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#fan fiction

We’re halfway through 2020 so I thought it could be fun to see what we’ve done/found/read/write in 2020 that we hadn’t in 2019.

Have you found a new fandom to enjoy? A new story that you couldn’t put down? Did you discover a new pairing or trope that you never knew you needed? Or has the muse been the one inspiring you? Did you start that new story? Make progress on an existing story? Actually finish a story?

As for me 2020 has given me two new fandoms to enjoy “The Percy Jackson series” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” so of course after discovering these fandoms I had to dive into the fanfictions about them.

I’ve also found some nice stories to read and follow. And I hope 2020 will let me a finish a story or two too before the year is over.

What about you? What new and fun things have you discovered or done in your fandoms?

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Chapter One

Dark Forest midday spring time rolling in.

I always hated this time of year. Nothing good ever happens around this time.

“Shair, what are you doing? Come on and hurry up, you know Madam hates when we are late.” Goery hates getting yelled at, even if Madam never blames her.

“ Come on you love the Dark Forest, also she sent us here and if we forget the mushrooms she will be very upset”

Goery smiled and gave me a look, we had a conversation within our eyes. All I heard was run, NOW!

“ Race you to the river!”

Before she was done speaking she ran passed me, her long red hair hitting me. I started after her, purposely staying behind. I know I ran faster, but I wanted to see her. The trees making the place dark and the light non-existent. It is mid-day yet dark like nights with no sky light.

My eyes scan the trees, although dark there is still a blue tint to the leaves. Those alone grow bigger then my hands, but the tree fairly short. I feel the breeze and the sweet smell of the river comes near and I catch her looking back.

Her smile.

I melt for her smile ever time. Her body moves through the woods with ease. Her long thin legs, to her hips for days. Her hair falls passed her round firm butt and it hypnotizes me. She could take out any man with one hand. Her strength is not seen on the outside, her muscles are hidden. I was always curious how she does that I don’t know. She always says it’s the fairy woman body, they all look the same but can be very different.

An elf could never understand.

She’s looking at me. Oh no the river!

I fall in with a splash, cold water rushes over me, the river is not deep, but is very dirty right now. I swim up. Then swim to the shore, where Goery is laughing. I crawl out and shake off a little.

“ It’s not nice to laugh at people” I say with a smug tone.

“ Well Shair it’s not nice to stare either is it” she winks with a cheese grin.

She has that sense of when being stared at. I through my hand up in the air and smile. She tries to hide, but it was to late. I flick my wrist and a breeze starts and then a tornado comes. Not a big one, but a mini one for me.

“All dry”

“ Could have warned a girl”

I start laughing as a very mad fairy flies in front of me. Her red hair is a hair hairball and make-up smeared.

She is a small woman even for a fairy, she stands no taller then my armpit.

I flick my wrist again, this time for her hair. Her hair is put into a small windy tunnel. Her hair falls to a long braid down her back.

“ Why didn’t you tell me about the river before I ran right into it. I hope you like your hair”

“ I did you were day dreaming again, I yelled like four times and I guess this will do.”

She pulls her bangs out and they fall short of her chin. I lift her pouty face to look at me and smile.

“I love you, you know it’s hard for me to force around you”

“ Haha are you blaming my butt again.”

My face turns bright red and I shack my head no. She then looks at me as if she knows it’s a lie. I have loved this woman for my whole life and she the same. It wasn’t till I last summer I told her. Our love isn’t aloud here. In other lands it is said to be fine, but here it is forbidden. We are to young to travel and are parents have gone to war so we stay with all the other children at Madam’s. I don’t see the big deal it’s not like our love is any different than others.

I feel warmth on my chest and look down. Goery is there hugging me so tightly. Jokingly I say, “ I can’t breathe” pretending to try and catch my breath. She squeezes harder, oh goodness I think she broke me.

“ oh I’m sorry I think I actually hurt you” her smug look tells me she is everything but sorry. I smile at her.

“ So about those mushrooms? I mean we can just make out here if you want to. I’m good either way”

She flies to eye level a kisses my nose “mushrooms first Hun, also I love you too”

My heart melts for her, but if we don’t get mushrooms we will get yelled at and not make out, that’s not cool. I start looking around my feet and the ground is very wet. Like more then normal river water and not from me cause it is everywhere. Was there a lot of rain, enough for the river to over flow. That doesn’t make sense we are in a drought right now. I point to the North, telling Goery to search up there. I will go South, the river tells the most down there.

