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#fanworks week

The results are in. Votes have been tabulated and the prompts assigned. Thanks to everyone who voted!

And now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for. The themes for Rogue/Gambit Week 2020 are…

Day 1 - Sunday, February 2nd - Vacation
Day 2
- Monday, February 3rd - What happened during the gap between MMX and Excalibur?
Day 3 - Tuesday, February 4th - Domesticity
Day 4 - Wednesday, February 5th - What Gambit keeps in the pockets of his trench coat?
Day 5 - Thursday, February 6th - Cats
Day 6 - Friday, February 7th - First Anniversary
Day 7 - Saturday, February 8th - Alternate Universe

- This is a celebration of all things Romy! Your fanworks may cover any point of their relationship—from their early flirtations to their life together as an old married couple, from friendship to lovers. Feel free to draw inspiration from any medium which they appeared (the comics, the animated series, the movies, etc.).
- Please tag your posts #rogue/gambitweek2020 or #rogue/remyweek2020 so they can be easily found and re-blogged on the Rogue/Gambit Week blog.
- Submissions can be done as fanfics, fan art, graphic/video edits, gif sets, or any other creative avenue you wish to pursue and can be posted. Be creative! (For example, during a fanworks week in another fandom, someone shared a selection of classical music and explained why that piece fit the couple in mention and the day’s prompt.)
- Any NSFW content must be placed under a ‘read more,’ otherwise it will not be re-blogged.
- You don’t need to post something for every day/every prompt Feel free to participate in as many days as you feel inspired. If you have created something, but are unable to post it on the assigned day, please post it when you can. It will still be re-blogged.  

A quick reminder, Rogue/Gambit Week takes place February 2-8, 2020. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an ask.

Have fun creating!

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Six Sentence Sunday

Writers: post (approximately) six sentences from something you’re working on. If you aren’t ready to do that, add six sentences to your WIP.

Readers: challenge yourselves to leave a six sentence comment or give a writer a six sentence prompt. (or a total of six sentences for the day)

Fans and creators alike: reblog a fandom post and add some love in the tags. Aim for 6 posts - or 6 tags. Whatever you can manage!

Feel free to repost this banner!

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Fic Back Friday

Make a post recommending a fic you love from at least a year ago. Dust off the archives, dig through your AO3 history and share those old fics with newer fans who might not have seen them - and the fans who’ve been around forever and might want to revisit an old fave.

Reblog art, edits, and gifsets from seasons past. Dig out those hold headcanon and meta posts and bring them back. What were the popular fan theories? What was everyone writing fic about 2 years ago? Five? Go comment on an old fanvid that got you right in the feels. Queue up that OTP playlist and break out the tissues.

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Today is Thirsty Thursday of fanworks week. Today creators ask for prompts, post ask memes, reblog their own posts and link other social media. Be as attention-seeking as you want. 

From now on I am taking prompts for Harry Potter. I’ve seen that meme where you can

  1. Send a ship
  2. Send an AU setting
  3. I will write you a three-sentence fic, but lately I’ve had a lot of trouble writing. So instead I will make you a three-panel comic.

Send them my way! :D

(Oh and I have an art side blog. Also Instagram.)

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I’ve finally found the time to get this set up!  I will be hosting a Courfeyrac & Marius themed fanworks week from September 7-September 14 this year.  Works can be shippy, friendshippy, or anything in between, and can be canonverse or any other universe, as long as they are about the relationship between Courfeyrac and Marius Pontmercy from Les Miserables.  The tag for works will be #courfeyracmariusweek, which is where I will also post updates should they arise.  If you like this ship, please spread the word and consider contributing!

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The AT4W fandom has some amazing writers and artists and has produced some pretty fantastic stories, drawings/paintings, figurines and sculptures, cosplays, etc  Let’s hear what you have to say about them. And if you’re a writer/artist/cosplayer yourself, tell us all about your work! 

(Oh and include photos, PLEASE!)


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Our Rhodey Week is now underway!

Today, the 24th, is Art / Fanworks Day!  Share with us your Rhodey creations, whether they be traditional art, crafts, digital, moodboards, yarn works, anything like that.  Spread the Rhodey love!

Remember, we have an AO3 Collection here, and if you post on Tumblr, make sure to @ us, and also use the tag rhodeyweek2020, as we will be tracking that.  We are so excited to see what you’ve got for us!


Originally posted by tonystarrks

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Toon Boom Harmony, rigging and animation test.

I kinda taught myself how to rig stuff over the last couple days for one of my university projects. I got a lot further than I thought I would, in a much shorter time span than I anticipated. I did mess this one up a bit, enough that I’ve got to leave it here before I scrap everything and waste time fixing it. But I am super happy with it.

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                                                  Chapter One

Thank you to SuperiorDimwit for helping me by editing this chapter!

Next Chapter

Soho, London, 1881

    The sun has just risen over the city, but Aziraphale had never gone to sleep. Rather, he sets down the book he had been rather engrossed in as the sun slips through his dirty windows. With a small sigh, he pushes to his feet and begins his morning routine by putting the kettle on.

Angels needn’t sleep. This was true, and Aziraphale never had seen any reason for sleep. However, he prided himself in a concise morning schedule: put the kettle on, make some bread and jam, enjoy a nice cup of tea while deciding when to open the store for the day- or whether to open at all! He loves the liberty of choice. 

 A gentle smile graces his face as he considers the loaf of bread, just bought the day previous. He slices the first slice. The butt of the bread is viewed differently among different cultures. Some treasure the first slice, others find it beneath them to eat such a piece. For Aziraphale, he couldn’t bear to throw out even a morsel, no matter the meal. Crowley would always flash him a knowing smile, aware of the angel’s concerns, and would always slide his barely touched dish over. Crowley always seemed to know the perfect time to ‘tempt’ him…

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