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#fandom rp
themultiverseheroines · 2 months ago
Open Fandom RP (to all fandoms)
Tumblr media
“So, you’re new to this part of the galaxy huh? Well, lucky for you, you ran into me. I’ll help you around here, provided you help me out with something too. But for right now? Let’s just get you on your feet, so you can get an idea of how things work around here, okay?” 
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spiderben2011 · 3 months ago
Open Fandom RP (to all fandoms)
Tumblr media
“I was made to be a weapon. To be used to kill and obey orders. I got a chance to live a nice normal life, but I decided instead to use my powers to help people. I know many will fear me, but it won’t stop me from protecting them and show those that made me, I’m no weapon.”
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bunnybunny189 · 2 months ago
There is something about them that makes my heart stop. The moment they speak I loose all sense of myself. I feel so safe when they are around. I cherish the time being spent together. I only wish for one of them to have have the slightest amount of feelings for me.
Tumblr media
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ask-the-olderwarners · 6 months ago
Hey, Wakko. How come you’ve got an accent but Dot and Yakko don’t?
Tumblr media
W: branch go away...also I don’t know why...(I probably sound better than you..)
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maidservant-hecubus · a month ago
Tumblr media
Are you 25+ and looking for a creative, laidback, and supportive community to relax and connect with older Roleplayers?
Alliance Roleplay Connections is a brand new Roleplay Hub for adults 25 and older where you’re invited to socialize with other writers, search for new partners and groups, and find inspiration to keep those creative juices flowing.
✒ Community - A social, welcoming server with a diverse and growing community. Get to know others who share your hobby, make new friends, and meet lasting partners.
✒ Respect - We have basic rules for everyone's comfort, but believe that adults should be treated as adults and deserve trust and a space to relax.
✒ Connections - Channels to advertise for 1x1 and/or group roleplay for any genre or fandom. We offer a partnership program for other servers and sites, and also have a channel for commission artists to advertise their services.
✒ Inspiration - We want to help you improve your craft and keep your muse fresh. ARC offers channels to discuss RP, share your writing (and receive feedback if you like), try out writing prompts, ask for advice, find face claims, and more! Looking for a quick, no pressure way to stretch your muse’s legs? Join our drop-in roleplay section and jump into a freeform scene with other talented ARC members!
✒ Fun - Enjoy a wide collection of events and games including: Trivia night, Cards Against Humanity, MadLibs, Taco Shack, a Casino with server economy, and more!
If you’re new to Roleplaying or if you’ve been around since the AOL days, ARC welcomes writers of all skill levels and experience. Our goal is to provide you with an inspiring, comfortable space to meet new friends, hone your craft, and find your next story ARC.
We can’t wait to meet you!
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sorrows-rp-blog · 2 months ago
Hello! 18+ transman looking for a The Arcana roleplay after another replay of it reminded me of how much I love the games and it’s characters, I’m looking for someone to play Julian against
My Asra but I will do other ships as well!
React and I will reach out to you 😊
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thewriterfangirl · 3 days ago
RP Partner
Hey I'm Star (I use she/her pronouns), I'm looking for a rp partner (or even a group to rp with). I'm pretty open to a lot and I'd like to use discord if possible.
18+/NSFW stuff is fine with me, but I'd rather not have it be the focus. I like actual plot and character development. I like rps that are a little more than just two characters and romance (not that I am not a sucker for romance). F/M, M/M, F/F are all good with me. I'm gonna be honest, I usually go for the gay romance. I pretty much always do 3rd person rp.
Original ideas and OCs are great (I have a lot of OCs) or rping with fandoms and canon characters works for me too. Honestly, I kind of prefer coming up with original rp ideas (outside of fandoms) and using OCs. I don't rp as real people though (actors/singers/other celebrities/etc.). As far as fandoms go, I have a lot that I am a part of (a very wide variety) so if one isn't on the list below then just ask. (Note: I don't really know any anime.) (Second note: multifandom rps are good with me too).
I do prefer more than just a sentence and I'd like at least a small paragraph, but I'd be up for more than that. I'm online pretty frequently, but of course I understand how busy life can be and I won't be mad if you have to disappear for a couple of days. Also, I'm in EST. My major fandoms (there are definitely more):
MCU (I have seen up to Black Widow) Sanders Sides Star Trek Merlin Grey’s Anatomy Percy Jackson Harry Potter X-Men Disney/Pixar Movies (and some Disney shows) Hamilton NCIS DM or comment if interested.
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lunoxhq · 2 months ago
∘₊✧ ─ ✧₊∘ ➵ anonymous​ said; if you like xmen and write mlm, uncannyhq is a big rec
i would like to preface this by saying lunox is comprised of a team of two non-binary people, with a trans co-admin. we have decided we absolutely cannot recommend uncannyhq for the following reasons; after taking a look at their blog and seeing their recent answered asks, we at lunox were a little confused at to whether or not this group allowed non-binary faces. instead of immediately voicing our discomfort, we messaged the admin team of uncannyhq to allow them to clarify. we feel we were met with hostility about the issue. 
within this message, the admins of uncannyhq confirmed that they do not allow non-binary faces - only male faces. even when applying for a non-binary character. their excuse for this, seems to be that “ it’s an all boys school and it’s a hazy topic in the real world. ” we said we were confused as to why that would be an issue, as the school is full of people with superpowers, we didn’t think outdated, transphobic school rules would have to be an issue in their universe. 