I am a Earth Elf I do what the planet does. My parents were Fire and Dark Elf’s. I am a rare Elf, so I pretend I am a Water Elf. Only Goery knows the true me.

I will be able to read the river when I get to my area. We used to play out here all the time. She says she new all along I loved her that’s why we would play out here. That makes me so happy, we could really be us out here. She even learned some Elf stuff and learned to speech Orc, which is really sexy.

Well here we are. Looks up river, looks down river. Nothing weird here either something feels off. Well mushrooms won’t pick themselves. I kneel down and start picking and digging up mushrooms. These yellow one will be so good, can’t forget the purple, ooo or the blue. They’re all good to be real though.

A new smell flows passed me?

Not new and not good. I throw the mushrooms in my pouch and start running North without thought. She is in trouble and she has no idea yet. I hope she’s flying and safe.


I always have to go North, South seems better I am sure Shair is just trying to keep me safe. Always looking out for me and everyone else. Wow! That mushroom is huge, Shair will be so proud and I will only have to pick this one. Dig around the dirt and pull at the base. Shair thought me this we are the same age and we grew up in love not knowing. Shair thought me everything, my parents didn’t really care for me. Got it, now time to fly on to my love. Ooh no this is way heavy. I will have to walk I guess. I love the Dark Forest, I feels like home and like we belong somewhere. Shair creates light sometimes and we have fires.

Noises from behind make Goery jump to look and she sees the ugly beast of the East. With it’s dark wears and it’s huge body it is very scary. Long fingers and arms, with short legs bent to the point they are almost sitting. With no nose, long black hair and this one had one eye. The eye was blue and not a grey weird blue like Madam’s eyes, like a pretty sky opening blue. The skin looked soft and smooth, as a dress draped over its whole body to the knees.

“Sorry, are these your mushrooms” shaking as I hold the mushroom straight up. I heard some of them are nice. They aren’t all beasts.

“ No, it is not what I am here for.” The beast said in a scratchy voice. With a couple coughs to clear there throat.

“ I am Shre, I will not hurt you young one. Have you see a human around?”

I have frozen a human those don’t exist anymore. “No I have never met one either. I didn’t think there was any alive. I am Goery by the way and I am 20 thank you very much. That is not that young for most” For a fairy it is but still rude.

“ I’m in my hundreds Hun, I want you to stay with me till I find the human.”


As I start to speak I hear Shair thumping up behind me. I turn around and see a worried look go to happy.

“You’re safe, who is your friend”

“This is Shre she is looking for a human” Shair looked worried again.

“So it was a human I smelt ” looking at Shre straight on. Shair didn’t show any fear to Shre, it is almost like Shair wasn’t scared of anything. My hero, here to save me once again. Shair showed everyone respect even if they are called a beast.

“Goery are you day dreaming now” I look up to see Shair and Shre were both staring at me. Damn I did day dream again there worried look on there faces says something is wrong.

“ Goery, your in danger and we need to leave. Come on, Shre meet us just East of here in two sky light raises”

Shair grabbed me and carries me. I never seemn this look in those normally playful eyes. It looks like fear and anger. Almost like war time eyes. Shair jumps a little and I feel the ground shimmy. Shair is using land magic to surf across the ground. This must be bad Shair never uses that magic so close to town.

“Shair, I am sorry I wasn’t listening but why are you using magic so close to town. What if your seen.”

Shair stops and sets me down.

“Humans, hate Elf’s and use Fairies in sex houses. We are the only fairy town here and we are not safe”

“ Humans aren’t around no more though. You said so.”

“We were young and I wanted you to feel safe. Are parents have been gone at war fighting them. The war has ended years passed. They have died. I am sorry you are hearing this now, but the paper said they were seen close by.”

Shaking scared, I never thought my parents were coming back and knew the war was done, but never thought they were dead.

“What about Madam? And the others?”

“ They will leave too. We are old enough to get by, we are just still young in the eyes of everyone else.”

Shair grabs my arm and tells me to fly.

