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Good morning to girls who make their own religions <3

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[ID. A digital drawing of Kristen Applebees on a light blue background. She is a fat human teen with orange hair, freckles, and a rainbow tye dye shirt. She is smiling and looking at the viewer. In colored bubbles behind her in an arc shape is “Absolutely!” in pink, “Yeah!” in red, “Sure!” in orange, “Yes!” in yellow, “You go!” in green, “Good!” in blue, and “Wow!” in purple. End ID.]

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Summary: Adaine has an upset stomach, and Tracker is a nicer-than-sisters sister.

Characters: Tracker & Adaine, with brief appearances from Kristen & Jawbone

Word Count: 3.7k

A/N: Set early after freshman year, when they still lived in Strongtower Apartments. I just want some of the Adaine & Tracker content we deserve!!

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Yeah! Gorgug is that magical combination of huge and protective but also sweet, thoughtful and completely non-threatening that makes him a unicorn in male/female friendships. Like in trading card terms he’d be like one of those rare holographic cards that people flip out over in unboxing videos. 

As I said in my tags, I think there are def conversations that could be Kristen conversations but end up being Gorgug conversations because K-Girl is A Lot. Plus the binder, while explicit and extensive, is also written by adults and I’d trust what’s in there more than whatever wild stuff Kristen is running off the mouth with.

Also I have like a whole thread on adult Gorgug and Adaine as office mates from back in the day because I love their dynamic so much. 

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Gorguguary day 23 - what’s better than this just guys being dudes.

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attempted sklonda …….. funky goblin mom . i love youeuuu

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Doodle dump, with Fig Faeth, Fabian Seacaster, and a random succubus character I made


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i can’t believe that dorine the lunch lady was killed with a fucking ladle lakdsjfakdljf

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Summary: Adaine tries to watch a documentary, but Kristen’s goofball agenda gets in the way.

Characters: Adaine & Kristen

Word Count: 981

A/N: Set in the time where Kristen and Adaine lived in Jawbone’s apartment! Just two kids goofing off and getting to smile

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literally the ayda/fig confession scene if the best scene of any d20 show i’m sorry it just is. the contracts. the skateboarding. the VULNERABILITY and TENDERNESS. the shrimp party interruptions. lou and ally’s reactions. “i can’t speak to all the aydas that have come before me, but in this version of my life this is the greatest moment of it. my life.” “alright well i’m going for greatest of all the aydas.” it’s just absolutely perfect and i’m almost crying

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today i humbly offer some ayda agueforts i finally colored…(plus boggy)🐸🔥✨

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i think someone else has mentioned already how appropriate it is for the transgender character (played by a transgender player) discovers that choosing a name for the cosmic antagonist force facing them is a very potent source of power in tuc2 (pete giving the name null to nod’s oldest sibling), but i’m also thinking about how that’s literally the same way that kristen manages to “defeat” the nightmare king at the end of sophomore year – by giving the unnamed goddess a new name

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i think i’ve gotten more mileage out of this one ask meme than any other at this point, which is incredible. anyway no one’s asked for either yet so i’ll hit you with both!


What I love about them: the queer religious journey is REAL 
What I hate about them: can you stop talking about/looking at/making out with your gf for five minutes please we’re trying to have family dinner jawbone made pulled pork.
Favorite Moment/Quote: “what is your name, you who i praise?,” gay spit doing psychic damage to known homophobe coach daybreak, and attempting to leap from a 10 story tower with nothing but a dance ribbon and -3 dex
What I would like to see more focus on: the moments when kristen is helping her friends talk out or work through their own issues are i think some of the sweetest and most touching moments of the character and the series. more big sister/best friend kristen!! 
What I would like to see less focus on: trackerbees is very cute and good don’t get me wrong but it’s just a Little Much for me at times
Favorite pairing with: tracker, obv!
Favorite friendship: kristen and gorgug have a really really lovely relationship to me 
NOTP:  uh…kristen and…men? do people ship that? she’s gay dude lol
Favorite headcanon: surprisingly good at hands-on, dirty, and/or physical labor. knows her way around powertools and plywood. helps jawbone build a shed out behind the manor over the summer.


