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heyitsyagirltrash · 10 months ago
I feel like we as a society do not appreciate fanfic writers enough. Imagine commiting to something you don't get paid for, not always appreciated, taking up a huge chunk of your time and the worst of all, some a**hole complaining that fanfic writing isn't actual writing.
So, thank you fanfic writers.
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amyhayanora · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Those Who Dreamed -  read it HERE
Tumblr media
Purple -  HERE
Tumblr media
The Princess of Light - HERE Sometime I remember to post old stuff XD. I was asked by @phoenix-downer​ to do illustrations based on her sokai Fics and it was lovely to work on them!
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People who be like 'english isn't my native language, sorry for any mistakes I made', be finessing the fuck out of them fanfictions.
And I'm just like:
Tumblr media
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mrsluthordanvers · 2 months ago
Prompt: Lena finds out because she catches Kara “making up” quotes for supergirl in her articles
Read on AO3
Lena knows she’s not spying. It is technically her property after all. She owns CatCo now, and this is a CatCo supplied notebook and every idea in it belongs to her, contractually. But it doesn’t make her feel any less guilty, flipping through the lined pages, scanning the messy notes Kara has scribbled in the margins.
She didn’t know it was Kara’s when she picked it up from her couch after the weekly morning meeting. But the moment she recognizes Kara’s distinctive print, she can’t put it down. Kara’s avoiding her, which puts a pit in the bottom of Lena’s stomach as Kara’s best friend. But she’s also been missing meetings, and disappearing for hours with no articles or ideas to show for it. And that is unacceptable as Kara’s boss.
So, yes, she is going through Kara’s notes.
Lena skips through the first few pages of notes that belong to articles already published, including a few interviews with her that she tries her best not to linger on. Even if a couple doodled hearts make her smile as she gets comfortable behind her desk. The further she flips through Kara’s notes the more it becomes obvious that Kara is starting to rely on a singular source. Supergirl.
It’s hardly surprising to Lena; she knows that Kara’s name has been on more than a few bylines about the superhero. She knows that they know each other. But still she lingers, one finger tracing across the page as she reads.
At first it’s simple notes. Things like “quote from Supergirl???” and “source?? Supergirl?” with little arrows pointed to specific ideas that need to be fleshed out. A few pages later, the notes disappear. They become somewhat tidier, Supergirl is still at the centre as Kara’s most used source. But now there are direct quotes from Supergirl directly written in. Except it’s not just one quote, but rather lists of them. Some quotes are completely crossed out and rewritten underneath, words are occasionally scribbled out with new words crammed above. Different variations of the same wording, until Kara seems to be satisfied. One quote circled so heavily that Lena could see the spot where Kara’s pen broke through the paper.
Lena’s running her finger over the spot when someone clears their throat, startling her.
“Have you seen my-” Kara’s already looking around the office before she’s even finished her question, eyes landing on her notebook on Lena’s desk. “You found it!”
Lena nods, but pulls the notebook closer when Kara goes to reach for it, making her forehead scrunch.
“Is everything-”
“-are you fabricating quotes?” Lena asks point blank, as she settles back in her chair taking the notebook into her lap as she taps a finger against it.
“No?” Kara’s forehead wrinkles further as she watches Lena with a tilted head.
Lena hums as she picks up the notebook and makes a show of rapidly flipping through the remaining pages. “By my count, I would say there’s at least… 50... different quotes in here from Supergirl that you’ve reworked so heavily they can hardly be considered quotes anymore.”
There’s a pregnant pause when Lena looks back up at Kara. She’s gone so still, Lena wonders if she’s still breathing. Lena blinks once, twice, and suddenly it’s like she’s seeing Kara for the first time. The way her blue dress shirt is straining at the seams around broad shoulders. How Lena can make out the lines of her abs where it hugs her around the middle. Even the fabric on her khakis are pulled tight across her thighs.
Admittedly, Lena has checked out Kara on more than one occasion. This is not the first time she’s noticed how Kara is probably hiding a six pack under her knit cardigans. But this is the first time Lena’s noticed how Kara looks like she might split a seam if she so much as makes the wrong move. How she almost looks out of place in her own clothing, contained somehow.
“Oh.” Lena breathes as she puts the notebook on the desk between them. “I see.”
“Lena…” Kara croaks as she takes a step forward but halts again when her phone chirps.
They stare at each other for a moment before Kara’s shoulders finally slump, “There’s an emergency…”
“Of course.” Lena nods, her back rigid as Kara looks back and forth to the office door before she ultimately chooses the balcony, shedding her shirt before she takes to the sky.
As soon as she’s out of sight Lena lets out a deep breath, looking between Kara’s shirt now laying on her floor to the notebook still sitting on her desk. A giggle starts to bubble in her chest, growing steadily until she’s laughing out loud. Still laughing even as James comes to ask if she’s okay as she carefully wipes tears from her eyes.
“Perfect.” Lena nods as she stands. “But you need to start sending another reporter to interview Supergirl. And I just heard she’s responding to an emergency.”
High above the city, Supergirl can’t help but grin as she turns mid-air and rockets towards the alien across town.
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slytherinchevy · 3 months ago
If requests are open can I request a mcu cast x teen reader who’s both a singer and a student too?
Overwhelmed ~ MCU Cast x Reader
A/n: the reader is gender neutral and if you see any pronouns used that say otherwise, pls lemme know.
Feedback is always appreciated. (Not proofread)
Warnings: Sleep deprivation, not eating properly, stress,
Words: 1.2k+
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
Tumblr media
You looked at the sheet in your hand in disbelief.
What in the fuck was happening and why was it happening to you RIGHT NOW!?
You knew it wasn’t going to be easy when you bargained to being a singer and a student at the same time, plus add actress to that list with your marvel projects, definitely not all sunshine and rainbows.
But you thought you could handle it and you had been handling it very well too.
Until this moment where you were kind of seriously considering running away and disappearing forever.
“Oh stop being dramatic kid” Robert said, making you realize you had said your last thought out loud.
“Well, YOU don’t even know what my schedule is so you can’t say anything!” you whined, still not taking your eyes off your timetable.
You had your exams next week, which was exactly why you had specifically told your manager to keep the current three weeks free, so that you could prepare and give your exams without anything else hogging up your mind.
And your poor manager had done their best to do so.
Only the industry you worked in didn’t give a shit about your personal ambitions which had to do anything outside of the said industry. Assholes.
Your manager had gotten consecutive calls the last few days that kept adding stuff to your timetable, things you DIDN’T bargain for which they couldn’t get you out of.
First of all, apparently Marvel writers came up with better scripts for a couple of your scenes just now, after the entire filming was over and wanted you there for the re-shoots.
It didn’t help that these scenes were to be filmed in different countries, meaning you’d have to be jetlagged while also preparing and giving your exams.
And then to make matter even worse, you had a couple recording gigs, from huge record labels and huge artists who wanted to work with you and they weren’t free anytime other than the next two weeks.
Giving up these opportunities could be considered stupid, seeing how you were an upcoming artist and this would definitely help you reach your peak.
But that didn’t mean it didn’t make you want to scream and rip your hair out.
“Oh bubs, what do you even have in your agenda?” Lizzie asked, walking over to you and looking over the sheet,” Oh shit.”
“Oh shit is an understatement.” You sighed, rubbing your face in tiredness, you were already losing so much sleep cramming for your exams and this timetable just tensed you up even more.
“You will do great, Y/n. We believe in you.” Chris Hemsworth smiled, a little nervously because he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say to make this better.
