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Me: I would like to begin this fic with a classic adventure scene °w°
Also me, five minutes later: *begin the fic with a classic angst scene*
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pairing: Ezra Bridger and Y/n

warnings: none

summary: Y/n thinks about her and Ezra before his disappearance when he liberated Lothal from the Empire


You stared at the small silver ring on your finger. Today marked the day six years from Ezra’s disappearance. Sitting silently on your bunk, you let yourself remember the night he gave you the promise ring.

You were lying on the top of the Ghost, gazing at the stars. Your homeworld was often foggy and you found any opportunity to see the stars a rare one. The planet you were on had clear skies and you were not going to let that go to waste.

Closing your eyes, you let yourself enjoy the brief moment of peace. The conflict was steadily growing more violent, keeping the rebels more occupied. The Spectres cell only didn’t have a mission today because Hera needed to restock the supplies on the Ghost.

There was a small noise and you opened your eyes to find Ezra standing next to you. He lay down beside you, his hand finding yours in the dark. The touch caused sparks of electricity to race through your body. Even after dating Ezra for over a year, the slightest contact with him never failed to bring a reaction from your body.

A cool wind blew across and you shivered. Ezra immediately pulled you closer to him and you blushed

slightly. He gave you a mischievous grin and you blushed even harder, burying your head into his shoulder.

You felt his body vibrate with laughter and you poked his side in an attempt to get him to stop. However, it only caused him to laugh harder and you smiled, realizing that your boyfriend was ticklish.

Ezra suddenly flipped over and began tickling you. You let out a small shriek of surprise before dissolving into a fit of giggles. Not one to be easily beaten, you tickled him back, resulting in a full on tickling war to begin.

A few minutes passed before you admitted defeat, leaning back into Ezra’s arms to catch your breath.

He pressed a light kiss onto your hair and you intertwined your fingers with his. Snuggling further into his embrace, you inhaled his scent. Ezra always smelt like grass and a hint of spice which you suspected was from his cologne.

A comfortable silence settled over the both of you as you looked back up at the stars.

A silence that was interrupted a few minutes later by Ezra tapping his fingers on the metal beneath.


He hummed in response, his fingers continuing their rhythm.

‘You’re thinking too loud.’ You knew him well enough to know that him tapping his fingers was a sign that he was nervous and often overthinking things.

He tensed behind you and you turned around to find him avoiding your gaze.

‘Ezra? You know that you can talk to me right? About anything.’ You reassured him. His continued silence worried you and you searched his face for clues.

Just when you began to think that he wasn’t going to say anything, he blurted ‘I love you Y/n.’

Your breath hitched and he exhaled shakily before continuing, ‘I’m so in love with you. I love the way your face lights up when you smile. I love the way you aren’t afraid of anything. I lov-’

You cut off his rambling, cupping his face in your hands and pressing your lips against his. He froze for a moment before responding to the kiss.

Pulling away, you smiled and said ‘I love you too Ezra Bridger.’

You could see the happiness in his blue eyes as he leaned in to kiss you. He pushed something into your hand and you broke away from the kiss in surprise.

Looking down, you saw that you were holding a small wooden box. You glanced back up at Ezra and he nodded at you to open it.

Slowly, you opened the box to find that it contained a small silver ring. It was a simple but beautiful ring.

‘Do you like it?’ Ezra nervously asked.

‘I love it.’ You grinned at him and he relaxed, a small smile appearing on his face.

‘On my home planet, it’s tradition to give your girlfriend a promise ring if you love them. It symbolises my promise to love you forever.’ He explained.

You didn’t realize you were crying until Ezra used his thumb to carefully brush your tears away.

‘You’re my home Y/n. It also symbolises my promise to always come back to you. No matter what.’ He added, causing a fresh flood of tears to spill down your cheeks.

Holding out the ring, you asked him to help you put it on. He happily obliged, slipping the ring onto the ring finger of your left hand. You remember cuddling on the top of the Ghost until the sun rose.

Snapping back to the present, you touch the ring.

‘You promised me Ezra. You promised to always come back to me….’ Despite your best efforts, a stubborn tear slips out of your eye.

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Series Masterlist.

To becoming part of the taglist either like this post, or send me a message.


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As they approached the mansion, the first thing (Y/n) noticed was the large golden gates with two large lion statues seeming to guard it, as they neared the main entrance (Y/n) also noticed the large fountain surrounded by a small garden, obviously for decorative purposes, (Y/n) also heard the sound of small rocks being crunched by the wheels of his sports car, those tiny decorative rocks which for some reason people found pleasing, but (Y/n) absolutely hated them, why would anyone want that, especially in front of the house, you couldn’t even take a peaceful walk without needing to put on a pair of proper shoes, if she wasn’t aware of the situation she was in, she would have commented on it, but instead she kept quiet.

