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Based on the list of prompts HERE from @lumosinlove got super inspired by these and Im feeling lonely as Valentines Day creeps up on us. The goal is to write one page a day that corresponds with a prompt, they won’t be in the order of the list but there is a little bit of a story that follows throughout.

Part 2 Heated Kisses 

Word count: 730

“Talk to me!” I pleaded. The fortress ruins yawned opened behind me and Thane towered in the front. He had been silent nearly our entire treck here, even longer really. We hadn’t spoken much since I had trudged back to our room a few days ago to find him holding a beautiful girl in his arms fast asleep. I shouldn’t have felt so betrayed, I disappeared to but it still ate at me. Now the monster we had been sent to take out was only a little ways away and the fear I tried to keep clamped down was surfacing. I didn’t want one of us to die without addressing this, whatever this was.

“About what?” his voice was a low annoyed growl. He tried to step around me but I stepped back in his way. 

“You know very well what,” I replied softly. Thane’s eyes turned stormy and the skin around them crushed to his nose as his eyebrows furrowed. I met his gaze trying to put all my muddled emotions into the look I sent back at him. 

“The kiss?” He snarled in response “or the girl I woke up with.” A menacing step forward had me backing up, just a bit. “Because you have no room to talk.” 

“I,” faltering I looked away from him, “I know.” Mist covered the field we were in. It shrowded the ruins and created a heavy blanket suffocating the surrounding area. I wish it would let me hide in it like everything else. “You just left.” As if that explained my own disappearance that night. 

“I just left!” He sneered, “I left, and as soon as I do your immediate response is to go ask one of the pretty barmaids to bath you.” 

“I didn’t,” My voice cracked pathetically, “I mean that had been my original intention,” a pause. Was he… jealous? “But I didn’t, we went out back and she started getting undressed.” the sentence hung for a moment as I paused trying to figure out how to explain what had happened in my mind. “Something felt wrong about it, I made my excuses and found another place to get washed up.” Did he feel as betrayed as I did? 

“Then were the hell were you all night!” Another step forward, I didn’t move back this time. 

“I didn’t think you would want to see me.” 

“Liar.” I had seen him mad, at his worse when there was nothing but the brutal thing he kept on such a tight leash. It had never been directed at me. Until now. “Don’t lie to save my feelings. I don’t care about what you did. Just get out of my way.”   

“I came out here to scout out the surrounding area,” I admitted in a rushed blurb of words, afraid of losing him, “the duke didn’t give us enough information and I knew we would want at least a little more.” The anger flickered for just a moment. “That’s how I knew about the river and the clearing and..” Thane stopped my to-fast explanation by grabbing the collar of my shirt. We were very close, very quickly. On reflex, I grabbed at his arms to steady myself and met his gaze.  

“I know it was idiotic,” His eyes swallowed my thoughts, they swirled with the mist around us, the gray shifting with emotion. “But…” His eyes flicked to my lips. 

“Stupid.” He gowled pulling me up to meet his own lips in a bruising kiss. I clung to his shirt and cloak, grabbing at whatever I could reach. He tugged at my hair, tangling his fingers in it and holding me there. It was longer than the first two, our breath mingled and mixing as we gasped for short puffs of oxygen. Every movement sent fire zipping down my veins. There was a heated intensity to it, likely only brought on by the anger I could feel stiffening his muscles and roughening his movements. 

Thane…” A deafening shriek echoed through the ruins interrupting me. My eyes snapped open meeting his. Right, we had a job to do.                        

“Kiri…” He let go of me, eyes softening just a touch.  

“We are going to talk about this later.” I murmured. He nodded and opened his mouth to say something when a dark twisted humanoid silhouette appeared out of the mist with another bone-shaking scream. 

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1. Zack travels to the future

2. Anyone travels to the future

3. Shinra develops a materia that can grant small wishes and showcases it in front of the press. He wishes for “The strongest being Shinra has ever produced!” Expecting Sephiroth to appear. Instead they get a thoroughly confused Cloud Strife on his motorcycle. There is a moment of silence before everything goes strait to hell.

