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jdmorganz · 2 days ago
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I made some of these a while ago and thought I would finish them. I think everyone who knows me knows that my fancast for Joel was Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I truly think he would have made one hell of a Joel with his range and how much (in my opinion) he looks like Joel. I know it would have never happened because he is still playing Negan, but he was definitely my number one choice for Joel. When I play the video game he’s definitely the actor I associate him with/picture. This isn’t to say that I dislike Pedro Pascal. I look forward to seeing what kind of Joel he can deliver us considering Joel is my favorite character of all time. But Jeff was definitely my Joel when I pictured him before the tv show.
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scandalous-chaos · 19 days ago
Love Letters Regulus Black x fem!reader
Summary: How long before Y/N realizes that her secret admirer is actually her best friend? | fluff | word count - 2.6k
requested by @athenapotter​ | masterlist
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Regulus Black loved writing. 
He had a connection with words, and he felt as if they were more than things to be admired. To him, they were a necessity. Stories put him at ease, and writing them made him invincible.
One thing he always needed was something to draw inspiration from. He had written too many depressing tales about his family, too many poems about the loneliness he felt, and too many articles about Hogwarts. He was all out of things to write about. 
Then suddenly, you came into the picture.
He didn't know the small notes he was writing were love letters until he realized you were all he was writing about for a whole month. 
Besides, letters are only letters if the recipient receives them, right? The words on the parchments were just for him. He would never willingly give them to you, and moreover, the idea of people knowing that Regulus Black was writing cheesy love letters would make things very chaotic for him.
He hid them inside his books and left the books under his bed. Everything was going well, until one day he realized the books were nowhere to be seen.
“Rosier! Rosier!” He yelled, and Evan woke up in shock, thinking they were being attacked.
“What?” He snapped, getting up.
“Where are my books?” Regulus pointed to the empty space under his bed.
“Uh, I think Narcissa borrowed them while you were out,” he answered, trying to think. “She asked me for the books and mine are still with McGonagall cause I drew a few not-so-appropriate pictures on their backs.”
“What the-”
Regulus was already out the door, dashing to the Great Hall, hoping Narcissa was there. On finding no trace of her, he asked Andromeda where she was, and she pointed towards the Black Lake, where a few kids were resting before the day begins.
“CISSY!” He yelled, spotting her leaning against a tree. 
“Hey look, it’s my favorite cousin!” She was smirking more than usual. Regulus groaned.
“Please don’t tell her,” he said sharply, his eyes pleading.
“Hmm, about that—” she pointed behind his shoulders, and he turned to see you walking towards them, confusion and wonder visible on your face.
“You didn’t!”
“Oops.” She smiled.
“Hey Reg,” you came to a stop. “Why didn’t I see you at breakfast?”
“He woke up late,” Narcissa answered. “And good morning, Y/N! Why do you look as if you saw a ghost?”
“No, I was just eating and—” you bit back the words, as if you shouldn’t say it.
“What happened?” Regulus asked, suddenly concerned.
“I’m sure it was nothing, but,” you took something from your pockets, and held it in front of you as if it was a wounded bird. 
He saw a beige crumpled parchment, then almost passed out in shock.
“Interesting, what have you got there?” Narcissa popped back into the conversation.
“It was addressed to me,” you began, hesitating. “I don’t know who it’s from—” 
Regulus let out a proper breath now, remembering that he hasn't signed any of the notes with his name.
“—but the person seems to really like me, like really like me.” You spread out the paper and Narcissa snatched it, her eyes widening as if she’s only reading it for the first time.
“To Y/N, I never gave a second glance to beauty, so when I met you for the first time, you were just like anyone else to me. Now I’m not so sure, the way you get excited when someone asks you something — wow, this letter is long,“ Narcissa was giggling. “This handwriting seems familiar, doesn't it Reggie?”
Regulus blinked as if he was a deer caught in headlights. He didn't know what to do, so he resorted to questions too.
“Where did you find this?” 
“I was eating and a brown owl landed in front of me,” you explained. “I thought it was a mail from home but it only had this paper on its beak. No stamps, nothing. It’s from inside Hogwarts.”
