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Chapter 1 of Ain’t That A Bite is now available!

Summary: At the mercy of her landlord/boss, Rey Palpatine must scour together enough money to live in a rundown shack behind the 50s themed diner where she worked, Plutt’s Diner, which cost her even more than her paycheck. After an electrical fire took away not only her place of living but all of her processions, Rey must figure out a way to not only pay for the burned down shack but find another job, a new place to live, and manage to replace all of the clothes that were lost. With the help of reliable friends, the love of a man, and a family whom already referred to her as their daughter, things could possibly work out in her favor… or maybe it was just a false sense of peace.

This is a Modern AU with 50s themes/references!

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I am a fanfic writer from wattpad who just thought it be a good idea to write some stuff on here. I love transformers and written a few books on them. Like the aus? Well I love them and will gladly write about them

I am open to requests so please give me a few!

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Do you just have an idea for a fanfic and you know it’s gonna fucking kill you to write?  Like you know it’s gonna rip your fucking soul out?  Like, of course you know because you know the story it’s based off and you know the idea you have in mind and like you just KNOW that this is gonna cause you completely unnecessary sobbing… but you just have to write it anyway?  

Cause that’s how my night is going.  And I’m not here for it.   And yet, I can’t stop.  Fuck me.  Just bend me over and fuck me sideways because I can’t even deal. 

I love writing and I love writing fanfic but sometimes I hate my obsessive brain, lol.  Like, I am in the middle of a Halloween Harry Potter Prompt Series and then shit comes out of NOWHERE and now I can’t deal.  Like, does anyone else have this crackhead fangirl energy?  

No? Just me? I should seek professional help?  Ok, somebody contact St. Mungo’s for me then.  Thanks.  Please tell them I like tea and biscuits and that I’m much cooperative when I have them.  Yip. 

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Observatory Mansions

Warnings: None

Authors Note: Here is a Victorian AU Yungblud fanfic hope you like it.

Disclaimer: This story is a work in progress if you see any mistakes or typos please let me know so I can fix them.

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

It was another rain filled dreary day in london a thick layer of fog weighed heavy down on the city streets as Adam Warrington an influntial musician and businessman was on his way home after a hard day at work. 

Meanwhile a paitent at Manchester Asylum was on the run “ha you’ll never catch me fooking bastards,"laughed the voice of a man wearing a mud soaked hospital gown shouted as he ran right infront of Adam’s horsedrawn carrage causing the driver to aggressively pull at the horse’s reigns. 

Adam quickly opned the door to the vehicle and ran out onto the street to attend to the Man passed out in front of the horses.

"Good Lord are you allright sir,"Adam cried out taking the limp figure of the dirty man in his arms. 

The grease soaked man coughed and slowly nodded.

"Oh thank heaven let me help you,"Adam spoke picking up the stranger and placing him in the back of his carrage.

The stranger was slipping in and out of consciousness his head swirling.

Adam noticed this he quickly motioned for the driver to contuine on home taking the strange man back to his mansion there he had the house servants attend to the wounded stranger.

"Please get him in bed and call the doctor,"Adam commanded in a pancked tone bursting through the heavy doors of the house. 

The servents quickly obyed his commands carring the strange man up to a spare bedroom. 

The doctor soon arrived and went up to the room were the strange man was laying on a large canopyed bed. 

"Is he going to be ok doctor,"Adam asked in a hushed tone.

"No need to worry Mr. Warrington I gave him some of the best pain medication available and bandaged up his broken ankel he will be just fine,"the doctor replied.

"Thank you so much,"Adam spoke as the doctor got up to leave the room.

"Its no problem at all just be sure that he gets lots of rest and stays off his feet,"the doctor replied. 

"Oh and one more thing I would suggest that you give that fellow a bath,"the doctor said as closed the heavy doors to the bedroom and left the house.

Adam thanked the doctor and sat by the strangers bedside wacthing him sleep hoping that he would wake up soon.

He felt so bad about runing him over and was willing to do everything in his power to help the stranger. 

The older man’s blue grey eyes looked over the strange man his face dirty coated with soot and his brow driping with some black greasy substance. 

 As he got up to leave the stranger abruptly woke up his eyes fluttred open and began to scan the big drafty room soon meeting Adam’s face causing him to go into shock.

"Its allright no need to fear your safe,"Adam comforted.

The strange man quickly jumped out of bed and ran twards one of the large windows to the bedroom in an attempt at escaping. 

Adam was not going to let him hurt himself even more so he ran after the man restraining him. 

"Calm down my dear fellow I am here to help,"Adam breathed as the stranger thrashed around in his arms trying to break free from his strong grasp. 

"How do I know that you wont kill me,"he questioned. 

"If I wanted to kill you I would have already done it,"Adam huffed. 

"You need to rest your in no contition to leave,"Adam spoke as the stranger stoped struggling finaly realizing the emense pain from his broken ankle. 

A quiet creak of the bedroom doors were heard as a maid by the name of Eliza stumbled into the room with a urgent message. 

"Master Adam you are needed down stairs there is someone by the name of William Berk here for you,"the maid chirped.

"Could you please take care of this lad for me while I go attend to this”?

“Of course I’ll make sure he’s well taken care of,” Eliza  responded.

Adam walked down the steps of his home and down twards the parlor where his guest was waiting. 

“Oh there you are I came to deliver some news about the new concert hall you are building.”

“Yes and what about it  things are going smoothly with the construction I presume.”

“Its almost finished I just need you to sign off on a couple of things before we can open,"Mr. Berk said. 

"Of course,"Adam replied pulling out his pen to sign off on the final documents. 

Meanwhile Eliza was attending to the stranger.

