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#fantastic four

You ever think about how it sure is lucky Reed Richards has stretching powers so it’s a lot easier for him to put his mouth around the whole boot to lick it all over?

Mf wants to “solve everything” but not in any way that quickly changes the status quo.

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Reed, I’m grateful for our help! Hope we meet again some time, under better conditions!

So do I, Bruce — I’ve got a feeling there’s a lot we have to talk about — like you, and Rick, and the Hulk, for instance!

Think he suspects, Doc?

Hard to tell with a brain like Reed Richards’! I’m kinda glad he’s on our side!

Fantastic Four Vol 1 12: “The Incredible Hulk”

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Send me requests and I’ll write short Characterxreader stories ! 


Ideas of characters : Loki, Avengers, Quentin Beck, vampire MCU characters,  Reed Richards, Victor von Doom, Charles Xavier, Magneto, Harry Osborn (TASM2), Sebastian Michaelis, Captain Hook, Fairy tales characters, mythological characters ….

Themes : Love (friendship, romantic, passionate, smut, cannibalism), vampires, magic (curses, metamorphosis from human to animal, hypnosis, manipulation, healing…), comfort, fatherhood, motherhood, siblings, fainting, falling in love, hugs…

My limits :  I don’t write things too hot or nsfw. Eroticism is good. // I am a delicate little heart so I avoid overly bloody descriptions and violence in general (torture, savage murder …) But I accept angst and darkness.

I’m French so I write in french and english ^^ You can find my work here :

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I got my March comics in the mail this past weekend.  Here’s the rundown:

1. Amazing Spider-man #41 and #42, Miles Morales: Spider-man #16, Ghost Spider #8, Symbiote Spider-man: Alien Reality #4, Amazing Mary Jane #6, Gwen Stacy #2, Spider-verse #6
2. Avengers #32
3. Captain America #20
4. Iron Man 2020 #3
5. Daredevil #19
6. Fantastic Four #20
7. Black Panther #22, Black Panther And The Agents Of Wakanda #7
8. Marvels X #3
9. Quantum & Woody #3

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