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phantom-memories-au · an hour ago
Chapter 9 is out!
Sumire is worried that Akira might be taking on more than he can handle, especially with his probation and what's to come ahead. However, he reassures her that isn't the case.
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sailormoonandme · 4 hours ago
I’m looking for beta reader(s)
I’m planning on transferring my fics from to Ao3 and figure this would be a prime time to update them. Additionally I have several fics I hope to post in the future that I’d like to improve upon.
To both ends I’d really appreciate having a beta reader to help me out, preferably someone who knows about Sailor Moon and Ao3 (since I’m very new to it).
Even letting me know of places I could go to potentially find a beta reader would be a huge help.
Thanks to anyone who replies
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nerdgirlstorm991 · 12 hours ago
You know something that pisses me off?! When People constantly demand and ask the Fanfic Author for Updates. It is completely infuriating. The Author is doing this for FREE! You are not entitled to this person's work, they do this for fun.
And you know something? The longer an Author goes without writing more, part of me is so petty, like "good, make the ungrateful a-holes wait". And another part of me is "please don't let them ruin your love for writing, we're not all like that".
I have personally told author to ignore those types of reviews and comments, and that they should update IF AND WHEN they want.
Anyone who thinks otherwise can Fuck right off.
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skysthatcouldhavebeen · 23 hours ago
➡️stormy weather makes for rocky waves⬅️(link)
a zutara fic
chapter 2: lonely arms I should know
words: 6,845
summary: When Jet walks back into her life after a decade, she can't believe his timing. She's married now, unhappily but married all the same. He was the one who chose to leave and she hasn't looked back since. She must face the question: Is an unhappy relationship worth fixing? Are memories enough reason to stay? And if they are, which memories should she choose? (zutara office/modern au)
➡️⬅️(also the link)
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nianthis22 · a day ago
Tumblr media
New chapter posted! Set before the events in the Knights of the Old Republic about Revan's journey into darkness.
May the Force be with you!
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the-sun-is-evil · a day ago
reading fanfiction as fanfiction writer and noticing a detail you know took them hours of research to find (because you searched for the exact same thing, at one point) and knowing it’s gonna be a very detailed and thought through fanfic
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persoaprilo · a day ago
Heya guys, just wanted to say that if you saw someone translated your fanfiction into Russian without your permission and posted their translation on Russian fanfiction site called Ficbook — contact me if you want this translation to be removed, I'll help you with this!!
Asking permission to translate is must-do thing according to Ficbook's rules, and if someone translated but didn't ask, Ficbook users can report this translation for not following the rules.
Gotta be honest, couple of times I translated without permission myself, but I'm always asking for it first, then if I have free time I translate it and post, surely giving credits to Author of original fic and putting a link to original too. But if Author is against me translating his work — I'll remove the translation on very first demand. (My apologies to ones whose fics I translated without permission — I thought you left AO3 and didn't see my comment with the question)
So yeah, if you noticed someone translated your work without having a word with you — just text me, I'll see what I can do for you, cool? I want to help cuz I understand this feeling when someone did something with your art and didn't asked for it.
I'm offering my help so you won't need to mess with this shit on your own, cause doing all this reporting thingie is tricky if you're not familiar with Russian language and Ficbook. And I'm happy to help y'all :)
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augustwater · a day ago
I think I mentioned it before but tmawh is the first fic I’ve written since I was 14, and my last fic was a fnaf fic that I never finished and abandoned on a cliffhanger lmao
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On the lookout for Broadchurch Fanfiction
If you have any Broadchurch Fanfictions about Alec Hardy being sad/depressed/socially awkward/hurt/dying/etc. Please lemme know! Like, he's my favourite character but i'm one of those people that love to watch their faves suffer so... Lemme know!
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chilld-ofthe-kats · 2 days ago
I've read quite a bit of fanfiction, regular fiction, and otherwise, also written a few pieces myself (not very good at that part though and have not published them), and beta'ed a few professional writing pieces. Because of this, and the fact that I love helping people get the best out of their writing, I'm here to offer my services as a beta for literally any type of work. You got a piece of fanfiction? I'm down. You need help with your own original story? Gotcha covered. That sentence doesn't look right in your little piece of non-fiction? I'm there. Need a native English speaker to gently tweak your sentence structure on a work your translating? By all means. So, basically, I would really like to and would find it really fun to beta for someone. Dm me if you think this would work for you? Thx
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benevolentbirdgal · 2 days ago
Recovering older lost stuff - two tips
(iHey y’all, with all the talk of in its death roll, thought I’d offer two solutions for recovering deleted fics that you deleted a while back (thanks, mortified 15-year-old self who was horrified at 13-year-old self, now-me is mortified at you, so circle of life). 
First, someone made an archive in 2016 of about 10 million stories. I do not suggest trying to download every pack at once, you can browse alphabetically (i.e. if the media you liked/wrote FF about started with G, you can then cntrl+f your old username (or the username of the person who wrote whatever it is you’re looking for) instead of downloading the whole giant zip. It generally doesn’t have stuff from before 2014/2015, but if you’ve deleted a story since then and want it back, it can help! 
Second, the wayback machine is SHOCKINGLY sophisticated when it comes to screengrabs of random stuff. There was only one of my old profile, but it successfully linked to two old stories I assumed were lost to the void. 
To search the wayback machine you need your old url, which is a combination of your user number and your old handle. So something like:
If you happen to have the url for an old story (maybe from a review) hanging out in your email you can try the same thing!
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