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So this was a part of the chapter I published yesterday, and it got cut because it was just complicating an already complicated plot. 

But… I kind of enjoy the weirdness of this scene, so I thought I would share it here.

You can read the full story here.


They had drawn near to their destination, the watchtower now a looming shape above them, when a group of five men appeared, running towards them. They wore Athenian armour, and had sheathed swords; but Brasidas was struck by something unnatural about them – the way they carried themselves, he thought, the way they didn’t even look around as they run, as though they were frightened but couldn’t even see the men with Brasidas who were running directly at them…

The Spartans shouted for them to stop; there was a ragged, aggressive quality to their voices which would have stopped Skyla in her tracks; but these five men didn’t seem to hear them. 

Brasidas shouted out, ‘Stop! Leave them!’ but even as he did, the men with him cut them down. They put up no fight at all, made no sound as they died.

Brasidas felt the same chill against the back of his neck he had felt looking at the city from the Temple of the Dioscuri. The image rose up in his mind of sacrificial animals; how quietly they lay to have their throats cut; how they made no sound as they died…

It was all over in an instant: the Spartans were still running towards the watchtower, apparently oblivious to the preternatural way the men had behaved, and Brasidas went with them… 

But as he passed around their bodies, tumbled in the street, their faces oddly peaceful, a feeling of dread settled in his stomach.


Also, just a quick heads-up to my eternally patient readers:

I will be writing The Good Spartan more slowly during November, as I am doing NaNoWriMo again to get the third book of my Roman trilogy drafted (gods save me!)

Be reassured that the story has not died - I faithfully promise it will be finished at least before Christmas!

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Tyreen’s view of waking up at Dr. Black’s.  Contains medical/injury material, Tyreen being gross and some vaguely hinted at Troyreen.  Note that Part 2 is shaping up to be more obvious about this.  Probably nothing graphic, since I’m planning to recut all of the Dr. Black shorts into a single story.  Oh, and I put her H/C post at the bottom.

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One thing I noticed about my writing lately is that it all seems really focused on what is happening, with nothing about what the characters think. I kind of feel stuck because of it.

I stopped writing for several years after high school, but I looked at the fics I wrote back then. They weren’t as bad as I thought, and I liked that they all went into way more detail about what the characters thought and felt. So I think that’s one of the things I’m really lacking now.

The thing is, I’m autistic and have a lot of trouble imagining how a character would think or feel in a way that makes sense. Sometimes I still have trouble understanding a character’s personality even after I’ve been in the fandom for ages. Characterization is subjective too, so it gets more confusing when I read other people’s fics.

I think I found it easier back then, because the characters in the shows I were watching were simpler archetypes, if that makes sense.

Any advice for this?

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Am I the only one who doesn’t write fanfics about real people? Especially ones where the REAL person is featured as a bully, rapist, stripper, ect. Imagine having people write smut about you? I would feel so awkward and imagine if the person read the smut about themselves that others wrote. So, is it just me who steers clear from real people when writing a fanfic?

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Y’all… I think I just found the best writing advice ever for how to get yourself writing instead of just staring at the little cursor on the screen.

So what you’re gonna do is find a piece of writing you love (published fiction, fanfic, your old work, it all works) and you’re going to find that section you love. That part that makes you feel electricity in your spine. You’re gonna read 4-ish pages of it (maybe less or more—find what works for you!) until you’ve got the flow but you’re not sooo invested that you can’t stop.

And then you’re gonna turn to your work. And the words are just… there? I don’t know how to describe it. But it’s working for me so far. I’d recommend giving it a try, at the very least.

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Work in Progress Wednesday

Creators: work on or post something from your WIP. This is your weekly reminder to get something down on paper (real or virtual). It’s also a chance to share your progress with your followers and give them a sneak peek of what’s to come!

Fans: leave a comment on an unfinished fic and let the writer know how much you love it. Reblog an artist’s sketch and let them know you can’t wait to see the final product. Send someone an ask cheering them on!

- @ao3commentoftheday

Right now, I have four long fics in the works. Idiot Savant is still my top priority, so I try to write a bit of it every day. If I get ideas or inspiration for the others, I’ll write down a scene or two, or a bit of dialogue to string together later.

I won’t talk about all my fics, just the three I’m most fixed on at the moment :D

Idiot Savant  (Published, Incomplete)

So, for those that keep up to date with IS, last chapter the boys had a run-in with the wolfman and had real, actual confirmation that vampires exist. Now that they’re ‘safe,’ chapter 12 will deal with Steve’s mental state and him trying to come to grips with everything.

I actually cut this chapter in half mid-way through drafting. I’ve done this in chapter 9 also, but I was able to combine the last scenes that should’ve been in 9 with chapter 10. My chapters are 'done’ when I reach a certain point in the plot or complete a certain set of events. I originally planned for chapter 11 to go all the way up to the big confrontation between the vampaneze and vampires. But, once I saw that my word count was at 10k and climbing, I had to cut it at Mark’s arrival. I also wanted to give readers more time with Mark, Larten, and Gavner, so having them appear in more chapters than originally planned helped. 

