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#fanfic writing

Anyways now that I vented I might as well say this:

I have 2 weeks of nothing to do thanks to quarantine, so if you have a fic idea please send it to me as a message, thru my ask box, or simply by responding to this post. Here are some guidlines:

I write:

1) hurt/comfort

2) fluff

3) time period AUs (including things like pirates, future, quarentine, etc.)

4) college or high school AUs

5) job related AUs (coffee shop, band, fast food, etc.)

6) things that go with the canon but also maybe are switched up just a little bit. 

7) crossovers for the fandoms that I will specify below. 

8) king arthur AUs would be especially welcome, jsyk.

Okay, here are the fandoms I can do: 

1) MHA, obviously.  I mostly write Kiribaku, but I’m a multishipper so if you want something different I will be happy to oblige. 

2) Danganronpa. I’ve only played through the first two games fully, so if you want something from the third game, the characters might end up being a bit ooc (cuz how they can end up revealing what they’re really like in the trials isn’t always how they act at the beginning, which is where I am.) Again, I’m a multishipper so I’ll write just about anything. 

3) PJO/HOO. I didn’t read any of TOA and I’m sorry about that, but what I do know I know well. These guys are my main loves so like I would love to write a fic for the Seven (plus Nico, Will, and Reyna). 

4) Firefly. I know this is obscure and old but IDC. I love them. I would love to write any sort of AU for them cuz playing with their roles would be really fun. 

5) Over the Garden Wall. If you have a wacky scenario for the boys and Beatrice to handle I would love to write that. 

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To all my fanfic writers who feel discouraged from their fics not getting a lot of notes, please know that you are absolutely and undoubtedly TALENTED. Don’t let something as meaningless as notes that stop you from writing! The number of notes a fic gets is not equivalent to your talent. There will always be fics that don’t have a ton of notes and others that do. Even if your fic only has twenty notes, there is always someone who has really enjoyed reading it.

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How/Why I Became a Fanfic Writer

Me: *reads fanfic that doesn’t quite meet my preferences or writing style* 🧐🧐🧐😑😑😒😒

Me: *instead of complaining about it or sending author hate crap, I write my own* 🤔🤔🤫🤫🕧🕐🕜🕑🕝📝

Me: *rereading my own fanfiction because I’m a damn good writer*


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“It is Dean who finds him first, of the two, and there is a gasp, a thing that steals a breath he no longer needs. He cannot see the face of the angel, not quite, but he does not need to. He never has. Such is the nature of their story.”

- excerpts from a story untold.

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I have a new idea for a RobStar fanfic. It’s inspired in the casual Teen Titans and I want to write it down asap but I want to finish the first series first so I can get it finally done and move on. UGH. I’m constantly rewatching the series and new ideas come to mind everyday, it’s hard to stop myself from writing everything down. After I’m down with college I’ll get to writing more, I promisssseee! Also, I’ll have more time to double check before posting. English is not my first language so I tend to make mistakes when I write. My first language is Spanish and sometimes I am writing in English, which means I am thinking in English and I get a text or something and my brain switches to Spanish again. So then I write a sentence in English but thinking in Spanish which is very different in sentence structure mostly, so that’s how I end up making dumb mistakes. AAAAAH. If anyone wants RobStar fanfics in Spanish, I’ll upload a version of my own stories in it. 

Well, that’s all. Just some thoughts I had in mind.

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The inherent problem in making one of your characters an amazing poet AND making that a major plot point is that at some stage you have to write some of his poetry for him.

I did not think this out!

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Thanks for the ask!

I have a strong preference for canon AU stories and for working close to canon in general. I just like going back to the universe from the source material to move characters and situations around, or to flesh out events that are glossed over in the source material in more detail. This is great because it allows me to play around with my headcanons because I get to integrate them into the source material universe. And that’s a lot of fun. I write mostly drama because I can switch from angst to action to romance in the same story as needed, and also because I think my fluff is not that good. XD

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Baby, You’re Perfect


Originally posted by harryisart

***Layla Blackwood is an up and coming photographer. Getting the job of her dreams, she starts working for the one and only Harry Styles, her world was like a dream. After going through hundreds of applications, Harry chose her to be the official photographer for his first solo tour. He wanted everything to be perfect, this go around. It was her job to capture every moment both on and off the stage. It was truly like a dream come true.******

I had been on tour with Harry for a little of two weeks now, and I still couldn’t believe that this was my life. It was as if I were walking on a cloud, and waiting for someone to pinch me awake. We were currently in New York City, which was only the second show on the world wide tour.