Max parks his car near the main entrance, cutting the engine and pulling the key from the ignition, he glances at (Y/n) and saw her staring at her hands that were on her lap, he climbs out the car and made his way around to the passenger’s side and opens the door for her, she could hear the crunching sound from the rocks underneath his shoes as he moved, she stares up at him before slowly stepping out the car, the place was large with cream coloured walls, it wasn’t anything that she expected it to be, surprisingly, it was pleasing to look at, apart from the rocks scattered on the ground.

“Welcome to my house,” Max says while closing the door to the sports car, he couldn’t exactly call it home, so instead, he called it a house, although it was anything but the size of a house, a home should have a warm feeling, something the mansion didn’t have, a home should feel welcoming, which most of the time, the mansion didn’t feel very welcoming, he guides her to the front door and allows her to enter first, she lets out a relieved sigh after hearing and feeling unpleasantness from the rocks outside, Max looks at her for a moment as he closed the front door. “This way.” He guides her down a long hallway, the walls were once again a light colour instead of a dark colour she had been expecting, as they neared his office, she could hear chatter coming from a room, she didn’t understand the language, but she was certain that it was French, Max pushes the door open, revealing the three men from the restaurant, Albon, Galsy and Kvyat, talking or more discussing something, corner clear on their faces.

“I’m here,” Max states as he stared at them. “I’ll be in my office, don’t disturb us unless it’s important.” Gasly wanted to say something, only for Albon to stop him, muttering something to him, Max closed the door and continued leading (Y/n) to his office, dark wood, black leather couches, a large wooden desk as well as bookshelves decorated his office, (Y/n) had no doubt that the bookshelves were just there for show, to hide weapons or even a secret room, she was certain about it when she had spotted the scraped on the floor near them.


Fear, that was the only thing (Y/n) could feel as she sits on one of the black leathered couches in the spacious office, Max sat on the opposite couch across from her, he had just finished explaining what he was and what he does for a living, even giving her the names of each business and building he owned, everything slowly sinks in, but she refused to show it, she didn’t want him to see how scared she was, but she was sure he could see it, possibly even sense it.

“Do you have any questions?” Max asks in a soft sincere tone, (Y/n) shakes her head, unsure what she could ask and which questions could get into a lot more trouble or worse, her gaze falls onto the floor, finding it more interesting than the shelf behind Max. “(Y/n), I would never hurt you.” He sounded so convincing, but how could she believe him? “If I wanted to bring any harm to you, I would have done so a long time ago.” He stood from his seat causing (Y/n) to shiver with fear in her seat, Max quickly picked up on it. “(Y/n)…” Hurt evident in his voice, but before he could continue, somebody knocked on the large wooden doors, interrupting him, (Y/n)’s eyes wide as she looks up from the ground, her eyes displaying the fear she felt. “I told them not to disturb us.” Max strides towards the door and pulls it open, glaring at whoever stood on the other side of it. “If I remember correctly, I said don’t disturb us.”

“And I am deeply sorry to disturb, Sir, but we thought this could be important,” Pierre says before hosing something to Max on a tablet, causing him to snatch the device from Pierre’s hand as anger bubbles inside him, a picture of (Y/n) was attached in an email. “She is in danger, and so are we.” Pierre tried to say it as quietly as possible, but failed, (Y/n) had heard him. “Butler’s hang knows about her, and they are threatening her if you do not meet the demands they ask for.”

“How did they find out?” Max questions, how had he not noticed? How did nobody notice that butler had been following them?

“We’re not sure yet, but we believe he had seen her with you at some point, we just don’t know where,” Pierre explains, (Y/n) licks her lips, her heart pounding in her ears, but she needed to ask.

“Wh—Who’s Butler?” (Y/n) asks, her voice faltering for a second, Max turns to face her and saw her standing from the couch, nervously fiddling with her fingers, he quickly learned that she did that when she was nervous.

“A nobody.” Max states. “Nothing but a piece of scum.” His voice hard and cold, causing her to take a small step back, afraid. “You shouldn’t worry yourself over this lowlife, he’s a nobody.” His gentler this time around, he looks back at Pierre. “Thank you, Pierre, we will have a meeting later, let everyone know.” Pierre nods his head and glanced at (Y/n) before leaving the office, Max closes his door as he turns the tablets off, how was he going to explain to (Y/n) that her life was in danger, and he couldn’t, no he wouldn’t let her eave tonight.

