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#fantastic beats the crimes of grindelwald

I have a tradition of rewatching HP movies at least once a year. This year, I added the two FB movies as well. I know lots of people have well deserved issues with a lot of thing with the franchise and I do too, but I still thoroughly enjoy the movies. All of them. Certainly there are some big issues I have, like how Kloves treated Ron starting from GOF onwards, and how Hermione kind of became a mary sue, and definitely some of the things that were added or removed, like the removal of some of the Riddle memories in HBP, removing the pretty fascinating Dumbledore backstory in Deathly Hallows, the silly inconsistencies like polyjuice not changing the voice of the characters etc… But in general, I still think the movies did a great job capturing the spirit of the books and the casting was just incredible. Especially the adult casting. I know we have only seen one version of Harry Potter on the big screen, but I envision these actors, especially the adults, when I’m reading the books now. Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Robbie Coltraine, Mark Williams, Julie Walters etc… are now the faces I see when I think of those characters. Richard Harris was a terrific Dumbledore for the first two movies, where he had more of grandfatherly, twinkling, vibe. I know people are critical of Gambon in GOF and he admittedly did get the characterization wrong, but I feel he was excellent in POA, OOTP, and especially HBP. Alan Rickman was just so outstanding in the role of Snape. I genuinely feel he should have gotten some Oscar consideration for his performance in DH2. But he was incredible even when he had only a few scenes and had to be super dry in his dialogue delivery. Maggie Smith was similarly wonderful. But these were just the adult regulars, but equally incredible were the phenomenal actors who came for just a few films. There are so many. Gary Oldman, David Thewlis, Imelda Staunton, Helena Bonham Carter, Brendan Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes, Jason Isaacs, Emma Thompson, Jim Broadbent etc… among many others. A lot of these actors only had a film or two where they had a significant presence, but they showed up in cameos in other films, particularly in DH2. I have a lot of respect for the casting directors for this franchise since they cast basically half of all of British’s well respected acting thespians. Even someone like Bill Nighy appeared, just for two scenes in DH1. Rhys Ifans came in DH1 and was terrific in the two scenes he was in. Ciaran Hinds also was in just one or two scenes and he was also very good. And all these actors felt like they gave it their all and that it wasn’t just a paycheck role.

When it comes to child casting, what strikes me is the amazing continuity the series kept. Its one thing to be able to keep the core child actors like Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and Tom Felton, but one of the most satisfying aspects of the series is that a lot of the core group of side characters were continuously played by the same actors. Not just Matthew Lewis and Bonnie Wright  and the Phelps brothers, but also Alfred Enoch as Dean, Devon Murray as Seamus, and Joshua Herdman as Goyle. It would be very easy to replace some of these side characters over time and no one would notice, but the continuity makes it so much more enjoyable when in DH2 Seamus helps Neville blow up a bridge based on the fact that we know Seamus from the first movie was known for blowing stuff up. Its the small things that make it so great. Possibly the most accurate bit of casting was Evana Lynch as Luna. I honestly can’t think of a single actor more perfectly cast in the series than her. The core quartet were all lovely. Not always consistent, but more than good enough. I actually think Dan was the weakest actor when the series started, but he made remarkable improvement in the back half of the series, especially OOTP onwards. He is outstanding in DH2 I thought. Tom Felton didn’t always have to do much until HBP, but he was excellent in HBP. He does seem to have been stereotyped a little in the other roles I’ve seen him in but it still means he was great. Emma Watson’s performance fluctuated a bit. She was very good as a kid, then she was kind of bad in GOF and in parts of OOTP, but she found her footing again in HBP and especially in DH1, which I still consider to be her best acting performance to date. I think Rupert was always the most natural actor of the lot. He was probably the most hard done by the Kloves because they kind of typecast him as the comedic sidekick, but I can’t fault Rupert because he was a pretty gifted comic. Like Emma, when he got more scope in DH1, he did an incredible job. I would say Bonnie Wright is maybe the only one who didn’t fully grow into the role for me. It probably has a lot to do with writing, but she also really didn’t share any chemistry with Dan which made that relationship feel pretty flat and forced. But all in all the casting really made these movies and they elevate the movies significantly. But I admit all the craft behind it. Also, some of these movies are close to two decades old and the effects hold up quite well. I think there are scenes in the first movie that look a little dated, particularly the flying scenes, but subsequent movies seemed to find the right blend of practical and visual effects to make the movies look pretty timeless. 

