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mika-loverjoy · 2 months ago
Max: what seems to be the problem?
his cat: meow
Max: yes but where
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miraculous-trinity-leo · a month ago
While I am still working on the fics I currently have, my brain keeps thinking up different ideas for other fics, so here is what my brain has thought up in the last month.
Marvel x DC x MLB:
Symbiote Marinette!
At the age of 16, Scarlett Bug (Tikki + Mari + Her Symbiote), along with the help of Tempête (Kagami), Vipère (Luka), and Honey Bee (Chloé), defeat Hawkmoth . Chat Noir never showed up to the fight, probably a good thing considering it was Gabriel Agreste all along. The gang enjoys the next 2 days of peace and dealing with the reporters. On the third day Mari was having a wonderful time getting ready to open the Bakery with her Parents when Chat Noir walked in. He began his shpeel of how He and Marinette belonged together, when she refused and her parents asked him to leave, Chat ignored it until he forcefully grabbed Mari's arm. Marinette pulled away at the cost of getting her arm clawed. When her parents stepped between Chat and Marinette. Chat Noir called for his Cataclysm and killed both Tom and Sabine. Chat watched with satisfaction as they turned pale before their bodies turned black and fell to the floor. Mari sat shell shocked while Chat Noir looked at her with loving eyes as he said they could now be happy without anyone stopping them. Mari was frozen as Chat took a step forward, her vision going blurry from tears as Tempête and Honey Bee burst through the front door, attacking Chat Noir until he managed to escape.
A few minutes later Paramedics arrived, tending to Mari who sat at the curb with Chloé and Kagami while the Paramedics carried Tom and Sabines body of stretchers.
After that ordeal, Mari gave her god parents a call later that day, telling them her parents died, but not how they died. After the call, she gathered her stuff and went to stay with Chloé. The following day Natasha Romanoff and Dead Pool walked into Le Grand Paris, going up to Chloé's room, where Marinette was sitting on the couch with Chloé, Kagami and Luka by her side. Mari looked over to the sudden noise only to relax a bit before getting up to give them a hug.
After a long hug and tears, Natasha and DP went to get anything Mari may have missed in the rush of packing while Mari stayed with her friends. Once Nat and DP left, Mari got up, saying she had something to do before they got back.
Transforming, Scarlett Bug made her way to the Eiffel Tower, calling for Chat Noir to meet her there. After 30 minutes of waiting, Chat Noir finally showed up. Scarlett Bug didn't say anything as she tied Chat Noir up with some webs, and removed his ring. She apologized to Plagg berore turning to Adrien and speaking "As Guardian of the Miraculous, I strip you of the right to ever wield a Miraculous again, be it in this life time or any other." When Adrien asked why, Scarlett Bug raised her voice as pain and anger were clear in her tone "You are no longer worthey after taking the lives of two innocent people. I trusted you, they, trusted you. And you killed them." As Scarlett Bug turned slightly and saw cars approaching she made her way to leave "The authorities will deal with you shortly."
Afterwards she would go back to the hotel before Nat and DP got back. She spends the last 3 days with her friends and explaining to Paris that the Ladybug, nor the Black Cat Miraculous would be active anymore, as Hawkmoth was defeated and it posed an unnecessary risk. She continued to say that Tempête, and Honey Bee would continue to watch over Paris so the crime rate wouldn't escalate. During her last interview as Scarlett Bug, the reporter asked why Chat Noir wasn't there, which she then went on to say that he took two innocent lives and is now in custody. She left soon after to say goodbye to Chloé and Kagami.
Marinette left to New York with Nat, DP and Luka (who decided he would go earlier and meet with his dad Jagged later (yes he knows Jagged's his dad)) Mari and Luka begin interning at Stark Tower/Avengers Tower.
Mari learns to trust boys again slowly but surely, and is thankful she'll never see Adrien ever again...
Is what she hoped.
Marinette x Peter!
Luka x MJ!
Kagami x Chloé !
HTTYD x DC x Marvel:
Everyone gets a dragon as a soul bound pet (Like Dæmons from the Golden Compass/His Dark Materials, but without the "if your dæmon dies, you die." it's a part of you yes, but if it gets hurt it doesn't hurt or kill the person. They rest and live in your soul, just say or think their name and poof! Your soul bound dragon appears) I'm also thinking that depending on how I fully write this idea, the dragons also assist in akuma battles... as in their scales change and they gain an ability similar to whatever ability their soul bound human's miraculous grants. For instance. Adrien has a skrill (an emerald green fading to pastel greens that's shockingly pretty cuddley) and when Adrien is Chat Noir his skrill turns black with glowing green to greenish yellow scales. The Skrill also gains destructive powers, plus its normal lightning. The dragons will stay in their miraculous state until their soul bound human de-transforms. The dragons can also alter their size for convenience.
