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Baymax: *premieres on Disney +*
The BH6 Fandom:
Tumblr media
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We’ve really gotta stop giving folks a hard time about using the term “fanfic” to describe certain types of derivative works of public domain source material.
Like, yes, it’s important to recognise that works in the public domain afford a whole range of transformative freedoms that works presently under copyright don’t, but the fact of the matter is that the term “fanfic” is pulling double duty to describe both a particular legal relationship with the source material, and a particular creative stance toward the source material, and you can totally do the second one even in the absence of the first – and many folks do.
All of which is a long-winded way to say that when someone says they’re writing fanfic about Les Misérables or Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the fact that these works have been in the public domain for the better part of a century doesn’t mean they’re wrong.
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Tumblr media
Baymax owes a lot to Studio Ghibli o–o
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pool side ~ steve harrington;stranger things
word count: 3220
request?: no
description: in which their innocent conversation by the pool quickly turns into something a little dirtier
pairing: steve harrington x wheeler!female!reader
warnings: swearing, smut (oral (f receiving), i guess technically public sex?)
masterlist (one, two)
Tumblr media
Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t hate Steve Harrington.
I mean, I didn’t know him well enough to hate him. We didn’t run in the same friend group. I was a math nerd - high grades in the subject, champion of basically every decathlon in the last four years, would be leader of the team if I really wanted it - and Steve was...well...he was Steve. Big, popular Steve. Everyone loved and admired Steve.
Everyone including my twin sister.
Nancy was head over heels for Steve from the moment he gave her even the smallest sliver of attention. He would call her all the time, sneak into her bedroom at night, distract her from her studies and make her late for class, or miss it all together.
Maybe that’s where the rumor that I hated him came from. I was trying to talk some sense into Nancy after she came home past curfew wearing Steve’s hoodie and noticeably missing her clothes from when she left. Well, noticeably for me. Sometimes our parents can be blissfully ignorant, or too trusting of Nancy, Mike, and I.
“You don’t even know him,” she argued when I told her Steve was making her act differently. “Maybe you’d like him if you got to know him.”
“I’d like him a lot more if he wasn’t getting you in trouble all the time,” I muttered in response.
Within a week the whole school thought I hated Steve, including Steve himself. But that wasn’t the case. Quite the opposite, actually. Like everyone, I liked Steve. I liked him as much as my sister did, if you know what I mean.
Why else would I go to a party at his place without Nancy? I wasn’t a party person, and none of the other attendees wanted me there I’m sure, but Steve invited the entire grade, and I decided to go.
But, again, I’m not a party person, so instead of being inside with my “peers” listening to the too loud music and drinking lukewarm beer, I was sat in a chair next to the Harrington’s pool, just watching the still water.
The muffled music increased for a split second as the backdoor opened and shut again. I looked over my shoulder to see Steve standing at the door.
“Shouldn’t you be studying your math textbook?” he asked, a half smirk on his face.
“Shouldn’t you be trying to get in my sister’s pants?” I retorted.
He chuckled. “You got me there.”
He walked over to the chair next to me and sat down. He offered me a beer and I took it, although I had no intentions of drinking it.
“I’m kind of surprised to see you here,” he said. “Doesn’t seem like your scene.”
“It’s not.”
“Then why are you here?”
I looked down at the beer and decided maybe I would drink it. Anything to get out of answering that question.
The liquid was heavy and made my mouth feel dry, as if I wasn’t drinking. I had only drank beer once before and it definitely did not taste good at all. I wasn’t sure why basically every guy liked to drink this shit whenever there was a party or something. It seemed like the worst way to get drunk.
“Why are you out here?” I asked him. “Come to make fun of the loser all alone at the party?”
Steve put a hand over his chest. “You wound me. Maybe I saw you out here and wanted to keep you company.”
I scoffed. “Yeah, sure.”
Okay, maybe my attitude added fuel to the rumors about my feelings towards Steve, but it was hard not to have a shield up around him. My crush on him aside, Steve was also surrounded by assholes. His friends were probably the worst people in all of Hawkins. I had no idea how Nancy, who was a very gentle and caring person (so I thought), ever put up with them, no matter how much she liked Steve.
“I’m serious, (Y/N). There’s no ulterior motives here. I saw you out here alone and I wanted to come keep you company. No one even knows I left.”
“Oh. Well...thanks.”
Silence washed over us. Steve sat back in the chair, kicking his legs up and tipping his can back against his lips. He chugged the contents down within seconds before discarding the empty can onto the lawn next to him.
“Impressive,” I said.
I sighed, sick of the awkward tension in the air. “I don’t hate you, you know.”
Steve seemed amused by my confession. “Really? You could’ve fooled me.”
