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Preview of my collection ➡️ Catalogue
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💫⭐️Astro. Observations 3💫⭐️
Disclaimer: Look at sidereal chart too. It’s just as important. Please, please do not steal. This was my own personal research and from looking at charts. Take into note that it may not apply to you.
Before I begin “Astra inclinant, non necessitant”. Meaning “the stars impel, they do not compel”. They urge us or drive us but they do not force us.
⭐️Sun-Pluto/ 8H sun/ Scorpio sun may do even the wildest things to manipulate others to give them attention. 
⭐️Virgo placements hate incompetence very much. Especially when your incompetence affects their work or them in general. I’m scared of you guys. This is also a self sub.
⭐️Personal planets in the 11th house can cause for cult-like followers. It can also cause for mass followings in niches. For example Virgil Abloh had Mercury in 11th house and in the fashion industry he had a great influence in streetwear.
⭐️Sun-Uranus, Aquarius sun, personal planets aspecting Uranus or in Aquarius are very innovative. If you have a problem, get people with these placements to help you out. Their minds are just … wow. 
⭐️Pisces placements who like reading love fantasy books to the extent they may find themselves wanting to live in the book’s universe. Have you guys taken a walk outside today ?
⭐️People often refer to Pisces, Scorpio placements as intuitive but have you encountered an Aquarius ???
⭐️Sun-Jupiter/ Jupiter in Leo placements may have a very inflated ego.
So some weeks back I talked about looking at gods of the same name as planets to understand what these planets represent in our chart. I am mainly looking at Roman mythology (considering the names) and a bit of Greek mythology considering they are somewhat linked.
Sun- aka Apollo. god of music, dance, healing, poetry, sun, light. Well loved and revered by Romans. This planet can show where we are admired or our likes. This sign is often linked with fame and we can see why. Sign: Leo
Moon- aka Diana. goddess of conception, childbirth, domestic animals, woodlands. so it can explain why the planet can represent our mothers, their influence and represent relationships with our mothers. Luna is also referred to as a moon goddess. often noted for her loving nature when she put her dying lover in eternal slumber.  Hecate (Greek) is also a moon goddess. Goddess of magic, witch craft etc. In both Greek and Roman mythology, it’s all goddesses that preside over the planet. Which is interesting because the planet can explain our femininity. Sign: Cancer
Mercury- god of travel, communication , thievery, trickery, business and he also often mediated affairs of men and gods. And very knowledgeable. This planet can show where we have knowledge about so for example a Scorpio Mercury may have lots of knowledge in occults, dark subject matters etc. Sign: Virgo, Gemini
Venus- goddess of beauty, love, sex, fertility and even was acknowledged as protector of sex workers. This planet can explain our physical/internal beauty, sexual preferences etc. Sign: Taurus, Libra
Mars- god of war. This planet can show where we may have internal conflicts and what we may be willing to engage in a “war” for. Explains why Aries are really aggressive. Sign: Aries, Scorpio (ancient)
Jupiter- god of the skies and ruler of gods and men. Referred to as a god of justice(law) and was consulted before gods could punish humans. His temperament affected the affairs of men and gods alike. It’s the biggest planet in our solar system and this can explain why it is seen as planet of expansion and abundance. Sign: Sagittarius, Pisces (ancient)
Saturn- god of time, wealth and agriculture. A lot of people see Saturn as a planet of restrictions which is true but I see it as a planet that requires one to put in effort. If you’ve ever grown a plant/reared animals (agriculture), you know it requires WORK and PATIENCE. Saturn does not give handouts !!! And when you apply these things you will surely see results. So this planet represents where you must put in work and be patient. Sign: Capricorn, Aquarius (ancient)
Uranus- (Greek) god of the heavens and personification of the sky/heavens. He is noted for his premonitions. From his injuries, some of the Greek gods were born. This can explain why Aquarius placements are intuitive. Sign: Aquarius
Neptune- god of the seas. noted as unpredictable, bad tempered and was considered to be the cause of earthquakes. Damn he’s a bit sensitive and dramatic. This can explain Piscean behaviour of being chaotic and ever changing. This planet can show where we aren’t firm or solid. Sign: Pisces
Pluto- god of the underworld and riches(because most minerals need to be dug up to get them eg gold, diamond etc.). He is often depicted as evil and other times as a benevolent god. It is odd considering Neptune is the bad tempered god. So this can explain where you are “rich” in your chart and can show where people have their own misconceptions about you. Sign: Scorpio
Chiron(not a planet)- aka wounded healer. master of the healing arts and still could not heal himself when he was injured. He was wounded emotionally when he was abandoned by his mother due to her shame and disgust. Also physically which ultimately lead to his death. 
