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abatintheforest · 20 minutes ago
A Guide to Foraging Morel Mushrooms
Grows in moist, dark areas
Often found in areas where a wildfire has been
Some will grow in clusters, some on their own
Morels vary in size, I recommend taking larger ones and leaving smaller ones to grow
They have an interesting cap that looks almost sponge or brainlike
There are false morels
How to tell them apart: false morels are solid in the stem, while real ones are hollow
You'll need a sharp, clean knife and a fine mesh bag (laundry bags can work), and keep a cooler in your car
Take the knife to the base, and cut the mushroom from the base
MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A LITTLE NUB STILL IN THE GROUND. This ensures that they come back next year
Check the stem to make sure it's hollow, then put in your mesh bag
Once you've taken all that you need (and nothing more), store them in the bags in the cooler you brought as you drive home
You're gonna wanna gently shake off the dirt first (Spruce Eats recommends putting them in a paper bag and shaking vigorously yet gently)
Then you get a big ole bowl of cold salt water (the salt helps kill off any bugs hiding in the lil crevices)
Put the morels in the bowl and let soak. If the water gets dirty, replace it and repeat until they look nice n clean
Shake off the water gently and let em dry on paper towels
Happy Harvesting
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cottage-in-the-city · 31 minutes ago
~June 19~
Tumblr media
hi everyone!!! today’s my boyfriend and i’s anniversary, and as you can see, he put a ring on it 🤩 this is a promise ring, because i don’t want to get married until i’m twenty and he doesn’t want to be engaged for longer than a year, but i’m still so happy and excited. i can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him <3
- work has been fun albeit stressful. working in a bakery is a little intense, but i like seeing how happy people are to get their pastries and cookies :)
- i’ve also been cooking quite a lot! it helps me de-stress after work and i still want to be domestic. on tuesday i made tiramisu and a fried shrimp cutlet inspired by a youtube video, which i served with rice and a spinach-mushroom-onion stir fry. it was so good! on wednesday i made spaghetti alla vongole (spaghetti with clams), which was also great! and on thursday i made my mom’s recipe for wontons, which were absolutely delicious.
- my boyfriend also got me a book on foraging and a sewing machine for our anniversary! i love him so much, and i can’t wait to use them.
- i hope you have a lovely day!
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emma-cottagecore · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Love heart double wall glass mug
For the people asking you can get the mug HERE. Use Coupon code "Happiness" at checkout
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