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probablyasocialecologist · 2 months ago
The hacking collective Anonymous has released what it claims to be new data from the controversial web hosting company Epik.
Anonymous took credit earlier this month for breaching Epik, known for hosting far-right websites such as Gab, Parler, and TheDonald, before releasing an 180GB cache of the domain registrar’s data. The hack affected more than 15 million people and exposed names, physical addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, emails, and more.
Now, the hacktivist collective says it has leaked “several bootable disk images of assorted systems” in a roughly 70GB torrent file.
“Files are one thing, but a virtual machine disk image allows you to boot up the company’s entire server on your own,” he said. “We usually see breaches with database dumps, documents, configuration files, etc. In this case, we are talking about the entire server image, with all the programs and files required to host the application it is serving.”
The leak would uncover everything from right-wing domains targeted with subpoenas and attempts by conservative Ali Alexander to hide his ties to election fraud conspiracy websites in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.
The second leak of Epik data comes just days after the Oath Keepers militia, a group who began using Epik’s services in January, was allegedly hacked as well. The paramilitary group’s emails, internal chats and data on members and donors, including those who work for the U.S. government and military, would be exposed as a result.
Important update:
Tumblr media
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a-book-dragon · 6 months ago
hey, so pride in bulgaria is not  going very well.
the parade in our capital Sofia will be on the 12th of june, and there have already been several instances of harassment of lgbtq folks by neonazis.
luckily, i’m not openly or visibly queer, but as a bi girl this is getting kind of scary. i can see the tension building up for some kind of a violent action.
Here’s a link in bulgarian documenting recent queerphobic attacks.
Here’s a translation by me, including some clarifications:
15 may - the first burgas pride in history (burgas is a bulgarian city by the sea) is surrounded and attacked with eggs, cucumbers, rocks and smoke balls by counterprotesters, organized by Vuzrajdane, translated Renascence (a relatively new far-right party) and PUC (Parents United for Children).
25 may - a presentation of a children’s book including same-sex parents in The Steps (a lgbt+ space) is attacked and surrounded by supporters of “traditional values“.
27 may - the presentation of 2 books by Youth LGBT organization “Deystvie“ (translates ”Action”) in Radio Plovdiv is attacked and surrounded by a group of nationalists.
30 may - a projection of the movie “Shells“ by Slava Doycheva is occupied by around 20 young men with Lukovmarsh and Bulgarian National Union symbols (both of these orgs are fascist as fuck), led by the youth branch of VMRO (far-right party)
1 june - on the opening day of the community center “Rainbow Hub“, the entire front door was vandalized with homophobic stickers.
1 june - in the underpass of metrostation Serdika, 6 men from Bulgarian National Union spread homophobic propaganda, harass a person who they recognize from the queer community and threaten him. (luckily a big antifascist crowd gathered and helped the dude)
1 june - the entire facade of The Steps is vandalized with eggs and  foam.
“What rights do you lack?“ “Who’s hindering you?“ What about the right to watch a movie? To read a book? To gather for a peaceful protest against everyday harassment or for a celebration of your community? As wrote the director Slava Doycheva: “Next month will be a daily risk for us - I don’t know how many more examples we need... There are moments in history where you should choose which side are you on.“
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
angle is bad but this man is burning a rainbow flag
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is a news source saying “a football group blocks Radio Plovdiv for presenting gay books“
Tumblr media
“we continue the successful fight against LGBTI propaganda. Every day if we should“
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the eggs and foam on “the steps“
i’d appreciate if you could rb this.
To those who reblogged this - thank you so much! I decided to add some resources so you can help lgbt+ people in bulgaria.
Here is a link to 2 petitions you can sign. You can also access lots of relevant information (mostly on legal affairs concerning lgbtq people) on this site, some of it in english.
You can donate to the organization Bilitis via paypal, bank transfers and patreon. It spreads awareness and participates in different campaigns and projects, it deals with legal matters - the basic ngo stuff. But it also provides material aid to queer people struggling because of the pandemic and group therapy for queer youth.
You can also support some of the more radical anarcho-queer voices at Violetki Collective and donate to them on paypal. (also come to the server. it’s based, you can get info about events and actions and talk to fellow radicals)
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robertreich · 4 months ago
A Trump Bombshell Quietly Dropped Last Week. And It Should Shock Us All.
