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[underswap Papyrus x reader]


On his knees before you, his eyelights burned away from exhaustion into tiny pinpricks. His voice had gone soft, and his shoulders shook in a way you had never seen them do.

“I have to. You know that.”

In response he seemed to collapse even more into himself. You wanted to break the invisible wall between you and hug him, but somehow you knew it would be cruel. Both to you and him.

no…” His voice was so quiet, yet held such deep viseral fear and pain. You wanted to cry with him, to scream in agony about what you were about to do. About what you were going to let happen to you.

“If I don’t do this, you’ll all be trapped here. I…” Your voice broke as he lifted his skull to stare you in the eyes. You stiffened and tried to keep your composure. “…You need to get out of my way Papyrus.

You shakily inhaled and clenched your fists. You had wanted to go into her throne room with your head held high. You never thought you’d have to say goodbye to him.

“were you just gonna let me find out after it was done?” He whispered, moving closer towards you and still never breaking eye contact. “is that it?”

“I couldn’t live here forever.”

“that’s not an answer.”

You exhaled through your teeth.“The barrier would have been broken, that’s what you want right?”

“i want you alive!”

The volume of his voice took you aback. “You think I want to die?” You shouted back, triggering a few stray tears to fall down your face. “You think I want to leave you all behind? This isn’t a choice I get to make, it’s the only thing I can do to fix all of this.”

He tilted his head forward, his phalanges gripping tightly at the back of his neck as he pressed his head into the cold floor. He was still shaking, but the silence in the hall seemed to stifle anything he could possibly say.

He sat up slowly, gripping your shirt tightly.

“…honey i’m on my knees.” His voice was brittle and small, in a single last desperate sob repeated. “i’m on my knees…” There were no hope in his words.

You leaned down and pressed your lips to the bridge of his nasal, and when you pulled away his hands had let go of you, and fallen limply to the floor.

As you stepped to the side, his eyes were glued to the spot in front of him. You walked around his still figure, and slowly made your way to the back of the hall, and to a large door you knew would lead your death.

You looked back at him one last time, and he was gone. But you knew him better than that.

“…I love you Papyrus. I hope you know that.”

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I Like How You Play
by wordedly

Where Kageyama falls ridiculously in love with his roommate and doesn’t know what to do, apart from thinking that Hinata’s eyes are the place where the shooting stars end up going.

Or the College!AU in which Hinata hooked-up with everyone except from Kageyama that nobody asked for

Words: 6619, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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Person A is sick, so they decide to text B and tell them about how they were under the weather, but downplaying their symptoms, not wanting to worry their partner. They knew B was at work, and A didn’t want them to feel bad if they couldn’t make it home.

Not thinking it was to serious, B stays at work and goes through the whole day, and at the end of their shift they headed home to check on A. They were shocked when they saw their partner laying on the couch, delirious, fever-stricken, and in B’s eyes, it seemed like A was dying. They feel awful, taking it upon themselves to care for A while apologizing for leaving them home alone.

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ngl even if I wrote a new fanfic today, I’d still find it cringey in less than a week later lol. cries. but anyway ya; here are a few things I do find cringey:

For anime/manga fanfics: I don’t mind when they use “-kun”, “-san” etc other honorifics ONLY if the character says it a lot in the anime?? If that makes sense. And that it’s in canon-verse or close to it. Eg: Sakura haruno addresses Sasuke Uchiha “sasuke-kun” a lot so when I read it in Canon-verse / similar to Canon-verse fanfics I don’t particularly mind I guess. BUT. BUT. I swear for characters that don’t even say that at all it’s cringey to me when I read “(Inserts character name)-channnnn! i-i… but (character name)-san said that (character name)-kun!!!!” Basically, yeah

For other fandoms in general: Mostly it’s when the dialogue is weird i guess. Too many ellipses, too many exclamation marks, question marks etc


Edit: all in all it’s fanfiction, so I don’t really judge too much i guess, ya know? we’re all in it for the fun haha

submitted by /u/exhausti0n
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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if you have name ideas let me know! this is just the place holder

this has violence but not much. i’ll post pictures in a different post because this is one the computer. 