“Brown owl? Like almost half the owls in Hogwarts?” Narcissa said, feigning sadness. “That's too bad. Looks like your secret admirer is clever enough to be secret for a while.”
“Oh come on, don't be ridiculous. It’s not a secret admirer,” you said quickly, though there were hints of uncertainty somewhere. “Maybe a prank or something. What do you think, Reg?”
“Uhm,” he was pulled out of his glaring contest with Narcissa. He went pale, and thought up an unsuspecting lie. “Perhaps a prank. If it’s a secret admirer, wouldn't they send you something again? We can wait and see.”
“How exciting!” Narcissa clapped her hands. “I bet it’s someone really cute. Like Patrick from Ravenclaw? Oh, he’s tall.”
“He’s not that tall,’ Regulus said quickly.
“Yes, he is.”
“Not really.”
“It can’t be him,” you interjected firmly. “I dated him for a while in third year. Didn't work out. But yes, he was tall.”
“You dated Patrick?” Regulus scowled. You nodded.
“Who do you want the letter to be from, Y/N?” Narcissa asked, wiggling her eyebrows.
Regulus saw you hesitate, almost as if you had an answer already but didn't want to say it. 
“No one,” you said instead. “If it’s a secret admirer, they’ll write a letter again, like Reg said. We’ll see then.”
“It’s most likely a prank,” Regulus added. “The letter is too cheesy, anyway.”
“I don’t think it’s cheesy,” you said, frowning. “It’s...sweet, I think.”
“If the person liked you so much, they would have told you that to your face.” He said, folding his hands. 
“I don’t know, but my classes start soon so I’ll see you both later, okay?” You said, then was off. 
Narcissa was still smiling widely.
“Why did you do that?” Regulus hissed.
“What are cousins for?” She replied with a smirk. “Besides, I promise I’ll back off now. She’ll keep an eye out for another letter. Will you send it or no? Your move! AHH I can’t wait!!”
“You’re annoying,” he said grumpily.
“And the best matchmaker ever.”
“Fuck off.”
He wished you would forget about the first note and be occupied with literally anything else. But every once in a while, your head would raise whenever the owls came through the windows, as if one of them was for her.
“Let me get this right, you want to keep receiving the letters?” he asked one morning.
“No!” You turned red, so he raised an eyebrow.
“Then why are you looking at the owls? Specifically the brown ones?”
“It’s just- I don’t- okay, maybe I want to get them again.” You admitted, ashamed.
“Why?” Regulus laughed. “The first one was nothing but cheesy.”
Your mouth fell open. “It was not cheesy!”
“It was.”
“Then what’s not cheesy for you?” You asked curiously. “Would the great Regulus Black be never tempted by love letters or poems?”
He scoffed. “Depends on who it’s from. Besides, why not something simple? Like a purple rose?”
“Purple rose?” You said in distaste. “Why not red ones?”
“They’re overrated. Red symbolizes love, but purple is simple. It’s royalty. It’s a prospect of question-”
“Sure and it’s not because purple is your favorite color?” You asked, laughing.
“My favorite color is green,” he said, bored.
“Is it?”
“Is it?”
“Fine, it’s purple.” He sighed, but instantly felt better when he saw your smug smile. You prided yourself on knowing him better than anyone else, and he was just glad he was that important to you.
The topic of conversation changed to a book you were reading, and he couldn’t help but scowl when you kept going on about fictional characters. It was hard being in love with his best friend, when most of your crushes had such high standards that they literally weren’t real.
The next week, you woke up to a new note inside your astronomy book. 
I hope you have an amazing day. I know I was silent for a while, but you’re still very much in my thoughts :)
You laughed and read it again, relieved that this person — whoever it was  — hasn't forgotten about you. 
Regulus was waiting in the Great Hall with his heart hammering against his chest. Did you get the new letter? Did you? Did you? DID YOU?
His worries were answered when you came into his view with a huge smile.
“Look what I found!” You yelled, showing it excitedly. He sighed, then met your eyes with a playful smile.
“You sound way too happy at that.”