You still smiled at the cast at their attempt to help and left the scene, your director calling for you since they were ready for the next scene.
Scarlett came to your trailer with her home-cooked lasagna that you liked so much when she found your faceplanted on the table, slightly drooling over your notes.
She sighed because it was the second time she had found you like that as she moved over to you, shaking your shoulder gently to not startle you too much.
And even with her efforts to be soft, you woke up with a jerk because you weren’t even supposed to be asleep. You had an exam to prepare for.
After the initial jerk, you looked around, finding the clock saying it was 11 at night as you sighed. You looked to the side, Scarlett looking at you with a raised eyebrow and you were sure you were about to get an earful.
But the older actress didn’t say anything and just placed the container in front of you, prompting you to eat,” When was the last time you ate?”
You cast your eyes downwards, and she instantly knew you didn’t remember.
But still, she just gritted her teeth before pushing the container towards you,” Eat. Now”.
You didn’t rebuke and silently ate, earning a kiss to your head when she left with the now empty container.
She walked out, immediately going to where the rest of the cast were sitting around.
“How are they?” Chris Evans asked as she sighed tiredly, before taking a seat beside him.
“That child isn’t eating. At all. They can’t even remember when they last ate. And they had such dark circles and eye bags around their eyes, like never before. Not even during our all-nighter shoots did they look like that. I’m worried. This is too much for them and the people are being ruthless. How much do they wanna work that kid !?” Scarlett exclaimed, growing more and more frustrated as she thought about your slumped up tired figure.
Everyone huffed in annoyance, sharing the same frustration.
Suddenly Robert stood up, startling the rest,” Where are you going Downey?” Tom Hiddleston asked.
“To talk to Kevin. I’m going to try and make them change the schedule for the reshoots. It’s their fault for making it last minute to begin with.”
All of them shared one collective look before answering in unison,” We are coming as well.”
“We’ll peer pressure them into submitting” Paul smirked, all of them filing out of the lounge area, marching like an army with a mission to Kevin Fiege’s office.
The next morning when you opened your trailer door, you were surprised to find the entire cast standing there excitedly,” Uh….Good morning?”
“Yes, yes, good morning, now move” Anthony said in a playful urgency, everyone settling themselves in your trailer.
“Ok…” you muttered under your breath before going towards them,” What’s up?”
“So, we got something for you” Chris Hemsworth said, trying to increase the suspense.
“Its… not any occasion though….IS IT?” You panicked before looking at the calendar, trying to remember what date the current day was.
“No, no its not an occasion.” Sebastian said chuckling,” It’s…”
“We rearranged your schedule for you!” Lizzie excitedly exclaimed, not being able to keep it in any longer.
“Okay, Lizzie, calm down” Scarlett laughed before looking at Robert to explain what they all had been up to the entire night.
“So kid. We know you’ve been working yourself to the bone and that you wanted to have a few weeks only for studying which couldn’t happen. So we made it happen for you” Robert explained,” We spoke to Kevin and convinced him to postpone the reshoots to the week after your exams got over.”
“And that’s not all!” Chris Evans interrupted,” Some of us had contacts and connections with the people who worked at the record labels you were contacted by and pulled some strings to get that rescheduled as well! They’ve agreed to block an entire month for your music work alone, which is after your reshoots are over so that things don’t overlap again.”
“Would people stop interrupting me!?” Robert exclaimed.
“Well you were taking too long!”
As a banter began at the back of the trailer, you stood frozen with your jaw hanging, still not believing what was said.
Lizzie and Scarlett came over to you,” You good there?”
You looked at them, tears glistening,” Is this for real?”
“Of course it is!” Lizzie said, Scarlett playfully acting offended, with her hand on her heart,” you don’t believe we’d do this for you?”
You couldn’t answer so you just pulled them in for a hug.
Paul came over and ruffled your hair,” I think someone needs to pack and go home for the next three weeks. Come on, I’ll help pack. Let these kids bantering.”
Taglist: @mrsweasley06 @boba707 @calimoi @nevaehss-heaven @catsandbooksandsstuff @darlingangel-17 @magic-source @heyarely16 @originaldragonalmondflap @supercorpendgame100 @sleepyheadssss @sleutherclaw @deadrhee @graciecliffx @seggsyburrito @sweetlilbambi @bi-lmg @mxgcalvi @sunday-kindoflove @idk123906 @m-1234 @aqarath @mrs-scottmccall @freyathehuntress @yelena-belovas-wife @natashadeservedmore @mmmmokdok
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sadomas0chist · 2 months ago
his mistress
Tumblr media
genre: nsfw
pairings: eren jaeger x female reader
word count: 2.5k
tags/warnings: cheating, affair, public sex, oral receiving (female), teasing, chocking, biting, breeding kink, unprotected sex, dilf eren (literally), fingering, daddy kink.
synopsis: you have known emma since you started working in the same office and let's just say that you haven't really had the best friendship with her, which was mostly because of her wanna-be-superior behaviour towards you. she would rub everything she owned or recently achieved in your face as a sign of being many steps ahead of you. however, you weren't the only one irked by her. infidelity wasn't your go-to, but regarding her husband's growing annoyance for her and attraction to you, you decided that a little payback wouldn't really hurt anyone.
a.n: i just want to come here to say that i don't support nor tolerate cheating in any forms or aspects at all, but toxic eren has been heavy on my mind and i genuinely can't see this man having a healthy relationship. (unless it's mikasa but let's not go there..)
"Oh my God look at this beautiful onesie!" Emma awed next to me holding out her phone to show me the baby onesie. Emma's daughter was turning two in a few months and she was already picking out outfits to get her for her birthday. I was currently at her house, waiting for her husband to get ready so we could all go to the Mall.
"Yeah, really pretty," I mumbled out, poking Gabi's cheek as she gushed. She looked adorable. Just like her father. God, I can't wait for him to fuck me again.
I glanced over at Emma again, her finger scrolling through the website of the online shop. Loud footsteps were heard coming from the stairs, her hand instantly throwing her phone onto the couch to run at her husband. I rolled my eyes, carefully standing up with Gabi on my side. "Look whos' here to help us pick clothes for our baby!" she exclaimed with her loud voice, motioning her hand toward me. Eren kept a cold expression, his fingers buttoning the buttons of his white shirt before adjusting his collar. "Hello y/n, how you doin'?" he asked with his usual deep voice, a small smile forming on his face once Gabi started to stretch out her arms for him. I looked down at her kissing the side of her head. "You wanna go to daddy?" she nodded, a little bit of drool oozing out of the corner of her mouth.
"She wants daddy alright." he walked toward me, a small smirk plastered on his face as he took her from my arms, the little girl grasping onto his shirt.
"Aren't we a beautiful family y/n? It's a shame that Brent left you. I thought you two were going to get married. Well, guess not everyone is as lucky as me!" she slyly stated, her arm wrapping around her husband as if he was some prize she won at the lottery.
'Oh, baby if only you knew why he wasn't fucking you lately.' The thought bringing a smile to my lips. "Indeed you are." I slightly chuckled, going to the kitchen to drink some water. Seriously, how could she be so fucking blind? I scoffed bringing the cup to my lips before smacking it back onto the granite counter, a gasp leaving my lips as I felt two hands gripping my hips. He brought my body back against him, my ass brushing against his dress pants. "I didn't know you were tagging along," he whispered in my ear, his long hair tickling my bare neck.
"I didn't know you cared that much," I replied my finger drawing patterns on the granite. His hand went up to my belly, slightly going over my breast and wrapping around my neck. "You know I do, she doesn't mean shit to me." he teased kissing my earlobe. I shivered under his touch, his wife's voice breaking us apart. "There she goes again." I sighed.