Dragons to humans:
Marinette- A Stormcutter (Shades of blue to grayish blue and gray. Yellowy orange eyes)
Adrien- A Skrill (Shades of Emerald Green to pastel greens. Yellow eyes
Luka- A Speed Stinger (dark blue with shades of cyan accents. Turquoise eyes)
Kagami- A Razorwhip (silver with coper accents. Orange eyes)
Chloé- A Monstrous Nightmare (slight mustard yellow with dark golden brown markings. Light orange eyes)
Alix- A Catastrophic Quaken (light gray with blue. Sky blue eyes)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars x MLB:
Hawkmoth got ahold of both miraculous thanks to Chat, he wished for his wife back and for Nathalie to be in perfect health and it sacrificed Mari.
Mari meets The Creater, the parent of the Kwami and the universe itself. She's reborn and is adopted by Count Dooku. Get 2 robots who become sentient and are able to see the Kwami (DO NOT QUESTION THE PLOT MAGIC) and wield a miraculous. Mari gets a MagnaGuard (who has Pollen) that she names Watt-son, and an SD-K4 Assassin (Basically a spider droid that gets Mullo(my logic for this? Multiple Mini spider droids scaring the shit out of people. CHOAS.) that she affectionately names Anarchy.
Marinette has a double bladed lightsaber (like Maul) that she can split in two for dual wield combat (Like Ahsoka or Ventress). Her blade is Orange (Now you may be asking, why is it orange if she's adopted by Count Dooku, a known Sith? Well, that's because Dooku loves Mari as his own child, and bc orange is close to red. (Dooku and the outcome of the Clone Wars may or may not change thanks to Mari(who may be another chosen one (⌐ω ⌐) )
I am unsure if to also have Chloé reborn (Since Adrien was included in the wish, and he cared for Chloé as well as Marinette, so Chloé can also be reborn)
If Chloé tags along, she is either Mari's Sister or is adopted by one of the Republic Senators, like Bale Organa or Padmé Amidala. Chloé would also be a very high force sensitive and could become Obi-Wan's Padawan.
Ahsoka x Marinette. I don't know why, but my brain thinks it would be a funny friends/kinda enemies to lovers.
I'm not sure who I would pair Chloé with though.
Anyway, for this fic I'd let y'all decide if you want Chloé to be reborn, and if so, on the Republic or Separatists side?
With whatever side Chloé is on, she would have a single yellow bladed lightsaber.
Mari is Poison Ivy's biological daughter. Father unknown.
Near the age of 4 Mari stayed home while her mom went out with Harley. While they were gone a villain who had a grudge against Ivy would sent the house on fire. During the fire Mari is just barely save by the plants as they get her to the side alley before burning. Mari is fiund by firefighters with major burns and is rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead.
Ivy and Harley get back while the firefighters are trying to put out the fire, when they ask around they say though no one was left in the building. After the sight was declared safe, Ivy and Harley searched for any signs of Mari, but found nothing, leading them to think she died.
Back at the hospital, the doctors are transporting Mari's "dead" body when she jolts awake, pulling the white sheet off her as the doctors look on in shock and horror. Her burns nearly completely gone. She almost became a test subject but escaped and was later found by C.P.S and adopted by a French Couple that own a Bakery.
So began the life of Mari-Gold Isley, now Marinette Isley Dupain-Cheng, the future surper hero Ladybug, and her journey to find out what happened to her mother that night.
Chloé x Marinette!
Marvel x MLB:
Mari is a weapon created by Hydra. Using Black Widows DNA as a base, as well as Mystique, Kitty Pryde, Dead Pool, Captain America, and Wolverine's DNA she got most of their powers, which is broken.
Tomoe Tsurugi, High Ranking Secret OPs division of S.H.I.E.L.D. is tasked to find out what this "secret Hydra Weapon" is capable of, only to find out its a child. Ends up adopting Mari as her own. Mari is now Kagami little sister (they are around 3½ months apart).
