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Guys, someone should open up a little like book shop in cities and like, fanfiction writers could make little books of oneshots and drabbles and whatnot. That would honestly be so cool. Okay, goodnight

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word count: 1313

request?: yes!


description: they decide to take advantage of the fact that they have the tour bus to themselves

pairing: blackbear x female!reader

warnings: swearing, smut

masterlist (one, two)


You were awoken by the sound of the tour bus door opening and closing so hard that it shook the bus. You winced at the cramped feeling in your neck as you sat up, realizing you had fallen asleep on the couch in the backroom.

“Hello?” you called, stretching out your limbs.

“Hey baby,” came Matthew’s voice. “Were you asleep?”

“Yeah,” you responded. “I didn’t mean to be, though. I was trying to stay up to wait for you.”

He appeared in the doorway then, leaning against it as he smiled down at you. You smiled sheepishly back at him.

“I don’t blame you for falling asleep,” he said. “I was gone pretty late. I’m sorry, I meant to be back before this.”

You waved away his apology. “Don’t be sorry, it’s okay. Where are the guys?”

A mischievous grin came across his face. “They’re still out. I left first because you were waiting, but they decided they want to stay out until the bars close since we don’t have to get up early for soundcheck tomorrow.”

“And you’re smiling at me like that because?” You asked, although you already knew the answer.”

Matthew bent down and took your face in his. He kissed your deeply and passionately. You melted into him immediately, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down on top of you. He ran his hands under your shirt, tracing your soft skin with his fingertips. You shivered against him, longing to feel him touch you everywhere.

You started pulling at his shirt, trying to pull it over his head. He chuckled against your lips. “Eager?”

“We haven’t had a moment to ourselves in so long, especially in the tour bus. I’d love to mark this spot, even just once, before we have to give it up when the tour ends.”

Matthew smiled at your words and pulled away to take his shirt off. “You want to do it right here?”

“Right here,” you confirmed.

“What if the guys come back?”

“There’s a door we can close.”

He leaned down again to cup your chin. “You naughty girl. I like that.”

You smiled back at him and attached your lips to his again. You pulled him back down so his entire body was pressing down on yours. You could feel his hard member poking through his jeans already. Feeling how hard he was already made you even more wet.

He reached down between the two of you and undid his jeans, pulling them painfully slowly down his legs. You were wearing a pair of pajama pants and a thong, both of which Matthew took a hold of and yanked off of you in one quick pull.

The couch was definitely too small for you both to lay together to have sex, so you smirked to yourself as you pushed Matthew back so he was sat up. You took hold of his shoulders and pushed him so he was sat with his back against the back rest, swinging your legs over his lap to straddle him.

“That’s hot,” he teased as his hands rested on your ass.

You took his hard member in your hand and pumped him a few times, watching his head lull back in pleasure. He thrusted his hips ever so slightly in your hand, trying to get more friction between the two of you. You giggled at his desperation, but you couldn’t help but also feel so turned on. You were longing to feel him inside of you, and you had all the power to make that happen.

“Wait, the condoms,” he said.

“I don’t mind doing it without them tonight if you’d like,” you told him.

His face turned slightly pink as he pulled you down to kiss you again. Taking this as a yes, you pulled away from Matthew long enough to spit on your hand and rub it up and down his length before lining him up with your entrance. You sank down onto him slowly, taking every inch of him at a painfully slow pace.

A low groan came from him as his grip on you tightened. You felt your eyes roll back into your head already. It had been so long since the two of you had been intimate, the desire inside of you had been building for so long. You felt like you were about to bust already.

You started by grinding your hips against him for some time, building the friction between the two of you. Matthew desperately pulled at your hips, trying to get you to go faster or to bounce on him. Feeling a little confident, you took hold of his hands and pushed them away from you then pinned his shoulders back against the couch.

“Oh baby,” he moaned. “Someone wants to be in control tonight.”

You smirked as you leaned forward to start kissing his neck, continuing your slow pace. “You always take control, and I haven’t gotten to have you in so long. We’re taking our time with this one.”

Moans escaped his lips as you left hickies and love bites littered all over his neck. You felt his hips meet yours every now and then, the only form of control he could have over the situation.

You couldn’t help yourself and eventually you gave into temptation. You started to lift and drop yourself on him, picking up a bit of a faster rhythm as you bounced. You wrapped your arms around his neck instead of pinning his shoulders back, allowing him to take hold of your ass and guide you as well.

The pleasure that was building up inside of you was starting to become too much to bare. You just wanted to let yourself go, to feel yourself contracting around him in pure pleasure. As if sensing this, Matthew grabbed hold of the back of your neck and started kissing all over it before making his way to your lips.

“Are you close baby?” he asked. You were only able to nod in response. “Let me feel you come around me then baby.”

His dirty words alone were enough to drive you over the edge. You bounced on him quicker until you felt yourself hitting your climax. You threw your head back and let out a scream of pleasure as you lost yourself completely to your lust.