I think all the directors did their job really well. Columbus did a good job of bringing the childlike wonder of the initial books to life, Cuaron brought his more adult quality as the kids grew up, Newell ramped up the scale and the scope, and Yates managed to bring home the darkness. Definitely the films weren’t flawless. Like I mentioned before, there were times when some characterizations were off, some key subplots were eliminated or not handled well, some things added which were not needed etc… but the spirit of the books remains. I have a deep fondness for the movies as I feel I grew up with them as I am basically the same age as all the main child actors in the movie so I grew up and watched them grow up. So while they aren’t in the league of greatest films of all time, but its a remarkably consistent and enjoyable franchise that lasted an entire decade.

When it comes to Fantastic Beasts series, I was excited that Yates and Rowling were developing something new but I also feared what would happen given they didn’t have the structure of a book series to guide them. The fears ended up being fairly valid. The first FB is a pretty enjoyable film. I do think they did a good job creating a likable quartet of main characters and the actors all did a pretty remarkable job. It was also a refreshing change to watch Magical World from an adult POV as well as experiencing a new location and time period as well. The issue with the first film is that the film has two separate storylines which don’t really merge well together. The story of Newt, Jacob, Tina, and Queenie finding and recapturing the suitcase of magical creatures is actually very charming. The film does a nice job of creating some unique magical creatures and adding something new to the Magical World, but then there is a dark and gloomy second plot which doesn’t work as well because it essentially isn’t much of a story other than just showing Credence being abused and manipulated time and time again until the climax. It neither merges well tonally, nor plot wise. The way they try to put Newt at the center of the climax felt very clumsy and unearned. Overall, the first film still has sufficient enjoyable charm and I certainly like Redmayne, Waterston, Fogol, and Sudol. Farrell was a damn good villain. Miller was a little too mannered for my taste but I understand what he was going for. Voight is there for no reason at all in a perplexing subplot that goes nowhere. But still, more positives than negatives. FB2 is where the franchise really dropped the ball for the first time and Rowling’s inexperience as a movie screenplay writer became very obvious. The film is literally a setup for future movie, designed to get characters into certain places where the real story can start. the film essentially has no plot other than a bunch of wizards across Europe are looking for Credence and Credence is searching for his identity. There is really nothing else in the movie. The movie is overpopulated with characters, and Newt ends up even more incidental in this movie since he has no interest in going after Credence himself at all for 2/3 of the movie. All the things that were good about the first movie are lost as Jacob and Queenie only share two scenes together, Tina and Newt only share the last act or so together, Newt and Jacob end up only have a couple of scenes together. Its all rather boring and dull. The performances are fine. Depp was a good enough Grindelwald but I don’t think he was given any more to do other than just be surface level evil. One of the most inspired casting decisions was Jude Law as Dumbledore. While he doesn’t ape Gambon or Harris, he does capture the twinkling spirit of Dumbledore and his scenes are the best. The film also has a rather odd plot concerning Leta Lestrange. It is simultaneously important and completely pointless at the same time. I felt that the character had a compelling backstory and interesting potential but the film barely has time to address it any sort of depth before she gets pointlessly killed off at the end. The film also does a pretty bizarre character assassination of Queenie who makes decision that I really don’t understand. I guess this all boils down to the fact that this story may have worked in Rowling’s head as a book where each character’s internal thought could have been given more depth but what happens is that pretty much every sub story is pretty unsatisfying. Its certainly not an unwatchable disaster, just rather dull and devoid of the spark that the wizarding world movies should have. I hope they can turn things around because the film leaves things at a very peculiar juncture which doesn’t make much sense based on what we know of the HP canon.

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wounds ✧ theseus scamander

Pairing: Theseus Scamander x Fem!reader, Newt Scamander x Fem!reader

Warnings: maybe some swearing, mentions of sex, blood

Summary: “Who is he? The guy that you were with last night?” The woman exclaimed, “I wasn’t with anyone. Your brother had invited me over for dinner, so be careful before you go making assumptions about someone.” 



Y/N strode through the British Ministry of Magic, slipping into the elevator before the sliding door could close. She pressed the button to level four, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. As the elevator door slowly opened, she ran out of patience for it to open completely, wedging herself between the door and the wall of the moving cylinder. She quickly paced down the corridors, making various turns on the way to her office. 

Inside, she was panicked, her body flooded with anxiety. Her report was due to Travers first thing in the morning and she hadn’t even started. How was she going to fit two months worth of events into three hours? Oh, she dug her hole deep this time. She finally reached her office; once the grand door was closed, she threw off her heels and scurried over to her desk. Y/N sorted and ruffled through the papers on her desk, her anxiety growing the more papers she scattered. 

Come on, come on. It has to be here. I knew I put it in this stack.