As I went to walk past him, his hand flew to grab my cunt, probably feeling the instant pulsations it made because of his sudden move. "I want some this later hm?" he gripped it harder and walked away, grabbing the blazer that was lying on the couch.
'Just fuck me already.'
Hours passed and we were still walking around the Mall trying to find clothes for Gabi. She was resting on her father's shoulder, her chubby cheeks pressed together as she slept peacefully. "Pass her to me, Samantha told me this place has the most beautiful clothes for babies." Emma stopped in her tracks, pointing at the shop that was next to us. "Meanwhile," she took Gabi who now had an annoyed expression on her face. "Could you go order some food for us? I'm hungry." she pouted, Eren sighing before nodding. She squealed pecking his lips and went into the store.
"I hate her so much," he whined running his hand over his face. "Come on doll." I cocked my eyebrow at the nickname and made my way to the food court.
His hand brushed against mine multiple times as we were walking beside shops, Eren holding my forearm once we reached Victoria's Secret. "This one would look good on you." he pointed at the black lacy lingerie that was displayed on the mannequin. "Go try it on." he tilted his head, my brows furrowing together. I shook my head trying to let go of his grasp but he held on tighter. “Eren we’re in public.” I hissed irritatingly knowing what he was trying to do. It wouldn’t have been our first time fucking in public, however, our usual spots were either his office or his car. Not a goddam changing room with people waiting in line.
“Didn’t ask.” his voice was monotone and unbothered. I rolled my eyes and decided to go in, the cashier already giving us weird stares. I threw her a smile which she politely reciprocated before asking us if we needed any help. “Actually yes,” Eren spoke up before I could say anything making me bite the insides of my cheeks. He can get so irritating sometimes. “My wife would like to try on that lingerie right there.” he wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer, his finger pointing at the mannequin. My stomach turned, a weird sensation rushing through my veins once those specific words left his mouth. ‘Could’ve simply said my girlfriend. Probably wants me to think of how good it would feel to be his wife and perhaps envy Emma for being his.’ I thought to myself, my eyes looking up at him. His phone started ringing in his back pocket, a small groan escaping his lips once he saw who the called ID belonged to.
“Yes Emma?” he pulled me closer to him, his hand resting on my lower stomach, rubbing small circles. He hummed throughout the conversation, clearly not interested in anything she was saying. I could still hear everything she said from how loud she was being. I smirked to myself when he hung up and rested his chin on my head. “Let me guess, she met Samantha and now she wants to grab coffee with her,” I muttered, Eren scoffing slightly.
“I’m so sorry it took me so long but I had to carefully slide it off. The lace is very fragile and tends to get torn apart easily,” she explained calmly before handing me the soft material. “Thanks.” I turned on my heels to walk towards the changing room but she stopped me. “Um, I’m very sorry but those changing rooms are currently full, you can use the ones on our second floor.” she pointed up. I nodded and started walking up the stairs.
“Well, no one’s in here,” Eren stated, walking toward the couch that was placed in front of the black rooms before dropping himself on it. “Come on, go put it on.” he motioned his finger forward earning a glare from me. I sighed going into the changing room, my hands reaching to close the curtains. This man I swear. If we get caught, he better pay them to stay quiet, or else we’ll get in trouble. My phone chimed in my bag. Great.
hey girl, i’m calling eren but he doesn’t seem to be next to his phone… anyway, i’m leaving with samantha and gabi. don’t wait for us. see ya!
sure thing
I rolled my eyes before scoffing. Thank you for trusting me with your husband I guess. The curtains were yanked open, Eren pushing me further inside and closing them again. “You’re taking too long,” he mumbled, toying with the zipper of my jeans. “Well your wife texted me.” he pulled down my pants as I carefully stepped out of them. “She’s leaving with Samantha and Gabi.” I unbuttoned his dress shirt before sliding it off his shoulders along with his blazer.
“Is that so?” he cupped my face, capturing my lips with his. My hands ran over his toned chest, casually going over the ink that was beautifully placed on his pecs. “She said you weren’t answering her,” I said once he pulled away, his hands yanking my tank top down, freeing my breasts. “Why would I?” he questioned sarcastically, taking my nipple between his lips. I threw my head back, my fingers rushing to grab his hair. “I got everything I need right here.” he moved onto the next one, still gently palming the other.
“Eren,” I breathed my cunt already a throbbing mess. “We don’t have time, someone might come up.” He pulled away, pushing my thong to the side before going down on his knees, his hand lifting my thigh to position it on his shoulder. “Let them come.” And with that, he latched his mouth on my pussy, not wasting any time to give it long licks, casually rubbing circles over my clit.
He was insane. But so was I for sleeping with him. I looked down to see him making out with my pussy, forcing my thighs to squeeze his head, bringing him closer to my heat. His fingers dug in my flesh, his hums sending vibrations down my core. My hand was covering my mouth, doing my best to keep myself quiet. My chest was moving crazily, my legs almost giving out.
My eyes almost shut close as I felt my orgasm rush to rip through my body, if only I didn’t hear the cashier’s voice from outside the room.
“Ma’am, I’m sorry but I just wanted to check if you were okay.” she worriedly called out, making Eren detach his lips from my pulsating cunt, looking up at me with an amusing smile.
“I’m okay, I’m sorry I just-“ I bit down on my finger as he pushed two digits in, his eyes watching me with complete hunger as I tried to compose myself. “I think I- I think I didn’t get it right the first time, you know-“ his fingers curled inside me, hitting my spot. “Didn’t put it on correctly. I’ll be out in a few.” I forced out, reaching out to bite my finger again.
“Oh, it’s okay it happens a lot. Take your time.” she politely said before the sound of her footsteps faded. “Asshole.” I moaned out hearing him chuckled, his mouth going back to suck on my clit, his fingers still working inside me. I quietly whimpered, rolling my hips to ride his face in hopes to get closer to my orgasm.
After a few more strokes, my legs furiously shook and my fingers roughly tugged on his hair as I came all over his face, some of my arousal skipping to slid down my leg. Eren pulled away, a smirk very prominent on his face as he dragged his tongue up my leg to lick off my cum. I heavily breathed, my body now facing the wall as he turned me around, both hands steadily pushing against it.
“Do you want it?” He teased, his tip now sliding up and down my wet folds. I arched my back trying to make him slide it in, but he grabbed my neck, gently applying pressure on it. “Do you want me?” he kissed the nape of my neck, pushing his tip teasingly in before pulling out.
“Yes daddy,” I moaned, his hand gently spanking my ass, the cold metal of his ring sending shivers down my spine. He chuckled before covering my mouth with the hand that was choking and rammed into me. I whimpered into his palm, his cock stretching me. “Shh I said quiet, don’t be a bad slut.” he taunted almost pulling out before thrusting roughly again. His thrusts were hard and fast, my cries muffled by his hand. At least, I hope they were. His other hand reached out to grab my hip, pushing it back to meet his thrusts. My eyes rolled back, his soft grunts and the adrenaline rush of getting caught making me want to come for the second time.
“You feel so good around me.” his voice was deep, his lips leaving kisses on my shoulder. “I really did marry the wrong woman.” He scoffed pushing himself deeper into me. He bit my flesh, his hand moving up to pinch my nipples. I was getting closer to my orgasm and I could tell that he was close to by how sloppy his strokes were getting. My hand flew down to my clit to rub small circles, accentuating the pleasure I was already feeling.
