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bettsfic · 10 hours ago
I have been told that my writing sounds like fanfiction. I asked if it was bad because you could see the guy was mocking but he said no it’s not bad it just seems like horny fanfiction. That makes me feel super self-conscious because I write romance and apparently my writing is too much like fanfiction. You write original stories and fanfiction so what’s your opinion on that. Fanfiction comes up a lot to criticize bad writing
i agree, fanfic does come up a lot to criticize bad writing. "this is just fanfic" is very often meant as an insult. "romance" is also an insult, but slightly less of one, because at least it's "original."
people hate fanfic because it's written by women, queer people, and disabled people. they hate fanfic even more because it's a genre where, by and large, writers take the shitty work of mediocre cis white men and fix it. and they hate fanfic even more because they have absolutely no power over it. they cannot support it with money, or condemn it by denying it money. their readership, attention, and approval has no bearing on it. so all that's left is to turn it into an insult and hurl it at the people whose mere creative existence offends them.
in high school there was this girl who really hated me. her locker was next to mine and we were in a lot of the same classes. this was back in the days of personal blogs, and i remember someone sent me a link to her blog where she had post upon post just eviscerating me. making fun of every little thing i said and did. a bizarre record of my day to day life.
at the time i was really hurt and ashamed. but then i realized how fucking weird it was that this girl hated me so much when i didn't even notice her. i once remember thinking she had cankles. otherwise i had not devoted a single second of my mental energy toward her. why are you making fun of me, i thought, i don't even know you.
i think of fanfic the same way. we're a really big lunch table that does not concern itself with other lunch tables who apparently hate us. we are too busy having fun and being ourselves to have opinions on other people.
fanfic is the art of girlhood, and from beatlemania to now, fangirls have been the lowest of the low when it comes to pop culture. if your work appeals to girls, you've fucked up. fanfic is the sheer audacity for girls to become creators intentionally to appeal to other girls. it's the greatest artistic sin: taking other people's stories, wrenching them apart, putting them back together, and giving them away for free. to the pretentious layperson who over-values the dead white dude canon, what's not to hate about that?
anyway, the fact is, other people's prejudices have nothing to do with you. the dude who told you your writing reads like fanfic has probably never actually read a fanfic in his life. he doesn't know what he's talking about; he's just being an asshole. it's a good practice to build a door between yourself and other people's opinions of your writing, and only ever open that door when those opinions serve your goals and ideals. otherwise, keep it locked, and keep doing what you're doing.
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baevillier · 12 hours ago
𝙨𝙖𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙙𝙖𝙮𝙨 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙤𝙮𝙨 | 𝙢. 𝙗𝙖𝙧𝙯𝙖𝙡
Tumblr media
𝙨𝙖𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙙𝙖𝙮𝙨 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙤𝙮𝙨 | 𝙢. 𝙗𝙖𝙧𝙯𝙖𝙡
summary: Mat doesn’t think much of it when Tito says that he is going to bring a friend out to the bar. But after seeing her get along famously with the guys and hold her own, Mat finds himself smitten.
When Tito had said that he was going to bring a friend out to boys night, Mat didn’t ask questions. Apparently the friend had just moved to New York and needed to do some mingling in the bar scene. For the most part, Tito assured everyone that his new friend would go off on their own- that they just wanted their first introduction to the New York night life to be within close quarters to people they trusted.
It wasn’t until Tito showed up with his arm around their shoulders that Mat realized why his friend was making such a fuss.
Y/N was a girl.
Not that he had a problem with that. Saturdays were usually guys night, but he could understand why Y/N wanted to go out on the same night as Tito- if something went wrong, what better way to solve a problem than with a large group of hockey players.
“Hey guys- this is Y/N.” Tito smiled brightly as he walked towards the group’s usual table. Two booths to the left, tucked in the corner of the restaurant- it was semi private meaning that they had some more peace and quiet to themselves, but still close enough to the action so that they could feel apart of the night.
Y/N waved, her smile never faltering as she was introduced to each one of the guys. She was kind. Her gentle tone being one of the first things that Mat noticed. Her words seemed to flow off her tongue so easily, like she had spent hours practicing them before hand- yet they had a sense of naturalism to them.
His mind was boggled and he couldn’t help but choke slightly when she finally got around to introducing herself to him. She shook his hand, her smaller frame being the next thing that Mat noticed. He was taller than her by quite a few inches- but she still looked as though she could hold her own in a fight. It wasn’t because she was insanely muscular, or anything physical about her really, she just had a fire in her- a certain intensity.
“Hey.” Mathew cleared his throat, still holding a pint of beer in his free hand.
The guys started to crack up as they watched the exchange, Y/N’s furrowed brow and quirked lips as she returned Mat’s one word greeting. Stepping back from the Canadian the woman smiled.
“Well, as promised, I’m going to leave you guys to your night- have fun!” She raised her own glass, one that she had all but neglected through the introductions. Tito gave her a quick reminder that if she needed anything, she could come to any of the guys, the group reassuring her as well.
As she headed off, Tito couldn’t help but slap mat’s shoulder playfully. “What the fuck was that?” He laughed. He watched as Mat’s face flushed, his jaw clenching and eyes narrowing as he suddenly found his glass to be the most interesting thing in the bar.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He shrugged it off, taking a gulp of his beer.
Their captain, Anders rolled his eyes. Settling back down into the booth as they returned themselves. The crimson floor reflected off the atmosphere of the bar- the dim lights and golden tones bringing a warmth to the establishment. “Barzy- I’ve seen you with the ladies, not once have you got tongue tied like that.”
Tito snickered. “All you said was ‘hey’ man” he rubbed his face and stifled his laughter.
With his head in his heads, Mat suddenly snapped his neck upwards. “Whats wrong with that?!” He asked. “I greeted her!” He defended himself, turning his baseball cap backwards on his head so that the bill was facing his back.
With a shallow groan, Mat crossed his arms- ignoring the relentless chirping and teasing from his friends. He was too distracted to really care anyway. His gaze had fallen directly to where Y/N sat at the bar- seemingly already chatting it up with some girls.
He was aware that she didn’t know anyone, but seeing her talk so effortlessly and seemingly without a care made his stomach fill with butterflies. A girl that could hold a conversation and be sociable was one of the most attractive things in his head.
Especially if they initiated it.
Through the night, Y/N had seemingly floated around the bar, finding herself chatting with group after group. She exchanged her number with a few girls and guys- people that she clicked with or thought that she could eventually click with in the future. She just wanted to have fun, and relax. She wasn’t looking to get drunk and dance on table tops, or leave with a stranger, she was rather content with just ‘being’
It wasn’t long until the mood in the bar began to lift. As the night night grew long, the music got louder and more people filled the room- Before she could even notice, Y/N was being swept away into the crowd- one of the girls she had met earlier that night inviting her to be a beer pong partner.
As they found themselves at a table, Y/N looked up- realizing who her competition was. “Oh you’re going down Tito.” She laughed, staring across the pong table at Tito and his rather quiet partner of the night- Mat.
Tito nudged Mat’s shoulder, seemingly trying to get him to speak up. “Is that a promise?” Mat blurted out. For the first time that night, he had found Y/N speechless, her lips parted as she became awe struck of him and flustered.
The notion brought a smirk upon Mat’s lips- his smile tugging as he felt himself start to grow in confidence. He straightened out his cap once again, and fixed the band of his watch. Picking up a ping pong ball and getting ready for his shot.
Y/N’s eyes focused in on his torso- the way his shirt fit him in all the right places, the way the veins in his arms and hands seemed to bulge as he assumed his position. She was no stranger to attractive men, but Mat definitely took the cake.
Releasing the ball from him grasp, Mat watched as it bounced across the table, missing the rim of the cup and cluttering to the floor A series of groans and laughs came from the group around them, Mat pushing his lips out as he brushed it off. “Nah nah- That was just a warm up”
Tito rolled his eyes. “I swear to god, if you fuck this up im asking for a new teammate.” He threatened playfully.
The woman Y/N was partners with for the night seemed to get along rather famously with Tito. They talked and laughed and flirted obnoxiously but It was actually rather cute. Sadly, Y/N wasn’t much help during the game, she hadn’t played beer pong since her early college days and eventually Sarah- whom she had learned was her partner, decided to ditch her in favour of Tito, who had in turn ditched Mat.
“We kinda suck dont we?” Y/N laughed as she walked towards Mat, having gotten herself a refill and him one as well, she sat down in the booth next to him- which was seemingly vacant. Anders had only stayed for a short while before he headed home to the wife and baby, and the other guys were lingering around the bar doing their own thing.
Mat laughed. “I suppose we do.” He admitted. Y/N was definitely someone to watch, she was so carefree and easy going. Even though he had only really hung out with her for the last hour, through the rest of the night he had seen how comfortable she was with everyone- from demolishing Anders in darts, to taking a shot or two with tito.
He was honestly convinced that if he dared her to do a keg stand, she might just take him up on the offer. “So where are you from?’ He asked, wanting to settle the mood down and really get to know her. He could only tell so much from watching someone, but how they portrayed themselves to others- that would be the telling sign of whether Y/N was someone he wanted around or not.
The girl shrugged. “Here, there, everywhere- My family moved a lot so I’m not really from one place.” She admitted. She brushed her fingers through her hair for a quick moment before looking back at Mat.
“Do you play hockey with Anthony?” She asked. The man nodded, explaining that they were good friends and had know each other for a little while before he was ever on the islanders.
She explained that she was a little nervous about coming out that night. Tito had offered but she didn’t want to impose on his night. She knew how little time he got to just hang out and relax. Especially on a weekend.
Her thoughtfulness struck a chord in Mat, he couldn’t help but smile. “That was very considerate of you- but Tito’s a good guy, you didn’t impose and you acted just like one of us…” he smirked.
Y/N giggled softly. “Does that make me one of the boys then?” She hummed.
Mat shook his head. “Oh no- definitely not.” He took a drink of his beer.
“And why’s that?” The woman rolled her eyes playfully.
The man next to her scooted a bit closer, brushing his leg against her thigh ever so gently as he leaned in close. “Because if you were one of the guys, It might be weird if I asked you out.” He admitted.
Raising her brow, Y/N thought about it for a moment. “Well, It’s a good thing I’m not one of the guys then huh?”
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my-divine-death · 46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
thank you all so so much for 2,000 followers! i never thought i’d make it this far but i know i wouldn’t be able to do it without all of you! thank you for supporting me and reading and reblogging my work, as well as the feedback that you leave that pushes me to do better <3 i love you all!
— “𝑚𝑜𝑡𝑒𝑙 666; 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑝𝑙𝑎𝑐𝑒 𝑤ℎ𝑒𝑟𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑑𝑎𝑟𝑘𝑒𝑠𝑡 𝑓𝑎𝑛𝑡𝑎𝑠𝑖𝑒𝑠 𝑎𝑟𝑒 𝑏𝑟𝑜𝑢𝑔ℎ𝑡 𝑖𝑛𝑡𝑜 𝑙𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡.“
↬ to participate you must be at least 18 or older since my blog does not allow minors in any way, shape or form!
↬ you must either send me an ask or message to let me know which room, roommate, & room number you’re going to be writing in.
↬ there is no limit to the amount of entries you can submit. there is no ending date to submit, either.
↬ x reader only, and for this challenge there will be no rpf allowed
↬ tag me in your work { @my-divine-death } and tag the fic with either #motel666writingchallenge or #adivine2kcelebration
↬ all categories are accepted, including smut and dark fanfiction. blood incest, minors/underage relationships & bathroom play is not allowed.
↬ i will read and reblog everything that follows my guidelines. so tag everything appropriately!
↬ if i don’t respond to your fic in one way or another within 3 days of you posting it, feel free to send it to me as a reminder
↬ poc!reader, lgbtq+!reader, male!reader & more are welcomed. again, no incestual or underaged relationships!! step-cest is the only exception that will be allowed.
↬ the minimum word count is 300, but there is no maximum. put a keep reading break after 400, though, please! { dm me for a how-to on mobile }
↬ you must choose a room, room number AND roommate. if you would like to change one of these options after requesting, let me know, and let me know which one you’re changing it to please !!!
now onto the details of your stay:
Tumblr media
↬ the fighters { mobster, biker, serial killer, prisoner, etc }
↬ the famed { rockstar, celebrity, model, etc }
↬ the protectors { bodyguard, lawyer, detective, etc }
↬ the enhanced { demons, heros, angels, etc }
↬ the delusional { stalker, kidnapper, murderer, etc }
↬ the followed { royalty, gods/priest, ceo, etc }
↬ the demonized { prostitute, stripper, camboy/girl, etc }
↬ the innocent { poolboy/girl, maid, babysitter, etc }
↬ the beloved { soulmate, childhood friend, family friend, etc }
↬ the troubled { stoner, frat, trailer park, dystopic, etc }
Tumblr media
room numbers
↬ #111 ; a love triangle
↬ #222 ; a polyamorous relationship ( gone wrong? )
↬ #333 ; enemies to lovers
↬ #444 ; only one bed
↬ #555 ; love at first sight
↬ #666 ; lovers to widows
↬ #777 ; arranged marriage
↬ #888 ; fake relationship { dating/marriage }
↬ #999 ; unrequitted love
Tumblr media
↬ cap’s quartet { sam wilson, steve rogers, bucky barnes, natasha romanoff }
↬ the underrated { helmut zemo, erik kilmonger, pietro maximoff, monica rambeau, scott lang }
↬ the powerful { loki laufeyson, sylvie laufeydottir, thor odinson, carol danvers, wanda maximoff }
↬ ironheart family { tony stark, peter parker, pepper potts, bruce banner }
↬ side-favorites { darcy lewis, yelena belova, joaquin torres, mobius }
↬ gemini flannegan { andy barber, ari levinson, bryce langley, colin shea, curtis everett, frank adler, harvard hottie hayden, jake jensen, jake wyler, jason mace, johnny storm, mike weiss, nick vaughn, paul diskant, ransom drysdale, robert pronge, etc }
↬ segsy seabass { carter baizen, charles blackwood, chris beck, dayton white, destroyer!chris, frank, jefferson, lance tucker, lee bodecker, mickey henry, scott huffman, etc }
Tumblr media
if you have any questions, feel free to call the front desk and i’ll do my best to answer :)
tagging a few mutuals to come and join my celebration <3
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Tumblr media
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winter-soldier-vibes · 2 hours ago
Tickled Pink
Bucky x reader
Summary: You come home after a long day at work and Bucky is determined to make you laugh - through any means necessary
Word count: 1,003
Warnings: this is just fluff. There are 2 pet names (sweetheart and dollface)
A/N: I know I don’t usually write this sort of thing but I had so much fun writing it so I really hope you enjoy reading it. This account needed some fluff. 
