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rosetintednerdglasses · 2 minutes ago
Update to Hades/Persephone Vincenzo AU
Hope you all like it!
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riotgirl21 · 2 minutes ago
Pushing the boundaries: Daichi
Warnings: oral, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, spanking, rimming, anal play, close to fainting and pet names. Lots of aftercare... I think this guy would be perfect at it.
"Daichi... I can't. Please. Oh God."
You sobbed, breath caught in your throat as your boyfriend chuckled darkly. Your hands tied above your head, resting on it, while his hands gripped your hips and slammed up into you. He had spent hours making you come over and over again, tongue fucking your wet pussy until it was puffy and swollen with juices dripping down his chin into the crease of your ass. Flipping you onto your stomach while he pressed a plug into your ass, hands leaving red marks on your cheeks as he alternated between each one, tongue licking around the stretched rim of your ass. Your tears soaking through the pillow, calling out his name and a string of curses while he simply hummed and ignored it. Hands groping and pawing at your breasts as he pulled and pinched your nipples, slapping the sides of them while you rocked back against the plug.
"Mmmm... yes you can. I think you can, sweetheart. Your little pussy can take a bit more right? You're so wet, just lookit the cream you're leaving around my dick baby."
Daichi reached up and pressed his thumb into your mouth, wedging it so your jaw stays open. Your tongue licking the pad of it, tasting salt from his sweat and leftover flavoured lube. Pressing his heels into the bed, thighs tensing as he fucked up into you. Thick cock splitting you open as held himself inside you, grinding you down so your ass touched his hips.
"Daichi, please. Don't... oh God. Please don't. I can't."
"Gimme a colour, baby."
"Green." A deep breath when he made you look at him again. "I'm good. I promise."
Sitting up so you sat on his lap, he pressed a gentle kiss to your neck before looping your hands around his neck. The motion putting your tits up against his mouth, his lips wrapping around your nipple eliciting a loud moan from you as it shot to your clit. Smiling at you widely, he pressed his hands to your ass before moving you forward and back quickly.
"Come on, sweetheart. Gimme one more, huh? One more sweetheart. Lemme feel fhay pussy pulse around my dick. You gonna be a good girl for me? That's it, baby. That's right. Scream for me, nice and loud. Good girl. Fuck, just look at how gorgeous you look."
The words lit a fire under your skin, mouth pressed to your throat as they rumbled against you. You couldn't control the sounds coming out of your mouth, head thrown back as you felt the orgasm rip through your body again. Legs twitching, tears streaming down your cheeks as your muscles pulsated around him. The feeling too much, you could feel the darkness creeping through the edges of your vision. The orgasms that he had ripped from you had wrung everything from your body.
"Red... Dai-chi. Re-ed."
Eyes lolling closed, you felt yourself moved to lie down. The restraints from your arms loosened as he bundled you into a blanket, Daichi carefully placed your stuffy under your chin as he grabbed the juice and chocolate from the bedside cabinet. Hands moving to wipe your face with a towel, even when you hissed and moved away. You heard a small click and some rustling before something was pressed to your mouth.
"Drink something baby."
"Mmm... no, thank you."
You heard his sigh, loud and clear, when he propped you up and held the bottle to your mouth tapping it against your bottom lip twice before he spoke again.
"Please? For me?"
Cracking an eye open, you saw the look on his face and decided to take a few sips. His hands moving the hair from your face as he kissed your forehead.
"You didn't get to come. 'M sorry."
"You really think I give a shit? No."
Daichi put some chocolate in his mouth before meeting your lips, using his tongue to push the melted confectionary past your lips. Moaning when you opened for him, your hand threading through his damp hair. Body moving closer to him, chest pressing against his as the blanket began falling away.
"Stop. You need to rest, sweetheart."
"If you got energy to argue, you got energy to get that ass spanked?"
"No, thank you."
"That's what I thought."
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callmevenji · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Fucked up, kinda (AO3) Venji | 23k | Teen and Up Summary:   Mia Brooks is immediately infatuated with newcomer Pilar Salazar, there's only one problem: Pilar can't go anywhere without her older brother Victor as per their mom's orders. Enter Benji Campbell, Creekwood's resident bad boy, who may or may not be willing to help Mia in exchange for some hefty compensation.
Chapter (1/4)
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fandomartistsblog · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I posted a update on Twitter saying that I'm taking a few days off from drawing due to wrist pain.
I got an idea for a fanfic of my OC's. It's basically the concept of Flowerfell but has some parts of Jane's main story in it. I haven't gotten it all figured out, but here's what I have so far.
Unlike in Jane's main story Sans is alive in the fanfic.
Frisk resets but instead Jane falls into the underground.
Frisk didn't kill Asgore. It'll either be another human or Papyrus killed him for power.
Jane has the Red soul (determination) instead of the green soul (kindness) in this fanfic.
Skylar doesn't know what her sexuality is, but towards the end she realizes she has feels for Jane but doesn't tell her.
Skylar doesn't trust Jane at first, but after while she starts to.
After Skylar realizes that she has feelings for Jane, she doesn't know how to tell her until too late. (Basically Jane is about to die when Skylar tells her.)
Since this is after the pacifist route, Sans is nicer in this timeline.
This is all I have so far, but I'll post more when I have more ideas for it. When my wrist feels better I'll make some character sheets. If you have any ideas/criticism/questions feel free to post a comment, ask or message. I'll try to answer back the best way I can. ^^
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penpatronuswhump · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Steve woke up in a snow globe of sparks. He was lying on his back, staring up at a burning tree that was starting to fall over – directly onto him. Steve pedaled backwards, ankles digging into dirt and leaves, then he did a quick backwards summersault the rest of the way, yelping in pain when he put weight on his right foot. The tree collapsed right next to him, but Steve didn’t hear it. His ears were ringing like church bells. His foot was throbbing. He examined it, and found a bloody hole. One of the bullets had gone right through his boot, just south of his toes. Steve started coughing, then. Several trees were on fire, not to mention the dry debris on the ground, and the whole area was quickly filling up with gray smoke. “ST—” he half-yelled, choking. “STARK! BARTON!”
Clint woke up facedown, half in and half out of the lake. He dove into the water the second he spotted the descending missile, but that didn’t completely save him from the shockwave of fire. His clothes were burnt in several places, as was the skin beneath them. A bullet had nicked his left elbow. It was bleeding – the top half shouting in pain, the bottom half numb. Clint coughed out the water that had accumulated in his lungs and used his right arm to push himself up onto his knees. The campsite was annihilated. There was nothing left but fire. Trees were falling or burning up. His eyes watered from the smoke. “CAP!” he called into the fog. “STARK!”
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omgrachwrites · 5 minutes ago
Our Souls Crave This Magic - Chapter Eleven
Pairing: Prince Caspian x Reader
Summary: All you want is a quiet year of university as you and your best friend, Edmund move to New York City. Though, that all changes when you meet the spoiled trust fund brat, Caspian. College au.
Warnings: fluff, swearing, angst
Words: 2508
A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this part! Please let me know what you think and let me know if you would like to be tagged, I love you all! xxx
Tumblr media
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Chapter Eleven - Never Alone
You were dragging a comb through your hair when you heard a knock on the door of the loft, a couple of moments later, the door was pulled open and your blood boiled while your heart grew sad. The voices were muffled but you recognised them enough to be able to tell that it was Ed and Caspian. After you had found out about Caspian’s secret, you quickly had come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t ruin Ed’s and Caspian’s friendship – even though Caspian had lied to you, played with your heart and was ultimately a massive dickhead.
Even though Ed had told you months and months ago that he would always choose you over Caspian but you didn’t want to force him to make that choice, so you hadn’t told him. You hadn’t seen Caspian for about two weeks – you had been successfully avoiding him – and today was the day that you would be seeing your dad for the first time in years.
You had wanted Caspian to be on your side on such a momentous occasion but things couldn’t always work out the way that you wanted them to. But, Caspian had no one but himself to blame for things not working out, you certainly weren’t about to take responsibility. Lucy sighed and flounced into your room as you were adjusting your outfit and she sat on the edge of the bed. Lucy had been the only person you had told about what had happened with Caspian, you had had to tell someone.
“What’s the matter?” you laughed, catching her eye in the mirror.
She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, “I can’t believe that I have to be nice to him. Can’t you just tell Ed and then the three of us can hate him together? You’ve been far too nice to him and I’m not sure he deserves it.”
You huffed out a laugh as you turned to face her, you loved her so much and you were so glad and eternally grateful that she was on your side, “he doesn’t deserve it, that’s true but Ed doesn’t deserve to lose a friend, and I’m certain that they’re genuinely good friends.”
Lucy sighed but she looked at you with a warm sweet smile, “you look amazing by the way. Are you nervous?”
“Petrified,” you laughed. Would your dad still be the man that you remembered? The man that you loved and had painted with?
“Good luck,” Lucy beamed at you and gave you a warm hug before you walked into the living room together.
Ed glanced away from Caspian to look at you and gave you a smile, you smiled back before you let yourself glance over to Caspian. He looked a lot different, he was dressed in an oversized hoodie with sweatpants and he’d let his hair grow but that seemed to make him look even more handsome. There was a sad expression on his face as he looked at you but you ignored him and turned your attention back to Ed.
“Are you heading out?” Ed asked and when you nodded, he gave you a tight hug and he whispered in your ear, “you’re going to be fine, give him hell.”
You laughed as you pulled away from him, “I’ll certainly try, I’ll see you guys later.”
You were almost to the door when Caspian piped up and your blood ran cold, “are you meeting up with your dad?” you nodded, trying to stay as stony faced as possible, nearly breaking when he gave you a lopsided grin, “good luck, you’ll do great.”