The excitement backstage was intoxicating. I could feel every nerve in my body come alive with excitement. Harry was gearing up to step on the stage, and he was doing his best to hype everyone up for it. Everyone was pumped and extremely excited to get the show started.

Lifting the camera to my eye, I took a few photos of Harry and his band mates. They were all standing around talking, laughing, and paying me no mind. It was a perfect opportunity to capture their true selves. Their carefree banter put a bright smile on my face. Snapping away, I was in my own little world.

“Five minutes!” Jeff called out.

The band took their places on the stage, leaving Harry behind. I continued to snap pictures of him, as he mentally prepared himself for the crowd. I could tell that he was a ball of nerves. Everyone had mentioned how incredibly scared he was of launching his solo career. He really didn’t want to disappoint his fans.

Noticing the flash, he looked up. I couldn’t help but freeze, as he caught my eye. His face seemed to light up, causing my heart to momentarily stop beating. I couldn’t help but kick myself, for staring. Before I knew it, he was making his was towards me.

“You know I wanted you to take pictures of the actual tour right? By that I mean of my performing on stage with the rest of the band.” He smirked. “I don’t need any of just myself.” He said teasingly.

“I thought I was,” I told him innocently while snapping another picture. “We have to have some of you backstage now don’t we?”

At that he laughed. He smiled brightly, as he thought it over.

“I suppose you’re right. You look very nice tonight,” he commented changing the subject.

Blushing, I gazed down. I had never been one for liking attention. Being a photographer, I had the perfect excuse to stay behind the scenes. However, I had been complimented quite a lot on my style by everyone on the crew. Including Harry. And being complimented by the gorgeous Harry Styles was the single greatest feeling.

Tonight, I had on a simple blush colored blouse paired with black skinny jeans. I was also wearing a black leather jacket. I had to keep it comfortable, because I knew that I would be moving around quite a lot in order to capture every angle of Harry. Before the tour, I decided to splurge on getting my hair done. My long brown hair was now perfectly layered down my back, and I had spent an hour making sure it was flawlessly curled. I wanted to make the best impression, and it seemed like my planning was paying off.

Trying to hide my blush, I acted like I was checking out the pictures I had already taken.

“The blush makes you that much more perfect,” he stated quietly. It was almost a murmur, and I wasn’t entirely sure I heard him correctly.

“Thank you, Harry.” I told him sincerely, giving him a shy smile.

“Anytime, love. I hope you enjoy tonight’s show.” He said with a wink.

With that, he walked backed to the stage to get into place. It took me a moment to gather myself, after that interaction. Snapping one final photo, I turned and walked down the steps. Heading to the front of the stage where the guards were posted, I positioned myself right in the front. Harry had made sure that security had at least two guards around me at all times. He wanted to make sure that no one messed with me, while I was trying to work. He was truly the sweetest and most caring guy.

The lights went off, signaling the crowd. The music started, and Harry’s angelic voice came over the speakers. When the lights came back on, he was standing center stage. I began to get to work, as he performed. I made sure to capture him singing, dancing, and having a blast with his mates. I also to hundreds of pictures of him interacting with the millions of fans.

Harry was a truly amazing performer. There was never a dull moment, during the entire show. The crowd danced and cheered, as they gushed over their idol. Although most of the pictures did not do him justice, his personality could definitely be seen. I had hundreds of pictures of his many smirks, smiles, and goofy faces.

By the end of the show, my finger was starting to cramp up. I had probably gone overboard, and taken at least a thousand pictures. As Harry was saying his final thanks, I stood up to leave. Before I could make my way around the stage, Harry caught my eye. Giving me a smirk, he winked ever so slightly.

“I would live you all to meet my lovely new photographer!” He called out to the crowd.

Stopping abruptly, I looked up at him narrowing my eyes. He seemed to love my distress that much more. Smiling brightly, he continued to talk to the crowd.