My forehead was now resting against the velvet wall wanting nothing more but to feel his cum filling me up. “Fuck, fuck y/n” he moaned out, his hips meeting mine. “Gonna make daddy come? eh?” I nodded eagerly, my legs wobbly. He must have felt that my knees were getting weaker as he flipped us around, his arms going down my thighs to lift me up and make me wrap my legs around him.
He instantly pushed himself back in, silencing my moans with his mouth as my climax shook my body, my cunt clenching around his fat cock. “Fuck you’re choking me,” he groaned, his face hiding in the crook of my neck. “Gonna come inside you so hard baby, holy fuck.” My nails scratched his back.
“Shit, Eren…” I mumbled as I felt him empty himself in me, his hot cum painting my walls. He pulled out with a growl, our come leaking out of my opening. “Well fuck we need to clean this. I’ll be right back.” he pecked my lips, gently putting me down. I grabbed his arm and tilted m head toward the floor. “My bag.” His mouth formed an ‘o’ as he searched for some tissue. He waved them once he found them and cleaned my legs and thighs. He cleaned himself and threw the tissues onto the ground to put back on his dress shirt and blazer. Once he was dressed again, he got out to throw the tissues in the garbage can that was sitting in the corner and went back in to check if I needed anything.
“Eren I’m fine, just putting on my jeans.” I chuckled. I adjusted my top and grabbed the lingerie that was still untouched then made my way down the stairs to give it back to the cashier. “Did you like it?” she smiled taking the item from my hand.
“Very, it will be my gift for our anniversary,” Eren answered, the cashier gushing over us. “Oh aren’t you a lucky one.” She poked me.
“That I am.” I chuckled knowing that this won’t be the last time that he would do something like that. His phone rang again, a loud sigh escaping his lips. “Yes?” he answered and paid the woman before giving me the bag. “Y/n wanted to buy some things so we’ll be getting lunch right now,” he stated as we both head out of the store.
“Yeah, she found what she’s been looking for.” he looked down at me with a cocky smirk on his face, mine erupting in a dark shade of red.
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aj-artjunkyard · 3 months ago
ok DC fans. We’ve had AU fics about the JL finding out that Batman has kids. That he's not always a terrifying demon but is actually soft with his 55 Found Family members. We’ve had them, and let me tell you, I’ll gladly read 13643 iterations of that same plot. Love them. Send any reading recs my way.
WHERE are the fics where the JL finds out that Hal Jordan is, among other things, a universal legend.
Imagine an AU in which the JL know literally nothing about Hal’s outer space exploits (much like the ‘JL meets the Batfam’ fics are set in AUs where no one knows anything of Gotham or Batman outside the JL). Imagine that all Earth’s heroes know about the Green Lantern Corps is that they're interplanetary space cops, and that sometimes Hal needs to ‘report for duty’, assumedly stopping volcanic eruptions or evacuating alien citizens from a doomed planet. When asked, Hal confirms that those are among the things he does.
But then they start to get more space missions, and coincidentally learn more about the GL corps. 
More specifically that Hal - the comeback king, the irresponsible, goofy, mildly irritating/extremely annoying guy on the team that rarely takes orders and never shuts his mouth, is one of the most highly revered beings among the known star systems?? 
This dude steps into a bar in Sector who-knows-where, uses constructs to block every exit and announces his name, the patrons are practically yelling the information he needs. Citizens cheer when he lands on certain planets. Also, the guy has been dead so many times. He has become pure will (which destroyed an enemy planet) and has even been Corps Leader. He’s broken the limitations of the ring so regularly that the JL assumed that all GLs could just do the things he does. Nope! 
There are some other gems too. For a man with no regard for rules, his best friend is his old drill sergeant? Wait, are you telling us that this ‘Sinestro’ guy, the Joker to the Green Lantern’s Batman, personally trained Hal???? Hal, be honest here, are you a reformed hero????? Why are people so scared of you???? I thought you were just some guy with anime magic jewellery???????
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watermelonlovershigh · 5 months ago
My Favorite Harry Styles Fics MASTERLIST
my MASTERLIST with my own written fanfictions
This is going to be a Masterlist full of my favorite Harry Styles fanfictions and other's Masterlist that I recommend and love. The purpose of this Masterlist was originally for me to keep of all my favorite writings in one spot so I can come back to find them easily, but of course anyone is free to view. I actually encourage that you browse through this Masterlist and read these lovely stories.
I will separate and organize this Masterlist dependent on what the writing classifies under. I will separate Series: (has chapters with a continuous story line or one shots with the same plot & universe), One Shots: (really random fics that can have a variety of plots), dad!harry: (writings that are centered around Harry being a dad or states matter of factly Harry is a father), and any other categories I may create when I feel its needed. Then at the very bottom is where you'll find a list of Masterlist I recommend.
Also, I'll give you a mini review on what I thought about each (not including the Masterlist). Stickily my opinion though so take my review with a grain of salt.
This MASTERLIST will be updated frequently & each time, I'll reblog to let you know.
Last updated: (10-14-21)
*Please give these a read or and show the writers some support.*
Warning: will contain a lot of smutty fics!!!!!!!
Sail The Widest Stretch by @beautifulletdownfics
A friends to lovers story about pub trivia, fraying adult friendships, and the squishy parts of us that break and heal.
Personal Review: Great 10 part story (very long chapters I might add) w/ a ending one shot. My only problem was the lack of details when it came to the smut scenes but that didn't push me away enough to not read. Defiantly recommend.
Only Human by @hsogolden
Harry and Y/N are friends…. with benefits, but not the kinds you’re thinking of.
Personal Review: Not much to say. It's a very long 13 chapter fic that has a lot of angst, romance, and fluff.
Take it Slow by @atlafan
Y/N had a bad experience with an ex over a year ago, and finally accepts her coworker and good friend Niall’s invitation to go on a blind date with his friend Harry.
Personal Review: When I tell you this is my favorite Harry fic of all time I mean It. Its SOOO good. It's extremely long. 90 long chapters to be exact. Took me about 3 weeks to read. Lots of VERY DETAILED SMUT. Honestly would love this to become a movie it's so good. Also there is a sequel that's just as good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you love the idea of growing a life with Harry because that's what a lot of this is focused on.
My Everything by @atlafan
What happens with Harry and Y/N after he proposes? How will the two navigate the engaged life while also continuing to juggle their jobs, friends, and families? Let’s find out.
Personal Review: This is the sequel to Take it Slow and It's just as good. It continues their relationship. Its not as long chapter wise (only 20 chapters) but they are very long chapters. This fic made me cry harder than any movie or book I've ever read. Not because it was overly sad, but because of the emotional attachment I had with the characters and sad it ended. Also VERY HAPPY ENDING.
FROM EDEN by @harryhoney-bee
19th century!h / baker!h / forbidden love.
Personal Review: I tagged the Masterlist instead of listing every individual one-shot for this universe. This is a great continuing series that has great smut, great angst, and great fluff. Highly recommend if you're into au Harry fics.
Office Neighbors by @atlafan
You’re a new professor working towards your PhD, and Harry is your new office neighbor.
Personal Review: My third favorite Harry fic of all time. Great, detailed smut. All chapters are over 10k words long. Harry is his soft and caring personality that he has in real life. Harry is a single dad so that means dilf!harry. Great relationship evolution. Completed series as well. Just overall one of the best written fics i've read in a while. And i may have shed a tear or two at the end but it wasn't necessarily sad, i'm just a wimp.
