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#fashion design

After attending Mairead’s color workshop for fashion I decided to play around with color.

I’m hoping to explore some of these colours in print and experiment with making some patterns.

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Redesign of my character Elijah.

I did some ‘’hype/street’’ kind of style for him, I really like to design clothing! ^^

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Idea development—fashion

Recently, I have been studying the costume design works of Thebe Magugu and have created a lot of costume manuscripts. I created my own costume renderings based on his theme.

His works are characterized by two things: South African regional culture and racial movement. I got a lot of inspiration through searching materials, especially the traditional costumes of the aboriginal people in South Africa.

In the first photo, I chose some South African flowers to decorate. In the second picture, I used a completely different style to show a more traditional work.

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Just messing around with more looks for my “demon” characters. Here’s Ayaka again, who is built like a supermodel, so she’s super easy to dress. It’s been fun designing outfits that work against her bright coloring, and also work for both her demon form and her human form. So far I’ve given her two ridiculous fancy costumes, and one more practical street ensemble. I doubt she’d wear either of the first two, but I enjoyed making them anyway.

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