@b00kworm @jurdanhell @cardan-greenbriar-tcp

Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged

Chapter One 

Jude’s POV

The crowds cheering and applause was almost deafening. I watched the body before me crumple and collapse, beaten and broken onto the bloodstained ground. His limbs sprawled in unnatural directions. I drew my attention away from him and to the crowd. I raised my bandaged fist as I cried out in victory; The blood of my opponent dripped down my arm. I turned in circles so everyone could see me. I wanted everyone to see how I won. How I beat the brute now laying at my feet. The cheering crowd just made my smile grow and I stood there basking in the glory before quickly walking out of the makeshift arena and into the otherwise crowded space. I pushed through the drunken crowd and out of where the fighting pit was stationed. If you could call it a fighting pit. It was just a ring of people that made the illusion of a caged area.

 I was heading straight to the man that gave me my money. I never cared to learn his name, it didn’t matter anyway. I memorized what he looked like so I didn’t have to know his name. Short, stocky, brown hair unevenly cut. As soon as I found him I took the envelope that he was already holding out to me. While looking at it I noticed that it was addressed to Mirth. 

Mirth was my stage name. I had used Mirth since I was little and had started participating in unlawful activities. I was now just too lazy to try and change it. I looked back up to the small man 

“It’s all here?” I asked while waving the envelope. 

The man nodded “Yes ma’am every cent”

“Good” I didn’t bother checking it more than that. They had underpaid me once and had suffered the consequences. No one was going to cut me short. I had worked too damn hard my whole life to be paid less than I was worth. I seriously doubted they dared try and do it again after what had happened. I nodded to the man in farewell and left the place. I really hated it there all the gambling, drinking, false deals and all that shit. The only thing I liked was the money and the occasional chance to get away from my personal relationships. Of course the loud crowds and fights didn’t allow lots of peace. The most peaceful part of this place was the luxurious rooms that big business owners talked about whatever the fuck they talked about. I never went there, that wasn’t my scene. I mostly spent my time in that small, loud, part in the back. I went through the parting motions of getting my jacket and changing shoes before stepping out into the delightfully cool night air. I sighed and tucked the envelope into a hidden inside pocket of my beloved leather jacket. 

Keep reading

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Part 8

Jiyong finds a way to get close to you, but he feels bad about deceiving you.


@starlighttaek8@unabashedturkeytreeslime​ Thanks for the support you guys!

(I don’t own any of the images used. All credit goes to the original owner.)

Also, there is a hint of implied smut in this part. Just thought I’d warn you guys :)


Jiyong was numb after figuring it out. He sat there and stared at the screen for at least half an hour before groaning,

 “Fucking hell Jiyong. Trust your luck to be this bad.”

 He looked back down at the phone, scowled and threw himself into the couch. He wanted to somehow make it up to you. To explain to you what happened. For a reason he was not yet willing to accept, your opinion mattered to him. Still speaking into the couch, he said,

 “If she was mad enough to use it in her fanfic, I’ve fucked up pretty badly.” And he groaned again.

After staying like that for 10 minutes, he slowly got up, picked up his phone and looked at the blog.

 “Oh well, I might as well find out what she likes from the blog.” 

And he scrolled all the way down to your first post and started reading. He stayed up the whole night reading your posts. And your rants. And your Fanfics. And reading up on the random things you liked. He laughed and chuckled at some of your posts, and felt his heart ache for you because of others. At the end of it, he had a pretty decent idea of what kind of person you are. Still feeling down from having snapped at you, and running on days of sleep deprivation, he made a spur of the moment decision that he was sure he’d regret later. He messaged you on tumblr.

 You woke up the next morning to see a message from one of your followers. You were still hurt and upset from what happened with Jiyong, but you loved talking to your followers and the message cheered you up. You opened it up and saw that it was that follower. The one who read every single one of your posts and left notes for each one. You recognised this follower. This follower was your first loyal fan. Feeling even more excited, you opened up the message. It was a message asking about the inspiration for the last thing you posted. You instantly felt some sort of connection with this follower. You felt as though they just knew how you felt and how GD snapping at you made you feel. Normally, you wouldn’t have explained what happened, but because of who was asking and the connection you felt, you explained what happened without using any names.

After messaging you, Jiyong immediately felt the waves of nervousness coming. He sat there by his phone, waiting anxiously for a reply, but finally, nerves got the better of him, and he left his phone there and went to his home studio to try and work. Hours later, when he came back to check on his phone, he jumped up when he saw that you actually replied. The feeling was bittersweet. His heart sank when he read your explanation of what had happened and how it made you feel, but he was elated to see that you replied. Not only had you replied, but you also asked him about himself, and told him about how you had always wondered about him, your first fan. He decided to jump at this opportunity and try and get to know you.