“He said, she’s in danger.” (Y/n)’s soft voice says from behind Max, she already knew what was coming. “Am I in danger?” Max turns around to face her a takes a step towards her but quickly halts when he saw her tense.

“I won’t let anything happen to you, (Y/n),” Max says. “I won’t let that piece of scum come near you.” (Y/n) slowly nods her head, her eyes looking everywhere but at him, her eyes finally fall back to the floor, a sigh leaving her lips.

“I can’t go home tonight, am I right?” (Y/n) asks, already knowing the answer to her question, but she had to ask.

“I would rather you don’t,” Max says. “Not with somebody from my world knowing about your existence.” But what he said next surprised her, she was sure that he wasn’t going to let her go home. “But I am a man of my word if you wish to go…” He trails off, he didn’t want her to leave. “I won’t stop you.” He would rather have her stay there, where he knew she would be safe, (Y/n)’s mind swirled with thoughts, what could be waiting for her at her apartment? Would she even make it back to her apartment? As much as she wanted to leave, she didn’t want to die, she preferred living.

“I uh…” (Y/n) begins, only to stop and clear her throat, Max was right, he’s never hurt her before, why would he now? She needed to think about her safety for a second, so when the words left her mouth, Max couldn’t believe it. “Can I uh, stay here?” Her voice barely above a whisper, she was still scared of the man standing a few feet away from her, but he might just be her safest option, the safest option. “Just until you’ve caught this Butler person.”

“Yes, of course,” Max says. “I’d rather have you stay here, knowing that you’re safe rather than let you stay on your own.” A glint of hope in his eyes, perhaps if they could spend some more time together she might see that he is still the same person before she knew the truth. “I’ll have Russell prepare the guest bedroom for you.”

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Originally posted by inglourious-imagines

Day 3: Snowball Fight (Fred Weasley)

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Warnings: None! This is just short and fluffy!


“Oh!” A yelp of surprise escaped (Y/N)’s lips. Frigid snow bursted across her face leaving a bit of a pink mark and a shocked expression on her face.

It had been Fred’s intention to start an impromptu snowball fight, sure. It had not been his intention to strike his girlfriend in the face though… he was aiming for her shoulder. “Bloody hell! You alright, (Y/N)?”

Of course it was Fred. It was always Fred… she knew just how to deal with this. He was running towards her probably trying to assess if he was in the doghouse or not. (Y/N) reached down quickly and scooped up a handful of snow and pelted it at red headed twin towards her. It hadn’t been compacted into a tight ball yet so it was not nearly as effective at the one she’d been hit with, but still she managed to sprinkle his face with the frozen water.

“Shots have been returned!” George yelled, laughing on the sidelines. (Y/N) hadn’t noticed his presence, but she always assumed he was there (it was rare that he wasn’t around Fred).

She had a plan, though she admitted it was definitely a long shot, it was worth a try. “George! Help me?!”

He just shrugged and hurled the snowball he already had prepared at his brother. The next thirty minutes of their lives went by like a whirlwind: just a lot of running, screaming, laughing and a LOT of being hit by snow.

(Y/N)’s teeth chattered and Fred threw his arm around her, although it didn’t do much to keep her warm as he was also frozen and covered in ice. Thankfully the 3 had struck some sort of peace treaty and were now headed back into the castle. “Im…so…c-cold….”

“Well let’s go get you warmed up, I have a few ideas.” Fred winked at her and laughed when she rolled her eyes. “What! I was talking about the fireplace in the common room!”

Taglist: @harrypotter289 @levylovegood @sapphicnoodle69

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fucking fanfiction. it’s prematurely fucked up my love life (HOW CAN ANYBODY REAL GET TO THAT LEVEL OF LOVE) AND my sex life (sir i am a virgin and i know enough about BDSM to give a class, cause after i read my first BDSM fic i looked it allllllllllllll up and    i   k n o w   t o o    m u c h). however fanfiction IS my mental health and it’s also helped me live my life to the fullest cause i now romanticize the smallest things so. idk ig it balences out

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I don’t, sorry! Their fics are the only parent roy and ling I know of D: you only mentioned their two ongoing fics (which I’m reading too) so if you haven’t read their one shot series, you should!

