prokopetz · 2 days ago
I think we need to take the “what if the conventional monster was friendly?” thing in fantasy worldbuilding further. “What if the dragon was friendly?” and “what if the orcs across the valley were friendly?” are well and good, but I’m thinking more like “what if the animated skeletons in the local graveyard were friendly?”
I think with the animated skeletons in particular the key is to play up their separation from the living in a way that’s still kinda creepy, but in an odd way rather than a horrific way. Something like:
Animated skeletons are explicitly not just skeleton versions of the living people their bones came from, and in fact don’t seem to have much in the way of individual identity – or, at least, if they do, they don’t express it in the way that humans do.  
They aren’t impaired by the loss of individual bones – including the skull! – and can freely swap bones among themselves. The same pile of loose bones won’t always animate into the same number or configuration of skeletons, nor does having more available bones necessarily translate into more skeletons.  
Consequently, questions like “how many skeletons are there?” are difficult to answer.  
Animated skeletons generally seem to understand both spoken and written languages, but don’t have much capacity for producing language; they don’t speak or write, and their capacity for signing is limited to stuff like nodding or shaking their head for “yes” or “no“, pointing to indicate objects or directions, etc.  
In spite of this, they appear to be able to communicate complex information and ideas amongst themselves, but it happens via some undetectable, (presumably) non-language-based medium.  
Their otherwise limited expressive capacity notwithstanding, skeleton “culture” (if that’s the word for it) is very big on making music. Instruments and sheet music are among the few material goods that skeletons value, though the former are typically limited to those that can be operated without breath.  
(This generally means percussion and strings. Wind instruments that can be operated without breath are an occasional feature; pipe organs are a big deal in those skeleton communities that can get their phalanges on them, as are a modified form of bagpipes, operated by two-skeleton teams where one plays the music and the other inflates the bag with a portable bellows.)  
Apart from music, skeletons are mostly into repetitive manual labour, though exclusively on a volunteer basis, as they’re uninterested in payment and will simply collapse into inanimate piles of bones if coerced. If you want a skeleton to do something for you, be prepared to explain why, in detail, to a silent, motionless, and expressionless audience.  
Skeletons are notably more likely to heed a request from a priest or religious scholar than from laypersons. There are a lot of theories as to why this is; the skeletons themselves are disinclined to comment.  
A skeleton with nothing better to do may squat like a gargoyle near some well-trafficked location and observe local goings-on, remaining motionless apart from turning its skull toward points of interest for days or weeks on end. It’s generally considered polite not to draw attention to their presence.
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vintagegeekculture · a day ago
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Christopher Ulrich
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fabien-mense · 20 hours ago
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Smalders and friends shenanigans !
Research for a canceled feature film, lots of RPG fantasy vibes in this project, it was a fun one, too bad !
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ex0skeletal-undead · 20 hours ago
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The Star Card by Peter Mohrbacher
This artist’s website
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aqua-regia009 · a day ago
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Art by Ben J
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probablybadrpgideas · 2 days ago
A mysterious travelling inn reviewer known only as “The Trip Advisor”
They’re actually a kenku named Yelp
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kurosmind · 2 days ago
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Art for the last chapter of Cat’s Paw, a witcher AU by @mllekurtz​ 
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seaquestions · 2 days ago
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i wanted to design... myself as a knight. a knightsona if you will.
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pencilbrony · 13 hours ago
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dorkagedoodles · 2 days ago
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"Nobody”, an amnesiac cleric that I’ve covered in warlock-paint (because I love the flavour of the warlock class, but can’t stand the mechanics). Been playing him for a while in a campaign now and he’s so much fun!
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glxybee · a day ago
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veil (stormlight archive)
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thetasteofsalteandpepper · 2 days ago
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the-evil-clergyman · 2 days ago
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The Fairy Funeral by Maximilian Pirner (1888)
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ex0skeletal-undead · 2 days ago
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Hell by Lunaotic
This artist on Instagram
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ratellini · 2 days ago
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you're cringe. but you're MY cringe.
edit: add this little guy
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probablybadrpgideas · a day ago
Bard. Doesn't know any songs. Unrealistically good at beating the crap out of things with their guitar.
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animeh2d · a day ago
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archerinventive · 15 hours ago
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Loreamours Medieval Gardening Social
Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the Medieval Gardening  Social this past weekend, and an extra thank you to all who donated to the Bee  Conservancy. :)
With weather that seemed gifted from the party gods themselves, paired with the wonderful attendants, and the uplifting atmosphere we couldn't have asked for a better soft opening for Loreamour.
Thank you as well to all who attended for your wonderful comments, and insight which is so greatly appreciated as we continue to fine-tune and polish this gem.
There will always be room to grow and evolve, and we couldn't be more excited. Especially knowing we have such a wonderful support network by our side.
We also can't talk about this event, without remarking on the incredible setup and tear-down crew that made this event possible.  THANK YOU SO, SO  MUCH for all your help. You're all truly amazing and we love you. ❤️
With one Loreamour event down and many to come, thank you all for joining us on this adventure as we continue to build this kingdom for the community.
Wishing you a wonderful day and a magical rest of your week.
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lynayru · a day ago
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Some wips.
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funnytwittertweets · 4 months ago
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