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Hello, you can call me Doe! I’m in my 20s, a small business owner, and a proud cat mom. I write multiple paragraphs/novella style (200-500+ words). I love to write detailed descriptions and delve into a character’s head/emotions as well as surroundings. I compare it to writing a novel together.

I understand if the scene doesn’t have alot going on and therefore requires less like rapid fire. I adore having long, thoughtful replies where we truly immerse ourselves in the world. I’m hoping to find a partner whose as enthusiastic and passionate about the plot and writing as I am. When I get invested in a story, it’s 100% dedication. Getting a reply is the highlight of my day.

I’m a big fan of romance and using face claims. I’m the type to make pinterest boards, spam you with gifs, headcanons, and send you songs that remind me of our characters and/or ship. I’ll get excited if we come up with future plot ideas, or if our characters are being cute or angsty and I can yell about it in the chat.

Last but not least I only do MxF (with myself in the female role) and don’t double, but I’m more than happy to write side characters of either gender to help move the story along. I’d highly prefer female authors writing male characters. Male authors, please stop contacting me. I’ve been burned too many times. If you persist, I’ll ignore your message. Sorry!

Desperately Searching For

- 21+ partners

- For you to have an excellent grasp of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. Both in character and out of character. (Literate to advanced writers only, please. I’m not looking for newbies).

- Plot before smut. While mature themes will be in my plots, and are even encouraged, there needs to be a good chemistry between our characters. I like to have a good mix of plot and tastefully written smut, along with doses of angst and fluff.

- For you to write as an older male (40s+/50s+). I’m a sucker for the gruff and tough men with dark pasts who secretly have a soft heart. I also love those grumpy, hypermasculine men being intimidated by soft yet commanding women. The youngest I write is late 20s.

- The more description, the better! I’m looking for someone who can write as much as me (2 to 4 paragraphs or more) and really bring the story to life. I lose interest if I’m the only one that’s invested/enthusiastic or coming up with plot ideas. Quality writing makes my heart happy, as does world building together.

- Joining me in the wonderful world of ship/character development is kind of a must. I feel discouraged/feel like I’m the only one invested if I get nothing in return for say, coming up with some cute headcanons.

- While I’d prefer real life face claims, I’d also be open to using realistic art if you’re uncomfortable with real life. I draw the line at anime art.

Faces I’d love to write as: gal gadot, rooney mara, ruth negga, saoirse ronan, sophie turner, jessica chastain, jennifer morrison, mia wasikowska, natalia dyer, brit marling, deborah ann woll, mackenzie davis, emmy rossum, adria adjora, chyler leigh, hayley bennet, tashi rodriguez, lily james, cara delevingne, maya hawke, ask about others

Faces I’d love to write against: jeffery dean morgan, hugh jackman, idris elba, billy burke, robert taylor, jr bourne, nikolaj coster waldau, anson mount, jon bernthal, jason issacs, anthony varrecchiah, jon hamm, skeet ulrich, brett tucker, david harbour, frank grillo, iain glen, josh duhamel, patrick petitjean, clive standen, joe manganiello, younger sam elliot/dennis quaid/tom selleck, ask about others

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! You won’t be disappointed in writing with me. I tend to be online daily and while I’d like it if you were too, I understand that real life things comes first. Please let me know if you’re going to be inactive, I’m in this for the long term. If you suddenly stop replying ic and ooc, I’ll drop the story after 2 weeks to a month.

Below are genres and pairings I love. Feel free to combine as many as you’d like and I’m sure we can come up with something great! Current cravings are in bold. Two thing I don’t do are slice of life and historical plots.

