight ring of muscle. It hurt, despite the careful preparation, but Geralt concentrated on his lover’s voice, and he felt the burn of the stretch begin to yield to something different.

“So good, baby,” Jaskier’s voice was strained, “So tight for me. Gods, but you’re incredible. You should see your clever ass, sucking my cock in.”

The sound Geralt made was unlike anything Jaskier had heard before, and he paused with some effort, resisting the urge to sink within the inviting sheath that awaited him. “Ja—Jask—” Geralt keened, and the bard began to pull out, concerned he was hurting his beloved.

But that was not what Geralt wanted.

He growled, and rolled his powerful hips back, hilting Jaskier’s cock completely within him. The bard’s hands flew to Geralt’s hips, gripping tightly in a reaction to the overwhelming sensation. “Fuck!” He gasped, and the sound was all the Witcher needed to spill a second time, flexing and grinding and huffing as he added to the generous puddle beneath him.

It was all Jaskier could do to hold out, biting the inside of his mouth and trying not to ruin Geralt’s first time receiving by getting off in one thrust. “G-good,” He managed to praise, through the feral growling of his lover’s frenzied orgasm, “So good, baby.”

When Geralt stilled, shivering, Jaskier reached down to plant kisses along his scarred spine, giving him a chance to recover – and himself a moment to regain control. The Witcher whined, slurring something out, and Jaskier frowned.

“Say again, love?”

“Please…” Geralt shivered, “Pleasemore.”

Who was he to deny such a horny Witcher that he’d inspired? Jaskier smirked, and began to drive into the clench of Geralt’s sensitive ass, a slow rocking rhythm that he toyed with, finding exactly where to drag the strokes of his dick out to make his lover shiver and curse and tense.

“Fuck, darling,” Jaskier trilled, “Oh Gods, you feel amazing. So hot, so good. Never fucked anyone so tight, baby.” It was true; Geralt was so wound-up by the experience and the lavish praise heaped upon him that Jaskier’s smooth rhythm suffered with the cushioning clench.

“Jask’—fuck,” Geralt managed, “M’gonna, again, gonna come, gonna—”

Yeah you are,” Jaskier panted, running his fingers through the silver of the Witcher’s hair and tugging, hard. That earned him a noise more howl than moan, and he could hear the sound of Geralt’s come splashing onto the messy floorboards. “Good, so good,” His own words had become a chant. There was no way he could hold out much longer, not with the noises Geralt was making, and the feel of him around his thickening cock, teetering on a precipice.

“Will,” Geralt mewled, “W-will you come… in me—fuck, if…” His body shuddered as Jaskier rode him, “I-if I’m good?

Too much, the question was too much; Jaskier had gone past the realms of pleasure and into overstimulation himself. He answered by gripping Geralt’s ass as tightly as possible, buried to the root of his dick as he came and came, filling his lover, unable to repond in any coherent way save for his fevered groaning. He was faintly aware of Geralt climaxing again, fed by Jaskier’s pleasure, but for the most part he was lost in one of the most intense orgasms of his entire life.

When the shocks subsided into pleasant spasms, he gently withdrew, and collapsed back onto the floor, trying to catch his breath. Geralt was a decadent sight; freshly fucked, Jaskier’s come dripping from his balls, a veritable puddle of his own pleasure between his knees.

“Come, come here, baby.” Jaskier invited, opening his arms. Geralt turned, and, on shaky limbs, crawled into the embrace. Letting gravity take them both, the bard tangled bodily with his Witcher, smoothing his hair, kissing his forehead, absolutely glowing.

“Was it…” Geralt shyly began, “Did I do okay?”

“Are you kidding me?” Jaskier burst, “Fuck, Geralt. I haven’t come that hard since…” He frowned, “Maybe ever. Gods, you were incredible. Are you okay? Did it feel good?”

The heat of Geralt’s blush warmed Jaskier, and the Witcher whispered, “Felt even better than being inside you.”

“Hmm,” Jaskier considered this, kissing the dip of Geralt’s chin, “More testing required, I think.” The Witcher’s cock twitched in interest against Jaskier’s thigh, and he glanced down, groaning. “Later though, love. Gods, you’ll be the death of me.”

“Not my fault if you’re… sexy.” Geralt attempted a flirt, and looked rather smug about it.