“ No matter what you must always be flying now, humans have a weakness to that and fire. Now let’s move.”

We start running and for a moment I think no way all of this is real. Shair is playing a joke on me and we will get home and Madam will set us straight.

What is Shair is telling the truth and we do need to run. Where would we go, how would we pay. Shair is trusting and creature called a beast and we just met her. I smell fire, our home no way it can’t be our home.

Racing forward tears forming and smoke thickening. Shair grabs me and nods over to the corner. I see Shade what is he out here for? Wait Shade does illusion magic so the fire isn’t real?

“Shade!” I cry out he looks and spirits over with joy in his eyes and arms ready to hug me.

Shair steps in between us, although Shade stands taller Shair wasn’t having him touch me. He stops before hitting us and shakes Shair’s hand.

“Madam said you were out and shortly after sending you we got word there are humans heading this way. She told me to put up a force field. To push them away, we are fine to walk through now. Madam is talking with Nzia about what to do. Come one the field is up for a short time.”

Shair and I walk throw the fire. On the other side fairies flying everywhere. Elf wizard Obi was waving Shair over probably to help get the books in order. Shair tapped my back and ran. I walked towards the hall where I saw Madam and Nzia talking. I flutter off my feet and fly to them.

“Hello Madam, sorry we ran late we….” Before finishing she hugs me in the warmth of her is so nice right now. I have always seem Madam as a second mom, well my only mom now.

“I am just happy you two are okay. Where is Shair by the way”

I point and say “Obe’s” she nods

“Nzia, how may I help”

Nzia is a strong male fairy. Standing very tall he towers most in the town. If the elders didn’t have back bend then maybe they would. He is very handsome. His eyes were almost midnight black and hair was always short, but looks soft to the touch.

“We need the child put in those carts, help Madam please. Fairies need to relocate and the Elf men will stay.”

“Madam how about you pack there things and I will help them to the carts.”

Madam nods and turns to the master bows and walks away. She is so traditional that way. She doesn’t look a day older then me but in turn is three times my age. Nzia doesn’t like being bowed at but Madam is a favorite of his. Her hair long and black , falls over her round face. She is no means thin, but no means heavy. Today she is wearing another Dobite, which is a long dress for women of power. Most of them shine bright with no light, also very soft. I have a feeling Nzia gave it to her. The whole town knows they are together, but she wants to help the children more then marriage.

“Haze help get the Orc babies into cart one”

Nzia had walked away before I could joke with him. It was my job as his sister after all. I wish he took me in some days, but he had a lot to do. I understand now that leadership was the path they gave him after our parents died. Now don’t get me wrong I spent a lot of time with him and that is how he met Madam even, but the town needed him with no distractions.

“Children come on no pushing and Ciaz stop running.” Hmm 15, 16, 17…. A explosions at the worship town, but how Shades force field. I rushed the last of the kids on the carts and waved them off. All my friends and people I seem as family riding away.

Tears started to far even though I held them back, I was not strong enough.

“Goery, fly away!” I turn to see no force field anymore. They broke it? How could they have? I scam and see Fairy, Elf and Orc men in full war gear. Who cried out to me who said that. I scam around and see Shade being put in a cage. Next to the cage was a tall man with long hair and white skin, almost pearl colored. There was another with darker skin and shorter hair. They had long arms and thin bodies they couldn’t be the power humans.

Then a bang! half the men fell with one hit. What was that one man was holding something long and heavy looking. Another man pointed at me and started walking towards me.

“Goery!” Shair yelled throwing up a fire wall in between us. Then running up to me, wrapping my arms around I hear Shair’s voice say.

“Run East love, I will kind you no matter what. Just go East.”

I took to the air and looked back for a second. Shair had joined the fighting. I flew high up and East like Shair said to.

Madam, I look back and see Nzia and Obi protecting Madam. I fly over as face as I can.

“Org hiz ah oge!” I shout and then Obi and Madam were gone. Nzia stood with the war dressed men to fight and waved me away.

I told Obi to go to the river and head East. I am glad I speak Orc, humans can’t understand what I am saying. I race for the tree line. They can’t see me if I fly above it. My pour wings never worked so hard in my life.

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“Sorry.  I just see books and have to review the spines.  Old Circle habit and great love for libraries.”


