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“I’ve got all the warmth you need right here, hot-stuff.”

I imagine this as the moment when Johnny reveals his power for the first time to Beck. An AU were they are trapped in some cave in some godforsaken training ground or another planet for that matter. And in the dark Johnny plants kisses on Beck’s helmet (I tried to add the evidence of it in the manip) and Beck uncharacteristically loses his shit and says “Will you please let me die in peace?! If I had a gun, I’d put a bullet through my head. But instead, I’d have to let this place freeze me to death. Until then, please stay the fuck away!” To which Johnny responds “Not on my watch. Not when I’ve got all the warmth you need right here, hot-stuff.” and then the cocky son of a gun snaps his fingers and lightens up that little world.

p.s. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind, darling. Thank you for all the lovely inspirations.

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The Fantastic Four is best known as Marvel’s First family however usually they get the short end of the stick when they’re being adapted into other media for a modern audience usually it fails, but one series tries it’s best to give the FF it’s best treatment. Here is my review of Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes.

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So my friends have a marvel tag going on and we could really use some members!!

The tag is called Great Marvel Academy! (#greatmarvelacademy or #earth267)

Basically it’s a school for cannoned Marvel characters. You can join and decided whether you want the character you’ve chosen to be a student or a teacher. We do have limited teacher spots though so you’ll need to check with us on what classes are open!

Here’s who we have so far:

Peter Parker - lightapeedantillies (Server founder)

GB!Bucky Barnes - amethyst_cosplays98 (Server founder)

GB!Steve Rogers - un.amoosed (Me)

GB!Tony Stark - penguinofgotham

Miles Morales - jedimack

Bruce Banner - cailloupotato

Rogue - cosplay_girl0305

Phil Coulson - philtmnt

Carol Danvers - bensoloismyhusband

Natasha Romanoff - cosplay.lina

Morgan Stark - morgan_leann_115

Frank Castle - kekakarot

Nick Fury - I don’t know his user

GB = Genderbent. You are allowed to genderbend whatever character you choose!

Here are the teacher roles:

English -

Art - Steve Rogers (un.amoosed) (me)

Writing -

Science - Peter Parker (lightspeedantillies)

Forensics - Bruce Banner (cailloupotato)

Algebra -

Pre Calc -

History -

Engineering -

Mechanics - Tony Stark (penguinofgotham)

If you would like to join our humble little tag feel free to make a video with the tags #greatmarvelacademy #earth267 and #marvelacademyauditions

You can also hit me up if you’d like and I’ll pass your audition along to make sure it’s seen!

Once you audition and are accepted into the group Peter will give you a brief rundown of the story line. Then you’ll need to fill out your introduction, character bio, timezones, and birthday. This information is important so we can all get to know each other!

This is a 15+ tag so please keep that in mind.

SO! Here’s what you need to join:



15 years and up

A cannoned marvel character

#greatmarvelacademy #earth267 #marvelacademyauditions (this applies to your first post only)

Anywho! If you are interested in joining our small little tag feel free to hit me up or make your audition! We are an open and loving little dysfunctional family and we’d love to have you!

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Please nobody steal this! This is my fancast for when the MCU finally does a Fantastic 4 movie, which i think they should do sooner rather than later cause my cast isn’t getting any younger. I know a couple of these actors would never agree to this, especially Shia Labeouf, but I can dream

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