You opened the door to your apartment, sighing heavily as you toed off your shoes. It had been a long day full of meetings and paperwork and being blamed for things out of your control, and you were utterly exhausted.
And that was an understatement. 
You put your keys onto the counter and walked over to the couch, sighing as you sat back, relaxing for the first time that day before scrunching your nose.
Fuck, I have to do laundry today.
Sighing, you decided to sit there for a few more minutes before getting up. A few moments passed before you heard footsteps coming towards the living room area of your apartment, where you were, before stopping.
“Hey there sweetheart,” he said, a smile evident in his voice.
“Hey,” you replied in a monotone voice, not even opening your eyes.
“Oh, that’s no good,” you heard him say, walking over to sit next to you on the couch. “You okay?”
You sighed again, looking over at his gentle gaze. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a really busy day at work is all. Meetings and paperwork and really petty work drama and gossip.”
“Aww I’m sorry sweetheart. It’s almost like that’s your job,” he said, smirk growing on his face as you playfully punched him in the shoulder. “Hey!”
“Not funny, James.”
“Oh no, calling me by my first name. I’m in trouble,” he said, a playful tone still in his voice.
“Cut it out,” you said, rolling your eyes internally at your boyfriend’s teasing. 
“Not until I see your pretty smile. Hm? Where is it?” he asked expectantly.
“I’m not in the mood, it’s been a long day,” you said tiredly. 
“I’ll smile if you do the laundry and give me a massage,” you said, half-joking
“How about you smile and then I’ll do those things?” he teased back
“Stop it.”
“Nope. Come on, let me see that smile,” he said, persistent
You plastered on the biggest fake smile you could, scrunching your eyes closed.
“Come on, a real smile, not.. whatever that was. Never do that again, that was a little freaky,” he shuddered slightly.
“BUCKY,” you said, exasperated
“Am I gonna have to tickle you?”
You froze, eyes widening slightly as you looked at Bucky, shaking your head. “Don’t you dare.”
Bucky had accidentally found out that you were super ticklish one night while the two of you were watching a movie. You were cuddled up together and Bucky had his arm around you as usual. But his arm crushed against your side at some point and you couldn’t help the small giggle that escaped you. Bucky had figured out you were ticklish and had been using it as blackmail ever since.
Bucky smirked at you, leaning forward off the couch slightly and you stood up off the couch so fast, hands coming in front of you in defense. “Get away, we are not doing this right now.”
Bucky stood, stepping towards you slowly as you stepped away slowly, knowing the minute either of you made a sudden move he would sprint at you. “Doing what?” he asked innocently, “I have no idea what you're talking about.”
He walked towards you more and you backed away. “Bucky…” you said warningly, hands still in front of you. All of a sudden Bucky lunged at you and you started running away. “NO!” you yelled.
You ran around the couch, Bucky following you. He was faster than you, but he was having fun chasing you, a wild smirk on his face. You ran around the couch again, winding up so you were in front of it and Bucky was behind it. Both of you stood there, waiting for the other to make a move. 
“What are we, 5?” you asked.
“You’re the one running from the tickle monster, sweetheart.”
“You’re the one chasing me!” you exclaimed.
You tried to gage whether you could make a break for the bedroom without being caught by Bucky, maybe you could lock the door behind you.
You had to try. You bolted for the door, but of course Bucky was faster than you, attacking your sides with his hands as you tried not to laugh and cave in. soon though, your giggles turned to screeches of laughter as you were trying to push Bucky off of you. 
“No, no - stop! Tha-at tickles!” you said through laughter.
“Why? This is too much fun,” Bucky laughed as he kept on tickling you before he picked you up, tossing you over his shoulder.
“BUCKY!” you yelled, still laughing. He brought you into the bedroom and layed you down on the bed, pinning you down with his hips as he continued to tickle up and down your sides. 
“Stohohop!” you laughed.
“You know what they say - laughter is the best medicine, yeah? I’m only trying to help you, dollface. Now, where else gets you laughing? Up here, right?” he moved to tickle your neck, his metal arm pinning your hands above your head so you couldn’t fight back. You scrunch your shoulder up to meet your neck, barely able to talk through the laughter anymore.
“Oh I know, it was right here -” he said, before going to tickle your armpits. 
You immediately screeched with laughter, unable to move away from the tickles pinned beneath 200 pounds of super soldier. You were laughing so hard that tears were in your eyes, your stomach hurting from the laughter. 
“Stop - stop please - BUCKY!” you began wheezing with silent laughter, running out of air as Bucky stopped his movements, smiling down at you. 
“There’s that beautiful smile.” he said
“…” you said, still trying to catch your breath.
“Aww, I love you too sweetheart.” He bent down to give you a peck on your cheek “Now, how about I go do that laundry for you and we order take out from that place you really like, hmm? That sound good?”
“You promised me a massage too,” you said.
Bucky chuckled, shaking his head slightly. “Anything for you sweetheart.”
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starwarschicken · 10 hours ago
Shameless Flirting ~Tech x reader~
Here's the Tech one-shot as promised and I had no idea what to call it so here you go. Next up is the smutty Hunter one ;) (I had to look up pickup lines because I'm not a flirt...anyways, enjoy!)
Tumblr media
Warnings: Once again not proofread and I had trouble figuring out the ending
Word Count: 535
Summary: Ever since you realized you had feelings for Tech, you've been trying to flirt with him, yet he's way too oblivious so you try something new
At this point, you're just running out of ideas. It was utterly hopeless. You thought of every pickup line in the galaxy and Tech still doesn't get the hint. If it wasn't for his brothers reassuring you that he does feel the same and he's just oblivious to your tactics, you would've given up.
Since Tech's brothers knew that you're trying to make a move, they suggested you pick some flowers for him. So you did that and once you gave them to him, he completely missed the point. You thought for sure he would understand.
"Oh, those flowers are exceedingly rare, thanks for collecting them for me. Now I can do tests on them."
Those were his exact words. Tech is clearly not a romantic. He takes things too literally. Or he always relates your pickup lines to science and explains why what you said was stupid.
Because of that, you decided to try some nerdy pick-up lines since he's always researching stuff, yet that didn't work either. One time you passed him while he was working on something and muttering about hydrogen and the periodic table so you thought it was the perfect opportunity to flirt.
"Forget hydrogen! You're my number one element," you looked over his shoulder and he sighed.
"That is not scientifically possible. Hydrogen has always been the number one element in the periodic table. Even though we have hydrogen in our bodies, we also have oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen, which means that we can't possibly be the number one element," Tech replied not paying any mind to what you just said, and even as you groaned in disappointment, he continued to ramble about statistics.
Once you get Tech to start talking, you can't get him to stop.
Now here all of you are on Bracca while Tech sat under the panel. Kriff, why does he have to be in that position though?
"Y/N you alright?" Omega asked, breaking your trance.
"Yeah just fine."
"Ok, I'm going to find Wrecker."
You nodded in response and that's when you had a brilliant idea. Not even a minute later, you sit down on his lap, straddling him. Tech was startled at first.
"Y/N what you doing-"
"Shhh, don't worry. What are you working on?"
"Are you sure you want to know, it's kinda boring actually," he continued to work under the panel.
"Talk nerdy to me Tech," you cooed and that was when you finally got a reaction out of him as pink dusted his cheeks.
"D-did you just flirt with me?" his voice got smaller and you smiled.
"Take a guess."
"Uh maybe?"
"It's nice to finally get a reaction from you," you scooted a bit closer to him, causing Tech to take in a sharp breath. Tech opened his mouth to say something, yet nothing came out as he can't pull his mind together, especially when you're straddling his lap where anyone could walk in at any point.
You giggled at his flustered state and judging by his heavy breathing and facial expressions, he's waiting for something. And that was when you decided to press your lips to his, pulling a whine from him as he blushed furiously underneath you.
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cigtray · 23 hours ago
Pairing: JJ x Reader
In which: Nobody can successfully calm JJ down the night he freaks out. Everybody slept in a chateau with a friend that screamed all night and wouldn’t let anybody touch him. Till on the porch when the pogues hear him laughing.
Category: Angst (¿) but also Flufffy
Warnings: cursing, a lil kiss, typos
Tumblr media
You couldn’t have known, how would you have known? There wasn’t any way for you to have known that this wouldn’t be another lovely day of messing around on the S.S. Pogue.
You had worked at the ship wreck the night before, taking orders and almost spilling trays of waters. So there was no way to know what you missed…
“Who the fuck does he think he is?! As if I’d ever willingly do anything for him?! In exchange for what?! Huh?! Bruises? Hell no! To hell with him!” It had been an hour and a half since JJ had practically crumbled in front of his friends, and absolutely refused to let any of them try to even remotely help him. He rambled; he talked about how it hurt, the things he craved, he talked about wanting a home of his own, of wanting a father, he talked about beatings and about pain. He talked about his abuse.
While all his friends wanting to hold him, to silently talk to him in their softest voices he refused, exclaiming “this is why I can’t say anything! Look at you all! Pitying me!” It had gone on, and on, and on. This was only the start at nine p.m.
At 11 p.m. the clattering of things could be heard along with the screams of JJ and John B., who had resorted to helping his friends in the fashion of wrecking things.
There went a plate.
A skillet hit the floor.
Down went a delicate China teacup.
At 12 a.m. You would see Pope comforting JJ by silently driving him around in the boat, letting JJ sit to the side and dangle his feet off the boat with a blunt in hand.
At 1 a.m. you’d see Kiara try to softly place a hand on JJ and say “hey, why don’t we-“ but he’d only jerk himself away and say “I don’t wanna fucking talk about it Kie.” And silently walk away from her.
And by 3 a.m. you’d find JJ crying while the others slept.
By 10 a.m. in the morning? You’d find (y/n) and JJ on the porch. At least that’s what the others found.
“Hey J!” You laughed excitedly as you moved a little faster to reach the blond. “Hey there (y/n)” he said softly “bit early for you huh? Rough night?” You slowed your walk as you neared him, looking at the tired look that seemed to make itself at home on his face. “Maybe.”
“A maybe is never quite a good thing with you Maybank.” You told him, raising an eyebrow while coming to sit next to him. “And why would you say that, milady?” He asked, silently thanking you for not prodding at him. Hed tell you, just not yet. He needed a little bit more of a peaceful mind before he could relay all that had happened. And you’d worry, he knew you’d worry. “You remember when you made me fruit loops? And I asked you if the milk had expired? After I ate an entire bowl? And you told me maybe?” JJ snorted at this, “you threw up like three times” “yeah and you and John B just laughed at me.”
JJ wrapped an arm around you simply sighing before saying “do you want to smoke with me?” You tilted your head up to look at him, he really did look tired. And you’d be a fool not to notice the tears streaks that had been left there, or maybe you just knew them all too well. You did spend a lot of time staring at him. “Are you trying to get me high so I’ll eat expired stuff again?” You asked with a sharpening of your eyes and a small smile “I would never in my life EVER do that to you, princess” he proclaimed. “Then I guess, maybe I’ll smoke with you.” You told him “Maybe is never a good answer coming from you” he remarked.
One blunt later
“No way grasshoppers are like that?!” You shouted, “uh yeah they can fly, (y/n)” JJ couldn’t help but laugh, you were such a lightweight, anytime you got high he knew you were in a whole new dimension. “(Y/n), what do you think about… spaghetti?” He watched as your eyes glazed over with a faraway look “oh god, spaghetti… JJ make me spaghetti” you all of a sudden looked very determined “hell no! I’m comfortable!” JJ sighed dramatically as he flopped himself over onto your lap. “No! No! I want spaghetti!” You cried as you wedged your small fingers into his sides and tried to pry him from you.
JJ couldnt stop laughing. Not only were you unintentionally tickling him but you were also so determined to get him off you for the chance of spaghetti that you were scrunching your entire face. “Good lord- (y/n)- stop- you- you look like- the grinch” he gasped between breathes. “I do no-!”
“JJ?” A very not awake John B stumbled to where the two of you sat. “Are you good bro?” JJ glanced between the two of you and saying “yeah, I’m good now dude.” And simply turned, completely ruining any work you had done of getting him off you, as he cuddled into you once again. “J, I think we should take a nap instead of getting spaghetti. Lets eat spaghetti in our dreams, okay?” You sighed as you brought your hands to his hair “oka-“ “you know your hair reminds me of spaghetti…” JJ was quick to pull back a bit “don’t get any ideas here (y/n)…” he watched as you smiled “maybe just a little, bite, you know?” And you were lurching forward while he lurched back, simply dumping you both to the ground. When you landed with a thunk John B must have decided JJ was really okay because he receded back into the chateau.
