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This week has not been very good and I’m sorry to be a bearer of bad news. We had to make a hard decision today and Kingston is no longer with us.

This morning Kingston was very lethargic and having trouble breathing. Our vet was kind enough to work us in. I’d seen similar breathing before and I knew the worst was coming. Our vet thinks that Kingston had a lot of stuff going on on top of his already bad lungs like heart problems and even bordetella.

We are taking everyone in on Monday for various checkups to make sure we have this under control. Franklin’s lungs haven’t been sounding too great lately and he has also lost weight since his neuter. Good news is that Vincent is doing okay for now. He had a weird reaction to his pain meds on his first dose but he is just fine in his own cage and space pod napping most of the day.

It’s been really hard this week and as soon as I saw Kingston this morning I broke down. Rats love to hide their illnesses and when it’s bad it can be too late. It’s always when I’m tending to another sick rat that someone else creeps up and gets sick as well.

I’m going to miss Kingston. For those new to our page, he was found in Kingston, GA outside of someone’s house in their drainage pipe. I spend weeks getting him out and if it wasn’t for the home owner feeding him everyday he wouldn’t have made it. He was super skinny and sniffily when we got him. A healed broken tail too. He was such a lovely boy who enjoyed head massages and interacting with others.

I know Kingston is sending all his love and telling us to be strong ❤🐀

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We didn’t get the best news at the vet today. Vincent has cancer. The mass on his belly is an errupted malignant tumor and surgery really won’t get us anywhere. He isn’t quite at that point where I feel like he is ready to leave us, but we will get there. We have pain medicine to get us by but once he is ready we will make another vet appointment.

This is going to be one of my hardest losses. Vincent has impacted so many people’s lives and I’d like to do some kind of live celebration of life event. I’m really open to ideas on ways we can all celebrate him before that time comes.

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