“I am!” You said, shrugging. “It’s nice to know have someone like you from afar. It means they’re scared of actually saying it to me. I wish they weren't, though. Its not like I’ll laugh at their face.”
“You won’t?” He asked, a bit hopeful. “You’ll go out with them no matter who they are?”
“Not exactly,” you said, choosing your words carefully. “The one who wrote these letters, I feel like I know them. It’s like reading a book, see? I may not know the person in real life but in a way, I already know everything about them.”
“That's why I love reading,” Regulus said, nodding. “The person who wrote this must be really lucky.”
“Why’s that?” You asked, watching his lips curling into a smile.
“They’re already making you fall in love even without talking to you, that's a highly achievable feat.” He sounded way too smug. 
“I’m not falling in love, I just- STOP LAUGHING, I’m not in love-” you groaned. “You’re immature.”
You walked off, but he was still laughing. 
“I’m the best man in your wedding, right?” He yelled playfully. 
You raised your middle finger over your head in reply. Regulus couldn't stop grinning. 
With the sudden surge of confidence, he wrote more letters, making sure to not make them suspicious. He placed them in places he knew you’ll look, and everyday, he was excited to see your reaction to each one. It warmed him up like someone pulled a blanket around him. 
He didn't know how long this would go on, but he didn't care either. He kept leaving the letters every few days, and you felt giddy by each one. The circle repeated. 
“I see my plan worked,” Narcissa said one random day after his quidditch practice. 
“I don't know what you're talking about.” He walked right past her, but she followed quickly.
“Oh please, those letters aren't even subtle anymore. The last one said you were in love with her,” she rolled her eyes.
“How did you know—”
“I demand details of letters from Y/N everyday. She tells them, and I comment on them. It’s what friends do.”
Regulus suddenly felt as if he’s seeing her for the first time. “Cissy, please do not tell her they’re from me.”
“It’s not my place to tell,” she shrugged.
“But it was your place to send the letter without telling me in the first place?”
“That was different, you needed a nudge.”
“Whatever.” Regulus halted before the dormitory.
She folded her hands. “You have to tell her sooner or later. Now that you know she’s likely to say yes to a date, why not confess that you’re the one writing those letters?”
“Easy for you to say,” he murmured. 
“I’m serious,” she glared. “If you don't do it, I will.”
“You just said you wouldn’t do that!”
“Well, I lied,” she said blankly. “Either you tell her, or watch me stand on the Slytherin table and yell the truth.”
Regulus clenched his teeth. “You know, you'd make an excellent salesperson. You’ll threaten to kill people if they don't buy whatever you’re selling.”
“That's a wonderful compliment.” She then pointed to Lily and James. “Now if you’ll excuse me, my cupid skills are needed somewhere else.”
He felt his cheeks warm up, just like it did every time you greeted him by his name. His mother said his name with expectations, and his Slytherin friends said his name with a cruel edge, as if he was one of them. As if he was cruel.
But you simply sounded happy to see your best friend.
“What are you so excited about?” he asked, though he had a good idea what you were about to say.
“Guess what the newest letter said!” You gave him the parchment and he pretended to be shocked.
I think I want to see you. If you can, meet me in the graveyard at 10 tonight.
“No.” He said quickly. “It's the graveyard. Whoever sent this probably wants to kill you.”
He had practiced those words. He couldn’t let anything slip, and besides, a best friend would more likely be concerned than happy to see such a letter. Sure it was from him, but you didn’t know that. Not yet anyway.
“I’m not going to die,” you grabbed the parchment back. “But it’s exciting, isn't it? I finally get to meet them! What do you think I should wear?”
“That's what you’re worried about?” He laughed. “I think they'll be happy if you even show up. And you look good in anything.”
“I look good in anything? How's that helping me?” You blinked. “Nevermind, I’ll ask Lily.”
“Y/N,” he called while you were almost walking away. “If they ask you out on a date, do you know what you’ll say?”
Your answer was firm. “Yes.”
“Yes, you know or yes, you’ll go on the date?” He asked impatiently.
“Oh, maybe I’ll wear that new dress I got for Christmas!” You said quickly, walking away.