“Just one bite okay?” You said lowly as you leaned in, softly closing the distance between your lips. JJ in that moment tasted like salt, maybe some kind of peppermint and just a smidge of weed, but god if you didn’t love it. He gently hummed into the kiss, bringing a hand to your hip as he propped himself up on one arm. It felt like you could stay there forever, with him, with his warmth.
“(Y/n)?” JJ asked as you pulled away, already focusing your intoxicated sight on his lips. “Thank you for the laughs.” He smiled before reaching a hand up to bring you back down to him.
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tacmc · 7 hours ago
Another First Date {Fatherhood}
An extension of Oblivion. It’s not necessary to read the story first, but if you’d like to, here is the masterlist: Oblivion
A series of short stories that revolve around Cassian as a single father, raising his daughter, Lily.
Fatherhood {Oblivion Masterlist}
Tumblr media
Cassian looked in the mirror and slowly shook his head.
He felt ridiculous.
It had been almost ten years since Cassian had been out on a date and he had absolutely no idea what he was doing. If it hadn’t been for Feyre and Elain’s constant asking of him to get himself back out there and be happy, he wouldn’t even be doing what he was about to do.
It wasn’t that Feyre and Elain wanted him to forget about Nesta. Instead, they insisted that he was lonely, even though he really wasn’t. He had no time to be lonely.
Lily kept him on his toes.
At nine-years-old, she kept him just as busy as she had when she was a newborn. Instead of changing dirty diapers and gifting her unending bottles, though, he was taking her to dance and soccer, helping her with homework, and bringing her and her friends to the park on playdates. 
But, after his sister-in-laws thought he should be doing more for himself, they had set him up.
He had a ton of emotions about it.
Nerves being at the top of the list.
Excitement from time to time.
An excessive amount of guilt. 
Which was ridiculous. Of course, he knew Nesta wouldn’t have minded him finding someone else. It had been nearly a decade since her death. By now, most people would have moved on and found someone new. 
Cassian just hadn’t been ‘most people’.
“You look nice, dad.”
Cassian spun around, not having heard his daughter creep into the doorway. Kiara, their golden retriever, sat by her feet.
“Yeah?” Cassian asked, looking back in the mirror. “I shouldn’t wear the red shirt?”
Lily shook her head, arms crossed. “Definitely the black.”
“Alright,” Cassian sighed. “Thanks, kid.”
Lily nodded. ‘Yeah, yeah. You’re welcome. While you were getting yourself all prettied-up, Aunt Lainy got here. She’s ordering pizza for me and Nora.”
Cassian nodded as he grabbed his wallet and keys from off the top of his dresser. He slowly faced his daughter. “Look, if you’re not okay with this-.”
Lily groaned and rolled her eyes. “Dad, I told you it's fine.”
“I know, I just-.”
Lily, apparently having heard enough, turned on her heels and walked away, Kiara keeping just behind her. He had asked Lily the week before if she would be okay with him going on a date.
And he had continued to ask her every day since.
She’d never seemed concerned about it, had told him to go and have fun. He then went on to go into detail about what dates entail, and she told him to please shut up when he told her he may be kissing some random woman.
He also told her that no one would ever replace her mother.
It was impossible. 
And every time Cassian had asked Lily if it was okay, she had told him it was.
So, here he was, feeling like an inexperienced teenager, about to go out on a blind date. Tanwyn worked with Feyre, and Cassian knew very little about her. All he knew is that she was nice and pretty and liked kids.
Cassian figured it was a good starting point. 
When he went downstairs, Elain, Nora, Lily, and Kiara were all on the couch together, turning on a movie. When Elain saw Cassian, she whistled. 
“Look at you, handsome,” she sang.
Lily and Nora covered their mouths and broke into a fit of giggles. 
“Yeah, yeah,” he muttered, as he reached the floor and headed toward the door. He stopped in the living room, though, and knelt down in front of Lily. “You’ll probably be asleep when I get home, so if that’s the case, I love you and goodnight.”
“I love you, too,” Lily beamed. “Now leave. It’s girls night.”
Cassian snorted and leaned forward to kiss her on the forehead. “Be good.”
“She’s always good,” Elain said, shooing him away. As he walked by her though, she whispered, “Have fun, Cass.” 
He would.
He would try, anyway. 
As he got into his truck and put Tanwyn’s address into his GPS, though, he felt like he was going to puke. A date. What did people even do on dates these days? Was romance still a thing, or was it all about sex?
Mother’s tits, it had been a long time since Cassian had sex. He’d become quite friendly and familiar with his hand throughout the years, though.
That had been Rhysand and Azriel’s chime when he told them their wives were trying to set him up.
Look at it this way: even if it goes bad, at least you’ll get some.
As Cassian stopped at the stop sign at the end of his road, he felt the strong temptation to turn around and haul ass back home.
But, he knew that would only lead to a scolding from Elain, so he turned right and made his way toward the main road. 
Ten minutes later, he was pulling into Tanwyn’s driveway and regretting everything. 
Leaving his truck running, he strode to the front door, rang the doorbell, and waited.
He could hear hurried steps on the other side of the door, and then it was thrown open.
Feyre had been right - Tanwyn was pretty, and perhaps only a year or two younger than Cassian. She wasn’t much shorter than he was, with her long, tanned legs and long, brown hair. 
She smiled when she met Cassian’s eyes. “Hey.”
“Hey,” Cassian said, then cleared his throat. “You look...nice.” 
She wore a red dress that showed off a generous amount of cleavage. 
“You look pretty good yourself,” she said, and stepped out onto the porch, shutting and locking her door behind her. “I’m Tanwyn.”
“Cassian,” he said, and held out his hand like he was at a damned job interview.
Tanwyn let out a quiet laugh before shaking his hand, delicately. “It’s nice to meet you.”
Cassian, the gentleman he was, opened the passenger side door and helped Tanwyn up into his truck. He then got behind the wheel and put the truck into reverse.
“Feyre’s told me a lot about you,” Tanwyn said, when they began driving down the road. 
“Uh oh,” Cassian muttered. “All good things I hope.” 
Tanwyn nodded. “All good things.”
They fell into a silence, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, even though Cassian’s thoughts remained racing at a million miles an hour. 
What was she thinking?
What exactly had Feyre told her?
Was she aware that he kept glancing at her breasts?
It was going to be a long night.
They pulled into the restaurant and Tanwyn made a comment about how much she liked the place he’d chosen. It had been years since he’d been there, the last time being for a company Christmas party, but the food was good and it was upscale enough to be considered fancy. 
They sat in a corner and there was a candle lit between them. The waiter brought out a bottle of white wine, and Cassian wasted no time downing his glass before filling up again.
Just a little to take the edge off.
“You seem nervous,” Tanwyn said, at last, after the waiter brought them a basket of bread.
Cassian took a slice of bread out of the basket and buttered it up before he asked, “Exactly how much did Feyre tell you about me?”
Tanwyn’s eyes softened, and there it was.
The pity.
“I know about your past, if that’s what you’re referring to,” she said, and took a piece of bread for herself. “And I know you have a daughter, too. Lily, is it?”
“Yeah,” Cassian said, finally finding a subject he was comfortable talking about - his daughter, his love. “She’s almost ten, although she thinks she’s sixteen.” 
Tanwyn chuckled. “I get that. I don’t have kids, but I have a niece I’m close to. She’s the same age. Maybe we can get them together sometime.” 
Cassian nodded as he gave her a nice, gentle smile. “That sounds nice.”
The dinner went on like that. Tanwyn was kind, and she seemed genuine. There was nothing about her that was a turn off, nothing that seemed strange or out of place.
Which is why, when Cassian brought her back home after dinner and dropped her off, he walked her up to her front door and leaned down, pressing his lips softly to hers.
The kiss lasted a few seconds, and it was nothing heated, nothing intense.
It was….nice.
But that’s all it was. Just nice. 
When they pulled apart, Tanwyn smiled. “Goodnight, Cassian.”
“Goodnight,” he said, and she walked inside.
So much for getting some. 
Cassian made his way back to his truck and got inside, and drove back across town to his house. There was a soft light on in the living room, but the rest of the house was dark. He looked at the clock on his dashboard. It was just after ten. 
When he opened the door, Elain was sitting on the couch by the lamp on the side table, watching some horrid reality t.v. show. As soon as she heard the door, though, she was looking over her shoulder, brows raised. “You’re home early.” 
Cassian chuckled as he strode to the couch and plopped down next to his sister-in-law. “Yeah, don’t tell your husband that.”
Elain smiled, but she nodded as she looked back toward the t.v. “So, how’d it go?”
Cassian thought for a minute about the right way to answer such a loaded question, but he eventually settled on, “It was okay.”
“Okay?” Elain repeated. 
“Nice,” Cassian pushed. “It was nice.”
She looked over at him, then. “Will there be a second date?”
Cassian let out a breath through his nose and shrugged. “I don’t think so, Lainy.”
“Why not?” she asked, only curiosity in her voice. “She’s nice, and gorgeous, and judging by the pink lipstick on the corner of your mouth, she’s into you, too.”
Cassian hesitated as he reached up and wiped off his mouth. Sure enough, on the back of his hand was the softest tint of pink. He laughed, quietly. “She was nice. And, yeah, she’s beautiful….but, it just didn’t feel right, you know?”
"Because of Nesta?” Elain asked, resting her head on the back of the couch.
“No,” Cassian answered. “Yeah. Both yes and no.”
Elain just watched him, waiting for him to continue, patiently. 
“There was just no spark, you know?” Cassian said, at last, staring absently at the wall beside the t.v. “With Nesta….it was like this all-consuming fire. Constant flame, passion….” He shook his head. “Every time I even thought about her I would get so weak in the knees that I couldn’t function, and my mind….would just lose all train of thought. When I was with her, even when we were just kids, starting to date, I had no doubt in my mind that she was the one that I wanted. Even after the years we spent apart, I never lost sight of that, never stopped feeling that way about her. Even now, after ten years without her, Elain, every time I think about her…” His words trailed off as a lump caught in his throat and his vision blurred. He cleared his throat, and even though Elain didn’t push for him to continue, he said, quietly, “Nothing and no one can ever compare to what we had. And, I know relationships aren’t meant to be compared and that I could probably get together with Tanwyn, or someone else, and be happy enough. But, when you had a love like Nesta and I had….everything else just seems….small. Insignificant. Underwhelming.” He looked at Elain and he saw what was left of a tear that had fallen down her pale cheek. “I loved too greatly to love again.” 
Elain opened her mouth to speak, surely to protest, but Cassian shook his head. “And I’m okay with that. I’m at peace with it. You and Feyre worry too much. I’m not lonely. I have a great job, a great family, and an incredible kid,” he said, tossing his arm around Elain and pulling her into his side. “As for sex, Tanwyn was too nice for a one night stand. Good thing my hand is great company.”
Elain laughed, pushing off of him. “I can always count on you to ruin a moment with something inappropriate.”
“Yeah, that was an Azriel and Rhys comment, wasn’t it,” Cassian said, even though he was grinning. “True, though.”
“TMI,” Elain commented, shaking her head. She stood, taking her empty wine glass with her to the kitchen. “Wine?”
“Considering it’s mine?” Cassian chuckled as she disappeared around the corner. “Yeah, sure.”
She came back a moment later with two full glasses. “I thought I’d crash on the couch tonight since Nora is already asleep with Lil in her room. Azriel won’t be back from his trip to Adriata until tomorrow afternoon.”
“He needs a new job,” Cassian muttered, taking the glass from her outstretched hand. “Travels too much.”
Elain hummed in agreement, but the job paid well, and Cassian knew that’s why none of them ever complained. 
Cassian kicked off his shoes and watched crappy t.v. with his sister, instead of having spent the night with a beautiful, single woman. Elain didn’t push him any further about it, even though Cassian was fully aware that she most likely had a thousand more questions.
He had meant what he’d said, though. 
I loved too greatly to love again.
His relationship with Nesta had been more than a relationship. She had been his soulmate, and when two hearts connected on the level that theirs had, there was no going back to those simple, mundane relationships.
They just didn’t compare.
And Cassian was okay with that.
He wouldn’t trade what he’d had with Nesta for anything, even though their time together was cut far too short. He’d do it all again, even if it led to the same outcome.
Every damn time.
It was better to have loved Nesta Archeron and lost than to have never loved her at all.
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drabbles-mc · 4 hours ago
Bishop Losa x F!Reader
Inspired by Day 23 of the July Prompts: underwater
Warnings: language, angst
Word Count: 1.4k
A/N: I can’t believe it took me till day 23 to write an angst story for one of these prompts. But, here it is! It’s....sad. Don’t say that you weren’t warned beforehand.
Bishop Losa Taglist: @masterlistforimagines​ @sincerelyasomebody​ @sadeyesgf​ @thesandbeneathmytoes​ @tomhardydallasstarsgirl​ @kelpies-shed​ @queenbeered​ @louisianalady​ @gemini0410​ @paintballkid711​ @chibsytelford​ @yourwonkywriter​ @sesamepancakes​ @arveeee​ @behindmyeyes-insidemyhead​ @plentyoffandoms​ @georgiaaintnopeach​ @twistnet​ @themoonandthewicked​ @garbinge​ @bucky-iss-bae​ @encounterthepast​ @rosieposie0624​ @mylittlelonelyappreciationtoo​ @mijop​ @xladymacbethx​ @blessedboo​ @holl2712​ @lakamaa12​ @kkim120​ @toni9​ @shadow-of-wonder​ @crowfootwrites​ @redpoodlern​ @punkgoddess-98​ @black-repunzel99​ @lexondeck​ @just1bri​ @mrsstevenbuchananstark​ @berniesilvas​ @lovebishoplosamiguelgalindo​ @amorestevens​ @angelreyesisdaddy04​
Tumblr media
Your empty dinner plate and wine glass were in front of you, the rest of the dining room table was bare except for the thing layer of dust that was settling on it from lack of use. Usually, you stayed on top of keeping it clean, but lately there hadn’t been much of a point since you were the only one ever home to eat there. More often than not, you ate in the living room or the bedroom, putting the TV on to have some noise to cut through the silence that was always taking over the house.
