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galacticliv · a month ago
DP Fanfic Tropes - A List Of Some Weird Kind
@o0So… with the help of some fellow Phandomers (is that how i say it, please correct me ahahahah) I have compiled a great list of the most popular Danny Phantom fanfic tropes! So, I basically copy and pasted the suggestions, but added something funny after haha.  Links to their tumblrs are there, of course. This was fun to do, and I did a little research myself!
** Vivisection **
** Someone dies, they’re fine though ** (ghost!au??) 
** Field Trip to Ghost Zone  ** (FIELD TRIP FIC WOOT WOOT)
  **Danny has a good day. just ONE good day. ** (just one.. no more)
**Danny can have one good day. To build anxiety only, not as a treat ** (oh i like this better than the previous trope!!)
 **valerie has to confront the fact that she tried to Danny ** (she tried to Danny? kill? is there a word missing here? or like.. Valerie. tried.. too.. Danny... danny is now a verb apparentl. #DannyIsAVerb)
 **vlad ruins everything (can also work with most other options) ** (most other options.. interesting)
 **WoAh iTs A cLaSs tRiP iNtO DaNnY’s MiNd ** (THESE ARE THE BEST)
**Real [minor character] appreciation hours! **
**WES!!! ** (Who doesn’t know who Wes Weston is!) 
 **Giw. Just giw ** (Guys In White fanfic!)
**Fentons adopting Dani** (FOUND FAMILY EEEKKK YES)
**danny gets summon by someone and everything’s chaos (no sleep, just soup)** (i love these types of fics)
**Danny ponders being Not-Quite-Human Anymore ** (#ANGST #FEELS #GETSMEEVERYTIME)
**Danny being not-quite-human and freaking out other people with his not-quite-human-ness ** (YESSSSSS)
**Ghost hunger **  (This is such a popular trope, and it’s SUUUUPER GOOOOD!! And.. vERY unique to the DP Phandom!!) 
*** Okay, onto some tropes I found myself that are worth mentioning!! and explaining... *** 
** mer!danny AU ** 
Basically, Danny is half merman instead of half ghost! 
** ghostlytrio!AU ** 
Danny, Sam, and Tucker all walk into the ghost portal together! 
I will come back to edit this post whenever I found a new trope. For now, enjoy??? 
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