“You didn't answer me!” He yelled after you, but you were already gone.
Regulus was nervous beyond belief. He didn't know why he chose the graveyard of all places. It partly had to do with how empty the place was at night, and he usually felt calm there. He talks to the headstones like the weirdo he is, but tonight, he was jumping at even the smallest sounds.
It was hardly 9.45 and he had 15 more minutes to freak out.
What if you hate him for lying to you for so long? What if you’re disappointed? What if you say you’ll never see him as something more than friends?
He considered putting the whole thing off and going back to the castle. But it was a long way back, and what if you were already walking this way? He stood where he is, wishing he had one of those muggle watches to check time.
“Stop freaking out, boy.” Sir Nicholas the Nearly Neckless became visible. “It’s driving me nuts.”
“What the- what are you doing here?” Regulus asked angrily.
“I’m a ghost, I go wherever I please. It’s one of the few perks.” Nicholas said lazily. “Besides you’re the one outside Hogwarts. I’d ask the same question to you except I know you're meeting up with that girl.”
“How do you know that?”
“Ghosts know everything,” he shrugged. “Another perk of being a ghost.”
“You can’t be here while she comes, please.” He said, trying to wave him off. Nicholas disappeared and reappeared on his other side.
“That's rude!” He commented, though he seemed to be enjoying pissing him off. “Very rude!”
“Just go away,” Regulus said, giving up. 
He ignored the answer, and it was silent for a while.
“Do you know the time?” Regulus asked grumpily.
“How would I know?” 
He drew in a sharp breath. “You’re a ghost!”
“How’s that relevant-”
“It’s 9.53,” Your voice replied and he jumped in shock. 
Nicholas disappeared and Regulus went blank. Turns out, you did decide on wearing the dress you got for Christmas. It was a simple beige evening gown that trailed to the ground, making you look like a goddess. You had a black jacket to keep you warm too.
“How long have you been standing there?” He asked stupidly.
“I’ve just arrived.” You replied, offering a smile.
He was confused at how calm you were.
“Why do I look more surprised than you?” He asked, then connected the dots. “Wait, did you know it was me? Did Narcissa—”
“No, she didn't.” You shook your head, taking a step forwards. “But I did know it was you.”
“Since when?” He asked, even though he didn't care about it much. He had to pretend he was being casual, and totally not hyperventilating as you took another step forwards. Too close, yet not enough.
You pressed a kiss against his cheek and he froze, unable to process words any longer. The soft brush of your lips felt like snow melting against his skin. 
He watched as you took a purple rose from under your jacket.
“Since the start,” you said, holding it out to him.
Somewhere behind them, Sir Nicholas whistled and clapped.
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fitzs-br1dg3t · a month ago
To the Dark Lord - I know I will be dead long before you read this, but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret. I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match, you will be mortal once more.
- R.A.B
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't mind me, I'm just living my Timothée Chalamet as Regulus Black fantasies...
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karlsteinn · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So.... It’s 1AM right now, but John Boyega tweeted that. I caved in and drew him as Jason bc I really would love to see him play Jason... I think it would be neat
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certifiedhorny · 3 months ago
rough | s.b.
Tumblr media
pairings : sirius black x fem! reader
summary : sirius fuck you so hard + giving you a small aftercare
warning : nsfw, collar using, kinda mean dom!sirius, d/s dynamic, choking, clit play, pet names, rough sex, spanking, cum denial, fluffy ending, etc.
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"why are you going so slow? hmm? i'm not getting off by myself. you have to do all the work. keep going, keep going."
you squirmed, trying to free your wrists from his large hand encasing them. he gripped your wrists tightly in a makeshift handcuff position.
his other hand was on your leg. sirius held tightly onto your thigh with the other hand. admiring the hickeys and bite marks that he left there, like a wolf marking off his property.
you shook as you tried to raise yourself up again.
you two had been doing this since he got home. he had told you that he had wanted to dominate you again as it had been three weeks since the last time.
as soon as he came home, he gave you twenty minutes and you were ready. you pulled on your sexiest black lace set and the two of you came together like glue.
the two of you in the guest room of your house, slamming into the mattress so hard that the walls had dents in them. round after round of him taking control of your body and you just being his.
you were a mess underneath of him.
you struggled as your thighs shook as you slammed back down into him. his cock buried deep inside of you.
you felt it hit your clit again. staying there like someone was pressing a button. god, it felt so good.
sirius had basically taken you as soon as you had come out from the bedroom. his rough hand wrapped around your neck and choked you as he slapped your ass hard, bringing you from the front door to the guest bed.
he slapped a collar on your neck and whispered in your ear “be good, kitten. you're mine until I say so."
