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yeah, screw riordan for his reaction to how actual indigenous people have responded to how he wrote piper mclean, an indigenous/native person. his writing clearly faltered, by a long shot on the representation and is not based on research, history, realistic fears, racism, discrimination, etc., but on stereotypes.

representation is great and as a fellow poc i understand that completely. i also understand that representation and diversity means nothing when it’s not done right or halfheartedly. and as i’m not a person of native descent, i will never truly understand the experiences but recognizing that i don’t understand, that i don’t know, that i can do better, is the place to start. and it’s where he should to, not from a place of feeling better for putting an indigenous person in his books.

he should be reflecting on his own choices on how he characterized piper, how he described her personality, her appearance, and how being a native person has affected her life. because having no effect is unrealistic, re: racism and discrimination, etc. i dunno, that’s all. but more than anything all i can do is do better myself and i’m aiming to continue doing that.

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Sometimes Canon will come up to me with it’s arms outstretched and be like “Here. I have this for you (:” and I have to pat it on it’s little head and be like “Aww. No thanks. (:”

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Just to hammer it in: there was NO music when he met Jack 2 seconds earlier!!

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This is based solely on conversations I’ve had with fic writers participating in zines prior to 2020, and across multiple fandoms. I only started writing in the late half of 2019, and didn’t have enough material to apply to zines until 2020, so can’t speak for my experiences in zines yet (the zines I’m in are still in production).

I also won’t be mentioning zine names, because the contributors did their best and I don’t want to harm nice people.


Being fellow creators, writers and artists are supposed to have each other backs. Still I think artists sometimes don’t get how zines treat writers. So you end up in situations where the artists had great experience with a zine but the writers had the complete opposite. And when writers talk about it, they’re shut down because they’re talking about a zine everyone worked hard on.

I’m not talking about cases where zines don’t accept writers; that’s sad and should change, but you can’t mistreat someone that’s not present in your project to begin with. I’m talking about cases where the zine would change the terms of word count for pieces, way after the writers were accepted and got working on it, thus forcing the writers to hack their original idea. Writers being treated as incompetent in their craft, with mods demanding certain stories or straight up insulting writing pieces (these writers were good enough to be accepted right? so why now?), splaining to writers what a genre or a character characterization is. Cases where samples writers provided in applications weren’t even read, bc the mods already had their eyes on fanfic writers they already followed. And overall a general attitude that a writer should be grateful they were allotted a place in the zine, and that means the mods can treat a writer’s work as they please and demand any change, and that writers must be patronized bc “they don’t even know their craft”. All the while artists are revered and lauded, and get all the freedom (within the theme of the project) to do as they please.

But if writers complain, we are told zines are hard work and we don’t appreciate the work everyone put into it. I know zines are hard work; I know mods work hard; but so do writers. Hardworking people aren’t free of bias or attitudes that permeate the fandom that writers are second class citizens to begin with.

So listen to writers when we complain. You consume our work, and yet won’t lend us an ear, let alone stand for us.

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Oh, gosh. This is such a good question. I could literally write for years on the nature of fandom and the motivation required to carry a work of fan fiction to completion.

First– “How do you keep yourself motivated because I feel like I’m burning out especially after jumping from fandom to fandom”. I want to address this sentiment. Anyone who has been in fandom for as long as we have knows about the thrilling and terrifying and bittersweet cycle of hyperfixation and burnout. This is especially true if you struggle with ADHD (like I do) or other disorders with similar issues (BPD comes to mind).

For context, here’s where I’m coming from:

  • 2001-2005: Harry Potter (, anyone?). I wrote shitty songfic to Evanescence lyrics. I made friends with the only other fanfic lovers in my high school, who later were my bridesmaids at my wedding 15 years later. Burnout: slowly, but only in online fandom presence. Still a fan, still go to Cons.
  • 2005-2009: Bandslash (livejournal). I was legend. I will not reveal my LJ username because some of my fics are *too* well-known. Complete burnout: early 2009.
  • 2009-2012: Nothing. I did not read or write fanfiction at all. Coincidentally this is also the period I was in undergrad. I was distracted and all over the place.
  • 2012-2016: I found tumblr. Primarily Once Upon a Time (Captain Swan) but also Merlin, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. Only moderate success because I spent more time reading than writing. Abandoned a huge, drawn-out WIP. Complete burnout: late 2016.
  • 2017- mid-2019: Nothing. I did not read or write fanfiction at all. 
  • May 2019: I (finally) started reading Stucky fic. I had been Stucky-curious for years but for some reason only decided to look more into it once canon quashed it.

When I look at that timeline I can’t help but be discouraged, because I LOVE stucky with all of my heart but my own history screams to me that one day I will burnout on it. I’m scared because I know that one day, I will get bored. This tends to happen especially fast when the canon stops putting out new material, but luckily this is the biggest fandom I’ve ever been a part of online so there’s always something new.