You gave him a tight smile, trying your hardest not to burst into tears. Thankfully, you escaped the loft without a tear and drove your car to the coffee shop where you were meeting your dad. The smell of coffee and baked goods that washed over you when you entered did a lot to ease your nerves. You shouldn’t have been so worried because it had been your dad who’d broken your hearts and torn your family apart. Your dad was already there and you couldn’t help but smile when you saw that he still looked the same.
As he heard you approach, he glanced up and a warm smile spread across his face, “my little, Y/N!” he exclaimed happily and he stood up, “you look so beautiful,” he held out his arms for a hug. You couldn’t help but melt into his warm arms, fresh tears threatened to burst from your eyes as you realised that he still used the same cologne and you swallowed down the lump in your throat.
“Hi Dad.”
The both of you ordered a coffee and a slice of lemon cake, and you couldn’t hold yourself back any longer, “how come you never wanted to see me, dad?”
Your dad raised an eyebrow, “what are you talking about? Your mum told me that you didn’t want to see me, hell she wouldn’t even let me see you. I had to get the address of your apartment from Susan, I had no idea you were even in New York. I always wanted to see you, I’ve missed so much of your life, darling,” his voice almost broke as his grew suspiciously glassy.
You had mixed feelings, you were angry at your mum for lying to you and your dad, but on the other hand, you were incredibly relieved that your dad had never stopped loving you, “I always wanted to see you, mum just told me that you wanted nothing more to do with us, and because,” you hesitated, biting your lip and taking a sip of coffee to buy you time, “because you had an affair, I believed her. I was so young that I didn’t question her.”
At your words, your dad’s face dropped and he looked absolutely horrified, “an affair? Sweetheart, I would never do something like that. Did she tell you that?”
You nodded, feeling very confused, why would your mum lie to you? All the signs were there, he’d been working late, that was what you remembered and you remembered your mum crying all the time, “yes, I thought,” you trailed off as you shook your head, you didn’t know what to think anymore, “you were always working so late.”
Your dad laughed lightly as he took your hand from across the table, “well, it was a pretty demanding job, Y/N. I never cheated on your mother, it seems to me that she just wanted her revenge because I told her that I wanted a divorce, I fell out of love with her. I was going to explain it to you when we’d separated but she talked me out of it, said that it would only confuse you. She promised to let me explain it to you when you were older.”
Tears slid down your cheeks, all that time, your mum had been lying to you because her life didn’t go the way she wanted it to. So, she punished you and your dad. Your mum had always been controlling and selfish so it wasn’t hard to believe your dad, “I remember you telling me that you had to go away for work, and that was the last time that we saw each other.”
“I’m so sorry sweetie, I tried to reach out to you but your mother blocked me at every turn,” he cupped your cheek and wiped your tears away.
You shook your head, offering him a brave smile, “she lied to us both dad, and it’s not our fault. She’d be so angry if she could see us now.”
Your dad grinned, “yes she would be, and that thought absolutely delights me,” he smirked, making you laugh, “Eva can’t wait to meet you by the way, but we’re going to take this slowly.”
You were surprised at that and took your time in answering, you chewed your lemon cake slowly and thoughtfully, “she does? I assumed that she’d be a trust fund brat, but I guess I assume a lot,” you hid an embarrassed smile but your dad let out a booming laugh.
“She’s not a trust fund brat, they’re not all like that, I promise that there are some good ones.”
“Yeah, I know,” you smiled, suddenly regretting all that time you had spent hating Caspian for no reason at all. However, you now had a reason to hate him, and you were going to hang onto that fact, you didn’t want to give your heart away.
Soon the conversation was steered away from your mum’s betrayal and you talked about school, your dad was delighted and proud that you had continued to pursue art. In turn, your dad told you about his job and his wife, you had a half-brother, he’d told you that they had both desperately wanted you at the wedding. You would have liked to go as well but you would surely make up for the all the time that had been stolen away from you.
“Is there something else on your mind, darling? I have the feeling that you’re not telling me something, and I don’t mean to pry but I want to help.”
You sighed as you bit your lip and began to anxiously tear your napkin into thin strips to buy you some more time, you debated on not telling him about Caspian. However, you needed an adult’s opinion on the matter, “there’s this guy,” you trailed off.
“Uh oh, do I need to beat him up?”
You laughed at your dad’s question, “no, I mean you can figure that one out for yourself but there’s something that I do need to tell you about,” and you told your dad everything, from the whole fake dating thing, to actually dating Caspian and you ended the story with telling him about the situation between you, Caspian and Evelyn.
Your dad looked gobsmacked as you finished your story and he stared at you, taking a deep breath as he steeped his fingers on the table, “I think that you should talk to him some more,” he raised an eyebrow when you scoffed, “don’t forget that there’s two sides to every story, you only know Evelyn’s side and all that Caspian done is confirm it. But you need to hear his side to the story, just like you had to hear my side. Don’t give up on someone you care about, because if you do then you’ll regret it.”
Your dad was making so much sense and you didn’t like it, but you decided that you’d swing by Caspian’s apartment afterwards to see if he was available. Perhaps your dad was right, perhaps for once, you’d have to shelve your pride and hear him out.
Caspian sighed as he stepped out of the scalding hot shower, it didn’t make him feel better like he thought it would. Edmund had offered for Caspian to spend the night but Caspian refused because he didn’t feel welcome there anymore, not when he had hurt Y/N so badly. He didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable in her own home. God, he was such an idiot for not telling her at the start, and now he’d lost her for good.
Today had obviously been such a special but scary day for her because she was meeting up with her dad after years. Caspian reminisced about the time on that lovely date when Y/N had told Caspian about her dad; when she had opened herself up to him for the first time. And, what did he do in return? He lied to her. He’d wanted to support her today but that wasn’t his place, not anymore, maybe it never had been.
He wrapped a towel around his waist quickly when he heard a knock on his front door, to his surprise, he heard someone pull it open. He was the only one at home, he groaned and rolled his eyes when he realised that she was still here. Caspian heard the mumbling voices as he walked out of his bathroom to see Evelyn standing at the open door, talking to someone.
“Who is it?” he scowled as he walked towards the door and his eyes widened when he saw who his visitor was, “Y/N,” he trailed off as she looked him up and down before she looked back at Evelyn, biting her lip.
“You um, you left your jacket at Ed’s, thought you might want it,” she trailed off and Caspian was horrified to see tears fill her eyes, “but I can see you’re busy,” she sniffed as she all but flung the jacket at him.
“Y/N, no wait!” he gasped.
“It’s fine, Caspian,” she gave him a tight smile as she turned her face away from him, “goodbye Evelyn,” her voice broke which in turn broke Caspian’s heart as she walked down the hallway.
Caspian glared at Evelyn, why the fuck did she have to ruin everything?
“Ooops,” she smirked, barely being able to hold back her glee at the rift that she had caused between Caspian and Y/N.
“Get the fuck out!” he snarled but Evelyn seemed unfazed as she pressed a sickly sweet kiss to his cheek.
“Call me, Caspian,” she winked at him as she finally left the apartment.
It was a few days later when Caspian caught Y/N coming out of her lecture hall and she was walking across the quad, smiling and laughing with one of her friends. Caspian had to admit that her friend was handsome and he felt a burn of jealousy in the pit of his stomach, but he tried to push it away as best as he could as he made his way towards the beautiful woman.
“Y/N,” he started and she looked up at him before folding her arms and rolling her eyes, “I really need to talk to you.”
Y/N’s friend glared at Caspian, “back off buddy,” Caspian whirled on him, about to have a go when Y/N placed a hand on her friend’s forearm and Caspian almost flinched from the sight of it as he felt his nostrils flare.
“I’ll be fine Danny, I’ll see you later,” she kissed his cheek with a smile.
Danny grumbled, throwing one more death glare at Caspian before walking away, and Y/N walked straight past Caspian, “I don’t want to talk to you; I just didn’t want Danny to get into trouble for kicking your arse. I did you a favour, that pretty face is obviously your only asset,” she smirked and Caspian felt the sting.
“I need to explain. About Evelyn.”
Y/N let out a harsh laugh, “there’s nothing to explain, she is your fiancée after all, and why would I care? We’re over now, if we were ever anything in the first place, so just drop it,” she sighed, walking away without sparing him another glance.
Caspian watched her go with a sad expression and a deflated feeling in his chest, he was going to prove to her that he was worthy of her.
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bakhoe · 6 minutes ago
Designer Kisses
part of the Rich Boy Collab
summary: oldest son of the Braun family has to visit a new potential client at the fashion show, but he finds something way more interesting than settling a deal.
warning: wall sex, public sex, low-key exhibitionism, fingering, vaginal sex, no protection </3 (always use it!), PWP (porn with plot).
words: 6.3k
Tumblr media
a/n: for @bakugohoex 3k collab event!! love you so much ria, this was fun to write while listening to the gossip girl soundtrack lol 
The Braun Family, also better known as the investors of several luxury fashion and cosmetic brands, is one of the wealthiest families in the entire world. With an accumulated net worth of $64 billion, the family made sure to keep their prosperity growing by purchasing and trading stock. The Brauns kept their image tucked away from any tacky tabloids and social media— the only attention they craved was from the potential business partners they could create relationships with. 
Reiner Braun is one of the filthy rich men from said long-lineage of old money, practically earning his keep since birth by breathing. When he became the young man his family was proud of, Reiner took over his mother’s position of scouting new brands to create these powerful monetary deals with.
After a few years of perfecting his eventual inveterate technique (and gaining undeniable confidence to finalize deals), he grew bored. It was always the same thing; he’d arrange a meeting, pull up to either a fashion show or corporate, talk to the lead designer, drink a little, flirt a little, and sign the agreement; all in one night. There was no more excitement in the hunt! The fight was almost always over after flashing a charming smile at whatever cougar or manther he was speaking to.