One Shots & Blurbs (random)-
Curious Girl by @permanentcross
Harry/You/Male of choice. Some blind eyes were turned during this for the sake of creativity and fantasy, but I kept it as tightly controlled as possible.
Personal Review: I love threesome Harry smuts and this one is great. Very naughty smut and rough sex. Very long as well.
Harry uses shower head on his misses because her pregnant belly made sex uncomfortable.
Personal Review: It's very short but still a good smut.
in need for more by @harryimaginedstories
she wants to stay after sex.
Personal Review: Sexual but not smut. It's a very good fluffy fic. Not too short but not too long.
LET IT BLEED by @songbirdstyles
you’re on your period, and harry just wants to make you feel good.
Personal Review: The best period sex smut I've ever read. Plus it's not only period sex but it has a very smutty dry sex scene.
Alex from Dunkirk before he goes to war Smut by @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
the night before Alex gets drafted for war, he makes sure to give you a night to remember by going on a date which leads to you both in bed making love all night long.
Personal Review: Its sort of short with not too much dialog but it's still very detailed in what they are doing. Also kind of sad because Alex (Harry) isn't sure if he'll be coming home from war.
Not Your Charity Case by @erodasfishtacos
Harry is a frat boy - who doesn’t need sympathy from anyone. He makes Y/N feel a sense of home when they’re together. But is Harry just like every stereotypical frat boy?
Personal Review: The Harry in this series is SOOO sweet and their relationship is the cutest thing i've ever read. Also he's deaf. It's very long as well, with another one shot in this verse.
Finally Fitting In by @erodasfishtacos
Harry goes homes to meet Y/N’s family. He’s gets more then he expected. He starts to feel like he has a home.
Personal Review: Even better than the first one shot. It is a bit more sad but Harry is still as cute as ever and has a very charming personality even if he's deaf. Plus great smut!
Harry Teaches You How to Masturbate by @floralsatin
harry sitting behind you and teaching you how to masturbate but he ties ur legs to his legs cos u keep closing them
Personal Review: Its short and has a daddy kink involved but never the less hot smut.
Give Me Love-- Harry Styles by @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
After you find out your boyfriend cheated on you, you end up getting drunk and calling Harry (your friends with benefits) and he comes over to have sex with you in the middle of the night. Then you realize you're in love with Harry and so does he.
Personal Review: Its super long with great smut. Also contains a lot of angst as well as fluff.
Friendly Competition by @rollingsins
Harry and Florence are competitive. A little too competitive, when it comes to you. Smut.
Personal Review: This is a very well written smut. Harry and Florence are both dominates to Reader and they argue over who pleasures Reader best. Super HOT!
Man’s Best Friend - One Shot by @atlafan
Y/n begins to catch feelings for her fwb Harry because he has a great connection with her dog.
Personal Review: I don't know what it is about atlafan's writing but i have never felt more connected to fanfic characters as i have with their characters. 10 out of 10 smut. Soft!harry. Quite long. The ending is a bit of a abrupt ending that i wish was continued but that's just a me problem. So highly recommend!
The Kids Are Alright by @atlafan
A single mom starts dating Harry, an oral surgeon, and their relationship becomes stronger until they end up getting married and Harry adopts her two children.
Personal Review: It was great. No smut but that didn't take away from how good it truly was. The fic is also quick pace and skips to different times in their relationship so it isn't crazy long (still long but not anything to crazy long) I may have cried while reading it even though it wasn't even that sad. I'm just a wimp.
DESIRE by @watchmegetobsessed
When you go to stay at your dad's cabin after just breaking up with your boyfriend, you find out you're not alone and your dad's best friend is staying there as well. Then you end up sharing your feeling for one another and things get heated.
Personal Review: Its very long, about 8700 words and its written well. The smut wasn't all that detailed but that didn't make it bad or anything. Plus older!harry is hot!!
Clingy by @atlafan
Harry is a really clingy boyfriend and gets insecure about his clinginess towards you when he over hears one of your friends talk about how they think it's weird how clingy he is towards you.
Personal Review: It's so cute. There is a small smut scene but its mostly fluff with mild to none angst. And it's long but not too long.
Bar Crossed Lovers by @atlafan
Two bartenders that are friends (that have sex) eventually catch feelings when they realize no one can make them feel as good as one another.
Personal Review: It's got fluff, angst, and smut. Written well and I highly recommend. The smut is top notch too.
Lover by @harryhoney-bee
Soft sex with boyfriendrry after the show, plus some domestic love <3
Personal Review: This was written so well and the details in the smut are amazing. If you enjoy soft and love making type sex, then this is a great reading option for you. It's a decent length, over 3k words, and with after care shown. Plus its HSLOT Harry.
In Sickness And In Health by @talesofstyles
After the birth of their twin babies, Harry and YN’s marriage suffers.
Personal Review: Great story. It's very sad with a lot of angst. And a great smutty sex scene.
Ivy Sick In The Night by @erodasfishtacos
harry being woken up in the middle of the night by ivy because she threw up all over herself and she’s crying trying to cuddle into him with vomit all over herself 😭
Personal Review: This is a super short blurb with ceo!harry and it's super fluffy.
Baby Steps by @enthusiasticharry
you’re harry’s sons therapist, and he isn't the only one you end up helping.
Personal Review: Its a singledad!harry fic that's super long and written very well. it has lots of fluff as well as a smut scene.
california dusk by @adore-laur
You give birth to your second baby (this time a at-home birth) and Harry is right beside your side to entire time
Personal Review: It was supper fluffy. Great in details and pretty long.
Harry Styles Masterlist's Library-
(some i have read through a lot and some i haven't read through much but wanted to include because they are still popular in the Harry Styles fic community and it gives you options to browse through if you're trying to find something to read. but most i do advise you to look through because i have read through most listed below)
Eroda’s Fish Tacos Masterlist by @erodasfishtacos
MASTERLIST ☻ by @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
Masterlist by @harryhoney-bee
harryforvogue’s blurb masterlist by @harryforvogue
Marvelous-Harry's Masterlist by @marvelous-harry
cottagecore!concept masterlist by @mouthfulloftoothpastehs
My shy little boy masterpost! by @all-my-love-for-harry
Masterlist. by @all-my-love-for-harry
Masterlist 🥨 by @sunandherflores
Friends to Lovers Masterlist by @meetmeinfleetwood
Masterlist by @finelinevogue
Master List. by @imagine-that-one-thing
FROMTHEDININTABLE’s masterlist by @fromthedinintable
MASTERLIST by @shawnsprincesse
Masterlist by @hswattpad
Harry Masterlist by @atlafan
Masterlist by @talesofstyles
MASTERLIST by @adore-laur
HARRY STYLES MASTERLIST .ೃ࿐ by @tobesobratty
Masterlist by @hsfankat
my masterlist. by @strawberryystyles
Love On Tour Masterlist by @harryhoney-bee
HSLOT Masterlist by @finelinevogue
Masterlist by @lollypopsx
Concepts Masterlist By @harryhoney-bee
my masterlist — harry styles only by @lovealwaysvictoria
𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐑𝐘 𝐒𝐓𝐘𝐋𝐄𝐒 by @vocalharry
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highlight of my day? emails from ao3
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kokonoisgf · 3 months ago
lazy night - Kazutora Hanemiya smut
Tumblr media
!!!! MINORS DNI !!!! I know its obvious but this is TIMESKIP KAZUTORA! 
G/N Reader ♡ blowjob ♡ soft Kazu ♡ hes so in love ugh 
I was too lazy to proofread hehe! anyways, can you tell i’m in love w him??