- anything mafia related
- crimes in remote locations
- spooky small towns
- post apocalyptic/dystopia
- supernatural/modern fantasy (A/B/O, werewolves, shapeshifters, monster x hunter)
- southern/mid western gothic
- murder mystery (small town or big city)
- modern/dark fairy tale retellings
- sci-fi
- cyberpunk/retro-futuristic
- little coastal towns or little towns in the mountains
- emotionally charged/dark and gritty
- superpowers/gifted
- unresolved sexual tension/slow burn
- mythology (modern / hades x persephone)
- redemption
- pacific northwest
- suburban gothic
- luring to the other side
- reincarnation/multiple universes
- western inspired + modern day (such as longmire)
- christmas/halloween inspired

- age gaps (older man x younger woman / 15 to 25+ year gap)
- enemies to lovers/villain x heroine
- cop x criminal
- doctor x patient
- friends turned lovers/pining
- grumpy x sunshine
- the broken man x the woman that becomes his light
- fbi agents/cop partners
- dark hearted man melting for the innocent woman
- friend x best friend’s older sibling
- boss x employee
- neighbors
- single father x friend
- firefighter/cop x victim
- mentor x mentee
- hurt/comfort
- height differences
- pet names (sweetheart, baby girl, kid, kiddo)
- lady and the tramp esque/class difference
- creature x human
- ex-con x anyone
- bodyguard x assignment
- widow/er falling in love again
- biker x civilian
- rancher/mountain man x city girl
- affair
- hitman x target
- serial killer x fbi agent
- soul mates
- experienced x inexperienced
- local x vacationer
- injured/scarred warrior washed out from their former glory x royal/heir-to-be
- friend x best friend/boyfriend’s father
- daughter in law x father in law
- park ranger x camper
- bounty hunter x bounty
- psychic x detective

Tropes/Themes: the papa wolf/hot dads, cultured badass, jerk with a heart of gold. ladykiller in love, mountain man, mysterious protector, southern gentleman, tall, dark, and handsome, knight in sour armor, red string of fate, villain takes an interest, porcelain to ivory to steel, when person a gets injured/kidnapped and person b goes absolutely feral to save them

tiny women and big men, the monster being treated gently for the first time in his life, two characters forced into positions where they have no choice but to reconcile their differences and grow together/trust each other, forbidden relationships, trying to escape childhood demons & reuniting in adulthood

Fandoms: (I don’t write canons)

Star Wars, X Files, Haven, Fringe, Stranger Things, Heroes, The Wolf Among Us, Mercy Thompson Series, True Blood, Marvel, The OA, Disney (personified), His Dark Materials, Beastars, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us

Plot Ideas:

I have too many to list here but take a look at my google doc and let me know if anything catches your attention. It’s a mix of fandom inspired and original plots: Plot Ideas

Last but not least, I have a list of kinks if anyone’s interested.

I use email and discord to write. I’d also be open to joining a jcink site! Contact me at Doe#3347 on discord or by email:

Please be detailed when you message me, let me know why you chose to contact me. Seeing only “hey do you wanna rp?” is a guaranteed way to turn me off.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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In my previous Harvest Town post, I touch on where you can find Fisher the Merman. In this post, I’ll touch on the Oritz residence. 

Backstory on the Oritz family 

Jim Oritz is the father of Justin Oritz. Jim is often drunk and upset about his wife abandoning them. At his drunken state, he touches on bits and pieces of his past like how his wife wants something more than this town and went to the city. He also used to travel around before having Justin, sharing his adventures with Foxy. One could infer that Jim was a travelling artist from his lost painting in one of the quests. 


Bottle Cap Adventures - Special Event Trigger

To get the special bottle cap, you would have to first trigger the special event at the Oritz residence.


To trigger the event, you have to go to the Oritz residence and click on their refrigerator. That will trigger a short cut scene where Justin runs up to you angrily saying, “That’s my bottle!”


You will need to return the bottles to him before he will tell you why he is collecting these empty glass bottles. This part of the story will be linked to Peach, the girl that Justin have a crush on. He is collecting the bottles for her.


Moving on to Peach, you’ll give the bottles to her. She’ll bring it to the sea and throw the bottle with the note in it. Apparently, she was trying to reach her parents through this method since they are working in the city.


Finally, you’ll bring her to the store where she uses the phone to call her parents. 


