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noncanonfan · a month ago
I don’t know shit about gif making but y’all’s funky little moving pictures be bringing me so much serotonin. They’re so pretty and then y’all notice these cool parallels in the shows and make gifs from them. And when y’all think of quotes and song lyrics that perfectly match characters/ships/scenes??? Iconic. And your gifs make me notice little details in the show that I didn’t always catch from watching it in real time or just let me relive some of my favorite scenes in a new and creative way. Anyway y’all are the best. Shoutout to the gif makers.
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fandomandsparkles · 11 days ago
supernatural is getting a prequel. good omens season 2 has been confirmed. sherlock season 5 is vaguely confirmed. loki is once again the tumblr sexyman.
this is a shout-out to everyone who wasnt at dashcon. everyone who missed 2012. everyone who only got into supernatural after nov 5th.
everyone who was too late.
don’t you see history repeating itself?
we are the tumblr renaissance. we are the second generation.
and we are here to fuck shit up in our very own version of superhell.
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princessofthedarktimes · a month ago
Things I find cute in relationships:
Height difference
Opposite aesthetic
Innocent and pure/mischievous bastard
Insults but affectionate
Smarter separately but when put together they share a single braincell
Dark Goth/ literal ray of sunshine
Always touching in someway
That thing where they have a silent convo with just their eyes
Only I'm allowed to insult them but if anyone else tries they're dead
Listening to each other's heartbeat when they cuddle
Linking their pinkies when they walk
Stealing borrowing each other's hoodies/t-shirts
"unhand me at once you giant oaf. This is so undignified" when the taller one lifts the shorter one up.
Playing with each other's hands/hair
Forehead kisses
Eyelid kisses
Singing to each other until they sleep
Watching a movie and cuddling on the bed with way too many blankets and pillows
Baking together and ending up covered in flour and laughing
Comfortable silences
Cuddling while one of them reads and plays with the other's hair
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1-800-fandoming · a month ago
If the creators didn’t want me to ship these two characters then why the fuck did they make their interactions like that, there’s so much chemistry and potential. Like seriously though
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pyrogothnerd · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Been pretty frustrated with the crybabies in the Madness Combat fandom, lately, and also very bored, so made these out of anger and boredom (the third mem I already made, though). The top image can apply to any fandom, though. I freely encourage you to use these and spread them far and wide, especially the screenshots of Krinkels being ok with the weird side of fandom instead of a crybaby.
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thegoddamnhat · 2 years ago
me: *starts reading a new 100k+ words fic at 2 in the morning*
the 75 fics that have been in my ‘marked for later’ list for 6 months: am i a joke to you?
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gingerbreadpopsolo · 2 months ago
If you use fiction to escape clap your hands
If you use fiction to escape clap your hands
If you use fiction to escape from something that you hate
If you use fiction to escape clap your hands
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