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#fantasy character design

A Queen and Her Maid

2020, digital art

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@elesianne requested an illustration of Lothiriel with any of the friends she would have made while living in the Riddermark, and so I did a few different sketches, but this one is kind of my favorite one.

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Personaje de la campaña de #dnd en la que soy jugador. Un Bardo Humano, carismático, querido por todos, el rostro de la party… a pesar de que su pasado está envuelto en misterio. Sólo sabemos que encontró refugio en el grupo para que quienes lo persiguen pierdan su rastro, le tiene fobia a los circulos de teletransportación y posee un gran conocimiento sobre las costumbres y características de los nigromantes. Compone épicas baladas sobre las hazañas de su grupo, que luego utiliza para alegrar las noches en todas las posadas que encuentra a su paso… y sacar un lindo dinero.
No se olviden que abrimos el mercado de comisiones!!…

Character from the DnD campaign in which I’m currently a player. Human Bard, charismatic, loved by everyone, face of the party… even though his past is shrouded in mistery. We only know that he found shelter with the group, so the people who hunt him lose his tracks, he’s scared shitless of teleportation circles, and has a vast knowledge of necromancers’ customs and characteristics. He makes epic ballads with the party’s adventures, which later uses to bring joy in every inn on his way… and make loads of money.
Remeber, commissions are now open!…

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In the back of his mind Ragnor knew the battle was over, but the remaining bloodrage continued to pump adrenaline through his veins, the rush tattooing against his chest like a second heartbeat. He acutely registered Silos’ voice through the din, her familiar lilt making its way past the thumping in his ears.

“Battle’s over, Ragtag. Loose the juice and let’s go!” she shouted from about 50 paces east of him, just past the bushes.

Nerves already tweaked, Ragnor snapped towards the bushes and rushed Silos’ figure, managing to snatch at the loose fabric of her tunic before she could escape. He hauled her backwards and slammed her against the nearest tree, pressing her shoulders back with a forearm.

Silos relinquished no shock at his action and merely stared back at him with those damn unblinking blue eyes of hers.

“So what, is this the part where you threaten me and tell me to shut it?” Silos smirked, her lips twitching in challenge. “Or the part where you rip off my clothes and ravish me against this tree?”

Ragnor snorted, the seconds that passed already taking the edge off his aggression. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, nymph?”

Silos’ mouth spread into a full grin as she dared to lean in so close Ragnor could feel her hot breath against the tip of his nose. “About as much as you’d like that, orc.”

Just a couple of OCs having a moment, don’t mind meeeeee

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