With IS, I really try to weave and flesh out as many characters as I can. Mark Ryter, for instance, appears in book 9 briefly as a vampet and is later killed by Vancha during interrogation. He didn’t play much of a role in the series, but I wanted to know more about him and his place with the vampaneze. So, I made him this know-it-all Dubliner with a knack for illegal firearms and espionage XD He also appears in some of my other works, but I really wanted to include him in IS to get a larger scope of the world.

Lilac Heartthrob (WIP)

This is my next big project. “Lilac Heartthrob” is the working title, but it may stick just cause I’m growing fond of it :)

This series takes place over books 8-12 and goes in a much different direction than the original series. It picks up midway through book 8 when Darren and Steve meet up in Edinburgh to investigate vampaneze activity. I wanted to dive more into Darren’s experience at school and his growing sense of self away from the mountain. It also deals with Darren and Debbie’s relationship, Darren’s sense of age and maturity, his growing independence from Larten, and his relationship with Steve. It’s wholly a starren series, but it will also deal with a lot of issues Darren faces as a young prince and all the trauma he’s experienced. Later parts of the series, like Part II and III, will also have a lot of political intrigues cause I just adore that shit. 

Unlike Idiot Savant, this series will also go in-depth on the parts of vampire and vampaneze culture that don’t get explored in CDF. I’m doing lots of research into where vampire mountain logically would be in the real world, the travel patterns of vampaneze and vampires, the religious aspects of their culture, mating and courtship, the social hierarchy of the vampaneze, etc. 

I’m super excited about this series, and as soon as Idiot Savant is completed I’ll be posting this regularly. I hope one long fic under my belt will really help me with the pacing, development, and characterization of this story : D

On King Street (WIP)

I literally got the idea for this two weeks ago and I’m already super invested. Basically, a teenage Darius gets sent back in time to an alternate universe where he meets his dad and uncle as young adults. It’s very heartwarming and short (3) chapters), and it touches on those growing pains parents experience when their kids grow out of the nest. It mergers the AUs in Idiot Savant and Lilac Hearthrob, allowing me to get self-referential between both series. This is very much a Darius fic and deals with his emotions towards his family and himself, and it deals with the different iterations of characters between the fan series and cannon.  

If you guys have questions or maybe want to swap theories, my inbox is always open ; )

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(mostly Elibarra tbh. shared here for visibility just in case, XD.) 

minute | a collection of (mostly) standalone one-shots. 

  • i did not think to live this far - escape to Europe AU. :D
  • sick boy - modern AU.  Simoun and Crisostomo are the Ibarra twins, and Simoun has problems.
  • a lilac sky - slightly canon-divergent AU. Wherever any two people have skin to skin contact, they both leave a patch of color on the other person.
  • our twilight universe - different first meeting AU.  In which Ibarra watches Elias’s ruination.
  • pillow talk (the lost ones in the night) - modern AU.  Crisostomo and Elias live together and occasionally show up to bother Simoun into self-care.
  • a simulacrum of companionship - supernatural creature AU. Elias is a man feeling out a reality that doesn’t have his sister in it. Ibarra is… something else.
  • permets-tu? - escape to Europe AU (meant to be in the continuity of the other one). In which there is a misunderstanding that nevertheless turns out well. 

Difference | It’s different, this time round. (In which Elias makes the unquestionably unwise decision of going back to his ex. Companion to Third Time’s the Charm.)

Third Time’s the CharmIbarra falls in love when he is twenty-two, sitting in a boat on Laguna de Bay. (In which Ibarra breaks the cycle. Companion to Difference.)

ikaw ba ulit? | In which there is cracky self-indulgence, a reaper’s apprentice, and a soul who really can’t let go. (a kind of reincarnation AU. on-page canonical character death warning.) 

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Things to Change in Harry Potter Fan-Fiction to Get Rid of J.K. Rowling’s Bigoted Bullshit

We cannot ignore the bigotry written into the Harry Potter books or remove it from canon. However, we can stop including it in our fanworks.

Keep reading

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“Want to go out? I have something to show you,” Kaiba said, his blue eyes gleaming excitedly. “Kemo, get the car.”

“Please fetch the car,” Atem added, and the manservant reddened visibly before hurrying away. Kaiba stared at Atem, his chest swirling with a strange tightness.

“He likes you,” Kaiba said accusingly, and Atem shot back indignantly. “Why wouldn’t he? I’m more charming and I have manners.”

They had a brief staring contest before Kaiba relented first, and Atem piped up with another question.

“What’s in the safe? I saw it in the closet,” Atem asked as innocently as he could, but Kaiba could feel his skin prickling strangely. Oh shit…

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Here’s the thing. I want to write a fix it fic for Veronica Mars and LoVe but that would require actually watching season 4 in its entirety which I have refused to do all this time.

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