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I’ve got Yvaine laying on the ice sheet! Sort of. If I put it under the towel while she’s eating her coming-inside carrot and drinking some water, AND I guess right about where she’s going to lay on the bed, I can get it approximately under her.

She still thinks it’s some sort of reprimand if I ask her to move onto it, though, and gets all sorrowful, and squirms away as soon as I stop asking. Even though “please move” has never in her 9 years with us been any sort of rebuke or even harsh. I’ve been able to convince Yvaine that a lot of things are happy or just necessity, not punishment… but she has a few holdovers I haven’t been able to change, no matter how much I try.

I realized today that, in a usual year, we would have started doing Sniff Patrol an hour earlier in mid-June. Yvaine hasn’t been going out unsupervised due to the eyeball incident. Tristan has been going on Sniff Patrol by himself. He’s a little uncertain alone, so he is usually back inside after 15 minutes. Still, it’s probably time to pull back the whole morning schedule by an hour.

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