4. Cloud winds up in a Shinra elevator with Fenrir and one objective. Escape the tower!

5. Cloud develops slit pupils and hides from everyone because of it.

6. Cloud winds up in a parallel world where materia isnt a thing. Luckily he has a lot of it.

7. Cloud wakes up in cyberspace with little to no memory. Proceeds to cause chaos in Shinra. Also Hologram! A.I.! Cloud

8. Cloud finds out he’s been cloned

9. Cloud finds out he has a fanclub. He wishes he didnt.

10. Cloud finds out his stalker-club can find him just about anywhere.

11. The Silver Elite is still alive and meets every Thursday

12. Clouds fanclub was called “Gold Chocobo” until Cloud asked that they changed it.

13. Cloud and Sephiroths fanclubs meet every Sunday. They get along well despite the circumstances.

14. Tifa protects Cloud by scaring off his fans. Yuffie complains that she doesn’t have a fanclub, (she does, they are just respectful) and Vincent is just glad he doesn’t have demon worshipers following him around.

15. Cloud has a statue of Zack and Aerith made in Edge, next to it are placks commemorating their sacrifices and telling thier stories.

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Shawnu leaned on the door to make sure it didn’t slam open again. Outside ice cold wind was howling around the corners of the small cabin, ground and sky equally white.

Cradled against his chest, was what looked like a human, blond hair tangled with ice, skin fair and clothing way to thin for such harsh conditions.

“Thank god! You found him” Kihyun, dressed in warm layers of wool and fur from top to toe, jumped up from where he had been waiting next to the fireplace, his little bumble bee zumming over his head.

“How did you know he was out there?” With gentle movements he sat himself down on a fluffy sheepskin in front of the fireplace, not letting go of the tiny frame for one second.

Now that they were inside, Shawnu opened his soft knitted jacked and tucked the frozen body closer to his chest. There were heartbeats, not strong, but he lived, and Shawnu let go of the tension in his shoulders. Luckily he had found him just on the right side of too late.

“Hyungwon told me he had seen them in a vision. He didn’t yet understand what he was doing or there, but he was pretty insistent about you going out to search”

The bubbly bee expanded his circle so that he passed over the pale boy in Shawnu’s arms before he returned to his regular path, close to Kihyun’s fur. Jooheon wanted to be helpful , but waited patiently for his masters order.

“You think he accidentally passed through a portal?” The gentle giant didn’t look up at Kihyun that was rhythmically stirring a bowl of hot soup balancing on the embers while talking. Shawnu’s eyes were on the body in his arms, his free hand repeatedly patting blonde hair, trying to detangle some of the ice cones as they started to melt.

“I think Wonho might left a portal open when he disappeared the other day. He never told me where he was going, but judging by this guy’s clothes, the portal lead to somewhere warm. I don’t understand how he fell trough the portal though“

Both men snapped their head in the direction of the frozen body when a shiver ran through him, followed by a frail cough. Shownu hushed him while rocking them gently, Kihyun hurried over with a bowl filled with hot fairydust soup.

Without opening his eyes, the man tolerated a wooden spoon pushed against his thin lips and had a careful mouthful of the healing golden liquid.

Without as much as a knock the door slammed open, snow whirling into the small room. Hyungwon fought with the wind for a long five seconds, but won eventually, securing the heavy door with a massive hook.

“What are you doing here?” Both guardians turned to where a snow covered Hyungwon tried to shrug off his heavy green coat without using his hands.

“I found his little fellow” The wizard left his coat in a heap by the door and quickly pushed past the others, getting as close to the heat as possible. From under his shirt a bushy tail dangled, ice cristals shining in light from the fireplace.

“That’s why he’s here!” It all clicked. If Wonho had left a portal open, a hunting animal could easily smell it. And if that boy was the wolf’s caretaker, of course he’d followed him into the white.

They knew how all there was to do at this point was waiting, for soup and heat to do their healing, for frozen bodies to come back to life.

No one cared about time, maybe except a tiny striped wingy fellow, impatiently zummuing over the others, making sure he never came to close to the animal in Hyungswon’s arms, knowing very well the wizard’s hand could send him on a tumbling ride across the room.

