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Might as well post here since I’m showing @evanezco what I have so far of the Closer SC MV 😂 
Since I also have no Christmas offering to the SC fandom, it’s also my Christmas gift for the fandom if you accept a half-way done gift that is 😂😂😂
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mrgaretcarter · 5 days ago
This is part of a much larger project I'm working on that'll be posted on youtube, but I wanted to share the bits and pieces on here as I make them to keep myself motivated.
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littlemisspascal · 8 days ago
I had a bad week and wanted to make something to cheer me up. Hope y’all enjoy 😊💜
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nightabyssart · 9 months ago
Persona 5 Akeshu/Shuake Unraveled
rip Polygon Unraveled and my braincells
I took way too much time on this and tbh a good chunk of it was spent looking for specific manga pictures of Akechi Goro
Programs used: Clip Studio Paint Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Audition 
link to the original audio: 
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starlightmornings · 2 months ago
sweet dreams: a pedro pascal character study
Rating: E (Explicit)
Length: 3:22
it’s rated R, like all his favorites. hopefully this contains most if not all of your faves. music on for full effect!
like this video or have an idea you’d like to see? inbox me!
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wendigosam · 2 months ago
scene from 11x14 for the samdean impaired
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