She turned around to face the monstrous book shelves that only a library would have. Her hands delicately swept over numerous books, trying her best to remember if she had stuck the blank report in one while she was researching. 

“Looking for this, I presume,” the gruff voice spoke from the balcony. 

Her head suddenly turned faster than a thestral could fly. She met eyes with the icy blue ones she knew all too well. The tall man walked down the stairwell, sure enough grasping the blank report in his hands. Her bare feet padded against the marble floor so they met in front of her desk. They were standing close to one another, maybe too close. 

“Give it back, Thes.” 

He sighed, stepping back to sit in the leather club chair placed in front of the engraved wooden rectangle. He extended his arm out to her, gesturing to take the file from his grasp. Once she responded and reached out for the report, he cruely snatched it back to his body. 

“Theseus,” Y/N stated back in a warning tone.

He cleared his throat, an evident smirk on his face, “On one condition.”

“Name it.” 

“Where were you last night?” He raised his eyebrows as his smirk faltered.

“No,” she spat back, walking behind her desk to sit in her own chair awkwardly, “that is none of your concern.”

He adjusted his position so he leaned closer to the girl, “Because I stopped by your place and you weren’t there. It’s kind of ironic. The night you come back from a two month assignment, you’re miraculously not at you flat.”

Y/N squinted her eyes, “Why were you at my flat?”

“I was being a nice friend and checking up on you. So, I went to your place, but didn’t find you, so I left.”

“I’m sorry Theseus, I-” 

“Who is he?” Theseus interrupted. 

She scoffed, “Pardon me?”

“Who is he? The guy that you were with last night?” 

The woman exclaimed, “I wasn’t with anyone. Your brother had invited me over for dinner, so be careful before you go making assumptions.” 

She abruptly stood up, placing her heels back onto her feet as she walked out the door. As she passed Theseus, she snatched the report out of his hands, the force of the swipe startling him. Something boiled in his veins. He didn’t know if the feeling was jealousy, anger, betrayal, sadness, or all of the above. As quick as he could be, he apparated to Newt’s place. Without thinking, he was banging on the door, demanding Newt to open the wooden frame. Once he did, Newt was shocked to find a very angry Theseus at his door. 

“What is wrong with you?” Theseus screamed, allowing himself into the flat. 

“I haven’t the slightest idea what you are talking about,” Newt answered.

Theseus’s face reddened out of anger as he pointed a finger at him, “You know how I felt about her. You, you git! And still, you invite her over for dinner and she stays over here.”

Newt was confused, astonished even. He thought she told Theseus about the wound. That is, the only reason Y/N came over. Maybe to catch up as well, but that was after Newt had given her something to heal the pain.

“Well, say something!” Theseus sternly stated.

“I-I think,” Newt huffed, “Y/N came to me. She didn’t want the Ministry to find out she was hurt on her assignment to Romania. Y/N’s hip and lower abdomen were burned by a Hungarian Horntail. There’s nothing much you can do to heal it with a wand, so I helped her and applied some potions to the burn and-and I wrapped it for her. She did mention avoiding St. Mungos because the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary had told her there is nothing that they could do. But, but I-I thought at least she had told you.”

Theseus asked, “If Y/N was hurt why did she go into work this morning?”

Newt quickly shook his head while diverted his contact from Theseus’s eyes, “That’s not, um- I told her that it would be wise not to go in and report sick. But she never seems to listen to me and my instructions. I applied Burn-Healing Paste around the area and then I wrapped it with a mixture of plum leaves to counteract the pain. I insisted that she stayed the night so that she could rest and that way I could check up on her if she needed it. That was it Theseus, I swear to you nothing else happened.”

There were so many thoughts processing through Theseus’s head. Why didn’t you tell him the truth? Why didn’t you tell him that you were hurt? Did you not trust him enough? Why did you come running to Newt instead of him? All he knew is that he needed to get to you as soon as possible and set everything straight.

“I am sorry for getting upset with you Newt,” Theseus apologized.

“It’s okay,” Newt replied, his gaze focused on the floor as he fidgeted with him bow tie, “I suppose if the roles were reversed, that I would feel the same.”

Before Newt registered what was happening, Theseus had embraced him in a warm hug. A forgiving hug. Newt wasn’t a big hugger himself, but this once he responded back and wrapped his arms around his older brother.

“Theseus, I think now would be a good time to tell Y/N how you feel about her.”

Theseus smiled softly as he pulled away, “Alright, Newt. Thank you.”