Matthew’s fingertips dug into your hips as he began to quickly and roughly thrust into you until he hit his own climax.

You both sat tangled together for some time, coming down from your highs. Matthew rested his head against your chest, taking a few opportunities to kiss your neck and cheek lightly.

Eventually he detached you from him and helped you to your feet. He guided you to the bathroom and the two of you washed yourselves off. You decided to pull on a pair of his boxers as your pajama shorts instead of replacing them with your actual pants. When you were finished cleaning up, you both climbed into his bunk and pulled the curtain.

Perfect timing, too, as the moment the curtain was pulled his bandmates walked into the tour bus, laughing loudly and drunkenly.

“Guys! Shut the fuck up!” one of them snapped. “Matt and (Y/N) are asleep.”

“Ah shit,” one said, now attempting to whisper. “I hope we don’t wake him.”

“Just shut the fuck up and go to bed,” a third declared.

You and Matthew stifled your giggles as the group drunkenly got ready and got into their respective bunks. It didn’t take long for the drunk group of men to fall asleep, leaving you and Matthew to talk freely.

“At least they’re respective,” you whispered.

“And timely,” he responded. “The bars closed roughly an hour ago now I think.”

“We’ll have to remember this for future occasions.”

Matthew smiled and kissed your forehead. “Goodnight baby.”


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Do to the fact I’m blind, I gotta use a screen reader to use my laptop just in general. It can’t read pictures, so can’t work with the captcha that the site decided to randomly added for no reason. It used to do audio ones, that was great. I could use them, log in no problem. Then they took out all captchas. That was even better. Then they randomly added the visual ones back. But no audio ones, it’s like they tried to make it harder for me and only me to get in if I press the logout button by mistake. Which I just did. Thankfully I do have someone I can ask to deal with this stupid thing, but I feel bad whenever I do it, cause he’s busy, and this used to be something I could do myself. I don’t even know if this is the right subreddit to post this on, but I needed to vent somewhere.

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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(Mostly discussion with a sorta vent. But I couldn’t decide which flair was more fitting)

I know Ship Weeks/Months aren’t mandatory or anything, and I know there’s really no hard deadline with those. But I can’t help but feel that having contributed a bunch to ship of the fandom I’m in, it’s kind of expected I participate and have things ready by then. And I’d be disappointing people if I didn’t participate. I know that’s a silly thought but it is something I can’t help wonder about.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always down for idea fueling prompts and seeing what content others come up for said prompts. But with being already busy with some WIPs of mine, I feel I’d be setting myself up to get overwhelmed from trying to conjure new ideas were I to participate. One of my ship’s week is actually coming up soon, and it’s low key making me nervous which sucks since I know it’s all supposed to be in good fun.

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Burnt Child - UnproblematicMe - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
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I never knew you could hold moonlight in your hands ‘Til the night I held you…

If you’ve haven’t read it already, go read @arctimon latest Continuity II Chapter, “Like No One is Watching.”

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Implemented the changes I wanted to make to chapter 1. While a reread is not necessary, I thought I should let you know it’s already been added.

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When you’re new in the fandom and you read the first fanfic in it and then you compare every other fanfic to The First Fic and it has basically become canon for you

That feeling

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February Blues. Sebastian Stan x Reader

It is almost February! And no dates. 🥺. So…. I bought this cool app. You can text and notify yourself. It cost me like 2.99. I am testing this.


So far, so good. I am so lonely. I am texting myself

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Oh hell yeah, you bet we’re doing this.

I’ll be doing this with the Young Justice fandom, knowing me it’ll be a bit (ahem, a lot) Dick Grayson-centric.

want me to write something? pick a trope, comment it or DM me or whatever you’d prefer. add a preference for what character, what season, give a prompt, or anything else if you wish or just suggest a trope. already have one in the works for ‘deadly game’, but what else would be interesting?

find me on AO3 here:

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After Midnight Adventures

Relationship: Loki/Gender Neutral Reader

Warnings: insomnia, sleeo deprivation, nightmares, some language

Summary: You find Loki’s sleeping habits quite alarming, and you decide to do something for it

Notes: The Reader is shorter than Loki, but I can’t really put a short tag because Loki is just huge. Also, the fic has description of the effects of sleep deprivation to a person, please be sure that you are 200% comfortable with this topic before deciding to read it or not.

Read On AO3


Originally posted by fixitwithyourheart

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does anyone on here know that it’s both possible to read write and enjoy fanfiction AND also be able to criticise it, AND not force the label “fanfiction” on everything just because you feel like it?

NO you shouldn’t have to be ashamed of writing/reading fanfiction. YES i will mock you in public for saying history is fanfiction and hunt you for sport if you’re a pedo.

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I am not the same since missing you.

The world has left me jaded, and our tragedy left me dull. Life is colorless without you.

I am not the same since missing you.

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