Chapters: 12/?
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Female Inquisitor/Cullen Rutherford, Cullen Rutherford/Female Trevelyan, Other Relationship Tags to Be Added, Cassandra Pentaghast/Male Trevelyan, Iron Bull/Dorian Pavus
Series: Part 1 of Finding Harbors


Two plane passengers meet on a delayed return flight. They just wanted a relaxing night after a long defeating week. Drunk and willing to take a leap of faith, they spend a single night together believing they will never see one another again.

Except all the stars align and POOF! Now, Evie is an overly anxious mage pregnant with a stranger’s baby. And the mysterious father just moved to town?!

For the next few months, a one-night stand turns into a partnership that must overcome fears, misconceptions, and old hurts. Can two people who initially hit it off establish a friendship for their baby’s sake? Is love even possible?

Story Theme: “Whirring” by The Joy Formidable
Cullen and Evie’s Song: “Wonderwall” by Oasis


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Summary:  When Danny goes to a psychic to get his soulmate drawn, he’s expectantly pretty confused about why she’s drawn him with a colour palette change.

Read on Ao3

Danny had been having a pretty good day with his friends, using their free Saturday to go to the arcade. In an attempt to not burn through all their allowance before they could save up for the upcoming Doomed game, Danny and Tucker painfully had to request Sam to drag them away from the venue once they hit their budget. Despite the grumbling he’d done when Sam followed through with it, Danny still felt it was a good day overall. That was, until they crossed paths with the A-Listers from school.

He was hoping that if they kept their heads down, that the trio could pass the popular kids without being noticed. When Paulina gasped at something she saw in a shop window and got them all to look with her, he felt like it might just work.

“Oh look, a psychic who draws your soulmate!” She exclaimed excitedly, jumping up and down and clapping. Being distracted by the movement was enough for Dash to catch sight of him in the shop window reflection. The tall boy wore a malicious smirk before chortling.

“Fenturd doesn’t have to pay her to know he’ll die alone.” The bully teased loudly, turning and jabbing Danny in the collarbone. To Danny’s surprise, the comment hurt a lot more than the harsh jab that would probably bruise later. He was a loser after all, so how likely was it that he’d die alone? If he did have a soulmate, they’d probably rather be caught dead than be his soulmate and ask for a refund. Who in the world would ever want to be his soulmate?

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Chloe’s third day of college went extremely well.

She was able to focus one hundred percent in her classes and she actually enjoyed being there, without having to constantly look over her shoulder or being bullied in one form or another.

Everyone was super nice to her, Amanda and Georgie. Which was a plus. Even though they knew people were only being nice because they were scared of Loki and now knew that he owned the place.

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12. Silent Comfort

Kagome sighed as she sat uncomfortably in her sleeping bag. She forced herself to focus on the sprawled textbook on her lap. Glancing distractedly at her small wrist watch, her eyes shifted on the direction where Inuyasha and Miroku had disappeared three hours ago. They had gone to a human village for supplies while she, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara waited in a small cave just off the well-traversed path.

Dusk was settling in. Sango was working to kindle fire for light and warmth.

Half an hour later, Miroku returned to the cave with two large wrapped cloths in his arms.

“Where is Inuyasha?” Kagome asked as she sorted through a week’s supply of food and other necessities. The monk didn’t answer and was instead suspiciously counting the remaning coins in his small pouch. When she prompted for a response, he only laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his head.

“Well, houshi-sama?” Sango’s face was impassive but her eyes were blazing.

“S-soul collectors…” he stammered, looking down.

“Inu-baka,” Shippo muttered while shaking his head.

That did it. Huffing, Kagome rose to her feet and loudly stepped outside the cave. “I’m going out for a while,” she said coldly.

“K-Kagome-sama, it’s getting dark. It’s too dangerous.” Miroku scrambled up to follow her but was stopped when she looked at him with a dangerous glint in her eyes.

Kagome stormed away and headed into the woods. That idiot! Of all nights, tonight was the one night she expected his presence. She couldn’t blame him for running to Kikyo again, but still…

Hot tears found their way out as she dashed through the forest thoughtlessly, not minding the uprooted weeds and tangled undergrowth that made her fall to her knees. Her left kneecap hit a rock, scraping the skin. Wincing, she plowed across the shrubs until she found a steady stream of river. She dipped her hands and washed away the dirt, gently scrubbing her scratched knee as she did so.

