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This took all day but I’m finally done the new banner for my main blog!

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<div> —  <a href="" target="_blank">eventually (everyone finds their way)</a> </div><span><p>Fareeha sits in the chair next to him, the one that Jack only uses if he thinks Genji is asleep. ‘Are you asleep?’ she asks. 'I won’t tell if you aren’t.’</p><p>'No,’ Genji says, and his own voice surprises him. It is still too metallic, still too sharp, and he wishes he hadn’t said anything at all, he wishes he could still preserve the expectation that he is silent, because now she will keep waiting for him to answer.</p><p>'Good,’ she says, confident. 'Because I have to tell you about someone.’</p></span>
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Queen Fareeha with her newborn son, Prince Lev - Crown Prince of Felensteno 🥰

Both are @untilthepainstarts I just love them 💕 and so I steal them 😌

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Fareeha being assigned a project from her online study’s to build a functioning veggie garden for her home that can feed her family without a parents assistance. But her home is the Overwatch HQ, and the smol bean is panicking trying to figure out how to do it. So she goes to the only person she thinks can help. Jesse.

He doesn’t seem overwhelmed at all at the prospect and actually pitches the idea of having a veg garden to Gabe, saying it’d cut the fresh produce budget in half if done right. Gabe agrees and gives them both money for the supplies.

The next day Jack, Gabe, and Ana walk out to the empty grass area behind the base to find Jesse showing fareeha how to plant seedlings.

Ana and Gabe immediately have their phones out taking pictures while praising them!

Yes I am severely deprived of domestic fluff!

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Soo I wanted to draw young Pharah because I used to have this idea were Pharah was close to the whole Overwatch team when she was young

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I’m very funny on twitter but no one appreciates my genius

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“Odd…how did this happen?” Morgan mumbled to herself, noting the sturdy frame that remained standing.

There was no way for the armor to fall apart as it did yet there was a pile of parts at her feet.

Before they could begin the process of cleaning up, the helm in her grasp began to glow.

She held the helmet outstretched in front of her, watching as a strange bluish green light grew in brightness from the inside out.

The guards beside her immediately stepped away as the pieces of armor also began to take on the strange light.

From behind the visor, two eyes of pure light opened, staring straight at her.

Morgan yelped and dropped the helmet, backing away in horror as the armor rattled violently on the floor.

The breastplate now consumed in blue light sat upright as the helmet began to float upwards towards it, sitting atop it as if the armor were back on the frame. The gauntlets, pauldrons, every piece of armor recoiled backwards into the body, returning back into a full set standing upright in all it’s glowing glory. Gaps were seen in between the armor as if there were a body inside but there was nothing the the glow emanating from each piece.

The guards backed away, blades and spears pointed at the specter that stood there seemingly staring them down.

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Bit late but got to finish the SixFanarts! Must admit I like the results ^^ Hope you enjoy it too?

Yes, I slapped signature everywhere. Do not use nor repost without permission.

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•    d a y   +   n i g h t    •

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•   g o i n g   t o   w o r k    •

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Just a very quick exercise sketch of Aviator Pharah

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This is my belated Semi-Saucy Valentine’s Day drawing. It’s supposed to be a mock cover for a Bond-esque pulp novel where Pharah goes on vacation and ends up fighting pirates who kidnap some tourists or something.

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Thank you for the request!! I’ve got just the Gal for you!! ~ Bambi

I pair you with Pharah!


Here’s why I think Fareeha is perfect for you!

  • Don’t let that hardened military exterior fool you, the moment that armor comes off she’s a completely different person.
  • She’s bubbly, mischievous, playful and very awkward. She literally fell head over heels in love with you, she was so enthralled the moment she lay eyes on you she tripped over and kissed the floor.
  • She comes off as rude or intimidating to new people, but that’s just because she’s shy and a little too cautious. But once she’s comfortable she’s a larger than life goofball.
  • She loves how calm and laid back you are, she’s often busy given her position and feels bad about not being with you as much as she feels she should be. Please reassure her she’s doing good, please.
  • She’s a very perceptive person and picked up you use laughter to cope with anxiety. The moment she notices you laughing about something she’ll observe your body language. If it lines up with you being anxious don’t be surprised if suddenly you’re being held in those strong arms.
  • She used to be the same, keeping emotions bottled up before blowing off, she’s learned to address problems before they get to that stage though and will encourage you to do the same. If it’s a particular person giving you grief though, and they refuse to listen. She might take them on a little flight and dangle them by their legs over the ocean. Or a pit, or a bunch of sharp rocks. Whatever will make them piss themselves the most, “now we are going to go back and you’re going to apologise to her. Understand?…”
  • Miiiight have inherited her mother’s overprotective behaviour.
  • She loves learning new things and is quite competitive too. She’ll invite you to join her in a game of sport, basketball, soccer, anything, if it’s not your thing though she understands. But if you turn up to cheer her on she’ll love you even more for it.
  • I hope you’re not afraid of heights. Your first date will be her holding you in her arms as she glides through the skies. Don’t worry, there’s no way in hell she’d let you fall.
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