A month later, Jiyong nervously sat in front of a beautiful notebook, stretched out his shaky hands, picked up his pen, and started writing his apology to you. In that month, things had changed drastically. You and Jiyong got really close, all over text, of course. The two of you had really gotten to know each other well, and as for you, you had started to like him. You had never seen the man, and you didn’t know anything other than his name, Ji, but you knew you liked him. In fact, that morning, you were the one trying to build up courage to ask him out on a date. You liked the way he simply got everything you said, from all your vague and obscure references, to all your random rants. You liked the way he knew just what to say to you at all times. Things never felt forced with him. You liked the way he would go out of his way to educate himself about things, and was willing to learn. You liked the way he was honest with you, even when the truth was harsh. And to top it all, this was the first time you had ever felt such a connection over text, because for the most part, you were and are, a terrible texter. Somehow, he just understood.

Jiyong also finally accepted that he liked you. Of course, his playboy ego didn’t want to accept that he, the ‘Kwon Jiyong’ liked a someone so deeply that just the sight of her smile, or the sound of her voice, or her soothing touch would put to rest his troubled emotions, and his perpetual unease, but for the time being, he had accepted that he liked you. Just not the extent to which he did. He definitely found you attractive, and absolutely beautiful at all times, but it baffled him that he didn’t find himself looking for only sexual gratification with you. He also wanted an emotional connection, something unprecedented for the one and only GD. He knew that the desire he felt for you was deeper, but again, he didn’t want to accept it. All he knew was one simple fact. “I want to be with her and make her happy.”

Jiyong was still trying to talk to you every day at work, but you had put up a barrier, still sticking to the ‘Sir’. You had no idea that the Jiyong you were texting was the same man who was your employer. There had been so many days where you’d be smiling at your phone, with an utterly stupid grin on your face, texting him, not knowing that he was in the same room as you, with the same stupid grin. Jiyong wanted nothing more than to tell you. He wanted to be able to share the same equation with you even at work. He wanted to be able to talk to you, touch you, be with you, but he was deadly scared. He was scared you’d just push him away. He knew he had to make things up to you somehow, but he had no idea how. But one day, when he saw you scribbling down ideas in your old battered book, the idea came to him.

He immediately went home and called a friend of his who makes notebooks and asked for his help. Jiyong knew what he was going to do. He would get you a birthday gift, albeit much belated. He would make you a notebook. A custom made, personalised notebook, with a vintage leather cover. He would design it himself. He would print your favourite quotes on every page. He would add pictures you really loved. He would add the small things you truly loved. He would write you an apology letter on the first page and tell you the full truth. He would make it up to you. He threw himself into the work that went into making the book, never stopping to think about how he had never put in this kind of effort for anyone else.  

The same day he decided to give you the book, you decided to ask Jiyong to meet you for coffee. You were nervous the whole day at work, terrified that he would rebuff you. Scared that you would lose him. Caught up in all of that, you didn’t notice the thousand nervous glances Jiyong gave you. You were just about to leave for the day when Jiyong asked you to stay back as he was working late. Irritated, but having no other choice, you stayed back grumpily. Jiyong noticed your mood, and felt even more desperate. He waited for everyone to leave, and around 1 in the morning, he decided to bite the bullet.

You were looking at notes you had jotted down in your book, and frowning, hating the fact that you were still at work. Jiyong gulped, bit his lips and got up and walked over to you. He sat down next to you and waited for you to notice him. You looked up after a minute and realised he was there.

 “Sir, is there a problem?”

 He took a deep breath, looked you in the eye and placed the notebook in your hands.

Annoyed and suspicious, you started flipping through the book. You thought it was something he needed to spellcheck. You got even more annoyed seeing the blank pages. A nervous Jiyong was watching you, wincing as your frown got a little deeper. You were about to ask him about the book when you slowly noticed the pictures and the quotes. Your eyes widened a little. Those were all your favourite quotes, all your favourite pictures. You flipped it over and looked at the cover. It was full of things important to you. Things that inspired you. Things that were so personal to you, you had only ever told one person about it. Your head was spinning.

 “No way. There is no way he is the same guy.” 

