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thequirkyotter · 2 days ago
when you finish reading that slow burn mutual pining 300k words 40 chapter fic that had you deeply emotionally invested in it for what feels like forever and you don’t know what to do with yourself anymore so you just sit there like:
Tumblr media
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It's 2015.
I just got out of school. I am wearing my oversized Twenty Øne Piløts T-shirt today. It's the Blurryface era. I am planing to go as Tyler on Halloween, black body paint included. I wish any of my friends where into the Emo Quartet ™, so I could have a Josh to go with my Tyler.
During the bus ride home, I am listening to That's the Spirit by Bring Me The Horizon while browse 9Gag on my phone. No one understands me. No one is as edgy as me. I wish Hot Topic would ship to my country.
While eating lunch, I watch Supernatural season 11. I hate the darkness storyline but I keep on watching anyway. I am in too deep.
After homework, it's time for fun. I just got my copy of The Amazing Book is Not on Fire. I devour it in an hour.
After I am done reading, I watch Dan and Phil play Five Nights at Freddy's even though I have already seen Markiplier's Let's Play.
Now it's time for bed but first, Fanfiction. I browse AO3. Should I read stay in place (sing a chorus) aka The Forest Fic or Alone on the Water, my favorite Johnlock Fic?
It's 2015. Life is good.
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thecharmedquill · 2 days ago
Hermione *hiding under the invisibility cloak*: You have to start completing all your incomplete work and spend more time in the library studying with your friend Hermione.
Harry: .... who's speaking?
Hermione: It's your conscience. We don't talk a lot these days.
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itsmoonpeaches · 2 days ago
TW: mentions of racism
Why POC leave fandoms, an essay that for some f**king reason needs to be written
There is one thing that a person thinks of when entering a fandom: "What can I do in order to consume more content related to this piece of media that I enjoy?"
A fandom, at its core, is a community of people from all walks of life that happen to adore the same thing. First and foremost, there is pure, unadulterated excitement. What comes next depends on who you are and what you consume, and unfortunately, depends on what kind of people are in a particular fandom.
When I say "what kind of people", I don't mean demographics. I mean the kind of people that are either decent or not.
You might be surprised that I'm implying that there are indecent people in fandom. You might be thinking, "Media now is so much more diverse than it was years ago!" And thus you might additionally be thinking, "Since it's so diverse now that means fandoms attract diverse people! We're so inclusive now and so accepting. Everyone is decent."
Well, if you are one of those people, I envy you.
It's correct that media is more diverse and that more diverse people are active in fandoms, or at least are more open about being a minority in the general population. What might be hiding underneath all that? Racism.
Repeat after me: Just because a piece of media is diverse doesn't mean that its fandom is inclusive.
POC are being more represented now than they were in recent years, but there is a constant exodus of POC from the very fandoms they helped to cultivate.
Their cultures and practices are being white-washed, twisted to fit the benefit of fanfic authors or fan artists, and terribly misunderstood. POC characters are written or drawn in such a way that their identity as POC is eclipsed by the fact that they are suddenly someone they never were. And while it's OK to not know everything about ethnic groups and other minority groups, it isn't OK to ignore what they say when they point out that you are wrong in their portrayal.
Not everyone will be right about everything. Not everyone has the resources or the patience to research things, but there is something so wrong about pushing POC to the side and telling them that their views on their own cultures shouldn't be taken into consideration because it might not be part of the content creator's original plan. This is even more messed up when the original piece of media that the content was created for was either heavily researched or created by POC for POC.
That's not even the last of it. How POC react in fandom to media versus the rest of fandom is different and often criticized.
Take the storylines in media for example. (Spoilers I guess.) For this I'll highlight two:
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Fire Nation takes control of parts of other nations, perpetuating a war for 100 years. They try to wipe out other kinds of benders that aren't firebenders, and try to colonize. - POC often see the Fire Nation for what it is. That being a colonizer nation. They recognize the effects of cultural genocide, i.e. near-total genocide of the Air Nomads and the near-genocide of the waterbending culture of the Southern Water Tribe. Meanwhile, POC have been criticized and bashed for pointing out the Fire Nation's flaws, and for not loving the enemy nation the best.