Marinette will get the Black Cat Miraculous while Kagami get the Ladybug. Both are little Hero Gremlins for the Akumas (who most definitely need therapy if they got Akumatized on one of the heroes bad days... hell forbid if it was a bod day for 𝘣𝘰𝘵𝘩 of them)
Peter x Marinette!
Kagami x Chloé!
Let me know which I should do first after I updated the next chapter to one of my other three fics.
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autisticasa · 3 months ago
Nicky (Prompts?) I thought of in class because I'm never listening
Nicky with A..
Witch S/o
Suicidal S/o
Neurodivergent S/o
S/o with a LOT of emotional baggage
S/o who's insecure
Artist S/o (specifically Sketching)
S/o who makes music
1 . you and Nicky Split Up for a period of time
2. Nicky's S/o had an emotional Breakdown
3. Nicky Snaps at you
4. you snap at Nicky
5. You take Nicky To the future!
6. Nicky's S/o Wrote him a poem
7. Nicky's S/o Drew Him
8. Nicky's S/o Went Missing?
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welcometothewoes · 9 months ago
otp imagine
Imagine your OTP recognizing one another's distinct subtle pacifiying behaviours and sensing when something is wrong with the other through those alone
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marlmarlin · 9 months ago
Since the tall lady come out
I have been think about this
Dracula but make it gay!
Yeah like Dracular Netflix
But i want F/F
The noble smart ass hot lady lure you in her Castle.
and make you to be her bride.
I have seen a movie like this
It "We are the night" you can check it out
But it end sadly for me.
I really like who play tall smart vampire women though.
Why can I have Vampire lady to make me be her bride.
I will not let her down and disappointed her like that
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toffifee-brainrot · 10 months ago
Platonic domestic bliss
I can definitely get behind the idea that Ranboo spoils Tubbo and Micheal a hundred percent of the time.
Tubbo has woken up before to bed in breakfast with the dishes washed, Micheal dressed and the whole house cleaned only because he managed to stay mentally sane for the majority of the week.
And Micheal undoubtedly gets a new coat or toy weekly. There's no question about it.
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loophole666 · 7 months ago
Here is a LUCA fanfic prompt. During the sky is leaking seen or right before it. But instead of Luca waking up first Giulia awakens before them and does not do the morning wake up call. She sees them in there monster form.
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justanotherfanaccount · 11 months ago
ok someone PLEASE write this
Tumblr media
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littlemaddyxx · 4 months ago
I JUST dreamed a Tarlos fanfic and I need someone to write it for me. IT WAS AWESOME. Hear me out:
They were shopping or smt (it’s a dream so it’s all over the place) and they see a jewellery shop. Tk, as the New Yorker fashionista (his printed shirts motherf*ckers) he is, sees a diamond tennis he loves and points it out randomly to his boyfriend like “it’s pricy but that one is gorgeous” and Carlos who just had a promotion or the insurance company came through with the house or smt (again: dream so all over the place) has like a lot of extra money to spend and goes like “tiger go inside, let’s buy it for you” and Tk is kinda reluctant but Carlos says smt mushy and lovey like “I have the chance to spoil you for once so lemme do it” so they go in the shop and they point out the bracelet to the shopping assistant and she goes all “chanel shop in pretty woman” on them and Tk wants to leave but Carlos STANDS HIS GROUND and puts her in her place so she goes to get the bracelet to show them and while they wait Tk seeks some physical comfort (I’m talking full on cuddles like hugs and hiding his face in Carlos’ neck) because he is sad and dejected about the shopping assistant’s poshness and homophobic assumptions and Carlos again comes through and is like “Babe this is Texas, you know it’s not like New York but it’s okay” and the shopping assistant comes back, shows them the bracelet and Carlos is all mushy and leeches on Tk to discomfort the Shopping assistant and to successfully cheer Tk up and then they eventually buy the bracelet and leave the shop kissing and holding hands and being disgustingly sweet like always.
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raissatajra · a year ago
Calbrina prompt #1
• Caliban finds out about the terrible blood curse that the fake God has cast on all mortals with a uterus to punish Eve for eating the forbidden fruit.
The more Sabrina tries to explain worse and more serious the curse looks.
Sabrina: "Okay, my love, calm down, let me explain to you what's going on ok? What is happening to me is called menstruation. Menstruation is the peeling of the inner walls of the uterus when there is no fertilization. This peeling is part of the reproductive cycle of mortals who can become pregnant and happen every month. The body prepares for pregnancy, and when it does not occur, the endometrium, which is the inner membrane of the uterus, which, in short, is responsible for accommodating and protecting the fetus, comes off. "
Caliban: "... So part of your flesh is dissolving into blood?"