Reiner sighed heavily as he leaned back into his reclined plane seat, twirling around the lit cigarette between his fingers. He watched how the smoke danced around the beige interior until it dispersed into the air. He brought the cancer stick towards his mouth to relieve that itch inside his chest while he watched the night sky from his window. The purr of the engine comforted him from the complete silence on the jet, the only other noise being the clumsy stewardess fumbling with whatever she had in the back. The thick magazine on his lap began to slowly slip until he placed a large hand on the page, finally gaining his attention once again.
The centerfold displayed extravagant designs with silky fabric, floral patterns, and golden crowns. (F/N) (L/N), the head designer of youthful brand ‘(F/I). Leto’, was what the tabloids and social media called the new ‘leading high fashion label’ around the world. She brought the Archaic and Hellenistic aesthetic to the runway with modern twists. (Y/N) took the world by storm with her innovative two-piece sets and ensembles. Her belief was that every person had a goddess inside of them, and that they deserved to be showcased to an audience. Her brand was refreshing, inspiring, and enchanting to the people’s eye.
“Mr. Reiner Braun, pardon for the interruption. The pilot told me to alert you that we would be landing in fifteen minutes in Charles de Gaulle,” the stewardess whispered, bending down to meet his gaze.
“Thank you, Miss,” he paused to look for her nametag but to his disappointment, it seemed like she took it as the end of a conversation and walked away with a smile. He tucked the magazine into his carry-on briefcase before he turned to face the city lights breathing with life.
.・゜゜・  ・゜゜・.
(Y/N) hummed in interest as she gazed thoughtfully at the model in front of her, the pinned fabric draping elegantly on top of their shoulders. The designer took a few steps towards the model, guiding the beautiful being to face the other wall so (Y/N) could play with a few of the pinned flowers on the back.
“That’s better,” (Y/N) gleamed at the seamstress at the doorway.
“That’s for sure.”
“Thanks for bringing it to me, I don’t even know who bunched up those flowers together like that,” (Y/N) laughed, gesturing a hand towards the model to take a hold of to step down the small, circular platform.
“I would’ve been so sad if that atrocity was on stage. Especially because of this beauty,” (Y/N) turned to make eye contact with the model. “You deserve the absolute best out there.”
The model grinned, tilting their head innocently. “It’s an honor to model for you Miss. (L/N)! Thank you,” the model said as they carefully walked with their arms held out in front of them.
As the seamstress led the model down the hallway, (Y/N) turned around to face the desk filled with multiple designs for the haute couture fashion show. She shimmied her shoulders in excitement about the thought of this being her first official Paris fashion week appearance.
“Here to remind you of your meeting today,” a sudden voice startled the designer. She turned with her hand on her chest, laughing at the scare the intern gave her. “Shit, you scared me,” she greeted him. As the young man walked into the little studio, she took the time to push a few of her designs away to sit comfortably on top of her desk. “It’s after tonight, right?”
The intern frowned and took a double take at the paperwork he had in hand; “Actually, Mr. Reiner Braun requested to meet during the middle of the show.” (Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows in confusion and tilted her head to the side, “the middle of my show? I don’t have intermission.”
“It says here that… Mr. Braun doesn’t like wasting his time. He tells you if he likes the brand or not, then he leaves,” the intern read, showing the little post-it note that had the information written on it.
(Y/N) gaped at the news the intern brought up, the audacity men had! “The capitalist doesn’t have enough time to see the rest of my show? It’s only seven more minutes, what does he have to do in seven minutes?” she asked the intern as she ranted. The intern shrugged as she continued to complain. “Does he have to ruin more lives in those last seven minutes, is that it? Who does he think he is? During the middle of my show, ugh! I don’t even want to meet with him,” she sighed exasperatedly.
“Do you want me to cancel the meeting?” the intern asked.
(Y/N) frowned, shaking her head. “No. No, it’s okay,” she mumbled. “Where does he want me to meet him?”
“Mr. Braun actually rented out the du Louvre, there should be a table near the information desk,” he explained while helping his superior gather the drawings on the desk into her private portfolio. (Y/N) had her mouth gaping once again, astounded that this man rented out an entire museum for such a quick meeting. Not just any museum, the du Louvre for heaven’s sake! She understood why, since the runway was just underneath the museum, but talk about a waste of money.
“I can set up some wine for the two of you?”
“That’d be nice! It’ll make it more bearable to talk to Mr. Adam Smith,” she joked.
“No, Miss, it’s Mr. Reiner Braun.”
She laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of her neck. “Oh, it was a little joke,” she explained. “Adam Smith was the creator of modern capitalism… and I called him a capitalist earlier,” she took a breath before slumping her shoulders. “It wasn’t that funny, I guess.”
“Will Merlot do?”
“Yeah! Sneak me some of those macarons we found earlier today in Ladurée too! They were so good,” she said.
.・゜゜・  ・゜゜・.
The dressing room was filled with all kinds of people, loud voices talking amongst each other in a variety of languages. (Y/N) would have adored the sight if all these voices weren’t speaking to her. Multiple people surrounding her were there to ask about final revisions, confirmations, and any remaining questions they had. She felt extremely overwhelmed, but that didn’t stop her from overhearing a specific name drop a few feet away from her.
“You must be Mr. Braun,” (Y/N)’s intern stated.
But before (Y/N) could get a look at the bootlicker for the means of production, a model rushed over with her hair half-styled. “So sorry! I can’t get any other hairstylist to work on me, is there another one around here?”
“Shit,” (Y/N) said as she checked the time. “No, come here, I’ll do it.”
“I am, I wanted to wish the designer good luck tonight. I was informed that this is her first Paris fashion show,” Reiner Braun shifted uncomfortably, feeling awful for walking into a dressing room. He took a look over the intern’s head, scanning the room for any sign of the designer.
“We’ll definitely relay that to her,” the intern said as he turned to find (Y/N) in the crowd. “It looks like she’s occupied with a model right now. Would you like me to guide you to your seat?”
Reiner hadn’t seen the designer before, he’d like to know who he would speak with later tonight but everyone in the room seemed too young. Or a model. He smiled politely at the intern and shook his head.
“That won’t be necessary, thank you,” he said as he started to walk out before abruptly turning around to face the employee again. “Good luck to you, on… whatever you do around here,” he said clumsily.
Off he went, the large man walked out of the dressing room to find his seat in the audience. Though it was nothing new for him, he continued to look over the platform and the lights that hung over it. The little video playing on the screen had an elegant ad of their clothing. He always preferred these kinds of shows, nothing too flashy. There wasn’t a video of naked people or a giant bird hanging from the ceiling, it was nice.
Reiner could hear the audience grow quieter as the lights above them dimmed to darkness. He took the time to scan the people around him, taking a quick mental note of the excitement some of the audience members were displaying. He turned to face an elderly woman beside him who was decked out in some brand.
He smiled and leaned in to speak softly, “you like this designer?”
“My favorite,” she smiled, placing a wrinkly hand on her cheek. “I’d love to order a custom gown from her sometime soon. I can’t believe she just started three years ago,” she explained. He nodded in acknowledgement and turned to face the screen playing the ad again.
An Aphrodite in the flesh! The sight Reiner got a glimpse of was of an angelic woman. He wasn’t even sure if he actually saw her, that she was an actual angel that had descended to grace the humans on Earth. But there she was again, peeking out of the large curtains in curiosity.
Reiner couldn’t help but breathe out a laugh at how the beauty kept going back and forth from being hidden away from the audience to practically being in full display. He’d never seen this model take the stage before, but it would make sense she was new. No experienced model would risk peeking out of the curtains. The elderly woman tapped on his shoulder, catching a glimpse of her crooked finger pointing at where the woman once stood.
“That’s (Y/N),” she whispered.
Reiner’s eyebrows lifted from surprise at the information the old lady gave him. He quickly turned to face the curtain once again to see if he could look at her once more but once again, to his surprise, the woman stood with a microphone in hand on stage.
“Hello!” she stated happily while blowing little kisses to the audience. The jewels on the suit she wore sparkled with each step she took to the middle of the platform. The audience applauded as she bowed her head, laughing a magical tune into the microphone.
“Thank you for joining me today. I’m here at the beginning of my show to apologize to everyone. I will not be able to present myself at the end of this show, but I thank you all for coming,” she explained over the microphone. “Have a beautiful night,” (Y/N) stated before bowing once again.
As she walked back behind the curtain, she smiled at her intern in excitement. The hustle and bustle from before was now in a quiet line, ready to walk out to display gowns, ensembles, and crowns.
“All of you look beautiful,” (Y/N) announced to the models. She grew excited for the show to start before her intern broke the news to her.
“When do you plan to head to the meeting area?” he asked, looking at the wristwatch he wore. She slumped her shoulders in disappointment, “Do I have enough time to watch a few of them walk out?”
The intern nodded while calculating the walk to the museum’s entrance, “You can stay here for about three minutes, but then you’d have to walk out.” The designer nodded in agreement with a pout as the intern gave her information over who would take charge of the rest of the show and what kind of macarons he had gotten her.
“I forgot to say this sooner,” the intern said while (Y/N) was throwing thumbs up at the models in line who were walking out to the runway. “Mr. Braun walked into the dressing room to wish you good luck before the show.”
“That’s nice,” she hummed. “Let’s hope he’s that nice.”
One model after the other, (Y/N) watched over each of them with pride and admired how each gown or ensemble was perfectly curated for them. They were beautiful, and as much as she longed to stay behind, it was time to walk over to the museum.
