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#fan species
If it’s alright with you, can we know more about the garglings? I think they’re really cool!

Ooh! Certainly! It’s still wip in some aspects but I hope to add more things for this fan species.


-There’s only one known clan that occupies within the Claw Mountains. However, there have been instances of turf wars led by female gargling warriors who fight to claim the title of Maudra.

-They pride themselves as great miners and blacksmiths. The Maudra Aurelia is head blacksmith who creates craft for loyal garglings who did good deeds for the mountain. And because of their skill in metalworking and stone masonry, the Antrum of Nox has become the epicenter of underground/black marketing.

-Cremation is also considered taboo for most Garglings. However, they believe that using the cremains of one’s adversary for tattoos could give them prowess and strength.

-Males grow out tusks that are used for courting mates or asserting dominance.

-They are nocturnal since they adapted to see through the chasm darkness. Thus a gargling leaving the mountain and wandering around Thra at the brink of night is not uncommon. 

-Garglings are taller compared to their gelfling cousins but are still small towards Skeksis. 

-Gargling essence is an ailment towards podlings, gelflings, urru and skeksis. Consuming their essence can result in one turning into a stone. Thus Gargling essence is reserved for their own species. 

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The History

The Ravisheel were created by the First Spinjitzu Master from pure sunlight, creating human-like creatures to protect the Temple of Light. They derived their abilities from the life-giving power of the sun, and prayed and trained in the temple with good morals and positivity at the core of their beliefs. This was a way to both pass down his beliefs, and to defend his new world against darkness and negativity.

During the initial war against the Overlord, they fought side by side with the First Spinjitzu Master, helping to defeat him and his Stone Army. Although many of them were slain, they continued to fight to protect the light they had been made from.

Once he split the land in two, however, the First Spinjitzu Master helped them sail to the island of Ninjago and create a peaceful civilization on the coast, on the tip of the continent near where Hiroshi’s Labyrinth would eventually be situated. For many years, they were a peaceful, jungle-dwelling tribe that lived on the beach and fished in the ocean. As the need for protectors declined, only a select few trained from birth in the monastery they built, named the Saakh Shi.

As the Serpentine rose in power, the Ravisheel sought to trade with the snakes, and a strong bond formed between the tribes. The tribe also met the children of the First Spinjitzu Master, treating them like princes and bringing them ample gifts.

Eventually, however, humans soon began to colonize the land in startling numbers. The Ravisheel, trained to detect malicious presences, foresaw that humans would start to taint the land with their influence, and undo a lot of the work that the First Spinjitzu Master had done to contain evil presences. They pleaded with their creator for protection from the colonists. Although he was disappointed that his first living creations were unwilling to attempt to make peace with the humans as they had done with the Serpentine, he obeyed their wishes due to all of their sacrifices at the Temple of Light.

He set out a large portion of the jungle and ocean to allow them ample hunting space, then sealed them in a bubble that would make their village invisible to anyone that was not a Ravisheel, unless they allowed outsiders to enter. To protect them from people wandering into the village on accident, the bubble constantly put out a confusing aura that caused people to want to stay away from that portion of the jungle, giving them an uneasy feeling about the place.

The Ravisheel were content with their hermit lifestyles, creating generation after generation of human-fearing individuals who sought nothing but peace in Ninjago. Eventually, even their Serpentine allies forgot their existence. They stayed out of the business of humans, even if they were able to receive troubling visions through meditation. The only time they ever even considered coming out of hiding was when the Overlord returned. However, when they saw that the grandson of the First Spinjitzu Master had risen to defeat him, they remained hidden.

The Species

The Ravisheel are beings made of light itself. Although they appear to be humans, they have an entirely different bodily system. For instance, their food turns directly into energy that is dispersed throughout the body evenly, much like adding to a reservoir. When they are hurt, their skin darkens as the light struggles to return to the damaged area. Instead of bleeding, bright wisps begin to pour out of the wound and float into the sky, and an open cut must be wrapped just as tightly as a human’s to keep the energy inside.

The main distinction of Ravisheel from humans is that they are born with bright yellow, tattoo-like markings swirling over their skin. The markings are distinct to each Ravisheel, but the areas where the markings appear is genetic. For instance, if one Ravisheel with markings covering only their arms and one with markings only on their legs have a child, the child’s markings will only have a chance to be on the legs and/or the arms.

These markings glow brightly when the Ravisheel is having a particularly positive emotion, or if they are using their sunlight-derived powers. They are dim when the Ravisheel is channeling negative emotions, and all markings lose their brightness during the night. As a Ravisheel ages, their markings become less saturated, turning slightly more grey with time.


The Ravisheel have deep honey skin tones naturally, but their hair can range from bright blonde colors to dark black. Their hair is naturally curly or wavy, with straight hair being entirely unheard of. Their eyes are cool-toned and always range from emerald green to a rich purple color. A typical Ravisheel has a body much akin to the average human, but warriors, hunters, and Saakh Shi members are usually lither while farmers and fishermen are more likely to have a supple, muscular build.


