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Ship types as people

Fandoms main ship: Angsty-ass stubborn bitch. You have to be careful with your words or they will either kill you and/or get arroused.

Filler ship: Vaugely Cottagecore and has a sensitive soul. Cries at movies and bakes on the weekends. Smiles to strangers on the streets

1 Main x 1 filler character ships: Quiet and introverted. holds more grudges than there are options on a Starbucks menu and is into astrology

Non-main Character Ships: Loves jumping to conclusions and has a gossiping addiction. Will adopt you whenever you feel down

Antagonist x protagonist ships: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Poly!ships: Horndog with a big heart. Will be vibing to lo-if on a beanbag before overreacting about a text they sent. Warms up to people instantly

Opposites-attract Ships: Art student whose blood consists mainly of coffee. Listens to the same 3 albums on repeat that are of completely different genres and never gets to the end of the songs.

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Fun thing about being in a fandom a bunch of people you know aren’t in…

…You get to convince them your ship is best before they even know anything else about the series, even if the ship isn’t the most popular. :P

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