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Sam refuses to become Captain America at first and takes a whole journey to finally end up in a place where he realizes he can be. - POC, especially BIPOC, point out the significance of Sam's journey. He realizes the trust and enormity of Captain America's shield. He refuses it not necessarily because he doesn't think he's worthy, but because he doesn't feel right. He believes America isn't ready for a black Captain America, and that maybe, they don't deserve it yet. POC are criticized because they see this story and empathize with Sam. Meanwhile, the rest of the fandom hops on Bucky's side and claims that Sam had no right to do what he did because it wouldn't be what Steve wanted and Bucky understood this etc. while refusing to understand that Sam's reasons were because of the backlash and racism he thought he could face. (By the way, it was explained explicitly in the show that Bucky understood later on why Sam couldn't do it at first.)
This all ultimately leads to things like gaslighting, blatant name calling, and you know, actual f**king racism.
"You don't know what colonialism is," a fan might say to a POC fan in the same fandom. "You just don't get that XYZ character has a lot of mental health issues," another fan might say to a POC.
This leads to tone policing.
A POC might say something in a conversation like, "You're being racist and disrespectful. Stop it." But others in the same conversation might say things like, "I think we all just need to be nice. Can everyone calm down?"
All these things are a part of a complicated problem, a problem that is being ignored, just like POC are.
POC leave fandoms because of all of the above. They leave because no one listens to them, and even when they are listened to, they are threatened in a DM. They are tired and angry and hurt.
POC are afraid to speak out because when they do, they are sent triggering pictures in their inbox, asked to leave, told to hurt themselves, told to direct their frustrations with a racist individual elsewhere and not where everyone can see.
Just like everyone else, POC enter a fandom because they want an escape from real life. Yet, they are being confronted with issues that they already face on a daily basis in their real lives, and in many cases in a worse form.
POC stop wanting to speak out. Allies sometimes want to stop too. Why? Because it becomes dangerous.
It becomes a vicious circle. People say that there are no POC in fandoms. POC try to join fandoms, get harassed out, and then people repeat that there are no POC in fandoms. They want content from POC, input from POC...and then this happens again and again.
What exactly does a fandom want? Diversity? Because it sure doesn't feel like it.
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storiesforallfandoms · 2 days ago
secret matching tattoos ~ pete davidson
word count: 1148
request?: yes!
“I was hoping you could do a Pete Davidson and Reader story where they pick out tattoos for each other but they can’t see until it’s done kind of like that show with Snooki”
description: when you’re already covered in tattoos it’s nothing to let your significant other pick your next one, especially when you get to pick theirs in return
pairing: pete davidson x female!reader
warnings: swearing
masterlist (one, two)
Tumblr media
“If you pick out a dick to be tattooed on my back I’m going to kill you,” you said as you laid down on the tattoo artist’s table.
“I’m not gonna ask them to tattoo a dick on your back,” Pete said as he continued to scroll through the ideas on his phone. “Although that is tempting.”
“I will pick out something far worse to be tattooed on you, but I’ll ask them to put it somewhere that everyone will see it.”
Pete smiled in amusement. He glanced down at his phone again before showing your tattoo artist whatever he had finally chosen to get tattooed on you.
You were both bored one day, neither one of you had work or anything important happening, so you decided to do something fun and go to get new tattoos. However, there was a twist on how it was going to happen. You had suggested picking out secret tattoos for one another, something that neither of you would be able to see until it was tattooed on your bodies. Pete was a bit skeptical but also intrigued by the idea.
You had decided to get one on your back since that was one of the only places you truly had available where you were covered in tattoos. Pete decided to get his on his arm since it was somewhere everyone could see. You had already chosen what his was going to be: the date of your anniversary, all together without any dashes or anything, with a small red heart at the end.
The tattoo artist went to make a stencil for your tattoo while Pete sat next to you. You turned your head to look up at him the best you could while still laying on your stomach.
“Should I go prepare for mine, too?” he asked. “So that we can be done at the same time.”
You raised an eyebrow at him. “The one I picked for you is small, it’ll only take like 10 minutes maybe.”
A guilty look crossed his face. “Oh...mine is gonna be a bit longer.”
You nearly jumped up from the table. “What?! How big is it?”
Before he could respond, the tattoo artist walked back in and asked, “So, should I do this with or without color?”