“I’m pretty sure Nancy is the one who started that rumor. I just sort of played into it after a while. But I don’t hate you. Your friends are another story.”
“Yeah, well you’re right to hate them. They’re assholes. I have no idea why I was ever friends with them in the first place.”
I was taken back by the confession. “Whoa. When did that happen? Last I checked they were still following you like lost puppies.”
Steve was silent again. I wondered if he was regretting telling me so much. Maybe he was about to storm off, leaving me there more confused than ever. I wouldn’t blame him. It wasn’t like we were close or anything. Nancy didn’t even bring him around to meet the family (which technically was a good idea considering how our mother acted sometimes).
Instead, he let out a sigh that blew the piece of his hair that was dangling in his face a little.
“Since you confessed something to me, I’m gonna confess something to you in return,” he said. “Your sister dumped me.”
Now that was a very surprising confession. I was shocked that I was hearing this news from Steve and not from Nancy. We usually told each other everything. I figured a break up with Steve, especially one that she initiated, would’ve been big news that she would’ve told me right away.
Steve looked up at my face. “Judging by that expression, she didn’t tell you that.”
I shook my head, still too stunned to speak.
“Yeah, I don’t blame her. I was a bit of a jerk towards her so she ended things. She’s been hanging out with Byers a lot lately, so I’m guessing there’s something there or there will be soon. She deserves him if he’s what makes her happy.” He shrugged. “Still sucks, though.”
“I’m so sorry,” I said. And I genuinely meant it. As much as I disliked the way Nancy was with him, it seemed like he was quite upset over the break up.
“It’s fine. Like I said, I was a jerk and I deserved it.”
“Doesn’t explain what’s going on with your jerk friends, though.”
“I’m getting there. Have some patience.” He smiled a little at me, and I couldn’t help but smile back. “They were being assholes towards Nancy. They made fun of Byers, called her names, then turned to insult me when I tried sticking up for them. I said enough was enough. I didn’t want to deal with that anymore.”
“Good for you, though. You deserve better friends than them.”
“Yeah I guess I do. Should’ve realized that when I caught Tommy going down on Carole in my parents bedroom.”
I made a face that Steve caught for a split second. He started to laugh a little at my expression before asking, “What? Don’t like to hear about sex?”
“Sex is fine I guess. It’s the oral that has me kind of cringing.”
“Wait.” Steve sat up, his face suddenly becoming serious. “You’ve never received oral before?”
I could feel my face burning and I quickly turned away from him. “Oh my God, I’m not talking about this with you.”
“You totally haven’t. What type of dudes have you been dating that they haven’t given you that pleasure before?”
I wrapped my arms around myself, almost like I was trying to shield myself from him. I wished I could just melt into a puddle and disappear into the pool in front of us. I really did not want to talk about my embarrassing sex life with Steve “The Hair” Harrington.
Of course I had been in relationships before. Had lost my virginity the year prior. It wasn’t exactly glamorous, but it felt good at the time. But that was the first and last time I had ever had sex, and I certainly hadn’t done anything more than regular sex. Definitely had not explored the world of cunnilingus. The same guy I lost my virginity to said it was gross and I wouldn’t like it, and, since I was inexperienced, I took his word for it.
I had been so determined to not look at Steve that I hadn’t even noticed he had gotten up from his chair and came to kneel in front of mine. His fingers gently touched my chin. The brief touch sent electricity coursing through my body. I wondered if he felt it too.
“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” he told me. “I’m just saying it feels really, really good. Or it does for a guy anyways. I’ve only ever done it to a girl once and she told me it was better than sex.”
I couldn’t help the laugh that erupted from my mouth. “That’s not a hard thing to top for me. I’ve only had sex once and it wasn’t the best.”
Steve looked so shocked that you would’ve thought I had just told him some insane, life altering secret. “Okay, whichever guy you were with to make you think this way seriously needs to get his shit together. Sex is amazing when you’re doing it with the right person, and getting head feels just as good.”
He was so close to me. Closer than he’s ever been. I shouldn’t want to jump his bones considering he’s now my sister’s ex-boyfriend and there has to be some rules against that, but I wanted to so badly. I wanted to kiss his face, run my hands through his hair, feel his body on mine. I wanted him to show me how good sex could feel.
“I could show you.”
I blanched at his comment. “W-What?”
“The oral part. I could show you how good it feels. If you want to, that is.”
“Like...like right here?”
A cheeky smile spread across his face. “Yeah. Why not?”
“Well, for one, your house is full of people right now. What if someone sees us?”
