kookiesandcreams · a day ago
Can you do a yoongi smut drabble
Pairing: yoongi × reader
Genre: smut, pwp,
Warning: cunnilingus, grinding, unprotected sex, cum play, dirty talk, tiddie grabbbing.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pounding into your tight heat, Yoongi lets out a guttural moan, one that makes your insides tingle.
His grip getting stronger on your waist, was the only anchor to keep you from falling. "Tell me, tell me, who this pussy belongs to, huh?" His pace made your mind a frenzied mess. Sloppy kisses on your neck were just another distraction.
A slap on your ass pulls you out of your thoughts. "I said," he punctuates his words with brutal thrusts, " tell me, who this pussy belongs to."
"YOU," it was an ear-piercing scream but it only boosted Yoongi's ego. You felt more pre cum spill in your already wet, pulsating pussy. Biting your lip to control yourself, you balled Yoongi's button up in your right hand while your left hand grabbed your tit.
"Are you close, baby girl?" His ruthless pace was contradictory to the gentleness in his smooth tone. You nodded your head like a dumb slut you were for him and he is the cocky dom he is, pulled your hair and traced the hand down to your clit, rubbing it furiously. "Cum for me, will you?"
Who were you to deny?
His vice like grip on you tightened as if it's possible. You were sure it'd leave marks. But, who cares?
Definitely not you!
The sloppy kisses, his dexterous fingers skillfully rubbing your clit and his thick juicy cock snapping inside of you at an animalistic pace combined together to get you closer to your nirvana.
The rope stretched in the pit of your stomach snapped as you let out a lewd whimper. Mess. You were sure his cock was a mess now. "Good girl," he patted your butt before continuing his ministration.
It took him a few more thrusts in your slippery pussy before he spilt his load inside you. Droplets of cum trickled down your bare thigh but he was quick to plunge two digits in your cunt, "how does it feel to be stuffed with your boyfriend's cum?"
Your eyes roll back and your back arches, "it feels dirty." You let out a satisfied sigh before he pulls his fingers out and bring them to your mouth. "Suck," he commands and you are quick to comply.
"That's my girl," he praises you once you are done sucking his fingers clean. He helps you to the bed before wiping your body with a wet towel and pulling the sheets over your body. "Rest, baby. I'll prepare a bath for you." You smile at him, it's a weak smile but he understands.
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hi-there-buddies · 2 days ago
I used the way back machine for the tmnt ao3 fic page to see how many fanfics sprung up after the movie and,
August 4th:
Tumblr media
August 8th:
Tumblr media
This is what a good movie does to a starving fandom. I’m almost positive all of them are rottmnt lmfao
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m00n2h1n3-art-dump · 2 days ago
Reasons not to commit self delete:
1. It might hurt
2. Theres gonna be unread fanfics, and fanfics that will be made later
3. The glass scientists isn't finished yet.
4. You can't slay in a coffin.
5. You might come back as a fetus in a country that's banned abortion.
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plmmmmm · 2 days ago
Let's play a game. How many tabs on your phone/computer are ao3 related?
I'll start: 19
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fangirlneverlie · 2 days ago
"your ships not canon" said a dudebro, I look into their eyes willing to see pass their hash lie, I grab their arm and kiss them with love, when I stop kissing them I say "they're canon to me"
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daryl-dixon-daydreams · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
TW: implied violence and trauma (no description) reader pronouns: unspecified He thought you were asleep, but you were still rigidly awake as he walked in silently and sank down in the chair at your bedside. You turned over and peered at him intently and his heart ached at the sight of the laceration near your scalp. It was held together with butterfly bandages and now had a ring of dark bruising surrounding it. “S—sorry. Did I wake ya up?” You shook your head and turned more fully toward him, wincing a little from the sharp pangs in your torso. “No.” Your eyes flitted over his face and he tucked his chin toward his chest for a moment, nervous under your gaze. A curtain of his dark, wavy hair concealed him for a moment before his thirst for the sight of you overwhelmed his nerves. “Daryl—” Your breath caught in your throat. “Who gave you that black eye? Daryl—” He didn’t directly answer the question, but you didn’t need him to. You already knew. “They ain’t ever gonna hurt ya again. I made sure,” he drawled. You could still hear the righteous anger in his voice.  “You shouldn’t have done that,” you murmured. Tears suddenly burned in your eyes and an upwelling of emotion flooded over you, like a rising tide that had finally breached the levee.  To your surprise, he grabbed your hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, grounding you. “I should’a done exactly what I did. Course I should’a. Ain’t nobody hurtin’ ya again as long as ‘m around. Alrigh’?” You couldn’t express how grateful you were, or how small or overwhelmed you had felt. Instead you just asked him to stay, and he continued to hold your hand in his. “I ain’t goin’ anywhere.” Prompt: “Who gave you that black eye?”
