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023 – Effigy of Freedom

When you walk upon the land that the Dreadwake flood rolled over, you will meet the strangest, most bizarre tranquillity you’ll encounter in your life. Everything is dead, and yet, it would writhe now with new and terrible life. The grass would blacken in its fractal metamorphosis, twisting in impossible ways in front of your eyes. It might sing. It might curse. It might radiate colours into your mind. Or crumble like glass under your feet. The trees will walk the land with gentle steps, some of them crying in enlightenment of their newfound mobility. Other will sit still by their corrupted roots, twisting into spires of metal and alabaster bone to birth fleshy fruits that erupt with scream and moans. Fire will splash in streams, water will boil from torches, air will form the ground and the dust will fill your lungs. Everything will be wrong in every way to your stunted senses, and yet, nothing will be hostile, nothing will try to invade your space, despite the fact that in such a place… You are an oddity. And in the very middle, the centre point of the fields of lunatic corruption, you will find it, the catalyst to it all, the pin of madness in the fold of reality. The Effigy, sculpted from the evaporating essence of the void, anchoring it to the cruel realspace, singing praise to the power that made it and radiating malignant potency that fuels the spread of corruption.

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A romantic retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale.

Lenia, the youngest daughter of the sea queen, is infatuated with the human world above the water. She longs especially for the one thing that grants humans eternal life: a soul. On her eighteenth birthday, when she is allowed one day at the surface, she witnesses a ship being destroyed in a violent storm and rescues one of the sailors, delivering him to shore near a convent. Princess Margrethe, sent into hiding at the convent for protection, is the one who finds him. When the sailor is discovered to be the enemy prince of the Southern Kingdom, the fragile peace between the two kingdoms is broken and Margrethe’s father prepares for war. Margrethe seeks peace, Lenia immortality, and both desire the love of the handsome prince who captured their hearts.

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I don’t know if people buy fantasy or romance cover with photo models on them because they find it sexier or more mature than painted artwork which can be associated with fairy tale and therefore juvenile, but all I see is Bad Photoshop.

It’s actually really rare that I like covers with models on the cover because a lot of them just slap a photo, stock photo, title, and some effects that don’t blend.

In artwork and good photography, there is direction and design, but these covers have none, or the designer aren’t that skillfull.

It’s funny that covers that portrays photos of objects are usually better designed, photographed, and arranged than the ones with people.

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EARTHCASTERS commune with the primal element of earth in its various skins, channeling destructive energy or the nurturing spirit of growth. 

EARTH KNOWS RESILIENCE, persistent and stubborn. Its keepers are hardy and weathered, jewels in the rough. They are the dust in the streets, the rock in the riverbed, the roots spread deep in the earth.

EARTH PROVIDES and thrives in the most unlikely of places. Casters replenish fields and nurture new growth. Damage heals beneath their touch.

EARTH is not gentle. It writhes with growing pains, skin littered with battle scars. Part its jaws, and find a mouthful of diamonds.

taglist: @ren-c-leyn @lachiffon @westywrites @quilloftheclouds @sunlight-and-starskies @kriss-the-writing-nerd @semblanche  @heldinhishands @hecataes @evelyn-paine @phantom-stargazer @clocksandchaos @alternativeforensicscientist @noearthmoon

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Heart of Asvar Worldbuilding: Map of the World


Above we can see the map of the world, circa 1610.

The two oceans are the Lavaterran and the Antivalan; wirh the Lavaterran known for being considerably colder than the Antivalan. The Antivalan Ocean is said to be much more ruthless during tropical storms.

Asvar is located north of Aletis on the continent of Cedica, in the northeast. The climate here tends to be moderate; with the capital having all four seasons.

South of Cedica is the continent of Antivala. Sparse tribes live here, but most have assimilated into Asvarian cultures. Asvar wants to annex the entirety of Antivala.

Islands in the centers of the oceans serve as trading posts for both Asvar and Aletis, as well as an imaginary border between the New World and the Old World.

Ingrid is a tropical continent full of jungles in the north and deserts in the south. Asvarian colonies line the coasts, but Aletis maintains control of this continent for the most part.

An unnamed continent ans subcontinent in the northwest area of the world is simply known as “The New World”, for it is mainly unexplored by any civilization. A kingdom rests here that will not take kindly to the Asvarians or the Aletisans trying to annex them.

Tags: @inky-duchess @songsofaleria @writing-in-rain @kespada @the-writers-bookshelf @scribonaut @ladywithalamp @anomaly00 @writer-with-no-life @raevenlywrites @kaelie-quill @writinglyra @clockwork-storyteller @saxoniowrites @nicopeppah @ezra-ezra-ezra @treesandwords

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so for the past 2 years me and my two friends have been working on a big fantasy story just for fun. I’ve made a LOT of art for it but due to whatever reasons I haven’t shared any of it.
But i’ve decided to start sharing some of it for possible feedback and the fact that if i fall back into the story illustrating pit then my social media won’t be completely abandoned for months.

SO! To kick things off is a recent redesign of one of the main cast characters. The design and name are not set in stone so feel free to leave feedback! ^^

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This is a weird post-

But, I am accepting art requests!

I really, really want some more practice material for my art before I actually dare to post the references for the characters from both LPWaL (@suits-chao) or for Angel Garden.

So, if anyone has anything they want drawing, my asks, submissions and DMs are open.


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