Your hands were clasped, the knuckles of your thumbs pressing the point directly between your eyebrows. Eyes closed, you tried to come up with a way to fix everything, to make things work. Deep down you knew, though, that you could come up with every idea in the world and it wouldn’t matter if you were the only one trying to fix what was starting to rip apart at the seams.
There was the unmistakable rumble of Bishop’s bike rolling into the driveway and you instinctively looked over to the time on the stove. It was the earliest that he’d been home in weeks, of course. The one night you could use the extra couple hours to get yourself together and prepare what you were going to say, he was home at a decent time.
The front door swung open, and you couldn’t even bring yourself to look up at him. You heard him take off his boots and set his keys aside on the little shelf by the door. It was all so routine to you, you could probably time it out if you wanted to.
A few moments later, you felt his hand on your shoulder, giving you a gentle squeeze, “Hey, querida.”
Finally forcing yourself to look at him, you gave a weak smile, “Hey.”
You knew that he wasn’t even close to convinced by your half-hearted effort as his face contorted into concern, “What’s wrong?”
The sincerity was palpable in his voice and it brought tears to your eyes knowing that you were about to say what you were going to say, “I don’t know how much longer I can keep doing this, Obispo.”
It felt like the air had gotten sucked out of his lungs, “Wh-what?”
“I am…drowning, here. I’m too fucking tired to keep trying to tread water,” you pinched the bridge of your nose, trying to fight back your tears.
He pulled out the chair next to yours, sitting down and resting his elbows on the table as he faced you, “Where…where is all of this coming from?”
The laugh that came out of you was completely hollow, “If you have to ask that, then the answer isn’t going to fucking matter, is it?” you shook your head and ran your hands down your face, “If I wanted to get through everything on my own all the time, I would’ve stayed single. I don’t need to be taken care of, but, fuck, a shoulder to lean on every now and then would be nice.”
Bishop leaned back in his chair, completely caught off-guard by the position the two of you were in. Perhaps he took advantage of the fact that you were always so independent, using it as an excuse to devote his time and attention to other things because he knew you had a handle on things at home. You never needed a babysitter or someone who would constantly hold your hand, but now that he was thinking back on the last few weeks, or months if he was being really honest with himself, he saw that he’d very much left you in the dark to fend for yourself. He left you adrift with no life raft in sight.
“I’m sorry,” he was trying to carefully stitch together an apology that would grant him another chance, “I didn’t realize that I had been so absent. There’s just been so much going on with the—”
“With the club,” you finished the sentence for him, already having heard it a million times before, “I know. But there’s always been shit going on with the club. That’s pretty much what you all sign on for when you join the MC. And I get that. I’m not upset about that. But Bishop I can’t even remember the last time you and I had dinner together, or the last time you gave me a call before you came home to see if we needed anything here,” you ran your thumb along the thin gold band around your finger, “Lately it just feels like we’re roommates who happen to share a bed.”
“Why didn’t you say anything?” his brows were knitted.
“Why hasn’t it bothered you?!” you snapped, tears spilling onto your cheeks, “Why am I the only one out of the two of us who is struggling under the weight of all of this?”
“If I knew it was an issue than I would’ve—”
“But that’s just it!” you cut him off, “It should’ve already been an issue! Fuck, it should’ve been an issue weeks ago. But it’s not. Not for you,” you took a shaky breath, your voice softening considerably, “Have you…have you even missed me?”
The frustration faded from his face as a somber expression took over. You could tell by the growing sadness in his eyes that the answer was no, because he knew that at the end of the day you were always right here in this house waiting for him. Even when he wasn’t around you, he could count on you. And you couldn’t say the same for him. He had no idea what was going on with you lately because he was so caught up in what was going on with him. He piled that on you in passing without ever stopping to check in on you, to make sure that you could handle the extra weight he was putting on your shoulders.
“What can I do to make this right?” he asked after a couple minutes of silence.
You sighed, looking up at the ceiling for a moment to try and fight the next wave of tears you felt coming on, “I’m tired, Obispo. I can’t solve this for you.”
“Do you even want to fix this?”
“You didn’t even think that there was anything to fix! You’ve been operating like you haven’t had a wife anyway. What will really be different if I’m gone?”
“How can you ask me that? I love you.”
“I never said that you don’t,” you shook your head, “But I just, I don’t think that that’s enough anymore.”
The statement hung in the air, casting the wave over Bishop that you had been drowning under for weeks without him noticing. You didn’t know if you were expecting him to fight you more on it or not. Truthfully, you weren’t sure what the outcome of the conversation was going to be when you had originally decided to have it with him. You didn’t know if you were going to extend him another chance, or if it was even worth the effort when it was evident that you needed something that he was currently incapable of giving you.
For the first time in a long time, you saw tears starting to gather in Bishop’s eyes, “There’s…there’s nothing I can say to change your mind, is there.”
You felt your bottom lip starting to tremble as you mustered up the strength to shake your head, “I don’t, I don’t think so,” a sob slipped past your lips as you buried your head in your hands, “I’m sorry, Obispo,” your voice was hardly a whisper.
He reached over, pulling you against his side and pressing a kiss to the side of your head, “No,” he spoke softly, “I’m sorry. This…this is on me.”
You leaned completely into him, then, letting yourself fully break down. So many nights were spent trying to keep it together and in a way, not having to anymore was a relief. At what cost, you would both figure out soon. Bishop wrapped his arms tighter around you, and you let yourself find comfort in the gesture coming from the man that you had loved for so long, and probably still would for some time. But despite the sadness wracking your body, there was a weight dropping from you at the same time, like you were no longer being held beneath the waves against your will. After so many long days and lonely nights, the cascade of tears brought the first breath of fresh air that you’d had in far too long.
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shegatsby · 7 hours ago
Loki and The Widow-Maker
Summary; You are the infamous bounty hunter that the TVA hires sometimes when there is a tough case, you are a skilled fighter and a cunning person. All your life you were an outsider, someone who tries to survive in this vast universe but what will happen when the TVA offers you peace and stability? You will find your true family and enemies along the way to achieve your ambitions, are you ready to face the truth?
Warnings; Spoilers of Loki tv series. Mention of death. 
Words; 2.072K
Tag List is open!
 A/n; Hi guys! I’ve always wanted to write a Loki fic and here I am. Let me know what you think please, your comments make my day better. Sorry for any typos. Love u all. (gif isn’t mine)
Tumblr media
Chapter One
‘’What’s the job?’’ you asked as you lifted your legs to rest them on the shiny brown table like a rebellious teenager, white haired middle aged man sighed wearily, ‘’Legs off of the table, please.’’ He said to you, his blue eyes seemed warm and understanding. ‘’The job is complicated Y/N,’’ he said and took a bite from his salad, he also brought you one before he sat down, there was Josta soda as well, ‘’I love this soda,’’ you took a sip, it was the first drink Mobius M. Mobius offered to you years ago, ‘’It feels,’’ you stopped for a second, thinking about a better word, ‘’home.’’ Mobius smiled kindly and extended his hand which was holding his soda and touched your soda as if you were celebrating something. Even though you never liked the TVA, Mobius helped you a lot over the years and you were filled with gratitude –you didn’t show him that of course- you were just a kid who got lost in the space and got tangled in the TVA’s soldier program, you were too unstable and combative that they dropped you off, you thought you would never walk the halls of the TVA again but you made a name for yourself, ‘’Widow-Maker’’ and that made them interested in your work. You were good at hunting and killing and you decided to do it for money, you had to survive after the TVA dumped you. ‘’What do you mean complicated?’’
‘’It means that I won’t be able to share all the info. For a while you have to stay here in the TVA and work for me.’’ As he explained you laughed sarcastically, ‘’I only work for myself Mobius, you know that.’’ You stood up to leave, this was bullshit. ‘’You haven’t heard the price.’’ It made you stopped, you were aware that the TVA pays handsomely all the time, ‘’Tell me.’’ You turned to face him, he sat back in his seat, ‘’You don’t have to be a bounty hunter to survive anymore. The TVA will clear all the execution orders on your head, you have enemies all over the entire universe Widow-maker, I assume you would like to travel freely instead of hiding and running all the time.’’
You were just standing there and shocked, you knew that the TVA is the greatest power in the universe and they could easily provide you a normal life but why now? What’s in it for them? Before you could ask a soldier came running to your table, ‘’Sir, you’ve asked me to inform you when the variant is in the court.’’ Mobius bolted to his feet, ‘’Listen kid, We’re offering you a deal which will come once in a life time, please consider it. I’m not done talking to you, wait here.’’ You just rolled your eyes and sat back to your seat, you were famished so you ate your salad and emptied the soda can, it had been a while since you were in the TVA so you decided to stroll around, see if your former friends are still here. You used to and still call these people corporate slaves, because they all wore a uniform and worked behind a desk and obey the Time Keepers. You found yourself laughing, no one saw them but they believe them, it’s like a religion. As you were walking you saw a tall mirror and caught a glimpse of yourself, you took a step back to fully look at yourself. You had black pants and boots, your daggers were tied to outside of your upper legs, you had a black leather top, a sword was attached to your back, the outfit was worn out. You didn’t know how but you could sew so you always fixed your outfit whenever you can and it looked rough. You approached to the mirror and saw how tired you were, the dark circles under your eyes and your weary eyes screamed at you to take a break from this dangerous life and accept the TVA’s offer. People at your age go out in their planets and have fun but as long as you can remember you were an outcast, someone who isn’t trusted, it wasn’t your fault, you learned how to survive by betraying people, stealing and killing.
After walking a little more you asked Casey –who was one of the people who treated you kindly- that where was Mobius, he said that Mobius was with a variant in the Time Theater Room. You heard about these rooms before but you’ve never walked into one, as you approached to the place there was this subtle unnerving feeling about it, it felt like a PTSD trigger. You shook your head before you walked in, how can one have PTSD before even living event? There was no one inside but you knew Mobius was here because there were 2 Josta soda cans on the table, but only one chair.. oh the other chair is on the floor at the end of the room. You closed the door and climb down the 3 steps, one soda can was open and the other wasn’t you bet Mobius drank but the other person refused, why? Maybe they didn’t feel comfortable enough to drink something, from personal experiences you’ve learned that when you’re eating or drinking something you’re vulnerable to outside threats, you might not see them coming. Your job though you a lot of things, you got a deep red scar on your throat to remember. Before you could sit and wait for Mobius to come a tall raven haired man appeared in the room, he dropped something on the table and fell to the ground, your instinct was to take your daggers and point them at him which you did that in a second. He looked at you questioningly with his ocean blue eyes, blue, as bright as blue stars and cold. His pale was looked tight maybe because of falling or discomfort. ‘’May I stand up?’’ he asked raising his hands slightly, you only nodded and watched his eyes go to the deep scar on your throat, it made you uneasy. He walked up to the small projector on the table and played with buttons, several scenes came up, you knew that in this room TVA made variants watch their lives, from beginning to the end, you just stood there silently and let him have his moment. You slowly approached to the table, he was sitting on the chair, shoulders shrugged down, you could see that he was sad and tears were coming unbidden from his beautiful eyes.
‘’Undying?’’ you heard an alien say on the screen and you couldn’t help but stare, it was like watching a movie, the man in the room with you slowly stood up, his eyes were focused on the big screen, he took few steps forward.
The alien on the screen choked this raven haired man and you could feel your entire body gone ice cold when you heard the crack of his broken neck, you could hear his shocked and scared gasp, ‘’End of File’’ the screen wrote. You always found new ways to hate the TVA, how can they make someone watch their own death?! It’s barbaric and cruel. What startled you was that this raven haired tall man started laughing, he just watched his future and how he was suppose to die and he is laughing like a maniac. He turned to face you, he looked a man defeated but even in this state his tall frame made him look threatening and that’s why you didn’t lower your daggers, ‘’Glorious purpose.’’ He said mocking himself rather than addressing you. A TVA agent barged in and you stepped out of her way. You knew her, she was  a little hard to get along with and they started to fight however this man had the higher ground because he used the small device he put on the table earlier and the agent started to disappear and appear over and over again. She seemed in pain so you lowered your dagger and came to stand by this man. He seemed he didn’t notice you but when you touched his firm arm gently he looked at you, ‘’Stop, you’re hurting  her.’’ You said and surprisingly he stopped. When that woman disappeared and never came back he threw the device on the table, sighed and walked back to sit with a huff. You noticed that he had a dimly glowing cube, it had the same color with his eyes, blue. He pushed back his raven hair with both of his big hands, he looked so broken and sad that you found yourself sitting next to him, you made sure to put a space between you two but that space was small. You could feel anger in him, it was radiating in a fast way, you’ve experienced same anger so many times. ‘’Why are you here? Are you a variant such as myself?’’ he emphasized that word sarcastically, ‘’No, I was brought up here. This was my home.’’ You shortly replied, ‘’So, not anymore?’’ you only nodded and before you guys could get to talk Mobius walked in with a baton which had a glowing yellow tip. ‘’Loki and Widow-maker…. What a strange combination.’’ SO his name is Loki.. this Loki guy looked at you as if he couldn’t believe that your name is Widow-maker, ‘’It’ s actually Y/N.’’ you replied to his unasked question.
As they were talking you sat there, you took the glowing cube, it felt heavy in your hands.