She sat against a tree not far from the stream and gathered her thoughts. She was frustrated and miserable. And lonely. Heaving a sigh, she watched as stars appeared one by one in the twlight sky. A steady breeze dried her tears and she closed her eyes.

A soft rustle brought her back from her thoughts and she turned around in alarm. “Who’s there?”

A tall figure dressed in red and white emerged from the shadows. “Miko.”

“Sesshomaru-sama?! W-what are you doing here?” Kagome fumbled and tried to stand but the daiyoukai waved his hand dismissively. He came forward and took a seat beside her, making sure to allow for personal space.

“Why are you alone?” he inquired, giving her a sidelong glance.

“I just wanted some fresh air,” she answered lightly, hoping he didn’t notice the slight falter in her voice.

“This Sesshomaru can smell when you lie.” It was said mellifluously that it took Kagome a moment to note the displeasure in his tone.

She sighed. “It wasn’t entirely a lie. It’s true that I wanted to get some fresh air, but only because of Inuyasha.” Sesshomaru didn’t respond, prompting her to explain some more. “I guess I’m just being childish. I refrained from asking him to take me home because I wanted to spend this special day with my friends for once. I wanted to spend it with him.”

“Special day?”

“It’s my birthday,” she whispered. Tears threatened to well up again and she sniffed.

Sesshomaru quirked one brow, uncomprehending.

“Today is the day I was born. In my time, we celebrate this important day with our loved ones. I just thought that maybe… this time… he’d at least tell me ‘happy birthday’, you know?” It took a moment before she regained her composure. The daiyoukai beside her remained silent and patiently waited for her to continue. “I was supposed to tell them when Miroku-sama and Inuyasha returned from the village, but Inuyasha saw Kikyo’s shinidamachu.”

“The undead miko,” Sesshomaru stated and she nodded to confirm. After a long silence, he spoke again. “Does it not anger you?”

Kagome shook her head. “I can’t force Inuyasha to stop chasing Kikyo any more than I can’t force my feelings to change. It just makes me sad sometimes. But it’s okay.” She smiled ruefully. “I’m used to it.”

This was answered by another silence. It was dark now and the waning moon cast silvery light around them. Sesshomaru sat with one bent knee, his arm resting on top of it. His impassive face tilted slightly upward, his golden eyes mirroring the glimmering stars above them. He looked serene.

Kagome’s expression softened as she realized one thing. Tucking her legs beneath her, she leaned against the tree that they shared. “Sesshomaru-sama?”

He turned his penetrating gaze on her.

She sincerely smiled. “Tonight isn’t lonely anymore. Arigato.”


What must I do?

The miko’s head rested on his right shoulder, her warm breath lightly caressing his white fur. She had fallen asleep some time in the night.

He silently berated himself. Sesshomaru, you fool! Why did you let this happen?

A shiver from the woman brought him back to his senses. She is cold. Her odd and scant clothing made a concubine look decent. She wrapped her arms around her knees and nestled closer to him. He had noticed the small abrasion on one of her kneecaps earlier and he took this opportunity to look at it more closely. It had only bled a little and a purplish bruise was beginning to show.

He lightly caressed the little wound with his claws. Graceless yet fierce.

She trembled again as another cold draft of wind kissed her bare skin. Sighing, Sesshomaru gently covered her with his fur, his arm wrapped protectively around her shoulders.

As he listened to the steady beat of her heart, he let slip two inaudible words, barely a whisper. “Happy birthday.”

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Featuring actor/ writer, Malachy McCourt

A few years back, I got to meet meet actor and writer, Malachy McCourt when I was able to interview him for an online magazine I was working for at the time. Taking place at his Upper West Side living room, I was surrounded by photos of his life with one catching my attention. A framed photograph of a Schlitz beer advertisement from bygone days, with a younger, red-bearded McCourt smiling into the camera, a look of sheer gusto and a hint of mischief lighting his face. Definitely someone I wouldn’t mind seeing in my bed.