It wasn’t weather to be outside, not during such a blizzard. The cabin was warm and offered a safe shelter for the small group of guardians located in the snowy mountains far, far up north. Hopefully no one else needed their services tonight. Not even a yeti lacking common sense, would try crossing the passage on a night like this.

A tiny pained growl pulled all of them out of their post soup slumber, including the unknown still cradled against Shownu’s chest.

“IM! Did you find IM?” A pair of gorgeous green eyes looked up at the giant holding him tightly for the first time and Shawnu melted a little. Hyungwon lifted one corner of a heavy rug in his lap and a black nose peaked out to sniff the air.

The little wolf wiggled his tail with enough power to shrug off the rug and then he dived into the boy’s lap. He walked three rounds, stretched up to give his human a sticky lick with a pink tongue and then curled together like a ball, making a much more happy growl from somewhere deep down.

“It looks like you two know each other.” Shawnu spoke softly, finally releasing his tight hold on the boy, making room for him to sit up to pet the now fluffy animal.

“I’m Minhyuk, who are you?” The stranger suddenly seemed to be awake enough to notice the small group of men in the room. While stroking his animal steadily, he let his gaze move from one to another, taking in all of them. “You’re not dangerous, are you?”

Shawnu landed a smily kiss on the top of Minhyuk’s head before he shook his head. “No, we’re the reason you’re still alive.”

Kihyun eyed him from the side, but let it pass. Minhyuk relaxed again and went back to petting his friend. “Why would you run after that stupid bunny anyway, how am I gonna turn you back now?” It was meant for his wolf, but Hyungwon jumped up from his spot by the only window in the room.

“Could you repeat that please? How did you two end up here?” Hyungwon pushed his glasses back into place and sat down next to the stranger.

“We don’t have bunnies on our island, and then suddenly this bouncy thing pops up out of nowhere. He just followed him, and I did too and before I knew it I was falling.” He scratched his wolf lovingly behind his ear, the animal happily leaning into the touch.


Hyungwon cursed internally, He’d love to know why and where that bunny had opened a portal. “Hmmm…” the wizard studied the animal closely. “He’s not pure wolf, is he?”

Minhyuk laughed, but the sound fell quickly to the ground and his eyes turned sad. “No, he’s a half breed shapeshifter. He hasn’t changed many times before, and now I don’t have any antidote on me, because, well, we were only having a nice evening on the beach. Who could’ve known we’d need a bunny repellent there?”

IM’s ears hang loosely from his head, a great contrast to how he’d looked when he first saw Minhyuk.

Jooheon brushed his wings against Kihyun’s ear to get his attention. The elder shook his head, but the bee didn’t give up that easily.

“Jooheon wants to help”

Kihyun sighed and held out his hand for the little friend to sit on as he shared the bee’s wish with the others.

Hyungwon narrowed his eyes and studied he bee closely. “Are you sure you want to use all your pollen on one go like that? You know you will have to stay human until the honey flower blossoms in May?”

Jooheon made a happy dans and the Wizard sighed. “Please go on”

The bee didn’t have to be told twice and plunged down into the thick fur on the back of the small wolf. The animal jolted and cried out before it stumbled to the ground in the shape of a man. A big red head softened his fall and both the men awkwardly detangled their limbs and stood up.

Minhyuk was up on his feet the same second, hugging his friend to pieces. Hyungwon patted Jooheon’s back and gave him a short nod. He could be a useful extra if they needed to guard a portal trough the winter. And the strangers seemed happy enough.

Kihyun watched the happy scene in front of them with a smile on his face. Saving a lost one in the mountain was the best feeling. Saving two, even better. The happiness he felt pushed away the nagging feeling of more challenges to come, almost. If Wonho had left the portal open so that he could return, then they had to find it and guard it closely. Hopefully it was still open so that their new friends could return to their home, but even if they couldn’t risk more innocent people falling through, they couldn’t close it either, because above all, they wanted for Wonho to return.

Kihyun met Shownu’s gaze and knew they were on the same page. They had a portal to find and bunny to track down. But first, food.

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Sometimes the urge to buy Shiny Rocks™ becomes too great and you end up on Etsy:


And then suddenly you are in possession of light-up quartz earrings. Because I am really just a corvid at heart.

Give me the Shinies. And a good reason to wear'em someplace.