So there she was, sitting on a high chair for a tall table filled with little sweets and wine. Before Mr. Braun walked in, she took the opportunity to eat as many macarons as she could, grateful that no security was nearby to see her. While doing so, she rearranged the pastries on the fancy platers to have her favorites on her side and her least favorites on his side, but the sudden noise of a person pushing past the glass door entrance startled her.
“Oh!” she yelped with a mouth full of vanilla flavored macaron. “Hi,” she said as she turned to face the doorway. He was beautiful.
It was like she was looking at a Greek god who was ready for battle, a Hercules who was ready to defeat Lernaean Hydra. He was built out of marble and his skin glowed as if the sun was directly shining on him. His eyes were piercing, and the smile he wore could make her knees weak.
She quickly swallowed the dry clump of food and swiped at her mouth before offering an outstretched hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Braun,” (Y/N) said, slightly embarrassed at the possible first impression she just gave. He reached out to shake her hand as well, feeling electricity climb through their limbs.
“Call me Reiner, Mr. Braun is my uncle. Nice to meet you Miss. (Y/N).”
“Totally, yeah! Reiner,” she repeated after him. They both took their time to sit in their seat, (Y/N) fiddling with a pink macaron on her plate. “Thank you for taking your time to meet with me, I understand how meeting during your show can be inconvenient. I hope my offering is enough for you to forgive me,” Reiner stated, gesturing at the museum.
“You rented the du Louvre as an apology?” (Y/N) asked, astonished. She pursed her lips, looking to the side. “I’d much rather be out there during a big night. It’s rude of you to take advantage of your authority, if I do have to say.”
She cringed at how she criticized a potential investor and stockholder. Reiner poured out a good amount of wine into a crystal glass before answering, causing (Y/N) to worry at his silence. With a handsome, closed-mouth smile, he reached over to her side to retrieve a lavender-flavored macaron.
“I like these too,” he said quickly before biting into the treat. “If I would’ve known you were so beautiful, I would’ve made our meeting start earlier to spend more time with you,” he joked. (Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows at the man, but before she could even reply, he interrupted her thought process.
“Let’s walk while we talk,” he said. He stood from his chair before gesturing at (Y/N) to do the same. She nodded, taking this chance to quickly refill her wine glass and standing next to him to lead the way. “I like your brand, it’s interesting and you have a major cult following,” he said, his voice echoing in the empty halls of the museum.
She smiled proudly and thanked him for the compliment, sipping at the red wine. Though she could see bright lights beckon them to the Pavillon de L’Horloge, she could only focus on him. While he spoke about whatever, her eyes lingered over his fingers wrapped elegantly around the glass stem. Her eyes crawled towards his wristwatch pressed against his skin, how the fabric of his suit looked expensive, how he even smelled expensive. He was like the walking embodiment of Wall Street, and God! The way she hated those men. She hummed along to his conversation mindlessly until he directed a question to her.
“Uh, sorry, could you repeat that?” she asked as they walked up some stairs.
“Tell me about your future plans for the brand.”
“Oh!” she smiled happily. “I have so many little ideas, but the main two I want to execute are a cosmetics line and a diffusion line! I’d love to market to everyone,” she said excitedly as they walked through a room of marble statues.
“You wouldn’t be an exclusive brand anymore. You could easily be one of the biggest names of couture. Why would you want to do that? Who told you that would be a good idea?” he asked bluntly, gesturing with his wine glass at one of the statues for her to glimpse at.
(Y/N) audibly scoffed,” Myself. I call the shots about what happens with my brand.”
“It’s my professional opinion, I’d keep your brand exclusive.”
“Last time I checked, I was speaking to an investor,” (Y/N) said with an annoyed expression.
Reiner smirked at her response, nodding as a sign of surrendering. Not only was she beautiful, but she was a challenge. He hadn’t felt like this since his very first business trip! Finally, someone was willing to put up a fight.
“You’re right, I apologize for overstepping.”
Silence filled the exhibit while (Y/N) admired the artwork and the ceilings of the building. Though she was grateful to see such a beautiful museum without the crowds of people, she grew annoyed at the man next to her. Reiner looked her over before complimenting the smaller woman.
“You’re a genius with your designs. I could see one of your gowns on display in this very museum.”
(Y/N) glanced at him and smiled curtly, “thanks.”
“You inspire those around you, the way you take modern patterns to mimic the modesty of an ancient goddess? It’s amazing,” he continued as they walked to the next exhibit. He wondered of ways to win her over, to have her swooning as much as the cougar he met with last week in Berlin. He couldn’t help but want to feel her underneath him, she was beautiful.
(Y/N) was growing irritated with his boyish charm, it felt fake. He probably did this for every single one of his clients, wow them and compliment them until they reluctantly agree to sign whatever contract he had.
“When I saw you on stage, I thought you were one of your models. You should think of modeling,” he said.
Though her mood continued to grow sour, she couldn’t help herself but heat up at the compliment. It wasn’t like she forgot how handsome he was. She shook her head, “No. Thank you though. I’m purely a designer.”
Reiner smiled, loving the way (Y/N) ignored his advances. “Well,” he grew a teasing flutter in his voice. He turned to walk backwards in front of her, gesturing at her elegant suit. “You did model this when you walked down the runway earlier.”
She hummed in sarcastic agreement, “I wouldn’t have done that if I wasn’t ordered to meet with you.”
“Speaking of,” he said as he walked normally to look at the new statues in their line of sight. “I would like to say on behalf of my family, we’d love to be your investor. I can confidently say I can see you becoming one of the greats. What do you say?” he asked, lifting his wine glass to gesture towards her. She was slightly confused about how she was still getting the offer after being rude to him throughout their little tour.
Without hesitation, she lied. “I’d like to consider my options. I can give you an answer tomorrow afternoon.” There were no other investors waiting for a callback, but making him wait would get a thrill out of her. Little did she know, Reiner felt the same way.
“Usually, I make clients sign the night of their fashion show, but for you? I can give you until tomorrow,” he said with a flirty tone. He gazed over her exposed skin, wondering how soft it would feel to run his hands over it. He fixated on her curves, damning the blazer she wore for covering too much. The way she stood her ground? That was the most attractive. She turned to face him and smiled, thinking of something nice to say to him to keep their business as civil as possible before signing the contract.
“Thank you for understanding. As a complimentary gift, does your significant other own any of my pieces? I could get my assistant to get something together for you.”
“Don’t worry about that, I don’t have one.”
“What a shame,” she thought out loud, going through a mental list of items she could send him off with instead. He chuckled as they walked towards the statue of Aphrodite. The night sky slipped through the large windows, the dim lights causing the exhibit to feel almost romantic. “Is it?” he asked with a cocky smile. Before she could ask what he meant, he interrupted her.
“You want to know something?” Reiner asked as they both stood in front of the goddess. She turned to face him with curiosity, “What?”
“Before you were on stage, you were peeking from the curtains. Right?” he paused to watch her nod her head. “The first thought I had was how beautiful you were, an Aphrodite in the flesh,” he said in a simple lul. She took a quick inhale, mouth gaping at his compliment. “I didn’t even think you were real.”
“Sorry,” he said after he was met with silence. “You’re just captivating.”
(Y/N)’s eyes were wide with surprise as she stood in front of the Aphrodite, internally freaking out over the most genuine compliment she had ever been given. Her voice cracked at how long she hadn’t used it, “Thank you. I…”
He turned to face her again, body in close range. He hummed to egg her on with whatever was on her mind. “You’re handsome too. Crazily enough, I thought of Hercules when you walked in.”
“That’s not the first time I’ve heard that,” he joked while flexing his bicep. She rolled her eyes and shook her head, looking at the statue again. Her heart fluttered at the comparison Reiner had just made. The night sky was decorated with the city lights ahead, the twinkling of them giving Aphrodite a spotlight.
Reiner took a few steps beside (Y/N), looking down at the woman as if she was a piece of art in this museum. She was hypnotizing, enchanting, nothing he had ever seen before. He didn’t even care about the deal anymore, he craved to feel those lips against his, to feel those hands wrapped around his.
(Y/N) could feel the lingering gaze, causing the woman to look up at the tall man. With a kind smile, she spoke up, “Is it time for you to go?”
Instead of speaking up, Reiner took the opportunity to place his hand on her shoulder. The blazer she wore felt like a layer too much for the two of them, but they stood still, looking at the ancient statue. She looked down at her wine glass as Reiner shifted closer to her.
“It’s rare to find a designer that values themselves,” he commented. (Y/N) didn’t know if it was just her attraction to him, but the room felt like lust was bursting at the seams. The tension was a little too much for nothing to happen in the near future.
“I know my worth,” she replied, looking up at him with a little smile. Reiner’s eyes were kind as she watched him turn to face her, her body reciprocating his movements. He loomed over her, his large body almost as tall as the archways from her line of sight.
The woman felt goosebumps trail after his slow hand, and though her arm was covered with her blazer, she could feel the heat of his body. He grasped her empty hand with his, his thumb rubbing small circles on the back of her hand. He exhaled a bit before bending down to whisper into her ear.
“Your skin feels like velour.”
She let out a gasp, the flirtation sending electricity up her spine. She could feel his breath against her ear, her neck, her cheek, and she didn’t want it to stop. She reached out for his bicep and felt the expensive fabric underneath her palm. She turned to find his glossy lips, the breathing between the two grazing their noses.
Reiner felt exhilarated that the woman hadn’t pulled away, how her eyes went back and forth from looking at his lips to gazing into his eyes. He found himself focusing on her lips as he said, “I’d like to… Feel these designer kisses.”