Jim Oritz Tries to be a Good Father

Despite Jim’s alcoholic ways, Jim tries to be a good father to Justin. If you head  to the Oritz residence at different times of the day, you can see Jim standing over Justin, guiding him or supervising him with his homework.


Even at school when everyone have left, you can see Justin being the only person in class while his father patiently waits for him at the side till it is way past your bedtime.


Another easter egg I found was Justin hiding in between the bookshelves trying to write a word that he was not familiar with. Justin was a hardworking boy despite of his circumstances. 


Jim Oritz misses his wife

Sometimes, you’ll see Jim standing by the lone tree at the factory, drinking. There used to be a bus service that goes through the factory. I think he was reminiscing the days where he let his wife board the bus. 


Justin Ortiz misses his Mother

At another bus stop right above the horse range, you can see Justin Ortiz at this location every weekend waiting for the bus service that no longer function.


This is a sad situation for you get this dialogue, “Mom said she’d come back..” that shows how much Justin misses his mother. 

Who is to blame?

Jim for not being enough for his wife? Jim’s wife for wanting more with her life so she left? Ultimately, this is a story of a father and son trying their best to survive in the small town in their own ways.

Check out my other Harvest Town content: 

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Hi there! I’ve been on an Umbrella Academy rebinge and would be super interested in roleplaying it! A quick bit about me:

I’m 24 y/o woman in the USA est time zone. I write multi-para to novella. I’m willing to write any gender or sexuality as well.

I ask that all my partners be 20+.

What I’m looking for in the rp:

I’m in love with Klaus and Dave and Klaus deserves so much more love than he gets. I would love to play Dave to someones Klaus. While I do have an oc, I have no plans (nor wants) to pair her with anybody. Klaus just deserves the absolute world and I want to give him his love back.

I’d be happy to play during the events of season 1 or 2, and am very happy changing around things that happen. Such as making Dave older s2, Klaus being able to save him (or contact his ghost s1 or s3), etc etc.

I also want to explore the relationships between the Hargreeves siblings more! I don’t want to write the siblings having a romantic relationship as it just feels weird to me, but even if Alison has moved on I’m comfortable writing Luther still pining after her and having to move on as well. 

Extra: While I’m comfortable with nsfw themes, this is not something I’m willing to write right away. It’s okay if references are made, but that is something that I need to get comfortable with my writing partner to write because my boundaries have been crossed so many times fairly quickly into even discussing the rp. This is a boundary I will ghost for and have had an issue with quite often. If a lot of your ooc messages to me are sexual in nature, I’m out.

In regards to ghosting, I’m super ghost friendly. If you end up disappearing, I’ll probably reach out once or twice to see if you’re okay or still interested, but it’s okay if you’re not, or if you don’t wish to respond. If you still want to write, but don’t have the time currently for it, just let me know! Chances are when you do have the time again I’ll still be interested :) I don’t expect super frequent responses because rp is for fun! We all have lives and need to take breaks from writing every now and then, and I completely understand that.

I write in discord, google docs, and gmail. If you’re interested in this, just shoot me an email at

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(As before, you can find a link to the AO3 version of this and the rest of my Kinktober 2020 prompts on the ‘Masterlist’ section of the blog.)

Originally this entry was going to be Zenos but my interest waned for him since starting this challenge, now it’s Astarion instead. Hope no one is too disappointed about the change.

Kinktober Day 27: Groping (Astarion | Baldur’s Gate 3)

In the distance you listened to the chatter of the few revelers still awake and doing… whatever it was tiefling refugees did after being saved from a goblin nest and a grove of angry druids. Just beneath the sound, you could hear the crackle of the campfire far off, a glowing light in the darkness of the evening. You had made sure though that you were far enough away that you remained both unseen and unheard - for the most part.

Keep reading

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Ty! And ooh yeah I definitely see the dilemma there. I totally love getting to write about both platonic and romantic relationships between them but a lot of ppl only think you can see a pair of characters one way and that’s like,,,, not how it works ???