Waking up in the middle of the night, you rolled on your side. Lashes batting slowly, you felt hot breath fanning against the tip of your nose. Smiling, you opened your eyes, taking in the gorgeous sight of your lover basking into slumber. His sandy eyes were closed, face relaxed and locks cascading down his shoulder. Underneath the moonlight coming from the window atop your shared bed, you could see his mole underneath his right eyes. You let your gaze roam over his neck where his tattoo reflected the slight light refracting from the window. 
His arms were securely wrapped around you, as per everynight hed only find himself falling asleep in the warmth of your embrace. He wouldnt have it any other way, your mere presence soothing him, allowing him to get some quality shut-eye time that he rarely indulged in. Hence why you never wished to bother him as he slept. Yet, you couldnt help but stroke his cheek softly, feeling as if time stood still. Your gaze lingering on everything that made him, him. He had gone trough so much, yet he still stood tall as ever. 
“Baby?” He paused, hoarse voice breaking you out of your trance, half-lidded eyes scanning your face. “Is something wrong?” His voice filled with concerns seeing you awake at such early hours, he couldn’t help but prop himself up on his elbow, making the soft satin bedsheet pool at his hips exposing his toned chest. His tiger tattoo was à work of art itself, descending upon his chest. His worried gaze glued to your face, one of his hand came to your cheek feeling it burn up under his soothing touch. 
You felt your eyes tear up à little, feeling somehow extremely sensitive, probably caused by your lack of sleep. You were so in love with him, it was crazy. Emotions seeming to overflow from you, you let your head nudge his palm  “I’m okay Kazu, You’re just… so beautiful I couldnt help but stare.” You whisper the last part whipping away the tears forming in the corner of your eyes. Eyes widening at your confession, his cheeks burned red as he grinned pulling you in his arms on top of him. 
“Gosh- I love you so much” He murmured, leaning his forehead against yours. À dust of wind swirled inside the room, as you stared into eachothers eyes for what seemed like eternity. 
“ I love you more ” Leaning forward, you captured his lips with yours, a moan escaping him already. From your position as you straddled him, you could easily feel his hardening cock pressed against your clothed core. Truth be told, Kazutora had always been easy to rile up, well that was because the man was whipped for you. He’d do anything you ask of him, always looking at you with heart in his eyes.
“Fuck Y/N- You drive me crazy y’know-” He purred grinding his hips against you, still feeling slightly drowsy. His movements were messy, desperately seeking friction, before you stopped him, making your way between his legs. 
“Can I suck your pretty cock?” You purred already knowing damn well the answer, fingers hooking underneath the waistband of his underwear. Kazutora’s breath hitched in his throat, before he grabbed your wrist, halting you “I want to make you feel good too-” You cut him off by licking a clean stripe on the underside of his aching cock, pressing a kiss unto his slit. The man gasped, face flushed and lips slightly parted as he drank in the sight of your mouth working wonders on his dick. Letting your saliva dribble unto his tip, it slowly cascaded down the pulsating veins of his cock. You let your hand lazily wrap itself around his dick, pumping him at a slow pace. He let hs head fall back against the pillow, his long locks seeming to create a halo over his head. Adam apple bobbing as he swallowed, he tried his best to keep his eyes open, to stare at your tongue caressing the underside of his cock so lovingly. Kazutora was very vocal to say the least, moans and blabbers of your name and how much he loved you and would do just about anything from you fell from his lips, breaking the silence of the night. It wasn’t long until he felt the coil in his stomach about to unravel, one of his large hand grabbing a fistful of your hair, as if to warn you. “A-Ah Im gonna-” He babbled between moans and pants, tossing his head from side to side, hips stuttering as his cock leaked more and more precum. 
“Cum for me pretty boy” you purred, before taking him once again into your mouth, his velvety tip kissing the back of your throat. You didnt have to ask twice before he released hot ropes of cum in your mouth, a loud moan of your name piercing through the night. 
“I love you Y/N- I-I love- “ He blabbered, as his orgasm washed over him, dick pulsating and shotting down your throat. Pulling away you opened your mouth, showing him his cum before swallowing it in front of him. Lust swirling in his sandy-gaze Kazutora’s jaw dropped as his flushed face now adorned a sweet rosy blush. God just the sight of his cum on your tongue made another surge of heat rush to his groin. Cock still hard, he reached toward you, before you pushed him back down on his back. Climbing on top of him, you took off your underwear, before grasping his dick in your hand, shushing him as he was about to protest. 
“Tonight, its all about you baby” ♡
♡ back to masterlist?
♡ taking request mwah
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heyitsyagirltrash · 10 months ago
Me: opens a slow burn fic with 100k+ words.
Me: ✨n i c e✨
The ship: does not fall in love in the second chapter.
Tumblr media
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I noticed I never cleared my AO3 history before, so I went to check it out, and I calculated that between April 2016 and June 2021 I have read approximately 12440 fanfictions, most of them between 5k and 100k words
at this point I'm not even ashamed, I'm mostly impressed with myself.
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When a fanfic writer writes a good fucking angst, so good it hurts, but they don't give you a part two
Tumblr media
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slytherinchevy · 4 months ago
She Loved Us ~ Natasha x Reader/ Yelena x platonic! Reader
A/n : So this idea has been swirling in my head since last night and I just HAD to get it out. Ive typed it out on my phone so excuse the typos please.
Reader is a person who has a uterus.
Also sorry I haven't put up a taglist on this one yet. Like I said, I'm typing this out on my phone in the car and I don't have the list with me. I'll tag everyone once I get back home.
Warnings: ANGST, kinda hurt/ comfort, post endgame so mentions of Nat's death.
Feedback is always appreciated.
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were sitting a few feet away from the grave.  You couldn't remember how long it had been,  but you couldn't seem to leave her.  Not yet.  
But sitting right in front of the gravestone hurt too. So you opted to sit under one of the trees facing her.  
Your throat felt dry from crying and it seemed like all the tears had finally poured out because you couldn't seem to cry anymore.  
Your eyes flitted to the assortment of trinkets and photographs that were placed in front of the gravestone. 
She visits you Nat…. 
It was weird to think about. You weren't an Avenger. Or a shield agent for that matter. 
Just a civilian, a civilian whose wife had sacrificed herself for the world. 
You knew who constructed this grave. They were the ones who sent you a letter, telling you the location.  
But it seemed they didn't want to be seen by you yet, because you couldn't even attempt to try and find them. 
You were broken out of your trance when you saw someone approaching the grave, a dog sniffing around first before the canine spotted you.
But it seemed like the person didn't notice their dog looking at you with a tilted head, they were busy arranging the trinket and having a telepathic conversation with the person who'll never answer either of them. 
That's when it clicked who it was. 
You froze in your place, not knowing what to do. But fanny had other plans as she trotted towards you, happily wagging her tail as you scratched behind her ears. 
When you looked back up, you were met with piercing green eyes looking at you. You gulped, mentally debating if you should leave the little sister to mourn for herself without making her uncomfortable. 
Just as you were about to get up, Yelena made her way up the slight hill before sitting beside you, fanny flopping down with her head on your lap, nudging your stomach lightly. 
" It seems like high time we met." She says, eyes fixed on her sister's grave. 
You nodded your head a bit, " did you know I'd be here?" 
" Honestly, no. It did catch me by surprise but also not at the same time." She turned towards you, eyes scanning your bloodshot ones, dark circles littered under them, " have you been sleeping?" 
You chuckled humourlessly," have you?" 
Her lips tugged upwards slightly, " touché. I see why my sister loved you." She referred to your sassy attitude, making you smile a little as well.  
