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Hello Earthlings! As you know our invaders are working tirelessly to grace your puny little planet with our presence but with recent happenings our arrival will be a little late. Make sure you all stay healthy and safe to prepare for our appearance (and also because we MIGHT sort of care about you)

If you need help knowing how long to wash your hands, GIR has an exactly 20 second song that can help!

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Primo progetto fotografico realizzato all’interno del mio luogo di lavoro. Utilizzando solo ed esclusivamente uno smartphone, si mettono in risalto alcuni dei momenti di vita all’interno di un magazzino pugliese. Disponibile sotto forma di fanzine; 9 Pagine  A4 in bianco e nero stampate su carta fotografica,possibilità di stampa di ogni singola foto (max formato 20X20).

My first photographic project created inside in my workplace. All photo are taken with a smartphone, where you can see the life of  workers inside a Apulian warehause. Available in the form of fanzines, 9 pages in bnw printed on photographic paper and possibility to print every single photo (max format 20X20).

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NOBODY WILL HEAR YOU IF YOU SCREAM (Hallowzeen workshop) | Ajda Kocutar, Alin Kostiov, Anja Zver, Dino Spahić, Dunja Derenda, Nadja Černe, Nela Pobežnik, Sara Srakar | 2019

So, every year DobraVaga gallery hosts Hallowzeen workshop. I am sure you have already figured it out, but let me point out the obvious-It is a zine workshop, happening on halloween.

Everyone who participated made a few drawings or collages. They combined them in the zine that you see on the photo. 

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Hi! Just wondering if y’all have any other social media pages for this zine or if it’s just tumblr atm? Can't wait to send you my application!

Hey! thank you for your interest and enthusiasm! 

We also have a twitter for everyone to follow along:

We’ll also soon start a Discord for further organization, when the applications have started :) 

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The art of failing.

My whole life is based on mistakes. I call these mistakes lessons. Lessons that life teaches you. Decision after decision you end up frustrated about your present situation. But now you know. You are more clever than yesterday. Better prepared for tomorrow.

My creative process is based on mistakes. I call these mistakes experiments. One mistake leads to an other and at the end you have found a new way to create. A way that is only yours.

So here you are, admitting your mistake. Embrace it.Own it. Everything happens for a reason. Whatever.

Buying too many pieces of paper, a mistake I make often as I am a paper lover.
These extra papers end up as the safety background while doing my paintings. A place to put the extra paint that is left. As a result, these papers end up being more colorful than the original paintings. And then I realized, I was splashing all this extra paint very strategically.
I was creating a multilayered artwork subconsciously.

And then this was not a mistake anymore. I started buying tons of extra paper in order to have more available backgrounds. And I started using more paint while printing, in order to have more extra paint to splash on these backgrounds. And then these multilayered artworks were part of my work by choice. And some of these artworks are now transformed into a colorful zine. And I named this zine MISTAKE, because this is how everything started.

Every zine originally was a 100x70cm paper, printed in both sides, that is folded and then cut into a zine. Every zine is 100% unique.

Edition of 9 pieces in total. Within the 9 zines there are 3 sub categories; 3 zines with gradient logo, 3 zines with blue logo, 3 zines with pink logo.

17,5 x 24,5 cm
32 pages

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The application period is ending very soon! all apps are scheduled to close March 31st @ 11:59PM EST.

We are especially looking for more writers and merch designers to apply! If requested, we can keep applications open for one more week! 

Please see this post for all apps, and feel free to apply to multiple if you wish.

Reblogs are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

@zine-scene @zineapps @fanzinewatch @fandomzines

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The Mode magazine is a fashion Yugioh magazine made by fans.

It  will be a magazine presenting the eight finalists of the Battle city,  hosted by the Kaiba Corporation CEO and participant: Seto Kaiba.

The others are: Yugi Mutou, Jonouchi Katsuya, Mai Kujaku, Malik Ishtar, Rishid Ishtar, Isis Ishtar and Ryou Bakura.

For the final rounds, Kaiba requires that the finalists wears costumes or dresses. Besides and thanks to his influence in Domino’s city, I wants to promote his tournament through the most reading fashion magazine : Mode.

This magazine includes photos and interviews of each characters.



Yugi Mutou @dragontamer05

Seto Kaiba @denkookies

Jonouchi Katsuya - UNTAKEN

Mai Kujaku - @babybackribbos

Ryou Bakura - @mimibanii

Malik Ishtar - @chocolapeanut

Isis Ishtar - @mpuzzlegirl

Rishid Ishtar - @amarcia

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This was a piece for a zine hosted on twitter by invinciblezines ! The zine was called “Live to Serve” and was a Fire Emblem fanzine dedicated to maids and butlers! I had the honour of drawing Byleth from fire emblem three houses, or fe3h for the zine! I wasn’t sure which version of Byleth I wanted to draw, so I chose both! The designs for the outfits were taken from the designs in Fire Emblem Fates. If there’s one things that Fire Emblem Fates did really well, it was the designs for the maid and butler class outfits! I referenced the pose from watching figure skating!

Fire Emblem Three Houses © Nintendo / Intelligent systems
Art © Lottelabrys

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