So how do I stay motivated through burnout? The short answer is: I don’t. There’s nothing I can do or have historically been able to do once I start losing interest in the fandom. But if the fandom is something that truly calms you down and distracts from life’s stresses, then I don’t think the problem is lack of interest. I think fandom is a place where you know you can find like-minded people that take joy in the same things you do. One day you will burnout on that fandom, but until then, take FULL advantage of the things you love about it.

  • Share your work with other writers who are in a similar place, ask them to provide beta and hype
  • Open your inbox for prompts, or advertise that it’s open if it already is
  • Read ALL the fic. Read your faves twice. Tell the authors when you love it.
  • Don’t feel like you have to publish every single thing you write.
  • Take part in Bangs and Bingos (caution: if you experience anxiety over deadlines, think twice about doing these)

Nothing is forever. Enjoy what you have while you have it and don’t be scared of losing it. Do what you love and participate in community and the rest will follow <3

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(2/2) Oh, and I also saw a post that said that you can’t have forbidden love if you’re white, straight, cisgendered, and able bodied which tagged “clace”. Which I understand, love for these people is much easier especially in the real world, but it’s also odd to me because they were talking about fictional stories. There can be so many other circumstances that make a love “forbidden” like societal taboos or laws in a fantasy world.

Hi nonnie, first, sorry for the wait, tumblr didn’t notify me I had new asks, I’m so sorry!

Secondly, I’m happy you liked my post! I find it really worrying how quick people in this fandom are to dismiss characters’ struggles and problems (and often, like in Jace’s case, mental problems) because of something as petty and insignificant as the colour of their skin or their gender or sexuality. If they can’t empathise with characters that we were given a full overview of their mental state and stories and struggles, I can’t imagine how they will treat real people that are different from them, since they can’t and shouldn’t have access to their whole “tragic backstory” before deciding if they are worthy of respect or not…

You see this all the time now, people being forced to come out of the closet or disclose trauma to justify their art or their opinions, because people on the internet decided they weren’t worthy of respect or privacy or empathy as they were. And this is really, really worrying.

And like you said, if they can understand and forgive Alastair’s actions (bullying, spreading rumours, actively trying to kill James by setting a demon on him and causing the death of his friend instead) just because he had an awful father (like Jace and Kit) and had to keep secrets from others to protect those he cared about (like Will) and shoulder a burden of responsibility very young that he never asked for (like Jace, Will and Kit), then why can’t they extend the same thoughtfulness and capacity of analysing context and forgiving to the herondale boys? Just because of the colour of their skin or perceived sexuality? 

My best friend grew up with an abusive mother and she sees herself and her struggles in Jace so much. He is her hero and he gives her hope that she’s better than her mother has trained her to believe she is and that she can find a future as full of love and strength as Jace did. And some people in this website really have the courage to try to say Jace’s struggles with being abused, self-harming and being suicidal were invalid because he is white or cis or straight? That’s honestly gross. 

That’s why I repeat, this fandom only cares about their mentally ill characters when their struggles and symptoms are convenient for them. A guy bullying a classmate so hard he tried to kill him is fine because he’s gay and his father was an alcoholic. But a literal child soldier that was mentally and physically abused until he was ten trying to bait a werewolf into murdering him by being an ass on purpose or struggling with turning his back on the only father he ever knew is bad because he’s white and straight.

Books were supposed to make you more empathetic and understanding, not more prejudiced. If your take after reading any of the TSC books makes you sound like one of the villains in the books, then you are reading the books wrong.

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The amount of people I see on Twitter and Tumblr posting those photos of Naya’s family and ex-husband at the lake is DISGUSTING.

Her friends and family deserve to grieve in peace.

Exploiting their grief and heartache at this time is not only evil but incredibly intrusive.

Let these people process their emotions in peace, please.

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Everyone knows the John Mulaney quote on Trump: “it’s like there’s a horse loose in the hospital”

Knowing this quote is pretty tru if you ask me (he can’t come for me bc I’m not American), can we all agree that this quote but a bit modified also goes for the ministry of magic in the Harry Potter world ? Like instead of a horse it would be like a …uhm troll or something (and in worse cases a mermaid) lose in st. Mungos

Then it would be: the ministry of magic is as if there’s a troll loose in st. Mungos

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“MC is supposed to not have specific pronouns because anyone could play Obey Me, but I feel like the fandom drowns out all of OM’s queer-coded background. It’s okay for your mc to be female, just don’t erase the fellow queer OM players (like myself)“

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Hi guys! So I’ve noticed that Tumblr is getting kinda negative towards the rp mods behind the blogs so I thought we could do something for them. Below I’m gonna tag rp mods that are some of the kindest people.

@bau-babygirl @knivesandblood @kittycatadams @alex-is-existing @drdrdrreid @agent-thotchner @derekmorganthefedguy @cheetofingers-jj @dragon-emoji-anon

These are only some of the AMAZING mods behind the rp! Reblog and tag some of your favorite rp blogs to let them know that you love them and their content ❤️

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