She looked at you again,  contemplating if she wanted to ask you what was on her mind or not before deciding to just end her own misery, " you knew me ". 
Though it seemed like a statement, there was still a hint of confusion in her tone. 
You nodded once, " Tasha loved talking about you after the entire red room fiasco." You looked back at the grave, " while she was trying to bring everyone back together, I stayed behind. She wanted me safe. But she'd drop by our cottage whenever she could, even for just a night. Those stolen moments, you were mentioned quite a bit." 
You smiled as you looked at your wife's younger sister," she really loved you." 
The blonde's lips tugged upside down as she tried not to cry," I know. I hope she knew I loved her too." 
"She did." You reassured firmly, your gaze not wavering once," she did." 
Silence made itself known again as the both of you stared at the grave for a while before Yelena looked at you and then glanced at where Fanny was snuggled up," Did she know it worked?" 
She didn't need to elaborate on what she was referring to as your gaze fell to the small bump of your belly that was covered by a loose cardigan. Natasha's cardigan. 
Your lips quivered, tears springing back up in your eyes as you tried to steady your breathing. Yelena panicked a bit, not knowing what to do so she just held your hand in hers, giving it a tight squeeze. 
After taking a deep breath, you answered," she did...but she didn't get to fully celebrate it."
Yelena patiently waited for you to elaborate," when they were on the run, Tony still stayed true to his promise to Tasha and kept trying to find a way to infuse her marrow cells with my eggs. And….it worked one day. ….he made it work. " 
You sniffled, your other hand caressing the canine," Tasha came to visit me a couple days later. I wanted to tell her in a special way. So I waited till midnight so that it would Be our anniversary." 
A sob broke through you before you could continue, Yelena softly rubbing your back, trying to be strong for you even though it was proving to be hard," I wish I hadn't waited now. Maybe she would've at least gotten a couple hours to process and celebrate. But yeah, ten minutes before midnight Cap called her on the burner. Told her they needed to leave due to an emergency. So before she could rush and leave, I had blurted out the information." 
You smiled tearfully," She froze, you know. She literally froze, as if waiting for me to say it was a lie. When I didn't, she squealed like a gleeful child, her eyes watering as she engulfed me in a hug. And I could see that it hurt her to leave me even more. But I was the one who told her to go….they needed her more than I did. " You gulped, the words tasted sour. 
Yelena turned her face away from you, wiping her tears away as quickly as she could. 
"You know the worst part of it all?" 
" There's something more worse?" Yelena asked, a bit teasingly, earning a wryly smile from you.
"She came back to an empty home…" 
Yelena knew what you meant. She also knew about this fact before itself when she sent you the location of this place. 
But something about hearing it from you broke her. 
" She had to be alone for those five long years….she had to be without me, our unborn child and cope with it all" You sobbed. 
"I wasn't there either " Yelena added quietly, grabbing your attention," I wasn't there for her either." 
It sounded like this thought had been weighing on the blonde heavily for a long while. 
" You too?" You asked as Yelena nodded. 
Silence followed yet again, both of you not having anything else to say while also having years of memories you wanted to share.
But those could wait, right now all you needed was each other's support.
A girl who lost her big sister a little too soon and a civilian who lost the love of their life. 
Taglist: @mrsweasley06   @boba707    @calimoi   @nevaehss-heaven   @catsandbooksandsstuff   @darlingangel-17   @magic-source    @heyarely16    @originaldragonalmondflap  @supercorpendgame100  @sleepyheadssss @sleutherclaw @deadrhee @graciecliffx  @seggsyburrito @sweetlilbambi  @bi-lmg  @mxgcalvi  @sunday-kindoflove         @idk123906   @m-1234       @aqarath          @mrs-scottmccall  @freyathehuntress    @yelena-belovas-wife    @natashadeservedmore   @mmmmokdok 
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readingat1am · 3 days ago
What are your favorite Aftg fanfics?
Hello friend! It's nice to hear from you.
So I have a few fics that I'm following along with right now and waiting for them to be updated. But I'm assuming you're asking for completed fics. These are all Andreil by the way.
Please make sure to look at all the trigger warnings and ratings before you read. Enjoy!
The Manny by orphan_account | E | 57,000 words 
Problem #1: Neil accidentally becomes the nanny of two adorable kids.
Problem #2: Neil somehow manages to fall in love with their father.
Bad Dream by PalmettoFoxDen | Not Rated | 4188 words
Andrew has a nightmare about losing Neil, so Neil spends the rest of the night in Andrew's bed. The next morning, no one can find Neil and Andrew is no help.
12 Ways to Woo a Minyard by NikNak22 | M | 69,292 words
Neil is a math nerd who, by a stroke of dumb luck, falls into a group of friends that are the closest thing to family he’s ever had. So, when he tells them about his new mysterious crush, he shouldn’t be surprised how immediately they come up with a plan to help win them over. One they insist that if Neil follows it, he’ll have them falling for him in no time. But things don’t always go to plan – or do they?
Nicky wants to set him up with someone else. Matt and Jeremy are confused but supportive. Allison and Seth offer lewd suggestions, while Dan does her best to keep everyone in line. Jean and Renee know something, Aaron doesn’t really care, and Kevin just wants Neil to join the lacrosse team.
But one thing’s for certain – whether Neil’s successful or not, everyone’s got money riding on this.
all the way home by bazookajo94 | Teen and Up | 29,859 words
Neil is on a plane going far and away from his murderous father. He is on a plane with two rival sports teams. The plane is going down.
Neil is stuck on an island. He is stuck on an island with two rival sports teams, and at least one of those teams is going full Lord of the Flies.
Neil is fine being stranded on an island. At least he's away from his father. But how do any of these people know how to survive on a deserted island?
Oh my god, none of these people know how to survive on a deserted island.
wingpeople by likearecord | Teen and Up | 11,308 words
I mean, what else could Nicky have done when he spotted Andrew smiling at the hot guy making his coffee?
Not meddle?
Not get all the Foxes on board?
It's like you don't even know him.
in a manner of speaking by likearecord | Teen and Up | 6,335 words
In Andrew's defense, blind dates are terrible and almost all of Kevin's friends are even worse.
Nine times out of ten, calling in a favor to get Aaron to switch and tank it for him would be fine.
Unfortunately, Andrew found number ten.
The Bachelor of Baltimore by likearecord | M | Series with 3 Works
Nathaniel Wesninski, the only son of the Butcher of Baltimore, has two options: choose a mob boss to marry for the benefit of the Moriyamas, or meet with an unfortunate accident. He thought he had it worked out. And then Andrew Minyard walked into his life.
it suits you by lolainslackss | M | 13,592 words
“I’ve heard that you can buy suits here,” He said.
Andrew pointedly looked from side to side at the many suits that lined the walls.
“That’s the general idea, yes.”
Andrew Minyard is killing time working at his cousin's central London suit shop as a personal stylist. One day, Neil Hatford, an Olympic athlete in desperate need of a new wardrobe, walks through the door. That's when everything changes.
library hours by lolainslackss | Teen and Up | 10,026 words
Andrew always sits across from the same guy in the library. The set-up suits him: they're both night owls, they're both relatively neat, and they both like the quiet. There's absolutely no need for them to get to know each other. This delicate balance shifts, however, when the guy sprains his ankle and Andrew finds himself breaking all his own rules and driving him to the emergency room.
A wintry college AU featuring all-nighters, homemade sushi, copious amounts of coffee, and many mixed-up feelings.