As you were frozen in shock, Jiyong gently guided your hands and flipped the book open to the first page, where he wrote his apology.

“Dear Y/N,

It’s me, Ji. I thought I’d make a special gift for a special someone, especially since I was stupid enough to not know her birthday. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything. There are so many things I wish I could change. I wished I never ignored you. I wish I hadn’t snapped at you. I wish I had explained what happened that night. I wish I could be there for you, because I know things have been rough. But I also know I’m part of the reason things are rough. The days you would come home and text me, upset because of how your boss was being an ass, my heart would break. It would break for two reasons. Firstly, that I was the reason you were upset. Secondly, for not being able to console you. You know me Y/N. You know how I’ve mentioned I hide the fact that I read fanfiction because of the bad rep it gets. That’s what happened that day. I was reading a fanfic when you asked me what I was reading. I was scared. I was vulnerable. I was worried. I jumped and hurt you and your feelings in the process. It’s not an excuse. I know what I did was wrong, and believe me, I regret it so deeply, that I’ve tried everything under the sun to try and get you to talk to me. I also want to apologise for something else. I’m sorry for keeping it from you that I’m the same Jiyong as your asshole boss. I didn’t have the courage then, but I’ve finally worked it up now. I’m terrified that you’ll stop talking to me with this letter, but you deserve to know the truth. I’m sorry. I never want to have to have a life without you in it, but at the same time, I will respect whatever decision you make, because after all, I want you to be happy.

Jiyong (both your fan and your asshole boss)”

Jiyong waited nervously for your reply. That letter was the sincerest he had been in his life, and it was killing him. He waited, his nervous leg shaking the whole time. You, on the other hand, were frozen. You were frozen for multiple reasons. firstly, you could not believe it was the same man. The man you liked and the man you thought you despised are one and the same. Secondly, the fact that you forgave him. The moment you read that letter, you knew that it was heartfelt. You knew that Jiyong wanted your forgiveness. And you had given it to him. You hated yourself for forgiving him so easily. You knew he hurt you. You knew that you should be more wary of him. You knew he could hurt you again, but somehow, the Ji you knew convinced you to take that risk of forgiveness. As it is, the world judges people harshly for their choices. Keeping that in mind, you decided to stop bashing yourself up for your choices and told yourself to focus on your happiness. Thirdly, the fact the Jiyong had read all your fanfictions, and all your posts, including the ones about him. You just wanted to curl up into a ball and cover your face. You couldn’t possibly look him in the eye after that. Fourthly, the fact that you liked him and were about to ask him out. Again embarrassed, but thanking god for not having asked him out yet. But then the embarrassment returned, because your texts had definitely been flirty. In your panic, you forgot that he had also been flirting back. And lastly, his physical proximity to you. Without realising it, Jiyong had moved closer to you to try and gauge your reaction. Now, he was so close that you could feel his breath on your neck. And it did things to you. Your body stiffened and a shiver went down your spine.

The wait was killing Jiyong. you were still looking down, at the letter. He waited for five minutes, and unable to take it anymore, he moved even closer and asked, 

“Y/N, is everything okay?” 

You stayed frozen, refusing to look up because you knew your cheeks would be cherry red. Getting more anxious by the second, Jiyong tried to bend down and look at you, but you turned your face away. Jiyong was going insane, and was about to burst out in despair, when he realised your ears were turning red. He froze, confused. And then slowly, he remembered all the fanfictions you wrote, and all the flirty texts the two of you had exchanged. The anxious look slowly morphed into the smirk you knew so well. The same vaguely arrogant one that made people weak in the knees. But there was something different about the smirk. There was some amount of care in those eyes. Leaning in a little closer, he reached for your chin, and slowly tilted up your blushing face. You were refusing to look at him. he held your chin, and gently made you look at his smirk and the raised eyebrow. You could already feel the goosebumps on your flesh. The smirk only deepening, he leaned in even closer, so much so that his lips were practically against your ear, and whispered, 

“You know that smut you posted about me a week ago? That’s not even close to half of the things I’d do… to you.”

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Mina Harper

I’ve been playing around with a character design for a story I’ve thought of based loosely on a fanfiction I wrote wayyy back in the day, for a book called vampire kisses : blood relatives (a spin off manga of the book vampire kisses) it’s not very well written and it shows a lot. But I give myself some credit because I was in high school and had never dated anyone before so most of the ‘intimate’ stuff I put in there were mostly based on what I thought guys wanted / what I thought being with someone would be like.