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inktrapped · 2 days ago
Cuphead show
Some hc of the devil with a reader (female or gn) who is very VERY affectionate ✨❤?
I forgot to put cuphead show
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Of course! And it’s okay, things happen- but here you go, I do hope you enjoy!~ <3
Devil x Reader (Cuphead)
Requests: OPEN!
•Reader: Gender Neutral
•Characters: Devil, Y/N
•Genre: Romance / Fluff
•Warnings: None !
•Pairing: Devil and Y/N
•Note: Thank you !! <3
•Other: Enjoy~
Tumblr media
The Devil's horns are very sensitive, which means he doesn't like them being touched. Like,, at all. But, sometimes you'll rub his horns; he tries to deny the fact that he likes it. But inside, he actually loves it. 
Brush time. Yeah, sometimes the Devil needs to be brushed. I mean, he does have fur after all. And of course, you're the one to brush him. He loves it, probably because it feels nice. 
You will hug him. I mean you would hug him a lot, even if he is in a bad mood. A lot of the times, your hugging makes him feel better. Of course, you also love hugging him because he is fluffy. You like to burry your head in his chest.
You love hugging him from behind as well. Sometimes, when he is least expecting it, he may jump. You would giggle at it, but of course all jokes. 
Whenever you pet him and / or rub his horns, he will purr like the big cat he is. Sometimes he doesn't notice it, but when he does, he will try to push you away. It's not to be mean, he just wants to act more like the 'evil villain'. 
You love to cuddle with him. Especially at night, you love falling asleep in his warm arms. He sometimes tries to put on an act as if he didn't like it, but in reality, he absolutely loves it. He loves wrapping his arms around you. 
The Devil much easier to fluster and embarrass than you think. Yeah, people think he is mean and has a hard personality. But in reality, he gets flustered very easily. Especially with you, you know exactly how to embarrass and fluster him. Especially calling him pet names, or just doing the smallest affectionate things. 
You will sometimes hold his hand, even in public. He will try to pull away, but you'll just end up hugging his arm. After a few minutes of fussing over it, he will actually let you hold his hand. He finds it cute, even if he wants to pull away.
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into-theheaven · a day ago
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roonyxx · 2 days ago
Blog rebuild
Alright guys, after much searching and using your amazing tips (thank you again), I found a few of my fics back!
One shots I found:
Body Swap
Merry Fucking Christmas
The Heartless Huntress
The Mark
The One Where It Hurts
Why Don't You Love Me
The Winter cabin (Y/n pov)
Series I found:
(i will work on remaking this after my holidays)
Bring The Lion Out (I miss chapter 1 (the deal), 2 (your highness) and 4 (black tears))
Stolen Crown
If Only (only the epiologue is missing)
Pure hatred
Rusty Road Ranch (I miss chapter 3,6,7 and epilogue)
The Raven
Upon a Hill
The Winchester's Pet
I will start working on posting them soon and remaking my masterlist, if you happen to come across some of my fics, don't hesistate to send me (only if you want of course).
these are a few titels i'm still missing;
Shower Sex
Immigrant song drabble
Not Her
Big Boy
My Home
The bastard face
Even more that I forgot about
I guess I will have to come out of my hiatus and fix this mess 😅. Sorry everyone for the inconvience! I'll be back up and running soon.
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funnytwittertweets · a month ago
Tumblr media
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prettyboyandthekid · a month ago
Shout out to fanfic writers that don’t get put on rec lists.
Shout out to fanfic writers who write short fanfics.
Shout out to fanfic writers who don’t write often.
Your fics are just as much a labor of love.
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dasloddl · 26 days ago
your desire to write the same trope over and over again
my desire to read the same trope over and over again
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youneedsomeprompts · 16 days ago
im sorry for every person that doesn't know how wholesome and healing and sustaining the wonder of fanfiction can be. there must be something missing in your life
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lost-in-fictionn · a year ago
Me reading enemies to lovers fics in 2012
Tumblr media
Me reading enemies to lovers fics in 2021
Tumblr media
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mandofury · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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emblazedwinter · a month ago
Sometimes I manage to convince myself that I have multiple hobbies. Then ao3 stops working and I’m faced with reality; Hobbies are my last resort. Fanfics are an obsession that got out of control.
I would like to cite 2012 Wattpad as the reason for my downfall.
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justlookatthosesausages · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Ah, yes, it's all coming together
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