‘’I’m villain.’’ You heard Loki say and it made you look at him, you were a villain to for a lot of people and aliens all over the universe. ‘’That’s not how I see it.’’ Mobius said with his warm tone both looking at you and Loki. Loki took the cube from your hands, his warm fingers were slow.. almost too slow. He lifted the cube to examine it, ‘’You tried to use that?’’ Mobius asked smiling, you knew it was an important cube with powers but you also knew that no magic is allowed in the TVA. ‘’Several times.’’ And he threw the cube to the ground, ‘’Listen Loki, I can’t offer you salvation but maybe I can offer you two something better.’’ You looked confused, so your mission is related to this Loki guy? But you work alone, that’s your thing. Loki seemed interested and stood up, he turned to you and extended his hand for you, what was he doing? Helping you to get up? Maybe. You refused and stood up on your own, ‘’Fugitive variants have been killing our Minute Men.’’ Mobius shortly explained, ‘’And you need the God of Mischief and a little girl with daggers to help you stop them.’’ You could not believe your ears. The nerve, the audacity… you pulled out your daggers, ‘’I’ll show you who is a little girl you self obsessed princeling!’’ before you could attack Mobius stopped you, ‘’he didn’t mean that Y/N, he is just a pussy cat.’’ It made you stop but if looks could kill Loki would be dead in a second. For some reason he had a smirk on his thin lips, was he enjoying this? You rolled your eyes and relaxed, Mobius had a job for you, a job that can clear your name and gave you a new chance in life. ‘’Why me and her?’’ Loki asked actually looking curious, ‘’The variant we’re hunting is you.’’ Mobius said, you could see that the situation was a serious one. You have been hearing about Minute Men being killed lately but you could feel that this job, mission is bigger than you or Mobius.
‘’I beg your pardon?’’ Loki felt as if he had been slapped. He never liked not knowing or not being two steps ahead of someone, as soon as he walked into this TVA dungeon he felt unsafe and confused, scared if he dared to admit. On top of this he watched his own death, fought and tried to escape but he came to realize that his ways aren’t working here. He had to make a plan to ditch theses people and flee. He couldn’t believe that now he has companions who are as dull as the Hulk and as savage as Thor. He had to get out of here.
Thank you for reading. :)
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squid-ink-personal · an hour ago
Where the Wind Doesn’t Blow
This is a continuation. You can find the first part right here.
Tumblr media
Time cradled the youngest hero in his arms, stiff with horror as the golden specks of Wind’s soul left his body, flickering out in the open air.
He’d been too slow.
Wind was gone. For seven years? A hundred? He didn’t know. His ears rang, the sounds of the forest fading into numbness. The gut wrenching feeling he’d had when he first woke up after touching that cursed sword returned full swing.
He didn’t notice when Twilight called for him, barely registered the hand on his shoulder, or the other heroes gathering around.
“Hey.” Snap snap. “Snap out of it, old man.”
Warriors knelt down in front of him and met his eyes, a concerned frown on his face. “There you are.” He held out his hands. “Hand me the kid. I can check his vitals while we figure out what just happened.”
Time hesitated. “He’s asleep.”
“Probably. But I don’t trust that pedestal over there.” He nodded to the stone the Master Sword was buried into, one that Legend was frantically examining for clues. Wars offered Time a half smile. “Just humor me, okay?”
It took every ounce of self control the older swordsman had to honor that request, but he relented. Wind needed as much help as he could get, and even if the worst did happen...there was nothing Time could do about it now.
Tumblr media
Wind’s eyes flew open, and he gasped for air.
He felt...cold. Unbearably cold, like he’d been plunged into the ocean in the middle of winter. He sat up, hugging his arms to try to conserve a little bit of warmth, but he got no relief from it. It was as if the sword had taken all of his body heat away from him.
Slowly, carefully, he pushed himself to his feet and looked around, expecting to be back at camp and being watched over by one of the other heroes.
Instead, the forest stretched around him, its shadows more distinct than before, the sky an eerie teal glow, and the air thick with...something. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it was a stifling power, and it gave him the sense that he shouldn’t be here.
This is not your domain, it said. You will leave, or I will make you.
Beneath his feet, a glowing flower pattern spiraled outward, the same kind that had appeared when he’d played the Wind Waker. And yet, at its center, there was no pedestal, no sword.
He was trapped here.
Tumblr media
“The Silent Realm?”
Sky nodded. “It served as a trial for me during my own adventure. It’s like...a reflection of the world, where wind doesn’t blow and the sun never rises.” He looked over at the pedestal. “It’s a little different from the one I used, but that’s a trial gate if I ever saw one.”
Tumblr media
“I’ve had trials from the Master Sword before,” Wild spoke up. “It sent me into a big shrine puzzle where I had to kill monsters room by room, and it powered the sword up each time.”
“Like the Cave of Ordeals.” Twilight crossed his arms, thinking. “If that’s where he is, I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s resourceful.”
“...Actually, no. It’s not like that at all.”
Everyone looked back at Sky with renewed worry, and the skyborne hero glanced away. “The trials of the Silent Realm are...brutal. Technically harmless, because if you get hurt, you just start over, but...”
“Sky.” Time met his eyes, his voice dangerously calm. “Tell us how it tests you.”
Sky hesitated for just a moment, feeling a stab of anxiety in his stomach as he remembered the various realms he’d trespassed in. “...You start in a circle of light.”
Tumblr media
“It swirls around you, and it looks just like the gate did in the realm of sound.”
Wind stood at the edge of the circle, hesitant. It felt...important. Almost familiar.
“It’s your one point of safety in that world, a small mercy from the Goddess. As long as you stay inside that ring, nothing can touch you.”
He took a deep breath. He could face whatever came his way. He’s a hero, he’s faced sea monsters, giant poes, and worse. With determination, he put a foot forward and left the ring.
“But the second you step outside that ring—”
His foot touched the ground.
“—It’s like the Goddess herself has abandoned you.”
In an instant, all Calamity broke loose.
The sky flashed red, the peaceful chime of bells in the distance breaking with a crunch like shattered glass, replaced with the stomp of heavy armor. Wind’s eyes widened, and he reached for the Phantom Sword, only to grasp air.
A silver suit of armor emerged from the trees before him. Its eyes flashed menacingly, and it charged at him, blade drawn.
Wind bolted.
Tumblr media
Wild interrupted Sky’s explanation, leaping to his feet and pointing. Everyone quickly turned to look at what he’d seen.
There was nothing there.
Wars looked at his fellow soldier with a frown. “I don’t see any-”
“Kid! Come back!” Wild exclaimed, taking off after the phantom Wind as fast as his legs would take him.
The other heroes exchanged a concerned glance, then hastily ran after him.
Tumblr media
Wind fled through the Lost Woods, not daring to look behind him. He didn’t need to; the resounding clank of armor echoing through the forest was enough to keep him locked into a sprint.
The mist in the woods intensified—he found himself back in the edge of the clearing, face to face with one of the Metal Guardians. It raised its blade high-
Tumblr media
Wild froze in horror as he watched Wind disappear, the look of sheer terror on the teenager’s face now a haunting memory.
“Hey!” Legend stepped in front of him. “What happened?! You got wound up in the Woods and-”
“He’s gone,” Wild replied, running a hand through his hair. “It looked like he got stabbed.”
Time’s eyes widened, and Sky quickly held out a hand to stop the leader from panicking. “He’s okay,” he said, “he just got found. He’ll start right back at the sword.”
“Are you sure?” Wild looked at Sky desperately. “He looked like—”
“Positive.” Sky walked back over to the gate. “When I got hit, I would always appear at the entry point.” His eyes drifted down to the sword. “...Fi was always able to offer me some support when it happened.” He rested his hand on the hilt. “I just—”
Tumblr media
“—wish she could do the same for him.”
Wind bolted upright, still clutching where the Guardian’s sword should have cleaved him in two. “Sky?!”
“Kid?!” Sky’s voice seemed to echo around him. “You can hear me?!”
“I—yeah.” He swallowed the lump in his throat. There was no way he was going to cry here. “Yeah, I can hear you. Where—Where are you? Where are we?”
“I’m...back in the world of sound.” Wind heard Sky take a deep breath. “Alright. You need to listen to me, okay? I’m going to try to help you through this. This place is called the Silent Realm, and it's not exactly known for being hospitable.”
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Together we stand (part 2)
Fic: Together we stand , Part 2: Adolescence 
Rating: Mature. this part is NSFW (there will be explicit content/ Smut 18+ in future parts)  Angst.
Summary: Together We Stand explores the relationship between Billy Russo and Reader (You), over the course of twenty years. You meet as children, and you two are best friends until life tears you apart. You always find your way to each other over the years, although you witness him becoming someone you barely recognize. Billy is your weakness, the one person you cannot resist, and as he grows into a selfish, cold, manipulative man, you can’t let go of the Billy you once knew.
Tell me if wanna be added to the tag list !
Words: 3,300+
Tumblr media
You thought that coming home to New York and being reunited with Billy would be the best thing that could ever happen to you. You had been waiting for this moment for two long years. But ever since you picked him from the group home, you could sense that something was wrong. He had changed physically as he had grown considerably. But the change wasn’t just physical, it was deeper than that. You had a month before the two of you would go back to school, and you intended to bond with him and make up for lost time.
You quickly realized that he was more interested in hanging out with his other friends than you. He was mostly out and he got home late, and you could see that your parents were concerned about him.
One night during dinner, your father clears his throat “So Billy, I feel like we need to go talk about house rules here”. Billy glances at him, his dark eyes gauging your father’s face.
“You’re coming home pretty late at night, and we have no idea where you are or who you’re with.” your father adds, a serious expression on his face.
Billy simply stares at him, and you wonder how he feels in this moment. Is he scared? Angry? You can’t read his emotions anymore.
“We need you to be home before nine pm, Billy” your father says “we can’t have you roaming the streets at night, it’s not safe.”
“I know what I’m doing” Billy replies, and he’s staring at your father, still not betraying a single emotion.
“We’re not doing this to punish you” you mother intervenes, a soft expression on her face. “We’re worried about you. We haven’t seen you in two years. You’re only thirteen years old. It’s our duty as your foster family to make sure you’re safe.”
Billy stares at both of them, and his black eyes are so cold that it sends shivers down your spine. “You can’t pretend to be my parents after abandoning me for two years” Billy says calmly, and his words freeze you. Your parents seem surprised but your father quickly talks:
“We didn’t abandon you, Billy. We had no choice and we came back as soon as we could”. The boy stares at your father and you can see hatred in his eyes.
“We’ll never pretend to be something that we’re not” your mother says quietly. “But we deeply care about you, and we’ve missed you dearly. We couldn’t wait to have with us again.” Billy doesn’t respond but he laughs bitterly.
“We understand that you’re angry with us, but we can talk about it.” you father adds, and he squeezes Billy’s shoulder. “We’ll show you, you’ll trust us again” he says, and Billy gets up quietly from his seat and leaves abruptly the room.
He’s been avoiding you ever since you were reunited, but you won’t let him slip away this time, so you look at your parents, asking them the question with your eyes. They nod in agreement and you run after him.
You knock on his door lightly, waiting in the dark hallway. “Come in” his voice says, and you get in his room. He’s lying on his bed and playing with a small rubber ball he’s throwing in the air. “Can I come?” you ask, and he nods without responding. You decide to lie next to him, and as you approach his bed he shoots you a look of surprise.
“Come on, man, we used to sleep together all the time” you say, rolling your eyes at him. He looks puzzled but moves a bit so you can join him on the bed. You lie next to him as he gets back to throwing the ball in the air.
“Why are you so angry with us?” you ask in whisper, looking at his face. He’s still your Billy, you think as you admire his features: the curve of his lips, his little nose, the freckle under his eyes. His eyes so dark you can’t tell the pupil and the iris apart.
“Oh I don’t know” he replies sarcastically “maybe because you left us to rot here? Maybe because I was all alone with no one to talk to ?”
“I wrote to you every week” you protested “and when I stopped writing I called. You could have talked to me” you’re beginning to get angry now, and he seems to feel it as he stops throwing the ball, holding it against his chest.
“Aren’t you happy to see me?” you ask in a small voice, on the verge of tears. “Didn’t you miss me at all?”.
His doesn’t reply as he stares in front of him, and for the first time since you’ve been reunited, you feel close to him again. You can see the sadness, the resentment, the loneliness on his face and it breaks your heart.
“I’m sorry we left you” you whisper, putting your hand on top of his. He closes his eyes and a single tear streams on his cheek.
“I’ve missed you so much” he says in a croaked voice, his eyes still closed and you squeeze his hand and put your head on top of his chest.
“Me too, Bill” you reply, closing your eyes.
After that talk, you feel close to him again. For the remaining month of summer, you spend every day together, and he introduces you to his friends. You find them scary and intimidating, but you don’t tell Billy. His personality has changed as he’s grown more impatient, with fits of anger he didn’t throw before. You can feel that he has a sharp rage inside of him, that comes bursting in small fits of violence. He’s more distant and sarcastic, although he warms up to you slowly. He does express anger towards you, calling you too slow or mocking you. But you sense that beneath this persona that he has created for himself, something’s happened to him. Something that’s considerably changed his personality. So you remain kind, patient and sweet. You don’t change your behavior and you can see that it surprises him.
It’s time to go back to school as summer ends, and the two of you enter eighth grade. During the year, the two of you grow more distant. You don’t get along with the same people, and your excellent grades catch everyone’s attention. You’re quickly labeled as a nerd, and people start to refer to you as “Brain” rather than your name. If Billy stood up for you in grade school, he steps out now, and doesn’t intervene when people start calling you names. He even starts to call you “Brain” as well, and you can see bitterness in his eyes every time your parents express how proud they are of you.
