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The Bad Kids as ABBA Songs (strictly because I can):

Fabian: Lay All Your Love on Me

Fig: Does Your Mother Know

Riz: Voulez Vous

Adaine: Chiquitita

Kristen: Honey Honey

Gorgug: The Name of the Game

Ayda: Slipping Through My Fingers

Tracker: SOS

Ragh: Mamma Mia

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OH yes I have had the teacher gorgug au on my mind all day… zelda and ragh also work at the same university with gorgug! zelda teaches something cool like mythology and organizes the university’s fencing club and ragh is a guidance counselor! he wants to help kids the way that jawbone helped him! I just think that gorgug and zelda and ragh should be best friends and I think they take a road trip after graduation to take a break from adventuring and figure out what makes them happy. also zelda asks gorgug to be the best man at her wedding

I love reptiles and invertebrates in general but my favorite animals are mantises! I just think they’re neat

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Opening commissions to support the #BLM movement! All proceeds go straight to a legitimate organization of your choice, I will receive the money first through PayPal and send you proof through receipt. Thank you!!!

Send me a DM or an email at with your sketch request, photo and pose references, and the organization of your choice FUCK WHITE SUPREMACY

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Gilear goes down for tax evasion. Like nothing insidious, he just didn’t do his taxes right and wrote his details down in such a way that the government of Solas was like “oh, this motherfucker is trying to scam us” and when they bring him to court he makes everything worse when he tries to explain himself because he’s Gilear and they up his sentence from two and a half years to five.

Anyway, while in prison, Gilear gets absolutely SHREDDED. Like I’m talking Uncle Iroh level of beefiness. Even goes to shave his hair off and, despite his elven genetics, someohow grows a goatee. People in prison and on the streets now call him “The Gil-outine”

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Brian Murphy- honestly an amazing guy

So I see there’s a of Emily appreciation (as there should be) but DAMN, Murph is also dope as hell- and I don’t see much about that! He talks about a lot of things that may be traditionally unconventional, especially for men. From Hot Date where it basically is all one honest conversation about relationships, love, and sex to NADDPOD where he touches on so many subjects to Riz on Fantasy high where he has an ace character that’s not “sex repulsed holier than thou unfeeling intellectual asexual” (which is what most not focused on lgbt media portrays). Even with Kugrash from Unsleeping City he talks honestly about making mistakes and being a bad man, and that he owns the fact he was wrong and tries to be better. Murph is honestly amazing and I love him and Emily so much.

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When you’re born with a big dick and would naturally have big dick energy, but God has decided to pursue a vendetta against you and thus makes your life a living hell, which in turn cancels out the big dick energy

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