You glared up at Pete again, realizing you’d have to be on this table for a long time.
It wasn’t like you hadn’t gotten big tattoos before. You had a few on your legs and one on your arm, but you preferred smaller tattoos - simple ones. Ones that only took maybe half an hour then they were finished. You weren’t exactly prepared to have a big one tattooed on you, especially since you were sure it was going to hurt like a bitch.
You made yourself comfortable on the table as the tattoo artist positioned the stencil on your back between your shoulder blades. You looked up at Pete once more before the needle touched your back and you had to try and stop yourself from jumping in pain.
The fact that the tattoo was somewhere you couldn’t see made it so much worst. You had no idea if it was nearly finished or halfway or if nothing was done at all. You tried to guess what was being done but you had absolutely no idea. You couldn’t picture anything the lines were creating in your head.
“If this is just a series of scribbly lines I’m changing my idea to a giant dick right on your forehead,” you muttered as you winced again.
Pete chuckled. “It’s not a bunch of scribbles! Just wait, it’ll be done soon.”
You peaked at him. “Are you sure?”
Pete placed a hand on your shoulder and you felt your body relax under his touch. You were glad you had gotten him to stay, even though his tattoo definitely wouldn’t have taken as long.
You nearly sighed in relief when the tattoo artist sprayed the cool water on your back to wash off the tattoo. He applied the protective bandage over the tattoo and officially declared that you were good to look at it.
You had decided to go with the simple black theme you had with all your tattoos, so you saw a bouquet of colorless flowers between your shoulder blades, a colorless bow tying them together.
“Flowers?” you asked Pete.
“Yeah. According to the internet they all mean love in one way or another.”
Upon looking closer, you realized the bouquet was an assortment of roses, daises, and carnations. You knew the meaning behind roses, everyone did, but you had no idea about the others. Knowing how much thought he had put into it filled you with warmth.
“It’s beautiful,” you said, turning to face Pete. “Thank you babe.”
He smiled at you and leaned down to kiss you.
You pulled your t-shirt back on and gestured for him to sit in the chair next. “Okay darling, your turn.”
He chuckled awkwardly as he sat down. “Part of me was hoping you’d forget about that.”
“No way! We’re both getting tattoos, it’s only fair.” You nodded for the tattoo artist to follow you so you could discuss your idea with him.
You were amused by Pete’s nervousness. He genuinely wasn’t sure what you were going to permanently put on his body. You played it up a little like you really had picked something awful to have tattooed, your giggles gave you away.
Wanting the tattoo to be a surprise, you made Pete face you as much as he could the entire time. Every time he’d turn towards the arm getting tattooed, you’d turn his head back to you. When it was finished, Pete had to look at the tattoo for a long time to try and figure out what it was.
“It’s our anniversary,” you finally told him. “With a little heart at the end.”
“So it is,” he said, a small smile tugging at his lips. “That’s so cute.”
“I just thought you needed a permanent reminder that I’m gonna be around for a long time.”
“I’m sure there’s a less painful way you could’ve told me that, but I do really like the idea. Thank you.”
You paid for your tattoos and headed out to Pete’s car. You winced as your back touched the seat. Okay, trying to sit and lay down is going to suck.
Pete chuckled as he started the car. “You really thought I was going to have a dick tattooed on you.”
“Listen, I wouldn’t put it past you, okay?”
“Well, I did think you were going to do something to me too, so I guess we’re even.”
You smiled at him. “But look at us! We chose cute things instead. We’re a mature couple.”
He gave me a look. “Let’s not go too far now.”
You giggled and kissed his cheek.
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lathalea · 2 days ago
If you are not going to do your asks why did you advertise them?
Tumblr media
Hello, sweetling! 💙
Thank you for dropping by in my ask box and showing so much concern about my creativity as an author. First, let me put you at ease: I'm doing very well, thanks, love!
I'm very sorry that you feel the need to hide behind anon asks. I wish you felt confident enough to write to me using your own nickname and ask how I was doing.
My DMs are open too, you know? Since you seem a tad impatient about getting your imagine, I would have loved to tell you when roughly it was going to be posted.
Now, let me introduce you to two basic concepts that will make your future life in fandom easier:
🌟 1 - Writers are real people and have real lives. Shocking, right?