“True,” Jaskier agreed, grinning, “That’s my burden to bear, darling.”

They cuddled on the floor, bound by the experience, and by their love.

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Summary: Thorin asks to court you during his dragon sickness so he can have a Queen to rule Erebor with.

Pairings: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 778

Warnings: Dragon Sickness

From: @holytolkien


Originally posted by tinysofia

You stood on the makeshift wall that the Dwarves had built. The mountain had been reclaimed, yes. But with a price. It seemed that almost every day Thorin became more obsessed with  the gold. More sick. He was drawn to it. More so than even his loyal companions who had been with him the entire quest. Giving a sigh, you looked down at your hands as they rested on the stone wall.

“Where is (y/n)?” Thorin’s voice boomed through the mountain. He had been in the gold all day, searching for the Arkenstone. Suddenly Fili and Kili moved in his periphery. Calling his nephews over to him, the Dwarrow demanded that they go find you.

“Of course Uncle.”

“Bring her to me.”

Kili and Fili nodded then rushed off to find you.

Just as you were about to go back inside the mountain, you heard feet running up the stairs behind you. As you turned around, you were face to face with Fili and Kili. “Hello boys.” You quickly faked a smile, not wanting them to see that you were hurting. “How are you?”

“Thorin wants to see you.” Kili swallowed, not knowing what it could be about.

“Me?” You asked, not sure you had heard him correctly.

Fili nodded. “It sounded urgent.”  

Giving a sigh, you followed the brothers back down to where you knew Thorin would be. You could feel your heart hammering in your chest as you descended a nearby staircase. The yellow glow of the gold became more prominent the farther you descended. You followed Fili and Kili as they led you to a small ledge, overlooking the treasury.

“(Y/n).” Thorin spoke darkly as he turned to face you. He then turned towards his nephews and gave them a slight glare. “Leave us.”

The brothers quickly turned on their heels and left the room even though they were afraid to leave you alone.

“Yes Thorin.” Your voice shook as you finally spoke, knowing that Thorin had not been himself ever since he entered the mountain.

“Come.” He nodded, taking your hand. “Follow me.”

You were slightly shocked at the sudden gesture, especially how gentle he was suddenly being. “Thorin what is…” Your voice trailed off as he suddenly led you into the throne room. Looking up, you realized that you had never truly seen a room this big. Your eyes scanned the vast space, finally coming to rest on the throne itself. Truly it was fit for a King. The jade marble had been carved out of the mountain itself, reaching all the way to the ceiling. The seat itself was made of the same marble and was covered in golden designs. As your eyes traveled upwars, you could see the place where the Arkenstone was supposed to be. Swallowing hard, you looked over to see Thorin observing your every movement.

“(Y/n).” Thorin gave a genuine smile. “I brought you here to ask you a question.”

Your breath hitched in your throat as the Dwarrow slowly began circling you.

“You have been with us this entire quest.” He spoke deeply, finally facing you once more. Taking his hand in yours, he placed a kiss across your knuckles. “You are the bravest fighter I have ever seen.”

“Thorin please.”

“You think I’m wrong?”

You paused for a moment, unsure of how to answer. “No.” It was true, you were an exceptional fighter. Having been trained since you were little, using weapons was as easy for you as breathing.

Slowly pulling you closer, Thorin gently touched your hair, pushing it behind your shoulder. “Be my Queen.” He said, barely above a whisper.

What? You were taken aback, not sure you had heard him correctly. Suddenly, the distance between you closed as Thorin pressed his lips to yours in a kiss. Before you could think to kiss back, he had pulled away and was staring into your eyes.

“Please, (Y/n).” Thorin whispered, putting his hand on your waist. “I wish to court you.”

“Thorin I do not think…” You shook your head, not sure what to do.” Suddenly, footsteps  could be heard entering the room.

“Thorin!” Dwalin spoke loudly as he walked into the throne room. He had seen the two of you leave the treasury. Around the same time, as he passed the front gate, the Dwarrow noticed an army of Elves standing outside of the barricade. “The Elves are at the gate.”

Thorin quickly gave your shoulder a squeeze before his eyes darkened and he strode past you, not giving a backwards glance. “Call everyone to the gate!”

You gave a sigh, knowing that you could not possibly be his Queen.