within the second message, they preface with “do you expect us to ban trans and non-binary people? no, we’re inclusive of all.” before they explicitly state that “ the fc would need to be that of male, as in the character would need to be male at birth. ” which is blatant transphobia. they tried to speak over us by telling us there were no right or wrong answers - which made us pretty uncomfy, since we were just politely prompting that they allow non-binary and trans male faces if they were going to allow non-binary and trans male characters in their group. they then tried to make out as if they were more progressive than other mlm rps in the community, but that honestly just doesn’t seem to be the case. they said, and i quote: “ I don't see other gay mxm accepting such genders, do you ? I don't see them having female fcs playing non-binary characters do you ? no. ” so it seems they think that afab people are female fcs, regardless of their gender identity. 
so, they only accept amab faces, as they feel afab faces don’t belong in an mlm roleplay. they won’t allow trans or non-binary characters to be played by anyone other than male faces ( and since they’ve stated all faces have to be amab, that means they only allow cis-male faces, regardless of the character being played. )
it’s so important to note that mlm has never been exclusive of trans or non-binary identities. it seems to us that the admins of this group are incredibly ignorant and don’t really want to hear what we have to say. i think that it’s a good idea to have a group that creates a safe space for mlm/nblm to write in. but this group doesn’t seem to be a safe space at all.
we have the appropriate screenshots to share if you’d like evidence ! 
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themultiverseheroines · a month ago
Open Fandom RP (to all fandoms)
Tumblr media
"This heat...its horrible. So much worse than the last place I was staying at. Why is it so hot? And why can’t I get ice powers like Danny can?”
Tumblr media
“Would you mind getting me a tub of ice cream? Or better yet, point me to the nearest deli store, so I can go live in their fridge?” 
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spiderben2011 · 3 months ago
Open Fandom RP (to all fandoms)
Tumblr media
“My name is Vivian Maximoff. My mother is Scarlet Witch and my father is Vision. Do not ask how that is possible. Just know that my parents have send me to be in your care to help me become a hero around here and help me blend in with the people.”
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heroichedgehammer · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
HEROICHEDGEHAMMER - Independent, Semi-Selective RP Blog for Amy Rose
{ Hey, Tumblr RP! You don’t remember me, but I remember you! I’m back after years of pain absence with Amy Rose! If you’d like an Amy, I hope you’ll consider writing with me! }
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charmybee · a month ago
Tumblr media
"What'll we play next?!"
Charmy Bee of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
Ind. Sel. Priv. crossover friendly.
[ Hey ya'll! Chiming in with a bit of an odd one here but here's a blog for Charmy Bee! He and the Chaotix are among my favorite characters ever and I hope to bring some mischief your way! ✿ ]
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roleplayfinder · 2 months ago
Hello!  I’m Tabby - I’m an adult (25), autistic, sapphic, cis woman (she/her) looking for some new RP partners! 
I primarily like adventure plots with romance mixed in, though I’ve dabbled in plenty of other genres. I’m not interested in something that is primarily or exclusively smut, but will occasionally RP smut if the characters have chemistry and the situation arises. 
I prefer partners that are 18+ but will RP with anyone - note that I will only RP anything NSFW with people who are 18+, preferably 21+. Otherwise, though, I’m good with anyone!  I tend to lean towards female characters and love a good F/F ship, but I am comfortable playing characters of any gender and am open to any ship orientations. M/F, M/M, F/F, NB characters - all are good! 
I have a variety of genres in which I like to RP, both fandom and non-fandom. I prefer to RP as OCs in most fandoms. Genres include: 
Mass Effect 
Warrior Cats 
Fantasy / DnD 
Animals (Wolf packs, stray cats, etc.)
Modern magic / supernatural / werewolves 
And more - just ask! 
Please respond to this post or, even better, just add me on Discord: Tabby#5445 
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sorrows-rp-blog · 2 months ago
Hi there! I’m an 18+ nerd that goes by she/her currently obsessed with Luca looking for fellow 18+ writers for some literate Luberto rps! I would personally love to play Alberto- and I have so many plot ideas and AUs I’d love to scream about. I mainly rp on discord, so give this a like if you’re interested and I’ll come find you!
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gallavich-forever · 5 months ago
• Ian & Mickey from Shameless
• Magnus & Alec from Shadowhunters
•Connor, Evan, & Jared from Dear Evan Hansen
• Rich, Michael, & Jeremy from Be More Chill
• Sirius, Remus, Harry, Draco, & Severus from Harry Potter
• A number of creative OCs both male and female
• Angst is a personal favorite
• BDSM or Dom/sub is another personal favorite
• Feederism kink is one I LOVE and adore with all my heart
• Supernatural shit is pretty fun
• Hit me with creative plots. If I like em, I’ll say so.
• Rape/Non con of any kind. Consensual non con is fine but not ACTUAL non con.
• Illegal shit: Bestiality, Pedophilia, you know the drill.
• Straight characters. All my characters are gay in some way. I also don’t do straight-guy-turned-gay RPs. Yes. This is something I was literally asked to do. It was problematic as hell 🤦‍♀️
• There’s certain kinks I won’t do but again my kink and limits list is lengthy so it’s best to DM me for both.
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