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Maya Zlatogorka (rus.zlato- gold, gorka-hill, montain) is a character of Slavic mythology, people considered that she is a divine being , they said that she was even created from the celestial light of constellation. This is why her hair shines like gold.

Besides her beauty, she has great strength, with the help of which Zlata even defeated dragon by the name Dragomir. And then she married him with the ruse. And although nothing good came of this union, still this beautiful goddess brings spring and summer, and most importantly reflects the autumn hibernation of all living things and the harvest. And in winter, on the day of the solar solstice, on the longest night of the year, she is fighting against Chernobog himself


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Michael Kaluta, Legolas Draws the Bow of Galadriel. Illustration (March) for The 1994 J. R. R. Tolkien Calendar (Ballantine Books, July 12, 1993).

“Frodo looked up at the Elf standing tall above him, as he gazed into the night, seeking a mark to shoot at.”

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Revisiting some old characters from my high school sketchbook. If they had names I can’t remember them.

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Oslorica Decipula

Scuttling from bone to bone, the Ribcrabs take up residence in discarded ribcages and use them as makeshift shells. When a crab outgrows its ribs, it must quickly find a bigger pair lest it splits its current home apart, leaving it defenceless to predators. They are part of the Oslorica genus, a family of similar crustaceans who hide away in different body parts, specially evolved for their respective homes. If you had a Ribcrab, Skullscuttler, and a handful of other creepy crawlies, you could find a tenant for every individual part of a skeleton. What a horrible thought.

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Drayanna and her dragon traditional art version

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Hi ! Here is my first post on my account, hope you like it.

I made this artwork on iArtbook with IPad 7.

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Reef and Spike - Renewed Bond

Reef has spent a long time trying to regain Spike’s trust after abandoning Silverwalls without saying goodbye.
He was extremely happy when Spike began reacting to his travel stories with a smile instead of ignoring him. Now that Spike has finally forgiven him, Reef can’t stop talking about the amazing places he has seen through 10 years when they were apart. Hoping that someday they will be able to see them together.

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After one year on tumblr we hitted 3k followers! I’m really happy about it and wanna thanks to everyone for their interest in my art. This site help me a lot with digital painting and make me practising more!
I hope next year will be same or better! I’m so excited! One think what I really want to do this year is printing on clothing and other things.
There is thanking picture for you. At first there wasn’t any parrot, but there is lots of birds in my art so.. I added budgie.

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My take on Alphinaud my fave character from ffxiv, I just saw the trailer and he looks hella awesome there! I haven’t painted him in idk 3 years or something like that but everytime I do I feel like I learn something new so I have tons of fun painting this elf! And no I don’t play the game I just appreciate the characters I see 😂

✨💜Also still have slots available for commissions email me with info and details on my page if interested 💜✨

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