When it comes to their abilities, the Ravisheel use their positive emotions to summon weaponry made of light. Each weapon is unique to each family, with the trait being passed down by the mother. The designs are typically simplistic and can fit any type of combat style, whether it be close combat, ranged, or even defensive. Those who are equipped with protective weaponry such as shields or armor usually train with another handheld weapon, like a sword or a spear. Along with their equipment, they can detect negative presences with their powers, whether it be something as dark as an evil force or as simple as a saddened companion.

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Name: Azelie

Pronouns: She/Her

Species: Fallen Aasimar (human/angel hybrid, touched by darkness)

Age: 24

Plane of Origin: Ravnica

First Planeswalk: Innistrad

Colors: White and Red

Appearance (and/or Art): 


Backstory: Azelie was born to a human father from the Boros Legion and a Deathpact Angel from the Orzhov Syndicate. The angel kept the father in servitude as a spirit while Azelie grew up in a rich life, unaware. When she found out, the reality of the way her mother and the Syndicate operates was traumatizing, causing her spark to ignite. She found herself on Innistrad, feared by the locals at first because of her ghastly angelic appearance. But, after defending a village from an attack of werewolves, they came to respect her. Azelie returned to Ravnica and joined the Boros Legion like her father before her, bent on protecting the innocent and hunting down evil no matter where in the multiverse it hid.

Magic, gear and/or abilities: Azelie comes fully equipped in traditional Boros soldier armor. With her celestial heritage, she can shrug off magical attacks that use light or darkness. Her training in the Legion and paladin’s oath gave her access to war magic. Combined with the terrifying visage of decaying ghostly wings on her back, Azelie uses magic to paralyze her foes with fear and hinder their own abilities. While disrupted, Azelie moves in for a swift kill, trained in sword and shield for a defensive onslaught.



Other: Azelie has a roleplay blog at and is open for play. She is a sweet woman when you get to know her and is happy to go on adventures or just have lighthearted interaction!

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Name: Val

Pronouns: He/Him

Race: Aspect (embodiment of an Emotion)

Colors: R

Age: ???

Origin plane: Ferely (fan plane)

Stuck on: Ravnica (temporarily planebound)

Appearance: Generally appears human. 6'6" with yellow slit eyes, and fiery red hair, usually kept up in a ponytail. Generally scowling or grinning (if something is on fire, or his schemes are working). He has three marks under each eye. Has pointed ears and a forked tongue. His appearance isn’t specific to any race, as it is of his own design.

After feeding on someone’s anger, his eyes burn green-ish and his teeth get a bit sharper. The skin on his forearms becomes the color of his glass. His fingers also gain claws. This appearance wears off after a short while.

Abilities: he feeds on the anger of others and uses it to boost his own powers. He can also redirect the anger to other targets. His powers mainly comprise of wielding fire and forcing hot temperatures, but he can also use a defensive subset that forms glass. He doesn’t use it much, but if he’s being chased, or chasing someone, he’ll absolutely exploit it to its full potential of creating walls of glass. It’s incredibly fast cooling so there isn’t much chance of causing damage with it, but it’s good to create roadblocks and traps. He can keep it molten if he’s touching it, but it’s really not as combat efficient as his regular fire, so it’s more of a defensive move. He can eat glass and have it bubble up from his skin to create an armor-like coating, if he needs to. He’s also immune to the effects of heat and fire.

He wears a light blue shirt and white pants with pieces of silver metal and orange glass armor. His main weapon is a pair of metal, clawed gauntlets that he can channel fire through. His boots are the same, but he seldom uses them as any sort of conduit for the fire.


Art by @aero-zero 

Card (made by @niuttuc )


Ego’s partner in crime time. Awful man. Evil.

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Name: Ego

Pronouns: He/Him

Race: Aspect (Embodiment of an emotion)

Colors: BR

Age: 56 (in this iteration)

Origin plane: Ferely (fan plane)

First planeswalk: Innistrad

Appearance: Generally appears human. 6'3" with dark hair and hazel eyes. He tends to wear a smug look most of the time. He has a scar across his right eyebrow.

After feeding on someone’s pride, his eyes burn amber and his teeth get a bit sharper. The skin on his forearms turns pitch black and his fingers gain claws. This appearance wears off after a short while.


Art by @aero-zero

He wears collared navy blue coat with gold detailing and trim. Underneath he has a skin tight black shirt with light blue bands around the neck and arms. Black pants with a light blue pattern down the sides to match the whole ensemble. Often wears knee high boots with gold lacing. He carries two crossbows (pistols?) named “Me & Myself”, and a short shotgun named “I”.