The delicate kiss she placed on his lips made the man take a second, butterflies fluttering around in his stomach at the first move. (Y/N) let out a hum of content as she wrapped her arms around his neck, falling in love with how soft and warm his lips were. Reiner wrapped his hands around her back to pull her closer into the kiss.  
(Y/N) allowed her lips to part slightly. She could taste the lavender macaron he had earlier in the night. She felt as excited, as nervous, as jittery, as she would for one of her shows. Though the feeling wavered as he pulled away, pressing his forehead against her. (Y/N) whimpered at the loss of contact but leaned into the hand that found its way against her cheek.
His eyes were glazed, his breath was heavy, and she could swear that she could see a faint blush on his cheeks. Reiner bent down to meet the crook of her neck, lips pressing a loving kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck to run her fingers through his hair at the back of his head. His hand squeezed at her waist, a little moan of excitement slipping out as a reward. Reiner laughed lightly as he pulled away, causing (Y/N) to snap out of whatever trance she was under.
“You want to give them a show?” he challenged. Reiner led (Y/N) to the wide windows to bask over the city of Paris, pressing her against the glass. She felt herself heat up at the position, feeling as if the Goddess of Love had done something to the two to enchant them.
“You look so pretty like this,” he praised as he pushed off her blazer. The heavy fabric fell to the ground with a thud, but (Y/N) could care less about the jewels. She untucked the tank top she wore from her pants to allow her better mobility, then began to work on the buttons of his shirt.
Though it was borderline pathetic, she could feel her core flood with arousal at how his hands ghosted her breasts. Before asking his question, Reiner took off his blazer and white button up, his plain tank top giving (Y/N) a view to his sculpted muscles.
“How inappropriate can I be right now?” he asked slowly. She laughed at him a bit, breaking the intense sexual tension a bit. “To begin with, I don’t think it’s very appropriate to be pressed against the window, but,” she ran a hand through his short blond hair with a playful smirk. “As much as you like.”
“I’d love to fuck you in this room, what about you?” he asked bluntly as his hand slid to her ass. She felt her eyes grow heavy with desire; lust was clouding her clear mind. With his words and his wandering hands, she felt like putty in his grasp. She nodded to which he tsk-ed teasingly.
“I want to hear it from you angel,” he said. “Beg for it.”
“I want you to… fuck me,” she whispered. “Please, Reiner. Please?”
That mewl of consent was enough for Reiner to turn her over to press her cheek against the window. As one hand traveled underneath her pants, the other went to her breast. Chest to back, crotch to ass, it felt provocative to be in this position to show all of Paris in a world renowned museum. From over her underwear, he cupped her cunt as his other hand took care of taking off her top. (Y/N) whimpered at the intimate attention, rubbing her ass against his crotch.
“You’re so hot,” Reiner growled against her neck before placing little kisses against her neck. (Y/N) fumbled with the clasp of her bra, letting it fall to feel her breast push against the cold window.
“Feel how hard you make me? This raging hard on was begging to feel your perfect skin,” he said. The bulge in his pants grew through the fabric as it pressed against her ass, hips continuously grinding into him.
She let out a moan that echoed through the exhibit, bringing her back to reality. They were about to have sex in the infamous exhibit for the statue of Aphrodite. She could feel his hands work with her pants.
“Reiner,” she said breathlessly, helping him with said pants. “Reiner, cameras.”
He pulled the business pants down, her feet stepping out of the fabric pooled at her shoes. Reiner placed both of his hands against her bare ass, thumbs playing with the strings of her thong. “Don’t worry about that, I’ll pay them off,” he whispered into her ear. “You want this as much as I do,” he added.
She felt his knee go between her legs, nudging at her thighs to spread. It was all taking too long, it was as if time had slowed down and (Y/N) was growing frustrated. She wanted to feel something. The lights from the city continued to wink at her, the city of love cheering her on with each flicker.
She could feel the cold air hitting her barely covered cunt, making her sway her hips and whimper at the man behind her. Finally, a warm hand returned to cup her pussy, his middle finger grazing against her underwear. “Please,” she whispered again.
“God, angel, you’re so wet,” he said, mostly to himself. “What do you want me to do? Be a good girl and tell me.”
Reiner rubbed his middle finger a bit more against the wet spot of her panties, causing the woman to gasp. Her knees felt like they could buckle, so with a loud whimper, she begged. “Touch me, please, Reiner. Make the money you spent on this rental be worth it.”
He groaned, humping against her ass. Using his free hand, he pulled the flimsy fabric to the side so he could press his middle finger against her clit. He could feel how damp her lips were. The moans she let out were elegant and loud, as they echoed through the walls. It was like they belonged in this fine arts museum, Reiner could listen to her all day.
He slipped a finger in to see how wet she was, surprisingly engulfing him easily enough. His thumb continued to stimulate her clit, his lips meeting with her’s to share an intense kiss. The moans were muffled by his kiss as he continued to work his magic. She pressed her hands against the window, looking for anything to grab onto. To her grief, nothing was there. She reached behind her to find Reiner’s cock, her thumb rubbing against his tip through the fabric of his business pants.
She felt herself grow weak at Reiner’s low groan. His free hand found its way to her head, petting her hair innocently. He pulled away from the kiss the two shared.
“So good, look at you, good little angel. Give me a good show if I have to pay the security off, come on,” he whispered into her ear. She could feel her legs shake at the feeling of being on edge, her hand faltering from the slow strokes she was giving his tip.
It was like the choir sang, her moans loud and clear through the empty exhibit. She writhed against the window and found his wrist to slow his pace down. His thumb slowed down, giving her time to ride through her orgasm.
After her moans turned to weak whimpers, he turned her over to face him. Quickly, he pulled his pants down to his mid thigh and hooked his hands underneath her bottom. Knowing the drill, she jumped slightly for him to lift and press her back against the cold window.
(Y/N) could feel his dick poke at her thigh, and though she would normally be whining for her partner to hurry it up, she was happy with the treatment she was being given at the moment. His hand cupped her chin with admiration in his eyes. She smiled down at him and pressed her lips on his, taking the time to admire the kiss.
“I want to be inside you,” he moaned out, hands groping her breasts desperately. She could feel her blood flutter at the thought of his cock inside of her. “What’s stopping you?” she asked, pressing another kiss on his lips. Reiner shifted his weight slightly to pull his boxers down, cock now prodding against the woman’s wet folds.
And with a toothy grin, he pushed himself inside her. With his head falling forward with a rough moan, her head fell back to hit the window behind her. The breath he let out in pleasure made (Y/N) gasp out once he hit the hilt. Reiner took a few seconds to let (Y/N) adjust, but it was going too slow. She needed more, wanted more.
“So tight,” he grumbled while his hand rested on her neck. “So fucking tight.” (Y/N) wiggled, wanting to feel any kind of friction against the two, but it wasn’t until Reiner thrusted into her once. She moaned and nodded, letting one of her hands fall to her clit and begin rubbing to the pace he had set.
His thrusts continuously hit a spot inside of her, with each one eliciting a moan to erupt through the halls of the du Louvre. Forehead pressed against his, she maintained eye contact as much as she could.
“You feel so good, don’t stop,” she breathed out. It was all too much and yet, not enough. She rubbed her clit, her cunt clenching in response. Reiner shifted the weight between the two, relying on the window to keep (Y/N) in place by using his hips. She could feel the edge creeping up to her agonizingly slow as he kept whispering to her.
“Fuck, you like that? You’re going to make me come so hard, come on, look me in the eyes when you come,” he whispered while turning her chin downwards to maintain eye contact. She yelped at the sudden feeling of her second orgasm, thighs begging to close between his thick waist. Reiner continued his thrusts, moaning each time she would tighten around him.
(Y/N) moaned with each thrust, the oversensitivity being too much. She could feel Reiner lose the pace he had set for himself, stuttering and halting before feeling him twitch inside of her. (Y/N) was graced enough to hear that beautiful vibrato moan, practically sending her over to her third orgasm.
He stood still for a few seconds, taking the time to catch his breath. The breathing between the two was hot and heavy, a stark contrast to the cold, empty museum. Reiner held (Y/N)’s chin once again and directed her to look between the two bodies in silence. The two watched how Reiner pulled out, his sticky cum slipping out of her pussy. The two groaned out due to the sight before letting the woman down from his arms.
With wobbly knees and comfortable silence, the two gathered their clothing and dressed themselves. The night sky was dull, no more winking or cheering, but (Y/N) kept looking out at the city as Reiner finished up. She cleared her throat and smiled awkwardly at him, patting her hair down.
“That was… something,” she said shyly. He laughed and reached out to hold her hand to pull her close to him. “It was pretty nice, wasn’t it? I’ll have to get a copy of that security footage before they delete it,” he joked.
“We could watch it over and discuss it during our meeting tomorrow afternoon,” she said teasingly. “Seriously though, delete it,” she said as the two of them walked down the hallway.
taglist: @ladyquietus @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @jeanbabygirl @mushroomfrogz @irlbeaniebaby @killerbananas @commanderawkward @iheartu222 @chanam @sweet-todou @bsstories @purplelittlecow @jonasskam6872​ @chwlogy​ @yelenaandhangesimp​
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totallyradioactive15 · 9 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: EastEnders (TV) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Callum "Halfway" Highway/Ben Mitchell Characters: Callum "Halfway" Highway, Ben Mitchell Additional Tags: Fluff, Smut, Anal Sex, handjob, Hand Kink, Kissing, Romance, emotional smut, Wedding Night, Wedding Rings Series: Part 2 of #Ballum - The Wedding Summary:
Ben and Callum's wedding night
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hellsing-security · 11 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Hellsing Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Integra Hellsing/Seras Victoria Characters: Integra Hellsing, Seras Victoria, Alucard (Hellsing) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Medical, Alternate Universe - BDSM, Promo chapter up, Alternate Universe - Hospital, Hospitals, BDSM, discussions of comp het, Medical Procedures, Medical Inaccuracies, surgical tech! Seras, Surgeon!Integra Summary:
Seras has been in the medical field long enough to know the rules and things not to do, including not sleeping with doctors. But medical school loans be damned, she manages to keep running into a particular surgeon—by complete accident—who doesn't recognize her, and drama unsues.