But bad fanfiction aside, I was thinking of taking the main characters in the story and naming some of them after famous horror icons as well as the cast from Dracula, so the main female lead is Mina Harper, her friend is a vampire hunter named Lucy West, and one of the male leads is Grey Dorrisan. The design was rather trial and error, as you can see all the designs above are very different- but I settled on the design with the red scarf since I’m thinking to have her character be a soft-hearted ditz with a rather dark past involving gang violence/ mafias. Anyways I hope you enjoy!

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This is my official entry for the spring @aftgexchange

Happy Spring Exchange @neiljortsens!!!!

I have not slept yet, and thus I maintain that this is not late. I know I stretched your prompts just a smidge, but I hope you like anyway!

Andrew and Aaron have only just met, but it’s up to them to stop a plot that could ruin their lives - and the lives of their entire country - forever.

Magic, disguises, flowers and a dash of kidnapping for taste.

You can read it on Ao3!

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Endeavor pushes Shouto too far one day and he and Natsuo leave, running into Touya on the streets, half starved and still sporting bruises and burns. They become vigilantes, often falling in the grey area as they try to survive. It’s not easy for a 7 year old, 13 year old, and an 17 year old to survive on their own. That’s when they get sucked into the teachings of Stain. Given the sheer hatred Shouto feels (now known as Koge), the messages of corrupt heroes resonates with him. He decides to devote his life to combating his corruptions, bringing his brothers along with him. And then one day, he meets a green haired boy.

Izuku doesn’t receive One for All. He still saves Bakugo and All Might is impressed, but still worried that he will get hurt. He commends him, and then leaves. Izuku tries to cope and decides he’ll try the support course at UA, but the bullying just gets worse because Bakugo feels like Izuku purposely humiliated him. Then his mom, terrified to see her son really wounded one day, tells him she can’t bare to let him keep pursuing his dream. She is afraid for him, that he’ll be bullied even worse at UA and will get hurt. She urges him to withdraw his application and wants to homeschool him the rest of the year.

Izuku gets upset and runs away, finding himself at the beach. Koge finds him sitting among the garbage and is forced to interrupt before a piece of scrap metal can dig any deeper into his wrist. Koge tends to the injury and introduces himself, and due to some misplaced emotion he listens to every word Izuku says as he cries and cries until he runs out of tears.

Koge tells Izuku he isn’t worthless. He tells him his friend Bakugo is the perfect example of the corrupt “hero” the world supports. Izuku is blindsided but when he goes home that night, he starts to think about what Koge told him. He ends up going back to the beach and he sees the same boy the next night. They talk, and he learns a bit about him, starts to feel like he might have a friend. Koge notices he’s beaten up and is upset, offers to train him in self defense and “keep an eye”. Izuku waves him off but when he ends up with a broken arm… Over several weeks, Izuku sees a change; he meets Koge every night (to his mother’s suspicion) and suddenly everyone at school is avoiding him. He guesses the administration finally warned his bullies off? His mom had threatened to sue..

Several months in, Koge introduces Izuku to his brothers, Dabi and Hai. Koge has some pretty strong opinions about Endeavor and society in general but Izuku doesn’t mind. Koge is his friend, his only and maybe very first real friend. He’ll follow him anywhere, even if…but, well, he’s conflicted. Izuku doesn’t want to leave his mom and it’s not even like he’s being pushed to join them. He just…he feels like he finally belongs. But suddenly Koge disappears and Izuku is faced with how dependent he has become on him; he’s anxious for four days before the other boy appears on the beach worse for wear. It’s hard trying to change the world when everyone is against you, his friend explains, but it’s an important fight. And he wishes Izuku was fighting along side him so they wouldn’t be alone.

Realization hits Izuku hard; he wants to go with him. He wants to be with Koge and protect him. Therefore he has to get stronger, strong even to help even without a quirk; his mom won’t support him in that so he doesn’t really have a choice. All Might had been right that he couldn’t be a pro hero but…but maybe he could be something else. Maybe he could save Koge, from the demons he sees lurking behind his blue and grey eyes.

So the day before the UA entrance exam, Izuku Midoriya disappears and Deku swears to never leave Koge’s side.

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