Tag List: @epicallychrissy@crazytxgradstudent@mxstymountains@avengingdream@tschrist1@bluebellhairpin@thewarriorandtheking@loverichardarmitage@deepestfirefun@patanghill17@sdavid09@captaintauriel77@fizzyxcustard@ladylouoflothlorien@cassiabaggins@kristinpawz@catthefearless@pilindielofgondor@peneigh-dzredfohl

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Thanks for the prompt sunshinebrrr I hope you like it. Wasn’t entirely sure where to go with this one, it’s a little out of my comfort zone writing something to do with that kind of thing. So I hope it’s ok. :-)

Tom and his gf were in their house just being silly, listening to the readio, and suddenly the ones in the radio start talking about Taylor Swift (about her dramas) and they mention her “list of enemies” and they include Tom in that list, and then they start talking about Tom and Taylor and say that even though Tom has a gf he may still think in Taylor and then the girl feels bad and Tom has to reassure her and just a lot of fluff


Tom and his girlfriend, Evie, were baking brownies in their kitchen one afternoon while listening to the radio.

Evie was just wearing shorts and a vest top, Tom couldn’t keep his hands off of her. Especially when she was dancing around, moving her hips in such an alluring way he couldn’t help himself from grinding against her with his hands on her hips.

‘We need to do this more often.’ He purred into her ear, resting his chin on her shoulder.

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The Mandalorian x fem!reader series 

Unsaid - Running away from the one person you are currently in a co-parent relationship with to a little green bean, you enter a new adventure filled with mostly running and annoying the Mandalorian. 

Part 1 

Part 2 

Loki x reader

Hidden - You hide within the walls of the library, hoping to not be found. But that was short lived one a Prince found you. 

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I’m literally so bored and depressed I’ve gone through like 4 pages of my “marked for later” list on AO3. I’m usually so picky and now I’m just like sure, why not read that right now? What are moods?

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Working on a lil something??? I know I haven’t posted in so long. But I got a new job and I’m so much happier than I have been in the last few years so I have a new found motivation! Anyway, I don’t know how many of you guys are still here, but whoever is, I appreciate you! Even the ones who aren’t.

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In Jinlintai, Song Lan encounters a vision beneath blossoming cherry trees.

(Part of the Moonlight and Mist series on AO3.)

There were few things in Lanling Jin Sect territory that Song Lan appreciated. The sect was indeed home to a number of talented cultivators, but it was also one of the larger, wealthier sects. Song Lan tried to avoid Jinlintai whenever he could; most days it just hurt to keep his eyes open while in the city. It was too colorful, too bright, too loud - just too much all at once.

But there was one thing that Jinlintai did best, and those things were best seen in the spring.

As he traveled through the streets, Song Lan kept his face mostly expressionless as he deftly maneuvered through the crowds. He had to stop more than once to avoid others from bumping into him, his lips pulling into slight frowns before shifting back to his neutral mask. He had no plans to stay in the city for too long since he was merely passing through on the way to Yunmeng, but Song Lan had to make one important stop first.

Song Lan breathed a quiet sigh of relief as he turned off the main road and onto a smaller, quieter side street. As he walked the street, Song Lan’s expression softened with each blooming tree he passed. Nearly every street of Jinlintai was lined with plum and cherry trees accented with chrysanthemum shrubs; no matter the season, a flower was in bloom, lending a natural color and beauty to the streets. As winter faded and spring settled in, the pink cherry blossoms were just starting to bloom, their pale hue softening the harsh gold of Jinlintai as their gentle perfume filled the air. 

Turning down another side street, Song Lan’s footsteps faltered to a stop at the sight before him. A massive weeping cherry tree had overtaken most of the street; one could not traverse the road without walking under its long, sweeping branches covered in the tiny pink flowers. The branches danced with each gentle, warm breeze while wayward petals fluttered in the air. Passersby couldn’t help but smile as they strolled beneath the branches and petals caught in their hair and clothing.

It wasn’t the tree that caught Song Lan’s attention, however, but the lone person standing beneath its boughs.

In his stark white robes, Xiao Xingchen stood amongst the swaying branches like an ethereal god descended from the heavens. His face was turned slightly upwards, a soft smile curving his lips as his eyes flickered left and right watching the fluttering petals. The long ends of his hair and horsetail whisk swirled in the breeze; over his shoulder, Shuanghua’s silver hilt gleamed in the sunlight. Xiao Xingchen seemed to be lost in his own world, heedless of the whispers and sidelong glances thrown his way.