“All they’ll see is you laying back in the lawn chair. They’re positioned in a way that you can’t see anything else unless you’re upstairs, and everyone knows upstairs is a no go area.” His hands were on my thighs. They felt so warm. I wanted them in other places. “We don’t have to. This is totally up to you, but I feel like you should be shown what you’re missing.”
I glanced back at the house to make sure there was no one looking out through one of the windows. It was a bad idea, but I allowed myself to lay back on the chair with Steve still knelt between my legs. His face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.
“Is it okay if I take these off?” he asked, reaching for the buttons on my pants.
My words caught in my throat, so all I could do was nod. He unbuttoned them slowly, looking up at me every so often as if making sure I was still okay with what he was doing. Once he had them undone, he reached up for the waistband.
“Up,” he instructed. I lifted my hips and he pulled off my shorts and my panties in one movement. The cool air hit my bare lower half and I shivered a little. Steve pulled me down so I was sat right on the edge of the chair. “Open your legs for me, sweetheart.”
I did as he asked and allowed my legs to fall open.
He was cautious at first, leaning forward slowly, still watching me for any signs of hesitation or changing my mind. I could feel his breath against my core and it sent more shivers through me.
I gasped when his tongue finally collided with my clit, licking a long, slow stripe through my sensitive area. He paused, looking up at me still. God, I could get used to seeing that look in his eyes - one of lust but also one of admiration. Like I was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Even if he was just looking like that because I was letting him do naughty things to me.
“Keep going,” I managed to stutter out.
He smiled before diving back into me. One of my hands flew to his hair while the other gripped the chair beneath me as his pace picked up. He continued to mercilessly lap at my clit, each press of his tongue against the bundle of nerves sending jolts of pleasure through me.
I felt bad for how much I was messing with Steve’s hair, but I couldn’t help myself. It felt like I had no control over my own body anymore. I was fisting locks of his soft hair in my hand and my back was arching off of the chair. Steve kept having to reach up and push my hips back down, but he didn’t seem too bothered by the reaction. He looked amused, actually.
When his tongue went lower and dived into my folds, I let out a loud moan. I quickly clapped a hand over my mouth and looked down at Steve, who still had his face buried in my pussy. I could see the amusement in his eyes as he chuckled, the vibrations adding an extra form of pleasure
He continued to lick through my folds, his tongue just about entering my pussy every time he went lower on me. His hands held onto my thighs, his fingertips pressing into them. I moaned into my hand, trying to muffle the noises but it was no use. I was being louder than I intended, but I had to admit that Steve was right: oral felt incredible.
I could feel a sensation building in my stomach, and I knew it meant I was approaching my high.
“Oh God,” I breathed. “I’m gonna...I’m gonna...”
“Cum in my mouth, beautiful,” he coaxed. “I wanna taste you.”
His words were enough to send me over the edge. I let out a cry of pleasure, officially no longer caring if anyone heard us, as my orgasm ripped through me. Steve continued to lick my entrance, lapping up my juices as much as he could.
When he pulled away I had to bite back a whimper. I already wished to feel him licking me again, or maybe to feel more of him.
He got up to hover over me. His mouth and chin were glistening with my slick. I was surprised at how much that turned me on. He pressed himself against me and I could feel him poking through his jeans. He started to lower his face down to mine and my heart raced with anticipation. He stopped just before out lips touched.
“Wait,” he said, bringing his arm to his face and quickly wiping me off of his mouth and chin. “There.”
And when Steve closed the gap between us, I felt like I was in heaven. It was the moment I had been waiting for since the moment I laid my eyes on him. Of course, I never imagined it would happen just after he gave me the most intense orgasm of my life, but that fact just felt like an added plus.
He grounded his pelvis against mine, building friction between us. I was more than willing to let him take me right here in the lawn chair outside of his house, until a thought crossed my mind.
I pushed him away and he looked down at me, confused. “I can’t...Nancy...”
“She dumped me, (Y/N). I don’t think she’d have a problem with it.”
“No, I mean I can’t sleep with the guy who took Nancy’s virginity. Even if she ended it, that’s so wrong.”
“We never slept together.”
It was my turn to look at him in confusion. “What? But that night she was over late...she came home and she was wearing different clothes...”
“I pushed her into the pool. She came up to my room so I could give her dry clothes. We made out a little bit, but she stopped before we could go any further. She said she didn’t feel ready, and I respected that. She broke up with me before we could ever go any further.”
Well, that felt like a relief.
But still, now that I was coming down from my high and thinking a little more clearly, I didn’t want to have sex with Steve where anyone could possibly catch us.
“I’d still rather not do it out here,” I told him. “Is...is that okay?”
He smiled a little. “Of course that’s okay. I’m not going to make you do something you don’t want to do. We can try again sometime when it’s more private and with less people in my house.”