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omg-im-such-a-masochist · 12 minutes ago
hi I was wondering if you had like any sfw and nsfw headcanons for colt cabana? hopelessly in love with him at the moment (the last 1000 years)
Hi, pumpkin ☺️ Aww, how cute 💕
Let me do a quick search *looks through archives* A...B...C..Oh, found it!
Tumblr media
Colt is a man child
Ridiculous jokes
Silly pranks
Loves chicken nuggets
Send you silly pictures when he’s at the arena
Such as him smirking, posing next to his locker room with his name on the door
With the caption “Guess who’s important around here”
“Do I look fat in this?” Mirror picture of him in his ring gear with a silly pose, perking his ass out
Gets embarrassed whenever you compliment him
He cheeks become as red as peppers
It’s kinda cute how such a big man can be so shy about the most simple things
But it’s unbelievable how that changes when he enters the bedroom
He’s completely confident
Not shy at all
Likes sex dice
And somehow he still is able to keep his light boyish mood energy
Always thoughtful
Daddy kink
Collector of fancy lingerie and corsets (loves to see you wearing those), flavored lubes, bullet vibrators
Is always the “love maker” no matter how soft or rough you choose to go
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carladuquette · 12 minutes ago
The ties were black, the lies were white/ chapter 2
The second one of my Taylor Swift inspired one-shots: Lu/Rebe - Cornelia Street
They've been in the car for ten minutes and neither of them has said a word since Rebe mumbled she was still looking for her hotel key card so Lu could put in the name of the place she was staying at, which she'd forgotten in a sudden memory lapse, as a second location for their Uber driver. Lu hasn't brought up the fact that Rebe stopped digging through her purse a good while ago without ever giving her a name. She's too busy remembering how to breathe while Rebe's fingers keep grazing the insight of her wrist.
Happy birthday, @cupcakeb! This is totally your “fault” ;)
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myeoning-call · 15 minutes ago
Not Without Her -1-
Tumblr media
They say when money leaves from the door, love leaves from the window. You were convinced of that saying. Junmyeon thought otherwise, as long as you were together, nothing else mattered. All hardships could be faced with love, the problem was that you two had to be on the same page to make that happen.
Did he rush it? Did he fall in love without thinking what you’d feel when he was no longer the master of the house?
Were you really not going to even try for the sake of all the love?
✰ Heir!AU / Nerd!AU / Backpacker!AU / Maid!AU ✰ Pairing: Suho x Female Reader  ✰ Genre: Angst/Smut
Tumblr media
“If you step outside of this house with that foreigner, consider yourself an orphan. You will no longer be our son and the heir of the Kim empire that your grandfather built for you to act like this.”
“I wonder how grandfather built that empire you speak of while Korea was under the Japanese regime.”
‘What are you insinuating, Junmyeon!? Are you saying that father was a traitor to this nation? Is that it!?” Jumyeon’s father yelled loudly and scarily.
You wondered why Junmyeon was intentionally trying to irritate his father, and judging by how the man held at his chest while Junmyeon’s mother tried to calm him down, he had certainly succeeded. You wanted to rush to his side, but Junmyeon had warned you about any empathy with his parents. You knew also how much they hated you for being the reason for his son’s stubbornness, but you didn’t want to give the image of a man stealer from his family either. You didn’t like this situation at all. This didn’t look good, maybe this was wrong. Maybe you should just disappear so everyone would go back to what they were before you appeared in Junmyeon’s life.
A few months earlier…
“The train ticket got more expensive? Since when?” You kicked the ticket machine with your foot, regretting it right after you hurt yourself, tearing as you looked at the few notes that weren’t enough to buy the ticket train back to Seoul.
You moved to the side, removing the oversized rucksack from your back throwing it on the station’s floor. You covered your face after crossing your legs feeling how exhausted and tired of sleeping yet another night outdoors, even though you noticed that Korea was fairly safer than any other country you’ve backpacked before. You wanted a shower, a hot bowl of soup and a warm bed. Your tiredness took a toll on you, your tears flowed down hoping not to make a scene in the train station. It was time to go home, your hobby was no longer enjoyable when you literally had to beg for the return ticket to Seoul to take your flight back home. You had enjoyed this 3 month tour in Asia, but it was enough hunger, coldness and  showerless stay to think of making another trip anytime soon. You now had to think of what to do being ₩ 5000 short.
“I’m screwed. I can’t go to Seoul walking or hitchhiking.” You almost pulled your hair trying to think of what to do while hearing your stomach rumble in hunger.
You looked miserable, literally. Just sitting on the ground like that while holding your head looking down…
“Wait a minute, secretary Jeonjung.” Junmyeon stopped lowering his sunglasses. “Wait here, I’ll be right there.”
“We’re already late for the train and the chairman will be really upset if we don’t give him a report. Junmyeon-ssi”
“I’m just going to buy a bottle of water, you go ahead. I’ll be right there at platform 9 before you know it.”
Junmyeon’s secretary huffed in frustration. He was 100% loyal to Junmyeon, but he feared chairman Kim more than anything in this world, and in a way, he knew his job was more of taking care and monitoring Junmyeon than anything else.
Meanwhile Junmyeon ran to the convenience store that happened to be right next to where you were sitting in desperation like a beggar. He didn’t give you much attention now that he was closer to you. Even though you were the reason he had improvised with the bottle of water excuse to see the strange foreigner sitting on the floor.
He bought 2 bottles of water getting out of the store crouching in front of you. “I got an extra bottle, miss.” He said in English extending his hand, smiling beautifully like he knew he could.
When you raised your head to look at the source of the voice speaking to you, Junmyeon almost fell backwards in surprise. Despite how badly unkempt you were, he wasn’t expecting you - a backpacker - to be this attractive, because you knew when a man took a liking to you. You recognised that exact type of gaze men would give you no matter how innocent it looked. This rich looking boy had heart eyes undeniably. Junmyeon didn’t know what to say as the bottle in his hand was slowly slipping out of his hands in daze.
“Thank you. I could use some water. You’re very kind.” You smiled fixing the strands of your hair that were almost wooden hard from the lack of washing behind your ears.
“You… you speak Korean so well.” He simply admired.
“Yeah… I guess I can speak it well.” You nodded awkwardly.
“I don’t want to seem intruding, but it looked like you were crying. Are you alright, miss? We want our guests to feel welcome in Korea. If I could be of any help.”
You were aching to ask him for money, but you’ve never done such a thing. Your pride hurt, but not as much as your rumbling stomach. Junmyeon looked from your face to your tummy, understanding that indeed, you must be starving judging by how it sounded.
“I’ll be alright.” You sarcastically beamed. “Maybe they’ll lower the price of the ticket to Seoul in the next few hours.”
“You’re short in money?” Junmyeon stood. “Are you heading to Seoul?”
You nodded again thinking that it was the end of it. The train was departing soon and this man was wasting his time with you.
You watched him take his wallet inserting his shiny credit card in the ticketing machine. Was he really…?
“Here! One way to Seoul 1st class. Come on!” He extended his sturdy hand for you to stand.
“Really? Thank you! I don’t know what to say…” Your eyes brightened unknowing on how to act, because despite how poor you were, you really never asked anything from anyone.
“Don’t say anything, just run because we might actually miss the train.” He smiled scrunching his nose cutely looking like a bunny.
You took your heavy rucksack placing it on your back running after him. When you arrived at the train gate he again offered his hand for you to take and help you in. The rucksack got stuck at the gate so he naturally extended both hands unnoticing of how he was literally hugging you.
Oh no! He was going to smell you and the little sparkle that existed was going to disappear. You pushed him a little bit too harshly making him widen his eyes looking apologetic realising that he might’ve offended you.
“I didn’t mean... I’m really sorry.” He bowed as you removed the rucksack from your back.”
“Not at all, it’s my fault. Please forgive me. I haven’t even thanked you yet. I can’t think when I’m hungry.”
“We can fix that, and you’re most welcome, don’t mention it, consider it as a welcoming gift.” Junmyeon showed you to your seat smiling. “I’ll take that for you.” He took the rucksack placing it effortlessly in the compartment above your head.
You noticed that in the process his shirt got out of his pants showing his little cute belly button. When he placed the rucksack fixing his shirt he noticed how you looked away. He smiled to himself, for some reason liking that you might be checking him out.
“Give me a moment.” Junmyeon advised with his index finger.
This felt better than hitting a jackpot. Who was this strange man that came down from heaven?
“Here we are, it’s nothing much, just till they bring us lunch.” Junmyeon appeared with an instant noodle cup. “Can I sit with you? If that’s alright.”
“Oh my! Of course, please. Thank you for this.”
Junmyeon sat on the seat in front of you smiling as he rubbed his sideburn trying to calm himself and start a conversation that wasn’t lame. He watched you eat deliciously feeling comforted that he brought you a little happiness.
“The seats are numbered, so I guess I can’t sit here for long.” He improvised.
“Oh, is that so? I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been in first class in my life. You have no idea how thankful I am. I’d like to pay you back somehow, but I really have no money. I’m just going back to Seoul to catch my plane back home next week.”
“No way.” Junmyeon motioned with his hands in disapproval. “It’s my treat for you, miss...?”
“Ah, my name is ___.”
