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Chapter 50 ½

Hello, i apologise about the mistakes, i did my best to edit it a little while back, but i hope you enjoy it. I’m actually really happy how these have come out and how the story is coming along

I hope you also take good care of yourselves in these hard times we have now. Stay safe Royals!



Freezing the blade in hand and then striking forward, Jungkook really felt helpless. Everything went in slow motion. The screams behind him, the sudden step in front of him, the group running to get to Jungkook, but as Taehyung was first to reach the stairs, he noticed the witch had suddenly frozen.

Jungkook watched with wide eyes, hands in front of him, ready to block the witch’s attack, when he could slowly see how her eyes just widened and then stopped moving. He looked at the witch struggle to get a word out, to move. She didnt understand what was happening before in her head, a voice spoke.

“You shall not control me no more!”

Jungkook took few steps back, but he got surprised when the green eyes still followed his movements. What was happening? He could hear questions thrown from left and right at them and even when the assistant ran to him, he couldn’t move.

The witch grunted and suddenly gripped the head. She started to groan and scream about a bastard of a king and then more screaming. Suddenly the ice melted and there only remained dry rocks and shattered glass. Guards dashed inside and it took the group by surprise. They drew their wepons and were ready to guard Jungkook, but the opal king noticed his three men leading the troops.

“What’s the meaning of-”

“King Hoseok!! I have told our story to the guards and everyone around me with the assistant of the ice King!! They have followed me here to help us with the witch!!”

Hoseok didnt even have time to be shocked and question of how on earth have he been able to do that in the middle of this war, when a shrieking scream cut through everyones eardrums. Taehyung tried to drag Jungkook down by the stairs but he couldn’t as the latter wouldn’t make a move of it.

Out of their eyes reach, Jimin was fighting for himself for dear life. He had felt cold. He was in a cold, dark, place.


He was afraid. No powers to support him in any way. No feeling of anything, numbness all around. He was glad he didnt feel anything, maybe this was the best really. To not feel a single emotion. He had wanted to get rid of his emotions so this was good. No feeling of betrayal, no feeling of love, sadness, happiness or any of that. Maybe he was dead. He doesn’t know, but it was nice.

The thought of love, though. It made him look around the darkness, he was sitting, and it made him think again. The prince has said love. How could he then? Let that other king to come and destroy everything he had build so long? It was their twisted plan correct? That letter? He must’ve told the king his plan through that. It was obvious, wasn’t it? That is why he couldn’t see it? He was stupid to even believe such a thing existed.

He felt so good that night. Let yourself loose like that in a long time and just enjoy the moment. He hasnt felt as free and LOVED he had that night, in the prince’s arms while he made…love to him.

Tears prickled to the King’s eyes and he whimpered pathetically to the abyss.

“I am a fool..”

Suddenly a crumbling sound echoed around him and it startled him. He screamed who there could be, but only his voice bounced back like a boomerang. It was quiet for a moment, before a voice echoed.

“Damn Duke hit me with a torch. Son of a bitch!!! Well its not my body so it is fine, not that it hurts any less. It is a shame though. The King really is a fine one hahaha. I should have acted long ago.

Everything was going so nicely until that brat of a prince came to mess it up! And the King…tsk! So stubborn on killing him! I could have conquered the whole country by now !!!”

Jimin had widened his eyes and stumbled backwards, swirled around if he saw anyone, but it was no use. He heard mumbling a long time until it came to a halt. He didnt know what was going on, but he was so scared. Nothing to defend himself with other than his fists and he was not sure if those would be enough.

Suddenly everything stopped and it was quiet again, only his heavy breathing was heard. He was stressed beyond everything, he didnt even know, if he wanted to be in this dark abyss, if it meant that he would hear weird sounds again.

But recalling the words he wondered who was talking? And where exactly was he? He doenst remember what had happened exactly so everything seemed to mess with his head.

He started to get frustrated. He wanted peace and quiet. Before he could yell out in anger, he heard more words echo.

“You really went to the extreme with the hide and seek, didn’t you? No matter, i found you and it is time to die!”

Panic rose from zero to hundred in a fast pace. Who was going to die? What was happening? Who had hid and where? No long after more talking was made until a name, he knew by heart echoed again.

Opal. It’s Jungkook. What is happening to him? What is happening? He tried to listen everything he could, mind open, but still a mess from his questions. He heard faintly his voice. Shaky but still firm as he ordered someone to not use the nickname and then everything clicked.

The witch.

His eyes wide and round as the mirror in his master bedroom, his mind went through the memories of the front yard, him slamming the prince against the asphalt, the Opal King coming to him, him freking out about the prince again after the feeling of betrayal and then the confession of Jungkook’s love for him and then the voice inside of him talking before everything came black.

He remembers that the powers he held were not his, but the witch’s and now she was controling his body.

He breathed heavily, feeling like he was suffocating, no words leaving his mouth even if he tried to scream as loud as he could. He didn’t understand why the witch did this. Didnt she give him the power to help him? Why..

