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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Ever have a day where you literally trip back into an OTP you used to just adore but haven’t thought about in years? Then you spend the whole day going down a rabbit hole of content for said ship? Which then devolves into other ships you also enjoyed in that same fandom and it just continues from there?

Cause that’s been my entire day today.

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i’m very sorry to all the people who followed me for a specific fandom, which is most of you, because shifting hyperfocus dictates i bounce between fandoms endlessly

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That was the first time I shared a long text (long for me lol) and I was so sure it will dying ignored. I feel…the power and confidence to write more ;W;

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  • you’re 17 and below. It’s a distraction.
  • you have low to no IQ and EQ. You can tell you have these if you have very high tolerance for dense and non-sense contents/statuses, and you find it funny even if they are atrocious. Otherwise, you get so provoked easily by the simplest reply of MEMEs, emoji, sticker, GIF, etc and respond by bullying the creator/poster.
  • you cannot accept any variety of criticisms – esp constructive ones.
  • you have an immediate sense of entitlement when you gain 100 followers
  • you think you’re an influencer when you have more than 10k followers (FYI, considering yourself an influencer, please note that its not a status nor a job. Don’t be so full of yourself because you are not a celebrity. It’s a responsibility.)
  • you idolize political representatives and bash those who don’t by throwing out ad hominem. (Note that I said idolize, not support).
  • (for the fandoms) you no longer know the difference between the actors and the characters they play, because you still insist about making it real, to the point that you throw so much hate and disgusting comments about their real friendships and cant accept they have their own partners.
  • you’re always needing validation and getting empathy from people you don’t know personally by posting about your family and personal relationship issues.
  • you’re part of, or CEO of the “cancel culture”.
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