Just like he was injured twice, Chiron can show the two injuries you have. One that manifests physically and one that you experience internally. So when looking at your Chiron placement, looking at the sign & house placement can show the 2 injuries. Also shows where you may be helpful to others but unable to help yourself.
He was known as very different from his centaur counterparts who were considered barbaric. 
I believe this comet can show where we can exhibit “not like the others” characteristics. 
 He was known as wise, philosophical. Chiron is also known as Sagittarius so this explains why the sign is associated with wisdom, philosophy, learning. 
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Underrated Gee way looks: Party City Knight
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 Oodles of Doodles
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Tumblr media
Photographer: Rose de Clairmont Model & costume: me (Facebook | Instagram | Twitter) Event: Il Volta
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Tumblr media
Gwyn and Azriel from ACOSF by Sarah j Maas
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Tumblr media
So i surprisingly followed up on my idea to draw some outfits for The Cruel Prince
Either way, y’all can or not interpret these as Jude’s clothes, but I think it’s more of a general batch. I wanted to represent the scandalousness and party-like attitude of fae and include a lot of nature based things.
Anyways, suggestions for characters or outfits are welcome!! <3
Art taglist: @cross-crye
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Tumblr media
A new collab with the amazingly talented @nsf_ko 😍 I'm thankful to work with them again ☺️ Go check their Twitter !!#Shance #Voltron #Lance #Shiro #fanart #fantasy
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Brovic Village - Patreon
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#classicstober day 3 - King.
Decided to draw king Midas causez truth to be told, I just love drawing with yellows :p
Color drawings are apparently so much faster for me, and it makes it easier to focus on shapes and materials. Let's see what tomorrow will bring in that technique :D
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Facebook party commission 2/2
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Tumblr media
I was supposed to be drawing ✨WHOLESOME FLUFF✨ but I'm feelin edgy today and drew ✨ANGST✨ You're welcome.
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I guess I can promote my own story? I’m like 150k+ into this monstrosity so there’s that.
Title: Amateri, Unto
Genre: Fantasy. AU. Romance. Plot and smut.
Featuring: An unhinged (slightly) Erwin, and a super hot Thief Levi Ackerman.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Long time no post, so have some mermaids/sirens I’ve painted with watercolors the last couple years.
I’ll always be on my mermaid bullshit, no matter what time of the year, so have a video of the last image:
Please ask me if you want to share my art off tumblr. Do not remove my captions when reblogging and do not repost my art, thanks!
And now for a photo showing the chibi mermaid‘s shine under the cut due to stylized breasticles
Tumblr media
Who needs clothes anyway?
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softriesnottofallapart · 2 months ago
Can anyone recommend me a fantasy wlw book where the main character is super feminine and the love interest in the opposite? Or anything with that vibe
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hirodraga · a year ago
Tumblr media
Very very sweet commission for @pistachiozombie !! Her lovely hobbit oc Leanna and Bofur being all fluffy!! Thank you so mcuh for commish me c: Commish Info ^
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Tumblr media
TommyInnit as a fantasy character! I feel like his class would be fighter
Tommy grew up with Philza, Techno and his siblings and travelled around a lot. He idolises Techno and loves hearing about the great knights and heroes of old. His dream has always been to become a royal knight and fight bad guys like the heroes in the stories. During one of his little adventurers he came across some old music discs in an abandoned ruin. He tends to charge into situations without thinking things through and picks fights with everyone.
If yall have any ideas/questions let me know!
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Tumblr media
Digital Art
Xiao Zhan as Shi Ying (Drama: Jade Bone Ballad)
Random talk: “After an hour fighting with my image program. I give up. At some point I have to find a good tutorial on how to best export my images from the selected painting program in the correct color space. Today the skin color was either too yellow or too red. Or the saturation has gone crazy. *exhale* I will now sit on the terrace with a good book and enjoy the spring sun.” 😅
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