“I cant believe you are going to pour that shit on me, but i will let you, say what you want to your king.”

Jimin listened the shaking voice speak in front of his body. Choke on his words and tears. The pain and the little humour in between. He listened every word he heard in the darkness. Standing still, looking at his feet in total despair and shock. He couldn’t see him, but he knew the crying just got worse and the words of his Opal loving him the way he is saying, brings tears to his own eyes. He balled his eyes out throughout the heartfelt speech. How can he be so stupid? How can he not see? How can he doubt him?

He screamed in agony from the pain in his heart, in most biggest regret. He needed to do something. To let the prince know what he means to him. What that night, they made love, means to him. Everything.

He needs to tell everything and without him really thinking too much, but to protect and save his Opal, he only focused on his want to move.

With a struggle he closed his eyes and growled from the back of his throat.

Everything stopped and he could feel a little tingling sensation on his skin. He wasn’t moving. He doenst know what he is doing, but this is his body and only his, not a witch taking control of him, no matter what kind of deal he makes.

The scream followed right after the cursings of his name and it made him smirk a little, but it fell when he felt nothing again. He opened his eyes in panic, but then saw the girl, no, a woman, pale and with a white long hair and blue kimono on, stand right in front of him in rage.

Oh? She could come here too? Great.

“You really trying to jump on me eyes, eh?”

Jimin should be afraid of her, but he felt calm, relieved even. Jimin smiled and took a deep breath through his nose and then blowed it out. He opened his eyes, sharp as the sharpest blade, he glared at the witch. The witch winced and tried to cover it up, but Jimin still noticed it.

“You lent me your power, i helped you to rest, when you were down. I was naive. Young and angry. Even more when i found my hyung next to my fathers bed. I was blinded by the anger towards my mother that it got to my brother.

I never forget that moment. I was happy i had the power, but now..i can clearly see, you are the same as my mother was and now, im gonna do what i couldn’t do back then..”

The witch screamed and went to attack towards the King, but she couldn’t form any ice. She was horrified by the fact she couldn’t and then looked at the king. He was smiling widely in relief. He really thought the ice was gonna hit him, but to his own luck he believes that because they are in this abyss, she cant use them.

“Now..even though i might be a useless human in your eyes and many might hate me, i still know a thing or two about combat, and you should know that, no?”

The witch cursed at him and dashed towards the king. She had long nails so she tried to claw at the King, but he easily managed to dodge it. He took ahold of the petit wrist and then from the forearm as he lifted the woman to her back. The witch groaned and quickly got up of the ground and dashed back as soon as she could.

Jimin could see she was just aimlessly swinging her hands. No coordination or sharpness in any point amd he realised that she relies to her power too much so that she hasn’t seen the need to train her combat skills. It is sad to Jimin, because event though he had the power to fight from a long distance, he knew he needed to train his own skills.

It took awhile and he didnt know how long it had been, but he started to feel little lightheaded. The witch wasn’t better. Even worse than him. So he walked to the witch, who tried to get up from the ground for the 20th time.

“You…don’t know how to fight without your power and i believe my will is stronger than yours so…i order you to get the fuck out of my body.”

The witch smiled wickedly, like she had a trick in her sleeve and pointed at the king mockingly. She was angry, furious that a little human insect was degrading her like this. He should be the one on the ground, on his knees begging for mercy.

“The moment you let your guard down, i will distroy everything, im still linked!”

Linked? Jimin didnt really know what she was talking about, but he guessed it had something to do with his body. He raised his eyebrows in discovery and then turned back to the witch. He still was very much spooked about the place, but he tried to tell himself that nothing can surprise him anymore as he had come to the conclusion that this was, infact, a mental fight. The witch yelped when she was suddenly on her back and the king on top of her, taking her to a chocking hold.

“Wh-at a-are lousy-”

“What happens, if i kill you like this? Does it force you to flee from my body?”

The witch growled and scratched harshly at the King’s arms, but the latter only grunted. He tightened his hold on the witch’s throat, making the said witch choke a cry out. Jimin might be small, but he was stronger than many would think, so he could get the witch down easily. He hated the idea now, that he would hurt a woman, but what she had done, he couldn’t have any remorse towards her.

The witch struggled and it was evident that the witch started to lose her will and to Jimin’s surprise, his mind got clearer and crealer. He tried not to get distracted and with a last tightened grip, the witch screeched a demonic sound and before Jimin knew, he felt his body fall down to a pile of bodies and down the stairs.

It felt like the enternity until his body came to a stop. He groaned loudly from the physical pain he felt and slowly tried to look around. He felt a sting in his arm and to his surprise, there were bloody claw marks dancing on it. His body had taken the damage. The unfamiliar groans made him aware of his surroundings and he quickly got up, but he was soon met with a lot of weapons in his face.

