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This may sound kinda backwards but tbh the DEH fandom is one of the most ableist ones I’ve ever seen.

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So that I can take them out of my bio these are the fandoms I like and will/might post about:

  • Maze Runner
  • Avatar: the last Airbender
  • Avatar: the Legend of Korra
  • She-Ra and the Princess of Power
  • Star Wars
  • MCU
  • Julie and the Phantoms
  • Umbrella Academy
  • The Good Place

If you don’t know which fandom a post is for it will likely be the first tag

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I don’t know if this is hypocritical of me to say, but if you actively participate in the pro-ship vs anti-ship arguement, fuck off me. I hate you know matter what side you’re on. Just fuck off. I wish I could pin messages to my dashboard.

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Please, if you are called out for doing /saying something problematic do not panic and delete you account or be an asshole about it. 

I don’t expect anyone here to be perfect, that would unrealistic but I’m expecting y’all to learn and listen. You have no business on racism if you are white. You have no business on ableism if you are nt or able-bodied. You have no business on trans and non-binary ppls issues if you are cis. The list goes on and on.

But the first thing you should after being called out do is apologize,  genuinely apologize, and be willing to listen to the people you harmed. Do not expect people to forgive you. Do understand why and don’t get mad at it. Also, an apology is not a real apology if you keep coming up the same shit over and over again.

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D͜͡e͜͡m͜͡o͜͡n͜͡ S͜͡l͜͡a͜͡y͜͡e͜͡r͜͡ x͜͡ M͜͡y͜͡ h͜͡e͜͡r͜͡o͜͡ A͜͡c͜͡a͜͡d͜͡e͜͡m͜͡i͜͡a͜͡


Honestly, this drawing is taking me a long time, almost three days have passed and I still feel that something is missing…

In all of this the protagonist of this drawing is my emoji-shaped eraser ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Random rant (sort of??) but I wish when people made nextgen OCs, they wouldn’t be so eager to do things like make them carbon copies of their parents (both appearance and personality wise), automatically make the character’s kid the BFF to their childhood BFF’s kid, etc. Please, mix it up a little!!

Make the sweet, kindhearted main character’s child a total, unapologetic bitch!

Make the protagonist’s kids find friendship with some rando’s kid instead of the the children from their mom or dad’s friendship circle!

Incorporate more adoption and surrogacy into m/f relationships!

Have more blended families!

Have more single parents!

Have the children be different ages so it doesn’t look like their moms entered a pregnancy pact!

Let the protags to be major screw-ups in their parenting sometimes!

Let the parents be lower and middle class!

Let their families be strained and dysfunctional!

Let the parents’ friendships become strained and dysfunctional!

Friendships degrade, families fall apart, good people don’t always make for good parents just as bad people don’t always make for bad parents, people that come from decent backgrounds can become rotten, children can be nothing like their parents, kids don’t always like their parents’ friends or their kids, not every m/f couple can get pregnant, not everyone has two parents, not everyone gets remarried, not everyone strikes it rich and becomes famous!

Do whatever makes you happy, of course, but don’t be afraid to try out different things!

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legolas was my first crush and he is female-protagonist coded and in a movie with 0 sexy stuff so that’s why i am right in the middle of the sexuality quadrant it all makes sense now 

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Me: has 300+ papers to go through for research

Also me: makes cover art for a fic I haven’t even finished writing yet

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thank you to the dousy fandom! you all are so sweet and talented and i love getting to squee with you about daisy and daniel <3

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I can see now why everyone loves this series. Book one was a ride and a half. It was a little slow at the beginning but when the action picked up I was hooked. The twists I never saw coming. The family issues are insane. I’m beyond happy I picked this book up. Great start to a series.

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I have something to say about fandom, not Hermitcraft specifically, just fandoms in general. And I know others have made this post before but I think it bears repeating

You don’t have to be violent and rude when asking shippers to not tag something as shipping 

I’m serious, all you have to do as tag it as “don’t tag as ship” or “don’t tag as (ship name)” and for the most part shippers will respect that. The ones who don’t are the ones who don’t care how against a ship you are they’re gonna reblog it and tag it as ship anyways.

you are not keeping away the people you want to keep away. you are just making the people who respect your wishes upset about liking something that makes them happy and possibly driving them away from your future content. 

I repeat, Most shippers will respect you wishes if you just put a simple “don’t tag as ship” in the post or tags.

when ever I come across something that could be seen as shipping I always check the op’s tags to make sure I know how to tag it properly and the amount of times I have seen people be unnecessarily rude, saying things like “if you tag this as ship you will die slowly and painfully” about people tagging something as ship is really upsetting. 

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You ever doing something and just like ‘when can I leave so I can go read fanfiction in bed’

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Lily:Sirius here’s some garlic bread pizza just so u know it taste bad

Sirius: w h y

Lily: it just does


lily: okay i read that wrong


lily: i meant marinara

Sirius: why?

Lily: ask remus

*sirius asking remus*

Remus: i dont know what she meant?



Based on a real conversation @siris-emo-whatevers and another friend

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There’s a strong undercurrent of violence and polticial-esque radicalization with antis in the Loki fandom and someone needs to say it.

A lot of you don’t want Loki to be happy.  You want to see him straight up murder Thor and Odin and say fuck you while he spits on their graves.  And don’t pretend it’s not true.  We all see those posts.

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I don’t really know what the critiquing culture is like on Wattpad–I know on some sites critiques are really encouraged and welcome, and on other sites it’s more of a “I do this for fun and I don’t particularly care for critique on this forum” thing. Not sure what the general Wattpad style is. But I definitely wouldn’t call it abusive to critique someone’s WP story or call out rape and a 17-21 age gap??? Yikes. I wish you better luck with the next story!

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every single fucking time i start to like a Thing i try to find others who Like it but a bunch of angry fucks end up ruining it for me i thought it was depression that made me disinterested in my former passions but maybe it‘s the fandoms that have made it impossible for me to have enthusiasm for anything anymore and in a world where everything sucks especially right now it makes it all the more terrible that my interests are torn from my grasp and shredded to pieces before me and i‘m left with nothing with which i can keep myself preoccupied

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