“You...you still want to have sex with me...after tonight?”
“I do. This wasn’t a one time thing for me. That is, if you don’t want it to be a one time thing.”
I shook my head quickly. He chuckled and cupped my chin again. “Well then, it’s decided. I would very much like to make you a believer in how good sex can be.”
His lips pressed against mine again. When he pulled away I felt dizzy with happiness. I truly could not believe the events of this night had happened at all. I was still convinced I had dreamt it all.
“Do you have to go home tonight?” he asked. “I know your parents can be strict with curfews.”
I deflated at the question. “Yeah. Mom wants me home by 10.”
“Do you have a ride home?”
I shook my head. Despite the distance, I had decided to walk to Steve’s place. None of my friends who could drive wanted to go to his party, and I wasn’t about to ask my parents to drive me there.
“Well, here’s an idea: how about I drive you home before your curfew, and then tomorrow morning I’ll come back and pick you up, and we’ll go out for breakfast.”
“I-I’d like that,” I said.
He smiled brightly. “Okay. Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s go back in for a while. What do you say?”
I nodded again, feeling speechless. I was so sure this whole night had been a dream. I was about to pinch myself to see if I was really awake.
Steve took my hand and helped me up from the lawn chair. We grabbed my panties and shorts and I pulled them back on. My legs still felt wobbly from our earlier activities, so Steve let me lean against him as he walked into his house.
So yeah, I think it’s safe to say I definitely did not hate Steve Harrington.
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Ep. 1: You guarding my life now?
Cool for the Summer Series
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!reader
Word count: 2,015 words
Warnings: Swearing, sexual comments from Billy, flirting, subtle infidelity, fluff, upset Dustin
A/N: Well, July 1 is here, and here’s the first chapter for Cool for the Summer. Funny enough, I’m still not done with this series but I’m sure I’ll catch up with how many chapters there currently are. Enjoy!!
A sharp whistle tore through the air, causing you to turn around as silence hung eerily in the air with how loud the pool usually was.
“Hey, lard-ass!” Billy yelled, your gaze shifted to the kid he was talking to. “No running on my watch! I gotta warn you again, and you’re banned for life. You want to be banned for life, lard-ass?” The kid slowly shook his head. “didn’t think so.” Billy then lifted the whistle up again, giving a sharp blow to resume the fun of the swimmers.
The boy Billy had yelled at slowly moved around the pool and you gently reached out to him, whispering delicately to him. “He can’t ban you for life, he doesn’t have that power with his measly lifeguard job. Continue to have fun, but be safe otherwise, you will get in trouble and we can kick you out for the day.”
The kid smiled at you and nodded at you before walking past to continue his fun. You shook your head, resting your hands on your hips as you shifted your gaze to your hot-headed coworker. Frustrated that he was taking forever to take your spot because all you wanted was a little break from the sun and heat.
“Afternoon, ladies,” You heard Billy call as you watched him pass the row of mothers waiting to spy on him.
“Afternoon, Billy,” They all replied, causing you to shake your head with a sigh.
“Like the new suit, Mrs. Wheeler,” Billy commented.
“Thank you,” Karen Wheeler replied.
You leaned against the ladder of the chair you recently climbed down, watching as all the moms ogled Billy walk toward you and his on-duty post. He smirked at you, and luckily he couldn’t see your eye roll because of your sunglasses. So you just returned a grimace-like smirk.
He stopped with one of his feet on the ladder, looking at you and keeping you by the post instead of heading to the cold indoors of the office.
“You know, we do have a break room,” Billy suggested, leaning closer to you. His arm rested against the lifeguard’s chair, smirking down at you, “If you’d ever want to, you know, relax, you know, ease this tension between us.”
You blew out your breath, it coming out as an annoyed sigh. Your gaze shifted to the line of moms watching your interactions closely before shifting back to Billy’s face, his sunglasses still covering his eyes.
You leaned slightly closer, knowing just how jealous the moms must’ve been getting. “You know that if you stopped either flirting with me or borderline insulting me, I might consider you a friend.”
You walked away, glancing at the mothers.
“Mrs. Wheeler,” You greeted, and you could see that she finally registered who his co-worker was and how easy it would be for you to spill the beans.
“Y/N,” Your name came out slowly from her lips.
“Don’t worry, you’re secret is safe with me,” You said, keeping your pace and walking passed the now worried mom.
You were relaxing in the office when Billy stepped in from his shift, the third lifeguard taking his spot. That prompted you to get up and grab your shorts quickly seeing the chance to take your lunch break.
“So, you’re saying you don’t want to have sex with me?” Billy asked as you slid on the shorts wanting to make it to the mall in time.