"good girl." he muttered to you, bringing you back to the present. he was leaning back as if laying on a towel on a white sand beach.
one hand still keeping your wrists hostage while he stared at your body. covered in a sheen of sweat that made you shine like you were covered in body oil.
the only article of clothing now was the lace gloves you wore. he smiled, leaning for a second and licking one of your nipples.
his tongue dragging upwards and coming back with a wet flick. you clenched around his dick from the wet touch of him on you.
you winced though. he had already attacked them before. those nipple clamps were thrown around the room somewhere. "i love when those thighs shake. like jell-o" he said, slapping them.
"fucking beautiful y/n."
you cried, “siri-".
he grabbed your neck and leaned in. "what was that, bitch?" he whispered with a growl on his lips.
he choked you slightly, making you moan again.
"so, what's did you mean to call me?"
"good girl. Now, what is it?"
"sir, i want to cum."
"not after that stunt you pulled you will." he said, letting your wrists go and grabbing both thighs and slamming you down onto his cock again. going deeper.
you cried out in pleasure, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in close. hitting your clit so hard it was like a firre in your bully. He was startled for a moment but smiled, running a hand against your shoulder. "aww bunny. you're still not cumming."
you sobbed, sniffling as you felt him move his cock away from your clit. you were so overstimulated as he fucked you. he had been fucking you so hard throughout the night.
over four times.
one, hard from behind while he slapped your thighs and ass. second, he ate you out while sucking hard on your thighs and biting as if you were covered in caramel, his favorite treat.
you were so desperate to cum that time. but he stopped you as he held your ankle and flipped you over and spanked you.
the third time involved a blindfold and nipple clamps. you actually did cum that. but, fuck. he know how to use his fingers.
you cried out as he slapped your ass hard. "i don't remember asking you to slow down." he said, pushing you down onto your back.
"s-sorry." you said.
"don't be sorry." he said as he moved slightly so that he was towering over you. his shadow hiding the wash of neon lights in the room.
grabbing your face and pushing two fingers inside of your mouth. "my slutty bunny." he tutted as he lined himself up with your entrance. just looking down at how huge he was made you melt. he was perfect.
you clenched as the tip pressed up against your lips. he winked at you before he slammed into hard. you garbled into his mouth. he let go of your cheeks and held your hands tightly above you, restraining you as he moved inside of you throbbing cunt.
it felt like he wanted to shove those two fingers deep inside. like- he wanted you to deepthroat them. but he kept them pressed against your tongue as he continuously fucked you.
a makeshift gag. "should I let you cum today?" he asked. "hmm? you did cum all over me before. didn't you huh? I don't think that I should reward such bad behavior"
"mmhh..." you moaned as he moved his finger against your tongue up and down. you shook your head, the ring of your collar shaking and clinking against the leather.
a satisfying sound to sirius.
"that doesn't sound like a yes. come on kitten, i know that you can tell me." he said as he slammed into again even harder than before.
he covered your entire mouth with his hand, keeping in your moan as he gave you all of his huge dick. pushing your head against the mattress hard. "say it." he demanded.
"mlghhhh." you hissed back, your eyes rolling backward.
"good girl, y/n. good girl." he said, pulling you back up into his lap and fucking you like that for a moment. sitting back on his butt and rolling upwards, pushing himself inside of your entrance with not just a quick pace but a hard fervor.
your eyes rolled to the back of your head as he did. you didn't know where to put your hands. one went over your mouth to hide your sobs while the other held his shoulder.
he chuckled, keeping you in that position. you felt like you were going to explode if you didn't cum soon. you swayed, moaning. he grabbed you again, laying you on your side and slowly fucking you from behind before going faster again.
grabbing your elbows and pulling them together and keeping you still. drool dripped past the corner of your lips.