Although the red hair has evolved to a snowy white, the joie de vivre is still abundant as McCourt talked for the better part of two hours about his various careers as a pub owner, TV personality, actor and a writer, following his brother, Pulitzer Prize winning author Frank McCourt with his own bestselling memoir in 1998, A Monk Swimming. He even sang some of the old Irish tune’s. The whole time, I showered him with adulation and he really ate it up. We were having a genuinely great time. Eventually, he asked me about what I was up to, if I was dating and told him no.

A good looking young man like you heck. I’d think you’d have a string of girlfriends?“

Naw… I haven’t really dated all that much. Uh, I guess I need to tell you something. Uuh… I ’m gay, Mr. McCourt. I ah… I …..hope that’s OK.”

Well son, I always say, to each his own. I had a friend in the Navy that was gay. Hell, I reckon he was my best friend. We never, you know, did anything. Well he jerked me off a few times, but that was it. Well he did suck me one time but I didn’t suck him back and that’s been many years ago. I guess I understand a little about being gay.”

I was quite taken aback, though McCourt talked about his sexuality in very frank terms in his book. There was nothing stating he’d might be into man on man sex. I happened to glance down at McCourt’s crotch and was astonished to see it resembling a circus tent with a tall, stiff pole supporting it! How lucky could I be. McCourt was the epitome of a bi-curious grandpa and was primed for action. Well, one thing led to another and our conversation turned into how I would satisfy him if I got him into my bed.

Son, lets take it slow.” He said as he leaned forward in his chair and put his arms around me.

Our faces were cheek to cheek before he turned and kissed me. It was a light little kiss at first before he began a long hard kiss, moving his hand up and down my back. I was starting to get hard when I push him back in the easy chair, lay on top of him, moving my hips and rubbing our hard dicks together through the clothes. Wanting his cock, I quickly unfastened his pants.

You can’t wait to get it, can you lad?” McCourt asked as he ran his hands through my hair while I grabbed the legs of his pants and began to pull them off.

Noticing his beefy calves on his smooth legs, I ran my hands over them enjoying every curve. Thick calves have always been a turn on for me and I let my hands explore his beautiful legs as I tried to pace myself. Bypassing his crotch for the moment, I began unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his big, heavy tits and erect, pink nipples. I attacked his left tit, gently touching it with my tongue. This made him quiver a little and I felt his cock getting harder.  

I looked up to see him looking down at me smiling before closing his eyes and laid his head back down again. I continued sucking his tits as I could tell he liked it.

Needless to say, he was nice and hard by now with his cock now in my hand. I slid my hand up from the base, now quite thick, rolling his foreskin up over the end of his cock. With my head directly over his now erect cock, leaving the head of his cock sticking out from my hand. I paused, looked up at his face again, he lifted up his head, looked down, smiled, put both of his hands gently on my head and gently guided my head down towards his crotch.

He softly spoke to me, saying that he was ready and I better get busy, as he might go soft. I wasn’t about to let that happen, and let him guide my head down towards his crotch. As I slid my mouth down his stiff dick, McCourt groaned with arousal. His cock was huge with the tip pressing against the roof of my mouth as he stretched his arms along the arms of the chair, gripping it tightly with his fingers.

As I sucked, McCourt shuffled his bottom forward on the couch like if trying to push his prick even deeper into my mouth which was sucking it towards paradise.

I’m about to cum.” McCourt groaned after a couple of minutes of licking and sucking.

In response, I increased my efforts. At last McCourt gave a deep growl and his hips thrust at me, lifting his ass right off the chair as he shot forcibly into my mouth. I swirled McCourt’s rich jizz around my mouth, savoring the taste. McCourt sank back into the chair with a glazed look on his face. I however, was far from finished with him.

I quickly popped up next him and maneuvered my engorged cock towards McCourt’s mouth. I half-expected him to hesitate in taking an active role, but he seemed almost hungry for my cock as he dipped his head forward and admitted it to his mouth. I felt almost faint with excitement: not only was the man sucking my prick and squeezing his balls.

McCourt began slowly, but soon warmed to his task, raking my cock with his tongue and even caressing one of my exposed buttocks with his free hand. I knew it would take only a few minutes of this before I nutted in McCourt’s mouth; but I felt a deep craving to claim the ultimate prize. Disengaging myself from my warm wet haven, I got back between his legs put my hands underneath the beefy legs and raised them more until his legs touched his chest. Understanding what I intended, McCourt showed some reluctance to take this final step, mumbling “Vince, I’m not sure…”

Grabbing a tube of lube from my pocket which I always carried in case of unexpected opportunities and stroking McCourt’s hair, I whispered, “Sshhh, it’ll be fine my love, I’ll be gentle and you’ll love it.”