“That’s exactly what I’m saying. One, you act like you hate both me and my brother, which now I’m thinking is not the case. You think I’m, what was it, ‘a cow’ along with all the other high school girls,” you commented, just wanting to leave. The plan was to meet your brother for food at the mall with his friends since he came back from his summer camp today.
“That’s right. You’ve talked to my sister,” Billy muttered, a soft scoff leaving his lips, “Plus that’s before I really noticed you because you finally dress to show yourself off.”
“Yeah, I think I get along better with her, anyway,” You retorted before continuing to your second point, “Two, I can easily get someone better. Technically already do. I’m just not looking for a relationship.”
Billy opened his mouth to interrupt again, but you were quick to finish your statement, “And three, it seems you have a line already. If you’re that desperate, ask one of the mothers ogling at you and they would totally involve you in an affair.”
“Oh just go to your ice cream scooping freak of a boyfriend,” Billy commented before leaning back in the office chair, propping his legs up on the counter.
You walked out of the office and gave Billy your response when you passed the window. “Not my boyfriend but that is where I am going. And I’ll enjoy being there much more than here.”
As you left the fenced area, you also called out before you got to your vehicle, “and I’ll be sure to pay for my dear friend Max if she can’t get something to eat!”
You wandered around the mall, leaving your brother to enjoy some time with his friends.
“And another one bites the dust,” you heard a female voice echo from the shop Steve was working at after two girls just left the store. “You are oh-for-six, Popeye.”
“Yeah, yeah, I can count,” you heard Steve respond. You stepped into the shop to see Steve leaning against the counter, his back to you in order to talk with his coworker who was holding up a whiteboard that was split in half with a ’you suck’ above one side and a ‘you rule’ on the other.
“You know that means you suck,” the female coworker said, stating the obvious in this case.
“Yeah, I can read too,” Steve said.
“Since when?” She asked and that’s when her gaze shifted onto you for a second. But the movement was so fast Steve didn’t seem to notice.
“It’s this stupid hat,” Steve quickly excused, stepping closer to his coworker who was looking out the back window. “I am telling you, it is totally blowing my best feature.”
You had to keep your laughter silent as his coworker kept his attention off you as well, enjoying the scene just as much as you, and you slowly approached the counter.
“Yeah, company policy is a real drag,” She said. “Some are lucky with what their company requires for attire, like lifeguards. We aren’t so blessed.” Steve didn’t respond, he zoned out because of the first lifeguard that came to his mind. The girl continued, “You know, it’s a crazy idea but have you considered… telling the truth?”
“Oh, you mean, that I couldn’t even get into Tech and my douchebag dad’s trying to teach me a lesson, I make three bucks an hour, and I have no future? That truth?” Steve asked sarcastically.
The girl hummed, pursing her lips in consideration before adding, “Nah, I’m thinking more along the lines of being head-over-heels for a close friend and the fact that you aren’t looking for a committed relationship. You’re just flirting because you’re waiting for her to be ready for a relationship.”
“I could just say both, ruin all of my chances ever,” Steve said, pulling a smile across both yours and the girl’s lips.
The girl made a look over his shoulder more obvious this time, forcing her smile off her face even if she really didn’t want to, and pointed over Steve’s shoulder, “hey, one o’clock.”
He glanced over his shoulder to find you leaning against the counter, patiently waiting, quietly listening, and enjoying every second of it.
He looked back at Robin. “Screw it,” He muttered before taking off the hate and throwing it into the back. “Screw company policy.”
“Wow, you’re a whole new man,” Robin said before offering you a wave and busying herself with tasks in the back.
Steve turned completely around to you, and you simply raised an eyebrow at him.
“What brings you by?” Steve asked, smiling at you before taking in your ‘uniform.’ “You guarding my life now?”
You pushed down a giggle especially when you heard a groan echo from the back.
“How else would I be spending my time?” You asked, before letting out a sigh. “I just thought I’d stop by since I grabbed some lunch here. Get a cold, sweet treat on my way back to work.”
“Let me guess,” Steve started, grabbing a scoop and a cone. “One scoop of maple walnut and a second of coffee almond fudge.”
“Of course, it’s-“
“Your favorite breakfast in a cone,” he finished, remembering what you had told him before.
Not long after, you found yourself back in the lifeguard chair, taking the shift after Billy since your other coworker left for her lunch break. You shook your head from the seat. Mrs. Wheeler climbed out of the pool when Billy called out to her to get her attention. She smiled and took the towel he handed her.
You wished you could hear the conversation but you were too far and the swimmers were too loud. It would also be too obvious if you could get everyone to be quiet just so you could eavesdrop.