“My name is Kim Junmyeon. I-”
“Junmyeon-ssi! Why aren’t you answering your phone? I was worried that you weren’t going to make it.” Jeonjung appeared almost yelling in the train corridor.
Junmyeon facepalmed cursing under his breath. “I’m not a child that will get lost. Can you please go ahead?”
“Ahm… sure.” Jeonjung looked from Junmyeon to you, confused. “I’ll be…” He pointed back. “In my seat.”
“Yes, I know.” Junmyeon spoke between gritted teeth speaking with his eyes for Jeonjung to leave you alone already.
“Am I interrupting any business?” You asked, concerned.
“No.” Junmyeon sighed. “He’s my father’s secretary. Don’t mind him.”
“Wow, you have a secretary, meanwhile here I’m a beggar for a ticket.” You joked, noticing how Junmyeon didn’t get it or didn’t like it.
“I might be loaded, but I don’t enjoy my life. Don’t be quick to judge, I much rather live freely.”
“I didn’t mean... It was just funny how you came like an angel and I was just trying to joke. Maybe my humor is heavy.”
The vibe was ruined? You really didn’t know what to talk to this stranger about. What did he want? He bought you a ticket, he got you noodles, and introduced himself. What else was there? It wasn’t like you shared anything other than maybe some sort of attraction. Where could this go when you smelled like rotten cheese?
“You know why I pushed you earlier?” You broke the silence. “It wasn’t because I was uncomfortable with your proximity. In fact you were trying to help me, but I smell bad because I haven’t showered in a while.”
Junmyeon’s eyes widened like sorcerers. He was trying to figure out how to comment on such a statement. It was true what they said that foreigners are different, so the only thing he mustered was burst into jerks of laughter that was too contagious not to actually laugh as loud as him. He pointed at you and even slapped his knees. In fact most of the travellers looked at you and had to laugh from your laughter. Junmyeon looked adorable with his eyes disappearing into little half moons like an anime. He was the cutest man you’ve ever seen in your life and you just didn't want this moment to ever end. However, no matter how long a laughing session lasted, it sure had to come to an end. Junmyeon wiped his tears looking at you scrunching his nose again, quieting down.
“The thing is that I can’t smell. I have a blocked nose. It happens every time I come to Busan, for some reason the beach weather gives me this congested nose.”
When he finished his sentence it was you who had to laugh. “I’m relieved, then.”
“Where are you staying till your plane leaves next week? Do you have a place to stay?”
“I… was planning on looking at a capsule hotel.” You confessed.
“Oh, I don’t think those are safe. Not for a young lady as yourself. You have to share the bathroom with strangers.”
“I have no alternative. I have no clue how I’ll pay for that, I was hoping my friends would wire me some money… otherwise I’ll stay at the airport and-”
“I have a proposition.” Junmyeon came closer resting his elbows on his knees entwining his fingers together, making those eyebrows come to life as they knitted in a serious manner. “We have a little guest house in our backyard. My house is full of people, so you can feel safe. You can use it for this week, and don’t worry, I won’t charge you for the stay.”
“Why are you doing this? Why are you being so nice to me? I don’t understand.” You requested puzzled. “One thing I’ve learned is that there’s nothing for free in this life.”
“I just genuinely want to help you. I won’t come near you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”
You looked at the window exhaling, licking your lips. “What if I do want you to come near me, Kim Junmyeon, what will you say then?”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Promotional images for "Sisterhood of the Blazing Sky." Reblogs are welcome; reposts are not. Do not remove caption.
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Winter’s Doll--Chapter Ten
Word Count: 2834
About: A week had passed and the team works at what information they have from Nadia’s brother’s notes and vlogs. Bucky has another nightmare and when Nadia goes to help him through it, it goes sideways, Leaving Bucky feeling guilty.
Characters: Nadia, Bucky, Steve, Natasha, Wanda (Mentioned), Nadia’s Parents, Clint (Mentioned), Doctor, and Timothy Ketch (OC-Mentioned).
Warnings/Trigger Warnings: Language, Night Terror (attacking someone), 
A/N: I’m a wee bit and if by wee bit i mean A LOT on a Zemo binge right now. So I apologize that this is out really late! Also my laptop is down and all this was done on the app! Hopefully it's fixed ao I can get back to my normal "keep reading" cuts.
*This piece of work contains work made for the 18 and up crowd. Please read at your own discretion. Please do not copy and paste my work anywhere, you can reblog and share the links of my post. This work is cross posted onto WattPad and AO3 under the same title. Links to all my other social media can be found in the pinned post on my profile. Feedback is welcomed!
Forever tags: @hobby27 @donnaintx @myinconnelly1 @elansaidaris @magssteenkamp @440mxs-wife
Marvel tags: @soccer-100000
Winter's Doll tags: @supernatural-love14 @loudlylovingalpaca @kingkhibas
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Winter’s Doll Chapter Nine
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After the computer incident, Steve wouldn’t allow Nadia to even touch her own. He gave the computer to Tony who looked it over who deemed it safe enough to touch a few days later. But Steve still wouldn’t let Nadia have her computer back but he did let her log into it and open the files. A lot of the files were notes and pages on pages of narrative. It was pretty much was all the team knew about.
Then there were the vlogs. 
When Nadia discovered those, she could only stare at the recording of her brother. As the team got further into the recording, Nadia noticed the change in his body language. He talked about how you wouldn’t take him seriously because you were too caught up sleeping around. Even though he was dead, you wanted to bring him back only to show him some sisterly love that consisted of Nadia kneeing him in the dick. Nikola’s green eyes had gone from being bright to dim and shifting at every sound that he heard. It pained Nadia to see the fear and worry in her brother’s eyes. 
Nikola talked about that secret group in his last video. He even talked about being followed and spied on. He talked about how he was actually caught by Timothy Ketch and given two choices. The first choice was that he needed to stop and be able to live and let everything just play out as it should be. The other was, if he were to get anything out to the public, Nikola’s and Naida’s parents would be killed and Nadia would be put in the most dangerous part of the group and will die an accidental death. 
Nadia shot a look towards Steve who held his hand up. Nadia worried about her parents. All of Nikola’s notes were in the possession of the Avengers. Bucky patted Nadia’s hand as a way of comforting her, but she slowly pulled it away and walked out of the room as it hit again. Not only were her parents in danger, her own life was in danger.
“Nadie?” Bucky had followed her out. The look on his face told her that he was worried. “Is everything okay?” 
Nadia turned around and licked her lips. “No,” She answered in a shaky voice. “My parents are sitting ducks now and I could walk outside and be killed by just about anything.”
Bucky walked up to Nadia and pulled her into a hug. “Like I told you last week, Doll, we won’t let anything happen to you.”
“He’s right,” Steve had walked out and was standing behind them. “I have Natasha going to your parents farm and bringing them to Clint’s farm. His place is a safe house of sorts. He’ll be able to keep you parents safe there. I think you should join them. They won’t find you there.”
Nadia pulled away from Bucky. “No,” Nadia fimly said. “I’m going to see this through until the very end. Nik wouldn’t want me to hide.”
Steve put his hands on his hips. “And I’m sure that your brother wouldn’t want you dead either. You’re going.”
“And you will have to make me, Captain,” Nadia turned on her heel and walked away.
“Go talk something into her,” Steve told Bucky. “She pretty much listens to you.”
“Nope,” Bucky said. “I’m with Nadia on this one. She should see this out to the end like everyone else involved in this.”
Nadia paced around the compound's courtyard. Steve had talked to her and told her that if she wanted to remain on this assignment, then she had to stay within the walls of the compound. If Nadia needed to go out she needed a chaperone. Nadia agreed to those terms and went about the rest of her day. 
Nadia wanted nothing else but to call her parents to let them know what was going one but Natasha shut it down. It had to be done stealth like. Natasha did assure Nadia that her parents would be able to call from Clint’s. 
“I’m bringing Wanda, to help convince them in her own way to get off the property,” Natasha added. “If that doesn’t work for some reason,” she held up two viles of a sedative. “I have these.” 
Nadia stopped her pacing and looked up at the night sky. The moon was bright and round. It lit up most of the courtyard. Nadia had been out here for hours waiting for some sort of confirmation that her parents made it to Clints. 
Bucky had kept Nadia company for a few hours before calling it a night. They talked about random things such as weird quirks the two of them had. They talked about whatever they had in common, which was a lot of book reading. Nadia gave Bucky a list of books that she knew he would like like Ender’s Game. That was a favorite of Nadia’s. 
“I have some of these books in my room,” Nadia watched as Bucky walked away. “I’ll dig them out of the closet and let you borrow them.”
“I’m looking forward to that,” Bucky winked and it sent a shiver down Nadia’s back.
She could be thinking way too much into it, but who could like a woman like her? She knew the moment she admitted these feelings and thoughts to herself, Nadia would be looking way too much into Bucky’s actions. LIke him calling her Doll all the time and having called her my best girl. 
Bucky was born in a different time, Nadia kept reminding herself. Those were things men said to women during that time. But the only reason Nadia kept thinking deep on all those things, even the way Bucky looked at her, was that Bucky didn’t do that to anyone else. That she knew of. For all Nadia knew, when she wasn’t around, Bucky could be calling other women that.
“There you go, Nadia!” Nadia said to herself. She cringed at the twinge of jealousy that leaped into her chest. “There you go making things up.”
Nadia gets off the concrete bench and makes her way back into the compound. She was starting to get hungry, as she didn’t eat dinner. When she found her way into the kitchen, Sam was there making a night snack as well.
“Hey,” he said looking up from the plate of chips that were covered in melted cheese. “I didn’t realize you were still outside. Do you want some? I made way too much.”
“Sure,” Nadia leaned across the island and started to pick apart the mountain of cheese covered chips. “Thanks. Saves Tony from finding out that someone ate his food again.” 
