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celestial-prism999 · 16 hours ago
Gonna start posting some unpopular opinions on media here. Here we go;
- Traditional Fairy Tales are good actually and there is nothing wrong with character archetypes like The Damsel in Distress or The Knight in Shining Armor. Victims are not weak or bad for being unable to escape their abusers. Your worth is not dictated by you needing help. Those who rescue others from harm ought to be admired and emulated.
- RWBY was better in the early Volumes because it was a fun show about anime characters fighting each other and cool monsters and it wasn't ashamed of that. The new volumes are a third rate fantasy epic held together by a meandering Macguffin Plot and is afraid of actually being colorful or upbeat. Things that are simple and fun are sometimes better than overwrought dramas.
- HeMan Revelations isn't that good of a show because it was written by someone who doesn't even like the IP. The Master of the Universe cartoon is a much better adaptation because it isn't embarrassed to be about a bunch of colorful sword and sorcery characters beating up a cackling skeleton man. If I wanted to see a bunch of mean lesbians shit-talking their friends I'd just go look in the radfems tag.
- A piece of media doesn't need to be perfect to be worth enjoying. For example, I think that Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are very flawed book series, but I'm still able to appreciate what their authors did right along with the messages they tried to put in them.
- Arguing about "realism" in a story as a form of complaint is counterproductive because fiction by it's nature is meant to be unrealistic. Instead you should evaluate whether characters have consistant identities, if plot points weave together in a satisfying way, and if the attempted themes and moods of the story are cohesive and are supported by the writting.
- Twilight isn't my cup of tea, but it gets a lot more hate than it deserves and after some of the smut I've seen some of y'all make online I don't think a lot of you have any right to complain about it being "unhealthy".
- Certain genres and their conventions are not for you and that doesn't make them objectively bad. Complaining about a children's story having a child protagonist, or a self-indulgent romance story having a fantastical romance, is like going to the beach and complaining about there being too much water. Or going to a rock concert and wondering why they aren't playing easy listening jazz.
- Ideally neither gender should be sexually objectified, but if you're going to have unrealistic depictions of women in your stories you should at least be fair and do the same with the men. If all the women look like porn stars and all the men have flat asses and ugly faces than you're a coward. Either glorify the human form and give everyone impossible physiques or be realisitic. Pick one.
- The Lord of the Rings doesn't need sex scenes or LGBT representation. If you really want a fantasy story with those things you should make your own story or read stories by people like Ursula K. Le Guin that put those things in their stories. Adding things an author wouldn't have approved of after their death is disrespectful to their memory.
- A lot of people are correct about how it's gross that a lot of anime sexualizes teenage girls, but I find it concerning that nobody really speaks up when they do it to underage boys instead. Both are kids and shouldn't be portrayed that way period.
- It's okay to have "cringy" interests. As long as you aren't hurting yourself or others than you should do what makes you happy. Besides, in five years people are going to magically decide your interest is cool again once it's become cool to be invested in it "ironically". This goes for Among Us, Pokemon, Anime, Five Nights at Freddy's, Warrior Cats or any other children's media or niche interest.
- On that note, liking something "ironically" is impossible. You may not enjoy something for the reasons its creator meant, but if you're a fan you're a fan. Don't hide behind a mask of cynicism and false-scorn. Embrace your passions openly and without shame. I promise you'll have more fun that way.
- Most furries are actually okay people and I'm tired of people acting like they're freaks when there are way worse individuals you could encounter online. Thinking that bipedal cartoon animals is cool isn't that bad in the grand scheme of things.
- Some 12 year old's Mary Sue oc is actually harmless and they are just having fun and learning how to create. Don't bully them over being inexperienced or for having a ridiculous character concept. Instead you should encourage them and only give them constructive criticism if they ask for it. Dark Lord Bloodaxe Grimjaw and Magical Neko Angel Demon Princess Miyuki could go on to become something genuinely compelling if given the chance.
- Shipping isn't the end-all be-all of storytelling. Try taking the shipping goggles off every now and then. Try to engage with stories beyond which characters you want to see kiss.
- Also you should give other genres a chance every now and then. It helps broaden your horizons and will teach you more about storytelling and the tropes and tools used when doing so.
- A lot of classics may not hold up well to modern standards or fit your tastes. But they are important because they introduced important concepts to their branch of media. That's why they are taught in schools. It's okay not to like a classic, but you should research what it contributed to literature/cinema/video games and it's impact on media. It's possible to dislike something while also acknowledging it's historical impact. In fact it is sometimes necessary to learn and grow as a storyteller.