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I still exist. Yup, I will continue to bother you more with my random obsessions. I am still very willing to do ships, for the beatles, Harry Potter, or Marvel (maybe). I will also be posting my chapters of fanfics from wattpad onto this tumblr blog. I hope you guys are harry potter fans cause thats pretty much what I write. I do have a couple chapters for a modern beatles fanfic but I don’t keep up on it. Anyways I will also take request for imagines! Please, send me some requests, I need inspiration sometimes. Anyways love you all, thank you for following me!  

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the difference between wattpad and ao3 is that ao3 has all these tags and you get to have an idea of what the story is abt but w wattpad u get like 3 tags and the summary is basically, good girl bad boy romance ooh aah and so u read it bc what else did we do back then. and then in the last 2 chapters the main love interest dies??? like??

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I‘m gonna start taking requests for fanart and just art in general (this also includes calligraphy and lettering and stickers) and maybe even some fanfics if I have the time so if you have a request you can just send me an ask if you want :)

(but if you do pls don’t be rude if it doesn’t turn out exactly as wanted it to or if it takes longer than expected I’m still in HS and I have stuff to do so a request might take a while sometimes)

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A Promise Not Forsaken: A Man in Time You’ll Be

Hello everyone, I’m back! Hope everyone had a safe and sane couple of weeks. Life for me has continued unchanged, which meant I got a lot of writing done…..when Shadowlands wasn’t stealing my soul. Either way, here’s the new chapter and a quick note:

As of right now, Garrosh Hellscream hasn’t done much of anything besides be a depressed teenager rejected by his clan’s strongest warriors and whispered about all his life by others. We, you readers and me the author, know what he’s going to become but Izzy doesn’t. To her, he’s just a kid in need of guidance, the kind she doesn’t feel right giving him. Which is just going to make it hurt that much more when he does start shifting further down the line.

With that said, we’re getting close to the end now. I think maybe 3-4 more chapters, depending on how things flow. Then maybe a couple of one shots from other, minor characters (I’m eager to write something with Kav, haha) as well as POV chapters from some of our canon faves.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I’ll see you next week!

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This is definitely where Enasal’s lack of social skills and normal life experiences really shows.

Luckily, Krem is there to help.  Helping her figure out the words all while making fun of her.  Because you can’t spell “Friendship” without… never mind, can’t think of a good pun.

If you’re a new reader and wonder why I wrote Krem the way I do, read to get a little more info. 

Writing Krem can be odd for me at times - it’s a weird combination of “Wow.  This makes me miss, Adam.”  and “Wow!  This makes me close to that sweet bastard.”  and even, “I feel a little better writing this.”  

It’s a weird thing, but I like to think it’s healthy.  Seriously, I could spend posts and posts reminiscing about him.  He’s up there now, harassing the angels and petting all the animals.

Annnnnd I’ve been forgetting to tag people.  Crappers and milk, I’ll do it now. if you want to be included (whether I forgot or haven’t added you yet) or don’t want to be tagged anymore, let me know.

@in-uthenera-we-wait @noire-pandora @mauvette268



The fields outside of Skyhold were alive with bird calls and the rustling of tall grass - one of Enasal’s favorite places to relax.  She and Krem came here every few days to get away from the noise of Skyhold and enjoy the ever-warming sun.  

 Krem nudged Enasal, “Come on, En.  What’s on your mind?”  

Enasal snapped out of whatever thought she had been in, “Sorry, what?”

“You’ve been quiet since you finished that book.”  He said, “You got a whole pile of flowers and you haven’t started a chain.”  He titled his head back onto her shoulder, “What’s got you off in the clouds?”

Her answer was to lay down in the grass with the book open on her face.

Krem tapped on the book’s cover, “Did somebody die?  Maker’s breath was it an animal?”

Enasal sighed and set the book aside.   “It’s about two people who are in love.”  Her brow was creased as she looked up at the sky,  “They never tell each other how they feel and they both die alone.”

“Kaffas!”  He laughed, looking behind him where she had laid herself down. “Did Dorian give that to you? That was mean.”

“Then why are you laughing?”  She asked, feebly reaching to tap his back with her fist, “I’m in distress here.”

He spun around and laid out beside her, “Distress? Right.” 

“Do you know what’s going on?  Everyone being all hinty and nudgey?”  She paused, “Like, how did you know Dorian gave me that book?  I get my own books sometimes.”

Krem rolled over on his back, “That cloud looks like a dog.”


He laughed and sat back up.  “I thought we were being coy and not answering questions.”

“We’re not…”  Enasal gripped her scalp and let out a frustrated shout, “I’m just trying to wrap my mind over it all.”

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