We’ve become so inured to Donald Trump’s proto-fascism that we barely blink an eye when we learn that he tried to manipulate the 2020 election. Yet the most recent revelation should frighten every American to their core.
On Friday, the House oversight committee released notes of a 27 December telephone call from Trump to then acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen, in which Trump told Rosen: “Just say the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R congressmen.” The notes were taken by Richard Donoghue, Rosen’s deputy, who was also on the call.
The release of these notes has barely made a stir. The weekend news was filled with more immediate things – infrastructure! The Delta strain! Inflation! Wildfires! In light of everything else going on, Trump’s bizarre efforts in the last weeks of his presidency seem wearily irrelevant. Didn’t we already know how desperate he was?
In a word, no. This revelation is hugely important.
Rosen obviously rejected Trump’s request. But what if Rosen had obeyed Trump and said to the American public that the election was corrupt – and then “left the rest” to Trump and the Republican congressmen? What would Trump’s and the Republicans’ next moves have been? And which Republican congressmen were in cahoots with Trump in this attempted coup d’état?
Make no mistake: this was an attempted coup.
Trump knew it. Just weeks earlier, then attorney general William Barr said the justice department had found no evidence of widespread fraud that could have overturned the results.
And a few days after Trump’s call to Rosen – on 2 January – Trump told Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state, to “find” votes to change the election outcome. He berated Raffensperger for not doing more to overturn the election.
Emails released last month also show that Trump and his allies in the last weeks of his presidency pressured the justice department to investigate totally unsubstantiated claims of widespread election fraud – forwarding them conspiracy theories and even a draft legal brief they hoped would be filed with the supreme court.
Some people, especially Republican officeholders, believe we should simply forget these sordid details. We must not.
For the first time in the history of the United States we did not have a peaceful transition of power. For the first time in American history, a president refused – still refuses – to concede, and continues to claim, with no basis in fact, that the election was “stolen” from him. For the first time in history, a president actively plotted a coup.
It would have been bad enough were Trump a mere crackpot acting on his own pathetic stage – a would-be dictator who accidentally became president and then, when he lost re-election, went bonkers – after which he was swept into the dustbin of history.
We might then merely regret this temporary lapse in American presidential history. At best, Trump would be seen as a fool and the whole affair an embarrassment to the country.
But Trump was no accident and he’s not in any dustbin. He has turned one of America’s two major parties into his own cult. He has cast the major political division in the US as a clash between those who believe him about the 2020 election and those who do not. He has emboldened state Republicans to execute the most brazen attack on voting rights since Jim Crow. Most Republican senators and representatives dare not cross him. Some of his followers continue to threaten violence against the government. By all accounts, he is running for president again in 2024.
Donald Trump’s proto-fascism poses the largest internal threat to American democracy since the civil war.
What to do about it? Fight it, and the sooner the better.
This final revelation – Trump’s 27 December call to the acting attorney general in which he pleads “Just say the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me” – should trigger section 3 of the 14th amendment, which bars anyone from holding office who “engaged in insurrection” against the US. The current attorney general of the United States, Merrick Garland, should issue an advisory opinion clearly stating this. If Trump wants to take it to the supreme court, fine.
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antifainternational · 8 months ago
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s-leary · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“For the project, researchers recruited more than 600 political scientists around the world to make annual assessments of political parties’ adherence to a number of key small-D democratic values.
Those assessments are combined into the main measure in the chart above, which tracks parties’ overall commitment to democracy. Lührmann points out that the Republican Party score started to edge downward during the Obama administration but fell off a cliff in 2016 with the ascent of Trump.
The Democratic Party, by contrast, hasn’t changed much. This is a prime example of what political scientists call asymmetric polarization — a growing partisan gap driven almost entirely by the actions of the Republican Party.”
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allthecanadianpolitics · a month ago
The Prime Minister’s Office declined to clarify remarks by Justin Trudeau  equating unnamed left-wing “extremist groups” with white supremacist groups and suggesting both sides are spreading “hatred, fear and mistrust” in Canada and other democratic societies around the world.
Delivering a speech this week to an international conference in Malmö, Sweden on combatting anti-Semitism and racism, Canada’s Prime Minister turned his attention to the role of technology and social media in “enabling harmful content like hate speech.”
