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#fantastic beasts

Newt being one of the most popular Victoria’s Secret models and eventually becoming an angel.

Imagine him walking down the runway in one of those cute outfits. Everyone would love him. 😍

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thinking about it (the baby phoenix happily jumping on gellert’s hand at the end of the crimes of grindelwald) 

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5 feather occamy
‘Worrying means you suffer twice’ Newt Scamander silhouette

Want one of your own? Ask and we’ll let you know a price! Decal and shirt colors may be changed at request depending on availability.

Sizes Sm-3X

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Warnings: [None]

Notes: During Fantastic Beasts 2, kinda?



In Newt’s defense, it was Jacob’s idea, so it was Jacob’s fault. See, it all started with the two of them spending some time with the creatures in the lower level of his apartment. The two were chatting about the upcoming holiday while taking care of the amazing creatures that filled the habitat.

“You’re tellin’ me, you’ve never, ever done a Secret Santa?” Jacob asked, gently moving the baby occamy from his lap and placed the creature back into the little nest with a raised eyebrow. The no-maj was confused beyond belief about how his best friend has never done this tradition before.

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“Let me slide inside you and taste your poetry.”

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Pajama party for 2+5.

@eveneechan and @/DianaScamander (on twitter) talked about newtina having a pajama party, so I draw this!

(I’m saving for a new drawing tablet, but if you like my art and is able to, drop a tip on my ko-fi to help me get it faster:, thank you so much for your support!)

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Below is Rey Fisher’s statement from his Twitter:


And here’s Johnny Depp’s statement from his instagram:


Warner Bros fired Ray Fisher because he spoke up about the abuse he went through while working with them. They had also previously fired Johnny Depp because he was a victim of abuse while keeping his abuser employed.

Both Ray and Johnny refused to be silenced so WB fired them while their abusers are still employed. Let that sink in.

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trigger warning: fake blood!


drawn to power, drawn to greed, drawn to death.

the elder wand.

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Request: “hi love :D its been so long since ive seen someone write for percival and i adore him so much. i love your percival works and if you dont mind i would love to request a percical x reader with just fluff and its all soft and cute? just a nice evening cuddles with my favourite american wizard :)) tysm <33”

The apartment door opens, but you don’t lift your head, remaining curled in your position on the couch. You can hear the keys jangle as they’re placed into their bowl by the door, and the rusting of fabric as Percival takes off his coat.

“Darling, I’m home!” He calls to you, and you take a shaky breath. The sound of approaching footsteps stops abruptly, and you realize that Percival is in the doorway, staring at you.

“Is everything alright?” He breathes, striding over and kneeling by your side. He brushes his fingers through your hair, dark eyes filled with concern.

You nod, propping yourself up on an elbow. “Just a bad day.” Your voice is scratchy and it wavers. Percival purses his lips, upset, then stands, scooping you into his arms.

You wiggle in the embrace, your complaints muffled against his shoulder. It’s not practical for him to be carrying you, and totally unnecessary.

“I had a long day, too,” Percival confesses briskly, entering your shared room. “So in my professional opinion, I think we should go back to bed at once.”

You nod, clinging to him as he lowers you to the mattress. With gentle hands and wary eyes, Percival removes your shoes and your jacket, then sheds a few of his own layers until he’s left in just his pants and undershirt. He slips into bed beside you, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I’m here if you want to talk about it,” he murmurs in your ear. “Or I can just hold you.”

You nod, feeling your hair brush against his neck. Percival presses a kiss to the back of your head, his embrace and presence tiding away the exhaustion and hurt.

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