Abilities: he feeds on the pride of others to boost his own powers. The more pride someone has, the more power Ego has over them. He can dole out sickness (manifests as vomiting), hallucinations, and actual injuries (usually internal) depending on how much power he has over them. He can also have a degree of control over actions depending on how prideful the target is. It can range to basic suggestion, to outright puppeteering the target. He can transmit his power over someone by flicking his ichor like blood onto the target. This will generally make them ill, no matter their Pride as it is toxic in general. This power isn’t used often, because he rarely bleeds and finds it unnecessary to use it most of the time.

Card (made by @niuttuc !! )


Awful gremlin. Terrible bastard man. Likes to grandstand.

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A little but of a wip I’m doing in my Art Class.

Its a bit messy :/

Also! This is a character and a species I made for fun but ended up placing them in League of Legends soooo yeah. His name is Aiden (named after Aiden from Beyond Two Souls).

Also I think I touched my soul?

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Clear Draconium

Clear Draconium is not one of the 13 different colours of Draconium found on Draconis and in Dragon City, instead it is a representation of the absence of power. It is best known for its representation of something invisible or see-through, but has not been able to be found in raw ore. No dragon in Dragon City has a single drop of clear draconium in their blood, only attainable if their mag energy has been genetically altered to remove the properties of the draconium in their bones. The mysterious dragons that claim to be a crew in the outer regions of the Old City call themselves The Vanishers, apparently so-called because they slyly slip away from prying eyes, and so do any humans, dragons or whole crews pursuing them.

If humans were supposedly susceptible to clear draconium (although it has not been proven), they would show signs of tactical cunning and flanking maneuvers, operating in blindspots while their rage can be triggered like a tripwire. This Draconium colour is fabled and rarely seen, so only stories contain the information. However, some theorists believe that clear draconium was the progenitor of the 13 colours of draconium, as a ray of light through a prism creates a rainbow.

Clear draconium dragons are thought to be the ones in control between themselves and a rider and can be rather pushy. The eyes of veil-class dragons are remarkably sensitive, able to detect things that only an ultraviolet light would reveal. They are cunning, tactical and prefer to work where they cannot be seen, such as the shadows. Their temperament is as fragile as glass, if they are backed into a corner or angered, they enter a fury unmatched by any class of dragon in the modern world and are very difficult to calm down, proving they are a quite moody bunch. Veil-class dragons work in groups, all lead by a matriarch within their group, much like prehistoric dinosaurs, who separate the young and weak from the rest of their prey to maul and tear apart, only if available. They work just as well when alone. When it comes to gear, essentially, any kind of gear can fit on a veil-class dragon with ease.

The mag energy, as the name goes, is clear, with a surrounding of white around it, appearing to be two beams of white draconium in close proximity. The mag energy of veil-class dragons have once been mistaken for telekinesis.

Veil-class Dragons

Veil-class dragons can switch from quadupedality to bipedality within a matter of seconds, the former for walking and the latter for anything over 30mph. They are partially covered in a dense coat of fur covering their necks and their tails. It is for insulation during the cold seasons and mating displays; whoever’s coat is the glossiest or cleanest, they attract the most females.

Their heads are also interesting as they are covered in a very hard scale material which near represents a skull with eyebrow ‘horns’ and a short horn on their noses. With such coverings on their heads, the veil-class dragons have headbutting competitions during the spring. With careful studying, the matriarch will challenge females to a headbutting contest to test those in her ‘conclave’ and pick out the ones who would pose as a threat to her position. They seem to have rules in a headbutting contest unlike fighting for food or mates; they simply must bang their heads together and push one another over without biting or clawing. The first female to be overpowered and hit the ground either lost the challenge or lost their position as matriarch. Researchers have observed one incident where a challenger lashed out with her claws, the matriarch withdrew from battle and the cheater was driven out of the conclave by other members of the group.

The diets of the veil-class dragons differ heavily based on the availability of prey within the area. In fruitful times, they prefer meaty prey, killed live and more than often fought over by passers-by. When winter comes around, prey is strangely, buried in snow and left for later, often returning with ravenous whelps or sickly ones and the carrion is no more. When famine arrives, they eat carrion that may have been killed weeks before, attack others such as energy-class or scavenger-class, or they even fast and enter hibernation. The latter example has so far only been seen by mothers but not the matriarch even if she is rearing young. This is thought because it is her duty to protect her conclave and she requires all the strength she needs to do so.

@beaucephalis as promised dearie~~

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VOILA! I know I’m late (and I also don’t have a twitter blegh) but here’s my crack at a new neopet design! I call it the Preytuff and it is based on perytons and water deer, with a little bit of vampire mixed in. 

Preytuffs are notoriously mischievous, nocturnal creatures who are known to playfully roughhouse with other neopets. They often get TOO rough, however, which leads many to be afraid of their unpredictable nature. They thrive in the coldest parts of Neopia. Preytuffs don’t get along well with Eyries. 

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