Years pass, but you still share moments that only belong to the two of you. You don’t talk much at school, and he starts to hang out with people you don’t particularly appreciate. They smoke cigarettes and weed, skip school, and drink alcohol. Billy starts to indulge as well and as years pass, he gets increasingly popular. By the age of fourteen, he attracts more female attention than any other boy in school. You can see why yourself. Billy seems to grow up every day as he quickly towers over everyone. His lean, muscular silhouette is more of a man than of a teenager. His dark eyes make hearts melt, and you can hear girls talk about him in every hallway you cross. You get jealous of all this attention, because in your eyes he’s still your Billy. Even if you don’t talk much in school, you still spend every night together, watching TV shows or playing video games. He still tells you about most of his life, although you can feel he starts to get guarded.
He gets along with your parents, but you can sense that he’s still angry with them. It’s a cold, conceited rage that scares you. You’re both fifteen when he stops confiding in you. He starts to date girls at school and doesn’t tell you about it, you hear from other people. It deeply hurts you that he doesn’t trust you with details of his personal life, but there’s something else. Buried deep within you, you realize that you’re attracted to him as well, like every other girl in school. It brings you shame and you don’t tell anyone. But you’re increasingly jealous of the girls he dates. They’re all gorgeous, popular girls , and you feel more and more self conscious that he never seems to look at you this way. You tell yourself that you’re ugly and unworthy of his attention, and it’s your turn to grow distant. You don’t seek his company or try to spend time with him anymore, and he doesn’t seem to notice it at first. It hurts even more. By the age of sixteen, you barely talk to each other, whether it’s at home or at school.
Some part of you always thought that when you’d grow up, you’d end up together. As you entered puberty, you thought he’d be the one you’d lose your virginity to, and that he’d be your boyfriend. And sure, from the outside it’d look weird since you lived under the same roof, but you weren’t related. And you never thought of him as a brother, always your best friend. Growing older and feeling so far away from him deeply hurts you, as you don’t quite understand how it happened. You feel nostalgic of all the moments you shared as children. The language you invented, the games you played, the endless discussions, the nights you slept next to each other, feeling content and whole.
Every since you’ve moved to Colorado, you’ve never felt this whole again. And it feels like your childhood is over, but mostly you miss him. You miss the old him: soft, sweet Billy who cared for you. He’s been replaced by an arrogant, selfish asshole who calls you names and pretends that he doesn’t know you in school.
Both of you turn seventeen, and he dates a new girl every month. He becomes incredibly popular in school, respected by all. It’s not just the good looks and the attitude, there are rumors about some illegal activity he’s conducting. You try not to pay attention to what people say about him, because it hurts you every time.
Feeling embarrassed and inadequate, you focus on your studies. You throw yourself in books and you’re the top of your class, then the top of the school. You plan to join an Ivy League college by obtaining a scholarship, so you maintain a perfect GPA, join clubs and do community service. This leads to Billy calling you a nerd more often, and you shut yourself from him. Sensing you’re growing distant, he starts to tease you even more.
One day he enters your room without even knocking, and you’re studying on your bed. You lift your gaze towards him, before lowering it back on your book, not wanting to acknowledge his presence. He gets enough attention at school, he doesn’t need yours.
“What’s up, Virgin, still cramming for exams?” he asks as he sits on the bed next to you. You grind your teeth at the insult. It’s fairly new that he teases you about your lack of sexual experience, and it makes your stomach clench every time. You don’t date, not because you don’t want to.  Guys from clubs have asked you out before, you simply never felt like it was right. So you’ve locked yourself away and have grown more introverted, comforted by your books and the knowledge that after high school, you’d go to college and you’d finally escape him. He doesn’t get good grades, except in gym class, where he surpasses everyone. He gets into arguments with your parents every time they bring up the subject of what he’ll do after graduation. You’re not even sure he’ll graduate in the first place.
“What do you want?” you ask through your teeth.
Billy doesn’t respond, lighting a cigarette instead. You abruptly turn over and grab it away from his hand before getting off the bed and throwing it out of the window, enraged.
“How dare you?” he asks, furious, as he gets swiftly off the bed and stands in front of you, a few inches from your face. You stand up to him, looking up at him as he’s far taller than you now. Your jaw clenched, you stare at him coldly, not replying anything. The tension in the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife.
“Get out of my room” you order calmly.
“You don’t get to tell me what to do” he replies, his obsidian eyes fixed on you. You feel as though they are cutting right through you. You’re done being sweet and passive. You’ve had enough of his bullying.
“Get out” you repeat, still holding his gaze.
His expression suddenly relaxes, and anger leaves his features as he quits your gaze to look at the rest of your face. His eyes linger on your lips and you subtly quiver.
“How did we get here?” he asks, taking a step back.
“Maybe when you started insulting me” you hiss at him.
He goes back on your bed and lies in it, crossing his legs. He taps the bed next to him as to invite you to lie next to him. You ignore him and cross your arms, still standing stiffly.
“How did this happen?” he asks, grabbing the book you were studying to look at its cover. “Since when do we hate each other?” he asks, fixing his gaze on you again.
You pretend to think for a second before answering sarcastically “oh, I don’t know! Maybe when you started being cruel to me? Ignoring me in school, calling me names in front of other people?”
“What about your little princess attitude?” he shouts, gesturing towards you with contempt “You’re behaving like you’re better than anyone else”.
“I am better than you” you say dryly, your eyes throwing daggers at him.
“How come?” he asks, raising his eyebrows. He looks confident and calm, which enrages you even more.
“First of all, I don’t bully people. I don’t sleep with a new girl every week, and yeah, I get good grades, but at least I have a fucking future.”
“Now that’s true...” he says, and he gets up from your bed and approaches you slowly, his black eyes fixed at your face. He looks like a panther approaching its prey, you think, and you realize that you’re indeed prey in this situation.
“In fact, you don’t sleep with anyone” he adds, and he’s uncomfortably close to you now. You step back, feeling uneasy, and he follows you. His eyes boring into yours, you start to feel self conscious and your rage evaporates.
“How is that any of your business?” you ask defiantly. You take another step back, and your bottom touches the edge of your desk. You cannot step any further as he’s got you cornered, and he steps even closer to you. Your faces are almost touching and you can feel his warm breath on your skin when he talks : “It could have been my business” he says in a low voice, and you frown, confused.
“What the fuck do you mean?” you ask.
“I always thought we’d end up together” he says, putting a finger underneath your chin, aiming your face towards him. “Didn’t you?” he asks, and you’re starting to breathe a little faster, feeling warm. You open your mouth but you don’t know what to reply, feeling confused by his close proximity. His eyes dart to your mouth before going back to your eyes.
“Ahhh, you did” he says, grinning, and his hands cup your face as he continues to stare into your eyes. You lower your face and close your eyes, trying to escape his gaze, and he groans in frustration.
“Always thought I’d be the first guy who ever gets to fuck you” he says in a low voice, and you shiver at his words, feeling yourself getting wet.
“I could have any girl I want” he adds, and you can feel his lips on your ear. You repress a shiver as you step back, but your bottom’s on the top of your desk. He senses your intention so he grabs you by the waist and effortlessly puts on on top of the desk. You whimper, unable to react, letting yourself be manipulated like a doll.
“And yet I’ve never had you” he says, and you’re staring at each other. You’re starting to panic as you feel that you won’t be able to push him away if he tries to kiss you. He steps between your legs and put his hands on your thighs.
“You could have had this” you whisper, unable to talk without your voice shaking. “You decided otherwise.”
“I didn’t decide anything” he says, looking sightly angry, and it turns you on even more.
“You did” you reply, “When you started treating me like a stranger”. His eyes suddenly look sad, but he doesn’t let you go.
“Are you telling me that you don’t want this?” he asks as he snakes an arm behind your back to bring your body closer to him. Your chests are touching now, but he still hasn’t kissed you. Unable to respond, you let out a sigh, gathering your strength. You’re so close to him that you can feel his erection against your heat and it’s driving you wild. You start to unconsciously grind against him, and he smirks in content. A moan escapes your lips as you feel him kissing your neck, and you close your eyes and roll your head back.
“Do you touch yourself, thinking about me?” he asks, still kissing your neck, and you moan again. You’ve never been this intimate with anyone. You slide your hands in his hair, unable to control yourself, as he keeps trailing kisses on your neck.
The two of you stiffen when you hear the front door closing, the sound reverberating across the house.
“Anybody home?” your sisters shouts from downstairs. You stare at him, unable to react, panic in your eyes. Billy smirks and lets you go.
“I knew you wanted this” he says, a confident look in his eyes, and you feel hurt. Is this just a game to him? You’re starting to feel angry with him so you push him away with all of your strength. He’s far stronger than you and he barely moves, cocking his eyebrows. You feel like a kitten fighting off a huge dog, helpless and weak. He finally lets you go and slides off your thighs, still smirking. You can hear your sister climbing the stairs, calling your name, and you get off the desk and step away as far away from Billy as possible. Your sister knocks on your door and you tell her to get in. She looks surprised when she sees Billy in your room.
“You two talking again?” she asks, perplexed.
“Y/N and I will always be friends” Billy replies, still smiling confidently as he steps out of your room. When he reaches the door, he looks back at you, winking “Best friends” he adds, and he uses your secret language, the one you haven’t used in six years.
You stare at him, enraged, and wish you could slap him in this instant. Instead you say nothing, your lips sealed, your cheeks red and a cold expression on your face.
“Right”, your sister says before leaving the room, and Billy follows her.
You close the door abruptly, and the sound finally wakes you from your trance.
What just happened seems like an anomaly, a glitch in your reality. How come Billy’s ignored you, belittled you for years and shows interest like this after all this time ?
You feel violated, manipulated as you hug yourself with your own arms, feeling tears coming into your eyes.
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ironxprince · 4 hours ago
prompt: placing a hand on the back of the other’s neck for adoptive irondad
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st*rker shippers dni
Being adopted after spending your entire life in an orphanage is intimidating enough. Being adopted by Tony Stark is another thing entirely.
Being adopted by Tony Stark and meeting his father, the one Peter spent his entire preteen years reading news articles and magazines and academic works about, is something completely bizarre, especially when Howard refuses to take Peter’s offered hand and glowers at him the entire time they’re being introduced to each other.
“I don’t understand,” Howard sighs when it can be said they’ve officially met. Peter casts a nervous look up at Tony, and sees his smile pulling tight, growing tense.
“What is there to be confused over?”
“Well-” Howard looks to Peter, then takes a step away from him and turns his head, as if this’ll stop Peter from hearing what he says in any regard. “How can he be trusted to run the company? We don’t know where he’s been. Anthony, he’s not yours.”
Peter’s eyes find the floor and he pinches his lips together as his cheeks burn red. If Howard wants to know where he’s been, Peter will show him to the corner of the dormitory where he’s spent his fourteen years of life. But the second bit... there’s nothing Peter can do about that. It’s true.
Tony places his hand on the back of Peter’s neck, and Peter peers up through his lashes.
Tony’s shoulders have stiffened, the man seeming to grow taller, and his eyes are filled with concentrated fury as he glares at his father.
“I can’t believe the company is the first thing on your mind right now. I tell you you have a grandson, and that’s what you focus on?” Tony snaps. “Peter is my son, and what’s mine is his now, including the company. He can do whatever he damn well chooses with it.”
Peter avoids Howard’s eyes as insults are shouted, Tony keeping a hand on Peter the entire time, even stepping in front of him at a point.
Tony doesn’t allow Howard to go on for a moment longer. “I’ve heard enough. Get out,” he demands. Howard goes, but not without parting words that make Peter shiver.
Tony turns to Peter the moment Howard’s gone, grabbing him by the shoulders and looking him in the eyes.
“You listen to nothing that man says, you hear me?” Tony says. “You’re my kid if you want to be. You can have the company if you want it. I don’t care what he says, Peter, you’re mine.”
It’s then that Tony pulls Peter into the tightest hug he’s ever experienced, and for the first time in his life, Peter feels truly loved.
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stuckwith-harry · 6 hours ago
A/N: Evening babes! I’ve had an extremely normal day and to cope with that I’ve decided to sift through some more of those Hinny ficlets I usually only write for my own entertainment and polish up another one, so. You get another little guy taking place in the summer of 1998, and I get some distraction. And ideally some ibuprofen. Featuring nosy brothers and precisely one bed (purposefully).
Of course, the instant they finally decide to move Harry’s camp bed from Ron’s room to Ginny’s, half the Weasley family finds themselves in their path down the various wonky staircases and narrow hallways inside the Burrow, gawking like there’s no tomorrow.
“Not a word”, Ginny tells them, while Harry’s eyes remain purposefully fixated on the task at hand, the camp bed floating in mid-air at the bidding of their combined Hovering Charms. “I’ll hex your toes off one by one.”
She’s answered with much snorting and giggling from several of her brothers, while Ron stands in his doorframe and watches them with an expression that unfailingly calls to mind Molly, watching the train depart Platform 9 3/4.
By the time they’ve made it to Ginny’s room, her brothers have pulled so many audacious jokes out of their arses she doesn’t think the colour of Harry’s face is ever going to return to normal again. Then it’s only her parents, whose half-hearted protest about a boy – a boy! – staying in her room falters when Ginny points out that this isn’t any boy, thank you very much, this is Harry (“You know Harry! You love Harry!”), who they personally talked into into staying at the Burrow for as long as he pleased only a few weeks ago.
When Molly finally lets her bedroom door fall into its lock at bedtime – a miracle in its own right – Ginny has threatened every single one of her brothers with the loss of some sort of limb, except Ron; and she did cost Ron his roommate, so maybe that makes them even.