He gasped, but before he could utter a word, he heard harsh coughing from behind him. He turned and he could see the long haired witch, holding her throat while coughing her lungs out. King Hoseok turned his eyes to the woman and after awhile of turning his eyes from the ice king and the woman, it clicked and he moved without a doubt. He dashed towards the woman and then put his sword against her throat that made her freeze.

“One little move witch and i WILL cut you open.”

And only then every pair of eyes falled to the woman with a murderous look on her face.


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Marinus just discovered a sweet little bay, untouched by humans. It was not far from his family’s home, which was a cute, cozy cottage by the beach. The bay was a bit hidden behind a big rock, so he assumed that nobody’s been here before. However, it seemed kind of magical. He smelled the salty scent of the ocean, the warm wind ran through his shirt and over his face ans he could feel that soft, warm sand under his bare feet. He could feel the ocean call for him. Marinus would love to jump into the cool water, but he promised his dad, that he wouldn’t be outside that long. Eventually, he resisted the urge, and walked back home.

As he entered his room later, his dad sat on his bed and said: “Marinus, we need to talk” with a serious look on his face. Marinus’ heart dropped to his guts. “Okay dad… what’s wrong?” He asked with an insecure undertone in his voice. His dad opened his fist and showed him one bottle of clear lip gloss and one lipstick. Marinus was shocked. He hid them so well on the bottom of a box under his bed. He had never thought his parents would find them. “Wh- where did you get that?” Marinus asked. “That doesn’t matter, son. Why do you have that? You’re a BOY!” His dads voice git louder with wvery sentence. Ouch. That hurt. He’d love to scream at his dad “No! No I’m not a boy! I hate this body! Why dont you just let me have this little thing, that makes me feel more feminine?!” But instead, he couldn’t say anything. His throat was dry and he felt like crying. A single tear ran down his cheek and dropped on the floor. He buried his face in his hands, full of shame and anger. His dad rushed out of his room, and took the lipstick and the lip gloss with him. Not a single word was spoken on the dinnertable that evening.

As Marinus finally got into bed, he couldn’t stop thinking about that magical bay. He didn’t believe it was a coincidence, that he discovered it. “Tomorrow, I will go take a walk and then check what’s up with this bay” he told himself.

The next day, he went there and immediately felt the same urge to swim in the water as yesterday. He got undressed and tried so hard, not to look down. As the water touched his toes, they felt weird and he took a step back. So he looked down, but he didnt see anythjng different. He tried to walk in again, faster this time. The weird feeling came back, but it was rather pleasing than painful. He jumped in the water with his whole body and dived into it. Suddenly, he saw something shimmery under the surface if the water. It looked like a really big, colourful  fish. He was shocked and wanted to run out of the water but he couldn’t. His feet were- “WHAT?!” He gasped. His feet were gone and instead he got a beautiful, shimmery mermaid tail. “I’m not Marinus anymore!” He yelled happily. “My name is Marina.”

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That’s what my adventures in Black Desert end with! I take a screenshot and do something completely different. Now I pray that that place in the game (Lair of Kamos) would not turn out to be a place for an unplanned boss for real, otherwise all these hints in quests for the existence of ancient gods, spirits and dragons are very alarming … And indeed, recently the game began to resemble some kind of then Skyrim on entourage and stories.I used a photograph of the Morgin Riley model. She has many photos in similar clothes, with dreadlocks, on a fantasy theme. My very old mastermind, by the way … Of course, I did not capture the process :( because I did not plan such work, but it dragged on for 2 hours with a penny.

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An Excerpt from my WIP Kriya Petri

                                     ~~~698 words~~~

“You know, I’m actually very annoyed that you didn’t say anything before you left,” Anita says, striding into the mostly empty eatery.

I arrived here early in the morning because Anita wanted to see me again. The sky, the plants, everything looks gorgeous. 


“No, I, no, um that wasn’t what I–”

“I mean, it’s definitely something I should apologise for.” I shrug. It seems a bit cold, too. Gorgeous but cold. “People aren’t supposed to run off on impulse, especially if that impulse is based only on adrenaline and anxiety. And… that. That too.”

“Right, um…” She rubs her hands, lightly claps them, fidgets a lot. Probably trying to figure out what to say. So I stay quiet and let her, in both speech and thought. It’s easy to keep the thoughts quiet and simple around her.

“Goodness, it’s cold, isn’t it,” she says, “But the point… right, I was annoyed that you didn’t say anything before you left because I had– I have something to give you.”


She reaches into a tattered bag, full to the brim, and it looks like it’s about to burst, not just from the seams but in a huge explosion right in front of my eyes. “Okay, loudthinker, it’s not that bad,” she mutters. Regardless, I decide that she definitely needs a proper bag that isn’t falling apart.

Trying to make sure everything else doesn’t fall out, she takes out something glowing yellow-white. Made from sunlight thread harvested some time in the late afternoon, probably. She hands it to me. It’s a scarf.

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