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bigbrainmoments · 2 days ago
List of characters who did NOT deserve the shit they went through:
Catra, Asriel Dreemur, Nina Tucker, Eda Clawthorne, Lena Sabrewing, Harry Potter, literally almost every demigod in PJO, Izuku Midoriya, Prince Zuko, Steven Universe, Shiro from Voltron, Danny Phantom, Jim Lake Jr., King Harrow from TDP, and many many others
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quibblesticks · 2 days ago
i just spent a good 15-45 minutes writing about thematic similarities between the song of achilles, merlin, hadestown, and wicked.
i am.
in so much.
emotional pain.
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noncanonfan · 5 months ago
I don’t know shit about gif making but y’all’s funky little moving pictures be bringing me so much serotonin. They’re so pretty and then y’all notice these cool parallels in the shows and make gifs from them. And when y’all think of quotes and song lyrics that perfectly match characters/ships/scenes??? Iconic. And your gifs make me notice little details in the show that I didn’t always catch from watching it in real time or just let me relive some of my favorite scenes in a new and creative way. Anyway y’all are the best. Shoutout to the gif makers.
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fandomandsparkles · 4 months ago
supernatural is getting a prequel. good omens season 2 has been confirmed. sherlock season 5 is vaguely confirmed. loki is once again the tumblr sexyman.
this is a shout-out to everyone who wasnt at dashcon. everyone who missed 2012. everyone who only got into supernatural after nov 5th.
everyone who was too late.
don’t you see history repeating itself?
we are the tumblr renaissance. we are the second generation.
and we are here to fuck shit up in our very own version of superhell.
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gingerbreadpopsolo · 7 months ago
If you use fiction to escape clap your hands
If you use fiction to escape clap your hands
If you use fiction to escape from something that you hate
If you use fiction to escape clap your hands
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therandomfandomme · 10 months ago
i encourage you to go to your favourite writer's ao3 page and comment on an older fic, because i can assure you that it will make their day. It can mean so much to see your work doesn't disappear into the void to be never seen again after a day of people interacting with it. Just, if you have the time, go comment on an older work
(pls reblog this to try and get as much writers a bit of appreciation)
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fandomandsparkles · 3 months ago
making dsmp fanart is literally so wild because i always try to make them super dramatic and when people watch me draw its like ‘i cant let them know this is about a minecraft RPF!!!’
them: woah that’s a cute guy he looks so happy!! why is he bleeding blue
me: *forced smile* creative choices! also he has a blue sheep haha
them: nice character design i love it wheres it from
me: *lying through my teeth* have you heard of popular anime figure kisuke urahara??? i didn’t think so anyway i headcanon he has a pet pig
them: dude why did you just draw a humanoid fox kneeling at the grave
me: *sweating* uh i’m a furry artist
them: what the fuck is this why is half his skin white and the other half black and why did you make him cry
me: *sobbing* that’s my oc ebony dark’ness dementia raven way and he has memory issues please let me live
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adarkershadeofroyal · 3 months ago
I wish there was an app that worked kinda like spotify except with books,, like you could create a playlist of books with a specific theme/ aesthetic and it would give you suggestions for other books you might like
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