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#fan fiction
wantstoflyafraidtofall · 4 months ago
hey writers! OneLook Thesaurus lets you find that word you can’t think of but can describe! go check it out!
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Tumblr media
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neil-gaiman · a month ago
Do you consider fanfiction legitimate writing?
I won the 2004 Hugo Award for Best Short Story for an H. P. Lovecraft /Arthur Conan Doyle mashup fiction, so fanfiction had better be legitimate, because I'm not giving the Hugo back.
Or the 20O5 Locus Award for Best Novelette. I'm not giving that back either.
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choryllis · a year ago
My Professor: “The author used superfluous words here.  Don’t do that in your own essay.  Know your audience.  When was the last time you used the word, “pine”, as in to long for, in an everyday sentence?”
Me, a tumblr user:
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insanitysilver · a year ago
When I was younger I used to be part of the “only-reads-complete-fics crowd” but as I’m getting older I’m realizing how powerful it can be to have consistent things to look forward to...
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simplyclockwork · a year ago
Tumblr media
I generated this meme because it is exactly my life right now
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classicmeg · 7 months ago
fan fiction is SO addicting to people with ADHD because our brains aren't innattentive, they're just constantly searching out sources of dopamine because we don't produce enough on our own. fan fiction supplies us with an endless archive of free stories - long and short - containing characters we already love and we can just devour story after story after story one after another and it feels SO GOOD.
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mostlydeadlanguages · 2 years ago
A Letter from “Crawly” to Azirapil
Tumblr media
This remarkable letter of unknown provenance surfaced recently in the cuneiform collection of the University of West Wessex.  Addressed to Azirapil from a Mr. “Crawly,” it appears to be begging for the other’s return to Ur from a western journey with another individual, Abiraham.  The relationship between the two (brothers? business partners? friends?) is unknown, and all three names are quite unusual.  The letter also mentions a Mr. Ea-naṣir in Ur; if this is the same Ea-naṣir as the merchant mentioned in UET V 22, 29, 71, and 81, then the original letter would be dated to the Larsa period, around 1800 BCE.  However, this particular copy appears to be a scribal exercise; the writing is relatively unskilled, and the cuneiform is Neo-Assyrian in form.  It is unclear whether the text is based on a historical letter, or if its unusual names and content were invented for scribal practice.
Tell Azirapil [1]:
Thus says "Crawly" [2]:
When will your time in the West be finished?  Abiraham [3] seems very dirty, and I am weary [4] in Ur.  [There is] a talented mirsu-maker [5] on Wide Street!
Watch out, for I have acquired a new friend.  His name is Ea-Naṣir [6], and I may play wickedly with him if you do not return.  
Come quickly!
[1] The name Azirapil (āzir-āpili) is an unusual one.  The first element, āziru (sometimes spelled ḫāziru) is a known theophoric element meaning "helper, the one who helps"; it may connect with Hebrew עזר.  The second element appears to be āpilu, literally "the one who answers," but also used to mean "the one who dissents, the one who talks back."  Thus, together, the name would mean "the one who helps the dissenter."
[2] "Crawly" is literally Našallulu (NIM.NIM), a verb that means "to crawl or slither like a snake or demon."  The word is otherwise unattested as a personal name, so it may be an epithet of some kind.
[3] Surely not the Abraham of Hebrew scriptures, despite the similarity of name and the biblical legend that Abraham originated in the city Ur.
[4] "Weary" - from the Štn stem of anāḫu.  The term refers to dejection or depression; in one medical text (Labat TDP 178:9), it is a sign of "love-sickness."
[5] Mirsu (or mersu) was a popular sweet confection in Mesopotamia.  Its composition included dates, butter, and a variety of other ingredients; modern reconstructions of the recipe vary.
[6] There was an infamous copper merchant named Ea-naṣir in Ur during the Larsa period; several letters to him are collected in UET V.  It is unclear whether this is the same individual.
a-na az-ir-ap-il qí-bí-ma um-ma NIM.NIM-ma ma-ti u-mu-ka ina IM.MAR.TU i-qa-at-tu Ab-i-ra-ha-am ur-ru-šu in-na-mar ú uš-ta-ni-ih ina ša me-er-si e-mu-uq-tu ina su-qi ra-ap-ši pa-ga-ar-ka uṣ-ur ana ša ib-ra eš-ša ar-ši šum-šu É-a-na-aṣ-ir ú rag-giš am-me-el-le-el it-ti-šu šum-ma la ta-ta-ar ar-hi-iš a-la-ak
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jupiter235 · 3 months ago
A head’s-up to all my fellow writers (fan fiction and original fiction)
So last night I get an email about a new comment on one of my fan fics. I read the email, and the comment seemed shady as hell to me. But given it was late at night, I didn’t look into it until this morning. 
The comment, screen-capped from my email:
Tumblr media
I was able to confirm that this is in fact spam--and a possible phishing scam--on this Reddit thread. The OP on that thread got similar messages on their account, with the links included being identical to the ones in my comment. 
So just to make y’all aware, if you got this on one of your fics, make sure you’re reporting it as spam to whatever hosting platform you’re on. 
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twokinkybeans · a year ago
Writing Fanfiction Be Like
Tumblr media
(yes, this is what it actually looks like right now)
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alex-wrtng · 7 months ago
Visual representation of writing one (1) scene and then realizing you have no idea what goes next:
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ineffable-bisexual · a year ago
Fan fiction’s role as a collective project in popular ethics was ultimately what the 2019 Hugo Award acknowledged: AO3 may have officially earned the honor, but so did every writer who had ever been bold, brave, or foolhardy enough to share their work with the internet.
I wanted to share this really cool article from Shannon Chamberlain at The Atlantic with my fellow fic writers. 
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luckystarchild · a year ago
Tumblr media
i made a thing
"Me, give the ideas away to other writers who DO have time for them? Me, admit I will never actually work on any of these concepts? NEVER"
*hisses and breathes fire whilst protectively clutching the fic-idea-pile*
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berlynn-wohl · a month ago
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