You watched though. Billy put a stick of gum in his mouth and muttered something, causing Mrs. Wheeler to drop the towel. Both dipped down to pick it up. The two were standing close together and you looked away when Mrs. Wheeler started laughing. You just hoped she would make the right decision.
You were stuck closing down the pool with Billy, both of you minding your business until you guys were almost done and Billy looked at you.
“So, you have a serious people-watching issue-“ Billy started.
You quickly cut him off, “it’s not my fault that I know Mrs. Wheeler and her children, because I was friends with her oldest daughter. It’s just crazy to think.”
“What? That she would be interested in me?” Billy asked, smirking at you. “Jealous?”
“Ew. Barf me out,” You groaned. “It smells like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Finish your closing list so I can go home.”
The front door swung open and snapped shut. You jumped slightly before looking at the person who entered by craning your head backward over the couch’s backrest. You smiled up at your brother.
“Hey, what’s up?” You asked, shifting slightly to be able to read your brother’s face in a normal position. “Is everything ok?”
“Well,” Dustin sighed, dropping his backpack by the couch before taking the seat next to you. “I was ditched today.”
“What!? Why? What happened?” You asked, thoroughly confused because you knew how excited his friends were for Dustin to come home.
He shrugged, staring forward. You could see the glaze of sadness in his eyes. You let a slow breath, upset that your brother looked like he wanted to cry and mad at his friends for leaving him by himself.
“Well, we wandered to try and contact Suzie cause I wanted to introduce them to her. I couldn’t get a hold of her and they all got bored while waiting,” Dustin explained. He closed his eyes and pressed his hands against his eyes to push the tears away.
“Hey,” you whispered, shifting to wrap an arm over Dustin to squeeze him close. “Um, I’m off work tomorrow. How about we have a full day, just you and me? We can do whatever you want, we can go to the arcade or Starcourt or anything like that.”
Dustin smiled at you before shifting to wrap both his arms around your waist, “yes. That would be amazing.”
“Yeah,” you muttered. “If your friends don’t want your time, I’ll definitely take some time to hang out with you.”
“Jokes on them. I intercepted a Russian communication and they won’t be in on the glory,” Dustin said.
You shifted to look down at your brother with confusion painted on your face. “You said that way to casually,” you muttered, playing over what he just told you in your head. “What? A-a Russian communication?”
Tumblr media
Cool for the Summer Masterlist
Series Masterlist
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WIP Wednesday!
Uhh. Geordi smut. Yeah. I don't have much of an explanation for this one. Enjoy!
Geordi blinked and yawned. Cutie frowned sympathetically. If they’d known there was going to be a fucking speech in the middle of the performance, they wouldn’t have asked him to come with them. Their little cousin was in the talent show and her parents weren’t going to be able to make it, so Cutie had agreed to come to support her, asking Geordi to come with them so they wouldn’t be alone. But her part wasn’t until the second half of the show, and the principal had a speech planned in the middle of the show that Cutie hadn’t been aware of. And it was long. And boring. And loquacious. And had they mentioned it was long? They glanced over at Geordi, who looked so bored that he looked interested. Well, they could at least make this a little less boring…
They poked his shoulder and, when he turned to look at them, tapped two fingers against their temple and raised an eyebrow. Geordi nodded hurriedly, a smile that warmed Cutie's heart spreading across his face.
"Hey there, Cutie!'"
"Hey handsome," they grinned at him. 
"Love their voice in my head— love it when they call me that— cute grin— sparkly eyes— so pretty. D’you think the principal's hair is gonna fall down?" Cutie almost laughed.
"That’s how you’ve been entertaining yourself this whole time?"
"I'm not kidding! Look at that pin in her hair— wobbles every time she moves her head. I swear it’s gonna fall down any minute… then it would flop over her face. Would she get hair in her mouth? Maybe then she would stop talking so much."
"Geordi! You’re gonna make me laugh!" They scolded mentally. Geordi grinned and stuck his tongue out.
"I love their laugh— would be bad if they laughed right now though— besides, why not keep their gorgeous laugh all to myself? Yee, the ignorant masses don’t need the knowledge that your laugh is straight from heaven…" They blushed and rolled their eyes. 
"Watch it, charmer, or you’ll have me falling in love with you all over again," they crooned, turning their head back to look at the principal again.
"Heheh, all over again… love being called charmer, they should call me that more… am I all that charming though? Maybe on the outside but once you get in my brain it’s just chaos with some charm mixed in— are they listening to me or the principal? They look too bored to be listening to me… hm, that unimpressed face they have on is actually kinda hot… raising one eyebrow and all… 
Oh fuck, did they hear that? Did you hear that?"
They schooled their face to be properly distracted looking. If Geordi's mind was going to wander in that direction, they surely weren’t going to discourage it.