But hmmm…you could always make a sideblog for fiveya specifically! Or something along those lines? Or maybe just participate on twitter? 💕 not sure. But if you really want to do it, I believe in you. I definitely get how you feel with that situation 😫

But there is a fiveya discord if youre not part of it already (I’m sure you are) and you can also participate in fiveya week there without like actually posting the content on tumblr! If that’s something you’d like to do.

And oh fkfjf I like totally forgot about fiveya week (oops) so now you’re reminding me that I should try to be more active in the discord and participate in the events🤡🤡

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“Do you know how beautiful you are baby? Being fucked into so nicely.” Yoongi groans, “y-yes daddy, I know.” You whimper, your hands clutching at his back as you drag your nails across his pale skin. “You’re so beautiful babygirl, so goddamn beautiful.” He kisses your neck, trailing his lips up to yours.

“Who’s babygirl are you sweetheart?” He asks. “Y-yours daddy.. m’ your babygirl!” Your tone was babylike, but to Yoongi it was perfect. “That’s right y/n, you’re my babygirl.” He smirked, sucking your bottom lip into his mouth. “Please fuck me harder!” You whine, “Don’t beg me sweetheart. Just don’t do it.”

He laughs, sitting up on his knees pulling your hips closer to his. “B-but daddy I need more!” The loss of having him on top of you makes you whine, also making Yoongi angry. “Oh baby,” He doesn’t like it when you whine.

“Don’t whine princess, I’ll have to punish you and I’m really enjoying myself right now. Seeing how fucked out you looked lying beneath me.” Yoongi hisses, spreading your legs as he watches how sinfully your pussy swallows his cock as he thrusts it in and out of your tight hole.

“Ahh… y-yes sir… s-sorry sir.” Your hands find their way above your own head interlocking with one another as he rocks into you. Your body inching its way towards the headboard the harder he pounds into you. “Fuck look at you.. fucking tits bouncing everywhere.”

As Yoongi now sounds like the whiny one, he notices your swollen clit, trailing his thumb to the needy bud before rolling it between his fingers. Your back arches, mouth hanging open before soft moans escape it. “Ahh yes,” your legs begging to shake as Yoongi teases your clit.

“What is it pretty?”

“Wanna cum oh my God!”

Your hips are greedily rutting up and down against his hips as he lays a hand on your belly. “Cum for me baby I’m gonna fucking bust inside you.”


Originally posted by ynki

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hi anon–i’m sorry too!

i left for a couple reasons tbh, mainly because i’m applying to colleges this year and most of my applications are due on nov 1st so that was super stressful 😭 and i just didn’t have the energy to start a whole new fic, so i’m sorry about that:(

and the second reason i left was yeah, because i ship harcest as you know (mainly aluther & fiveya) and i just felt uncomfortable there? even though everyone was super nice, yk? there were a couple antis and i just felt out of place, if that makes sense. plus i could tell that i was making people uncomfortable by just being a shipper of it, so i took my leave. it was a great way to relieve stress of my applications and HW too! but i hold no hard feelings at all towards the BB! i cant wait to read their fics:D

so i’m sorry, dear anon<3 but if you ever want to talk, i’m here! and also i will be writing that dark!vanya au at some point (but this time because it’s not part of the BB i may add some fiveya elements too;) )

sending love to ya!

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Dean Winchester x F!Reader

Word Count:1428

My longest fic yet! Not very long I know, but a personal achievement! Please enjoy my late night, caffeine induced, attempt at some sort of romantic comedy. And please, have a wonderful, wonderful week!


You were sitting behind the counter, going over the inventory for the day, your bookstore had closed hours before, and you didn’t want to leave yet. You loved your job, it was your life. You ran a very special kind of bookstore. You ran a hunter’s bookstore. Which meant that you had a regular bookshop out front, lot’s of regular books. Beautiful, vintage books. But in the back behind a hidden door made out of one of the bookshelves, was a secret room. Full of lore books, scrolls, and unique weapons. A regular museum. Hunters from all over came to pick your brain, wanting information and supplies, and you were happy to oblige. 