“This is Layla Blackwood! She is in charge of taking all of the pictures for us on tour, and she decides what is posted online. So if you would all be very kind to her so that she doesn’t post any nudes of me, that would be fantastic!”

The crowd cheered and laughed, while you blushed and rolled your eyes at him. The fans that were closest to me starting shouting question after question. Doing my best to ignore them, I made a break for it. Finally backstage, I took my camera from around my neck and started to scroll through it.

“Get any good shots?” Harry asked, walking up beside me.

“I might have gotten a few,” I told him, stealing his smirk. “What was all that about?”

“What? I always introduce my team to the fans.” He said innocently. “I want them to appreciate you as much as I do.”

“Uh huh, sure you do.” I told him, not buying it.

He smirked once more, before changing the subject. He was a pro at that.

“A few of us are going out to get a drink, before we head off. Would you care to join us?” He asked, hopeful.

“I don’t know. I’ve got to go through all of these millions of pictures I just took, and then I think I’m going to turn in.”

“Millions huh?”

“What can I say? I had to make sure to get the perfect one.” I told him smiling.

“Alright… Well if you change your mind, let me know. We won’t be gone to long. We have to be heading out to the next city.”

“Thanks Harry,” I told him softly, “Have a goodnight.”


Later that night, I found myself sitting on the tour bus staring at my computer screen. I had gone through most of the hundreds of photos that I had taken throughout the day, and my eyes were starting to burn. I knew I needed to call it a night. It was getting rather late, and I could no longer stare at the screen.

Shutting down the computer, I set it to the side. Turning off the light, I laid down. I made myself comfortable, and I tried my very best to shut my mind off. Laying there, my mind wondered aimlessly. It was useless. Looking at my phone, I noticed it was already three in the morning.

Sighing, I decided to get up and stretch my legs. Trying to be as quiet as possible, I walked to the front of the bus and grabbed a bottle of water.

“Couldn’t sleep?” I heard a raspy voice call out.

Looking up, I saw Harry sitting on the couch talking to Mitch. “Nope.” I told them simply and came to join them. Sitting beside Harry, I noticed they were playing cards.

“Would you like to join us?” Harry asked.

“No, thank you. I’m not very good at cards.”

They laughed and continued their game. I watched them play and listen to them talk, until my eyelids started to grow heavy.

Noticing me fighting my sleep, he simply looked at me and tapped his lap. Hesitantly, I laid my head in his lap and closed my eyes. He absentmindedly started to run his fingers through my hair, as he continued talking to Mitch. I had to admit, it felt really nice. I was utterly content.

I had just about fallen asleep, when Harry caught me completely off guard.

“Fuck! I think I’m in love.” He whispered.

“What do you mean?” Mitch asked, concerned. “You’ve only just met.”

“Look at her! She’s just so perfect..” He sighed.

I was positive that I had misheard him, as I drifted peacefully off to sleep. 

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Circumstances of Fate:

A Villian!Deku fic where Deku meets a band of misfits after not being able to cope with his failures 

Oc References:

1. Shi

2. Ni

3. San

4. Go and Roku


Tumbr Blog:

Forgive and Love Again: 

A aged-up character fic where the mother of Midoriya’s daughter is both a villain and absent, well, until the fic starts.

Oc References: 



Demon in the Temple:

Ban and the “demon” he finds in the middle of nowhere go on an adventure, with hints of romance.

Oc References:



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me, planning 100k enemies-to friends-to lovers slow burn fics where they don’t even become comfortable having a relaxed conversation until more than halfway through

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Good morning beautiful fandom folk!

I hope your coffee is good and plentiful, and your heart full.

Let’s chat briefly about writing and fanfic and tropes and shit, yeah?

We’re all writing about the same characters. We’re often using the same tropes. We’re going to be writing a lot of similar stories. That’s a given. But when you take very specific details another writer has written, we notice. We see our friends’ hard work you’ve borrowed, or our own words, in your work. It doesn’t feel good. 

Be inspired. Riff with each-other. Ask others if you can tag onto an idea they’ve started. But don’t take hyper-specific things someone else has written and write your own very similar story with them. I bet you have so many amazing ideas that we don’t. Write those! We would really love to read them.


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