"sirius- oh my god- please.." you whispered in a low voice.
this time, he let you cry his name. the sound of his name coming from your lips, it could make him harder just the sound.
"go ahead." he said, pulling out and fucking you with his fingers of his free hand. "cum all over my cock.”
you sobbed loudly as you came all over his cock and all over both your legs. your orgasm making not only your thighs shake but make them go numb for a second.
sirius smiled, holding you by the back of the neck as you fell back. he held onto you for a second, listening to your adorable noises as you shifted your legs around, feeling the after-effects of getting fucked so hard.
you had stopped crying but the tears were still dripping down your cheeks. mascara all over your face. hiccups coming from your lips.
“ssh, ssh." he cooed, pulling you close.
“ssh, baby."
his rough and domineering nature was gone.
he was gentle.
the hands that spanked you hard you wiping away your tears, ignoring how the black was all over his thumbs. those hungry eyes now like a doe's.
you continued to hiccup and squeak as he laid you down on your back on your guest bed. sirius moved over, swinging his legs off of the bed, and kissed you right on the lips. you were too tired to even kiss him back.
"ssh, baby." he cooed as he let out a louder hiccup. "are you okay? what's the matter?"
"it felt good. so good." you said back in a low voice. "i'm fine."
he just grunted in response. but he still smiled at you, slowly maneuvering your limp and exhausted body into his arms bridal style. he pressed a kiss to your temple as he carried you into your own bedroom.
he laid you down on your bed, which was already propped up with soft blankets and pillows and stuffed animals.
he cupped your cheek, just brushing a thumb against your cheekbone. letting you know silently that he was there for you. he walked over to the dresser, where a bowl of warm water was with two washcloths was already set up.
he pulled one out and rung it out, slowly wiping it around your thighs. you mewed as he did, feeling sensitive.
but he cleaned you up while whispering. "sorry baby. it's okay. i got you." he spoke.
he set down the rag and walked over to your face, wiping off the mascara before taking one of your makeup wipes and taking off the whole face.
the whole time, muttering beautiful reassurances and compliments in your ear.
"you did so good for me baby."
"you did amazing."
"god, i love you so much.” he slowly sat you up again and set you up against the pillows. he kissed you again. holding up an ice-cold glass of orange juice. "drink."
when did he get that?
you did as was asked, sipping slowly It was sweet and refreshing. sirius eyed the multiple bruises and hickeys that littered your thighs and knees. he leaned in a kissed each and every one.
he moved over, rubbing your ankles and your feet as he slowly put on a pair of fuzzy socks. it was your favorite pair. baby pink with lavender hearts.
you sniffed one last time, hugging your favorite stuffed bear as sirius sat next to you. "can i touch you?" he asked.
you nodded. he slowly moved closer to you and kissed your neck. "are you okay? are you alright?"
"i'm fine. it was just a little bit too much." you said back.
he couldn't help but grin, hearing your voice crack from all that screaming and crying. he kissed your cheek again and moved up. kissing your lips this time.
he stood up and walked to his dresser, grabbing one of his shirts and pulling it over your head. "comfy?" he asked.
you smiled at him and nodded. he grinned, stepping back for a minute. he rushed inside of the room again with a plate of cookies.
you immediately started nibbling as he set up netflix on tv. "I'll be gentle next time okay? i'm sorry." he said, pressing a kiss to the side of your wrist.
"it's fine. you didn't do anything wrong. you know how I am after we play." you said, snuggling up.
"but next time, I want to take control."
he smiled. "i can live with that baby." he said, kissing you. "i love you okay? ilove you so much, sweetheart. and don't you dare to forget it."
"never would. i love you too." you said, snatching the remote from in. "i'm picking. we're watching grown ups 2."
he chuckled, rubbing your thighs. "back to being a brat, i see?"