"What is your name young master I want to adress you corectly,she asked placing him back into bed to rest his bruised and broken ankel. 

"Dominic,"the man said bluntly.

"What a lovely name I realy like it,” Eliza spoke with a warm cheery smile. 

Adam finished with his  important business and quickly came back upstairs.

“Dont worry sir he is doing just fine go in and talk to him,” Eliza comforted. 

Adam took her advice and took a seat next to the man he had many questions for the strange but decided to start of woth the most imporant one. 

 "What is your name.“

"The name is Dominic and yours? 


“Thank you for your kindness sir”.

Adam smiled warmly and nodded. 

“So Dominic where exactly do you come from you seemed to be trying to get away from some very interesting people when my carriage bumped into you.”

“I don’t come from any place,"Dominic replied not willing to divulge all his personal information to a complete stranger.

"Well then why don’t you stay with me untill you recover from your injuries.”

“It would be nice to have some company it often gets boring living in an big old drafty mansion all by your self with the exception of a few servants.”

“That sounds alright ,"Dominic replied sinking down into the soft bedsheets his eyes heavy.

” I’ll leave you to get some rest goodnight,“Adam responded leaving the room….

Stay Tuned For Part 2

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Ateez x Yuri on Icee

Hey guys, I’ve started writing again, and my latest project is a ateez x yuri on ice fanfic called born to make history! Essentially, its yuri on ice but with ateez as the characters. It’ll be pretty close to the show, but not exact because i changed some things.

Would anyone be interested in reading it if i posted it on here?

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A/N: I am doing my best and burning quite a lot of myself while writing this, so I’d really appreciate to know that someone actually reads :) Feedback is more than welcome!

Summary: Vali is a student on a scholarship who is starting at UA High in first year. Social and language barriers won’t be the only obstacles on her path, but she’s determined to go through the hero course and become a pro hero.

Genre / tags: Friendship, Romance (eventually, slow burn), School, Angst, Slice of Life

Warnings: canon-typical violence, character death, self-esteem issues, depression

Word count: 3.2k

Chapter 8 | Navigation | Chapter 10

[Read on AO3]

[Read on FFnet]


Since starting school, Vali’s days had been eventful. Even so, she had somehow gotten used to it these last weeks. She thought she was getting better at adapting, all things considered. Yes, it would have been better to not have snapped one or two times. But for someone who had never set foot outside her house’s boundaries before the national examination for the Hero courses scholarships, she thought she was doing pretty good.

So there was no reason she should feel so nervous about her incoming internship. Right?

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“I’m not tired.” Peter grumbled as Tony tossed a blanket at him from where he sat on the couch.

“That big yawn just before betrayed you.” Tony teases as he threw a pillow.

“Okay. Maybe a quick nap before lab time wouldn’t hurt. 30 minutes tops.” Peter laid his head on the offered pillow.

“See you in three hours, Spider-Baby.” Tony kissed his forehead.

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Dear (fan)fic authors (and creators in general including artists, be it of fanart or original works),

I’m asking for your advice, insight, experience.

Do you ever lose motivation in creating because it feels like it’s pointless? Like nobody gives a damn anyway? Like you’re just forcing yourself to produce content but it’s not making you happy anymore?

What do you do to get rid of that need for validation? Or do you just accept you have it and try to feed it? Is there a healthy way to do it?

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A/N: Hi! Chapter 2 is here, not only surprisingly faster than I anticipated, but also with a word count closer to what I used to write ten years ago. I struggled with the action parts, so I’d really appreciate feedback to help me improve and bring an enjoyable read to you!
Thank you so much for reading!
Also, I made a quick character sheet for Vali, if you’d like to see how she looks like and find basic infos on her! :)

Summary: Vali is a student on a scholarship who is starting at UA High in first year. Social and language barriers won’t be the only obstacles on her path, but she’s determined to go through the hero course and become a pro hero.

Genre / tags: Friendship, Romance (eventually), School

Warnings: canon-typical violence

Word count: 4k

Chapter 1 | Navigation | Chapter 3

[Read on AO3]

[Read on FFnet]


Since the moment she decided to apply for the hero course scholarship, Vali prepared to face difficult situations to attain her goal. Leaving—alone, no less—for a country eleven thousand kilometers away had just been the first step. Cultural shock, misunderstandings, even racism and bullying, her parents had thrown every possibility to convince her to abandon this reckless dream. But when she received the acceptance letter, the idea of their eldest child receiving top tier education in a flourishing country finally won them over. They probably hoped Vali would soon realize that the path she had chosen was too difficult. She’d choose another, more reasonable course. Then, diploma in hand, she’d come back home to a boring, albeit high paying, office job. Vali had never been so bent on disappointing them.

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“I’m packed and ready for for our trip, Mr. Stark!” Peter yelled.

“Peter…We leave in two weeks…” Tony frowned.

“Well I guess I should call Ned back and tell him I can hang out this weekend then.” Peter dropped his duffel bag on the ground and pulled out his phone.

“How are you supposed to adult in a couple of years?” Tony sighed.

“I mean they let you do it so how hard can it be?” Peter tossed over his shoulder as Ned answered.

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@obsessionoftheday and I wanted to start a weekly shout out for fanfics and authors we LOVE. We think that it’s important that writers support other writers! So, feel free to give this a like or a re-blog and keep spreading kindness, love, and support with us.

Shout Outs:

1. 1. SaltyDonuts *Applause* ( @saltydonutwinner)

Fic is titled: “At Least You’re Here.”

1. 2. Solstice! *Applause*

Fic is titled, “Chickpea and Bleach Curry.”

We hope that you will go give these stories a read and leave some positive feedback. Always remember that a comment can save a writers life.

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