Sabrina: "... Yes."
Caliban: "While we are having this conversation you are having an internal hemorrhage, is that what you are telling me?!"
Sabrina: "Caliban, love, stay calm."
Caliban: "How should I be calm ?! You should be in a hospital!"
Sabrina: "Honey, it's okay, I've been going through this since I was twelve. This sucks, it's painful, okay, very painful, both physically, emotionally and psychologically, but it's natural. I'll be fine."
Caliban: "TWELVE?!"
Sabrina: "I have a headache, can you PLEASE stop screaming?!"
Caliban: "Sorry... Do you really spend a whole day bleeding every month? My lady, this is insane!"
Sabrina: "...Nine days."
Caliban: "What?"
Sabrina: *Sigh* "My period usually lasts nine days."
Caliban: *Terrified*
Note1: It has been proven that menstrual cramps can hurt as much as a heart attack. Uterine contractions during menstruation are like mine labor.
Note2: My headcanon is that only mortals menstruate (because it was a punishment for Eve and her descendants: mortals.)
Note3: Canonically a witch's pregnancy lasts for thirteen months, so her body prepares for thirteen months of pregnancy, so I think Sabrina's period is much worse than a mortal's period.
Note4: Cramps is not the only things that is physically painful in periods. You also have headaches, back pain, pain in your legs and feet etc.
Note5: In ep1 of part 3 Caliban says that demons can smell human flesh from a long distance. As the blood smells much stronger, I find it impossible for the demons not to smell it from an even greater distance.
(English is not my native language, please let me know if the post has any errors so I can correct <3)
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misomimosa · 6 months ago
I NEED A GHOSTBLADE FIC AND I NEED IT NOW....so i gonna say what i want. pls do this somebody, anybody 😔 . I thought of this after i read "And hades is king" (Unfinished works) by Living_Fast on archive your own so credits to them ^v^
ok so first off sbi is a thing and this is technoblade or i guess ghostblade centric. It would have fluff and angst because technoghost is dead. i don't care how he dies but techno, the blade, the blood god is dead (rip). Could be during the execution or maybe he offed himself after wilbur died.
So ghostblade would be like wilbur as in he forgets all the bad memories he has. Because of this technoblade would be bubblier, He wouldn't be as closed off as he is and he would be happier in general.
What i imagine ghostblade looks like would be anime techno with pointed ears and long pink hair. You still with me? He would wear a red checkered shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a brown overall, brown boots, hair in a braid or a ponytail and a straw hat. So basically framer boi. Now you don't have to do this i just like farmer boy technoghost. But you could do whatever your headcanon of how technoghost looks i don't really care. Though please do remember he is a ghost so he obviously transparent.
The angst would everyone trying to deal with this new change in technoblade both physically and personality wise. When his bad memories would be triggered by either something or somebody talking about it, he would change back into the clothes he wore when he died. So all the blood that he was covered in, his face would just be dead looking. He would also go from transparent to solid-ish. He would remember his past memories about everything bad in his life so basically when his trauma gets triggered he has a panic attack and would dissociate right after. Then as if nothing happened he would turn into happy go lucky technoghost and would not remember anything.
Now fluff TECHNOBLADE AND WILBUR GHOST TWINS POG. HAPPY TECHNOBLADE POG. FARMER BOY POG. SBI POG. Thats all i have to say. You better give me my fluff in this angst fest or else 🔫(°_°).
This is not mandatory but the ending could be ghostbur and technoghost slowly fading in to the afterlife as they would have finally moved on and not have any regrets. It could also have everyone coming to terms with the ghost twins slowly fading away.
If your still here than congratulations🥳 you just read a essay. This is a rough prompt and im not a writer but this is just the basics and you will do all the interesting writer stuff to make this fic good. now please please do this fic i beg🙏. Give credits or not i don't care. Well then PEACE
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mika-loverjoy · 22 days ago
Charles: Lando, my arch enemy.
Max: ... I thought I was your arch enemy?
Charles: I have a life outside of you, Max.
