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#fandom wank

😂 😂 😂

I find this convo incredibly funny … coming from people in a GC labeled “Anti Daenerys Targaryen”

“Only assholes seek out the ones to start drama” … when they’re side of the fandom has literally been plotting to remove negative reviews from that ridiculous excuse of a book comparing Daenerys, a rape survivor and someone who literally ends slavery, to Donald Trump

‘We make it hard for ourselves’? Pretty sure I haven’t seen a Dany stan publish a meta, masquerading as a book, soliloquizing the ways in which Sansa is just a terrible, horrible person and would absolutely be in Trump’s Cabinet … or awarded a seat on the Supreme Court. And I’ve never felt the need, or the want, to form a Sansa hate chat. So.

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Oh my fucking god. Of course… Of course dany stans would try to deflect any and every valid criticism and find the most basic, lamest excuse ever.

I wonder if dany was a man, and victim of abuse, would they excuse a white man? Awww “he had a tough life so that automatically justifies every horrible decision he makes”… Like wtf? Every character in ASOIAF has had a troubled life in their own way, every one. If other characters are not above criticism then neither is their favourite fascist barbie. Also if they’re so pressed who’s stopping them from self publishing their own book? Naw all they can do is bully and attack anyone who questions their fav EXACTLY like Trump supporters. And yeah anon, it would be comical except for the actual political climate rn. 🙃

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I take no pineapple seriously. Literally none of them. Imagine being a pineapple. What a self drag 😅💀. No, I block them all. I don’t engage at all. I see something, I report and block them. 👍👌

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Lmaoo who even got the energy to argue about dolls? The Bellarke fandom got one half of the ship murdering the other half. We can’t even ship our ship anymore. That’s how hard Jason killed Bellarke. Shipping Bellarke is shipping Bellamy with his murderer. Meanwhile your ship was canon in every way. You “won” so why all this energy arguing over stupid dolls? 😅😅😅💀💀💀

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They are ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. Imagine getting canon and endgame yet you fight people over funko pop dolls???? Make it make sense.

Bob was JOKING. He was just playing around. That’s how pathetic the Bellarke fandom is. That Bob joked around with two damn dolls just to give this fandom SOMETHING, even if it was just joking around.

Like how can you be a pineapple and get all pissy over this? You got canon. You got validation. You got confirmation. You will get your endgame. How on earth does two damn dolls make you THIS angry??

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To continue my previous ask about the psychology of stan culture. it’s not only the 🍍, it’s true of stans in general. Social media interaction has only amplified this because as group they reinforce this view of the world, and they get immediate validation from people. It’s best not to engage , any rational argument won’t have an impact because their view is not based on rationality or facts but in emotions. When one fandom dies or stops responding to their needs,they will find another one


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A pineapple is a CL shipper who since season 3, has made it their job and life mission to harass and attack anyone who dares not ship CL. They are basically keyboard terrorists harassing and hating on anyone and anything that they feel “is against CL”.

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So let me get this straight. CL was canon. Had hugs, kiss and sex scenes. And will have an implied endgame.

Bellarke got lied to, manipulated, baited and shat all over. No canon. No kiss. No sex. No confirmation of ANY romantic feelings. Loss after loss after loss. Bellarke was so murdered, we can’t even ship them anymore because that means shipping Bellamy with his abuser and murderer. And Bob was left out of the finale season after 6 years.

They are literally the ones getting implied endgame next week yet they’re out here crying over plastic toys!!! 💀

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Lmaooooo if you need more proof that pineapples are the most self absorbed delusional assholes look no further than to the absolute melt down they are going through right now because Bob made TOYS fake kiss. 💀💀💀

Apparently this was Bob’s plan all along. To “get back” at pineapples for harassing him this summer. Apparently Bob is the one to blame for 6 YEARS of ship wars. Apparently Eliza is planning on divorcing Bob because he makes her uncomfortable and he doesn’t even realize it.

You can not make this shit up! 😭😅😅😅💀💀💀

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tbh the only people who are upset are K*milias or former K*milias/Em*lia stans who hate him for being married to R*se or for being/defending J*n Snow in s8. it’s time to just let it go. being this invested in the man’s personal life when he’s not even done anything isn’t healthy.

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Anyway I’m not wading too deeply into discourse with a blog that i think is toxic af anyway but news flash: people over 30 in fandom are vital and necessary for its survival and they aren’t inherently bad people because they continue to have interests and fun after they leave their 20s ❤️❤️ keep on keeping on, fellow people over 30!

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