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#fareeha amari

((overwatch is dead to me but bc it was already bought from/the money had already gone to blizzard, there was no harm in buying these gals. theyre gorgeous anyway and im a mercy kinnie, even if im repressing that kin nowadays.))

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Hello I’ve never played overwatch and know almost no shit abt the lore :’)

BUT here’s a messy lil comic I made cuz Tracer’s my favorite and I wanna draw her being goofy bye

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Crop of a repaint of an old sketch from like…wow has it really been that many years?

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Hello! Trials & Triumphs is an 18+, LGBT+ Friendly, NPC welcoming role-play discord for Overwatch. With the new year having begun, the server has seen a slight overhaul and there are plenty of spots available. We hope to see you soon!

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Hello! Trials & Triumphs is an 18+, LGBT+ Friendly, NPC welcoming role-play discord for Overwatch. We have plenty of fun activities planned. Applications are simple and currently open! 

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Fareeha: You know, I’m jealous of you.

Angela: Huh? Why?

Fareeha: Your partner is hotter than mine.

Angela: ?? Wait but we’re dating??

Fareeha: [walks away]

Angela, realizing everything: COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT.

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*In the Gibraltar gym*

Pharah: Hanzo looks like hed be incredibly uncomfy to cuddle with. I mean, look at those muscles!! How do you cope with it jesse?

Mccree: *snorts* they’re not hard when he’s relaxed, trust me. Feels like hugging a pillow.

Pharah: Really?

Mccree: Mhm, observe. *walks over to Hanzo whose rolling out his yoga mat* baby??

Hanzo: hm? *stands up and looks up at the cowboy curiously*

Mccree: *looks at Pharah, gestures to Hanzos biceps, gives one a playful squish* see? Like a marshmallow~

Pharah: Oh!

Hanzo: *bright red, softly giggling, very ticklish* J-jesse.

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Angela, after the monopoly game: Look, let’s just agree to say “I’m sorry” on the count of three.

Angela: One, two, three.



Angela: See, now I’m just disappointed in both of us.

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Angela: You’re a lying, cheating, piece of shit! You’re not the person I married!

Fareeha: Fine then! We’re getting a divorce! And I’m taking the kids.

Lena, pushing the monopoly board away from them:Maybe we should stop playing.

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Warning: could contain gore due to the eye injuries.

“Mother less”

Idea is by my friend @thedashinghoodlum but I raise the bar by making it as if she just got shot by Widowmaker and she’s looking at the photo in her “final hours”


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