The Smallest Exy Player, Now Even Smaller by ionlyloveyouironically | Teen and Up | 20,654 words
Aaron pissed somebody off, which isn't a surprise, but what happens to Andrew in retaliation definitely is. (Just another beloved-character-gets-magically-turned-into-a-child fic.)
Andrew Minyard: Tiny Gay Disaster by gluupor | Teen and Up | 17,041 words
Andrew is fed up with Nicky continually setting him up with guys, so he devises a plan to get him to stop: he claims he's dating Kevin. Of course, with his luck, as soon as he declares himself off the market he meets Neil. Cue the useless gay pining.
Come Get It Now by ExyEimi (Siyah_Kedi) | Teen and Up | 5,919 words
Renee is down and Andrew needs a goalie sub. Neil decides to give it a shot.
Push to Talk by alexjosten |  Teen and Up | 33,830 words 
Neil needs a fresh start. He has a new name and a new job in the middle of nowhere, miles away from anything to do with Exy. The only person he speaks to is Andrew, who knows nothing about him... until Neil's past catches up with him.
A Minyard That Makes Shitty Robots by orphan_account | Teen and Up | 11,231 words
Andrew should never listen to Bee's advice. Or maybe he should always listen to Bee's advice.
Anyway. At her prompting, he makes a YouTube channel to direct his manic energy into. It doesn't help that he only features his shitty, shitty, robots.
fame and infamy (you’re a fairytale to me) by jemwrites | Teen and Up | 18,705 words
When Neil, an enormous fan of A.Doe's novels, stumbles into the quaint town of Palmetto, the last thing he expects to do is stay.
And when Andrew, secretly A.Doe himself, meets the town's newest cryptid, the last thing he expects to do is fall.
Not a Fucking Squirrel by justadreamfox | Teen and Up | Series with 5 Works
“Am I dreaming?” Andrew asked. He whispered it even quieter this time, not wanting his breath to disturb the squirrel.
The squirrel’s head cocked left, and then right. It chirped, each trill musical and blending into the next, but none of it coalesced into language for Andrew. Finally, the squirrel sighed--okay, the squirrel didn’t really sigh, because it was a squirrel, but there was something like surrender in the way it dropped its hand from Andrew’s nose, tugged Andrew’s thumb up, and then bit him firmly.
Or, Andrew makes a friend.
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bubble-tea-bee · 5 months ago
Gentle Touch
Brahms Heelshire x M!Reader
Tumblr media
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TW: slight praising
Anon: I love your fics so much, could i request a brahms x male reader where y/n has usher syndrome? y/n being deaf–blind and being the older brother of brahm's nanny, maybe moves with her for the job, and gains the attention of brahms? really need some bromantic fluff <33
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You loved Erla, you really did, but there were times when she annoyed you. You couldn’t blame her for trying to help you constantly but it really got on your nerves. She was always treating you like you were glass; some fine china that needed to be cared for every second of the day. It was why you didn’t want to go with her to the UK. You had known that she would keep you attached to her hip at all times but at the same time, there was Dündar. Dear ol’ Dündar. An abusive asshole is who he was and is. You hated his guts more than anyone else’s. You guessed you could say that going to the UK was a new start; a new start for both of you.
You have been staying at the Heelshire mansion for a while; maybe 6 months now? You were unsure since you couldn’t really tell the time or know what day it was due to your condition. Well, you would know if Erla was to tell you. Though she never told you anything. All she ever did was lead you around or leave you alone to your own world.
From what little information you knew, you were with Erla in the UK and babysitting a child. Or... Well… A small porcelain child replaced the dead child. Either way, you didn’t mind. A porcelain doll wouldn’t run around you, make fun of the Usher Syndrome, or try to ask you questions about it when you could only answer them through braille and sign language; you doubted the child would have even known those two.
You had hearing aids but you didn’t use them all the time. You only used them to listen to music or to listen to the television. You don’t keep them in all the time since you don’t really want to. Well, it’s more of the fact that Erla’s voice is high pitched and slightly annoying, not saying everyone’s voice like that is but her’s is just terrible. You’d rather sign and read braille than hear her talk. You had to put in your hearing aids when you met the Heelshires but you enjoyed their voices. They were a lot better than your younger sister’s.
The story about losing their son was sad but replacing him with a doll? It was slightly uncomfortable. Erla had no problem about it though. The moment the Heelshires left, she ditched the doll and did her own thing. You didn’t want to leave the doll though. You couldn’t really do most of what needed to be done, but you could keep it with you. Besides, the little fellow felt cute, despite being made of cold porcelain and being slightly heavy.
Maybe that’s why the man in the walls was attracted to you. You kept the doll with you and tried your best to follow whatever rules you could. Today was the rare occasion you had your hearing aids in. You weren’t listening to the television or listening to music. You wanted to listen to your footsteps, the random creaks from inside the walls, and the distant sounds of Erla talking on the phone with her significant other. You didn’t care who they were, just as long as they made her happy. You are her older brother, and who are you to deny her any happiness? Besides, you can’t be stuck with her forever.
The doll keeps you company as you walk around the mansion. You have no destination in mind as you walk into a room. With how cold the room is, you already know it’s the kitchen. You place the doll down on a chair, gently tucking the chair in. Despite not being able to see, you can still feel, smell, and taste. And that’s all you need when you cook. You start getting your ingredients; you feel and smell every ingredient you grab, making sure it’s the one you want. When you’ve collected all your ingredients, you start to make dinner.
It’s a small dinner with a basic fruit salad and spaghetti with meatballs. You prepare everything with gentle hands, making sure that when you cut the fruit into smaller pieces, you don’t accidentally nick yourself. The salad is the first thing you finish before moving on to the spaghetti. You keep in mind to make enough for three people: you, Erla, and Brahms.
You hear the walls creak again, but you may not mind it. That is until you hear something opening. You don’t look up though and pretend you didn’t hear anything. You can hear quiet footsteps approaching you from behind. Despite how quiet they are, you can tell that the person must be heavy or at least tall; maybe even both. Their breathing seems to be heavy as they approach you.
You keep busy, not leaving the other person know you know about them being there. You freeze up when you feel a Gentle Touch on your hip. You don’t move away though, leading to the person slowly wrapping around your waist. “[Redacted]?” You hear a boy’s voice behind, not matching the large figure that is now pressed against you. “[Redacted]... I finally get to touch you… [Redacted]...” The voice sounds like the one on the phone. Or the one Erla has told you about. You never answer the phone since you never seem to have your hearing aids in when the calls happen. You give him a small hum of acknowledgment, unsure of who he is. Your answer is soon answered by the man.
“Do you like little me? Mommy said he was always so perfect…” You feel a mask(?) told the top of your head. It’s cold and sends a small shiver down your spine. You don’t want to anger him so you simply shake your head. “No..? Does that mean you like me more?” The boy voice being used slightly unsettles you but you’re sure there’s a reason for it; there’s always a reason for everything. You give him a nod as you finish up dinner.
“I knew you were the one… Mommy and Daddy said she was but I hate her. She doesn’t listen to the rules… But you try… You try to,” You hear him take in a deep inhale, his made face still buried in your hair. “You even make me meals, [Redacted]... You’re such a good boy… A nice boy… My beautiful boy…” He sighs out, the child voice still not fitting with his words. His arm around your waist tightens before he seems to force himself to let go. “Be good and don’t tell Erla about this…” You hear a plate and bowl be taken off the counter before his footsteps fade away.
“So! What’s for dinner, [Redacted]? Smells nice!” Erla says suddenly, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, making you flinch.
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