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Padawan: Reader: Gone Forever

Reader, on Mandalore on a mission: My padawan necklace came off and now it’s gone!

Anakin, through his comlink: Y/N, people are dying here

Reader: YES, if you don’t help me find my fucking necklace!

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fanfic authors tag game

Tagged by: the super sweet @besidemethewholedamntime <3

Tagging: @springmagpies @sunalsolove @tomatobookworm and everybody who wishes to do it :) (edited cause I had kept the same tags and I wanted to tag new persons :) )

Ao3 name: agentofship

Fandoms: AoS

Number of fics: 76

1. Fic you spent the most time on: Probably Detour. I first had the idea almost two years ago. I wrote a chapter or two and then kind of lost inspiration. Then I revived it last summer and started publishing it but the last few chapters took forever and I still have one I’m truly hoping to write before the end of Lockdown at the very least :p 

2. Fic you spent the least time on: Hard to remember for sure but I know I wrote The Power of a Fitz hug all in one go, which happens very, very rarely :) 

3. Longest fic: A Story in Miscommunications with 82704 words

4. Shortest fic: Excluding my illustrated story, H is for Halloween Decorations with 1284 words

5. Most hits: A Reverse Love Story

6. Most kudos: A Reverse Love Story

7. Most comment threads: Glasses and Elbow Patches

8. Fave fic you wrote: Depends on my mood really but I’m rather proud of A Night at the Witche’s Cottage. I like the atmosphere and I feel like I managed to include a coherent plot :)

9. Fic you want to rewrite/expand on: A Taste of Scotland where Jemma has a crush on bagpiper Fitz. I had written this one with a second part in mind the whole time and I’d love to get back to it at some point. (for this but also because bagpiper Fitz in a kilt)

10. Share a bit of your WIP or share a story idea that you’re planning: The Lighthouse Keeper Gothic AU that @blancasplayground and @libbyweasley made me write <3

Grey clouds were gathering low over the horizon, the wind engulfing her skirts feeling like a thousand icy fingers. Jemma tightened the scarf around her neck and quickened her pace. The sky had still been blue when she had turned back and decided to make her way home along the shore. 

There was still a long way to go before the rocks started to take over the sand and she would find the road that started at the lighthouse and climbed up into the cobbled streets of the little town Jemma now called home.

That was fun :) Thank you for tagging me :) 

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Originally posted by absinthundblut

Sadie and I were very discreet with our planning for the following week, as well as Sadie putting in time for her own enjoyment of being a spirit. I couldn’t stop her, but from what it seems, she was having a blast just by flying around or casually floating by in whatever silly pose she felt like doing. It was both amusing and…worrisome.

What if she chose the life of a spirit? Where would that leave Alice and I? She would never age while Alice and I grew old and carried on a legacy…hopefully. If she’ll say yes.

You never know what Alice will say, she’s surprising like that.

Where was I? Oh, right. Worrying myself to death over Sadie’s rash decisions.

All in all, Sadie has a life in front of her. If she chooses the life of a spirit, she’s leaving behind not just family and friends, but what she’s been working for her entire life. Before this all happened she badly wanted to help those in need and be an activist against injustice and unethical issues. She was one of the top kids in her class, she had the voice and the passion and the knowledge…was she really just going to throw it all away to living an immortal life, forever sending dreams to children she didn’t even know? If I was in that situation, I would easily choose to follow what I’ve started, not something new that was meaningless to me. But hey, I can’t talk. For most of my life I’ve been giving nightmares to the entire world and spreading fear like it was a plague. I’m just getting used to this human life once more.

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chapter 19

previous chapters: 1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7// 8// 9// 10// 11// 12// 13// 14// 15// 16// 17// 18


Kara could smell it from her bedroom.

It was at times like these when she was partially grateful for her super-senses, but… also, they frustrated her right then, since by the time she got out of bed and walked into the living room of her loft (turning on the news, just in case there was anything Supergirl was needed for), expecting said scents to be coming from her kitchen, there was nothing there.

Instead, their source was on the other side of her door, and she opened it to find Brainy, wearing a light brown sweater over a black polo shirt, with black slacks and the glasses she’d given him, and holding a tray of breakfast foods.

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Originally posted by gerses

Well this is my first fanfic in a lot of time. I don’t usually finish writing fics so here goes the first chapter of a new adventure. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order make me fell in love again with the SW universe (the first time was watching the prequels when I was a kid and the second one was when I went to the cinema to watch The Force Awakens, so they say that the third is charm, am i right? lol), so here we go! This story is going to be set like a year or so after the end of the game, but i’ll try to not be very spoilerish of the game itself. English is not my first language so I had to translate my writing from spanish to english so if something is wrong, i’m so sorry, i’m doing the best I can. I hope you guys like it! 

Pairing: Cal Kestis x OC

Chapter I: Meeting in Kashyyyk

The Mantis had been traversing the galaxy for a few days without incident when they intercepted a message.

- Cere, there is a message for Cal from Mari Kosan, the rebel who helped him the other time we were in Kashyyyk - Greez begins to explain - says that one of their pilots has crashed in an inaccessible site and that they need Cal’s help to get her out of there …

- Well, I will tell him - Cere answered

Cere made her way to the back of the Mantis where Cal was in with BD-1 tuning his lightsaber.
- Cal, we have received an urgent message from the rebels at Kashyyyk - Cere explained
- Mari is still there? - Cal asked
- Yes, the rebels stayed behind to help the Wookiees with cleaning and rebuilding. They need us to go to help them help one of their pilots who has suffered an accident and they say that you could get to where she was trapped.
- Okay, well let’s go back to Kashyyyk - Cal said - let’s go BD-1!

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yes classics are good but a quality werewolf story? amazing. angels and demons au? extraordinary. lucifer on earth au? splendid. fanfics of ur faves where one is hurt and the other needs to take care of them? plus if the hurt one is the unusually dominant one? h e l l y e s.

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