Theseus hands remained on Newt’s shoulders. Before Theseus apparated, his hand reached up to pat the side of his brother’s gentle face. As soon as Newt blinked, Theseus was gone. Although Newt was not the wishing type, he hoped with all of his being that Theseus and Y/N would get this sorted out. Not only because they are best friends, but because Newt sees the love both of them have for each other. 

Back at the comfort of her own home, Y/N was distracting herself with chores. She hadn’t visited her London flat since she had decided to go to Romania. As much as she seemed clam and collected, her feelings were quite the opposite. She hated to admit it, but being back in London has set a terrible feeling of uneasiness over her body. 

Uneasiness…that’s all she could feel. The atmosphere of London brings back memories. Memories of work, memories of her personal life. Memories of the night she left. All of the above she wanted to forget. Maybe that’s why she accepted the job in Romania so quickly. Maybe she wanted to get away from everyone that had hurt her. She shuddered thinking of the old time. She had placed the cleaning supplies away on the top shelf, and just as she was going to make herself a cuppa, there was a sudden pain in her side.

“Merlin,” she mumbled.

She quickly but cautiously made her way to the full-body mirror that stood upright in her room. Y/N gently lifted her olive green blouse and immediately cursed herself. Her gaze met with dark red liquid seeping through the plum  leaves that were sealed to her body. She discarded her shirt to avoid staining blood on it, careful not to strain the wound anymore than it already was. She paced to her bathroom, opening her medicine cabinet that stood next to the porcelain-top sink. Browsing hastily through all the bottles and bags, she quickly tried to find the burning paste that Newt had given her. However, the more Y/N moved her body, the more nauseated she had become. After finding the burning paste, she stripped her slacks, leaving the girl in her undergarments. She couldn’t determine whether her tripping and stumbling was from dizziness or urgency, but she knew if she did not sit down soon, she was going to faint. Y/N turned and snatched multiple wash rags and sheets of gauze to soak up the spilling blood while she applied pressure to the wound.

Too preoccupied with the task at hand, Y/N had not even heard the almost urgent knocking at the door. She also did not hear the footsteps of her best man walking through the apartment. Suddenly, he bursts through the bathroom door, clearly making himself known. 

“THESEUS!” Y/N jumped, attempting to cover herself decently without straining the wound. 

Much to Y/N’s dismay, Theseus observed the scene of the bathroom quickly. Blood-satined rags and towels scattered across the cold tile floor while medical equipment was on the counter. Theseus did not hesitate to walk towards the cowering girl. But as he approached her, Y/N’s arms flailed around, repetitively hitting Theseus in the chest, pushing him back. Before she knew it, Theseus had grabbed both of her wrists and pulled her body close to his to avoid her relentlessness.

“Stop, stop it. Y/N listen to me, you’re going to make the bleeding worse. Stop it,” he spoke sternly.

“Theseus, get out! Get out! I don’t want you here!”

“Darling, let me help you. Please let me help you.”

She would be lying if she said that his words didn’t flutter her heart. Honestly, it wouldn’t be anything Theseus hadn’t seen before. Reluctantly, she let Theseus take her robe off, giving Theseus a full view of the wound. 

He gently brushed around the sensitive skin surrounding the inflammation. Y/N winced as he applied pressure to an area above her rib.

“Come on, “ Theseus muttered, taking her hand and leading her to sit on the edge of the bathtub. Theseus cautiously applied the burn paste and wrapped the bandages around Y/N’s torso. He stepped away, wiping off his hands with one of the discarded rags. He helped Y/N stand up, guiding her to the bathroom sink. He picked up her silk robe from being draped over her vanity and gently slipped it over her shoulders, carefully easing her arms through the designated positions. They stood next to one another, both leaning against the porcelain sink. There was silence as time passed, as if the both of them were scared to talk to the other. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Theseus asked, leaning against the sink. 

“I was scared of how you’d react,” Y/N replied.

“Scared of what?” 

Y/N turned and walked to the master bedroom, Theseus following close behind for precaution. 

“I was scared that you would find out I was hurt and pull me out of Romania, that’s why I didn’t tell you. You are Head Auror now, so you can do that. And Merlin, Theseus, I know how you are; if I would have written Travers saying I was burned by a Hungarian, you would have come and got me yourself.” 

He sighed, “I wouldn’t have.”

Y/N’s head whipped around, “No! You don’t get to do that! You don’t get to say that because you would have. And then, to top it all off, I come home and you put me in an uncomfortable position because you’re acting like everything is fine when everything is not fine. It made me feel like I couldn’t tell you. That’s why.”

Theseus’s eyes flashed between hers, “Tell me what’s not fine.”