"Cutie? You still in here?"
"Hm? Sorry, love, I was zoning out. What did you say?"
"Ah, nothing, Cutie, just random wandering thoughts. Sorry," 
Hm, they had a unfair advantage here. Good. They raised one eyebrow at him and shrugged.
"Well, okay then, pretty boy," Geordi’s eyes widened.
"W-oh wow— fuck, the expressions hot— and pretty boy?? Oh wow that’s hot— wait. Cutie. You know what being called pretty boy does to me." He turned an accusing glare on them. They returned it with an innocent smile. 
"I'm sure I don’t know what you mean, my lover," they thought wickedly. Geordi twitched. 
"My lover. My lover. My lover???" 
"Well you are, aren’t you?" Cutie put on the innocent face again. Geordi ran a hand over his eyes. 
"What are you doing? You realize we are in public right? At a children’s talent show? There are kids here— and parents— probably suburban soccer mom Karens— you can’t be saying things like that in my head right now— what if I accidentally make a noise? Oh fuck, it would be bad if we got caught— but fuck— why is— shit, why is this getting me going so much? Oh fuck…" Cutie smirked at him.
"As long as you can keep quiet, we're all good, pretty boy. After all, it’s not like I’m saying anything out loud. It’s not like I’m saying out loud how much I’d like to have my mouth on you right now." Geordi turned his head to stare at them like they’d grown a second nose.
"Are you trying to kill me?" 
"Oh come on now, Geordi. No-one except us can tell how much you would fucking love to have me pressing soft, wet, open-mouthed kisses all up and down your chest and torso and neck. No-one will be able to tell… unless you give it away… so really, your fate is in your own hands right now." Geordi's eyes were the size of dinner plates.
"Mouth— kisses— on my chest and torso and neck?? Oh fuck that’s hot— love their mouth so much— oh my g— Cutie!!" They had chosen their first image very tastefully. It wasn’t too revealing, more of a tease than anything else. Just a memory of their lips on the junction between his shoulder and neck, murmuring soft praises into his skin. 
"Cutie— fuck, fuck, shit, ohhhh…" With the next image (fucking in front of a mirror was not only fun, but handy for later it seemed) Geordi's hand strayed down to his groin. 
"Oh fuck that’s hot— no, no, bad Geordi, bad thoughts, you cannot touch yourself in the middle of a speech in a public auditorium." Cutie stifled a chuckle behind their hand.
"We're in an empty row, and there's no-one directly in front of or behind us… if you’re really so desperate and needy already, I don’t see why you can’t touch just a little…" Geordi gasped out loud, immediately slapping a hand over his mouth.
"What are you, my shoulder devil? Oh go— you’re so bad, you are so fuckin bad, you are evil, evil, evil— their eyes are all shiny— cheeks are flushed— mouth's hanging open a little— am I affecting them as much as they’re affecting me? So hot— ohhh the way they look at me from under the lids of their eyes? Gonna— ugh— makes me feel like I’m some kind of prey— like they’re gonna eat me up— so hot— no, no, no, not hot, evil, evil, bad— ohhh no please—“ They had a hand on his thigh. Geordi was trembling, hands balled into fists, biting his tongue to keep himself from making some incriminating noise. 
"This is so not fair—!" Cutie rubbed their hand back and forth gently, circling closer and closer— higher and higher up his thigh.
"And yet you really seem to be enjoying yourself, don’t you, my lover? Do you like that? How unfair it is? How much power I hold over you? I’m going easy on you, pretty boy. I could wreck you right now. Fill your head up with so many dirty thoughts and images and memories and sensations that you couldn’t possibly keep silent. Make everyone see just how bad you are. I could work you up until you didn’t care how many people saw or how bad of trouble we got in— all you would care about is touching and being touched and—“ Geordi stood up abruptly.
"I'm going to the bathroom. If you want to stop teasing the shit out of me and actually make good on some of this, you can follow me." He walked jerkily away, thoughts still chasing each other through his mind at breakneck speed. 
Ahehe… please don’t come for me
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Tumblr media
This is seriously the worst thing WatchMojo has ever done
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nadiapolyakova · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Theo Nott
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
In a Nutshell
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milk-farm · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pink Bubbles, motorcycle thing and hair down? Adriens gonna be flying up to heaven!!
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harriyanna · 2 days ago
idk what fandom racist needs to hear this but someone not liking chloe bourgeois because she is racist is not “starting drama”. so much of the shit yall saying is starting “drama” do not be drama at all if just be people having valid points and yall try to tell them to shut the fuck up. 
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comment-exchange · 15 hours ago
Welcome to Comment Exchange!