You had once been a hunter, you had fought with the best. All it took was one injury, one mistake, and you were done hunting for good. A bad knee was a weakness you could not afford. So you ran a library of hunting knowledge, letting them take whatever they needed. It was fun, once in a while you missed life on the road. But you wouldn’t trade your store for anything. 

Your confidant was Ellen Harvelle, she told hunters that she trusted about you, and gave them the code word. She was the reason for most of your hunter clients, and she was a dear friend. 

Startled out of your thoughts by a knock on the back door, you stood up and slowly limped to answer the door. You grabbed your shotgun from the rack on the wall, you looked through the peephole and called out, “Who is it?” 

“My name’s Dean Winchester, I’m the handsome one,  and this is my brother Sam, Ellen sent us.” You could see two, admittedly handsome, young men. And though you had heard of the Winchesters, you had to be sure.

“Welcome! Let me grab a coat first, it sure is a chilly night out.” You said loudly. You waited a moment and faintly heard Dean mumbling, “Really Sam? Do I have to say it?”

After a couple seconds of bickering he sighed dramatically, “Fine.”

He grumbled under his breath one more time for good measure before yelling back, “Chilly? Why it’s hotter than Chris Evans! And why use a jacket when you could use his hug?” 

You laughed to yourself, it never got old hearing serious hunters say the silly sentence.

You set down your shotgun, but kept your pistol in the holster on your hip, hidden by the large sweater you wore. You proceeded to unlock the door and opened it with a big grin. “Hello gentleman, do come in, it actually is a bit frosty tonight.” 

They both hurried in and stomped snow off their boots, Sam looked up at you and smiled. “Thank you, Ellen said you had some information we could use?” Dean nodded his head in agreement, still shivering. Then he looked up at you and grinned, “Yeah, we can use all the info you got.” His tone was flirtatious.

You smiled in return, “She’s probably right, depending on the information you need. Are you in any kind of hurry?” 

Dean shook his head, “Not really, Ellen said it would be ‘useful for the future’ whatever that means.” 

You gestured for them to follow you as you headed up front, “Well in that case, you two warm up in front of the fire and I’ll grab some hot chocolate. I have an apartment above the shop, where I make it.” 

Dean grinned, “Alright!” He dropped into one of the armchairs you had in front of your fireplace. He looked around the place with a wide smile, “This is awesome!” 

You came in a moment later with a tray and three mugs of hot chocolate. “Here you guys go, as Ellen probably told you, my name is Y/n, and you are welcome to everything you need.” You handed them both a cup. 

Dean grabbed his and winked at you, “Sweetheart, so far you are all I need.” 

Sam frowned at his brother, “Dean man, come on, she’s being really nice, don’t ruin it.” 

You laughed, “That’s alright, it’s good for my ego.” You winked back at Dean and headed back upstairs to put up your tray.

While you were gone, they both tentatively took a sip before their eyes grew wide and they looked at each other. 

“This is really good!” Sam said, looking into his cup of chocolaty goodness.

“Shut up Sammy, I’m trying to drink.” Dean tilted his head back, trying to drink as much as possible. 

You came back down, “You guys need anything else right now?” 

Dean sat up with a cheesy grin, 

“Well actually-”

“No,” Sam cut in, “We don’t, not right now.” He gave Dean a pointed look. 

Dean grumbled and sat back in his chair.

You hid your smile, very amused with the two of them and sat down across from them, “What kind of information are you looking for?” 

They looked at each other and then back again, “Any kind.” Dean said.


After two and a half hours of telling them everything you knew that they didn’t, you were exhausted with the sound of your own voice. 

“Well, I’m tired of talking, it’s y’alls turn.” You leaned back, waiting for them to talk.

Sam quirked a brow, “What do you want us to say?” 

“Anything you want. What music do you listen to? Do you believe October is too early to listen to Christmas music? What was your most recent hunt?” You kept going, “Favorite season of the year? Have you ever been snowboarding, if you have, did you enjoy it?” You smiled, “And so on.” 