Before he could reply, I tore open the lube, coated two fingers with it, spread it liberally around and inside his ass, causing McCourt to moan with anticipation. He cupped his hands on the back of his legs as I reached for his virgin ass. Looking into each other’s eyes I got a finger inside him and took it slow and easy as I opened him up. Just as he was relaxing his hole around my finger, I grabbed my dick and started rubbing the head around his hole.

As I started to push it in, he winced, grabbed my shoulders and let out a deep moan. I stopped and let him absorb my cock before I eased forward little by little until my full 8 inches was buried inside, stretching the older man’s love channel. See-sawing lightly back and forth, I whispered “There honey, how does that feel?”

McCourt swallowed and murmured “It feels good…I like it.”

A broad smile spread across my face as I gripped his legs and began to fuck him, slowly at first, but gradually increasing his pace. McCourt grunted with each full penetration and soon I was screwing him hard and fast, my balls slapping against the receptive ass with each thrust. I tried not to cum to quickly and yet I was really enjoying the sensation of his virgin ass squeezing my dick.

By now, he was getting wet and hot inside as I continued pumping him with my throbbing dick. He asked me not to come inside him and I obliged by pulling out and finishing by shooting my load on his hot tummy and chest. As I lay on top of him and we started to relax we looked at each other and I was thinking now he was going to go into a big guilt trip. Instead he said we should clean up and get dress before his wife returned. We both stood up and he gave me a little kiss (peck) on my cheek! How’s that for being nice, sweet, & wonderful now, huh?

I was shocked at this as I thought he would be in a different mood. Other married men seem to want to get it over with and send me packing or go themselves as soon as we are done. Not this hot man, he seemed to want more. He seemed to want to extend our lovemaking and see what would happen next.

I kissed him deeply, slipped my hand down McCourt’s pants, stroked his cock and resolved that at the earliest opportunity we could arrange to be alone to really enjoy our liaison to the fullest.

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That evening, he left without saying a word. Since then, nothing. He no longer takes my calls and I have received no sign of life. Of course, I ruminate and feel guilty. Matter of habit. What did I do, what did I say? Have I pained him? If I were not convinced that he was Hamlet, I would have been afraid that he would end his life … Unless I linked up with a compulsive liar who had moved on? Questions on questions. No response, only reproaches. Matter of habits, again. I was raised like that, for that …

Three weeks later, I receive an SMS inviting me to Tour Saint-Jacques, as soon as I have the time.

On the very evening, I go there, impatient for explanations. He is waiting for me, straight and dark like a shadow or a bird of prey.

— I did not expect to see you so soon, he says acidly.

— But what’s going on, Hamlet?

—  What do you think ? he retorts with disdain.

— I don’t know if I should be worried or upset by your attitude.

— Because I did not respond to your messages?

— Yes. What’s the matter?

— You are absolutely not what you seem to be, you are misleading advertising, that’s my problem.

— Sorry?! And can I know what you thought I was? And what you suddenly discovered?

— You were an unshakable rock, the embodiment of rightness and truth, forgiveness or amnesty. But there … This notebook that you showed me, you are like all the others … he spits these last words with contempt.

— Don’t take that disgusted look. I forbid you. I showed you something extremely personal, I say in cold anger.

— Doubt, the defilement of doubt, of perdition and fragility, that is what you are at core.

— Yes. I never claimed otherwise. It’s just that life doesn’t leave time for doubt. At least not the time to show it. I don’t hide behind certainties or values! They serve to guide me. If I found them, these and not others, it is precisely thanks to my doubts and my fragility!

— Oh, I know, if there is no doubt, we are of my cruel kind? Of those who massacre or lead to crime? No, I do not doubt, and I do not have these weaknesses! I do not fool anyone I am whole in my image!

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Today’s Follower Friday is from Tumblr, check out The City Traveler! Thank you for your support, and keep up the great content! You can be featured on Follower Friday too…ALL you gotta do is keep the 👍🏻’s, ❤️’s, and ⭐️’s coming! Have a great weekend everybody!