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dornedaily · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Prince Trystane had taken to the game at once, and Myrcella had learned it so she could play with him. She was not quite one-and-ten, her betrothed three-and-ten; even so, she had been winning more oft than not of late. Trystane did not seem to mind. (requested by anonymous)
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kamwashere · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the p&p facebook group didn’t appreciate this so i thought i’d share this here. poc!elizabeth and darcy y’all
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boozerman · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We don't get to choose how we start in this life. Real "greatness" is what you do with the hand you're dealt.
UNCHARTED, created by Naughty Dog — (Live Action Games 4/?)
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mkagemtr · 2 months ago
Marauders era fancast appreciation post pt.1
Tumblr media
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Potter
Tumblr media
Ben Barnes as Sirius Black
Tumblr media
Andrew Garfield as Remus Lupin
Tumblr media
Dane DeHaan as Peter Pettigrew
Tumblr media
Sophie Skelton as Lily Evans
Tumblr media
Alicia Vikander as Marlene McKinnon
Tumblr media
Zoe kravitz as Dorcas Meadows
Tumblr media
Lily Collins as Mary McDonald
Tumblr media
Sarah Gadon as Narcissa Black
Tumblr media
Timothée (Timothy)Chalamet as Regulus Black
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scandalous-chaos · 23 days ago
The Break-In [part 2] Regulus Black x fem!reader
Summary: You are staying at the Potters’ after running away, and James notes how you’re nervous and excited, almost as if you’re waiting for someone. 
Part two of this fic! Thank you to everyone who asked to extend the story, it certainly helped my motivation to get it done :)
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Since the day you walked into the Potters' house, you felt like you were back at Hogwarts, or maybe that was the effect of having two of the marauders under the same roof. You apologized to Mrs. Potter for taking up the extra space, but she was glad to see the house so alive.
Even then, Sirius could sense something was bothering you. You kept looking out the window, as if you were waiting for someone. Sudden noises made you drop whatever you were holding, which just added to the suspicions.
A week later, everyone was gathered at the table for dinner, so the knocks on the door suggested it was someone new arriving.
Before anyone could get up, you practically flew out of the chair and raced to the door.
Sirius and James quickly followed because they were sure this had something to do with how you were acting weird for the past few days.
You opened the door and there stood Regulus Black, drenched in rain and his shoes muddy. He had a small suitcase and an annoyed expression on his face.
"Holy mother of God!" Sirius exclaimed from behind you, and you winced. You were supposed to have told them he'd be coming, but you didn't.
It's not that you didn't want to, but the first thing you said to him was a lie. You had told Sirius that you did get his letter. The fact that you climbed up his brother's windows and were redirected to this house was a fact that Sirius still hasn't come to know.
"Hello," Regulus said timidly.
"Goodness, you're going to get sick, come inside!" Mrs. Potter arrived on the scene, ushering him in. She was the only one who didn't look surprised. By now, she was used to kids taking shelter in her house.
"I'm f-fine," said Regulus, his teeth clattering. You forcibly took off his jacket and threw it at James's face, who was looking at the scene with jaw open just as wide as his best friend's.
"You're late!" You said sternly, trying not to glare.
"I'm here now, aren't I?" Regulus replied, glaring back. 
He thought he looked intimidating but that was very hard to achieve considering how Mrs. Potter had just draped a blanket over his shoulder. He clutched on its sides like an angry, cold puppy.
"Is anyone going to tell me what's going on?" Sirius asked, turning on the spot to look at everyone. He then fixed his gaze at Regulus. "If you tell me you've been secretly dating Y/N, I will scream."
James hung up the jacket on the coat rack. "So will I, what's going on here?"
"Reg is going to stay with us for a while," you said, biting your lips hesitantly. "Would that be alright, Mrs. Potter?"
"Of course! The more the merrier!" She beamed at the boy like he was her own son. "You're Sirius's brother?"
"That'd be me," he shook her hands with a polite smile, and she looked surprised. Unlike the chaotic interactions from Sirius and James — Regulus emitted elegance.
"Ten galleons say you're both going to have a spring wedding," Mrs. Potter said, grinning from ear to ear. "I have a sixth sense about weddings, don't ask me how."