Content creators need to do things like spending time with their families and friends, watching their favorite tv series, reading fun stuff, playing games, and so on, in short, recharging their "creative" batteries, especially over the weekend.
Harassing authors in order to get "your" imagines faster is counterproductive. They will still work as fast as it feels comfortable for them.
If I'm not posting content as fast as you would like to, it probably means that I have a good reason not to (meaning: I'm busy with other things).
I'm very happy to know you like my writing so much that you wrote such an emotional anon. If you can't wait for your ask, in the meantime you can read some of my fics. For example the ones I wrote for the Writer's Month 2021 event - check them out here. Yes, I did write a fic every single day in August. It was a great challenge, even though quite exhausting. I'm still resting and taking things easy after this stunt, by the way, thanks for asking, babe 💙
Oh, and if you're still feeling restless, how about you try writing yourself and joining a similar event? Wumptober and NaNoWriMo are coming up, these are both great opportunities to train your skills. Good luck!
Tumblr media
🌟 2 - The sole purpose of the writer's life is not to provide you with instant gratification at your pleasure, sweetie. Yeah, when I joined this lovely fandom, I also thought that writers' job is to sit and write stories for the amusement of others 24/7... Naah, joking.
It is easy to think that writers don't need to sleep or eat and so on. No, we're not robots!
I'm not sure if you've ever heard of the concept of studying and working so you could earn some money for food and living. Yes, writers need to do that too. I know, the real life is a cruel place! If I don't work, I can't pay my rent and I'll eventually starve. So as much as I would love to spend all of my waking hours on writing imagines just for you, I simply can't afford it.
But don't worry! There is still hope for your imagine! You can show me how much you appreciate me taking time off my busy schedule to write tailor-made stuff just for you by buying me a Ko-fi! This way I can work less and spend more time on writing fics! That's great news, right?
I can't say how much I appreciate your support, love! Have a great day ahead! 💙 P.S. You know what, sugarpie? I just realized that the time I spent on writing my reply to your very thoughtful anon I could have actually devoted to writing that imagine for you. What a shame, right?
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nadiapolyakova · a day ago
Tumblr media
You're just used to being feared. And you don't know what it's like to be loved. Person. Dragon. I love you. Whoever you are.
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daylights-nightlights · 23 hours ago
I got tagged in this picrew for the DN fandom, and I thought it fit the DP fandom really well, so I decided to share it! Release your inner eldritch horror
Tumblr media
No pressure tags: @junicane-dp @floralflowerpower @floq @nastyburger and @diddly-darn-ghost bc I love all of your wonderful blogs!
Also, if anyone else sees this and wants to join in, feel free! :)
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harriyanna · 2 days ago
ship a toxic relationship all you want as long as that shit ain’t pedo and incest we good.
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loryevrg · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chris Evans: Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions (interview) - 2017
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harrypotterconfessions · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
The older I get, the more completely detatched from canon my HP experience has become. My gateway into the fandom was a blog called accio-headcanon which was literally ALL headcanons, and then I discovered fanfiction and I’ve never looked back. Initially it was more like missing scenes for canon ships and events, but then I delved into post-canon and canon divergence and it’s where I live now. For example, I like Draco because I like seeing fans’ interpretation of a kid who was shaped by his environment into the worst possible human being who suddenly realizes that everything he knew was wrong and chooses to struggle to make it right on his own. I’m fully aware that that never happens in canon because it is a children's series and grey area racism redemption is a bit heavy for a side plot, so I definitely agree with the people looking at the source material and being appalled at people liking Draco. I’m just hoping they understand that many of us see the source material as no more than a general guideline for backstory, which is optional at best at this point.
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maripr · 20 hours ago
What's your favorite "why are you inserting your dumb centrism into a web show" RWBY hatedom take?
Mines are
- it was Oscar's fault that James shot him
- Ruby is gaslighting Penny by telling her she's her own person
- Weiss was violent when she threw that racist in tbe trash
Oh wait let's not forget
- Jaune and Yang are Oscar's abusers
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random-chaos-thoughts · 2 days ago
You consume media like a normal person? That's nice! Oh, me? Well, I pick one character to love and cherish with all my heart and soul and lose interest when they are not there for more than 30 seconds.
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