“We’re in a time right now where around the world we see an increase of polarization, of extremism, of radicalization everywhere, including in some of the most open, liberal democracies in the world,” Trudeau told the conference.
“In our elections, in our public discourse and in mainstream communications — let alone social media — we’re seeing a rise in intolerance.”
Trudeau then offered an unusual explanation for the source of “white supremacy” and “hatred” on social media platforms, suggesting these ideas are in fact being pushed by “extremist groups on the far-right and the far-left”:
“We see the organizations of extremist groups on the far-right and the far-left that are pushing white supremacy, intolerance, radicalization, promoting hatred, fear and mistrust across borders but within borders, as well.”
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columbia-canaille · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Australians police bust jewish congregations, tout that they ‘will not tolerate’ anyone gathering.
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ricwulf · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey everyone, this is just a glimpse into the hellhole that Australia is currently coming into.
This is outright authoritarianism. They do no need warrants. They do not need higher authority. They do not care about your human rights.
Bodily Autonomy, Privacy, Property. It's all been abandoned in a year. And this is the police.
This is the end game. And Australians are so fucking conditioned that virtually nobody here gives a fuck because they're so apathetic that they just bend the knee because it's easier. It's sickening.
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politijohn · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On one hand, these photos of Trump supporters breaching the Speaker of the House’s office and stealing the podium might be funny.
On another, they represent an absolutely terrifying reality that fascists can literally walk into the US Capitol Building, fully derail a joint session of Congress, and march around smiling like it’s a joke because it was all too easy.
Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter activists were met with armed police/military, chemical weapons, bullets, etc. for protesting in the streets. Some protestors were injured and killed. But today, cops take pictures with the Trump coup.
Take a look at this white privilege and never again tell me it doesn’t exist. Utterly embarrassing.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
How did these horrible takes all take place on the same day??? Plus, two more that I didn't get screenshots of; "Black people can't be Marxists," and, "White people stole and appropriate paganism and the history of Europe's paganism is fake"
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justsomeantifas · a year ago
Tumblr media
Apartheid Elon strikes again. 
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chismosite · a year ago
Tumblr media
8.11.20, Belarus
Citizens protest the illegitimate election of Lukashenko, entering his 6th term. In response to protests, police have deployed tear gas and water canons against demonstrators, as Lukashenko has vowed not to let the country be divided. 
Tumblr media
This should be familiar to Americans. As countries worldwide refuse to move away from capitalism in order to respond to the pandemic and income inequality, they are turning to fascism like they did in response to the Great Depression.
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hawkeyedflame · 6 months ago
love seeing angry bootlickers defending the Canadian gestapo for dragging a man out of his car on a highway because he refused to stop teaching his faith the way he believes it is meant to be taught.
before you comment. literally nothing you can say about safety, which will always amount to covid fearmongering and nothing more, will change the fact that this man has been arrested for practicing his faith the way his religion prescribes.
the people who showed up to his services clearly were willing to take the risk of getting covid in order to carry out their faith. nobody forced those people to be there. let those people be worry about their own safety.
"b-b-but hawk, they're going to get other people sick!" the moment you proactively persecute people over the incidental consequences of being alive, you have lost any moral high ground you could possibly claim to stand upon. this is a line you simply do not cross, because there is no other line after that. what comes after will always be violent tyranny.
they ARRESTED a man for opening his doors to allow other individuals to come practice their faith at their own risk. they ARRESTED A MAN who was feeding the homeless during these lockdowns. if you can honest to god defend the actions of the state in this situation, congratulations, you're a fucking fascist.
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defiantamerica · 26 days ago
Gesundheitpas translates to Health Pass on Google translate.
Tumblr media
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In his 1995 essay “Ur-Fascism,” Umberto Eco noted fascism’s “appeal to a frustrated middle class.” (Trotsky made this point more pointedly when he identified the petite bourgeoisie as fascism’s consistent “base.”) “Economic anxiety” is often cited as a precursor for fascism, but fascism does not offer an antidote to poverty and dispossession. Instead, it offers a rationalization for the existence of poverty that defuses demands for redress, blaming the suffering brought about by capitalist policy on hated groups rather than on the actions of those who are directly profiting off poverty. This familiar function—of fostering a false, aspirational identification with the wealthy, while deflecting anxiety away from those who are concretely responsible for suffering onto scapegoats—is central to fascism’s usefulness to status quo maintenance.
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