I got them from Lumen Couture on Etsy! The stuff they have is like rave but refined rave stuff. Lots of LED’s. These earrings are perf. And they come with rubber backs too so I can just have these heckin rocks on my ears! Love it.

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Just some Final fantasy 7 story prompts:

1. Denzel goes back in time and meets young Cloud

2. Cloud finds and artifact that allows him to go back in time, but he is forced to communicate only in riddles and can’t directly answer questions. Which leads to a very confused general.

3. Zack lives

4. Zack lives, but abandons Cloud in Nabilhaim.

5. Cloud remains comatose near Zacks body untill Sephiroth finds him

6. Cloud is a Cetra living alone on a mountain top where his mother hid him from Shinra.

7. Jenova gets yeeted into the sun

8. Cloud goes to therapy.

9. Cloud tells Denzel and Marlene a bedtime story.

10. Cloud in drag.

11. Sephiroth catches Cloud in drag.

12. Sephiroth catches Cloud in drag but doesn’t realize its Cloud.

13. Cloud is 200% done.

14. Puppet Cloud vs Hero Zack

15. Cloud gets a wing. He doesn’t tell anyone untill it pops out and hits someone.

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Out of Character Quotes 2.15

Fun quotes from Fantasy High Sophomore Year, Episode 15


Emily: Do not meta game with my freaking dad!


Brennan: If one of you would kindly roll a d20 to see how bad the lair action is.

Murph: You got it! *throws his d20 before the others can process what’s happening, followed by the cast yelling over his terrible roll*


Brennan: The rest of yall are getting charged.

Siobhan: What to? Our credit cards? 


Murph: A 7 is a Murph 10!


Siobhan: (On Johnny being caught by the Kystrona The Chained) I’ll just continue to throw Johnny Spells on every one of my turns.


At 1:11:33, Brennan quickly realized his mistake of having Daybreak use Frighten Foe on Fabian who is immune to fear.

Siobhan: Eat those dice Brennan.

Ally: Eat the dice! Eat more dice! Eat more dice!

Zac: Don’t do it! It takes forever!

Brennen: *pops a sugar dice in his mouth for a few seconds before he spat it into his glass*

34 minutes later (1:45:12) Brennan forgot he put the discarded candy dice in his drink

Brennan: *takes a sip out of his nearby glass, nearing spewing his drink everywhere as he covers his mouth with the back of his hand* Oh. I forgot I put a candy dice in that. *continues to make faces over the taste*


Siobhan: (on Kristen spitting on Daybreak) Does Kristen’s gay spit do damage?

Ally: Yeah. Does my gay spit do anything?

Lou: One d4 for gay spit?

Brennan: One d4 for gay spit? You see a little bit of gay spit touches daybreak and he goes *ssss* Ah! Love! Love wins!


Ally: Shield, so my AC’s now 20.

Brennan: How do you have shield?

Ally: I don’t know.

Brennan: I don’t-

Ally: *holds up card*

Brennan: *pointing at card* That’s Shield of Faith which is a different spell.

Ally: Oh. Okay. Shield of Faith.

Brennan: This is not useable as a reaction. That is a concentration spell.

Murph: You were confident though.

(proceeds to become a running joke)


Murph: We’re all gonna die yall.

Emily: No. I will save us all with my bonus action Healing Word and all the 2s I keep rolling.


Ally: Right, right. So if I had those 9 temp hitpoints there. (from Tracker’s spell)

Brennan: It would be impossible for me to hit a 9 on a d8.


Emily: (on Riz flying out of a cannon) Can I do an insight check to see if he’s having fun?

Brennan: Bill Seacaster? He’s having a great time!

Emily: No! Riz!


Zac: Let Brennan know if you want him to give me a magical item.


Bonus: Murph lost his “little beans” dice

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Несколько персонажей из вселенной Драгонфэндора.

A few characters from Dragonfendor’s universe

Райден (Raiden); Мракос(Mrakos); Дюрт(Durth); Реганат(Reganat) Эмервинд(Emerwind);  Хронометр(Chronometer)

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Tell me you’re having a terrible day at work so i know to get dressed appropriately and be at home waiting for you. Order me to be there to take your tension and frustration out on.

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