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When I was young I was all about the Smutt

So, as an avid Fanfiction reader since the age of 10 I can tell you that preferences can change quite drastically. When I was younger all I wanted to read was the lemons, the limes, the smutt! Bring on the written p*rn! I shipped so many ships that I had an armada.

Now as a lonely adult I’ve moved past that to the fluffy more domestic side of fandoms. Usually my ships are now that of family love or sibling connection. In a sense you could call it “friend-shipping”. I would much rather read a story of finding family or a h/c that ends with cuddles than that of the seedy bedroom. Dont get me wrong, I still read the smutt but it has moved on to being more on the emotional, romantic connection than that of hormonal teenagers.

I’m not sure why I am confessing this but I just hope that I’m not the only one. It is also fascinating how tastes have changed. Cheers.

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Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is not about accountability, it is about tearing someone else down for your own entertainment, ultimately the majority of individuals that engage in cancel culture are the target audience for the celebrities they once worshipped/put on a pedestal and have now “cancelled”, anyone with real substance or a brain has better things to be doing than sitting behind a screen and negatively impacting the mental health of someone with a platform who they know nothing about other than what said person puts out for the public to know, it’s one thing to support an artist/celebrity etc. but it’s another to invest so much of your time and energy into people who essentially do NOT know of your existence and then to act surprised when they are not who you thought they were, the ones who created and regularly partake in cancel culture are the same people who worship a celebrity based on an idea they have of someone they only know through a screen, plus most of the time “cancelling” someone doesn’t even work and whoever was “cancelled” a few weeks ago is soon forgotten when a brand new controversy about someone else is born, if you don’t agree/like someone in the spotlight just unfollow’s that simple.

@jesuisdejaatoi @armieoflovers @armieeeeeee1983 @shadow-tc @simpilovemyway

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Battleship the game, but fandom edition:

a friend narrating: “And the tensions are high as [insert fangirl 1] choses her next move, she has three of her favourite ships left, if she can sink her opponents ships then she can still leave with her ships sailing.”

fangirl number 2: “Nuh-uh, this shipping war is only ending one way– with my ships sailing.”




Imagine the drama. 

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Grey Mourner: Everyone. But if I have to choose one character only…Myla.

White Lady: This is kinda a tough one for me. I somewhat have some. But I think there might be mutiple Higher Beings of the same thing (like dreams), just in other Kingdoms, as we know other Bug Kingdom exist now besides Hallownest.

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Not lately, but I did participate with Inuvember in 2017 and partially in 2018. I also tried a couple of the prompts for InuKag Week 2018, and unfortunately, I was ABYSMALLY late with my Secret Santa project 2018, though I did managed to post it around Valentine’s Day 2019. 

… yeaaaaah I don’t do well with deadlines. It tends to suck my creativity dry -.-”

However, in the case of Inuvember 2017, it was a very good “exercise” to practice writing for the characters’ voices. At the time, I was too nervous to branch out into canon divergence or AU territory, so Inuvember helped me kinda “brainstorm” through ficlets to understand the characters more. It’s a good challenge for when you’re new to writing for a fandom; not so good once you develop a bunch of WIPs and no longer feel like you have the time or luxury lol XD

Thanks for the question, dear! <3

30 Questions for Fic Authors! :D

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I’m a bit nervous about getting big in YT, this is stupid because it’s my future self’s problem…If it ever does happens. But I am planning on going solo and I dunno how good a YouTube family would help (Tutorials, especially from Tube Buddy, taught me that a YT family are supposed to be a second family).

One of the reasons why it’s because I am worried about the audience shipping me and my best bud/co-workers and crazy shippers ruining something wonderful. Due to our “chemistry” most of the time and think that we REALLY belong together and thinking that my bud’s actual significant other is totally in the way or I walk into an already “perfect” relationship and try to kick me out. I know how shippers think to a degree, since I am a sane one, but there are some crazy ones that will do ANYTHING for their OTP…It’s to the point of even doing harassment or worst crimes, remember what happened with the Septiplier ship? - Because I don’t wanna be too much of a kill joy and categorize the me x YTer friend pairing in my list of “This is the reason why we can’t have nice things.” And condemning what I see as “weird harmless fun that the audience enjoys” Just because of that Einstein or two decided to poop in the pool of shipping goodness and things got out of hand.

Though somehow I think that I won’t get too much trouble, if I go mostly solo. Because, there’s less IRL interactions, shippers will just have to make due with headcanons, fan arts, and stuff. - There’s a part of me that wants that ships to survive and so that my future audience can continue to have fun (Me pulling a Ninja is one of the ways that I can do that).


Originally posted by blesstale

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one of my favorite tropes is two characters who both love a third character very much but hate each other having to work together.

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Person A: my house is haunted, and the ghost won’t let me sleep. it keeps turning on my lights and slamming my doors and i don’t know what to do

Person B: well, you just have to keep your head up high. hope that it will go away. if you need to, then you can move out. but you just have to look towards the future!

Person A: That’s the spirit!

Person B: you got it!

Person A: no, look behind you!

Person C: sup

Person A and B: *screaming*

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Ever listen to a song, and it’s so specific to you and/or your life experiences, you tear up a bit? That shit hit different.
 I think that’s why a lot of people get so angry and defensive when their favorite artist/musician is called out for their problematic behaviors, because we attach ourselves so much to them, so we personalize those critiques and take it as an attack on ourselves. It’s the same when we identify with fictional characters.  

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Dad: What are you doing?

Me: Reading fanfiction

Dad: Is it appropriate?

Me: What counts as inappropriate?

Dad: Tentacles

Me: *Looks through tags of the smut fic I am reading*

Me: Yes

Dad: Okay then

Me: *Goes back to reading smut*

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