- Finally, friendships are more important than fandoms. Fandoms are overrated and are infested with drama and toxicity and cliques. Instead you should make friends with good people who share your interests. You'll have much more fun that way.
Thanks for listening to my ramble. Have a nice day.
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stopcannibalizingourown · 19 hours ago
Logic brain: “The fact that most people seem to headcanon as transfem women who are toxic, manipulative, selfish, aggressive, and/or violent at a much higher rate than characters who are Not That is indicative of some serious as-yet-unpacked transmisogyny on the part of even the most progressive parts of fandom. That isn’t to say that trans women having these traits is any less likely than any other demographic, or that selfishness, aggressiveness, or even violence are inherently negative traits in all contexts, but the fact that these traits are often taken as a signifier of transfemininity in fandom is very much a Problem.”
Unhealthily nice and mild-mannered trans woman brain: “Yes but I shall engage in these exact same headcanons to an even greater extent than is normal, actually, and moreover I believe I shall project onto these toxic women and to some extent envy them their selfishness and aggressiveness.”
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rayshippouuchiha · 10 hours ago
Tbh... I have a massive soft spot for characters who are written as yandere. I just... It's sweet sometimes, in a dark morbid way yeah, but I mean? Whats not to adore about them loving their partner so much they would defend them against anything, anyone, would tear apart the world itself if the one they loved just asked.
I know that typically the relationships wouldn't be considered healthy, and they really aren't irl, but it's just such a good thing in fiction.
Oh yeah I enjoy yandere too, though I do wish more fics dealing with yandere characters would have the love interest kind of dig it and roll with it. Which is just, generally, the vibe I'm going for in my yandere flavored fics
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novelist-becca · 20 hours ago
What's something in a fanfiction that's an immediate turnoff for you?
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kkglinka · 8 hours ago
Reason #256753 RWBY is delightful: just as each protagonist is from a different fairy or folk tale, they are likewise from different anime genres.
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harriyanna · 6 hours ago
*calls police to report someone selling fan merch* HELLO I'D LIKE TO REPORT A CYBER CRIME
lmaooooooo this really is what they be lookin like. like if disney wanna get mad about $40 i made from the progenies being monotonized THEY ARE THE PROBLEM (which they are hehe)
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rayshippouuchiha · 4 hours ago
I adore your very specific brand of yandere that is just "I *will* kill a man for you darling, just say the word". 10/10 yes please, would read again. What I do NOT enjoy is the more conventional, Mirai Nikki or Judge Claude Frollo style of yandere that most media I've watched tend to prefer, which are like "be mine or you (and your loved ones) will burn". THAT brand can go to hell
there you go, you said it in words
and it can even edge up on the more extreme edge if it's done right but that's a very thin line to walk
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nouf0 · 22 hours ago
Let’s talk about 1d boys fandom 
Zquad they always scare me tbh ,they’ve been in a lot of shit so I will never fuck with them
Louies watch out from the lesbians they will give you their cute faces and then eat the hell out of you PS don’t call a Louie when Lou tweet something I did and she blocked me , Obsessed mf
Harries they seem rough but I could easily fight them and they are so sensitive so I will hug them after , like slap on a cheek and kiss on the other
Niall and Liam stans what can I say , can I hug them like I feel save , I could trust a Niall stan with my 5k bag , also Liam stans are SOO SMART like I’ve never seen anyone who stan Liam and dumb at the same time . I hope both sides of their pillow are cold tonight and everyday
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kuro909 · 53 minutes ago
When you [Undertale] so much u automatically put on a scarf with the ends tied backyards and everyone at your class stares at u like you don't know how to work up a scarf.
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rayshippouuchiha · 10 hours ago
Sometimes the crossovers ships are like you said "Uraichi in different fonts", and sometimes it looks like it comes from the bottom of the pits of hell and now I'm curious about in which one of those two falls your crossover ship
probably a firm middle ground of "if they existed together in the same verse they'd either fuck or hate each other with no middle ground"
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ahhvernin · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
State your conviction and find a like minded partner!
My palisman hand embroidered patches are complete! I'm so thrilled to see my sketches come to life as actual tangible pieces.
Here we have:
Lilith's white raven
Eda's owl, Owlbert
Hunter's Cardinal aka Lil' Rascal
Amity's Ghost, the white cat.
Willow's Clover, the bee.
Gus' chamelon.
And last but not least, Hooty trying to help by making her staff not feel empty °>°
They have a felt backing and are sew on patches.
If you are interested in any of these patches they are on sale in my newly opened Etsy shop.
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flosimo · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
A dandelion flower crown for our bard 🌼
I know I’m late but I’m just swamped with university stuff…
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