ministarfruit · a day ago
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TOOT TOOT!! By the way! Preorders are currently open for the DGS Travel Zine for anyone interested in a little old-timey world tour - you’re in for a treat!! Shenanigans and wonder abound!
Store Link HERE! 
transcript under cut
The image reads that the preview is by Mini on the top.
Ringo Skulkin says, “I tell you wot, people reading this... if you don’t acknowledge the guy in the back there, we won’t either.”
He is referring to William Shamspeare passed out in the background.
Nash Skulkin affirms this, exclaiming, “Righto, bruv! No guy back there, I see none.”
A comment is made by Esmeralda Tusspells about the dialogue being altered to fit the preview. Peppino jovially suggests they talk about lunch instead. 
It concludes with Fabien yelling, “Are we not even the slight bit concerned that there’s something amiss here?!” 
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natmzine · 2 days ago
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Dear Visitors! 💚✨ In between production fuss there's always this great moment of receiving the first samples... and we want to share a little sneak peek from our test prints with you! Behold!! Our zine samples side by side as they will arrive at your home! 🎉
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yumtendocookbook · 2 days ago
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⭐️Bundle Information⭐️
The Grand Banquet: Full Bundle
- 7″x10″ cookbook - 3 die-cut stickers - 1 sticker sheet - 3 recipe cards - 1 die-cut magnet - 1 acrylic charm - 1 memo pad - 1 canvas tote bag - Includes everything listed in the Digital Bundle Eligible for all stretch goals.
Main Course: Cookbook only
- 7″x10″ cookbook - 3 recipe cards - Includes everything listed in the Digital Bundle Eligible for early-bird sticker and hardcover upgrade only.
Sample Platter: Digital Bundle
- Digital cookbook PDF - Visual Guide bonus PDF - Spanish cookbook translation PDF - Includes digital merchandise such as emotes, wallpapers, and bonus printable recipe cards. Not eligible for stretch goals.
Add these to your order or purchase separately!
Packed Lunch: Enamel Pin Set
- Set of 4 hard enamel pins - Features Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, Bayonetta, and Earthbound
Chef’s Choice: Apron
- All-over print apron - Measures 80cm (~32″)
⭐️Stretch Goals⭐️
First 48 Hours: 10% discount on our Grand Banquet bundle First Week: Exclusive vinyl sticker added to all physical cookbook orders 100 Orders: Tea Towel added to Grand Banquet bundle orders 250 Orders: Hardcover upgrade for all physical cookbook orders
⭐️Pre-order today!⭐️
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asmozine · 18 hours ago
🌸 It's Asmo's birthday! 🥂🎉🌸
Choose your own bite-sized adventure and find out how you'll celebrate with him!
https://asmobday.carrd.co/ 💗
Make sure you check out the different endings - collect all four stamps to commemorate the adventure! 💌✨
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meldoesthedraw · 2 days ago
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Hey man!!✌️ Just wanna keep y'all in the loop & announce that as of today there's just 1 WEEK left to submit an artist app for Behind the Mayhem fanzine!
🌈🎶Like, can you picture *that*??🖌️✨
🔍Read Our Schedule & Guidelines🔍
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grellsutcliffzine · a day ago
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4 DAYS remain until PREORDERS OPEN for Afterimage: A Grelle Sutcliff Zine! 👠✨
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amemurazine · a day ago
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【 Surely music was born to mourn its inevitable decay. 】
💋 Art by: @celchuno
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yoi-stardust-zine · 2 days ago
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After receiving your requests, we’ve decided to extend pre-orders until May 15th to give everyone who missed out the opportunity to pick up a copy!
Star*Dust is a Yuri!!! on Ice zine with over 45 unique and original art pieces and stories from an amazing group of creators. We’ve also already unlocked our first stretch goal so every physical copy comes with our gorgeous astrology cards! 
A portion of all proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation 💕
✨Order your copy here!✨
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xreaderstudios · a day ago
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✨production update ✨
We got our charms in! A thorough quality check has occurred and these are ready to be sent out, however we are still waiting on our stretch goal bookmarks to come in before we can ship all physical orders
If you would like your order sent now (as we have all Merch aside from the aforementioned stretch goal bookmark) and you don’t really want the bookmark feel free to message us on Etsy and we’ll send out your order accordingly.
As always thank you for supporting the project we can’t wait for you to get these!
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sonicworldadventurezine · 9 hours ago
Contributor Apps Closing Tonight!
Tumblr media
This is your very last chance to jump aboard! Contributor Applications for Sonic World Adventure will close tonight, May 16th, 23:59 CST! 🚌💨
🎫 Apply Now! (Link)
Promo art by @superemeralds​​! One last boost would be appreciated! Thanks! 💙 @fandomzines​​ @zineapps​​ @zine-scene​​ @omochaofanhub​​
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albertvictoria-art · 7 months ago
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The last of the three illustrations I made last year for “Witchzine” fanzine. The theme was “Witches’ Pharmacy/Healing Witches”, so the idea of my illustrations was inspired by the preparation of a healing ritual.
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shi-yin-drawings · 9 months ago
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Edit: added watermark because I need to be safe XD Please discourage any resells or unauthorized printing of this, thank you! I absolutely appreciate every single like, reblog and comment on this <3 My favorite relationship in Avatar definitely has to be Zuko with his uncle. Here’s a piece I made for the @quarantinefanzine for-charity multi-fandom zine imagining how characters would deal with a quarantine situation. I just illustrated team Avatar chilling on their balcony on a summer day just so it would be more universal and not limited to quarantine.
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steven-myself · a month ago
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FACTORY ATHLETIC CLUB n1 - Yann Mimeau by Baldovino Barani
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grellsutcliffzine · 2 days ago
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Don't be late! There's 5 DAYS left until preorders open for Afterimage: A Grelle Sutcliff Zine!
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natmzine · a month ago
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Cover reveal 🦖🗿✨ Dear visitors! We are proud to present you the cover illustration for the upcoming Night at the Museum fanzine! Assembly of the contributions is going well, so keep your eyes peeled for the start of April 👀
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mrn0093 · 2 months ago
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auroblaze · 2 months ago
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it’s been like two years SO-
One of the pieces for the YGO horrorzine I collaborated with! Really really liked this arc in the early chapters of the manga👀
Will link the twitter page in the comments because y’know how it is with tumblr and external links 😔
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stormcallart · 3 months ago
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The art I made for the Radiance All Might Zine! Adventures of Dad Smite and Baby Izuku!
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neunhofferart · 14 days ago
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Preview of the art I did for the @wwcitszine volume 2 charity zine, out today! To see the full piece, you can order a pdf or a physical copy of the zine from the link on their page. ;3 Proceeds go to Refugees International!
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