"Say what?" You blinked. "Reg and I are not—"
"You call my brother Reg?" Sirius repeated, like you barfed on his shirt. "So you are dating him?"
"Oh, don't be silly!" You rolled your eyes. "I only met him—"
"Silly? What's so silly about dating me?" Regulus asked quickly.
Your mouth fell open. "I meant—"
"Oh please, you'd be lucky to date me."
You scoffed. "In your dreams, Black."
"Going back to last names now? I thought we were dating."
"We're not dating!"
"Oh yes, that's right, that'd be silly," he sneered.
Sirius placed himself between the two of you, his head turning left and right.
"Fine, you aren't dating, I can see that." Sirius said angrily, "But what's going on? Why are you here?"
"I didn't want to be there anymore," Regulus mumbled, looking at the ground. It wasn't exactly an explanation but you were glad to see his brother laugh with relief.
"Fuc — cover your ears Mrs. Potter, I'm going to swear — fucking finally!" Sirius said loudly, then dropped to his knees and hugged Regulus. "I knew you weren't like them, I knew it! I'm proud of you, okay?"
"Let's not get carried away, I could still hate your guts," Regulus replied, though you noticed his bright eyes. He wasn't used to affection, but that didn't mean he didn't crave it.
Sirius only laughed as he pulled apart. "Still doesn't explain how you know Y/N though."
"I climbed up to his room," you added unhelpfully. On seeing all the shocked faces, you waved it off. "It's a long story."
The next few days were awkward for Regulus but fun for you. He didn't have many clothes, which meant you took him muggle shopping, and Merlin, he fell down the elevator more times than you could count. Anything you picked looked good on him too, which made you scowl. What was the point of shopping if not for trying out ridiculous outfits?
Finally, you found a brand that'd be both comfortable and stylish.
He said he was good with fashion and could take care of it himself, but you pointed towards the cash counter.
"See that computer?"
"What's a computer?"
"Not relevant, but I was making a point. You need me."
He didn't object any longer, but an adorable frown appeared on his face.
Time flew and the two of you became closer than ever, and by the time you had to leave for Hogwarts, you even had inside jokes with him.
On the last day, he was leaning against the door of your room and watching you pack your stuff in a hurry when he felt an unexplainable tug on his heart. Hogwarts was more dangerous than ever, especially for you. Maybe he'd be in the same danger too, because he practically ran away like Sirius. A part of him didn't want to go back.
"Stop staring, it's creepy." You said, looking under your bed for the rest of your books, though it was just an excuse for him to not see the blush creeping up your neck.
"What are you looking for?" He asked, ignoring your comment.
"I'm not sure," you sighed, sitting on the bed. "I'm going to miss this place."
"Never thought I'd say this, but me too. Do you think the Mr. and Mrs. Potter will be okay with the war coming up and everything?"
"I hope so." Your eyes were fixed on his. "Do you think we'll be okay?"
He walked inside the room and sat down beside you, taking your hand and squeezing it tightly. The warmth made your skin tingle. He looked up from the intertwined fingers and met your eyes, and you felt your heart miss a beat. He was looking at you like he looked at the stars - wistfully and full of love.
"We have each other right?" He asked softly. "We'll be okay."
You rested your head on his chest and he eased into the position, with his own head meeting the top of yours. Both of you were too tired to fight, act surprised or act as if you didn't want to stay as close as you did, so only silence remained.
Mrs. Potter was passing by when she saw this, and a knowing smile emerged on her face.
"Spring wedding," she murmured under her breath.
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rumors suggest that Barry Keoghan will be playing Joker instead of Stanley Merkel, and honestly?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i think young jokers turn out the best. i mean, look at Heath Ledger. he was in his 20s when he played joker, why cant we have another young guy do it? hes more than capable, we should all know that
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not to mention, theyre both hot. nuff said
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Tumblr media
And after the war, at Winterfell, I had love enough for any woman, once I found the good sweet heart beneath Ned's solemn face.
— Catelyn V, asos.
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Scholarly Lord Blackwater to celebrate my birthday with my fav character🖤
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