Dean sat forward in his chair, “Rock, it’s never too early, a Wendigo, haven’t really thought about it, no and I probably wouldn’t enjoy it.” He leaned back, “What else you got for me sweetheart?” 

You took it as a challenge, “Where were you born? Pie or cake? Do you like flying or driving more? Giraffe or Elephant? Sweaters or flannels?” 

He licked his lips in a wide grin, “Lawrence, Kansas, pie all the way, flying sucks, elephant, and it was flannels, but now seeing you in that sweater has converted me.” He ended with a smirk. Liking the way his last sentence flustered you. He nodded his head at you, “Your turn. Favorite movie? How was your first time? Tea or coffee? Blue or green? Best concert you’ve been to? Most recent book you’ve read? And last, but not least, sweaters or flannels?”

You answered in the same banter manner and ended with, “Well it was sweaters, but now seeing you in that flannel has converted me.” He laughed at the echoing of his own words and winked, “Glad to hear it.” 

Sam waved a hand in the air, “Um I’m still here, you guys realize that right?” 

You turned to him, realizing that you had actually forgotten poor Sam, “Oh I’m sorry Sam, would you like some more to drink?” 

He sighed, “No, it’s fine, you two keep going. I’m going to look around your store, I’m actually interested in your 2nd edition copy of Moby Dick.” 

You were pleased he enjoyed books as well, “Let me know if you have any questions.” 

He nodded and wandered off. 

“Now,” Dean moved to the chair closer to you that Sam had just vacated, “Back to what we were doing.” You waited, wondering what he had for you next. He started, “Elvis or Michael? Have you ever been surfing? If so, did you enjoy it? Best pizza ever? And, adding on to that, is pineapple acceptable on pizza? Cats or dogs? Favorite nut? And, again, last but not least, will you go on a date with me?” 

You were listening intently up until the last question, “Wait, what?” 

“You heard me.” His eyes were intent, waiting for your answer.

You felt shy all of the sudden, “I kinda forgot most of the other questions, but yes, I will go out with you.” You smiled.

He grinned, “Tomorrow, 6:30? I’ll pick you up.”

“Sounds great, Dean, I can’t wait.” You said honestly, very excited about what a date would be like with Dean Winchester. 

He looked into your eyes, with a sweet softness, and held your hands in his own. “Neither can I sweetheart.” 



“Hey Dean? I remember one of the other questions, you asked my favorite nut.” 

“Oh right, what’s your favorite nut?” 

“Well it was cashews, but now that I’ve met you, you’ve converted me.” You winked “ You’re my favorite nut.”

“You-you’re a favorite nut.”

“Nice comeback Dean.” 




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Listen I came into the fandom of a show that ended over a decade ago to write my first fanfic of a rare pair. Then some people on twitter decided to be toxic and through spite I now have 2 multichaptered fics, 1 coffeeshop AU, and 1 smut (!!!) Of this rare pair as well as a blog where I create my own fancontent.

I didn’t do this because I thought I’d change these toxic fan’s minds or to convince the show creators to make my pairing canon. I did this for me, and because I was angry.

I know it’s a small thing, but if I can muster this tenacity for fictional characters then I can certainly muster the same, if not more for real life.

The United States is a dumpster fire and I will carry all my rage and spite at these past four years to the graves of my enemies. Not because I think anything will change, but for myself and because I’m angry.

I will remember these failures of the government for the rest of my life and something will come of it. Maybe not now, but you should start counting.

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One of the few story tropes that can and does kill me every time: The villain used to be very close to someone, whether the hero or a relative of theirs, and still has those nagging moments of regret and mourning about the time they stabbed their former friend in the back, even as they commit the worst of crimes. Made 50% worse if the hero/relative struggles to reconcile their past memories of them with the person they’ve become and has to remember that betrayal every time they wonder why they still fight.

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Okay but imagine this:

Short Regulus Black who likes to steal other Slytherin’s robes when he’s cold and cuddles in them and the robes are like three sizes bigger because he’s like the smallest and most petite Slytherin in his year

(Usually Lucius or Snape are his victims)

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