What I love about them: can you ASK for a sweeter boy possible? the answer is no
What I hate about them: nothing!! i can’t hate this boy!!
Favorite Moment/Quote: okay zac/gorgug actually has some of THE funniest throwaway lines of the show imo. “stop it you dumb asshole” and “i hope i don’t get punched!” and “and he flies off the other side” and all those underrated bits
What I would like to see more focus on: i would love to see more scenes between him and the other bad kids, one-on-one or in other small and personal groups. they all have such different but very very good vibes to their interactions and relationships with one another
What I would like to see less focus on: n/a love this boy
Favorite pairing with: zelda!
Favorite friendship: kristen, ragh, and fabian & riz!
NOTP: i literally don’t know who else to ship this boy with besides zelda
Favorite headcanon: puts his artificing to good use helping to build/adjust equipment for sig figs concerts like amps, mics, speakers, loop pedals, instrument repair, etc. 

[ask meme]

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What I love about them: QUEEN of character arcs!!
What I hate about them: i don’t actually hate this about her bc i think it’s fun and a good starting point for further growth but she is still a huge bitch even when she is trying to be a good person
Favorite Moment/Quote: all her interactions with adaine in sisterly showdown, in fallinel, and in the nmk forest!
What I would like to see more focus on: everything. childhood content. post-spring break recovery and growth. navigating independent adult life. gimme content
What I would like to see less focus on: n/a i want to see more of this bitch
Favorite pairing with: i guess sam/aelwyn is kinda cute but i am not a big shipper, as doing a bunch of these has revealed
Favorite friendship: with her sister, with fabian, and with riz (after a lot of hard work, therapy, and self-improvement). 
NOTP: fabian and aelwyn in any longterm romantic relationship. they’re a disaster together for like a month before settling into a chaotic but very happy friendship.
Favorite headcanon: vegetarian!

[ask meme]

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How to Hold The Ball: A Guide Written by Adaine Abernant and Edited by Fabian Aramais Seacaster.

[id: two digital drawings of adaine, riz, and fabian from fantasy high. adaine is a high elf with pointy ears, light tan skin, short hair, and round glasses. she wears a jean jacket and some jeans. riz is a goblin with freckles, green skin, a tail, yellow catlike eyes, dark green hair, and sharp fangs. he wears a flat cap, a pair of khakis and a purple sweater over a collared shirt. fabian is a black half-elf with a white afro fade, an eye patch, and a letterman jacket over a gray tank top and sweatpants. in the first image, adaine carries riz piggyback, and they smile at each other. above them are the words ‘Correct way to carry The Ball,’ with a red slash through the word ‘Correct’. in the second image, fabian holds riz, who has curled into a ball, up and out to the side. above him are the words ‘Incorrect way to hold The Ball,’ with a red x over the prefix ‘In-’. fabian smiles down at him while riz opens his mouth to complain.]

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my fave my fave my absolute ultimate fave

What I love about them: everything! 
What I hate about them: nothing <3
Favorite Moment/Quote: all her nightmare king forest stuff in the lead-up to and during the sophomore year finale, i think. it’s about the “i don’t have answers and that’s scary but i do know that my friends love me and i love them so i’m going to keep going anyway.” 
What I would like to see more focus on: more oracle stuff! and i think going forward in canon i would def be interested in seeing more interaction between her and aelwyn. also, a continued acknowledgement/presence of her anxiety and panic attack condition, because i think it’s both a very neat dynamic and important to show that even with medication and treatment it’s something that still affects daily life
What I would like to see less focus on: n/a i just love my girl
Favorite pairing with: i more or less hc adaine as being on the ace spectrum, however i will admit that i am not immune to adaine and fig and/or ayda.
Favorite friendship: see above! though really i have different soft spots in my heart for most of her friendships – with fabian, with gorgug, with riz, with aelwyn
NOTP: i guess adaine/riz or adaine/gorgug? i don’t know if either of those are a thing but i’m not into them if so
Favorite headcanon: does embroidery! starts with small decorative projects at first, then branches out into sewing designs and even little magic runes onto her and her friends’ clothing here and there.

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