Lying there in the dark of her bedroom, listening to her mother’s receding footsteps on the other side of the door, Ginny allows for five whole seconds of prudence before she folds back her quilt and grins brightly in Harry’s direction.
“She’ll kill us”, he mutters, but pushes himself up from his camp bed and climbs onto Ginny’s mattress all the same, like he reckons that’s a price he’s willing to pay.
Ginny snorts.
“This is new”, she says as they’re settling in, their limbs rearranging themselves under her quilt. “No one else has ever slept in my bed before.”
“You can always kick me out again.”
She makes a show of taking this into serious consideration.
“No, I don’t think I will”, she grins. “You’re a nice enough pillow.”
As though to demonstrate this, she scoots closer, her arm draped loosely over his stomach, her cheek pressed to his chest, Harry’s heartbeat steady through his t-shirt.
Her bed is kind of comically small for two grown people. And what luck that is, she thinks, feeling his arm around her shoulders.
“You fit nicely”, she says, wholly unprompted.
You fit nicely, which is to say, you fit almost like you used to. Thank fuck you still fit like you used to.
Then: “You’re warm.”
You’re warm, which is to say, you are alive. You are alive and I can feel the heartbeat that proves it, steady and dependable through your t-shirt.
“Sorry if I wake you up”, he mutters, his voice not quite revealing if all that quiet weight in Ginny’s words made it through to him, the way they’re tip-toeing through the dark. “Won’t be on purpose.”
Her brows knit themselves together. “No, you should.”
When he makes noises of protest, she only doubles down. “Really, if you can’t sleep, just give me a good shake. I won’t mind”, she adds after a pause.
I won’t mind, which is to say, you don’t have to do it all alone. Don’t do it alone.
Harry eventually relents, albeit huffing slightly.
“I apologise if I end up hogging the blanket”, Ginny offers, and he vibrates with quiet laughter. She feels it more than she hears it, the way it rumbles through him. “Or if I wake you, for that matter.”
“You’re a blanket hogger?”
“Only one way to find out.”
She feels his hand squeeze her shoulder and has just about enough time to start wondering if the weight of her head is hindering the blood circulation in his arm when he says: “Have all the blanket you want.”
While he speaks, she listens for an undercurrent, something small and sincere tucked away in more unassuming words, like maybe she’ll be able to translate it all back if she pays close enough attention. Maybe he’s trying to say as much as she is. Maybe not.
Either way, she understands.
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thatgoblin · 22 hours ago
Leon and Chris x Reader Who Sleeps Anywhere
Tumblr media
He swears you've got magic powers from how easily you'll disappear for hours at a time and then appear with a yawn as you grab a bottle of water from the fridge.
He's tried following you at times as well, but you always slip away.
It's not that he's worried about you, he knows you're just taking a nap, but he's confused on why you don't go to the couch or the bed.
'Too open.' You once said.
From then on he looked in the smaller places.
One time he found you in the closet under his side of the clothes cuddling a hoodie of his and using a jacket as a blanket while you snored fitfully.
He almost took you to the bed, but let you be.
Another time he found you in the bathtub just snoozing away in the dark.
It's not just at home either, he's had near panic attacks when he comes back to your hotel room on a trip and you're apparently gone.
There wasn't really any place for you to go hide and nap, so something MUST have happened.
Turns out you were under the desk with the chair in front of you that had your coats hanging on it.
Chris has nearly sent the entire B.S.A.A. into red alert when he couldn't find you in his office. Nearly an hour of searching and no one could find you on the base. The cameras had shown that you didn't leave the room either.
It dawned on him that there was a row of cabinets with shelves in them behind his desk.
After several tries, he found you tucked under a shelf happily asleep.
He threatens to put a tracker bracelet on you if you don't stop it.
Tumblr media
There's not too many places to nap in Leon and yours's apartment so you make due with what you have.
When the couch was not comfy enough, it was really a loveseat small enough that neither of you could lay fully on it, you took to the dining room table.
When he asked about you not using the bed, you shrugged.
'I just made it and it's perfect, but I haven't showered yet. I don't want to stink it up.'
On all nighters for work, he's found you in the morning fast asleep in a dining chair with your head titled out the way back and your mouth wide open as you snored.
Since then, he's been mindful to make sure you get to bed before passing out.
Having a loving relationship with naps, you have proven to Leon that he comes in 2nd place with them.
He's taken you with him to the office before to drop something off only to stay longer because he was asked to look over something.
Coming back to his office he's found you under his desk snoring softly with his coat as a pillow.
This has happened multiple times. Enough that anyone who walks in asks if you're there so they don't wake you up. There was one time that had happened and the poor soul refuse to go to Leon's office again.
On long drives you know not to just lay back in your seat or in the back, that's hella unsafe, so armed with a neck pillow and a sleep mask, you have successfully slept 12+ hours as Leon drove.
Airplanes are the same way, which Leon hates. He can never sleep anywhere but a bed while you're ready to throw down anywhere.
One time you had to take him to the ER with sever groin pains, kidney stones, and you slept on the damn floor. There was blood still on the tile as you snoozed while Leon laid in the triage bed with a catheter and a slow drip of pain killers staring at the ceiling and wondering what he'd have to sacrifice to get your level of sleep.
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standbyu-03 · 13 hours ago
I got you, babe
Pairing : Chris Evans x reader
Summary : Chris hasn't gone home for a long time. When he came back just for 2 days and had a fight with you.
Warning : angst, language, some fluff
Tumblr media
Pic not mine
It has been raining for 5 hours. There is no sign it’s going to stop. And y/n still not get home. Chris’s worry about hers, specially her safety,...everything outside seems too dangerous for her. That’s what Chris was thinking right now.
He’s sitting on the couch, waiting for her to come home.
Y/n slightly opened the door, she walked gently on tiptoe.
“Where have you been y/n ?” - Chris grinned
His voice is so clear and strong, which made y/n scared.
“Why do you care ?” - She said in not a sober voice.
“Are u drunk ?” Chris’s worry and a hint of angry.
Y/n replied and giggled “No,.. not really baby.”
“It’s 2 o’clock y/n. It’s fuckin’ late. You left work about 9 hours. You didn't come home for dinner - which I cooked for u. You disappeared. I called you a thousand times. Check your phone, y/n. And now u come home when u tipsy? What’s wrong with u, honey ?”
He asked without a pause. Chris’s extremely sad now.
Y/n took off her coat, kicked her high-heels, and barked :
“Huh, so now u care about me ?” She smirked
Y/n didn't let him say another words. Y/n continued :
“You left me here, at this damn house for 3 months. It’s 3 months, Chris. You didn't answer my call or my text. Do you know what I’m doing in the past 3 months? I kept thinking “Did I do anything wrong? I said something I shouldn't say ?” Those thoughts, those damn feelings keep bothering me”
Y/n took a deep breath and continued
“And now, you came home for only 2 days and want everything to be the same as the old-time? You gotta be kidding me “
“Now you better sleeping in this damn sofa. ‘Cause I won't let u go to our room. Oh or just my room ‘cause for god's sake you haven't come home, our home for 3 months.” Y/n grinned and goes straight to her room.
No sooner did she came to her room than Chris heard some noises. He ran quickly to the room, opened the door, and saw y/n fell on the floor.
She kept holding her stomach, whispered sth “I..I...”
“Don't say anything. I know what’s wrong with you. Let me grab some pill for you” Chris said.
Y/n has a stomach issue which explains why her stomach hurts right after she drunk just a little alcohol. But today she drunk a lot, ‘cause she can get his face out of her mind, she misses him, every second of her life. So she took a risk, went to the pub with some friends, drunk ‘till this late.
“Now drink this pill. Don't you dare to drink any alcohol again. And go rest in the bed, don't take shower y/n. I will take care of u in tomorrow morning.”
Chris knows about y/n’s illness, moreover, he knew every detail about her sick. When she feels tired, which foods she can't eat, what drinks make her stomach burns like hell, what medicines she should take in a specific condition,... Just like that, he knows her, he understands her body better than herself. And somehow just like that, she falls in love with him again.
She’s mad at him, hates him so much for not coming home for a long time. Sometimes when she felt tired, sick, or just wanted him to be by herself, but she just sat alone in this house, slept in the cold bed ‘cause without him, this home isn’t like it was. Lonely, sad, crumble is exactly what y/n felt in the last 3 months.
Then she started crying. “I miss you, Chris. I never stop missing you and loving you. How dare you leave me alone. I dont drink any drinks which include gas, I dont eat the banana,... a lot of things which I cant eat. But because of you, ‘cause I'm so fucking miss you, I had go the pub, drunk so fucking much whiskey, vodka, and so much more which i didn't let me touch it for my life.”
He kissed her deeply. She slightly opened her mouth, their tongues are constantly entwined. Her heart skipped a beat, just like the time was stopped when their mouth met each other.
He’s out of breath. Then he murmured, interrupted her talk “Im sorry honey. It’s my fault. I’m busy with my schedule. I thought you must be bored in this one-way relationship. The relationship you gave me so much love which I can't give back enough… I was thoughtless.”
“And...I... so afraid to call you. Just hearing your voice drives me insane. And I will jump to the plane, fly back here to your side. But I can't do that. I have to finish this work. So I let you choose. I let you leave me, I didn't pick up any of your phones ‘cause hearing you break up with me tears me into species. I'm a coward.” He cried...
“You’re an asshole.” She insisted.
“But the asshole I love. Always.”
He kissed her again. This time was more hungry, passionate. In his kiss, she felt she’s home again.
“I will make up for u. ” He insisted
“Just kissing and cuddling me.” She smiled “ Not that easy. You have to do more. I can’t forgive you easily. Remember that.”
“Yes, my princess. Everything you want.”
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xiaosthetic · 16 hours ago
pairing: aether x reader
warning(s): slight cursing! other than than, none! fluff!
a/n: i need more aether content :( again, please know that english is not my first language. there may be errors here and there!
Tumblr media
the amount of sappy shit paimon had seen whenever you and aether are in the same room was unbelievable.
usually, the floating pixie would tease you both for being sweeter than her honey toast, but as aether—the king of being sickly sweet—continues to shower you with affection, it was safe to say paimon got sick of the display.
today was nothing short of affection.
"five more minutes," aether groaned, his voice groggy from having just woken up. your hand that laced in his long and messy blonde hair didn't help in waking him either. it left the boy wanting to dive right back into the comforts of his bed.
"those commissions won't finish by themselves," you cooed at your lover, eyes roaming towards anything but him, afraid that your resolve to wake up early would crumble if you were to see his adorable face.
it was usually you who hated mornings, but you promised aether you'll help with his commissions and find clues about his sister's whereabouts to lessen his burden. hence, the roles got reversed.
once your foot landed on the cold floorboards, strong arms snaked around your waist. warmth enveloped your whole body and golden locks filled your vision.
"aether?" the said boy only hummed in response, no doubt his eyes still closed. you couldn't help but chuckle.
maybe, just maybe, you can both stay for a couple more minutes cuddled together.
"okay, five more minutes then."
aether had been to different worlds and had seen plenty of beautiful things. but here in teyvat where you reside, he decided that you surpassed their beauty even if you, yourself, do not believe it.
paimon stared at you both, a look that said she was used to the display of affection. usually, she would leave but seeing aether so contented in your arms after witnessing every rough thing he'd been through, paimon couldn't help but be thankful to you.
Tumblr media
end note: i want aether in my life :') and more content for this baby too.
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Growing closer
summary: Harry and Loralie spend the night at Y/n and Milo’s flat for the first time and the kids spend time getting closer to the others parent. 
warnings/disclaimers: mentions(?) of smut, its not much. i wont ever write much again because i hate writing it and i’m horrible at it so this is the most you will get, sorry! barely edited so sorry about that!!!
Y/n invited Harry and Loralie to spend the night. She decided to take their relationship to the next step and make plans for Loralie and Harry to come over and spend the night. She went down to the market earlier and got some ingredients for dinner, stress cleaning her flat, and helped Milo clean his barely used room before the two came over. 
Now they sit in Y/n living room, Milo and Loralie on the floor playing together while Harry and Y/n set up on the couch together, sipping some wine. A random Disney movie plays, none of them are really paying attention to it, it’s mainly on for background noise. They finished dinner not too long ago, they had an arugula salad, then garlic Parmesan pasta. It was amazing and they all scarfed it down but now they are bloated and tired. “It’s almost Loralie’s bedtime.” Harry whispers, pecking Y/n’s jaw. She giggles, pulling her head away from him and standing up. 
She pulls Milo up, kissing his cheeks. “It’s time for bed, babe.” She says, softly bouncing him on her hip while she takes him to his bedroom, glancing back to see if Harry was collecting Loralie and joining them. They settle the kids for bed, changing them into pajamas and saying their goodnights, tucking them into bed then checking for monsters and leaving a kiss on their heads. 
They head back out to the living room, sitting on the couch and resuming their wine drinking and movie watching. They cuddle under a thick fluffy blanket, Harry’s head resting on her shoulder while they both sag into each other. “Thanks for inviting us over.” Harry hums, his lips finding her shoulders. 
Y/n nods, kissing the top of his head. “It’s no problem. I love being around you guys.” Harry’s kisses travel further up, tickling Y/n’s neck. “Yeah,” he hums on her neck, his nose rubbing alongside her jaw. She giggles, pushing him away. “Our kids just went to bed!” She says, also a little nervous because this would be her and Harry’s first time if it goes anything past kissing. Harry shrugs, lifting her up bridal style and giving her a rough kiss. 
Y/n laughs, jumping down. She wraps her arms around his neck, slotting her lips with his. Harry’s arms wrap around her waist, pulling her impossibly closer to him. He sloppily leads them to her bedroom door, knocking over an empty wine glass on the way, knocking into a wall, and finally accidentally slamming the door against the wall once he got to it. 