“Merlin, Theseus! You’re so ignorant and oblivious!” Y/N stressed, her hands running through her (h/c) hair. 

Her eyes met his, hers burning with rage and frustration as his were with confusion.

“Theseus, the night before I left, we spent the night together. We spent the morning together before I left. The moment before I left for Romania, you said you would wait for me. Then I come back, ready to jump in your arms and give you the biggest hug ever imaginable, yet you weren’t there. So I sought comfort at Newt’s.”

Theseus looked away, shaking his head profusely, “No.”

Y/N scoffed, “No what, Thes?”

Theseus looked back into her (e/c) orbs. Y/n couldn’t read his face, but there was a flash in his eyes, a hint of passion. 

“No, you’ve got your story wrong,” Theseus grabbed her wrists and pulled her gently against him. 

He brought her hands up to the sides of her face while hers rested on the lapels of his suit, “I’m still waiting for you.”

Instinctively, Theseus and Y/N both leaned in, their lips cascading in the wave of emotion that was built up within their months apart. The kiss was passionate, nothing but the love and yearning they had for one another. They pulled away, catching their breaths while their foreheads rested against another’s. Theseus’s right arm slipped down to drape on her waist while his left stroked the side of Y/N’s face.

“I love you, Theseus. I have ever since 4th year,” Y/N whispered.

He chuckled, “Good, because I’ve loved you since 5th year when you spent the holidays with me.”

Y/N’s arms wrapped around his waist, embracing him in a hug while her head rested on his chest. 

“Thank you for waiting on me.”

“Anything for you darling,” he mumbled as he kissed the crown of her head.


A/N: Okay this sucked really ,really bad. But, I just love my baby Theseus. 

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Two Wizards and the Painter {Part II}

Summary: You’ve always been a great friend to the Scamander family through the years. Now, the brothers need your help with a mission that could defeat Grindelwald forever. 

Theseus and Newt Scamander x reader {Pairing- Newt Scamander x reader}

Word Count: 2.1k 

Warnings: Descriptions of violence, fluff, and slight angst?

A/N: Thank you much for the love on the first part! I know the climb was slow, but now I should be able to write more frequently! Feedback is appreciated! 


“When do we leave?” You ask.

“Tomorrow night, past midnight. We’ll gather what we need during the day. I’ll make a list. But I don’t know how we’ll get our wands back.” Theseus states as his eyebrows crease.

Almost as if on queue, Pickett shyly emerges from Newt’s jacket pocket. Theseus silently gazes at the creature and smiles, with his plan coming into motion.


You looked over your shoulder once more praying in the back of your mind hoping that you weren’t going caught. Standing in the darkness of the stone halls, you quietly turn back to see Pickett working his way through the lock while balancing in Newt’s steady palm. After what felt like an antagonizing ten minutes, you had to restrain Theseus from breaking down the door to Dumbledore’s office. 

You and Theseus glance over each other’s shoulders making sure the coast was clear. The multiple locks click and Newt opens the door. 

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Once again the lift doors opened and four or five witches and wizards got out; at the same time, several paper aeroplanes swooped into the lift. Harry stared up at them as they flapped idly around above his head; they were a pale violet colour and he could see MINISTRY OF MAGIC stamped along the edge of their wings.
 'Just inter-departmental memos,’ Mr. Weasley muttered to him. ’We used to use owls, but the mess was unbelievable … droppings all over the desks… ‘ 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Пересматриваю вторую часть Зверей. Приятно видеть такие детали, которые были в книгах по Гарри~

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What are everyone’s views on the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard debacle? Some very disturbing texts were found on his phone about wanting to burn her alive and then rape her corpse. He could not prove in court that newspapers calling him abusive were inaccurate. Everyone is saying Amber was the abuser, but I know how abusers often manipulate situations to make it seem like their victim is actually the abusive one. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this except for me because I just don’t know what to believe.

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Yeah so I read kantele’s fic “A Universe Unto Itself” (a one-shot where Dumbledore is at the Paris rally, I don’t want to spoil anything) and was VERY inspired. Can’t believe I’ve imprinted so hard on Grindelwald of all characters lmao, but hey, he’s fun to draw! I know in the fic he’s described the way he looks in the movie, but that’s never what I picture.

Links to Redbubble, Instagram, and DeviantArt in my bio!

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FULL NAME: Zoë Isabella Kravitz
AGE: December 1, 1988
BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California, United States
ETHNICITY: African-American, African-Barbadian, Ashkenazi Jewish
KNOWN FOR: X-Men: First Class (Movie), The Divergent Series, Mad Max:Fury Road (Movie) & Fantastic Beasts film series

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