“So you’re the one whose been sneaking Tony’s food?” Sam asked with a smile. He seemed amused by it. “If you ever do that again, let me know, I will gladly help you with eating the evidence.”
Nadia laughed as she took some of the chips from Sam's plate. “It was me that sent that glitter bomb to him as well.”
Sam choked on the chip in his mouth. “Oh, God, that was awesome! I knew you were awesome!”
Before anything could be said, there was a crash coming from the direction of Bucky’s room. Soon a scream and yell followed after that. Nadia and Sam exchanged a look before Sam reached for the spare key to Bucky’s room. Sam tossed it to Nadia as she made her way towards the direction of the noise. 
Nadia reached the room and quickly unlocked the door. “Stay right there, Sam,” Nadia demanded. She walked into the room slowly, like she did the last time Bucky woke up from a nightmare. 
“Bucky,” she whispered, taking small steps. “It’s me, Nadia.” 
The door to the room slammed shut, making Nadia spin around. There, Bucky’s dark figure stood in front of the door and she heard the lock turn on the door. Once, Nadia’s eyes adjusted to the dark room, she saw that glow of Bucky’s blue eyes. They were lost in a far away dream. By the look in them, Nadia knew she was going to have a hard time pulling him out of this one. 
“Bucky?” She said his name softly. 
Bucky didn’t answer. He slowly stalked towards Nadia, who slowly backed up until she hit the wall behind her. Bucky reached out and roughly grabbed Nadia by the throat. Nadia’s hands flew up to the metal hand that gripped her tightly. 
“Bucky!” She squeaked. “Please. Wake up.” 
But Bucky didn’t. He slowly pushed Nadia’s body up the wall, the dark look in his eyes only grew darker. Nadia, despite being choked, kicked at him. Her feet barely missed his chest. As her breaths slowed and her eyes saw darkness closing in, Nadia was able to muster enough strength to kick her legs high enough and get him in the face. Bucky let her go.
Nadia fell to her knees. She had to think fast because she knew she wouldn’t have enough time to catch her breath. Nadia shot to her feet and made her way towards the door. “Sam!” Nadia yelled. Just as her fingers brushed the doorknob, Nadia was being yanked back by her hair.
Bucky threw Nadia onto the bookshelf, then picked her up again by the neck again. This time, Naida wasn’t able to fight back. Bucky’s grip on her neck was tightening by the second. She was starting to struggle to breath and couldn’t make a sound above a whisper. She couldn't even hear the doorknob rattling to get open. 
Just as Nadia was starting to lose consciousness, she heard the door to the room bust open. There was yelling, she couldn’t make out who was who. She was focused on trying to stay awake. Her sight was blurring and growing darker by the second. 
Then Nadia was on the ground holding her neck. She was gasping for every ounce of air and regained her vision. 
“Sam, get her to the infirmary,” Steve’s voice was recognizable at this point. “Bruce should be down there still. Have him run everything.” 
“Steve? What happened? Why are you holding me?” Bucky talking was a sign that he was fully awake. He saw Sam leaving with you in his arms. “Steve? Please tell, no, no. Damnit!”
Nadia was up most of the night with Bruce running tests on her. She had some damage to her vocal cords which made it hard for Nadia to talk normal. It all came out in a raspy tone. There was a lot of bruising around her neck and some on her back from being thrown. Nadia was lucky to not have a concussion. 
Her body just ached and she just wanted to go to bed. Which to her surprise, Bruce agreed to. He handed Sam a bottle of painkillers.
“Make sure she takes these right before sleeping and right when she wakes up,” Bruce instructed. “Make sure you check on her throughout the night. The next twenty-four to forty-eight hours are going to be crucial. So no training or anything. Rest and that’s it.” 
“Got it,” Sam helped Nadia off the exam table. 
When they got back to the living quarters, Nadia froze when she saw Bucky sitting in the living room. Steve was with him. Bucky looked up and met Nadia’s gaze. He saw the slightest bit of fear flash through them and wanted to beat himself up over it. 
“Nadie,” Bucky slowly stood up. “I’m sorry.”
Nadia shook her head and started to walk around the couches. As she made her way towards her room, she couldn’t help but overhear the small conversation. 
“Her vocal cords are pretty messed up,” Sam said. “So she can’t talk real well.” 
“Damnit!” Bucky growled. “Why couldn’t it have been someone else?” 
“If Nadia hadn’t told me to wait outside, it would have been different,” Sam said. “I gotta get these to her. Steve, Bruce wants someone to check on her throughout the night.”
“I’ll start the coffee,” Nadia heard Steve get off the couch and head towards the kitchen. 
A few days later, Bruce checked on Nadia’s neck. The swelling had gone down a lot but it still hurt to say a few words and swallow. The bruising on Nadia’s back started to turn yellow meaning it was healing the way it was supposed to. Nadia didn’t need to use painkillers as much anymore. The ache in her body was slowly going away and it was getting easier to move around. 
Nadia didn’t mean to avoid Bucky. Whenever she found herself in the same room as him, she couldn’t bear to see the look of guilt and pain on his face as he eyed her bruised neck. Nadia knew that Bucky wanted to say something but couldn’t. He’d just stare at her, looking her over. Wishing that, that night could have been different. Then he would turn around and leave or Nadia would leave. 
Bucky would leave little notes for her to find in her room. They were small little apologies, nothing more. He didn’t know what else to do or say. But he couldn’t say anything though. Even though it was a nightmare, he could still feel Nadia's small neck in his hand. He could still feel her kicking at him. He could still feel himself throwing her. 
He couldn’t stop beating himself up about it.
Nadia turned around to Steve standing in her doorway. She set the book, that she really wasn’t reading down. Steve took that as a sign to enter and sit down on the edge of her bed. 
“You should go and talk to Bucky,” he said. It wasn’t a question and it sure didn’t sound like a request. “He’s been beating himself up. I know you guys aren’t purposefully avoiding each other, but please…”
“I know it wasn’t him,” Nadia rasped out and it hurt a bit. “He was stuck in a dark dream. I was just in the crossfire at the wrong time. I just can’t take the looks he gives to my neck.”
“Then go and talk to him, he needs it to move on,” Steve stood up and made his way towards the open doorway. “And that’s an order.”
It took Naida a few hours to pull herself together. Part of her didn’t really want to talk to Bucky. But she couldn’t think up an excuse to not do it. She knew she had to talk to him. Bucky was hurting too. He needed to be reassured that she was okay and that it wasn’t his fault. 
Nadia pulled on her old university hoodie and headed out of her room. No one was really around midafternoon and Nadia knew Bucky’s schedule inside and out. He would either be in his room or making something to eat. Or he would be sitting at the kitchen island staring into space. 
Nadia walked into the kitchen and there she saw Bucky, standing in front of the microwave. It looked like he was heating something up. Nadia walked to the fridge and pulled out the soup that Wanda made for her. She pulled a bowl out and started to portion out some into a bowl. 
"You can stop looking at me like that," Nadia turned to Bucky. Bucky, who had been staring, looked down. Nadia could see the hurt as he heard her raspy voice. "I know it wasn't you," Nadia continued, "It's not your fault. Simply the wrong place at the wrong time." 
Bucky still looked down at the floor. The microwave went off and he ignored it. Nadia took a deep breath and closed the distance between them. She took her hand and put it on Bucky's chin and lifted his face until her eyes met with his bright blue ones.
"Look," Nadia whispered. "I'm fine. I'm not even scared of you. You'll have to do more than damaging my vocal cords." 
Buckys raised his flesh hand to place it over Nadia's yellow bruised neck. "I…" 
"I know," Nadia gave him a small smile. "Now, give me a smile. It lights my day up when I see it." 
Bucky locked eyes with Nadia. "My smile lights up your day?" He asked. Nadia smiled and looked down. Did she really say that? 
"Yeah," she licked her lips and looked up. "Sue me if you don't like it." 
Bucky removed his hand from her neck and put it on the hand that held his chin. He slowly pulled it away from his face and interlocked his fingers. With a smile creeping onto his lips he said, "Doll, I'll smile all day if I have to just to light your day up." 
"Don't be so chessy on me now," Nadia chuckled and cough when her vocal cords started to protest. She took the water Bucky got her and drank it. 
"Thank you," Bucky whispered. "Thank you for forgiving me. Next time, shove Sam into the room." 
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fanfictionlive · 17 minutes ago
What's your opinion on anachronism in fics?
Btw, anachronism's basically when something's a part of a time period when it shouldn't be (like a cell phone in the middle ages or modern slang in any ancient time period).
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submitted by /u/moonbeams8428 [link] [comments] from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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fanfictionlive · 17 minutes ago
Any Obscure Death Note Fics You Enjoy?
I read on Ao3 and FFN, and I've read all the "newest" and the most popular (review, kudos, show up in recs regularly). I don't know how to find stuff that is less easily found, though. Anyone have any good Death Note recs?
submitted by /u/LunaKitty17 [link] [comments] from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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rubiatinctorum · 18 minutes ago
what was up with fanfiction back in the day like. "here's a minor character who showed up in only a few episodes BUT SHE SMOKES CIGARETTES OOOOOHHH" like honey. please.
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gaviiadastra · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“Excuse, Mr. Virgil,” the Captain asks, “where exactly are your clothes?”
Virgil glances down at his bare chest, shivering just slightly in the wind of the open seas.
 “I’m wearing a jacket!” He protests, adding after, “Sir.”
“It’s a very nice jacket,” Scott agrees. “But that still doesn’t mean you’re not cold..”
A soft sigh.
… “The author told me to.”`
miniature designed via Hero Forge
I’ll just back away slowly - Gavii
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