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The Jar Of Dirt Fanfiction Contest / Prompt Challenge!! ❤️

Peter licks his lips and looks at Tony, his eyes sparkling mischievously. “I don’t want to sound like a horny college kid, I mean, I am-,” Peter chuckles, “-but, can we pick something from the jar again?” - Jar Of Dirt, Chapter 5.

Jar Of Dirt is the first work we wrote being twokinkybeans. This work, aside from the plot, means a lot to us. We wrote a near 100K in one month. It made us explore our own kinks, we discovered new ones. It brought us closer as friends and it helped us connect with all of you amazing people in the Starker fandom. We’re thrilled to be a part of the family!!!! You guys are literally the best ❤️❤️

We kinda miss this ‘little-but-not-so-little’ fic of ours and figured it’d be fun to organize a Jar Of Dirt prompt challenge!!

As some of you may know, Lien and I used an online program to stand in for our Jar Of Dirt (cause social distancing, we would’ve made an actual one if we could). For nearly every chapter, it was the program that decided what kink we were going to write! Now for the challenge, we want to do the same thing. There’s only so many we could cover, and so many more to explore😜🙈 So we’re not asking you to add chapters to our fic, cause well, yeah 🙈 We’re just using this as a set up for the challenge. You can take this wherever you like! Build your own world with it ^^ Basically everything goes, as long as Peter, Tony and the kink are included ^^

You can sign up by sending us a DM, and we’ll tell you all you need to know ^^ After signing up you’ll be given a video where you see the program picking your prompt! (It’s fun, honestly, it makes cheering noises and throws confetti at you 🙈). You write between 500 and 5000 words of the good stuff and post it on any platforms that has your preference! (Though, Tumblr or AO3 would be easiest). When everyone has posted their fics, the winner will be announced!

What do you win? A free pass to prompt us with literally anything you want, and we’ll write it for you!

And a gentle reminder: It doesn’t matter how much writing experience you have, everyone is welcome to compete (that is, if you’re 18+). Whether you have years of writing experience or never written anything before, it doesn’t matter! Come join in on the fun 😊😊❤️

You can sign up until June 12, 2020, and after receiving your prompt you have until June 30, 2020 to write and post! ^^ We can’t wait to see what y'all come up with!

- Lien & Kim

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[Mal Volari x Daenarya Masterlist]


Originally posted by ozed

Characters: Mal Volari, Daenarya (F!MC, human), a bunch of OC children (Ovisa, Rayden, Seirra, Lydo)

Notes: @choicesjunechallenge​​ ☆stars

This takes place after Blades Book 1 at Mal’s orphanage.
I started this (and many other stories) months ago and have been waiting for the right time to post. I never imagined my orphanage would be canon. 

☆  ☆  ☆  ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆

“Please, Mr. Mal,” Ovisa pleaded, her dark eyes twinkling even in the darkness as the group sat on the roof the orphanage enjoying the warm summer night under the stars. “Just one more story!” 

“Yesss, one more pleaseeeee?” A chorus of children begged, clasping their hands together their little lips quivering at their request; each of them inching closer, their anticipation growing.  

Mal attempted to suppress the smile twitching on his lips. “Tomorrow is another day. Time for sleep.” 

“But we’re not tired!” Raydan protested, crossing his arms and digging further into his spot in the group. 

“Me either,” Ovisa agreed, matching the slightly older boy’s posture.

Daenarya wrapped her arms around Mal’s, leaning further into him as they sat together. She shrugged softly, suppressing a smirk, “I think you’re outnumbered, Mr. Magnificent… One more story! One more story!”

The children cheered repeating the chant until the reformed rogue threw up his hands in defeat. He held out his finger, “Just ONE… not like the last time when I said one more and you ended up with two!”

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For me, I’ve begun to read fanfic in the Roswell New Mexico fandom because I kind of got into that show recently. Also, The Goldfinch after both seeing the movie and reading the book. The Goldfinch fics especially are incredibly in character. It’s amazing, really. It feels as it was written by the author of the book with how well fic writers write these characters. With Roswell, I like reading fanfic that explores things not really explored in the show.

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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