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I woke up today and I got a notification from one of my readers, she said that I inspired her to make a book of her own 😍😍😍 that really made my day, for reals! it makes me so happy to know I inspired someone to do something. it makes me feel that I actually do have a purpose in life 💖

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Originally posted by justmehanav

Dearest Followers!

Thank you for all the love and support. It seems I always miss the mark on when I reach the milestone numbers. Tipping over at 106 the last time and now 207 this time. It seems to be a pattern, hahaha. But in any case I wanted to say thank you, this little dweeb is incredibly honoured that you read, like and enjoy the content I’ve been writing. 

This feels huge to me for so many reasons. One of the biggest is that writing is a way of escapism for me and another form of self-expression. It helps me convey and understand my thoughts. As well as very much being very much a creative outlet for myself. To know people enjoy and hold stories dear. Feel the emotions that I want to present, means that I as a writer; I’m doing the best I can for the readers and audience that want to feel, live and breath the story. 

I’ve been told I’m quite the story writer in the past (school years) or then shut down by another shortly after. So, my confidence does waver and that’s why recently I’ve been a bit silent. Among other things going on in life. I never want it to effect what I love doing and have a passion for, because I know the moment I start hating something I’ve written it’s a very hard rut to get out of. 

Yet, in saying all that. Making this Tumblr account was completely a whim because I couldn’t find anyone else to write with around the Peaky Blinder universe. I have to say, I didn’t expect the growth or the people I’ve met through this writing journey. One thing is for certain though. I’ll never regret any of this. I’ve made some amazing friends and had the chance to write some people’s visions for stories and it is awesome! 

So thank you! Thank you for everything. It means the world and so much more at this hectic time in everyone’s lives. 

PS. Hope you enjoy Alfie and Tommy practising the art of social distancing. Of course, Alfie is fully equip to kick-arse during this madness since he’s got his buddy Cyril with him. 

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Ok so all fic writers/readers know of whumptober, fuckuary, fluffuary, and others but what I have come to realize is that there aren’t really any in the summer months

So here’s my idea: A WHOLE MONTH OF CLICHES

So here’s what I need from people

  1. Do you think this is a good idea?
  2. Which month should it be?
  3. Good names for the month (such as whumptober)
  4. Cliches you would like added to the list

Anyway it would mean a lot if you guys could reblog or comment what you think

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This week’s fanfic was commissioned for UCI law student @emilylivermore

Her requirements:
1. coffee
2. a steamy nude photography session
3. whiskey

- Read Sprouting Love in our completed fics folder! 

What would your hot date with #ColeSprouse look like? You can find out by hiring US to write YOUR happily ever after. AT only 1$ per page, who could turn down a deal like that? You can even purchase a personalized wattpad cover as shown below for just one dollar!!! WOW.

 Head to our blog to submit your story request! 

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Hey everyone! I wanted to do a huge update on what has been going on in life. In January I decided to take a personal break from writing fan fiction and roleplaying. I was suffering through a major creative/writing block, and I needed to overcome it somehow.

To spare the details, I started working on myself and doing stuff for me. It felt great, and I started to feel better creatively. I’m sure most of you are surprised to see me back. I am opening back up my requests, so feel free to send them in! I’d love to start writing for y’all again ☺️

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If you’re into dbh or criminal minds (Spencer Reid) I made public gc you should join!

The dbh one is called Connor army

The Spencer Reid one is called Spencer Reid fan club 🌈✨

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Any advice on websites to post multi-chaptered fics that feel a bit like fic but have original characters? I recently made the switch from writing fic to writing original characters and I had a huge following before under a pen name when it was fic because there was like a pre existing audience of interested readers but now I'm having a hard time finding the right platform and I don't want my new writing associated with the fic I wrote for professional reasons :-( Thank you!

First, have the story written or mostly written. It’s easier to already have that out of the way before you begin the work of promoting it. You can also promote a WIP like many writers do here on Tumblr, as that can be very motivating.

I made a masterpost of sites where you can publish writing. If you aren’t already posting on a site that supports original fic and fanfic and can’t just create a second username, you might browse these to see if they’re worth your time.

As for gaining readers on your new platform, it’s going to be different and a little harder. If you can find ways to attract your fanfic readers to your original fic that don’t make you feel uncomfortable, start there. Establish a new social media presence or use personal ones that aren’t attached to your fanfic sites, like Facebook or Instagram, to promote your writing.

When you do find a site you’d like to post your original work to, do just what you did on the fanfiction site; utilize tags, make friends, and interact with other writers and works. Don’t get desperate and try to promote your work in places that aren’t for promotion, but do try to make a niche for yourself. All this gets your name out there in a positive light, and can lead to curiosity about your story. And if you make a WIP page here on Tumblr and/or a WIP board on Pinterest you can blab about your story all you like!

UPDATED: When you say fic with original characters, I hope you mean a whole new original story. If you’re still using the world and setting of another story, it’s still fanfiction, even if the characters are original. Keep posting fanfic to your old fanfic site, and let readers there decide whether or not they like your OCs. If it’s more like an AU and you’ve replaced all the canon characters with your own and changed some canon-specific elements, then it is an original fic.

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Sad crying = 20pts

Happy crying = 5pts

Yelling (arguing) = 30pts

Arguing (no yelling) = 15pts

Yelling (like, once or twice) = 10pts 

Depressing inner-monologues = 10pts

Depressing outer-monologues = 10pts

Talking about feelings = 10pts

Physical abuse = 70pts

Verbal abuse = 60pts

Mild sickness = 5pts

Ver ver bad sickness = 15pts

Passing out/blacking out = 20pts

Nightmares = 20pts

Small fluff = minus 10pts

Significant fluff = minus 20pts

Character death = 100pts

Near death experience = 70pts

Relationship/friendship break-up = 30pts

 Absolute maximum score: 330

Reblog w/ anything else that should be added, lol

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I know the trend in fanfiction is to write OCs that save the villain. Their love makes them see the error of their ways, and suddenly they’re the good guy. But, can we start making it a trend where the OC is corrupted by the villain? Can the OC find appeal in their plans and join them in wreaking havoc and facing the consequences with the villain in the end? Like Harley Quinn, yes she eventually left the Joker because he was an abusive asshole, but she pretty much remained a villain. Can we see that start trending, please? 

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I’m so close to finishing this chapter, I can taste it! I seriously want to get it up by the first so I can participate in the Fanfiction quarantine boom, but I still have classes to contend with.

Spoilers: sadly, it will not feature the newly created “they were quarantined” trope. However, this trope would give me the perfect plot line to start writing for my newest fandom which I desperately want to start writing for, but have also decided I’m to old to write for.

Who knew being a writer during the apocalypse would be just as complicated as being a writer pre-apocalypse 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️.

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