For a long moment Song Lan didn’t move, arrested at the sight before him. His eyes took in every detail, memorizing the moment for when he needed to recall it in the future. After some time, he moved silently forward. He was nearly upon him before Xiao Xingchen noticed his approach. The expression on his face turned radiant, his smile wide and glowing as Song Lan drew near.

“Zichen,” Xiao Xingchen called, his voice soft as he reached out his hand. His eyes fluttered closed as Song Lan took his hand before pressing a kiss to his temple.

“You are always a vision, Xingchen,” Song Lan murmured. With their fingers still entwined, he reached to pluck a stray petal out of Xiao Xingchen’s hair. A look of confusion greeted his words.

“What do you mean?”

“And still completely oblivious to your own charms, I see.” Song Lan secretly delighted at the slight pout that formed even as he kept his expression neutral.

“Don’t tease me, Zichen.” Although his face showed irritation, the amusement was clear in Xiao Xingchen’s voice. His face was already morphing into a grin as Song Lan tugged on his hand as they resumed their walk.

“You make it too easy sometimes.” His thumb slowly rubbed against pale knuckles, the motion gentle and affectionate. “Any word on another night hunt?”

Dark hair swayed as Xiao Xingchen shook his head. A few petals scattered with is movements, fluttering behind him like a cast off veil. “I have heard no word. So, I was hoping…” A soft flush colored Xiao Xingchen’s cheeks as his voice trailed off.


“Perhaps…” His blush intensified as he cast a shy glance in Song Lan’s direction. “Perhaps we could enjoy a quiet night? Together?”

His footsteps faltered causing Song Lan to pull Xiao Xingchen to a stop. He could hear his heart stuttering his ears as he gazed down at the one person he had come to love. Without another moment’s hesitation, Song Lan wrapped his arm around Xiao Xingchen’s waist and pulled him into a kiss.

A sudden breeze appeared, the winds swift and warm as it tugged on clothing and hair, scattering stray petals in miniature cyclones. Startled voices sounded all around but Song Lan ignored them as the kiss lingered on and he held Xiao Xingchen close. When he pulled back a moment later, a gentle smile was on his face as Song Lan leaned forward, pressing his brow against Xiao Xingchen’s.

“I’d like that,” he murmured. He felt his heart swell at the answering smile as they stood together amongst the dancing blossoms, lost in their own little world in that quiet corner of Jinlintai.

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The Golden Jaguar


by Samur Shalem

“Nicholas Wilde, Dread Fox! By order of King Lionheart, for the crimes of piracy, larceny, and murder, I hereby place you under arrest. Prepare to receive boarders!”

The fox’s eyes blazed nearly as brightly as his sword.

“Oh, my dear captain,” he said. “We are prepared.”

A pirate adventure for this /trash/ Thematic Thursday–the sea!

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Hey guys so I wrote an HP fan fiction a little while back and I sort of abandoned it. I want to continue writing seeing as the main plot is really interesting and a lot of people liked it but I also want to make major changes to it.

You see, this story was my first fan fiction and I made loads of mistakes. The story wasn’t planed, it isn’t realistic and makes me want to cringe at times! Again, I don’t want to abandone the story because it’s got a good concept, but I also have to make major story changes to it. Problem of course is that a lot of people have read this story and it has a few bookmarks and people still ask me when I’m gonna update (I know I feel guilty). Now, I don’t know if I should just make a new story and say that this is a changed version of my previous one, and announce that my old one is been completely reworked? I don’t know, but any advice would be great!

submitted by /u/alexandra10566
[link] [comments]

from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Whouffaldi Fanfic Pick 👍

The Wedding Tree by @antennapedia

Author’s Summary: For once an encounter with an advanced civilization was not going to end in war, catastrophe, disaster, or even a pell-mell run toward something or away from something. It was just a lovely thank-you ceremony for the two of them, that’s all, followed by a lovely night high up in a tree house. With one bed. Wait.

Tags: Fluff, Wedding Night, Accidental Marriage, whouffaldi

Rating: Mature

Words: 5595

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