Y/n giggles on his lips, pulling away to look around the corner. Milo and Loralie yank open Milo's bedroom door. “Shh!” Milo says, his hair already a mess and his eyes dropping with sleep. The parents hold on a laugh, Y/n covering her mouth with her hand. “Okay, I’m sorry. Let’s go back to sleep.” Harry whispers, turning the kiddies around and leading them back to the bedroom. Y/n joins them, a small smile on her face. They tuck them back in, kissing their foreheads and heading back to Y/n’s room. 
“We better just head to bed.” Y/n says from her closet, tossing out some pajamas for herself. Harry nods, deciding they can try again another night- a night there their kids are being baby sat. They get cozy in bed, flipping on the TV. They watch some news for a bit, getting updated on a few things before they switch it off, turning off the side table lamps. They settle into bed, giving each other a goodnight peck. “There is always next time.” 
When they wake up the next morning it’s absolute chaos, grumpy children and tired parents, everyone trying to get ready for the day and make breakfast. “No, sit down. You can play later.” Y/n says to Milo, pointing to his chair and setting his breakfast in front of him, some eggs, a half piece of toast, and two pieces of sausage. Usually she is lucky if most of his food doesn’t end up on him. 
“Okay! Wear your pajamas for the rest of the day. Whatever, just go eat, please. And no more raising your voice at daddy or you're taking a nap early today.” Harry says, trying to keep his voice calm while he tries to settle down his two year old. 
Y/n softly laughs, “looks like we’re both struggling.” Harry nods, still in his pajamas and his hair a mess. They have both been so focused on their grumpy children that they haven’t even had time to brush their teeth let alone take a gander in the mirror and see how frightening they truly look. 
“Here’s some breakfast for your troubles.” Y/n offers a plate to him, setting a fork down on it making a little clink. Harry thanks her, joining the kids who are rudely eating with their hands and not even giving their forks a thought (but they were toddlers so no one cared). Y/n eventually joins them, setting her own plate down with a yawn. 
“What are we doing?!” Milo asks, Harry tiredly laughing. “We are eating breakfast, mate.” He says, giving him a tired smile. Y/n laughs at the interaction, covering her mouth, “No, H, he means like… what are we doing today?” Y/n informs him, a giggle in her voice. Harry raises his eyebrows, “ohhh,” Harry nods, “yeah, I knew that.” 
“Well we’re gonna let them go home, baby. Then I gotta go down to the shop.” Y/n smiles, pushing Milo's sippy cup toward him. 
They finish up breakfast, Harry helping Y/n clean the kitchen before they finally get themselves ready and part ways, having a long goodbye. 
Harry was taking Milo out today and Y/n was taking Loralie out. Harry and Y/n talked and they thought it would help grow their relationships, even though Harry was already best buddies with Milo, and Y/n and Loralie were the best of friends they needed to become more or parental figures than best friends with the kids. So they arranged to take the other out and get to know them more, treat them like they would their own children instead of a friend. 
Harry was going to take Milo out to a baseball game and Y/n is taking Loralie out to get Mani pedis, to the mall, then to dinner. 
Harry and Milo were already at the baseball game, getting settled in while Y/n and Loralie are on the way to their nail appointment. 
Harry and Milo get settled in their seats, the game not started yet. “Are you excited for the game, bub?” Harry asks, looking down where Milo is sitting in his stadium seat. Milo nods, giving him a thumbs up while he plays with his toy dinosaur. “Dinosaur.” he says, making it walk up Harry's arm before making the brachiosaurus bite his shoulder. “Munch munch! He got you!” Milo dramatically says, standing up in his seat. Harry laughed, gasping and backing up a little, “Ahh!” Milo giggles. Harry didn't even know where he got that dinosaur from, he didn't see it on the ride over so he must have stashed it in his pocket. 
“Okay, bub, smile for mummy. Gotta let her know we made it here safe.” Harry says, pulling out his phone and opening his camera, leaning toward Milo and smiling widely, Milo smiling widely and closing his eyes, his small dimples poking out. Harry chuckles, pulling the phone away and sending the photo off to the little boy's mum. 
Harry: Already having bunches of fun! *1 attachment* 
“Loralie, text your daddy back and tell him I'm trying to drive” Y/n jokes, making Loralie look up at her while she's strapped in her car seat. “What?” she asks, making Y/n laugh, pulling into the nail places car park. “Nothing, Lora. Let's get our nails done, girl!” she sings, unbuckling her car seat and pulling her out, softly setting her down on the concrete and holding her hand while they walk into the nail salon. 
They get seated together, Loralie giggling at the chair massaging her back. Y/n snaps a photo of her to send to Harry later when her fingers aren't wet. “What color did you pick out?” Y/n asks Loralie, turning toward her. “I got purple, daddy likes it.” Y/n heart swells, Loralie is such a sweet girl. “Good choice!” she smiles, looking at the light pink color she picked for herself. 
“Are you having fun, Milo?” Harry asks, watching the boy eat a snow cone almost the size of him that he purchased for him not too long ago. Milo nods, smiling up at him while he spoons another mountain of the ice treat in his mouth, getting it all over his nose and around his mouth. Harry laughs, “Here, bub.” he laughs, handing him a paper napkin. Milo takes it, messily wiping around his face. Harry nods watching him try and get it off, glancing back at the game. 
The announcer yells as the better runs to home base, making a home run. Milo cheers with the crowd, pumping his small fists in the air. Harry's eyes widened, laughing for the thousandth time today. How did he know anything about the game? Milo looks around, still excited even though the crowd has died down. Oh, he was only excited because everyone else was. 
“Our nails are so cute!” Y/n cheers, walking out of the nail salon. Loralie squeals, looking at her purple fingers and toes. “Lets send daddy a photo!” Y/n says, putting her hand out, Loralie quickly joins her hand between their bodies. Y/n takes the photo, sending the one she took earlier of Loralie and the one she took just now to him before getting them back in the car. 
Y/n: Our nails are done :) *two attachments* 
They zoom to the mall, hopping out and walking around first, looking at some stuff through display cases, perfume, pretty (but super expensive) jewelry, and some old lady jewelry. Then they head up the escalator (Y/n and Loralie holding hands extra tight because Loralie was scared), going to look around at all the different stores they have. 
Loralie stops a candy store, gasping and pointing to it. Y/n instantly laughs, leading her to the candy store. “Okay, we're only getting a little, we aren't telling daddy, and we are gonna eat it after dinner, ‘kay?” Y/n asks, Loralie looking up to her, nodding as if she was keeping the most precious secret. They collect their candy, definitely getting more than they should have, but it was worth it to see the little girl so happy. 
Loralie squeals, running out of the candy store, one arm clutching the candy bag and her other hand still holding Y/n’s hand. Y/n laughs, walking with her. Y/n had expected to feel a little awkward today, not sure what to talk about or how to treat Loralie but she's had a bunch of fun with her and she already feels that parental role taking over. 
They end up in a random kids store, filled with stuffed animals, toys, kids jewelry, and clothes. “Look!” Loralie basically yells toward Y/n, showing her some play pearls. Y/n smiles, taking them and nodding. “Like what daddy wears!” she gushes, making Y/n pout, she's the most adorable girl. “Yeah, let's get them and you can match daddy.” Loralie nods, pulling another off of the display and holding it up to her. “For Milo” she smiles. Y/n pouts, kissing the top of her head. 
“Sounds good, babe” 
“Want a hat or something, Milo?” Harry asks, looking around the gift shop with the boy. Milo shrugs, more interested in making his toy dinosaur crawl up Harry's leg. Harry chuckles, pulling the toy up on his hip, “let's get you this hat” he says, flopping the small hat on the boy's hat before stomping over to the cash register, feeling heavy and bloated from all the crappy baseball stadium food they ate today. 
They buy the hat, Harry placing it back on the toddler's head and walking back to the car with him on his hip since he was half asleep. “I've had a great day with you, bub.” Harry says to Milo, almost to the car. Milo sleepily places his head on top of Harry's, closing his eyes, “me too.” Harry's heart squeezes, thinking he could cry. “I'm happy you did.” 
“Dinner was good!” Y/n smiles, throwing away their trash from their huge slices of food court pizza. Loralie smiles, wiping the rest of the greasing from her face on the back of her hand then wiping it on her pants. Y/n laughs at her actions, wiping off her hands. “Well, I guess it's time to go meet daddy and Milo!” she hums, pulling her up on her hip and heading back down the escalator to hop back in the car to drive back to her flat. 
They get back to her flat in about twenty minutes, heading up the stairs. She unlocks the door, placing a sleeping Loralie on the couch before she heads to her bedroom, changing into some pajamas. She hears a soft knock on her door, unlocking it and opening it to find Harry with Milo sleeping in his arms. Y/n laughs, “just lay him on the couch” she whispers, pointing over to the couch. 
Harry places the boy on the couch softly, making sure not to wake him. He walks over to the counter, watching Y/n get a glass of water. “How was your day?” he smiles, leaning over the counter, kissing her. “It was a lot of fun.” he admits, smiling widely. Y/n smiles widely back at him, “Good. I had so much fun with her. We had a blast.” 
Harry smiles, “That's amazing to hear, babe. Now I gotta get the sleepy girl home” he peers over the couch, watching his daughter sleep for a second. Y/n shrugs, “or you could spend the night again?” she smiles, wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head on his chest. Harry smiles down at her, kissing his head. 
“Yeah, maybe I'll stay the night.”
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auroramaybank · 2 hours ago
Protector | JJ Maybank x Reader
Summary: JJ protects you when a guy tries to make a move on you at a kegger.
Contains: Angst and Fluff
Warning: Slight sexual assault!! And slight cussing.
Tumblr media
The OuterBanks was a paradise on Earth. To some anyway. JJ Maybank was never the most positive person to come around the Kildare County. But you made him positive. And he protected what made him happy. Meaning his girlfriend, and his friends.
“Hey babe, you ready?” JJ called across the Chateau. JJ was dressed in his usual cargo shorts, boots, cut off that read ‘Coors Light’, and his usual hat. You rounded the corner and smiled at him as you went to hug him. He returned the hug and kisses your head. You were shorter than him of course.
“I’m ready! Kie said she’d save me a seat on one of the logs and have a drink ready for me,” you said. JJ rolled his eyes but smiled at you. “Well alright, let’s get you there in time for that drink then.” You and JJ walked to the boneyard and met up with your friends. JJ was already hooping and hollering as he handed out drinks. Glancing at you every once in a while as you talked to girl Tourons about where they lived and how their summer is going.
JJ was handing out a drink when he noticed a guy had begun to take your attention away from talking to Kie. He frowned and glared at the man. He was definitely a Touron. JJ tapped John B. John B looked to where JJ was putting his full attention to. “JJ, you know Y/N likes to talk to all the Tourons. I’m sure he’s just being friendly. She’s right there with Kie,” John B assured the blonde pogue. JJ huffed and filled a Kook’s cup up with an angry face.
You had grown uncomfortable with the conversation you were swooped into by the random Touron. The man was six foot tall, brown hair, brown eyes, and was lean. Not even close to being as handsome as your boyfriend. Your boyfriend. You looked around and noticed him chatting with John B and laughing. You smiled and looked back at the Touron.
“Would you like to get out of here? I can tell you and show you a lot more things,” a wink from the Touron made you wince. “Um, no thanks….” The Touron smiled, “the name is Brad.” You nodded, “well no thank you, Brad.” You smiled politely but Brad wasn’t very happy. “And why the hell not? I’ve been talking to you all night and when we get down to it you don’t want to?” You frowned at the man. “I’m not interested. I have a boyfriend. I just wanted to talk.”
Kie was confused as the man you were talking to started to grab your waist and face and made you kiss him. Kie gasped. Pope was next to her as he also made an ‘o’ with his mouth. You were in a tighter yellow sundress and the man slid his hand up under it to try and touch you. Kie and Pope saw you struggling against the man. Pope was the first one to you as he shoved the man, hard. Brad growled at Pope.
“What the hell man?!” Brad shouted at Pope, “are you her boyfriend?” Pope glared at the man, “nope. But he is.” Brad turned around to see a blonde pogue with anger obvious in his eyes. His usual crystal blues were dark and angry. “Get the fuck away from her. Right. Now.” Brad just laughed at the pogue. “My name is Brad.” He held out his hand. JJ just looked at him. You shook your head as JJ just looked at the guy.
“Okay, be that way,” Brad shrugged. JJ sent a hard right hook to his face. John B and Kie made an “ohhh” sound together. Pope just laughed and you covered your mouth. “Beat his ass JJ!” Kie whooped. Brad got in a hit but JJ climbed on top of him and kept laying in the punches. John B eventually pulled JJ up and off of Brad. The Touron got up and groaned as he spat out blood. “Fuck. You. You can have the whore.” Brad spat as he stood. JJ got out of John B’s grasp as Brad said that and punched him one last good time.
“Do NOT talk about her like that. Now fuck off out of here.” By now everyone at the party was watching the scene unfold. After Brad limped off a few people cheered, mainly pogues. JJ whipped around and looked around, “Y/N?” You came from around Kie and smiled at him. JJ came up to you and held your face in his hands. “Hey, are you alright? Did he hurt you baby?” He was looking at you and exploring every inch of you.
“I’m fine J, thank you.” You smiled. He sighed with relief before hugging you to his chest. He rubbed your back. Kie and Pope smiled at you two and side hugged eachother he planted a kiss on the top of her head. JJ handed you a cup and sat on a log with you. He sat there with you for the rest of the night.
“I love you J.”
“I love you, Y/N.”
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