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pessimisticpuppy · a month ago
Heres an idea
Izuku meets All Might as a baby and eats his hair
No wait listen
Inko has Yagi hold Izuku for like a picture or sum shit, and because Izuku is a baby, and babies are weird, he gets curious about Yagi's hair and fucking YANKS that shit, whole ass snatches the bitch
and either in that moment or later on baby Izu eats the hair, because babies are gross and put everything in their mouths
now there's gonna be a child running around with OFA and Yagi is gonna be so confused about why he's suddenly getting weaker at an event more rapid pace
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le-green-lion · a month ago
i’m rewatching gotham and feel the need to write for it
pls send x reader asks
also im not dead surprise surprise
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tellthestarshello808 · 2 months ago
Hi! Can you do a percabeth friends to lovers fic please?? It's been so long since i saw a good version of that trope
I’m scared that you expect this to be good
Straight to work
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icemanmaverick-ship · 2 months ago
Prompt Fill
Hey! If anyone here has TikTok, and is willing to write, I have an idea.
So, have you seen the trend with the audio “these boots are made for walking, and walking’s what they’ll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.” If you have, great. If not, some exact videos of what I am about to reference can be found on @_larrystylinson_8 (multiple on their’s) and @miloiioii (specifically Dallas part 1)’s accounts. 
I was wondering if someone was willing to write something about whatever era of Larry you want (even though tiktok didn’t exist, pretend it did). But the catch is that when they do it, it gets out of hand like in the videos before and they end up having sex.
Please and thank you!
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tryingmyves · 7 months ago
would you read a villain!midnight fic inspired by this song? i want to judge interest before i start writing, but i have so many ideas for it
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im-a-satanic-ritual · 3 months ago
Story Prompt
Harry Potter finds out some horrible/shocking/unbelievable news.
“No! No, no no! Get me Snape! I need Professor Snape to tell me. He will tell me the truth. He has never lied to me before!” Harry screamed as he paced around the room.
“And how can you be so sure of that, Potter/Harry?”
“Because he may be a horrible man who hates my guts, but he is honourable nonetheless. And it’s alway easier and more satisfying to hurt someone with the truth than lies that can easily be disproved, right sir?” Harry asked as he turned to look at his least favourite professor.
“Indeed” said Severus Snape as he walked out of the shadowy corner that he had been observing the rest of the room from.
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starlitenights · a month ago
Beth x Daryl
Dark storyline prompt idea thing
Classic baby + religious trauma + everyone’s poor and struggling + roommates = romance
TW : religious trauma, abortions, pregnancy, abusive situations and general shitty situations.
Beth gets knocked up straight outta high school (could be Zach or whoever doesn’t matter plays a very small part) but Herschel is PISSED.
1. How dare Beth have s*x before marriage!!
2. How dare Beth get prego (even tho Herschel doesn’t believe in birth control because BIBLE)
3. Herschel also doesn’t believe in aborting but also puts Beth in the horrible position of she’s a terrible person either way but in order to stay under his roof she has to and also to save face in the community, can’t tell anyone.
Long story short Merles in jail and Daryl who’s like just turned 20-21 has their shitty apartment all to himself.
This also means the bills are all his as well and shiiiiit they are POOR. So he’s desperately searching for a roommate and BAM!
They were roommates.
Key points:
Daryl waking up and comforting the crying baby so Beth doesn’t have to
Daryl works early mornings and Beth works evenings so it works out great but that also means Daryl plays babysitter the moment he gets home
Daryl cooking Beth supper
Grocery shopping
Maggie sneaking behind Herschels back to see her niece/nephew
Maggie sneaking photos back to grandma
Rick being the neighbour who’s retired from the force and divorced but just making ends meet
Daryl accidentally referring to himself as dad
Other people assuming he’s the dad when out in public
Roommates to friends to lovers
Some fun light hearted moments stuffed into a deep dive of sad shitty irl life things.
I love Herschel but in this alternate universe I want him to suffer. He misses out on everything. He loses the most. Beth doesn’t forgive him and she doesn’t forget but she does move on and eventually (yeeeeears later) her and Daryl eventually turn out pretty ok.
Bonus points:
Merle getting out of prison and being an uncle
Family bbqs
They get a dog at some point
Daryl or Beth gets a promotion that means finally they can move into a better apartment
Play dates with Ricks kids
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firstclassthot · a year ago
Poly prompt #2
A was the smallest in the relationship, but they didn’t want to admit it. They constantly tried to prove to B and C that they were just as strong/tall/big as they were. B and C just laughed it off, but A accidentally hurts themselves while trying to prove it to their partners. How do they react? Do they scold A? Or do they comfort them?
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