Tumblr media
I've decided to make a new introductory post about what we do here. The last one was pretty well received, but it was posted over a year ago and I think it's time for an update. Maybe it'll even reach a few new people.
Starting Comment Exchange was a quarantine project of mine and it all started in May 2020 with an idea and this post.
The idea behind Comment Exchange is to help all those fan creations that don’t get immediate attention and quickly disappear between the countless other fan works that are out there. Especially new creators, creators who aren’t active in the social part of fandom and creators in small fandoms rarely get high numbers of interactions on their works. While getting these high numbers shouldn't be the focus of creating fanworks, we all enjoy getting them anyways, right?
The Comment Exchange has collected about 250 fanworks in more than 100 fandoms and counting over the past two years. We have multiple masterlists that help you navigate those works and some strategies to give every work, that gets submitted to us, the best chance at getting comments. For example our no-comments-yet tag that gets updated once a months. We also do random reblogs of works that are on our masterlist and are working on a hall of fame for the works that have reached more than 10 comments since they got posted here. From time to time we have events to drum up activity, keep an eye out for those. If you want to be tagged in posts about new events, let me know.
If you want to submit something, please read our rules first. If you have any questions, you can check the FAQ or, scroll through previously answered questions or send an ask. You can find all the things linked here and more in our navigation and please always feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, suggestions or anything else.
Happy Commenting!
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sophialmilautitious · a day ago
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darlingoftmblr · 2 days ago
she's a 10, but she'll drop everything for dylan o'brien
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Tumblr media
❤️steve experiences flirting opposite day❤️
just gonna post some steddie before the finale bc im not ready and if either one of them die i WILL be a mess. So here: the former flirt being flirted with and not knowing how to handle it
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mackenzie-is-loading · 2 days ago
Cool for the Summer
Steve Harrington Series: Pt. two
Tumblr media
About seven moths since you postponed the start of a relationship, you still find yourself growing closer to Steve Harrington. Following a mishap with your coworker that made repressed memories re-emerge and near death experiences with evil Russians and inter-dimensional creatures, the bond between you and Steve grows. Feeling ready for it now, you have to juggle the issue of not letting your brother find out.
Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!reader
Warnings: Swearing, violence, sexual(-ish) comments, blood, injuries, drugs, angst, fluff, growing relationships with a number of characters
A/N: Alright, I’m not quite finished but I do plan on having it done in a day or two, basically all I have left is the last chapter. This series is a few episodes longer than the last but that means there’s more to enjoy. I’ll keep you up-to-date on any changes but I did say July 1 and that’s when I’ll start posting this series.
Tumblr media
Episode 1: You Guarding My Life Now?
Episode 2: xx
Series Masterlist
Tag List: @simonsbluee @tragiclilb @crazyunsexycool @maajikcrossing @fatherfigured @graciexmarvel @kiwi5335 @ech0brinly @fixtionlover @frogtits1 @blanchedelioncourt @greekktragedyy @lostinatimeline @yellenabelovaa @katsukiswrld @distinguishedmakerpandapatrol @makaylajayde13 @i-bitch-you-bitch @i-mmunity @at-las-posts @milkiane @em-rebekah @hcloangcls @arignipanja574 @phinafucks
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Redacted Asmr Characters As Random Things My Friends And I Have Said To Each Other
Baabe: "Not right now! I’m holding alcohol!"
Asher: "So we were sending pictures of pizzas in the fruit chat”
Sam: “I’m a mountain man with a door on my front… I guess to fix my internal organs.” 
Gavin: “If we’re desperate for food, there’s a Mexican Restaurant.” 
David, to Angel:  “Why are you reading over my shoulder? Oh, wait, that’s your job.”
Freelancer: "We’re getting sacrilegious down here," 
Huxley: "Oh, that’s dangerous— the fire tried to kiss me" 
Sweetheart: "It's us, we are the magical cop" 
Lasko: “What are you running from, a real sport?”
Milo: "My favorite part, the failing"
Damien: "I’m not calling you out, hon, I'm calling out the world"
Darlin/Tank: "I haven’t had enough alcohol today"
Kody: “I am a sea potato; I swim, other than that I do not move.”
Geordi: “Why wouldn’t there be a fridge?”
Avior: "We have to exchange favorite librarians!" 
I do have more, so let me know if y'all want a part two!
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gravityfallsrockz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Can you believe that it's been one month since King's Tide aired and The Owl House went on hiatus?
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Tumblr media
Omg!!! I knew it ✨✨ Congrats guys
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Because of volume 2 I need to post this now
[Spoilers for volume 2 under the cut]
I am unwell. I stayed up till 5 watching that shit. I’m not okay. Bring my blorbo back.
And that whole thing with max dying and el being like “nah”
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